Beth's Glass Ball

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Beth's Glass Ball

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Beth's Glass Ball
By Snoopbone and Max
Co-Written and edited by SteveZ

Writer's note: I really want to start this story by thanking all the people that have made it possible. Thanks to Snoopbone for writing the draft of this story, SteveZ for editing it and improving the descriptions, and thanks to Anon, Byron, Dan, Greinskyn, Nomdreserv, Morpheus, Mr. Mergers, and Weirdoid for contributing their ideas to improve this story. Thank you.


Another week of high school ended, and poor Beth was thankful for it. As a nerdy girl, she suffered a constant state of being picked on. Tired of that, she laid on her bed to cry for her destiny. "Why is life so cruel? Why do I have to tolerate all of this?" she cried.

Beth was five feet tall and hated her life. With her weight at about 185 lbs, it was needless to say she was a little on the plump side. Without looking like a Goth, she wore black all the time and had very thick glasses to correct her terrible eyesight. She was clumsy and had absolutely no self-esteem.

The terrible pain she felt was easily equaled by the rage she had built up over the years. She was near the bursting point, and without thinking, she made a wish to get something more out of her life. "I really wish I could get revenge on the people that have hurt me and get even with them," she said aloud.

After her mouth closed upon pronouncing those words, her room was illuminated with an intensity brighter than even the sun. A powerful voice said, "Wish granted," and from the thin air a tiny, palm-sized glass ball materialized in her hand; at the same time, her head was filled with the knowledge to use it.

Two seconds later, the light vanished and Beth remained on her feet with a broad grin on her face. She didn't know who or what the light was that had appeared in front of her, but she certainly knew what the glass ball was for. It contained the power to, by Beth just holding it, transfer anything from any person to whomever and however she wanted.

"This is the answer to my daily sufferings. Thank you, stranger, for this wonderful gift," she said in a loud voice, thinking that the entity of light would be able to hear her. "Now, I'll call Samantha and make plans for the weekend."

She grabbed the phone and dialed Samantha's number. "Hello?" said Samantha.

"Sammy, hi. It's me, Beth. I was wondering if you have plans for tomorrow. I would like if you could help me with some problems."

"Math problems? I'm not too good in that subject," Samantha replied.

"No, it's not Math. I 'd say they're more like physics problems," Beth giggled.

"Umm, I dunno. I have plenty of things to do here."

"I promise, you won't regret it."

"Okay, I'll be there at 9:00 am to start early."

"Sure. Nine sounds great!" cheered Beth. "See you tomorrow."

"Until tomorrow," answered Samantha.

Now that Beth had enlisted the help of Samantha, her only friend, she locked herself in her room to plan her revenge. After one hour, she gave up thinking of ways to punish the people who bothered her. "This is in vain. I'm not a bad person, and even though they've been mean to me, I can't behave in the same way."

Then the ball flashed, as if showing the answer to her doubts. "Yes! I can be as mean as them. Next week will be the time for my revenge," she wickedly smiled.

Next day when Samantha arrived, Beth explained to her the amazing experience she witnessed and the incredible power she now had in her hands. "This couldn't be better, Sammy. With this glass ball, we will make them pay for all these years of torture. And as poetic justice, I will transfer their meanness into me, to do to them exactly what they would do to me if they had this power," Beth said in conclusion.

"If there's anything you do have, Beth, it's your creativity for sure," smiled Samantha.

"You don't believe me, do you?"

"We're friends," Samantha told her, "but you have to admit that this sounds weird."

"How about if as a test I use the ball with you? Are you ready?" offered Beth, pointing the ball at her friend.

"Wait!" Samantha said, concern in her voice. "Let's say that I believe you and that ball can do what you claim it does. How can we be sure it works?"

"That's why I asked for your help yesterday. We're going to test the ball."

"I thought you would need me to solve physics problems."

"Exactly. I don't know about you, but I would like to improve my body a little first," smiled Beth.

Samantha considered herself a pretty cute young lady, but she always wished to have a body more appropriate to her age. She had no confidence, but since the shape of her body was the same as that of a ten-year-old girl obligated her to take a decision. "Okay, I'm with you."

"Glad to count you in with me. Now, let's go to the department store."

"Why there?"

"It's the place where Mom goes when she needs something, and we need a lot of things."

Ten minutes later, both of the sixteen-year-old girls were amazed at the many isles in front of them.

"Where do you want to start?" asked Samantha.

"The hardware section will be a good place to start, a lot of men will be there. Before I remake both of us, I want to make sure to take extra amounts of courage and confidence from those men to be able to do what we wanted to do to everyone."

The girls felt nervous walking through the aisle crowded with men testing and holding mechanical tools. Samantha held Beth's hand while her friend touched the ball inside her pocket. Soon they felt more secure about themselves and walked normally.

Beth also increased her own willpower to keep her mind focused on her revenge and not fall into the meanness she would be transferring into her personality. When they reached the end of the aisle, their courage was off the scale.

"This is great, Beth. I feel myself able to do nearly anything!" gasped Samantha.

"Yes, I understand you. What a rush. Now that our shyness has been left behind, it's time to grow a little." And with that statement, Beth took a few inches from the men to reach the 5' 9" height she wanted while Samantha grew to 5' 8".

"Your glass ball is amazing, Beth. Thanks to it we grew confident, and now we're both taller. Do you think it will also work to grow...?" asked Samantha, pointing her flat chest.

"Indeed, my friend. I will use it to throw away a few extra pounds and enhance my beauty, but first we need new clothes."

Samantha and Beth both went over to the aisles much more familiar to each of them, those in which were hanging feminine finery. Each needed new clothes, as their own were too small for their new, larger frames. They were sure to buy clothes that would allow for enlargement in some important areas.

"I don't like to walk around with baggy clothes," protested Samantha.

"They won't be baggy for long. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've noticed a pair of breasts that I would like try on myself," smiled Beth.

After spending a few hours inside the store, transferring attributes from women luckier than them to improve their bodies, nobody would ever believe that the blonde girl leaving the store with a tiny waist, great legs, beautiful face and DD sized breasts bulging under her top was the short and plump Beth, or that the fiery red haired girl of round rear, seductive smile and graceful walk was Samantha.

'I will keep these for the future,' thought Beth, placing her glasses in her purse. They were useless now, thanks to a swap she made with a young girl.

That night, Beth and Samantha had a difficult time explaining to each of their parents about their drastically changed bodies. Of course, they told them about a miraculous potion that an old woman offered them, promising great beauty. They bought it, and now each of the girls had the looks of super models.

Their parents wouldn't take the whole story, but since their daughters were safe and gorgeous, they weren't complaining.

Sunday came, and with it an important meeting between Beth and Samantha.

"There are four people I can't stand that have each made my life a living hell," Beth told her. "I will take care of them, one by one: Britney, the head cheerleader; Daniel, because he is dating my friend Jennifer; Terry, the ladies man; and Justine, the school slut."

"Is there room for one more?" asked Samantha. "I would like to get revenge on Derrick, the football team's quarterback. We were a couple for two weeks, and after I refused to make love to him, he didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore," she sobbed.

"That bastard. Sure, I'll lend you the ball to punish him," said Beth. "Now that we have our five winners, we'll dedicate a whole day to each one."

"And we won't hurt innocent people, right?"

"Of course not. I'm not like them. I will strip them of their best traits and give them to the people who may need it. Remember that in the store we only took a slight part of the various women's traits and little by little we put together the whole package," smiled Beth, thrusting her wonderful chest out.

"I know what you mean. I like my butt a lot, but it would have been awful if somebody would have had to lose it for me," said Samantha, caressing her heart-shaped rear.

"It will be an interesting week, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow," grinned Beth.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Day 1

The next day, Beth and Samantha went to the Principal's office saying that they were students interested in attending the school. The Principal was glad that two beautiful young ladies were going to study there, and wrote them a special permission to assist at all the classes during a week. The girls couldn't have planned it better.

The girls left the office and walked through the hall. Doing that, they drew the attention of every person present. Their bodies had men of all ages, but especially the more impressionable teen aged students, babbling and drooling; the girls were jealous and pissed off.

"Who's the first on your list, Beth?" asked Samantha, enjoying the stares of boys that ignored her last week.

"It will be Terry, of course. He's the one I hate the most. I was so happy when he asked me out to the prom, only to find out it was a joke," remembered Beth.

"He had me come to school in my prom dress to show me off," Beth angrily related. "When everyone made fun of me, he laughed even harder in my face. I was crushed; that's why I wanted to get back at him hard-core."

"He really hurt you, didn't he, Beth?" asked Samantha, concerned for her friend. "Well, by now he must be in his first class. With our passes, it won't be a problem to sneak into it."

The two friends knocked on the door of the classroom where Terry was. After showing the teacher their passes, they walked into the class and sat together while the teacher continued the lesson.
'Those two new chicks are hot,' thought Terry, without imagining that they were Beth and Samantha. "Hey, foxy! Do you want a piece from me?" he said to Beth, raising his sleeve to show off his bicep.

'Now that you mention it,' thought Beth, transferring the meanness of Terry. Dark thoughts invaded her mind. 'You will feel sorry for messing around with me, Terry. I will pay you back big.' She smiled wickedly, as she knew what to do first.

Meanwhile, Terry's eyes were still on Beth's breasts. 'That girl's really got them big. I can't wait to feel my dick between those globes. It would be awesome,' he thought.

Then, to Terry's surprise, Beth slowly opened the first two buttons of her blouse. His eyes could have dropped inside the wonderful cleavage she exposed if they weren't attached to his face. The view of her generous bust made Terry's member hard.

Beth continued teasing Terry as she slipped her pencil between her breasts in and out. 'This girl is driving me crazy!' thought Terry, as his member was painfully hard. He was about to reach to his crotch to stroke it, when suddenly it became flaccid.

"What the-?" muttered Terry in a high voice as he jumped from his seat. He felt his trousers getting wet as his member was releasing pre-cum all over them.

"Something wrong, Terry?" asked the teacher.

"I need to go to the bathroom," replied an embarrassed Terry.

The teacher excused him and he dashed out of the classroom. Beth giggled at the red face of Terry. "With his meanness gone, he isn't so fierce anymore," she commented in a low voice to her partner.

"What exactly did you do to him?" asked an excited Samantha.

"I just switched his arousal with Justine so that when he got aroused he took on her aspects, meaning instead of getting an erection his penis became softer and wet. And the best thing is that he won't be able to get it up any longer!" laughed Beth. "I know that Justine is reserved for later, but I couldn't resist the opportunity that presented itself with her in the same class." She smiled, almost wickedly.

In the bathroom, Terry was cursing aloud as he was cleaning his trousers with toilet paper. "How could you fail me, buddy?" he said to his member. "There was that hot chick, and you blew it."

The memory of her rack was getting him aroused again. To his horror, his member instead of getting hard began to leak. "Oh! Come on, man! Give me a break!" cursed Terry again as he reached for the toilet paper once more.

The time passed, and the bell announced lunch time. Beth and Samantha walked out of the classroom, taking away the breath of the guys in there. Walking to the lunch room, Beth kept thinking of new punishments for Terry.

She saw him talking with his girlfriend at a far away table. Judging by his face, he was still ashamed by his little accident. "Lets sit down here, Samantha. I want to see the whole picture," said Beth, choosing a table where the whole lunchroom was visible.

While Beth was thinking of her next move, Terry finished telling his girlfriend the bad news. "HE WON'T STAND ANYMORE?" she yelled, astonished by the new condition of her boyfriend.

"Could you please speak more lowly? I don't want this to become public, you know?" whispered Terry, as his face was bright red.

"Sorry, but you caught me by surprise. Are you sure, it doesn't work anymore?" she asked, sliding her hand under the table and rubbing his flaccid member over the jeans.

Terry was beginning to feel good, when his member started to leak again.
"Stop it," he said, embarrassed, holding the hand of his girlfriend. "You only make it worse!" he added, pissed off. His frustration only increased Beth's joy.

With lunch time finished, Terry said good-bye to his girlfriend and walked to the gym. Little did he know that during the lunch Beth used her ball once again and gave his metabolism to the chubby girl in the lunch room. Now he couldn't burn off calories hardly at all.

But that was not all. To make things more interesting, she gave his body's fat placement to the guard on the girls basketball team and gave him hers. Now that terrible fat burning he had was coupled with the fact that every ounce of weight he will gain will be going straight to his hips, thighs, and ass.

"You are very bad, for doing those things to him!" said Samantha.

"Do you think he doesn't deserve it?"

"I didn't say that," grinned Samantha.

Both girls left the lunch room and took another way to the gym. It wouldn't be wise if he noticed them following him. He wasn't smart enough to suspect something, but they wanted to be sure anyway.

In the gym, Terry forgot his problems as he laid on a bench and began to lift weights. He loved to pump up his muscles. Every time he lifted weights, he liked to keep a record of his progress. He knew they weren't large, but they could be threatening; especially against someone who didn't have any muscles.

Since his member was out of commission, he thought about increasing his muscles to compensate. 'Girls like big muscles, and that's what I'm going to have,' Terry thought, beginning his reps. 'I'll lift heavy weights until they make lines to touch them.'

Beth and Samantha tried to stay unnoticed, but that was very hard thanks to their voluptuous bodies. They jumped on two standing bicycles and started to work out. "With the help of your glass ball, Beth, we won't need to exercise," said Samantha. "You can simply take the fat out of our bodies and keep our bodies toned."

"That's true, but don't count on it. I have other plans for the ball. But in the meantime..." smiled Beth, draining a bit of muscle condition from the people present, toning both her own and Samantha's muscles.

Then, thinking of the nerds, Beth was sure to take about half the strength of the bullies inside the gym. The girls began to pedal faster and faster as raw strength was building up in their own bodies.

They absorbed enough to make themselves about twice as strong as any of the bullies originally were.

The experience of having their bodies toned and supercharged with strength was outstanding. "It really feels good to be strong," said Samantha, flexing her bicep. It barely showed up, but was as hard as steel and with more power than it looked like.

"I'm thinking that girl over there will enjoy some help," said Beth, indicating a petite girl laying on a bench having some trouble lifting her weights. "Thankfully, Terry can be such a giving person sometimes."

"...40, 41, 42..." He was counting his reps, when a tingling sensation invaded his muscles. "My biceps are itching too soon," admitted Terry. "I wonder if I'm making some progress."

Excited, Terry measured his left bicep. "It can't be!!" he exclaimed. "My bicep is a half inch smaller than yesterday. This tape must be wrong." He measured it again, and discovered that the last measurement was indeed wrong. Unfortunately, the tape indicated that his bicep was actually a full inch smaller.

"Come on!!" he yelled in frustration. "First my dick got flaccid and now my bicep lost an inch. This can't get any worse," he sobbed. To his surprise, he felt the measuring tape getting loose over his bicep. He was still flexing his muscle as well as holding the tape tight. "No!
Not this!" he begged, as he saw his bicep getting smaller and smaller under the tape. He adjusted the tape, and found that his bicep was now two inches smaller. "I need help. I must be hallucinating," said Terry, watching frantically for help. It was then that he noticed the petite girl on the bench. Kelly was breathing hard as she lifted her weights. She had small muscles, or at least that was the first impression Terry got from noticing the girl, but that notion changed because as the girl continued lifting, her muscles seemed to be getting bigger.

"A muscle transfer?" asked Samantha, observing the scene of Terry and the girl.

"Yep," smiled Beth. "To make things fun, I'm slowly giving all his muscles and strength to her with each rep. So every time she lifts, they trade more and more, leaving her super strong for her frame and giving him nothing more than a young girl's strength. I'm also giving away his ability to condition his muscles to her."

In a bizarre way, Terry knew that the girl was gaining his muscles. What made matters worse was that he couldn't stop it. "I don't even know her name," he mumbled, realizing that he didn't even know who was getting his strength.

Rep after rep, Terry was getting weaker and his arms and legs got thinner. He just stood there in complete disbelief as the results of working out for almost two years was turning into a flabby mass all over his body. "What did I do to deserve this?" pleaded Terry. Only Beth and Samantha knew the reason for his punishment.

Finishing her reps, Kelly got up off the bench. "I can't believe the improvement a little lifting can do!" she enthusiastically said, admiring the great muscles that were now covering her petite body. Even though she had only done arm workouts, her legs and abs were also toned and hard.

When she saw her reflection, Kelly was disappointed to see that she wasn't too hot in the looks department. "I vow never to lift again, and let all these muscles dissipate," she said, making Terry almost cry.

Completely devastated, Terry left the gym. "Don't think I'm finished with you yet, Terry. I have a few more ideas for you," grinned Beth as she and Samantha also left the gym.

The two of them were following poor Terry when something caught the attention of Samantha. "Beth, look who's coming our way," she indicated. "I can't stand her. She is always dressed in that color." Beth turned and saw Elise, the Fashion Editor to the school newspaper, whose tastes always leaned toward pink.

"More material with which to play. I think Elise deserves a change," said Beth as she used the ball to take Terry's fashion sense and swap it with the feminine tastes of Elise.

Elise and Terry exchanged looks when they passed each other. 'Why do all my clothes have to be pink? It's time to change my wardrobe. Maybe I should ask Terry where he buys his clothes,' Elise wondered to herself.

'No. This isn't right. I'm a guy!' yelled Terry inside his head. He was fighting the necessity to ask Elise where she got those wonderful clothes and accessories in pink. 'This can't be real. I must be in some kind of nightmare,' he attempted to rationalize as he was mentally checking his clothes in the closet at home to know if he had something pink to wear later that night.

Finally to his classroom, Terry shyly sat in his seat and only wished for the day to end.

Unfortunately, his nightmare hadn't finished yet. Using their passes, Beth and Samantha left school to go to Terry's house. But not before using the ball on Terry's car. She was glad that the ball could also place a transfer spell in the car, ready to be triggered when Terry and his girlfriend touched the handles on its doors.

"What happened to you?" asked Terry's worried girlfriend when she grabbed his arm and felt it soft and thin.

"I don't want to talk here, okay?" answered Terry, trying to hide his condition under his jacket.

Once they were alone, Terry told the horrible tale of the day's changes to his girlfriend, and to emphasize his point he let her touch his skinny body.

"First was your dick, and now your muscles. You must have a weird sickness affecting you. You've got to go to the doctor," his concerned girlfriend remarked.

"I don't know what he can do for me," said Terry, frowning sadly. "The school must be haunted, because something stole my muscles and gave them to a girl in the gym. I bet she only wished to have bigger muscles, and unfortunately she got mine," he cried.

"You're getting paranoid, Terry. You can't believe that a girl's wish did that to you. If that were the case, I could wish to have your height and I would have it, right?" said his girlfriend, by sheer coincidence at the exact moment both touched the car's doors, activating the spell Beth left for them. To add to Terry's bad luck, the spell was a height transference.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Terry, as he felt something like an electrical charge coming from the door and coursing into his body.

"I feel weird, Terry!" exclaimed his girlfriend, as a similar charge zipped into her body, too. Soon, the couple found that they were looking at each other eye to eye.

"You and your big mouth!" Terry yelled angrily as he felt his clothes growing larger on his still shrinking body.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know this would happen," apologized his girlfriend as her clothes were getting extremely tight while she herself continued to expand vertically.

When the sensation dissipated, Terry looked like a little boy dressed in his big brother's clothes as he was stuck at 5' 3", while his girlfriend was glad that the shreds of her clothes were covering the important areas of her now over 6' amazon body.

"I don't want to hear another word from you until I drop you off at your home," said Terry, starting the engine.

When Terry finally arrived at his own home to get away from what was happening to him at school, he ran into his little eight-year-old sister, Melanie. Under other circumstances, Terry would have been typically bad enough to discharge all his frustrations against Melanie, but he couldn't do it because his meanness was now part of Beth.

Beth and Samantha, who took a bus earlier to arrive before Terry, were watching everything from a window. They couldn't avoid laughing at how pathetic he looked after swapping heights with his girlfriend.

"What'th wrong with you, big brother?" asked Melanie. "You look thyort."

"That's none of your business. Get lost, squirt!" yelled her brother, frustrated. He went to his room and got angry when his clothes felt too large on him. He remembered that his father was a couple inches shorter than his previous size. "At least his clothes will be less bigger than mine," he sighed.

When he entered at his parents' room, he noticed a pink t-shirt that his mother left over the bed. Immediately, he took it and tried it on. "Not bad. Not bad at all," said Terry, happy that his mother had good taste in clothes and color.

Then, in the back of his mind he began to scream. 'This is horrible. What am I doing?' thought Terry as he couldn't avoid noticing that he looked great in the pink shirt. 'I'm a male!' he almost cried out loud.

Regaining his posture, he went down to face his sister. After all, how could he explain to his parents about the changes if he couldn't even explain them to a little girl.

At the moment his sister saw him in the pink shirt, she began to laugh. "Oh brother, you look like a girl!" she said. To Terry's sadness, she was right. In one day, he had lost everything that made him a real man. His muscles, height, and clothes tastes had been changed for the girly ones.

"What do you plan to do now, Beth?" asked Samantha.

"People are always saying that Terry doesn't treat his sister well. What about if we help Terry to understand her more by toying with them a bit."

"Listen, squirt. My day has been horrible. I juth want to thit down and take a nap," said Terry, feeling his tongue tingling.

"That's okay, big brother. I'll just leave you here while I go to the kitchen to get a drink of water."

"Hey. You talk good," replied Terry.

Sister and brother stood motionless, glued to their spots. Both looked at each other as they assimilated what had just happened. "Speak again, big brother."

"Again, ith happened. Right?" answered Terry, trying to figure out the correct order of the words, and wondering why he sounded so different.

Outside, Beth and Samantha were giggling. "Changing their speech patterns was a great idea, Beth," said Samantha. "And the way you gave him her little girl lisp, while giving her Terry's clear speech makes it even more funny."

"Glad you liked that idea, Samantha. Let's see how they react to this swap."

"Now whatth happening to me?" Terry demanded to know, and his own words were the answer. As if it wasn't bad enough that he seemed to have lost his voca...vocab, his knowing big words, now, besides talking like his sister using her type of little girl words, he sounded like her with the lisp.

From the other side of the window, the girls were laughing at the embarrassment Terry was suffering. "He's turning red!" laughed Samantha.

"Maybe a skin swap can help him a little!" laughed Beth.

This time Terry felt his skin itching. As he scratched his arms, he seemed to notice that something odd was happening to his skin.

"Hey, look at me, big brother. My skin is turning tanned and smooth," Melanie said happily as she caressed her young body. "Oh! And you've got freckles now," she added, pointing at his face.

"Juth great," sighed Terry, as his skin became more fair and the cute little freckles of his sister began to spread all over.

Happy with the changes that made her look so much better, Terry's little sister went to the kitchen as he analyzed the damage, or tried to. His new difficulty with words also made it hard for him to think clearly. "What'th happening to me juth hath to be some kind of curth. I'm out of thchool, but I keep losing makes me me. It wath bad that my girlfriend took my height, but getting my thithter'th lithp and her little girl wordth certainly winth the prize. I'm not only drethed like a woman, now I talk like one, and a real little one," cried Terry.

A few moments later, he heard his sister calling him. He stood up from the sofa and walked to the kitchen. "What'th your problem?" he said.

"Mom left some cookies in the cabinet, but they're too high for me. Would you mind reaching them for me?"

"Thure," he said disgustedly. "Anything to thtop you from bothering me."

Melanie grinned as her brother fell into her trap. When he stretched his arm to grab the cookies, he realized that they were out of his reach.

"What's the matter, big brother? Aren't you 'big' enough to reach the cookies?" teased his sister.

Beth and Samantha were quietly laughing at how the roles were reversed. Now Terry's little sister was teasing her now nearly as little brother. "This is so funny," giggled Samantha.

"Get off my back, thquirt. I'm really pithed off," said Terry, stepping in his tiptoes to grab the cookie jar. "Take it and leave me alone."

"Before you go, Terry," Melanie said slyly, "I can't open the orange juice bottle. You closed it too tight in the morning."

"Okay, but thith ith the latht thing I do for you. I need time to think about what ith happening to me," said Terry.

His sister grinned widely as Terry tried to open the bottle. Outside, Beth and Samantha could no longer hold back the laughter. "It sure is his sister who's in control now. Now, she's the one being mean to him," laughed Samantha.

"There is nothing better than a revenge between brothers and sisters. I bet she's enjoying the opportunity for payback with her brother, with all the things he did to her in the past," said Beth, between giggles.

Inside, Terry was getting red as he tried to force the cap of the bottle. He was red in part because he was trying with all his might, but also for the embarrassment that without his muscles, he could only manage a weak grasp and twist.

'My fingers will bleed,' thought Terry, noticing that at least he didn't lisp in his thoughts, as his finger's skin was turning as red as his face. Finally, the cap gave away and the bottle was opened.

"Thank you, big brother. It's good to have a strong man in the house," Melanie grinned.

With her orange juice and cookies, Terry's sister went to the living room, making small jumps of joy, enjoying her victory over her brother.

Meanwhile, Terry laid down on the couch, defeated and embarrassed.

At just that moment, Terry's mother came in. Beth and Samantha kept silent as his mother was shocked to find a weird, short guy wearing her shirt and in the company of her daughter.

"Pervert! What are you doing here with my daughter?" screamed Mrs. Gail Bormelk. "I'm going to call the cops right now."

"Mom, don't freak out. It'th me, Terry," he said, sounding like his sister. "Thomething ith happening to me, and I've ended up looking like thith," he tried to explained.

His mother doubted for a minute what the weird guy told her. She couldn't believe that her manly son has being turned into a sissy weak boy. But then, she saw his eyes. They showed sadness and despair that only a mother could see in a son.

"Oh my...What happened to you?" asked Gail. The fact that Terry was wearing her pink shirt seemed insignificant next to his loss in height, muscles and skin color.

"I don't know, Mom. Today ith the most horrible day in my life." He finally broke into tears, trying to find some protection in his mother's arms.

"Please, Terry, calm down. It's not so bad," said Gail, trying to relax him.

"Not tho bad! Look at me, mother. I'm not even a thadow of what I wath thith morning. You don't know the terrible thingth I have pathed through the whole day. Tho, pleathe don't tell me to calm down," cried Terry, getting louder as his words seemed more and more not his own.

"Okay, but what else can I do? I'm your mother and I'm worried about you. I would like you understand me a little better. If you could only walk in my shoes for a while," mused Gail.

"No, Mom! You thoudn't have thaid that!" said a scared Terry, but it was too late. The familiar sensation he had felt all through the day was now itching his feet.

Samantha gave a mischievous look at Beth. "I couldn't avoid it. I love the humor in giving to Terry his mother's feet to walk in her shoes," said Beth.

"Strange. My shoes are hurting me," said Gail, removing her shoes just in time as her feet grew in size.

Terry felt his feet shrink inside his shoes. "Thith ith what I wath trying to explain to you, Mom. I keep thwitching my body partth and thtuff with other people. I thought being out of thchool would have got rid of thith curth over me, but it followed me into my own home," cried Terry.

"He's right, Mom. Now I can talk perfectly and with a bigger vocabulary. My little lisp is gone, as well as my freckles and baby skin. See?" said Melanie, showing her face and arms.

"This is impossible!" said Gail.

"Yeth, Mom. I know it theemth impothible. My girlfriend told me the thame thing, and now the mutht be buying new clothes, because the got my height and I got herth," sobbed Terry.

"What a terrible thing, Terry. I'll call the doctor and see if he can..."

"Don't worry, Mom. I jutht hope that whatever ith cauthing thith to happen to me will thoon thtop," he said.

Accepting his fate, Terry walked into his mother's bedroom. Inside, he took off his shoes and by removing his socks he faced the cruel reality. His mother's feet belonged to him now.

Outside, Samantha and Beth were talking about their next move. "Did you see his expression? He is completely crushed," laughed Samantha.

"Yes. That's the way it should be. This lesson will teach him to treat other people more nicely. He'll feel sorry for the day he messed up with me," said Beth, as her memories of the prom night and the cruel joke pulled by Terry played in her mind over and over again.

Later, Terry walked back to the living room wearing his mother's sandals, giving everyone a good glimpse of his pedicured pink toes.

"I can't explain what ith happening to me, but it theemth that I not only got your feet, Mom. I altho got your habit of walking around in thandalth most of the time," said Terry.

"But what about your pink toes?" she asked, concerned.

"I don't know exactly where I got thith need to want all the thingth around me in pink. When I thaw your nail paint, I couldn't help mythelf and before I knew it, my nailth were painted," cried Terry.

"Come here, Terry. Your mother is here for you," she said, opening her arms.

Terry hugged his mother and began to cry like a baby. His sister felt sad for him, too, and hugged him and her mother at the same time in a miniature group hug.

"Our work here is done, my friend. His will has been broken, and now his family is closer to each other more than ever," smiled Beth.

"Great job, Beth. Now that we've finished with him, will you return his meanness?" Samantha asked.

"Certainly. But before I do, I don't see why his mother should have to go through her whole life with such wide child-birthing hips and narrow shoulders," grinned Beth, doing a final swap.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Day 2

"Tuesday morning," said Beth while entering the school. "Another day, another person to take care of."

"Do you think that Terry will come to school today?" asked Samantha.

"After all that he had to pass through yesterday," laughed Beth, "I would be surprised if he finds the courage to leave his home!"

"Maybe we were too cruel with him," replied Samantha, feeling a bit guilty.

"No way!" blurted Beth. "I did to him exactly what he could and would do to any of us. I just let his own behavior punish him. I must admit, though, that I feel sorry for him now. I hope he learns his lesson."

"Talking about lessons, there's our next target," said Samantha as she noticed Britney applying her makeup.

Britney was always the one that everyone wanted to be. That everyone hated because she let them know very definitely that they could NEVER be her. Well, Beth was about to change all that.

"It will be better to begin early," sighed Beth as she absorbed Britney's mean spirit into her own psyche. Again, dark thoughts tried to cloud her mind, but her vast willpower was enough to overcome those thoughts.

"Britney is really bad," noted Beth after examining what she had just acquired. "She enjoys being a complete bitch with people she considers inferior to her."

Samantha raised an eyebrow.

"To punish her as she deserves to be, I need to find out what she hates more than anything," said Beth before transferring that knowledge to her head. "Gothy Nerds!!" she exclaimed.

Beth and Samantha together grinned at the image of Britney becoming a Goth. "This will be wonderful," exclaimed Beth, giving back the knowledge she just took, but giving a bit more than she'd intended. Her face took on a sort of blank look momentarily. Seeing that, Samantha had to remind Beth about Britney's hate for Goths. They followed Miss Popularity to the outside field were the cheerleader practice was taking place.

The school squad was ready and Britney began to shout their well known cheers as they practiced new exotic moves. They were too busy jumping and shouting to realize that Beth and Samantha were seated nearby watching the show.

"I love it when an opportunity presents itself like this!" laughed Beth. "First off, I will take the chance to make her pale white by taking her wonderful tanned skin and giving it away to four different girls in the cheerleading squad. That will make them darker slightly, so Britney will be the only one who will notice the change," grinned Beth, holding her glass ball.

The girls abruptly interrupted their practice when one of them noticed Britney was getting whiter every second and spread the word. "Do you feel all right?" asked one.

"You need to eat more, Britney," added another.

"Stop the diet, girl, you don't look good!" said the last of them to her captain, getting concerned by her health.

"What are you talking about?" replied Britney. "I feel fine."

"Look at your hands, girl," suggested another, "and you tell us if you are all right."

Britney did just that, and gasped in surprise at the paler color of her hands. She traced desperately the pallid color as it was extended all over her body. Arms, legs, and stomach were all a stark white. Gone was her wonderful tan, obtained after spending great amounts of money in costly tanning institutions. Britney couldn't handle it, and simply passed out.

Her friends quickly lifted Britney from the ground and carried her to the school infirmary. Of course, Beth and Samantha followed them, keeping their distance.

The nurse gasped to see Britney's skin pigmentation. "Are you sure that this girl doesn't suffer albinism?" asked the nurse. The girls shook their heads no. "Leave her here. She'll be fine. I'll make a few phone calls to see how to proceed," said the nurse.

The cheerleaders left the infirmary as the nurse called an albinism specialist in the local hospital. Meanwhile, Beth and Samantha were watching Britney from one of the infirmary windows.

"She now has the skin that any Goth would love to have," smiled Samantha.

"Yes," replied Beth, "but she also needs something else that every Goth requires," as she looked at a brunette girl curling her hair with her finger while she was reading a book under a tree.

A moment later, the girl jumped in surprise after seeing that the hair that was curled in her finger was a soft, golden blonde. She was even more surprised to see that the fine hair on her arms was also blonde.

The girl looked from side to side to see if anyone was looking at her. Quickly, Samantha and Beth hid behind nearby trees. With nobody in sight, the girl unbuttoned her jeans and peeked inside her panties.
"What the hell! I'm completely blonde!" yelled the girl enthusiastically.

She couldn't understand why, but she was very happy with the amazing change she had undertook. She buttoned back her jeans, picked up her book and walked away.

Once she left, Beth and Samantha returned their attention to Britney. Her new midnight dark hair fitted perfectly with the Goth profile.

"The Goths aren't too curvy, right?" Beth asked Samantha when she noticed the twelve-year-old daughter of the principal watching TV in the next room.

This was the fifth time Doris had been sent to her father's office for bad behavior. Her father had told her several times that she didn’t have to do bad things to get his attention, but his recent divorce was a tough experience for the young girl.

"I don't know what to do to gain his attention," sobbed the girl as she turned off the TV.

"Look at her, Beth. She must be having problems dealing with the divorce of her parents," said Samantha, feeling sorry for the younger girl.

"It's horrible when these kinds of things happen," added Beth. "Come on, let's talk with her."

Beth tapped the window, making Doris jump in surprise. Doris opened the door, allowing Beth and Samantha into the office.

"You are so beautiful!" gasped Doris. "Are you angels?"

Beth smiled at the idea; 'Avenger Angels would be proper,' she thought.
"Sort of. We're here to help you."

"Really?" The eyes of the girl opened wide.

"Yes. We know that you are having troubles with you parents, right?"
said Samantha, looking her straight in her eyes.

"How did you know?" asked Doris.

"We're angels, little one," said Beth as she played with Doris's hair.

"And we're here to suggest a way for you to solve your problem, Doris," said Samantha, blinking an eye to Beth. "What about if you were taller? Maybe your father would notice you more. You wouldn't be a small and unnoticed girl any more."

"Can be I taller?!" Doris asked excitedly.

"Sure, honey. But first you will need to take off your clothes. We don't want you to get hurt or shred your clothing while we increase your height," said Beth, rubbing her glass ball inside her pocket.

Doris quickly complied. She took off her all her clothes, even her shoes. "Good. Now get ready, Doris, because just like it did for Dorothy, Kansas is going to disappear," said Beth.

Beth and Samantha watched with pleasure as Doris rapidly grew in height. Her bones were stretching as Beth was swapping the 5' 6" height of Britney for the 4' 11" of Doris.

"I'm growing!! I'm growing!!" Doris exclaimed happily.

When the transfer ended, Doris still had all the features of a younger girl. Just her body was expanded.

"Oh, thank you!! Thank you so much!!" said Doris, shaking the hands of her angels.

"You're welcome, Doris," said Beth. "But I don't think you want to go out of this room naked like that. It would be better if we give you proper clothes. What do you say, Samantha? Would it be possible for you to go outside and 'materialize' some clothes for her?"

Samantha understood Beth's suggestions and went back out into the hallway. She moved to Britney's window, and fortunately the nurse was out of the infirmary.

Slowly and carefully she opened the window and grabbed Britney's bag
containing all her clothes. She suppressed her laugh when she looked at
the shrunken Britney. She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit, but
it wasn't as tight as before. It was draped very loosely around the now
much smaller girl's body.

Certainly Britney still had her adult curves, but now they were a bit out of proportion for her lost height. If anything, the now much more petite Britney looked really stacked after shrinking. If Samantha's thoughts about Beth's next move were correct, that outfit would soon look ridiculous on her, though.

"Here are your new clothes, Doris," said Samantha, after she went back and handed Doris the 'materialized' clothes.

Doris couldn't believe the hot clothes that her angel was giving her. A low cut top and a tight leather short skirt were too revealing for her undeveloped body. "Don't you think that those clothes are too much for a girl like me?" she asked.

"Why?" asked Beth, picking up Doris's training bra. "You're feeling like that because your body doesn't have the curves to fill up those clothes, right?"

"Well..." blushed Doris, feeling embarrassed to be naked. She covered her perky little nubbins and her thinly haired nether regions.

"You don't need to feel embarrassed, Doris. Let me see if I can help you with this new problem," said Beth, walking to Britney's bag. "Just what I was looking for," she said, holding up the silky D-cup bra of Britney in front of Doris. "If your breasts were big enough to fill out these cups, would you dare to wear the clothes?"

"Sure!!" replied Doris, imagining herself with breasts that big.

"Another easy problem to solve. Just hook the bra on you," instructed Beth.

Doris did so, and felt embarrassed again as her little nipples felt lost in the empty space between them and the fabric. Suddenly, though, she moaned as she felt like her breasts were getting stimulated.

She looked down and gasped as her breasts were expanding until they were what she could call an A-cup. Then, they continued growing and growing. "This is marvelous!!" yelled Doris, cupping her heaving bust when her breasts stopped expanding and perfectly filled her new bra.

"Now that you have the rack, it's time to give the rest of your body the improvement it deserves," smiled Samantha.

Without doubting, Doris quickly put on Britney's clothes, and the next moment her body was developing grown-up curves. Britney's grown-up and exquisitely beautiful curves. Her legs looked amazing and her rear was to die for.

"I promise you that your father will have all his attention on you from now on," said Beth, as she and Samantha watched Doris enjoy the new traits she had.

"Let's see how Britney is looking," suggested Samantha as the two angels or fairy godmothers left Doris and went back out into the hallway.

Quietly, Beth and Samantha made their way back to the window through which Samantha had swiped Britney's clothes bag. Once again the window was pulled open after the girls noted nobody other than Britney in sight. They then both quickly got inside the infirmary through the window. After leaving Britney's bag with Doris's clothes inside, they took their time to check the changes that the poor Britney had gone through.

It took all the willpower they had to suppress their laughs at the sight of Britney. The cheerleader captain wasn't even a shadow of what she had been. Her shrunken body and lack of curves made her look like she truly was only a twelve-year-old girl. Only the fact that she still had her teenager features such as her lips and eyes gave any proof that she wasn't a much younger girl.

"She looks so funny in her outfit without her pronounced curves to fill it," said Samantha.

"You're so right," grinned Beth. "It's great to see that her little nubbins barely push up the fabric of her tight top."

"It was wise that you swapped traits between Doris and her instead of ages," noted Samantha. "That way, Britney will never have her magnificent breasts back and maybe she will learn not to make fun of girls that are flat-chested."

"The only thing that intrigues me is how much bigger Doris will get? For sure she will be taller than six feet tall, but how much larger could her chest and rear get? She's already a knockout, and she will drive men crazy in a few years," said Beth, picturing the image of Doris as a voluptuous amazon.

"I don't know about you, Beth, but I'm getting jealous thinking about how much Doris will develop in the future."

"Me, too. Later on, we'll have to take some time to enhance our own bodies a bit more," said Beth, feeling aroused by the idea.

At that moment, the nurse walked into the infirmary and gaped in disbelief at Britney. "I knew that skipping my breakfast would give me problems at work," complained the nurse. "If it wasn't for that, I could swear that this girl was blonde and more developed before I left. This girl certainly must be on a radical diet, because she is too skinny for a girl of her age. Besides, the worn out outfit suggests that she isn't so plain. How could a girl do this to her own body?" sighed the nurse, thinking that Britney wasn't eating properly.

When the nurse took a seat at Britney's side to take her pulse, Britney finally began to open her eyes. Looking at the ceiling, she asked, "Where am I?"

"You're in the infirmary. Your friends brought you here because you fainted during the cheerleader practice," said the nurse while taking her pulse.

"Did I faint?" asked Britney, turning her head to look at the nurse.

"Yes. And if I were you, I would start to eat regularly," said the nurse, feeling satisfied that Britney's pulse was normal. "Your friends told me that you got pale suddenly. After talking with a few specialists, they assure me that your condition is unique. I can only advise you to go home and get some rest as well as food."

"I will," smiled Britney, thinking of how easily a simple faint had given her a free day.

"Perfect," said the nurse, standing up. "You can change your clothes and go home, but I would like for you to visit me tomorrow morning to check your status. I still want to know if your pale skin is a product of a lack of food or if it's a weird case of a sudden albinism." Saying that, the nurse left the infirmary.

"Albinism??!!" yelled Britney, as she looked at her arm and suddenly noted its lack of color. "This is impossible. I must be dreaming or something." She jumped off the bed and looked at her body. What she saw almost made her faint again.

"What has happened to me??!!" she screamed hysterically as she realized that her perfect bust was gone. As she was touching her plain chest in disbelief, a brief movement of her hair in front her eyes made her realize another thing.

"Black!! My hair is now black!!" she yelled in despair. "My beautiful blonde hair is also gone. What else have I lost?" said Britney as she took a seat on the bed. Doing that, she felt like she had sat on a rock.

"No, please. I must have sat on something hard. That's all," said Britney as her hands were feeling her rear. Her face reflected perfectly the horror she was experiencing as she touched her skinny rear.

"I'm pure bone!!" said Britney, at the edge of passing out again. She fought against that feeling. She feared that if she fainted again, she would end up worse that what she was.

"This can't be real. There is no way I could end up looking like this. I'm sure this is just an illusion, and all I need to do now is to go home and rest as the nurse told me," said Britney.

When Britney took the clothes out of her bag, she found herself nearing the point of losing her mind. "My clothes, what happened to my clothes??!!" asked Britney, but as well as her other questions, it remained unanswered.

Judging by the look of the clothes, Britney noted that they seemed to belong to a much younger girl. "At least this must be a mistake. There is no way I could fit into these small clot..."

Britney never finished her statement, as her eyes observed the reality in front of them. All the stuff in the infirmary looked bigger now. She grabbed a marker and drew a line over her head on the wall. Using a measuring tape, she read aloud, "4' 11"!!" and then passed out.

Beth and Samantha could hold themselves no longer and burst out in laughter.

When the nurse returned to the infirmary, she found Britney lying on the floor. "This girl has serious problems," she said, picking up the unmoving girl from the floor.

After trying for a few minutes to wake her up, the nurse finally got results. Britney opened her eyes again, and found that the changes her body had undergone weren't part of a nightmarish dream. They were very real.

"Do you feel well, Britney?"

Britney paid no attention and made no reply as her brain was trying to understand what had happened to her wonderful body. Her golden skin, glowing blonde hair, voluptuous shape and average height seemed to have simply vanished.

"Is there anything wrong, Britney?" asked the nurse as she noticed the sad look in the youngster's eyes.

The nurse's second question broke Britney out of her self concentration. "Oh no! I fainted! I need to be sure that I didn't lose something else," she replied, checking her body.

"Maybe I should call your parents to pick you up," suggested the nurse, seeing how frantically Britney was acting.

'My parents? They don't need to see me like this!' thought Britney. "I...I'm fine. I will only change my clothes and I'll go home on my own," she said sounding quite nervous as she got off the bed.

Minutes later, Britney left the infirmary wearing the clothes that Doris had been wearing earlier in the morning. "This is so humiliating," she muttered as she felt the eyes of all the people in the hall staring at her.

Of course, Britney was used to drawing everyone's attention no matter where she was. But now, she knew that those eyes were looking at her pale, plain and short body. She was attracting all the attention for entirely the wrong reasons.

After waiting a few moments for the nurse to leave, Beth and Samantha entered the school again via the infirmary's window. They watched with delight as they observed the frustration and insecurity that Britney was feeling.

"That will show her not to keep staring at people less gifted than herself," said Beth, happy to have finally made her pay for all those years of torture.

"Let's hope that living in the real world without her impressive body will make her change her bad attitude," added Samantha.

"A few more steps and I will get out of this nightmare," said Britney, walking faster to the exit. She was about to reach it when Emily and Connie were coming out from their class. Britney didn't see them and bumped against Emily's bust.

"Freak! Watch where you're going. You could damage my blouse," Emily said, rubbing her round, C-cup breasts under the fabric.

In other circumstances, Britney would have been glad to meet her best friends. But with her recent bad luck, the last thing she wanted was for them to recognize her as the freak she was now.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, milky girl?" Connie bothered her.

'They haven't recognized me yet,' thought Britney. Since they weren't at today's practice, they didn't know about her sudden change of skin color.

Trying to evade them, Britney walked away. But Emily grabbed her by her left arm. "Oh no! You're not going anywhere until you've apologized," she said.

Emily's grip felt so strong to her small body that Britney couldn't escape. Before her change, Emily had been three inches taller. Now she was almost a foot taller. No way would Britney have felt so intimated before.

"I'm sorry. I was going home because I don't feel well," said Britney, showing her excuse.

"Let me see it," demanded Connie, taking the note from Britney's hand.

"Give that back!" complained Britney. Connie decided to play with her, and extended her arm over Britney's head. She was a bit shorter than Emily, but with her arm extended, for sure the note was beyond the reach of the pale girl.

Britney began to jump to reach the note, but without success. All the people in the hallway began to laugh at how pathetic Britney looked.

Finally, one of the students was gentle enough to put an end to Britney's suffering. "Give her the paper, Connie. She isn't bothering you," he said.

Connie was about to say something when the gathering brought the attention of some teachers. Not wanting to get in trouble, she decided to return the slip to the embarrassed girl.

Britney's white face was only made more evident by the flush of her cheeks. Most of the students kept laughing as Connie and Emily walked away to leave her alone.

"Now Britney will think twice before making fun of another person," said Samantha.

"I wouldn't count on it. Besides..." said Beth, looking at a Goth girl being yelled at for smoking in the hallway, "...she is about to become a freak on a leash."

On her way out of the school, Britney felt dizzy for a moment. She shook her head, as her thoughts were becoming clearer. "What a nightmare!" she exclaimed. "My beauty is gone, and I'm wearing the clothes of a little girl. I can't do anything now about my body, but at least I can look better if I get some appropriate clothes," said Britney softly to herself as she hailed a cab. "To downtown," she said as she climbed in.

"Where is she going?" wondered Samantha as she watched the cab disappear in the traffic.

"For sure, she must be going to buy new clothes. I swapped the fashion sense of one of the Goth girls for Britney's," grinned Beth. "She must know she needs better clothes, but I bet she hasn't figured out just what kind she's going to look for yet."

After taking a cab, Beth and Samantha went to the newest Goth store in the downtown fashions area. There, they found Britney walking out of the store wearing black clothes and nail polish. But what really surprised Beth was the boots she was wearing.

Beth knew that nearly all Goth type females seemed to like bulky black boots with chunky heels, but even though Britney had been reduced to a very non-sexy looking girl, she strutted out walking in sleek and tight to the legs black boots with shapely spike heels.

"Ignorant clerk. Trying to sell me kids type and size clothes, and then she didn't want to accept my credit card. I'm glad I had some cash with me," complained Britney not quite loud enough for the girls to hear. She paused to look at her reflection in the window, seeing the much more adult looking short black leather skirt and sleeveless black leather vest she had obtained. She thought how odd she looked with nothing to push out the vest over her chest. "What I still don't understand is why I'm dressed like a Goth? I hate Goths more than anything, but for some bizarre reason, I'm getting more and more enthusiastic about their looks. Maybe this pale skin and dark hair are changing my mind."

When she walked away from the Goth store begrudgingly, Britney happened to walk by a tattoo parlor. Beth loved it when inspiration hit her like that.

"It would be easier if I just transferred the piercings from the people inside there, but it will be better if Britney does it by herself," said Beth. Grabbing her glass ball, she thought about giving Britney all the piercing fetishes from all the people inside the parlor.

At that moment, Britney felt a terrible urge to get pierced in different parts of her body and several times in each, also. 'No! Not this. I must fight this urge,' thought Britney as she resisted with all her willpower the new fetishes she was acquiring. 'I don't like piercings. Why is this happening to me? Why is my personality changing like this?' she tried to reason.

"She's resisting!" said an amazed Beth. "Let's see how much she can tolerate if I also give her the tattoo fetishes of those people." She grinned.

Britney's will was finally trampled down by the overflow of fetishes she was receiving. With her inner battle ended, she rapidly walked back to the tattoo parlor with her heels clicking on the sidewalk and went inside.

"Let's take a seat. She could take some time," suggested Beth, indicating a bench in a nearby park.

When they were seated, Samantha could not take her eyes from the tattoo parlor. Neither of the girls could know for sure how many fetishes Beth had transferred to Britney, but she wanted to be the first to find out.

"I have to say that Britney is slowly transforming into what she hates the most. It will be difficult for her to live seeing in the mirror every day the look she once hated so much," said Samantha. "Then again, her new mind set should make her love to see her new look. What do you think, Beth? Does she have a..." Samantha started to ask, turning her head to look at Beth. She abruptly shut up as she found that instead of seeing Beth's face, she encountered the prominent bust of her friend at her eye level. She raised her eyes and saw a look of pleasure on Beth's face.

"Excuse me, Samantha. What were you saying?" said Beth, breaking her concentration. "It's difficult to hear you from this height!" She giggled.

"What are you doing?! We're in a park! Someone could see us," whispered Samantha, worried about the radical change in her friend.

"Relax, Samantha. At this time of the day nobody's around here. Just feel the moment," replied Beth, taking a deep breath. As she did so, her chest expanded tremendously. She expelled the air, but her breasts remained huge. At least two cups bigger, and her hard nipples were visible through the fabric.

It was then that Samantha noticed the scared faces of a young couple a few benches away. The man looked much too short for his clothes and the woman was examining the modest cleavage of her B-cup breasts. The empty space her V-cut shirt was revealing where great cleavage was normally found suggested that she was bigger on top a few moments ago. For sure, Beth had taken part of the man's height as well as part of the woman's bust.

"That's bad, Beth. You shouldn't be doing that," said Samantha.

"I'm just killing some time until Britney comes out, and I decided I wanted to see how I would look as a buxom amazon. I'll give back what I took from them," assured Beth.

Samantha didn't want to say anything. Part of her was shocked by Beth's play; she was worried that Britney's meanness was affecting her. On the other hand, she was thrilled to see her friend with a body like that. Her lust filled eyes were enough confirmation for Beth that she looked hot.

"By the way, I remember that you also wanted to feel what it's like to be like this," said Beth, moving her hands over her massive body. Her movements could bring painful erections, if not premature ejaculations, in any man alive.

Before Samantha could reply, she felt her body expanding in every direction. Her eyes first were on the couple as the man was disappearing inside his clothes, while the woman frantically grabbed her shrinking breasts.

Her concern about the couple rapidly disappeared from her mind as her growing body demanded attention. Her nipples were getting hard as they got aroused by the friction of them against the fabric of her bra. She also heard the low sound of her clothes getting stretched by her adding height and mass.

Beth left Samantha an inch shorter and a cup-size less than herself.

"Whoa! I feel terrific!" said Samantha.

"I know how you feel. But that's enough fun. Britney's coming out," Beth said, pointing.

When Britney emerged from the parlor and back into public view again, she was covered with tattoos and had piercings in both nipples, her tongue, clit, nose, belly button, and multiple ones in her ears and lips.

After Beth fixed the scared couple by returning each of their respective traits, she decided to award the woman for her 'willing' donation for her experiment. Realizing that the woman was wearing very thick glasses, Beth traded Britney's beautiful blue eyes that had perfect vision for the woman's brown eyes with terrible vision.

With her body restored, Beth stood up from the bench. "Let's go home, Samantha. I have finished with Britney. She is now a truly Goth girl," she said as she transferred Britney's meanness back to her.

What Beth and Samantha missed as they left to head home was what Britney did as soon as her meanness was returned. The plain looking Goth went straight into the nearest beauty parlor. When she came back out, her face was made up in a truly wicked manner. Britney's mother and father were both shocked by the vision of their daughter when she came in the door, but were soon obeying the will of Mistress Britney. Her original meanness added to her newly acquired Goth attitudes had transformed Britney in ways Beth could not foresee, and would find to her shock the next day at school.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Day 3

"I'm very positive, Beth. I want him to suffer today," said Samantha.

Beth didn't plan to take care of Derrick until Friday, but Samantha insisted that she wanted to have her revenge, too. Two of Beth's enemies had been stripped of what they were proud of, and now Samantha felt it was her turn.

"I have a major problem with Derrick indirectly," Beth said. "He actually has never talked to me, but he gave you hell all the time and also rubbed in the fact that no guy would date you."

"Actually, no man would date me because he put out the word that I'm a dog and not worth the time," replied Samantha with anger in her voice.

"In that case," Beth said, "I will let things happen around him. Since he never did anything to me, actually all his pains will come from other women indirectly. In fact, I will place a curse on him with the ball that will force him to trade things with any girl who asks for it for the whole day."

Derrick was in the classroom arguing with Pamela about life and the sexes. 'I can't stand these kinds of discussions, especially with a feminist like Pamela,' thought Derrick. 'But since she's the hottest cheerleader after Britney, as quarterback I must have her as my girlfriend.'

Then he turned his attention from Pamela and sighed. 'If only that little whore Samantha would have sex with me, I wouldn't be here listening to this crazy bitch.'

In that moment, Beth and Samantha entered the classroom. As usual, all the stares were on them. Two days had already passed, but the girls were still trying to get used to that kind of attention.

As Samantha was coming into the classroom, she spotted Derrick. She could feel his lust for her body. She held herself back from the strong temptation to let him know that the she was the girl he dumped last week. The idea of showing him what he could have was interesting, but a more wicked idea crossed her mind.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was staring her, Samantha winked at him. She contained the laugh at how easy it was for her to snag his attention. If he only knew what she had planned for him.

"Did you just wink at Derrick?" whispered Beth to Samantha.

"Don't worry, Beth," Samantha smiled, "I have everything under control."

"If you say so," Beth said as she took out the glass ball to apply the curse on Derrick.

While Beth was signing the future of Derrick, he couldn't take his eyes off Samantha. Of course, he couldn't imagine that sexy woman was three days ago the plain, short girl he had for a girlfriend.

"That is exactly what I mean," said Pamela, breaking Derrick's concentration.

"What?!" Derrick said in reply, annoyed at being interrupted.

"We, the girls," Pamela complained, "are always trying to play at being cute and coy and trying to tease men into hooking up with us. For example, that girl that just came in. She flashed you a quick wink and now she has to wait until you stand up and talk to her."

"That's not a bad idea," said Derrick, already standing up from his seat.

"Typical," said a now angry Pamela. "We have to wait for you because men are brazen and straightforward in getting girls."

Just then, Pamela felt something happening inside her as Derrick stood frozen in his tracks. "It would be better if I stay here and wait for her," said Derrick as he returned to his seat.

As Derrick is walking back to his seat, Pamela watched as the busty friend of the girl that winked at Derrick was quickly putting a small crystal ball inside her pocket. She put that thought aside for a moment when she noticed the wicked smile that the firey red-haired girl had.

"Our job is done here," Beth said to Samantha. "Let's go to our homes. We need to return all the clothes we bought on Sunday."

"Why? They fit us nicely," complained Samantha.

"Not for long." giggled Beth. "I'm planning to 'expand' my horizons."

"Oh!" Samantha gasped, realizing what her friend meant. "And what about Derrick?"

"He won't go anywhere. It will be great to return at lunch time and see how much he has given of himself," laughed Beth as she and Samantha left the classroom.

"Ha! You let her go, Romeo!" laughed Pamela, seeing the sad face that Derrick had as he watched Samantha leaving the room. "Poor little you. You didn't make your mind on time," she said, standing up from her seat. "I have to go now, Derrick. See you later."

'I feel different,' Pamela thought as she walked through the hall. "Seeing Derrick as a loser was a great turn on. Now I need a man to scratch my itch," she said aloud, surprised at her language.

When Pamela spotted the captain of the football team walking alone a few feet ahead, she increased her speed to reach him.

"Hello, Douglas," she said.

"Hi, Pamela," replied the strong ball player. "How are you?"

"Very horny, and you're going to give me what I need," said Pamela as she pushed Douglas inside the janitor's closet. "I promise your girlfriend will never know."

Meanwhile, Derrick was having a hard time trying to figure out why he didn't talk to that red haired beauty. "I guess it will be later. It's time for practice," he said as he headed out to the field.

As he was walking through the hall, Derrick enjoyed how the other women were watching him. He inadvertently started to smile at them. The girls quickly blushed and even though his action wasn't intended, he certainly enjoyed the results.

Suddenly, being stared at by other girls was embarrassing him. Derrick decided to get out to the field faster to avoid those female stares. He walked more quickly, missing the fact that a short but cute girl started to walk confidently in the hall.

That girl was one of the girls Derrick smiled at. Being embarrassed by the way he smiled at her, the girl wished she could be as confident as him. A wish that thanks to Derrick's curse was granted.

Derrick started to panic as he noticed not only his strength leaving him, but also the people around him getting taller. Unfortunately for him, there were a lot of women in school wishing they were taller and stronger, and he was feeling it drastically.

Finally, Derrick exited the school and reached the training field. Since only men were present, he was safe from more changes. Of course, he still had to absorb his recently acquired condition.

When he reached the dressing room, he gasped at how baggy his clothes were. There were no other players in the room, so he used a scale to measure himself. "This is a fucking nightmare!!" he yelled as the scale showed he was 5' 8".

"I'm five inches shorter!!" he cursed. "How is this possible?" he gasped. "And my arms? What happened to my muscles?" he cried as his once hard biceps were no more than jello in his arms. His arms and legs seemed to feel heavier than normal.

"The coach is going to kill me!" said Derrick, worried about what the coach would say instead of getting worried about his condition. "At least with the equipment, people won't realize my muscle condition. I only hope they don't notice my loss in height, too."

As Derrick was walking onto the field, he realized that the captain and two other players weren't present. The coach was about to yell at Derrick for being late, when the arrival of the captain saved him.

"Rogers!! Where the hell have you been?" the coach yelled to Douglas.

"Sorry, coach," Douglas said in apology. "Something came up and I couldn't be here on time."

"And where are Edison and Martinez??" the coach yelled. "We don't have all day!!"

"They're trapped in...some late assignments," laughed Douglas. "They should be coming soon."

"Is there a joke you want to share with us?" asked the coach.

"No, sir," Douglas replied more seriously.

"That's better, because today you will have the hardest and most draining training in your lives!" announced the coach.

"Just what I need," sighed Derrick.

In the mall nearby, Beth and Samantha were enjoying a couple of sodas as they discussed what to do first. "During the past two days, I have discovered many uses for this glass ball, Samantha," said Beth.

"Indeed, Beth. It's incredibly powerful."

"It not only has helped me to get revenge on the people I hate, but it
also has helped us to mold our bodies into the gorgeous shapes we now
have," said Beth, admiring her curvaceous form.

"But tell me something, Beth, are you going to leave our five victims the way your revenge will affect them?" asked Samantha, concerned.

"I must say that my first thought was to leave them like that. But later, after seeing how Terry and Britney ended, I understood that if I do that, I will be as mean as them. I don't want that. I will leave them in those forms until the next week," Beth explained. "After that, I will reverse what I did to them. Certainly spending the weekend in those forms will teach them a lesson they won't forget."

"I'm glad to hear that," Samantha replied. "I was afraid that my dear friend with the kind heart would be lost in the deep anger you now have."

"Thanks for your concern, Samantha," Beth said reassuringly, "and that only reaffirms my decision to let you enjoy the wonders this ball allows me to do. Speaking of those wonders, tell me how you would like to end up?"

"It's a bit embarrassing," blushed Samantha.

"Oh, come on! You're confident enough to share anything with me."

"That's true," Samantha said, blushing even deeper, "but I don't know what you're going to think of the changes I want to do."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Beth, intrigued.

"Well, I'm very beautiful and confident now," Samantha stated. "But there are some things I want to enhance besides my curves."

"Go on," said Beth, very interested.

Samantha nodded, then went on, "One of the things I would like is if you can make me smarter, you know, like giving me a few IQ points from other people. Another thing I would like is to be strong. But don't get me wrong. I don't want huge muscles, eeewww. What I want is the strength from other people. I want to be like Supergirl. Having super strength in a normal female body," smiled Samantha as she placed her hands on her waist.

"Being smarter and stronger are really good ideas," smiled Berth. "I don't know if we can be as strong as Supergirl, but certainly we can reach super human levels."

"But that's not all the changes I would like," interrupted Samantha. "I would also like to have knowledge, tons and tons of knowledge that would include all that I need to know about sex," she added, blushing again. "And as a final request, I would like that my body could be more erogenous, you know..."

"No, I don't," Beth said with a grin. "Can you be more explicit?"

"Well...I would like to increase my sensitivity level. I would like to feel very good when someone touches me. I want to reach powerful orgasms that wash through my body and let me spend like a man," laughed Samantha.

"Ah! That is a nice thought," said Beth. "Let's see what we can do for those changes later, but now, I want to be taller and maybe two or three breast cups bigger," she added, standing up from the bench.

"Yeah, I would like that too. Besides, I was considering a change in the color of my eyes," smiled Samantha as she walked with her friend, gracefully swaying her rear.

Back at the school, Derrick was having a hard time during his practice. The couch was yelling at him for his lack of condition. He was easily tackled by other teammates, and the fact that he was throwing like a girl didn't help his confidence.

After the practice, Derrick was embarrassed to get into the showers. What bothered him was that he wasn't sure if his embarrassment was because of his loss of stature and muscle tone or if it was because there would be other people looking at him.

As he hid behind the door of his locker, Derrick could clearly hear Douglas talking with the other two players who'd arrived late. "I don't know about you guys, but it seems to me like Pamela has lost her inhibitions."

"Yeah. I know that she was a feminist, but she never dared to take the first step. Now, if she wants to have sex, she really lets you know!" laughed one of the guys.

"That's fantastic for me," laughed Douglas. "She even swears that she won't say anything to my girl."

After hearing the words of his teammates, Derrick decided to see if what they were saying about Pamela was true. He went back into the school during class hours, so the halls were empty.

"This day is turning weirder and weirder. If what the guys said is true, Pamela is having massive amounts of sex during school hours while I myself am getting nowhere near as much as I usually do," said Derrick as he approached the janitor's closet. The low moans coming from the inside made it very clear what was going inside.

"What is happening here?" said Derrick, opening the door. His jaw hit the floor as he realized that inside was Pamela riding a nerd roughly. "Get out!" he yelled.

Embarrassed, the nerd pulled up his pants and after thanking Pamela for everything with a kiss, he disappeared with the speed of a lightning bolt.

"The nerds are the best ones!" said Pamela, licking her lips. "They are so grateful that they let you dominate them in every single way."

"What is going on with you? You shouldn't be acting like this."

"And who do you think you are to tell me what I should be doing?" replied an angered Pamela.

Derrick stepped back at Pamela's words. That motion wasn't missed by Pamela. 'Ever since Derrick and I were discussing things this morning, it seems that something has changed between us. It's time to do some research,' Pamela thought.

"You want to have sex with me, right Derrick?" she suggested sexily. He nodded. "So what are you waiting for?" she said, pulling Derrick inside the closet and closing the door.

"What are you doing? We could be caught and expelled for being here!" Derrick exclaimed, trying to rationalize with Pamela, but she didn't hear him as she was busy with other things.

Pamela quickly undressed Derrick, finding it erotic that he was resisting her. "Oh, Derrick, have you always been this thin?" she gasped, realizing that Derrick's chest looked a bit flabby.

"That's none of your business," said Derrick, pulling down his T-shirt.

"You men are so lucky. We've both been engaged in exhausting activities, but while I feel completely drained, you still seem to be full of energy. That's because guys have the ability to get charged by exercising while girls don't. After all the exercise I have done, I would be glowing with energy if I had that ability."

Suddenly, Pamela gasped as she felt her whole body being re-energized while Derrick felt the exact opposite. For a moment, they were looking at each other's eyes. Both realized what had just happened between them.

Finaly, Pamela talked. "Did you...?"

"No. And neither did you," interrupted Derrick as he left the closet embarrassed and tired.

For a moment Pamela stood inside the closet, enjoying how good her body felt. "That only proves my theory. Something happened between me and Derrick in the morning class. And whatever that was, the busty blonde girl with the strange crystal must know something. I must find her," said Pamela as she finally left the closet, feeling she could fly.

Embarrassed because of what had just happened, Derrick decided to stay hidden in the bathroom until the bell announced it was lunch time.

As Derrick was walking to the cafeteria, a group of three girls was walking behind him. Even with all the noise in the hall, he could hear perfectly well what the girls were saying. "My boyfriend hates our chatting about the relationship...he says that a lot of girls, not all...99%...maybe 99.9% are always complaining," said one of the girls.

'That's very true. Girls are always saying that we should not be hanging with friends, or not drink beer, or whatever nonsense they have in their mind,' thought Derrick with her in mind.

"But what can we do? Men have flaws and it's our right to point them out. We're always doing things for them. How I would like to be that 0.1% of women that doesn't care about the relationship," said that girl. "Hey! That was liberating. I don't feel the pressure of controlling him anymore."

"Like men need to be controlled," sighed Derrick. 'Girls are always losing time and money going shopping, or they like to increase the phone bill by talking hours and hours on the phone, or just because they are women, they always demand the bathroom as if it was their personal kingdom.'

"You are very lucky. My boyfriend has always insisted that I let him be the one to pay the bill in the restaurant. Is there something wrong if a girl pays the bill? I would like to be able to do that," said another girl.

'I don't see why not,' Derrick thought in reply. 'I don't see anything wrong with that. In fact, I would really like having a girl invite me from time to time.'

"You shouldn't worry about that," said the third girl. "That bit about paying the bill is one of the last acts that men can do as gentlemen. They don't care about our feelings anymore, they only care about our looks. It would be so much fun to get rid of these female emotions and act like a man," she added. "In fact, that's what I'm going to do from now on. I won't care about the feelings of my lover as long as he has a hot body."

"That is so sad," Derrick sighed softly. "I would feel awful if a woman didn't care for what was inside me and only saw me as a piece of meat."

"That's right, girl!" said the second girl. "I get upset about being rushed while I'm getting dressed for going out. It would be perfect if a man had to go through that for himself," she laughed.

At that moment Derrick realized something was happening to him. Suddenly the mere mention of being rushed while getting dressed was annoying him. In fact, that couldn't be possible as he was very quick changing his clothes.

"Yeah, right. That wouldn't be possible!" laughed the first girl. "For that to happen, a man would need to be insecure with his body, like I am with mine." Then, blinking, the girl added, "But what am I talking about, my body doesn't have anything wrong. I'm slim, intelligent and funny, maybe I don't have the curves of the models in the magazines, but I'm still a woman that is very capable of doing all the things those girls can and more."

Her friends cheered up at her upbeat attitude change, while Derrick suddenly felt extremely insecure about his body. His loss of muscles and height were beginning to affect him. "No," he said, "there is something more. It looks like I've acquired the girl's complex."

He shook his head. "Oh my..." he gasped. "There is something weird with me, and I need to figure out what it is soon," said Derrick as he went into the cafeteria.

After placing his lunch on his tray, Derrick tried to find a place separate from the rest of the students. Just a group of fat girls were near him. Since nobody wanted to be close to them, that was just fine for Derrick.

'I must figure out what is happening to me,' Derrick mused as he ate his meal silently.

At the next table, the fat girls were arguing about their weight. "It is so unfair that just because we are fat, nobody wants to talk to us," protested one of them.

"Yeah, just look at that guy over there. He's eating alone while we have plenty of room at this table for him," said another girl. "Hey you," called out the girl to Derrick. "Wouldn't you like to sit with us?"

Derrick didn't want to sit with them, but found it intriguing that the suggestion of the girl was motivating him to go there. Like he was a shy person.

When Derrick sat next to the girl that had called him, she introduced herself and her friends. "Hello, my name is Veronica and they are Natalie and Gabrielle."

"Nice to meet you, girls. My name is Derrick," he said while trying to hide his blush.

With the introductions done, Derrick decided to continue his meal. Natalie noticed the amount of food he was eating. "Hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable Derrick, but I can't avoid feeling a bit envious of you. You're eating just like us and you look so thin."

"That's because," he swallowed, "I'm a football player. I need a lot of food to keep my body strong," Derrick finished, realizing the irony of his words.

"That helps too, but the truth is that men don't gain weight like women," Natalie said. "How I wish I could digest my meals as fast as a man."

"Like by wishing our states could change," sighed Gabrielle. "If I had a wish, it would be to lose my out-of-control appetite for fatty food," she laughed. Then her expression changed as she saw her greasy hamburger.

"I don't know you girls, by I have just lost my appetite for this," said Gabrielle holding her hamburger. "Anyone want it?"

"I would like it," replied Derrick with a speed that surprised even him. Gabrielle gave him the hamburger, and even it had already been bitten into, Derrick didn't mind and finished it.

"Look at him, how he eats. It seems he enjoys fatty food," giggled Veronica. "At least he can enjoy those things. I always get upset about where all the fat goes when I gain weight. How I would wish to change my girly weight distribution."

"Oh, yes," replied Gabrielle. "I would love to lose my laziness and have energy to exercise."

After that comment, Derrick felt a strong tiredness filling his body. 'It's happening again,' Derrick thought, alarmed. Standing up, he apologized and began to move away from the table, but not fast enough to avoid hearing Nicole.

"No matter how hard I wish, I won't be the skinny woman I want to be."

Just then, Derrick felt his baggy clothes getting real tight as his weight increased dramatically. He saw his hand and gasped as he noticed that his hand had chubby fingers.

"Look at me, girls! I'm thin!" cried Nicole in great pleasure. Derrick turned his head and looked with astonishment at the slim girl that was covered in clothes several sizes too big for her. At that moment, Derrick realized what was happening to him. 'Somehow, the girls are swapping things with me,' he thought as he put together the pieces of the puzzle. 'I need to get out of here now.'

Moving as fast as he could with his new weight and lack of muscle, Derrick waddled through the hall toward the exit. His hands covered his ears to avoid hearing the girls talking around him. But that was useless.

As he struggled in the sea of people, women kept wishing something. "How I regret the tattoo on my rear. It's very feminine, but it seems boys don't like it. I wish I don't have it anymore," said one girl.

A nerdy girl holding her papers was crossing paths with Derrick while saying, "Today is my presentation. How I wish I had a stronger, commanding voice."

Another girl was looking at her reflection in her pocket mirror and whispered, "I would love to know how I would look as a blonde," and suddenly her hair changed.

When Derrick was finally reaching the door, one of the teachers was going into her classroom saying, "I would look so much younger if it weren't for these glasses. If only my vision could be perfect."

Derrick was about to reach for the door handle when his vision blurred. "Not this!" he cursed, as he kept moving toward the light. Then, a large object obstructed his path and he didn't react in time. He crashed flat against what felt like a wall of bricks.

"Are you all right, little fella?" a sensual female voice asked Derrick.

"I don't think so," said Derrick in his high voice. "I think I broke my nose," he said, rubbing his sore nose.

"What happened here?" said another female voice that Derrick recognized as the teacher who took his vision.

"Nothing, teacher. The boy here just bumped against my friend. He must have lost his glasses or something," said a second sensual voice.

"Let me help you," said the first sensual voice before Derrick felt his body being lifted from the ground with no problem. "There you go," giggled the woman as she placed Derrick back onto his feet.

"Whoa, young lady. He looks very heavy. I guess I underestimated his weight," said the teacher.

"Oh, no. It's just that I'm pretty strong," giggled the girl.

Derrick was trying hard to visualize the women in front of him. He couldn't see them, but their voices and aromas didn't pass unperceived by his other senses.

"I found a pair of glasses that may be of help to you," said the teacher as she handed him her own glasses.

With the glasses of the teacher, Derrick was able to see again and his first reaction was to drool at the hot amazon women in front of him as his neck craned to see their faces. Going by his own lack of height, he estimated each of them were beyond being six feet tall.

There was a blonde woman that easily could be 6' 7" tall. Her prominent bust almost blocked his view. Her breasts obscenely stretched her short blouse that also exposed her narrow waist while her miniskirt revealed her shapely legs.

The other was a firey red-haired woman, two inches shorter than her friend. Her breasts were a bit smaller, but filled out completely her hot tube top. Her tight jeans were perfect to show how marvelously firm a rear she had.

Looking at these two goddesses, Derrick couldn't avoid noticing that these two women looked a bit similar to the ones that entered his classroom in the morning. 'Could it be possible that I didn't see them right?' wondered Derrick. 'That must be, people don't tend to improve their looks like that, but then, I'm an example of the opposite,' he sadly thought.

Seeing that the heavy student seemed to be okay with her old glasses, the teacher returned to the classroom.

"Hope you can see well now, little man," smiled the redhead. "I don't want you to get injured bumping into other people," she giggled.

The goddesses were about to leave when Derrick grabbed the arm of the red-haired woman. "You want to tell me something?" said the girl.

"I...I..." muttered Derrick in his girly voice as he tried to say something to the gorgeous woman in front of him. The fact that she had the smoothest skin he had ever touched was making it difficult for him to talk. "Do you...remember me?" he finally managed to say.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think we have met before," said the girl.

"You saw me in the morning and winked me an eye. Do you remember that?"

"DERRICK!" gasped the girl, covering her mouth.

"You know my name!" Derrick smiled happily.

"I...I..." Now it was the girl's time to mutter.

She was about to talk when Derrick spotted Pamela walking toward him. "There you are. I need to talk to you," she said.

"Oh, no. I have to go," said Derrick as he ran in an opposite direction.

The two friends were about to talk to each other when Pamela interrupted. "Hey, I don't know if you hear me, but I really need to talk to you," she said to the blonde girl.

"Do you want to talk to me?" the blonde replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, who one else do you think I want to talk to?" said Pamela.

"I don't know, maybe with...never mind. What do you want to ask me?" said the blonde.

"I want to ask you about the crystal ball inside your pocket."

"My what?!" said the now alarmed blonde girl.

"Don't deny it. I see you holding it in your hand and suddenly something happened between Derrick and I," said Pamela. Then, remembering his loss of height and muscle, she added, "Or maybe you did something to Derrick?"

"Interesting," said the blonde girl, taking a glass ball out of her pocket. "By the way, my name is Beth, and my friend here is Samantha. Since it seems that you know what is going on, it would be best to tell you the truth."

Beth pulled Pamela closer. "Derrick is cursed. And until the end of the day, he will be sharing what other women could want or desire from him, and as I saw, he can receive what the women don't want, too," smiled Beth.

"No way!" said Pamela.

"And that's not the whole story," Beth explained. "Derrick is just one of the victims upon whom I will take out my revenge. Terry and Britney have already suffered my revenge, and soon Daniel and Justine will feel it, too. With this ball I can transfer amounts of traits from one person to another. I can use it to strip the best traits of my victims as well as to increase my own."

"And the reason why you are telling me this is...?" said Pamela, now afraid.

" because it's good to share this with someone else. Even for a moment," sighed Beth as she held the ball in front of Pamela. The ball glowed, and while Pamela was blinking her eyes, Beth put the ball back into her pocket.

"Like I was saying," said Beth. "Derrick ran in that direction. If you hurry, you'll catch him."

"Thanks!" smiled Pamela as she ran away.

"What exactly did you do to Pamela?" asked Samantha.

"I just extracted her memories about seeing me using the ball and what I told her about my plans. She remembers the curse upon Derrick, but she doesn't know the cause," giggled Beth.

"That's very good," Samantha answered. "She definitely seemed like she was going to take advantage of Derrick's curse."

"Since poor ole Derrick is the typical alpha male," said Beth, "I don't care what the cheerleader asks for and tries to get."

"True. But I must admit that I didn't expect such radical changes in Derrick. If I had to guess, I would say that he has lost height, muscles, confidence, and obviously his slim condition."

"Don't forget about his voice, eyes, and his hair. It was really shocking to see him with hair as red as yours," laughed Beth.

"Those changes were amazing, but you know what was the funniest thing of all?" asked Samantha. "The way he bounced against my body!" she laughed. "I guess that we increased our skin density extraordinarily. My hard abs almost broke his nose."

"Lucky for him that he was shorter. Otherwise you could have poked his eyes with your nipples. You could have left him blind!" laughed Beth.

"That's a nice idea," smiled Samantha wickedly, knowing that not even a hard steel pipe could dent the soft skin of her breasts.

"Well, we don't need to lose any more time," smiled Beth. "Your revenge on Derrick has been a success. It would be great to know how Pamela finishes the job. Maybe if we finish early in draining some of the knowledge of the people in the library we can see how Derrick ends up."

Meanwhile, Derrick was having a hard time. He headed to the gym to start to work out his body. He wanted to burn part of the fat he gained and also build some muscle back, but he sadly realized that he felt too lazy to try the machines. He remembered the wish Gabrielle made. 'She took any will I have to work out.'

He was heading out of the gym in defeat when two girls approached, walking in. He tried to get away from them, but it was too late.

One of them spotted Derrick and said to the others, "What a pathetic fat boy. While I trained a lot to have muscles, he only spent his time eating. It's unfair that he can build muscle so much faster than me. Imagine how much bigger my biceps would be."

Derrick knew that another part of him has being lost. He needed to get away before the other girl would wish something from him.

"Having muscles can be helpful for a girl with too large a chest like me, but I would wish that my breasts weren't so big because they are hard on my back," said the other girl.

"I'm with you, girl. Being large in some areas is not so good. I would wish that my butt wasn't so damn big!" laughed the first girl as she and her friend went to the lockers.

"Oh, no. Please don't," cried Derrick as he felt two mounds of flesh growing on his chest. "I'm a freak!" he continued crying as his rear expanded. When his transformation was over, Derrick had a big ass and saggy B-cup breasts.

"Hello, Derrick," said a voice that froze his blood. "It seems that you were hiding from me," smiled Pamela.

"Please don't come closer, Pamela," begged Derrick. "You don't know what I'm going through."

Pamela grinned. "But I really do know what you are going through," she said, getting closer to Derrick.

He stepped back in fear.

"Why you are afraid of me? Maybe because I can take something from you?" Pamela grinned wickedly.

"Please, I have lost so much. Look at me. I'm almost a girl," said Derrick, showing his feminized body.

"But you haven't lost everything. That's why I still care about you. What about if I'm a good friend and offer you my help so you won't be feeling bad about your body anymore?" smiled Pamela.

"Can you do it?" asked Derrick.

"Sure," laughed Pamela. "I will only need to have what little confidence, willpower and self-esteem you still have."

"No!" yelled Derrick as Pamela absorbed the only things that allowed him to get worried about himself.

"I couldn't feel a great change in me, but you certainly felt it. Now, Derrick, jump on one leg," ordered Pamela.

Derrick obeyed, and started to jump as he was ordered.

"This is so cool!" giggled Pamela. "Now, how about if we go to some other place to talk more in private."

Derrick nodded and followed her.

Pamela chose a nice place near the fountain outside the school. "Here we can continue our morning conversation about how it's not fair that guys have this and that over girls," smiled Pamela.

"One of the things that guys have is stamina. You are brave, more assertive. You can actually speak in your minds. Those kind of traits I would like to have. Will you share them with me?" said Pamela, biting her lips with the excitement of already feeling her personality getting stronger.

"Another thing I don't like is the way men laugh at the women's skills behind the wheel. Don't you think it would be nicer if I had your driving knowledge...for a safe and better world," smiled Pamela.

"Now that I'm a good driver, it would be the best if I had a large resistance to alcohol. Men can stand more alcohol than women and I would like to enjoy that," said Pamela, transferring another man's ability to her.

"This conversation is really productive, Derrick," said Pamela. "At least for one of us," she giggled. "But let me tell you something, it's not fair that you are giving me so much of you and you are not receiving anything in return. How about if we do a swap? You can give me a man's ability to be perceived as better fit for business, and you can take mine."

She grinned. "With this change, I'm sure to obtain a good job position and a great salary. Hope you don't end up as a secretary!"

Pamela crossed her arms. "Another thing that I would like to show you is how unfair it is that when a girl has sex she always has to be the one to worry about protection and the possibility of pregnancy. But that would mean that you would have to become a woman and myself a man, and there is no way I would do that," she said.

Just to her luck. Her friend Milena was walking by. "Hello, Milena. Are you heading home?" asked Pamela.

"Yes," replied Milena. "I was about to take a cab."

"Well, a woman with six months of pregnancy can't go alone," grinned Pamela. "Let that my friend 'Danielle' join you."

Milena looked at Derrick, and even though he was dressed in boys clothes, the way his body looked, especially in the hips and chest, made her think that Derrick was a girl.

"After Milena takes her cab, you can go to your home," said Pamela to Derrick. Then, whispering in his hear she said, "I'm not a bad person, so I think I have too much willpower and self-esteem. I would like to lose just what I took from you in the gym."

Derrick felt that part of his old self was getting back. "But don't get so happy. The confidence I took from you will remain in me forever. That will teach you to be a submissive man," Pamela continued whispering.

When Milena and Derrick were leaving, Pamela said something. "Ah, Milena, while you are walking, tell Danielle about the pregnancy symptoms you don't want to have. I promise you will feel much better. Danielle has that effect on other women." Pamela did her best to hold her laughter.

Milena shrugged and started to walk with Derrick at her side. "Well, Danielle, the symptoms I hate are bloating, backache, cravings and mood swings. But the one I hate the most is weight gain. If only I could get extra muscle so that I could easily bear the pregnancy," she sighed.

Derrick felt his muscles melting in his body and his back aching while his stomach slowly expanded with her excess weight. His belly dilated and expanded as certainly the extra fat the women always gain during pregnancy was being transferred to him.

Meanwhile, Milena noticed that she felt better, stronger and easier to carry the baby's weight. Her muscles seemed to firm up, and her backache went away. "Hey, Pamela was right, I feel so good," she said, feeling her body lighter with each step while all her problems were fading away.

As Milena was walking with him, she started to walk straight and tall, feeling great, while Derrick grabbed the box of cookies Milena was eating and started to devour it. He began to moan about his aches and pains.

After stopping her cab, Milena said goodbye to Danielle. Once she was inside the cab, she wondered why Pamela didn't tell her that Danielle was pregnant, too. "At least, she sure looked like it." She shrugged again.

Derrick walked sadly toward his house. He knew that since Milena remained pregnant, his body wouldn't lose those pounds of fat as a woman does after the pregnancy. He found himself crying for no reason, and having food cravings.

"Maybe his punishment was too hard, Beth," said Samantha to Beth as they witnessed the whole event.

"Maybe, but I think that it will be nice for him to understand what a woman has to pass through during the pregnancy. I bet that when his punishment ends, he will treat women differently," said Beth.

"Sure he will!" said Samantha.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Day 4

It was 6:00 am in the morning when two gorgeous amazon women could be seen spying through the window of Justine's house.

"Justine is the school slut and treats all other girls with complete disrespect because she considers them inferior to her, making them feel bad...a feeling definitely shared by us," said Beth to Samantha.

"She should see what happens when you aren't exactly the female on the top of the food chain anymore," grinned Samantha. "How about placing a curse on her similar to Derrick's. The glass ball can trade things with the females in Justine's life to let her see the flaws they have and try them on for size."

"I like that. Good thing that we're getting an early start with her. That way we get a good start on the day," smiled Beth, taking out her glass ball.

At that moment Justine came out of her bedroom completely pissed off and popped off at her mother.

"She looks like she hasn't had sex in a couple of days," laughed Samantha. "Having Terry's reaction to arousal must be driving her crazy!"

"It must be very annoying that every time she gets turned on, her vagina gets hard and she can't get anything inside it," grinned Beth.

"But that's not any reason to yell at your mother. Besides the curse, it would be wise that she and her mom should trade lives. Not bodies or ages...just lives," Samantha added. "That way, she can be thankful for what her mother does for her."

"Good idea, Sam," smiled Beth, holding the glass ball tightly. "It's done. Now we can go and try our luck with those model agencies."

"Don't forget that we have an appointment in the afternoon at the university to obtain our masters degrees. My parents are so proud of me," giggled Samantha.

"Yep. My parents went crazy when they found out that their sixteen-year-old girl was trying to obtain a masters degree in bioengineering," said Beth as she and Samantha walked down the street.

Justine felt her sight turning blurry. She rubbed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, she gasped to see her mother dressed in an identical outfit to that which she was wearing.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? I need my money for school," demanded the thirty-six-year-old woman. "Here's your purse. Now, give me the money before I take it."

Justine grabbed the purse and pulled out the money unconsciously.

"Thanks. Geez," sighed the mature woman, taking the money to then leave the house.

"Am I still sleeping?" said Justine, pinching her face. "Ouch!" she cried. "Nope. I'm fully awake."

Justine looked at herself and realized she was dressed in her mother's clothes. "This is strange. Why the hell did my mother call me 'mom'?"

As she was about to close the purse, she noticed an ID with a strange picture inside it. She took out the ID and gasped. "This is impossible. This ID should belong to my mother, but it's my name on it. The picture looks like me, but much older which matches the age displayed. But I'm seventeen years old, not thirty-six."

Standing in front of the living room mirror, Justine saw her reflection and it looked the same as yesterday. "What's happening here?" she gasped, falling on the couch. Then the phone rang.

"Hello, Justine?" said a voice in the phone.

"Yes, who is it?"

"Very funny," said the female voice in the phone. "I was just calling you to remind you that you promised to cover for me tonight at work."

"Sorry," Justine replied. "I think you want to talk to my mother."

"Don't come up with excuses now, Justine. I know with whom I'm talking. Well, don't forget to take the night shift tonight at the Waffle House. See ya," said the female voice as she hang up.

"This is a nightmare. That woman must be one of my mother's coworkers, but she thinks that I'm the one who works at the Waffle House. What's happening here?" yelled a hysterical Justine as she ran toward her room.

Her bedroom looked the same, but a more careful examination showed that it wasn't exactly the same. Justine saw that her clothes were a bit bigger to fit the frame of her mother. Also, she found cream for the wrinkles and other stuff her mother usually used.

"This isn't my room. It belongs to my mom!!" Justine cried in despair.

Running toward her mother's room, she found similar changes. All the clothes had shrunk to fit her. "It's like I've traded lives with mom. I need to find her and try to figure out a way to reverse this before I have to go in tonight and work at the Waffle House for what IS mom's shift."

On her way out to go to school, Justine ran into her grandmother who was coming over to see her daughter, which happened to be her now.

"Hello, my dear Justine," smiled the old woman. "I hope you don't mind that your old mother pays you a visit."

'Oh no!!' Justine thought. 'No one can see the difference in my age and my role...even grandma.'

"Well, are you going to say nothing to your old mom?" the middle aged woman said happily.

"Sorry, nanny, but I need to go to school to get some help," said Justine as she stepped forward.

"What? Why are you going to school? Is your daughter in trouble again?" said the grandma with a stern look on her face.

"I'm not...I mean, she's not giving me problems, okay?" Justine replied, thinking that in this new reality, her mother must be acting just like her.

"That's good," grandma said. "She can't keep giving you problems, my dear. You work very hard for being a mother of two."

"Yes, and one of them is thirty-six years old," Justine sighed. 'Thankfully, my older sister is at the university. I wouldn't want to have to deal with her, too.'

"Sorry, nanny, but I need to go to the school now, so if you'll excuse me," said Justine, pushing her grandma to the side.

Just as she touched her 'mother', Justine felt a tingle in her chest. Suddenly, her bra was ripped apart as the fabric couldn't keep up her now MASSIVELY sagging boobs.

Justine opened her blouse and became disgusted seeing what her natural D-cup breasts had turned into. She couldn't recognize them. Her breasts that had been quite perky on her, dropped to her belly button.

Taking a quick look at her grandma, Justine realized that she had perky A-cup breasts. "What do you did to me?" Justine demanded from her grandma.

"What are you talking about?" asked the old woman.

"You had breasts that sagged greatly, and now they are as perky as a teenager's. Explain that!!" Justine yelled.

"You don't need to yell at me, Justine. It's not my fault that your breasts turned out that way," her grandma said defensively.

"That's bullshit!!" Justine cried. "You placed your sag inside my D's, making them droop intensely. My skin over these massive orbs is so stretched that my breasts move like bags of maple syrup and feel like two heavy bags of jelly."

"Maybe because I have a small size, my breasts are still perkier. But you developed a large size, so don't complain to me," her grandma said.

"This is craziness. I need help!!" cried out a freaked out Justine who ran out and headed to the school. Her sagging breasts were moving in different directions as she did so.

When she reached the school, a young freshman girl who had just transferred there was wandering near the door with fear showing on her face. Without meaning to, Justine ran into her. Boom. Both girls bumped.

Justine again felt the strange tingle she noticed when she touched her grandma as her being was filled with a fear and lack of understanding for the school which she had been to so many times before.

Justine understood then what the tingle was doing to her. "I'm acquiring defects from other people. I must avoid any physical contact," she said with an overwhelming fear.

Without her sense of familiarity with the school, Justine was going through the halls lost. Suddenly she spotted Ms. McCarsons, walking toward her. She was in charge of a special-ed class, so Justine stepped aside to avoid any contact with her.

She was feeling lucky, sort of, as there was only one girl following Ms. McCarsons. To her horror, the girl extended her hand and grabbed her own as she passed by. "Don't touch me!!" Justine yelled, but in was too late. She felt the cursing tingle running through her arm.

Ms. McCarsons reproached Justine, "Please, Mrs. Dawson, don't yell at the girl that way."

"She didn't scare me, Ms. McCarsons," the girl said as she smiled confidently.

"You are so brave, Mindy. Let me introduced you to the shy Mrs. Dawson. By one of those odd coincidences, Mrs. Dawson suffers a terrible shyness and has slurred speech. The exact symptoms you expect with the mental disorder known as Down Syndrome," explained Ms. McCarson.

Justine felt her heart sink in her chest as she realized what the words of Ms. McCarsons meant. Whatever was happening to her was also altering reality to keep people from realizing the strange changes that were happening to her.

"Why am I the only one that remembers the truth? Will I be going insane?" said Justine, but only garbled words came out of her mouth.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Dawson," said Ms. McCarson. "Can you please say that again?"

"You ruined me!!" yelled Justine to Mindy, hoping that the little girl would understand her.

Desperate, Justine ran away crying as the swollen palate of the girl plus being barely understood when she talked became another fear instilled in her.

She hadn't run too far when Justine bumped into Mrs. Valenstein, and she gasped as a huge nose grew on her face. Then, Justine noticed gray streaks from the teacher were now placed in her blonde hair.

'I have to find my mother,' thought Justine, completely terrorized.

The desperation overwhelmed Justine as she ran through the halls looking for her mother's classroom. She knew that it should be her own, but she couldn't remember where it was.

Her errant running only managed to worsen her condition.

First she bumped into "Legs Split" Sally, the school whore, and now Justine had a jacked up libido. She felt a great urge to have sex, which only frustrated her more as her nether regions were closed for business.

Thanks to the reality change, Justine found herself walking around wearing a ton of gaudy jewelry all over her body...tons of cheap gold rings, toe rings, anklets, bracelets, and now what was left of her bra was gone and her super saggy tits were swaying around like crazy.

Then, Justine ran into the chubby girl that Terry had a run-in with two days before. Thanks to her new metabolism, the girl seemed to have lost weight the past couple days, but it didn't help too much to lessen the damage done to Justine's body.

Now the belly shirt she was wearing, part of Sally's donations, showed a lot of stretch marks that also appeared on her arms, ass, thighs and hips. Justine could feel the weight of a huge ass sticking out from behind her and on top of her otherwise normal legs.

Horrified at what was happening to her, Justine went into the nearby bathroom. "I'm a monster," she cried.

Mrs. Biddleman caught Justine in the bathroom crying as she was checking out her body in the mirror and all the new features with which she had been cursed. Too bad for Justine that 'Old Bat' Biddleman had to be the one she ran into in there.

"Do you feel all right?" asked the teacher, touching Justine.

Immediately, Justine's head was filled with the old lady's likes, such as bingo and bridge. Adding to her 'whore outfit', Justine acquired an over indulgent makeup that looked like something Tammy Faye Baker would wear.

The teacher's understanding of the current culture and all her coolness seeped out of her body and got into Justine. The old lady's glasses with the fake gold chain of Mrs. Biddleman appeared over Justine's huge nose. Justine cried more tears.

Thinking that the girl needed to be alone, Mrs. Biddleman left the bathroom, leaving part of her defects with Justine.

It took a moment for Justine to gather enough courage to see her reflection again, but when she did, she suddenly became embarrassed by her clothes. "This is a nightmare!!"

She stared long and hard into the mirror, and pictured herself at bingo after work. She cried even more as she realized that everyone would laugh if she won and cried out, "Bingo!" in her new slurred speech.

"What I did to deserve this?" cried Justine. "I'm a seventeen-year-old young woman with a hot and fit body, not a mom of two that acts old and weird, too."

Justine left the bathroom acting all reserved and embarrassed. Suddenly another of the teachers came headlong out of her classroom and bumped into her. "Not her!" gasped Justine.

She was forced to see how Ms. Kelson, also know as the 'old looking' teacher, was getting younger and beautiful. Ms. Kelson was a young woman, but for some reason she look older for her age. Now that defect became part of Justine.

Her already sagging breasts hung down even more as the teacher looked like a teenager. It even seemed that part of Justine's youth and good looks were transferred to the teacher.

"Sorry, Mrs. Dawson, I'm a bit of a hurry!" giggled Ms. Kelson, filled with an energy she hadn't felt in a long time.

Again Justine ended up absorbing another person's defect. "This must end. I must find mom," Justine said desperately, with mangled words.

Justine was getting frustrated as she was lost in her own school. She was embarrassed to the Nth degree by how her body looked and how other people watched her. She couldn't even talk well enough to ask for the classroom in which she could find her mom.

At last, a ray of light illuminated for Justine as she spotted her old friends coming her way. 'They must know me as my mother's mom. They can help me,' she thought happily.

Fortunately for her, they didn't recognize her as Justine.

"Hello, Mrs. Dawson," said one of the girls. Justine didn't miss the disgusted expression her friend was trying to hide.

"Your daughter is in that classroom," said another, pointing at Justine's goal.

"Thanks," Justine barely managed to say. She hadn't walked a few feet when Justine heard her friends insulting her "behind" her back. To Justine's horror, every time they made a judgment about her body or character it became a part of her. She ran away, screaming into the classroom...her droopy boobs almost hitting her in the face while her huge ass threw off her balance with each step.

In her rush to escape from her friends, Justine didn't see Helen coming out of her room. Justine felt the cursing tingle in her body and knew that another part of her was about to be messed up.

After Helen apologized, Justine watched as the school's biggest prude was slowly walking more sensually. She undid her ponytail and opened up one of her blouse's buttons. Justine cried as her outgoing personality now belonged to Helen, leaving her being always horny, but way too self-conscious and embarrassed to do anything about it.

"This is a torture!" she cried aloud.

"What's wrong, mom?" said Justine's mother as she stepped out of the classroom.

"I finally found you," said Justine, embracing her mother. She quickly tried to explain to her what had happened. To Justine's horror, her mom didn't understand what she was talking about. Her speech problem didn't help, either.

"You're wrong, mom. I have always been your daughter and you my mom. Look, I have a picture of you with me when I was a child," said Justine's mother.

The schoolgirl showed the picture of her when she was a "child" with her "mom" standing beside her, glasses, saggy boobs and all.

"No. That can't be me!!" yelled Justine as she turned away and ran back home to cry some more.

When Justine finally reached her home, her neighbor Sandra was going out with her little baby in her hands. "Hello, Justine," she said. "Everything okay? You look pretty bad."

Justine just babbled incoherent words. If Sandra hadn't known about Justine's speech problem, she could swear Justine said, "And what do you care, bitch!"

Part of Mrs. Biddleman's personality forced Justine to find the little baby adorable. Without realizing what she was doing, Justine patted the head of the infant. The tingle she felt indicated she was getting one last surprise to her life. "Not this!" cried Justine as she ran to her door.

Sandra looked at Justine and said, "Poor woman. She has inconsistency problems. Lucky for me, my little baby knows how to control his necessities." The proud mother patted her son's rear, which a moment ago was covered with a diaper.

In her mother's room, Justine tried to find something to wear and saw that all the clothes had changed to match her new cheap personality. She stood there naked, staring at the full length mirror. She put her new glasses on to see and checked herself out.

Her libido was so high and she was so horny that she tried to masturbate, but she couldn't get her fingers inside her hard vagina. She could only play with her saggy boobs, which offered little comfort. When she finally hit her orgasm after hefting the huge fried eggs on her chest to the sky, she screamed in frustration.

"What a life for the top seventeen-year-old beauty in school!" said Samantha, holding her masters degree in her hand.

"Yes, and it's almost time to go to home," said Beth, holding her own masters degree also. "Well, I guess she will fix her hair and put on some over the top makeup."

Again, Beth had an inner moral discussion within her. 'It's only for the week. I'll change her back after Friday,' she thought, and walked with Samantha back to their homes to share the good news with their parents.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Day 5

"I'm still not sure if we should interfere with Jennifer's relationship," Samantha mentioned to Beth as they walked through the halls.

"She's our friend, Sam, and I won't let her have anything to do with such a loser in my eyes."

"I must admit that Daniel is a bit jealous over Jennifer, but if she likes to be that way to be with him, who are we to change that?" Samantha replied.

"First of all, Jennifer is a great girl and she deserves more than just a jealous loser," Beth explained. "Next, he has forced her to stop seeing her friends while he can hang out with his buddy. And finally, remember that I mentioned that having Derrick as boyfriend was a bad idea? Well, think of the pain you could have avoided if I had been able to adjust your relationship two weeks ago."

Anger filled the gorgeous face of Samantha. She tensed her fists as she remembered how badly Derrick had treated her.

"Don't get angry now. He is paying for the way he treated you," said Beth as she patted the shoulder of her friend.

Samantha nodded, then became alert. "Hush. Here they come," she whispered.

The two towering amazons could easily distinguish Daniel and Jennifer in the crowd. Jennifer was having problems carrying her books and Daniel had his hands inside his loose pants.

"See my point," said Bath, containing the indignation she felt that a nice girl like Jennifer could be dragged along by such a loser. "He can't even help her. But I will change that."

As the couple was approaching, in a friendly voice Beth called out to Jennifer, "Hi, Jen. Do you have a minute?"

"Sorry, I don't have time," she apologized.

Her reply made Beth feel bad for her, but what really pissed Beth off was that Daniel was obviously and boldly checking out Samantha and herself. 'That rat. I'm going to teach him,' she thought angrily.

After they passed by, Beth held her ball and whispered, "First of all, Dan and Jen will change their roles of control. That will force him to not talk to any of his friends, plus he will be more open to Jen's suggestions."

The glass ball glowed and suddenly Jennifer stopped. "Here, Daniel, take my books to my locker. I'm going to go talk to that girl over there," she said very confidently.

Daniel barely had the time to grab the books as Jennifer dropped them in front of him. "Ah! Go directly to the gym after leaving my books and wait for me there," she said seriously. "You know that I don't like to find you talking with other people."

Daniel only nodded before marching down the hall. His face was on the books.

The change in his personality was impressive, but Beth and Samantha gasped when they saw the Jennifer that had just been born. She had a bright smile on her face. She walked sexily, drawing the stares of the men nearby.

"Most definitely, Sam," Beth gasped, "the change suits her perfectly!"

"You did that change very well, Beth. I can't recall ever seeing Jennifer look that way. She looks like another girl!"

"Did you call for me?" smiled Jennifer to Beth.

"Yes," said Beth, recovering from the shock. "There is something we need to talk about. I have a very interesting proposition for you."

After they'd moved to a more private place, Beth related to Jennifer all that Samantha and she had gone through during the last five days. At the beginning, Jennifer couldn't believe that the gorgeous women she was talking to were her friends Beth and Samantha, but after Beth used her ball to remove an old scar that Jennifer had, all the doubts disappeared.

"Your glass ball is amazing!! There is no trace of the scar," Jennifer said, staring with amazement at her healed arm.

"And the punk that received your scar won't notice it among the ones he already has!" laughed Samantha.

"Indeed," added Beth. "We don't want to hurt innocent people. That's why Samantha and I have being improving ourselves by taking small amounts of traits from other people. I'm offering you the same opportunity."

"I'll take it!!" Jennifer replied excitedly. Then, her expression turned sad. "I hope I'm not dreaming."

"You're not. We can even do this..." Samantha said as she slipped her right index finger under Jennifer's shoes to lift her effortlessly, "'re most definitely not dreaming. This is what we are offering you." Samantha then lowered her astonished friend back to the floor.

"You don't seem that strong," noted Jennifer as she test squeezed Samantha's arm. "Whoa!!" she gasped as her fingers couldn't even dent Sam's soft skin.

"Yes. We have increased our body tissue's hardiness several times. We're bulletproof now, almost like Superman or Supergirl in the comics," grinned Beth as she patted her chest, shaking her enormous breasts.

"Or Wonder Woman! Sounds like fun! When can you start to change me?" Jennifer asked.

"After we have taken care of that boyfriend of yours," grinned Samantha. "You don't care about him anymore, right?"

"With my new confidence," replied Jennifer, "I must admit that being with him isn't appealing anymore. Honestly, I don't know why I had been with him for so long. I should break up with him right now."

"Hold your horses, Jen," said Beth as she held her friend. "It would be better if you break up after we have finished with him."

"Whatever you say, Beth," Jennifer answered, a bit afraid. Beth was only grabbing her shoulder, but it was enough to completely immobilize her.

"I have an idea, Beth. How about if we let Jennifer choose what to do with Daniel?" proposed Samantha. "After experiencing it myself, I know how wonderful it feels to get revenge."

"Sounds good to me. Do you have something in mind, Jen?"

"Now that you mention it..."

Several minutes later, Jennifer went into her gym class along with her two friends. She couldn't avoid seeing how introverted Daniel now looked. "Don't tell me I was acting that way?" she said.

"That doesn't matter now," Beth told her. "The important thing is that you're not that way anymore."

"And since you have come back into the fold, there will be nothing for you to worry about," said Samantha. "Talking about nothing..." she giggled, " would be a good idea to start with all you determined to do to Daniel to make his life truly that of a loser."

"I must admit that your idea was a great inspiration," said Beth to Jen. "I like the idea of getting your revenge as you help another girl. Now, where is she?" Beth was looking through the part of the gym where the girls were having their class.

Jennifer pointed out a girl that had just fallen on the floor as she was returning to the bench. "That girl is Janean Hesker, the biggest loser in the school. She is a nerdy girl with no social skills."

"Well, that is about to change," smiled Beth as she held her glass ball.

Daniel was practicing his tosses with a friend for basketball when suddenly his sight blurred. The ball hit him right on the head. The three girls did their best trying not to burst out in laughter, even as the lad slumped to the floor knocked out.

"That was so funny!" exclaimed Samantha.

"Indeed," Jennifer remarked. "Now look at Janean. She is slowly realizing the change."

Over on the other side of the gym, Janean had taken off her glasses and covered her mouth, surprised that her terrible eyesight was gone.

"Giving her Daniel's 20/20 eyesight will allow her to get rid of those glasses," Beth noted. "Time to work on her hair."

"Hey man, why you didn't you catch the ball?" asked Daniel's friend, before jumping back in shock. "Dude! What happened to your hair?"

Samantha placed her hand on Jennifer's shoulder. "That is your entry, Jen."

"Wish me luck!" giggled Jennifer as Beth smiled at the idea. She didn't know if it was possible, but since a lot of the guys were getting together around Daniel, it was worth a try.

"Excuse me. My name is Jennifer, and I'm Daniel's girlfriend. Don't worry about him, he has a non-contagious disease. The doctor warned me that this could happen. Please, I'll take care of him. You just continue practicing."

All the guys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and returned to their practice, leaving Jennifer with the still unconscious Daniel.

Samantha was stunned at how easily they believed her story. "Men are so easy to convince. Jennifer is very lucky."

"You are so right about your second observation," smiled Beth. "This ball is truly amazing. I didn't expect that it could work."

"Could work what?" asked an intrigued Samantha.

"Wish Jennifer luck. I used the ball to transfer will power and the luck of all the 'Casanova' type men as well as the bullies in the group to Jennifer," Beth explained. "I guess she is now about ten times luckier than any person alive!"

"Hey, look at Janean," Samantha pointed out. "She's freaking out."

The two amazons watched as Janean was without any control grabbing and stroking her hair, and it wasn't for nothing. She had suffered all her life with her greasy and unmanageable brown curls. Now she had long, thick blonde hair that was just gorgeous.

"It's our time to act. But before that..." said Beth, looking at Jennifer struggling to move Daniel's body, "...since none of the guys offered to help Jennifer with Daniel, they will have to help her another way."

Jennifer smiled as she gradually began to move Daniel easier. She looked at Beth, who winked at her. Jennifer smiled, knowing exactly what she had done.

With certainty, Jennifer realized that the guys in the gym were playing a bit softer and not so tough. "They seem weaker, and I know where their strength is going," she said, feeling her body being energized.

Gladdened from being able to help Jennifer, Beth went with Samantha to where Janean was. Fortunately for them, nobody was paying any attention to Janean. So, her transformation passed unnoticed.

"Hi," Samantha said warmly as she came to Janean.

Janean delayed in returning Sam's greetings as nobody used to talk to her. "Umm...Hi," she said nervously as she stroked her long hair.

"Do you like your new hair?" asked Beth.

"How do you...?" Janean began to ask, but then she reconsidered. Janean could be a loser, but she wasn't stupid. "Are you the one responsible for it, and my eyes too?" she asked.

Beth nodded. "My name is Beth, and my friend is Samantha. I have the power to help you, Janean. I knew that you hated to wear glasses and to deal with your hair every day. Now, those problems are...away," Beth giggled as she omitted the word 'far'. It didn't sound right to say it since her problems were very near. They just weren't hers anymore, they were assigned to a new owner.

"Is there anything else you want to get rid of?" asked Samantha.

"Well..." Janean replied, as she took a moment to think about it.

* * *

With her new strength, Jennifer easily carried Daniel in her arms and moved him to the bench. Even though she was already seeing it, she couldn't believe that Daniel had lost his perfect hair and now he had a nest of greasy brown snakes on his head.

"You are definitely going to surprise yourself when you wake up," Jennifer smiled. "I wonder what the next thing will be that you'll acquire from Janean?"

As soon as those words left her mouth, Jennifer saw freckles starting to appear on his cheeks. She removed his T-shirt and watched with pleasure as the freckles were spreading on his shoulders and infested his chest.

Also, Jennifer noticed how his good complexion vanished to be replaced with pimples and pale skin, while braces materialized in his mouth.

* * *

Meanwhile, Janean was in complete joy. Her noisy voice that was the result of her dental appliances, along with her brace induced lisp and snorty laugh were all gone. She smiled happily with her straight teeth as she felt her smooth and tan skin.

"This is incredible. I don't know how to thank you," Janean said almost in tears as she could walk fifteen feet without tripping over her size six feet. Her clumsiness was part of Daniel now.

"You don't have to. It was a pleasure to help you," Beth said truly. "Now, why you don't go and take a shower. I bet that you want to examine the changes in your body."

Janean nodded, and after hugging Beth and Samantha, she rushed to the showers.

"Helping Janean was very noble, Beth. Even though she was an important piece in taking revenge on Daniel, I think you helped her a lot."

"I must admit, Sam," Beth replied, "that in the beginning I was thinking of hurting Daniel, but then, I found myself in Janean's shoes. If it wasn't for the ball, I could have still been a girl like her. After finishing with my revenge, I will start to use the ball to help others."

"You can't imagine how glad I am to have heard you say that," Samantha said while picking up the glasses Janean left on the bench. "It would be a good idea to go see how Daniel is doing." Beth nodded, and both walked over to where Jen was tending their subject.

"Oh, Beth! I wasn't sure if you would like to go all the way with Daniel's punishment," Jennifer said, pointing out the freckles on his body. "But these marks prove that I was wrong. What are you going to do with him now?"

"He is still tall and a bit athletic to fit in his new role. Maybe you should slowly dwindle down his height until he is 4'10 and gets rid of all his muscles until he has toothpick arms with the strength of a tiny kitten, just like Janean," Sam suggested.

"Good idea. I think I'll spread his height and strength between the girls over there," Beth replied, taking her ball into her hands.

"No!! Give them to me, Beth. I want to absorb more from him," Jennifer begged.

"But Jen, if I give you his height, you will end up at about-"

Jennifer cut her off. "6'3. Yes, I know. I would love to be that tall!!" She grinned in anticipation.

"I think you should do it, Beth. That way we won't have to bend our our necks down to look at her," laughed Samantha, and Beth soon followed her.

"Very funny," mocked Jennifer.

"Sorry, Jen. But Samantha is right. It would be better to have you at our height and body build," smiled Beth.

Jennifer's body tingled, making her moan in response. "This feeling is awesome," she purred as her clothes were getting tighter on her frame. Her skirt was slowly rising over her toned legs while her blouse exposed her navel as her abs were developing.

When the transference was over, Jennifer stood 6'3 with her clothes stretched to their limits. "I really like my new condition," smiled Jennifer as she noted the small bicep on her arm. "There's no way anybody could think that this little fella is filled with great strength. By the way, thank you for giving me such great strength," smiled Jennifer to Beth.

"It's nothing, Jen. Those boys deserved to lose it since they wouldn't help you. Ah! Their strength wasn't the only thing they lost," Beth stated. "Each of them lost some of their good luck and strength of will. That's why they believed your story and I think that it was your luck that has kept your changes unnoticed before the other people's eyes."

Looking at Daniel, Beth added, "It seems that he will be waking up soon. I'll go over to Janean and see if I can transfer something more from her to him. I'll be right back."

Beth was walking into the showers thinking what else she could do to help Janean when she saw a couple of preppy girls picking on her.

"Please leave me alone," cried Janean.

"Why should we? You're nothing more than a stupid little girl," said one of the preppies. "If you think that changing your hair and putting on contact lenses would help you to fit in better, well, think again."

"Yeah! Don't waste your money, girl," laughed the other girl. "Nobody will pay any attention to a boyish midget girl like you, so stop trying. You're not beautiful and you will never be."

"You will regret those words!!" Beth said while holding her glass ball. "Do you think you're better than her? I will change that. From now on, you both will be boyish midget girls."

The girls watched in panic as their tights clothes were getting loose on them. They cried in terror as their bras hung empty on their chests and their skirts slid down their narrow hips and rear. They each ended up with short and nondescript hair.

Meanwhile, Janean was moaning loudly as her body was blossoming in an extraordinary way. All the femininity and height the preppy girls were losing, she was gaining, and she really showed it.

By the time the magic was finished, the preppies were midget girls with no trace of their former womanly nature while Janean had a gloriously full head of blonde hair even more magnificent than before and stood at 6'1 with the combined breast volume and curves stolen from them giving her a total and absolute knockout of a body.

"Thank you for helping me, Beth. I was so scared," the new beauty cried.

"I guess you need more confidence in you," Beth smiled, "and I know exactly where to get it from." She gave the confidence and social skills from the rich girls to Janean.

After doing that, one of the stuck-up girls freaked out and ran away. The other girl, even though she was scared, stood in front of Beth enforced by her anger. "You'd better give me my body back, bitch," she threatened. "My daddy is a very rich man and his lawyers will crush you."

"I like your attitude," Beth grinned. "You have an aggressive and fighting personality. It will suit Janean perfectly, because you are about to change completely."

Before the girl could say anything, she felt her body changing again. This time was different. She gasped as she saw her arms and chest growing hair all over. "What are you doing to me?"

"I'm turning you into a man. You look pretty close to one with your sexless body. Now you will have the necessary equipment to be one. You must be glad that I'm helping you to regain a normal life again, even if it's not yours."

The girl didn't have to try to understand Beth's words as she felt something growing between her legs. The girl only opened her mouth in shock as a penis was appearing under her bush. The discovery was too much for her and she fainted.

"That will make things easier," smiled Beth. "Now, Janean, get ready because your life as you know it is about to change."

Janean felt her memories being altered. She was losing all the hard moments she had with her torturing parents that didn't treat her well as new memories of lovely and rich parents were developing.

"This girl, whose name is Ginger by the way, has an enjoyable life," Janean noted as more and more of Ginger's memories were absorbed into her brain. "What I don't understand is, what's the purpose of this change, Beth?"

"I see that your confidence has improved," smiled Beth after noticing how securely Janean had just talked. "To correct your statement, Ginger 'had' an enjoyable life. From now on, that life is yours."

"You mean that I can go around and pretend that I'm her?" Janean replied.

"Exactly. You now know everything you need to know about her to really be her. Of course, you will have to deal with your new parents, but I don't think you will have any inconvenience at all," smiled Beth.

"I see," said Janean. "And what happened to my old memories, I barely remember my own life prior to the last ten minutes."

"That's because I fixed the identity issue," Beth explained. "Most of your memories were transferred to Daniel. You retain the last minutes of your life to be able to remember this, otherwise you would turn into an exact copy of the preppy."

"So, since you've given me the memories of the preppy girl, I will be able to remember every single detail of Ginger's life like it was my own, but I know that it isn't."

"Exactly," smiled Beth. "Ginger will gain all of Daniel's knowledge so she will act as Daniel. A bit changed, but I can take part of the boy's features so that Ginger will resemble a fine copy of his body. Daniel will go through a similar procedure, so when he wakes up, he will think he is you."

"Just one question, Beth," Janean asked. "Who is Daniel?"

"Oops!" sighed Beth. "It's a long story that I promise to share with you later. How about in, oh...say five hours in the mall?"

"Perfect!" Janean answered.

"It's set then. Meanwhile, don't worry about anything," Beth said. "Just go to your new home and enjoy your new life."

"I trust you, Beth. You have done so many wonderful things for me that I don't know how to thank you for it all," said Janean with a small tear slipping from her eye.

"You don't have to. Now go, knowing that Samantha and I will take care of everything."

Janean nodded. After taking some large clothes she found in the lockers, Janean left the gym and walked toward the parking lot where her personal driver was waiting for her.

"Hello, Richard," smiled Janean to the driver.

"Good morning, Miss. Do I know you?" asked the driver.

"Of course you do, silly," Janean answered. "I'm Ginger. I know that I'm barely looking like myself, but that's because something wonderful has happened to me today. I'm a better person now."

"Do you need help, Miss?" the driver asked. "You seem to be not acting well?"

Janean took a deep breath, and sighing she yelled, "Take me home now!! Or I will tell my dad to fire your lazy ass for ignoring my commands!!"

"I apologize for my rudeness, Miss Sanders," said the driver as he got out of the car and opened the door for Janean. "Please, don't tell anything to Mister Sanders."

Janean gave a sympathetic smile to the driver. "I won't do that, Richard and I'm sorry for yelling at you, but you didn't believe that I had changed. From now on, we will be like best friends. Will you like that?"

"Certainly, Miss Sanders!" smiled back Richard.

"In that case," Janean told him, "please take me home, Richard. There is a lot I have to talk about with my mother. She should be arriving from Paris in four hours, and I want to be with you at the airport to greet her."

"That will be splendid, Miss Sanders. Your mother will be glad to see you waiting for her," said Richard as he was starting the engine.

"Yes. I have been a bad daughter all this time. Now that I have changed, I will show her and my dad the good daughter I can be," smiled Janean as Richard drove her to her new life.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the gym, Beth was explaining to Samantha and Jennifer what she had done with Janean.

"You have taken this punishment to a whole new level, Beth," said Jen. "When I was thinking that Daniel should be more like Janean, I didn't consider the idea of turning him into Janean. I must say, I like it." Jennifer grinned, looking at the feminized Daniel.

"I did some changes in his personality that are a bit hard to explain. He just ended up with most of Janean's behavior and memories. The funny part is that in the back of his mind he knows they aren't right as part of his personality still buried deep inside," giggled Beth.

"Great punishment, Beth," said Samantha. "Now, you said that Ginger is now Daniel, right?"

"Yes. I used the ball to change her body into a copy of Daniel's original one. When 'he' woke up, he was astonished to find himself in the girl's lockers. His embarrassment for being dressed in girl's clothes only got worse when his hard erection pointed out under the skirt he raised moments ago. I guess that she turned into a he completely. No man can resist this body," smiled Beth, placing her hands over her small waist.

"Even a woman can get aroused by you, Beth," said Jennifer. "I can't wait to be like you girls."

"You will be, Jen," blinked Samantha. "But now, we must tinker with Daniel's frame until we are sure to have copied Janean's measurements exactly. Then we will leave him in the girls' locker room and see what happens from that point."

The girls had a great time developing in Daniel a hairless body, child bearing hips, feminine bone structure, hormonal output and sexual preference, and small A cup breasts.

"Oh, my head!!" complained Daniel as he finally woke up. Suddenly, he was aware of odd things about himself. One was how greasy his hair felt when he touched his forehead and the other was that he was wearing glasses. He was about to remove the glasses when he noticed where he was.

If it was possible, his mouth would had reached the ground. Before him were walking the tallest women he had ever seen. Each should be taller than 6'5 and some of them were even naked.

Daniel was surprised that the girls didn't act strangely before him. Like it was normal that a man should be watching them. Soon, he noticed that he was in the girls' locker room. He felt his cheeks turning red with the embarrassment of being inside the girls' territory, but as long as the girls didn't mind his presence, he would take advance of his situation.

While the most spectacular fantasy was happening in front of him, Daniel realized something that froze him. He recognized some of the girls and it was impossible that they were taller than him. That little discovery was of no importance compared to what he realized next.

He had been watching the girls for quite some time and he was worried that he could have an erection. When he placed his hands to hide his bulge, he felt something...or better said, the lack of something.

He looked down and gasped at the image of two small bumps under a sweatshirt. At that moment he wanted to yell but he found himself with not enough confidence to do it.

Instead of yelling, he took the time to look at his clothes. A khaki ankle length skirt, tennis shoe mules that showed his heels on his dainty girly feet and a baggy anime sweatshirt were his outfit.

'This can't be me. I look like...' Daniel's thoughts were interrupted as he read the name on the locker in front of him. '...Janean' he gasped.

He knew where he should be but he was not there. He wanted to go down to his locker in the boys' section but he couldn't get up the courage and even worse couldn't remember the combination or location of his locker.

'What kind of sick game is this?' cried Daniel in his mind as his class schedule seemed forgotten, as was everything else he had known that morning. The only thing he knew was that he had Home Ec as his next class, but he had never taken it.

The bell was about to ring, so Daniel tried Janean's locker and it opened. As the bell rang he noticed his reflection in the little mirror inside of the locker...not liking the reflection one bit.

There he was with greasy brown pigtails, thick glasses, and his barely 4'10 height. He felt that he was inside a living nightmare.

As Dan ran to class, bumping into various people because of his new height and klutziness, Beth and the others that had been watching his progress very closely decided to reaffirm his femininity by doing a last change on him.

"Now, each girl he bumps into will solidify his femininity by giving a tiny portion of her own. Soon, what little masculinity left inside him will vanish, and, she will find herself acting like a normal female," Beth said, sealing his fate.

"We have a few hours before Janean meets us in the mall. What do you want to do, Jen?" asked Samantha.

"Hanging out with you these last couple of hours has given me interesting ideas," grinned Jennifer.

"Share them with us," smiled Beth as the trio left the school.
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Re: Beth's Glass Ball

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Final scene

It was Saturday morning when five different individuals were brought together at the high school lunchroom. The five people looked at each other, and they quickly noticed what they had in common. They were all freaks.

"Good morning to you all. I'm glad that you got my invitation and came here," said Beth as she entered the lunchroom in company with Samantha.

"I have just finished my late shift, so if you could explain what is the meaning of this meeting?" said a mature woman with a very flabby body in a barely understandable way.

"What is this meeting? A convention of freaks?" said a heavily pierced black haired pale girl dressed in black.

"I want anthwerth. Why we are here?" said a guy dressed in pink clothes.

"Please, don't yell. It gives me headaches," said a girl as she adjusted her thick glasses.

"Shut up, Janean. I just want to finish this off before I have urges to eat a watermelon," said a pregnant girl.

"You are here because I want to reveal that I'm behind the transformations you have suffered," Beth said. "I'm the one responsible for all the things that have happened to you during this week."

"WHAT!!??" yelled the cursed ones at the same time.

Immediately, all the freaks except Janean started to yell at Beth. She got out her glass ball and after it glowed the yells stopped. The cursed ones were still yelling, but no sound came from their mouths.

"It will be better if from now on, I'm the one who talks," said Beth with a mighty and powerful voice. "I can read your expressions easily and to answer your question, yes, I have taken your voices and added them to my own." The amazon grinned at them.

"The five of you were chosen to suffer a dramatic change with two purposes. The first one was to get revenge on you for what you did to me or to one of my friends, and the other was to teach you a lesson," said Beth.

"This glass ball you see here," Beth said, showing her treasure, "has the power to restore you only if you prove to deserve such a change. The restoration won't be 100% complete, but at least you will be close to how you used to look like."

Placing her eyes on the boy in pink clothes, Beth said, "Tell me now, Terry. Have you learned your lesson?" To let him talk, she gave him back his voice.

"Firtht of all. What you did to me wath terrible!!" yelled Terry. "But thith whole week, I have learned many thingth and I truly regret what I did to you latht year. It wath very immature and I hurt you unnethetharily. I apologize for my actth and if you rethtore me I won't ever be mean again."

"Whoa! That sounds good," admitted Beth, impressed with Terry's change. "The rest of you feel the same way?"

Without their voices, the cursed ones could only move their lips, saying words without sound. Beth was pleased to know how to read lips. She easily understood what they were saying.

"So, you apologize for being so cruel and promise to behave well if I restore you?" said Beth, putting sound to their comments.

All nodded, except one.

"What about you, Britney? There is nothing you want to say?" asked Beth as she gave Britney her voice back.

"Only that you are a big asshole if you think that I will apologize for what I am. You're no better than me," said Britney with her restored voice.

"What!!" said Beth with her still increased voice.

"You heard me, bitch. You took from me my beauty and other things because you have something I don't have. So, from my point of view you have used something I don't have to make my life worse. That's exactly what I did to you."

The other freaks began to look at each other. The bit of pride they still had started to fire with Britney's words. Rapidly their regret feelings were changing into angry ones.

"Now that our roles were reversed, you did exactly what I would have done. In other words, you acted exactly like me. None of us should apologize to you," grinned Britney.

The anger was raising in Beth, but her willpower let her overcome it. "I see that you learned nothing, Britney. What about the rest of you? You can talk now," said Beth, restoring the other people's voices.

"What I can tell you? You turned me into a fucking pregnant man. You let that slut Pamela take most of my features and you say that I have to apologize because I turned down the whore Samantha for not sleeping with me? Well, fuck you!!" yelled Derrick.

"Yes," said Justine. "Do you think that being unable to orgasm and being trapped in a disgusting life and body will change me? Well, think again. You are in a big mess now. You'd better restore us, or we will
tell the police about you."

"I see. So now that Britney has spilled her poison, all of you are threatening me," Beth replied. "What about you, Terry? Do you feel the same as them?"

"I thould be, but don't," he answered. "All I want ith to get my life back and be with my girlfriend. I apologize again for treating you wrong, Beth."

"Wise decision," Beth said, "and apology accepted. Now, for the rest of you, maybe you will reconsider your threats after seeing what Daniel has gone through."

The five turned their heads and tried to see where Daniel was. Their action made Beth laugh.

"He's right here. I just need to restore him a bit," said Beth, holding her ball. "And just to avoid you saying something I will..." Beth's voice started to get louder, "...take your voices again."

Janean blinked her eyes for a moment as if she had just gotten out of a dizziness. "What is happening here?" she said. Then looking at her body Daniel added, "Not again. I must be dreaming that I'm Janean."

"Oh no, Daniel. You are not sleeping. You are now Janean," said Beth with her commanding voice.

Daniel's eyes got wide as he found out that he had slept at Janean's house. Everyone called him Janean and he had all her features and knowledge. To make matters worse, he was wearing her ill-fitting clothes.

His body was covered in a long-sleeve purple T-shirt, a long black skirt and platform sarong sandals to show off his tiny toes and purple polish. He had no confidence, was utterly shy and pale white with freckles all over.

"What you have done to me? And where is Jennifer?" she demanded.

"You don't need to worry about her anymore. She is now one of the strongest and fastest girls around. And thanks to your 'donation', she has become a truly athletic female."

"I don't like this. Change me back!!" yelled Daniel.

"It's sad to see that you didn't learn good manners, too. I was really hoping that you would change after all. Well, anyway. I won't change you back the whole way, but you at least will be normal again. I don't want to have it on my conscience that you are living like freaks for me," said Beth as she gave back their voices to the freaks.

"Oh no, bitch!!" yelled Britney as soon as she got her voice back. "You'd better restore us exactly to the way we were or you will have to face difficult consequences!!"

Derrick, Justine and Daniel started to protest, too. They started to yell at Beth and call her names.

Beth was shocked by the turn of the events. There she was offering the opportunity to change them, but instead of accepting their mistakes, they used them to denigrate her.

Completely filled with anger, Beth yelled, "Thanks for reminding me why I punished you in the first place. Since you, Terry, are the only one who regrets your attitude, I give you all the male features that Derrick still had to restore your body and he can have your female features in exchange. Justine can give you some of her height and strength, while yours arousal reactions are restored." Beth's ball glowed.

Terry found himself growing taller and feeling stronger while Derrick's body was feminized. At least Justine was glad that she was able to stick her fingers inside her clit again. Without losing time, she brought herself into a powerful orgasm that knocked her out.

Once his transformation ended, Terry found himself a few inches shorter and very thin, but at least he would be able to rebuild again his strength. "Thanks, Beth," he smiled.

"You're welcome. Now, leave us," Beth told him.

Terry said goodbye to Samantha and after giving a last look at the other cursed ones, he left the lunchroom.

"Now, the rest of you will suffer even more," said Beth. "First will be Daniel. You might like to know that Janean Hesker is now Ginger Sanders. With her gorgeous body and rich parents, she is a supermodel now. Before going on her first tour she mentioned two things to tell you in case I change my mind and not restore you. One is to give you her old life and future as a complete loser with no hope and something else," grinned Beth.

"What?" asked a scared Daniel.

"Her period pain!" laughed Beth. "Now to return you to Janean Hesker's consciousness," said Beth as Janean's personality dominated Daniel's again.

"Can someone tell me why I'm here?" asked Janean, fixing her glasses.

"It's a mistake that you are here, darling. Go home now," said Beth as she knew that inside Janean's head was Daniel's personality screaming. Beth left his personality awake to let him suffer his punishment.

Once Janean left the cafeteria, Beth turned her attention to Derrick. "Even though you now have Terry's female attributes, that doesn't change the fact that you are a pregnant man. Well, I will fix that," Beth said as she swapped the sex organs of Justine and his.

"When the birthing due date arrives," she told the now female Derrick, "you will be able to feel the contractions and you will have to do the whole maternity procedure. Only after you have passed through that will your belly will be flat again and from that moment on, you will be a complete woman."

Derrick could only cry. In a very feminine way.

Beth walked toward Justine. Visible under her skirt was the shape of a male penis. "She has suffered a lot and losing most of her height must be enough punishment, but to be sure I will exchange again her arousal reactions for yours, Britney. Now, that brings me another bit of unfinished business."

Beth took out her old glasses and gave then to Britney. "Take these, Britney. I was saving them for you to add the final nail to your coffin. I've exchanged my own group allegiance to you for yours. Now I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad and you are Vice President of the AV Club," laughed Beth.

"Now that your punishment is set, it's time to get rid of this ball and eliminate any chance for it to fall into the wrong hands," Beth said, pressing the glass ball tightly in her hand and turning it into dust in front of the remaining freaks.

She blew the dust to the them, saying, "Hope you are happy now. I'm leaving you trapped in your new forms permanently."

"That's all you can do, Beth? You are an idiot," mocked Britney. "I liked what you did to me. You had turned me into a more evil person and I enjoyed the power I had over my family. With the ball destroyed, there's no way to make me give up that power."

"Whatever!" said Beth as she and Samantha left the cafeteria.

When the girls were outside, Samantha asked, "Do you think that destroying the ball was a good idea?"

"I did it to show them that there is nothing they can do now to change their fates. But don't worry. I'm not so stupid to destroy such a power. Before destroying it, I wish that its power was transferred to me. So, I now have all the power of the ball inside me," smiled Beth.

"Really?" asked Samantha.

"Yep. Britney thinks that she has defeated me. She doesn't know the surprise that is waiting for her at home. She's been treating her family bad as a cruel dominatrix, well, I want to see how she will act after half of her height and all her strength and confidence will be transferred to her 'little' sister whom she used to tease. The little sister will take care of the rest of the revenge...for the rest of her life!" laughed Beth.

The End
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