The Slowest Champion by ~Flaming-hades [WG]

The Slowest Champion by ~Flaming-hades [WG]

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Kara was tired. She was very tired in fact. Despite being in the cool, calming water, there was nothing soothing or relaxing and rejuvenating about her swim. This was her last race of the season and her entire high school career.

Yet with only lengths of the pool left, she felt like she wanted to quit. She had no gas in the tank. She now regretted ever diving into the chilling water, and powering through the first couple of lengths with her rush of adrenaline.

Now as she kept trying to keep up her rhythm, every stroke was like pure, energy sapping torture. Every breath was like death slowly creeping into her lungs. It was hell. Pure hell. Yet there was only 2 more lengths of the pool for her to go as she struggled to make the turn.

Her arms were dead. It was like trying to move a brick wall with every swing and every breath only made her more bone tired than she was. As her final turn came, she struggled to make it, only doing it out of sheer nature and training from 1000s of other flip turns in the past.

The last straight was the hardest. There was nothing in the tank, and the desire to quit practically had engulfed all other thought. Kara was in every sense of the word, exhausted as she swung one arm in front of the other with some unknown strength.

Taking one last breath, she heard the crowd erupting. That was all she needed. Knowing that there were fans, she swung one last arm in front of the other and powered to the wall.

Using the wall and the aid of her teammates, Kara managed to struggle her way up into a sitting position. Gathering her breath, the world seemed to have gone silent.

After a long pause, the crowds anticipation finally was ceased as the large electronic scoreboard displayed the swimmers times. There was a deafening roar as Kara's name appeared at the top with an asterisk next it, signifying she had broken the ancient state record.

Relief settled over her as she struggled to get up. Finally managing to walk up into the bleachers where the rest of her team had been cheering. The girls smothered her in hugs and excitedly congratulated her.

Kara plopped herself against the wall and pulled her swim team jacket over herself. It was a tad large but it was very cozy. Kara spent the remainder of the day watching as her teammates went on to break two meet records in the relays and her best friend, Sarah, managed to break another state record, though not by as large a margin as Kara had broken hers.

Finally the awards ceremony occurred. Kara professionally walked up to the podium for the last time in her High School career. She shook the State officials hand and received her medal. Smiling through the entire thing.

Then the team results came and her team won, so she received a second 1st place metal. Then at long last, the glorious bus ride back to her home town. The girls made arrangements to meet up at Sarah's house.

Kara arrived at her house and made some greeting with her parents. They had never really cared about her swimming, and her mom was partially glad it was done so Kara's mom wouldn't have to waste time from her favorite soap operas and ironing to pick up Kara.

Her younger brother, Sean, however loved Kara and idolized her swimming. In his mind, she was the best there was and no one could beat her. In truth, that had become a reality only hours earlier. Kara had managed to go unbeaten all season.

"Kara, how did you do?" asked the 7 year old Sean. He was a rather tall blonde haired, blue eyed boy. Tall for his age at least. Kara towered over him of course, being 5'8 and all.

"Well our team won states Sean," Kara said, intentionally leaving out her own victory so as to lure her little brother into asking.

"That's so cool Kara! How did you do?" he asked innocently.

"Well.." Kara pulled out her medal and handed it to him. Sean's eyes went wide as he read the engraving on the back.

"FIRST PLACE, THAT'S AWESOME KARA!" he exclaimed as he jumped and hugged Kara.

"I set a new state record by 7 seconds on top of that," she nonchalantly bragged.

"That's amazing Kara! I wanna race you some day," Sean stated with his standard confidence.

"Some day Sean, some day. Hey how did your Junior sharks meet go?" Kara asked, remembering that her little brother had his first swim meet ever today.

"I won all 5 races I swam in," he said proudly.

"That's awesome Sean. Congratulations!" Kara responded cheerfully.

"He was quite spectacular," chirped in Kara's father.

Unlike her mother, Kara's father always loved the fact his three children all were swimmers. Kara's younger brother, but Sean's older brother, James, swam in private school. In truth he really only cared about his boys, but he did care a bit about Kara's swimming.

"Holy cow. Sean that's incredible!" she said giving him a peck on the cheek. Sean blushed and awkwardly shifted in embarrassed.

"Kara, your brother made you a cake," her father chimed in from the kitchen.

"He did!" Kara feigned excitement. In truth she wasn't very hungry, despite not having eaten in quite some time.

Kara walked in and smiled at the awkward lump layered with frosting and an attempt at "Great Job Kara!" She couldn't do anything but smile and take out a knife.

Much to her surprise the cake was delicious, just not a very standard shape.

"You like it?" asked Sean.

"Like it, I love it," Kara smiled as she slowly ate her piece. Much to her dismay, Sean cut her a second piece. Knowing that he would be deeply offended if his idol didn't oblige, she managed to indulge the second piece and even a third one before she tactfully told Sean she was full.

Kara left Sean and went into the bathroom. She was in desperate need of a shower after such a long time in the pool. It felt great to have the water drip down her every inch of naked body.

Kara sensually bent down and moved her hands up her legs with soap, her slender, well toned legs. Then she moved up to her wide hips and her bubble butt which was in its prime. Fantastically shaped, perfectly toned and completely irresistible. Then she worked her way up her narrow waist and perfectly flat stomach. Perfection. Finally she arrived at her ample breasts. The largest rack on the girls swim team, Kara loved her 38Ds with a passion, and the boys loved them too.

'Actually, I have the second largest rack on the team. Jessie probably has the biggest chest on the team. Of course she's also the fattest on the team, by A LOT. But whatever, it really doesn't matter,' thought Kara as she stepped out of the shower.

Kara pulled on a pair of tight jeans, a tank top and a skimpy jacket. Finally she was ready to go to the girls celebratory party at Sarah's house.

Making sure to say goodbye to Sean, Kara pulled out of the garage and drove off to the party and the beginning of her non-athletic life.

Kara pulled up into one of the few vacant spots in the cul-de-sac where Sarah lived. There were a few other girls going into Sarah's house at the same time so Kara awkwardly acknowledged them, since she in truth had no idea who they were.

There was rap being blasted from the sound system and several girls were dancing in the center of the living room when Kara entered.

"What a crazy party," Kara said sarcastically.

"You can say that again," came a sarcastic tone.

Kara turned and was face to face with her brunette friend Sarah. Sarah wasn't much to look at other than her pretty face. She lacked the curves of her best friend.

"There's beer pong downstairs, but we're trying to keep the freshman and sophomores clean so the odds of getting caught are less likely. Snack foods are in the kitchen along with Jessie, no surprise there. Enjoy, I'll talk to you later, gotta keep this house from blowing up," Sarah informed Kara as she darted off into the growing throng of dancers.

Not really in the mood to drink, Kara decided she'd go and visit Jessie, who was in truth a very nice girl. Yet Jessie was also known for being rather blunt. Which was sometimes good and other times bad.

As Kara approached, she looked over the fattest girl on the team. Jessie had long straight red hair, which Kara had to admit was quite pretty and complimented Jessie's angelic blue eyes. Her mildly freckled face, though very round, was rather cute and cherubic.

Yet any look south of that was quite different. Jessie was accenting her ample cleavage. Those great big flabby breasts were absolutely huge, easily twice the size of Kara's. Yet twice the size there came with twice the size everywhere else. Jessie had quite a massive belly which rivaled her breasts for total square footage of the top Jessie was wearing. Though Kara was glad to see that there seemed to be less belly than in the past.

'Glad to see all that swimming managed to make her shed a little bit of that mound of fat,' Kara though with a smirk.

From there on, Jessie had quite thick jiggly thighs which had always made other girls on the swim team feel awkward when they were all wearing swimsuits. Jessie even had a large jiggle posterior to match.

Kara approached without Jessie noticing as she inhaled a plate of carrots. Kara grabbed a tortilla chip as she leaned against the counter, waiting for Jessie to come out of her food daze. Eventually the red head noticed the team captain munching on some tortilla chips and acknowledged that she was there.

"Umm...hey Kara," Jessie said as politely as she could. Kara had not always been the nicest to Jessie, she wasn't as bad as other members of the team, but she held more influence as a senior and captain which made Jessie, who was only a junior, uncomfortable.

"Hey Jessie, the carrots any good?" she asked trying to start up conversation. Kara kept on munching on chips as she focused her piercing blue eyes at the pudgy red head next to her.

"Yeah, they're actually quite good. Though I wish there was some celery and peanut butter, that's my favorite combination of late. I've been trying to diet," Jessie said proudly.

"That's great," Kara said, though she doubted that would last long. Kara herself had always been a bit of a pig, but swam and had a decent metabolism so she never packed any weight.

"Yeah, and I'm trying to get to the pool everyday. Hey congrats on winning your race, I heard you were awesome," Jessie said with a sincere smile.

"Haha thanks, I mean it really wasn't that big of a deal. The state record was pretty slow, in my opinion, so it really wasn't that big a deal," Kara casually stated. She regretted it since she forget Jessie was by far the slowest member on the team at EVERY event.

"Right, hey how's..." Jessie was in mid sentence when a rather attractive, tall, muscular boy grabbed Kara by the waist and moved her aside.

"Move it Kara," he said as he grabbed the now half empty of bowl of chips.

"Good to see you to Tom," Kara snapped jokingly. "Oh Jessie, this is Tom, Sarah's older brother."

He made a nod to the red head who was wide eyed and in awe. "Why don't you come visit me and my buddies upstairs later Kara, we're in need of a good time."

"Shut up Tom, just because you're Sarah's brother doesn't mean it gives you any right to be nasty to me," she teased.

"Hahaha, just keep it in mind. See you later." With that he disappeared into the throng.

"Do you normally have guys hit on you like that?" asked Jessie as she wolfed down another carrot.

"Yeah, but Tom always is more of a jerk about it because he's Sarah's brother. I personally am not such a fan but he did get me drunk once and we hooked up," Kara said casually.

"Woah...I wish I could have guys like him," Jessie said dreamily.

"Don't sweat it, your prince charming will come sooner or later," Kara tried to sound encouraging.

"I doubt it. I mean I'd have to shed at least another 35 pounds for a guy to even think about looking at me, despite my big boobs," Jessie said resentfully.

"Don't sweat it, I bet you can do it. If you ever need some help, ask me or Sarah," Kara offered. "Hey you wanna go downstairs?"

"No thanks, I have to drive home," Jessie said with a smile.

"So do I, it's never stopped me. But suit yourself," Kara said with a smile as she went down and played beer pong.

The party went on for several hours and Kara had a bit too drink, but more so ate a ton. Several times throughout the night she wound up indulging slices of pizza, soda, chips, more cake and even a carton of ice cream. It appeared her hunger had finally arrived and had been defeated.

At least until Kara got home at 1 am and managed to wolf down the remainder of Sean's cake.

Not feeling ready to sleep, Kara lied down on the couch, her bloated and really full belly pushing against her tank top.

'Life is good,' Kara though to herself as she finally dozed off to sleep.

In the days that followed her state championship victory, Kara did lots of lounging around and lots of eating. Her brother had recently been trick or treating so he had pounds of candy to share and Kara happily indulged.

A week or two passed and Kara started partying a lot more, since she had finally finished her two early actions to college. The party life was good and she even had the good spirit to bring Jessie to one of the parties, though she soon was hooking up with a guy and lost track of her companion.

The one thing which Kara wasn't doing well in was keeping up her exercise. Everytime Jessie called, which was almost everyday, Kara made up some excuse not to go. It almost began to annoy Kara that Jessie wanted to workout everyday and how she would never stop calling.

Finally after 3 weeks of trying, Jessie just flat out stopped calling Kara except to go out to eat or things along those lines which even then, Kara usually rejected because she wanted to go party or be lazy.

One day though, Sarah finally called Kara and requested that she come with her and Jessie to the gym because Sarah was sick and tired of having to workout with just Jessie.

Kara regretfully agreed to oblige and thus went to don her sweats. What Kara hadn't noticed was that in the month or so since she set the state record, Kara had packed on a couple of pounds. It wasn't significant, but she did have a very small pot belly forming from all the excess beer and food she had been indulging, as well as larger boobs which she enjoyed.

Yet what she hadn't thought about, was that her sports bras were very stretched now, and her tank tops did nothing to hide her forming belly. But of course, in the mind of Kara, she was still drop dead gorgeous.

Kara arrived at the gym at just the right time to meet up with both Jessie and Sarah. Immediately both girls noted the small belly poking out from inbetween the shorts and tank top Kara was wearing.

Kara also did some observing, though it was more in surprise than anything else. Jessie had really slimmed down a fair amount. No longer were Jessie's breast in any sort of competition with her stomach, for her stomach seemed to have receded a significant amount. It was still clearly present against the t-shirt, but was just not even on par with her gigantic breasts. Her lower body, mainly her once thick thighs, had managed to lose some of their flab, and just all around everywhere seemed to have less mass.

Yet Kara still new she was way hotter than either of them and because of that, took her time to flirt with all the hot muscular men instead of doing a serious workout like Jessie and Sarah.

"Can you believe her," Sarah said in disgust and Kara walked off into the sauna with a rather attractive college boy.

"I guess. I mean Kara will be Kara. I wish I could have her body still," Jessie said sourly.

"Not for long you wont, at the rate she's going, you'll be slimmer than her in no time. Not that you wont be slim anyway, well you know what I mean..I think..uhh" Sarah stumbled for words.

"I know what you mean, now how about we go bench a little," Jessie said enthusiastically.

Sarah's prediction held true as the weeks went on. Jessie and Sarah worked out religiously, Sarah to stay in shape and Jessie to lose weight.

The only things Kara had been working were her massive boobs and stomach. The next month saw Kara constantly partying, hooking up with hot guys. The unecessary calories began to take their toll on her and Kara rapidly porked up.

In fact, by the end of the two months, Kara and Jessie were at almost the exact same weight, yet neither girl was aware of it at the time.

Kara did finally acknoweledge she had packed on a few though, when she bought some new clothing to fit her more "curvy" figure as she liked to think of it.

Finally, the trio met again at a large party at Sarah's house. Tom had decided to host a college party at home and allowed the girls to come because he knew Sarah would kill him otherwise.

Kara arrived in a form fitting red dress which showed off her ample cleavage, though unfortunately did hug her round tummy a little too much for her liking. It also showed off her thickening thighs and not so perfect, but rather chunky ass.

Jessie arrived in much the same tire, making sure to show off her breasts, which were now her single most dominant asset. The rest of her body was still a little pudgy, except for her belly which had almost completely been annihalated except for a small roll. In truth Jessie was very slightly smaller than Kara.

The party was in full swing when the two finally saw each other for the first time. Kara was in awe of how beautiful Jessie looked.

"Jessie, oh my god you've lost so much weight. Congrats! You look fabulous,"

"Uhh...thanks Kara that means a lot. You look good also," Jessie responded automatically. 'For someone whose probably gained 20 pounds in two months.'

"You know what's rare Kara, you were right for once. Jessie doesn't look half bad. Care to dance," interrupted Tom to the awe of both girls.

'He wants to take that cow dancing over me!' Kara thought in her head as she smiled politely.

Jessie was in heaven as she was escorted into the living room where a small group of people had begun dancing to some techno. Tom was really hot and Jessie was in heaven. It got all the sweeter as she watched a clearly annoyed Kara munch on some cookies and chips while drowning herself in coke.

'Eat it,' Jessie thought with a smile as she focused on Tom.

Sarah watched the whole thing from a far and couldn't help but smile when she saw Kara frown and start pigging out. 'Well I guess it does you justice for blowing Jessie of the last couple of months,' she thought.

As the party progressed, Kara managed to get rather drunk and stumbled into Tom's bedroom, only to find him having sex with Jessie. Kara left the room in tears and yet for the first time, Jessie actually enjoyed seeing Kara truly miserable.

'Now you know how I felt," Jessie thought.

Needless to say, this began the vicious spiral down to reality for Kara. As her partying calories caught up with her, Kara was finding it more and more difficult to get any guys interested in her as her dress sizes kept filling up. Finally Kara made the call to workout with Jessie and Sarah.

As the trio met up at the gym, Kara couldn't help but admire just how gorgeous Jessie was now that she'd lost all her weight. It was like staring back at her own old slim figure, but with larger boobs, a bigger ass and a more attractive face.

What was the worst though, was how Jessie now sneered at Kara now. Kara now had truly massive breasts, which sagged down onto her large belly which threatened to push her shirt up due to its sheer size. The once fantastic ass that was one of her most killer assets was now one of her worst, as it was large and saggy and engulfed any chair she sat in. Her face was large and round, her arms were thick and her legs were dense and full of cellulite. Kara was fat, after only 5 months away from the pool.

As the girls walked down the hall, a wicked idea crept into Jessie's mind.

"Hey Kara, how about a swim in the pool, for old time sake?" she offered.

"Yeah, that's a great idea Jessie, come on Kara lets go," encouraged Sarah.

"I don't know guys I don't...."

"Ahh come on you big baby," teased Sarah. "Just an itty bitty swim."

"I don't think I have a bathingsuit that'll fit me," Kara said blushingly.

"Here have my old one from swim team," Jessie said as she tossed Kara her old large uniform.

Kara stared at it, 'there is no way this will fit.'

Much to her awkward discomfort, it did fit. Though it did take several minutes for the girls to get it on Kara.

At long last the trio stood on the starting blocks, Jessie and Sarah in their slender swimsuits, Kara in what had to be the tightest suit she'd ever worn.

"You guys ready?" Jessie asked enthusiastically as she tapped her watch.

"You betcha," Sarah said excitedly.

"Alright, on your marks, get set, go!"

Kara dove down into the water with a large splash than she was use to. Immediately her body seemed to have a tendency to rise. It was a true struggle just to kept herself to move, let alone race with the other two. As she took a brief look, Sarah and Jessie were both already at the other end of the pool and Jessie was pulling ahead.

'Great only a million more laps of torture,' Kara thought as she finally made the turn with great struggle and much sucking of wind.

Every stroke reminded her just how fat she had let herself get. Every breath proved how far her endurance had gone down since she set the record. Every turn proved just how large her once flat stomach had grown. It was pure hell in a whole new way.

Finally, after a true eternity, Kara managed to struggle to the finish, tapped the wall and hung onto the line. The duo of Jessie and Sarah just stared at their watches and then back at Kara. Kara looked down at her watch and then froze. There was an awkward silence.

Kara had just swam slower than her own brothers time. It just couldn't be possible. There was just no way. Even Jessie had always managed to beat his time by a handy 10 seconds.

Kara quietly hauled herself out of the pool, and waddled towards the door.

"Hey Kara," Jessie yelled as she was about to leave.

Kara turned around.

"You're fat," Jessie said with a grin breaking through on her wickedly beautiful face.

So ends the tale of the slowest champion in state history. Kara never did lose her weight, in fact she only put more and more on as the years went on. Jessie meanwhile went on to break Kara's state title the following year, and earned a swimming scholarship to UCLA. Sarah continued on her lifestyle of partying, though she stopped inviting Kara and became closer friends with Jessie. So it ends.
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Re: The Slowest Champion by ~Flaming-hades [WG]

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Re: The Slowest Champion by ~Flaming-hades [WG]

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mmmmmmm, octopus.
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Re: The Slowest Champion by ~Flaming-hades [WG]

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This story is one of my favorites.

For anyone else who likes it, too, you might want to check out my authorized re-telling: "The Slowest Champion -Revisited-".

You can read it on my DeviantArt page:

Or you can read it here at The Changing Mirror:
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