New eBook: He Was Changed into a Sexy Latina Maid

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New eBook: He Was Changed into a Sexy Latina Maid

Postby Susan Donym » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:11 pm

A racist senator awakes one morning to find that his wife has transformed him into Maria, a gorgeous Latina maid who can barely speak English. Now he's forced into a life of humiliating servitude, wearing a frilly little uniform while he cooks and cleans and satisfies his sadistic wife's every whim. Will he ever be able to escape and reclaim his life as a white man, or will he be trapped forever as a sexy Latina maid?

Susan Donym, author of the hit book He Became Her French Maid, returns with a dark and provocative new novelette. He Was Changed into a Sexy Latina Maid: A Transgender Thriller puts you in the high heels of a man who trades his three-piece suit and briefcase for an apron and a feather duster.

Link to book's Amazon page: Also available on Nook, iTunes and more:

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