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Undress Distress #2 (A fusion between New Heaven and Remote

Postby botcomics » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:30 am



Drexter, his 15ft sister, and her friends all stare in amazement at his 50ft mother. Drexter sees this as an opportunity to get the hell out of there to avoid his mother’s wrath. The mom soon notices her son’s absence and starts looking for him to make him reverse the growth effects on his sister and her.
Drexter decides to hide in a college campus in where he finds some unaware attractive college girls that are about to experience literal personal growth…



Undress Distress is based on a reader request story by Kong called Generations. The story features plenty of growth and more importantly, MILF growth. The story is a wild fast based ride that constantly raises the stakes to a point where the world is changed forever. The story takes inspiration from the old cartoon Dexter’s Lab and stories from Giantessclub such as New Haven and GILF.

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