Forced Feminization: Hot new book!

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Forced Feminization: Hot new book!

Postby queenviolet » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:34 am

You worked hard all week. Treat yourself. You deserve it. Reward yourself with this book.

Title: Forced Feminization: Abduction, Hypnosis Training, Sissy Slave Maid
Book Description:
Greg thought it would just be one time. Just "get it all out", then live life normally...

One time turned to once a month. Once a month turned to once a week. Once a week turned to every night.

Word count: 62,000 words

He thought he kept his dirty little secret so well. But, they knew the entire time.

Greg awakes to find himself restrained and dolled up. A mysterious female hypnotizer tells Greg his new name is Ashley, and with a whip, he forgets all about his past. Every idea Ashley had of “Greg” vanished into thin air. The latex hypnotist reveals that Ashley is now part of a feminization cult. Sissy maid training soon starts...

The Don is the powerful alpha behind the whole transformation cult, clearly asserting and demonstrating his dominance time and time again. Every lunar eclipse, he chooses one freshly transformed sissy to live in his private mansion.

What Don thought would just be another live-in sissy maid, turns out to be more than just that. Ashley… transforms his life for good.

Keywords: sissy school girl, sissy maid training, sissy slave, crossdressing, feminization, mental change, gender bender

Full Book on Amazon: Order now

Extra Details:

You can see the full version on Amazon. Word count: 62,000 words. Sign up for my mailing list to hear about new stories.
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