Esme Grey Ebook Updates (WG, TG, AP, MILF, Futa, RaceChange)

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Esme Grey Ebook Updates (WG, TG, AP, MILF, Futa, RaceChange)

Postby phoenix » Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:13 am

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of futa transformations, you might like my newest ebook. Here's a short description:

A recently heartbroken Eva just wants to go out, have a few drinks, and forget about her crappy ex-boyfriend. She stumbles into a strange bar called "Futa Lovers" with the hope of not seeing her normal friend group but little does she know, Futa Lovers harbors some transformative secrets. The club is home to a mysterious community of futas who have one main goal: to create more futas. Eva won't be leaving Futa Lovers looking the same way she did when she arrived...

And a short excerpt:

When I looked down, I saw Kris holding onto what looked like a very small penis. It really couldn’t be called a penis yet because it lacked the typical characteristics: there wasn’t a head, it didn’t have a single vein, and it wasn’t nearly big enough to be proudly displayed by any man. Still, it didn’t look quite like a clit either.

“W-What the hell?” I slurred. Kris’ hand felt divine on my clit but a bolt of concern inevitably raced down my spine. This was getting out of hand. Whatever was connected to me…it had to be a mistake. I had to get rid of it. There was no way I could be stuck like this.

“Shhh,” Zahra comforted. She had gotten up and fixed herself a glass of wine while Kris had her way with me. She was now stroking my hair and staring at me with those all-encompassing eyes. “Everything that’s happening is supposed to happen, darling.”

Kris toyed with my huge clit, pulling and yanking at the strangely hardened flesh. With the flat of her thumb, she ran her finger over the tip, causing a luscious bolt of pleasure to rip through my transformed body. I bit my tongue to keep back a gut-wrenching moan and saw my clit angrily poking upwards between my legs. Right before my eyes, glans formed at the top and a slit lazily yawned open. Kris grabbed the base of it, which was growing thicker with every heart-pounding pulse, and gave the entire length a long, slow stroke.

If you're interested in buying it, here's the link:
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Re: Esme Grey Ebook Updates (WG, TG, AP, MILF, Futa, RaceCha

Postby phoenix » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:01 pm

I added a few thousand words to my ebook "A Dream Come True"! If you already have it, go check out the update. If you haven't bought it yet (and enjoy MTF, age progression, weight gain, and pregnancy books), you can find a sample below.

Melanie isn't happy with her life. Or, more importantly, she isn't happy with her husband. John is a nice guy but Melanie is a lesbian -- her marriage was always just for show. In the hopes of solving his marital problems, John visits a mysterious town where a beautiful witch transforms him into a young woman. Each month John transforms a little more, becoming more and more like Melanie's dream girl. This seems like a miracle but will Melanie accept the new John or will she reject him because of the bizarreness of the situation? And how will the couple handle an unforeseen pregnancy?

Contains transgender transformation (male to female), weight gain, some age progression (from twenty to thirty-two), pregnancy and some lactation. Over 16,000 words and numerous sexy scenes.


Melanie watched curiously as Joan pulled herself out of bed, coming to stand on wobbly legs. The blonde sat up in bed, barely noticing her own normally demure pajamas had been turned into a very see-through negligee.

“Joan?” Melanie asked in a whisper. “What happened?”

“I turned twenty-six,” Joan said giddily. She glanced into the full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door, taking in her new looks with a burst of pride.

It was as if Marla’s magic had only work in tiny little spurts until finally it succeeded in truly changing Joan from a girl into a woman. Her small, conical breasts had developed, turning into fat, teardrop shaped tits that sat comfortably on her chest. Further down, her hips had widened nicely – not too wide but not anywhere near the narrow pelvis Joan had had before. These were accompanied by much bigger thighs that were surprisingly blemish-free and toned for their girth. From the back, Joan’s flat, pancake ass had blossomed, becoming a thick ass that jiggled for a second longer than expected when Joan gave it a firm slap. Melanie watched from the bed, mesmerized.

“Y-You’re a woman now,” Melanie said with a nervous stutter. “You grew up.”


If you want to buy the full ebook, here's a link:
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