Spider Bites

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Spider Bites

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By Greinskyn

Young Julie Danvers was enjoying the hot tropical sun immensely. Reclining there by the pool was simply heaven for the 21 year old newlywed. Who would have thought she’d meet some rich biochemist, marry him, and move to a secluded island all in the span of three months?

Reaching out with a slim hand Julie took a sip from her strawberry daiquiri before reclining back once more. This new life sure proved to be a real treat for a former waitress from New York…and something she was quickly becoming accustomed to. She was so looking forward to spending the winter here in this paradise. ‘Let those suckers wade through the snow I’m staying right here, thank you.’ she thought with a grin. ‘Yep no job, no bills no worries!’

“Honey have you seen Samantha?” came a male voice from out of the blue, disturbing Julie’s bliss.

…well there was one worry

Mrs. Danvers lifted her sunglasses to look at her husband. Richard Danvers was considerably older than she. Still at 40 he kept his conditioning top notch and was pleasing to look at…even if people were always confusing him for her father.

“No I haven’t,” she replied, trying to keep the irritation out of her voice. “Why don’t you ask one of the servants?”

Richard looked at his wife, the exasperation evident on his face. “Honey, Sam’s 15 years old…she needs a mother not a servant.”

Julie sighed. “I’ll tell you what. We can go out shopping together later, it’ll be fun.”

Her husband walked over to her side. His eyes had a misty quality that she’d come to realize meant he was thinking of his previous wife.

“I’m sure it will be a great time, but a mother’s job isn’t all fun and games. You have to supervise her and teach her and listen to her.” He paused, and ran a hand through his wife’s silky black hair. “She doesn’t want a sister or a friend dear. She wants a mother.”

Julie didn’t want to deal with the whole responsibility thing. Of course she’d promised Richard she’d try before they married (something she’d instantly regretted) but it was hard. After all there were so many fun things she could be doing; swimming, shopping, going out with people her age, the list was endless.

“I’m only six years older than her Richard, it just seems so weird playing “MOM.”

Richard suddenly looked at her in a way he’d never done so before. It was as if some significant realization or big decision had been made. “I understand…it’d be easier if you were older wouldn’t it?”

Julie nodded, glad to have finally made her point. “Precisely, I’m too young to be her mother. Honestly how do you even expect Samantha to accept it?”

Her husband merely nodded, not answering. His gaze shifted to a small white bottle by Julie’s side. Picking it up he asked; “How’s my tanning formula working?”

The young brunette smiled broadly, glad to be away from that annoying subject and back to her personal needs. “Oh it’s just great!” she replied running a hand down her bronze skin. “It’s only been four days and look at this tan!”

Richard smiled. “Well, it looks like this one is about empty. I’ll whip you up a new batch today.”
“Thanks Rick.” She replied, loving every minute of his doting.

“Sure, anything for my two ladies,” he answered with a smile and a wink. “Well, I better get going. The lab has a new compound that needs testing.”

Richard bent over to give his young wife a kiss. Julie took in the aroma of his cologne as their lips met. Her heart still beat rapidly moments later when their lips parted and Richard began to walk away. Dreamily she watched him go, drinking in his powerful form.

After a few steps her husband paused. Looking over his broad shoulder he asked; “Please be sure to check up on Sam, will you?”

“Sure, in a minute.” She replied, flashing one of her innocent smiles.

Four hours later…

“What the hell are you listening too?!” Shouted Julie, her voice barely audible above the din.

The blaring noise reduced considerably as the young girl twisted the knob on her stereo.

“Oh, so you do know I exist.” Replied a sweet voice full of the sarcasm only a fifteen year old girl can produce.

“It’s hard not to know with distorted crap like that echoing through the house.” Julie commented, glad she didn’t have to shout anymore. Strain, after all causes wrinkles.

“It’s not crap, its music.” Sam said defensively.

Julie reached out suddenly causing the young girl to wince. Instead of striking her, the older woman picked up the empty CD case resting on Sam’s stereo.

“DethChylde eh? I didn’t know they came out with a new one.” Said Julie as she flipped over the case to read the back. “Oh cool, they have a new drummer! Isn’t he a so sexy?!”

Sam looked stunned and confused. “Aren’t you going to yell at me or somethin’?” She asked. “You know like; “Turn that music down!” or “What are you doing listening to stuff like this?” or “I’m telling your father!” You know mom stuff.”

“Why would I do that?” Asked Julie, genuinely confused.

“Well why did you come in here then?” Sam replied with a question of her own.

Julie smiled. “Oh that! I just thought how terrible those cheap speakers sounded at full load. Tell you what, why don’t we order you a real set?”

Samantha got upset instantly. “I bought those with my own money! I worked real hard too!” She leapt to her feet. “What kind of mom are you? You’re supposed to be mad and take this away from me!” She gestured to the CD. Then in a hushed voice added; “My real mom would have.”

At that the young girl stormed out of the room her face full of tears. Julie merely shrugged, letting the girl go. At least she knew what to get Sam for her birthday...

Unable to talk the distraught girl out of the bathroom after a full ten minutes of trying, the young bride gave up. ‘Fine, I’ll go to town without you’ she thought in a huff. After notifying the servants to keep an eye on Sam, Julie went upstairs to get ready for her trip to town.

Stripping off the skimpy bikini, she walked naked and confident to the large walk-in closet. Even though the thing was huge, only about a third of it was available to Julie. Richard’s late wife’s wardrobe took up the rest. As creepy as it was, he refused to let her throw the stuff out. ‘Why hang on to this shit anyway?’ she asked herself. As if to reinforce her point, she lifted one of the woman’s outfits off the hangers.

“She was HUGE!” Julie’s voice was full of shock as she looked at the matronly size twenty-four pantsuit. With a shudder the thin brunette put the outfit back. “Uuggh!”

Eager to move on, she turned back to her portion of the closet to select an outfit suitable for her lithe figure. Moments later a breezy white blouse and a black mini accompanied her out.

In order to maximize her assets, a pair of black thong panties were worn under the mini. ‘That oughtta knock em dead’ she thought mischievously. She anticipated dropping several things that day… Julie didn’t bother to wear a bra. Her firm B-cup breasts didn’t need the support. To finish off the outfit, a favorite pair of black heels were added. She just loved what they did for her slim legs. A little work on her lashes, some lipstick, and a few cursory stokes through her black mane and she was off.

Time flew by faster than she ever could have believed. The clubs, the little shops, and the people she’d met had erased any thoughts of other obligations. Only darkness finally reminded Julie that it was well past time to go home.

Surprisingly there were no lectures from her husband or sarcasm from Sam. Occasionally there was a knowing look or strange comment between the two, but other than that all seemed fine. ‘Good, I’ve finally got them to accept who I really am’ thought the young brunette smugly.


“Wow that was some nightcap!” exclaimed Julie. “I don’t remember a thing past pulling back the covers. What the heck was in that drink anyway?”

Richard just chuckled as he finished drying off from his shower. “That’s something I’ve picked up over the years. Relaxing isn’t it?”

“I’ll say,” she replied with a yawn. “I can hardly get out of bed.”

Her statement was pure truth for her limbs felt like lead as if her body was still asleep. It was the strangest sensation that she’d ever had. After a long stretch and a short battle over going back to sleep, Julie got up and headed to the bathroom.

“Ow! What are these?” asked the young bride, rubbing some angry looking red spots on her breasts.

Richard came running looking very concerned. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

Julie turned towards her husband. “Look at these!” she said, jutting her chest out.

How could he not look, with a rack like that staring at him. The concern disappeared from his face replaced with a grin and a blush. “Very impressive honey, I can look at those all day!”

She released her breasts, causing them to drop slightly, in order to slap her husband in the arm. “Not my boobs silly…these!” At that she pointed to the tiny red marks, one on each breast.

“Oh, those…” Richard replied, drawing out the comment. “Don’t worry about those, they’re just little spider bites…nothing to worry about.”

“Spiders?” asked Julie. By her tone you could tell she was anything but “not worried.”

Richard pulled his young wife to him, his arms easily encircling her slim waist. “They’re absolutely harmless. That’s why I forgot to tell you about them.” He reassured her. “See, I have them too.”

Julie looked at the tiny little red marks on her husband’s muscular arm. Still, she didn’t look happy. “I’d still like it if you could get an exterminator in here.”

Richard promised he would then headed out of the bathroom to let his wife finish. As soon as he heard the shower start he reached under the bed and pulled out a little tray. On it were several syringes and a variety of tiny bottles.

“Time to dispose of you my little spiders.” He whispered, dumping the contents into his satchel.

Julie found several more of the bites while showering. She had one on each thigh and at least two on each but cheek. There were even some on her upper arms and belly. Those didn’t bother her as much as the one under her chin. The very thought of a spider crawling around on her face sent shivers down her spine. Still, her husband promised to get rid of them so she tried her best to put the little beasts out of her mind.


“Rise and shine!”

His wife pried an eye open to see the smiling face of her husband peering down at her.

“Hmmffh” was the reply, as she pulled the covers closer before rolling over on her side. Julie was asleep again in seconds.

Richard smiled. It had been only four days since the “spiders” paid a visit and already his early rising wife had begun sleeping in. A glance at the clock showed 9:45am, almost three hours later than her normal waking time. He left for work with a noticeable spring to his step.


Julie couldn't believe it was almost 10:30 in the morning and here she was still in bed. 'Am I catching a cold or something?' she wondered. If anything she felt just the opposite; well rested and quite comfy.

After a long luxurious stretch the raven haired beauty swung her feet over the side of the bed. She sat there trying to ignore the urge to crawl back in again before finally climbing to her feet.

Another stretch... and a yawn.

Julie slipped on a robe and padded across the bedroom. As she went, her eyes fell on the sleek one-piece bathing suit she'd laid out the night before. Her pace faltered slightly as a pang of guilt hit. For the second morning in a row the young bride skipped her morning swim. 'Well, too late now' she reasoned. The Mothers of Tomorrow – Grades 9 and 10 Luncheon was at 11:30am, a mere hour away. 'I'll do a couple extra laps tomorrow' she vowed.

The town hall looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Quite unusual really given its tropical location. Then again the whole island was a paradox. A refuge for the extremely wealthy, it bore the marks of their tastes as well as their fortune. Depending where you went you could think yourself lost on a deserted tropical island, in the heart of Vegas, or taking a stroll along some quaint small town.

Taking a deep breath of resignation, Julie quickly ascended the marble stairs. Oh how she hated these stuffy formalities. Once at the top she took a second to adjust her summer dress and catch her breath. She thought it strange that such an easy exertion would affect her so and once again had the notion that maybe she was indeed coming down with something. She didn't have long to ponder, however.

“Mrs. Danvers!”

Julie turned to see the heavyset and panting form of Mrs. Margaret Waterston approaching. Apparently the thirty or so stairs had more of an impact on the middle aged woman... as did the thirty or so more pounds.

“How good to see you!” Julie replied.

It was the truth too. Of all the mothers she was about to face, Mrs. Waterston was about the only one who didn't look down on her as some young gold digger.

The two stood together as much to allow the older woman to catch her breath as to forestall going inside. Finally with a deep breath of her own, Margaret broke the silence.

“So are you ready to face the wolves?”

“I guess so...”

At that the two headed inside.

“It must be hard raising someone else's child”

Julie realized it was more of a statement than a question. One of many she'd bore along with the barely concealed looks of disapproval.

“Oh not really...”

Mrs. Delmar raised a doubtful eyebrow. “Surely a child so close to your age must have little respect for...”

“Julie can you come over here for a moment?” Margaret interrupted, hooking an arm around the woman before she could even answer.

The two left the gossip gathering session as fast as possible. Once at a safe distance Margaret gave Julie a knowing wink.

“I just couldn't let you endure that any longer.”

“I don't think I could have taken it much longer!”

“Here this will make you feel better.”

A plate was handed to Julie with some sort of pie or custard on it. Normally she would have declined such an offering but felt obligated to show her appreciation to her savior. Besides she'd been feeling uncustomarily peckish all morning.

“This is delicious!”

Any apprehension disappeared the second the dessert touched her lips.

Margaret beamed in pride. “The secret is in the eggs and cream...”

Back home, Julie slipped out of the summer dress. Her intentions had been to put on something a bit more trendy and head out again. There was a new shop; Christoffe's and she'd been dying to try it out. The moment her eyes fell on her bed, however...

She slipped off her panties, the bra followed close behind. Naked, Julie slipped under the covers. The king size bed felt dreamy. 'I shouldn't have had that second dessert' she thought moments before drifting off to sleep.

Christoffe's appeared to be living up to the island's high standards... and then some. From the moment she entered until she made her selections a representative was there waiting on her hand and foot. Much to her delight a new crop of handsome young men were among them, fresh from the mainland. It seemed they were admiring her form as much as she admired theirs.

“Here you are Miss Danvers.” said a stunning young woman gesturing to a large dressing room. Your selections are already waiting for you. Ring if you need anything at all.

Julie didn't bother correcting her.

Left alone, she eagerly began undressing in preparation. It had been frustrating waiting the last two days to come here. A squall had come out of nowhere leaving her stranded and restless in the house. Deprived of the satellite she'd taken refuge in their personal theatre, watching Julia Roberts films. At least Sam hadn't been such a pain, in fact the girl made the time more pleasurable by catering to her. There always seemed to be a bowl of popcorn ready or one of her favorite daiquiris... not to mention a handy box of tissues. Still, it was entirely too domestic and stifling. The second things cleared Julie was braving the muddy roads to civilization.

Her first selection consisted of a size 6 Francoise pastel skirt and blouse combination. The blue reminded her of one of the secluded pools Richard had whisked her off to when they first arrived. 'Perhaps this will inspire him to take me back again?' she mused. With a sly grin she began to slip up the skirt.


The grin faded as Julie tried to pull the skirt in place. An inch shy of her goal, however, the hem stopped. Try as she may the material refused to budge any further, instead clinging tightly to her hips and ass. Twisting slightly the young woman took in the ugly creases. Instead of flattering her figure the designer garment made her ass seem bigger than she knew it to be. Averting her eyes she squirmed out of it again. 'Damn, I really liked that blouse too!'

A quick check to see if she'd been mistakenly given a size 4 showed it was indeed a 6... in theory anyway.

The second outfit fared little better. She actually managed to snap this one, though it dug in fiercely. It gripped her so tightly a roll of flesh peeked out at the waist. Julie's hips strained at the seams crying for release. She complied.

Again she checked the label. Again it was a 6.

“Damn designers! Why don't they leave the sizes alone?” she cursed.

Defeated, Julie peeled off the skirt and once again put on her own clothes. Before leaving she gave herself a quick inspection in the mirror... and frowned. Her blouse didn't hang true so a cursory adjustment was given. When that failed she gave another tug. 'What in the hell?' For some reason the material clung tightly to her breasts. Not wanting to overstretch the cloth she left it alone, consoling herself with the thought that it made her boobs look bigger.

“So, did you like the new line?” asked the salesgirl.

“No, the color didn't suit me like I though it would.” She lied.

No way was Julie going to ask for anything in an 8 even if it was technically a 6.

“I'm sorry to hear that. Francoise does have the same style in a bolder hue if you are interested?”

“Not really.” She tried to sound aloof. Then to change the subject added, “I am interested in a new handbag. Vogue mentioned you carry Marie's Elite line.”

The salesgirl's eyes widened. Certainly a commission from a $3,000.00 handbag would be worthwhile. Julie let her lead the way.

As she walked, the hem of her skirt rose ever so slightly...

The day was still young when Julie left Christoffe's... new bag in hand. Wanting to show off the new acquisition she'd transferred the contents from her Gucci on the spot. Of course she'd told the salesgirls to just throw the old one away. Their wide eyes had indicated it wasn't likely to reach the trash. That fact was confirmed by the struggle between the two young women when they thought she was out of earshot. 'I wonder who won?' mused Julie, with an evil grin.

“Hey trouble!”

Julie recognized that voice in an instant.

“Look who's talking!”

Turning around, the brunette beheld her friend and fellow conspirator Maia Donatero. Laughing, they embraced then continued down the walk laughing and gossiping. One could almost mistake the two for sisters; sharing a similar height and lithe build. Only their faces betrayed that notion. While Julie sported a more traditionally European look, Maia's features bore traces of an Eastern heritage.

“So, where are we headed?”

Julie glanced up. “By the looks of the sky, I'd say the beach was out.”

Maia agreed and suggested De'Salle's.

It was only 12:30 (yes she'd overslept again) so she hesitated.

“Marcus is bartending...” teased Maia.

That tipped the balance.


The bad weather had swelled the normally thin midday ranks. Most people filled the booths or tables scattered about. Our pair, however chose the bar... probably because it was more conspicuous or closer to the alcohol.

“No more for me thanks!”

“Come on just one more Jamaican Sunset?” Julie urged, slurring the word sunset.

“Yea, just one more?”

Maia looked from her friend to one of the sexy hunks currently buying them drinks. Neither of them had the best of intentions. She wasn't an innocent schoolgirl and knew full well when a man was trying to get her drunk. Even now she felt his hand get a little too familiar along her inner thigh.

“Nope, especially anything with “Jamaican” in its name.”

“Are you sure baby?” The hand became even more familiar.

Suddenly a new voice chimed in.

“Maia your boyfriend just called, he'll be here in a couple minutes...”

The foursome turned to look at the bartender... Julie in particular. There on the other side of the Koa wood expanse stood a solid muscular man. Now each of the men flanking the young ladies was hunky, but next to Marcus they might as well not even be there. Julie adjusted her tight top to show a bit more flesh.

“... he seemed pretty upset you missed his fight.”

Marcus' grim tone wasn't lost on the two men.

“I hate those damn fights!” Maia responded on cue. “All that blood makes me queasy.”

Speaking of queasy, both suitors seemed to have paled considerably.

“I hope he doesn't mess the place up again.” Marcus looked directly at the men.

Suddenly the pair remembered a pressing engagement and left. A round of laughter burst from the remaining threesome at their expense.

“Marcus, that was amazing!”

“Not as good as that one last month!” Julie retorted.

Another round of laughter.

Maia nodded. “That one will be hard to beat I give you that.”

Marcus merely shrugged.

“Don't be so modest! I mean who else could convince someone we had a threeway relationship with a Sumo wrestler?”

Thus the conversation continued until Julie remembered that the last round had been paid for but not served.

“Nope!” Maia held up her hand adamantly. “I want to go to Christoffe's and I make it a rule never to shop while inebridated... um, I mean inebriated.

“Julie smiled cattily. “I seem to remember an incident involving a miniskirt...”

“OK! I usually never shop while inebriated!”

Another round of laughter... and drinks.

Julie saw her friend's attention be drawn to the same two piece combination that she herself had tried... albeit in a different color. She almost warned Maia that the sizes were a bit misleading, but the alcohol made her mischievous.

“I think that would look marvelous on you!”

“You think?”

“Oh, definitely!”

Julie suppressed a grin when Maia requested a 6. Something about seeing her struggle to fit into it was so delicious she couldn't resist. It became torture waiting while other selections were perused.

“How does this look? Not too tight I hope?”

“No, it looks great.”

Unfortunately it did. The cut fit comfortably without a trace of binding or creasing. Julie found herself questioning what she was seeing. Certainly her friend wasn't any skinnier than she was. Of the two it had always been Julie that was thinner. 'So why did it fit her and not me?' It wasn't the same dress, just the same style. 'Maybe the pastel blue one was mismarked?'

Worry creased her brow as another thought came to mind.

Seeing her friend caught up in self inspection, Julie felt her hand begin to probe her own form. Under the silky dress her skin felt warm and soft. 'Too soft?' The horrible possibility brought several things to mind, like how snug her bras had felt of late... and the incident yesterday when her shorts pinched so much she had to change. Never one to gain weight Julie had dismissed these as mistakes by one of the servants, now however...

Her hand just reached the swell of her derierre...

“I think this would look much better on you.”

Julie froze.


Her friend turned to look at her. “I said this would look better on you. Here, try it on.”

Not waiting for an answer, Maia began to undress.

Julie stood there trying to come to terms with what was going on. Of course the alcohol clouding her mind didn't help matters any. 'Julie you're being ridiculous!' After a few moments of indecision she shrugged the whole thing off as a figment of her imagination and too began to disrobe.

Maia meanwhile had been caught up in her next choice so wasn't paying much attention to her friend. She finally decided on the frilly party dress first, but was unable to zip it up herself. Some of the ruffles kept getting in the way of the zipper. Frustrated, she turned to ask Julie for some help.

The words froze in her throat.

With widening eyes she beheld a curious sight. It seemed her friend was having some trouble with the skirt... “some” being something of an understatement. Julie had stripped to just bra and panties and was currently struggling to pull it in place. Unaware that she was being observed, the brunette wiggled her hips as she tugged. Each wiggle briefly forming a roll above each hip, small but there nonetheless. By the time she succeeded the skirt looked painted on to her butt cheeks. Creases formed at the hips and the seems there looked visibly stressed. Maia was speechless. She could only stand there and watch as Julie tried to do up the snap. 'She's actually putting on weight!' Something the startled girl would have never thought possible. Sure enough small poofs of flesh poured out over the hem... deepening with each attempt to do up the snap.

Just then Julie nervously looked over her shoulder, but Maia was quicker and seemed to be preoccupied with her own dress. Relieved, the brunette leaned over to pick up the matching blouse. As she did so a small tummy roll appeared before smoothing out once more... well almost. If one looked closely a small gathering of fat remained, slightly rounding out the once flat abdomen.

Maia noticed.

It didn't end there. It seemed Julie's bra band was digging in. The effect was highlighted by the way her flesh pushed against the fabric of the blouse on either side of the band. Even the straps seemed to be sinking in slightly into what had once been a toned physique. 'Looks like the rich life is catching up on her.' Maia looked down at her own flat tummy, remembering how much looser that outfit had been on her. It was a moment of victory of sorts after months of having Julie try on smaller outfits than she. Putting up with little comments like; “I'm sure the next size up would be just as cute.” or “That outfit should camouflage your hips” Maia smiled. 'Who has the hips now?'

Julie looked at her reflection and fought back a tear. So it was true. 'I have put on weight.' It was a tough pill to swallow for the forever slender young woman. As she looked at the way her body fought to be free of the restrictive clothing it dawned on her. 'What did I expect? Going from ten hour shifts bussing tables to lounging around the pool and hanging out at clubs.' A bit of righteous indignation filtered in. 'Well, I don't just sit. I do swim laps... except for the last couple days.'

In actuality it had been a full week since she'd last swam at the pool.

“I think it would look better with the blouse tucked in.”

Maia's unexpected comment nearly stopped her heart. 'Omigod does she notice?' What could she say to that? That she couldn't because the waist was too tight? That even if she somehow could tuck it in that it would show how much her tummy was pressing against the front?

“Um... I kinda like it like this. Sorta casual you know?”

'Yeah right sweetheart!'

“Turn around and let me see.”

Swallowing hard, Julie complied.

“Gee, that looks kind of... snug.”

Julie averted her friend's eyes. “I think I've put on a couple pounds.”

'Try at least ten.'

“Maybe a size 8 will fit better. Want me to call the saleswoman and ask for a larger size?”

Julie actually cringed. “N..No thanks! Really. I'll just up my workouts and get back in shape.”

'Oh I am so enjoying this!'

Maia thought back to earlier this evening recalling how many drinks her friend had consumed... not to mention all the little complimentary snacks. It must have been nearly a thousand calories. Frankly she was amazed her own figure had stayed as slim as it had. 'At least I have some motivation...'

“Yeah, you'll be back in shape in no time!”

The two parted ways soon after that. Julie felt a little awkward after the dressing room incident and wanted to be alone. Plus, her buzz was fading leaving her feeling yucky. With a final goodbye she tossed her new handbag and shopping bag into the passenger seat. Yes, she'd bought the outfit, though whether to convince Maia or herself that she was going to lose the weight is not sure. Certainly it should offer motivation as well as a guage to monitor her progress.
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Re: Spider Bites

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Two weeks later…

“I can’t believe how hungry I am!” said Julie as she ate yet another slice of jelly toast.

“Yes, you’ve really developed quite an appetite the last couple weeks.” Richard agreed, then added; “You’re not pregnant are you?”

His wife stopped in mid bite, her eyes open wide. “You don’t think…?” She couldn’t even finish the sentence.

He flashed her a grin. “I don’t know, increased appetite, lassitude, weight gain…they’re all strong signs of pregnancy.”

“I am not gaining weight!” Julie replied indignantly, dropping the last bit of toast onto her plate. (A plate that had recently held four eggs, several sausages and a small stack of pancakes slathered in butter and syrup.)

Richard looked over at his pouting wife. As he did so his eyes were drawn to the cute little double chin that had started to form there, especially when she looked down. It wasn’t too big yet, just the first hints, but his heart raced every time he spotted it. ‘Perhaps my little “spiders” will have to make another visit there’ he thought happily.

Julie stood up suddenly, red-faced by the implications of what her husband had suggested. “I’m not hungry anymore” she lied, then left to go upstairs to dress.

As much as she hated to admit it, Richard was right about one thing she was gaining weight. She’d never mentioned it to him and had prayed he didn’t notice. Now it was obvious he did.

Upstairs in the safety of their bedroom Julie slipped out of her nightgown. Facing the mirror she took in the “damage.” Nineteen pounds had somehow worked their way onto her former wiry frame. To the young woman’s disdain much of that weight had found its way to her derriere. Julie placed her hands there taking in the unfamiliar softness. ‘How did I gain this so fast?’ she wondered, accentuating the question with a slap. The resulting ripples that spread from the impact further emphasized the dramatic loss of muscle tone that accompanied her sudden weight gain. ‘If only I didn’t feel so damned tired all the time maybe I’d work some of it off.’

Julie turned away from the mirror to start the shower, unable to look at her reflection anymore. Soon hot steam began to pour out of the stall signaling it was ready. While lathering she tried to ignore the yielding feel to her flesh. It was as if her whole body had developed a small layer of fat. Even her breasts had succumbed to the invasion. Her C’s had grown at least a cup size in such a short time. Normally this would be considered a good thing, but they were also less firm. Julie gripped them in her hands noting both the extra weight and the increased way her fingers sank in. Even through the soapy suds she could spot a couple new spider bites. ‘Damn it Richard, can’t you get rid of those things?’ she cursed internally. Letting her breasts go, they sagged down a couple inches, even flattening out a bit as they settled. Julie had to look away. ‘You need to get yourself in shape girl!’ she vowed.

After the shower the young brunette felt a little better if no more energized. Plopping down on her dressing chair she grabbed a pair of panties and slipped them on. The poor band had seen better days and was letting go under the strain of her added pounds. Julie made a mental note to buy some new ones when she went to town. Her bra followed next. It too was pitifully undersized. Soft rolls of breast flesh peeked around the edges of the cups. The bra’s band and straps dug in too making it quite uncomfortable. With a sigh she added new bras to her growing shopping list.

Next Julie picked up the new slacks she’d purchased just a few days ago. Size 10’s…she couldn’t believe it, two weeks ago she was wearing 6’s. Pulling up the new garment showed that unless something changed these too were destined to be replaced. Her thighs pressed snugly against the fabric erasing any wrinkles. Several tugs were needed to get the slacks up that last little bit. Each tug carried with it the strange sensation of her slightly drooping cheeks being lifted. Clasping the slacks closed was no easy chore either, taking a considerable effort. The tight feeling let Julie know there was going to be an ugly red mark when she removed them.

None of her blouses really fit anymore, adding to her worries. Even the loosest ones pulled tight across her chest and stomach. The short tummy baring style she’d always preferred now highlighted the soft roll of fat squeezed above her slacks. Yet another item was added to her shopping list.

Julie stepped into a pair of heels, then grunted trying to reach the straps. Though her slacks threatened to cut her in two she managed to get the shoes on. Standing she took a few trial steps in them. They were a tad uncomfortable, but she could manage. For some reason they’d been hurting her feet as of late.

Finally came hair and make-up…as if she wasn’t depressed enough already. The sun had been playing hell with her smooth skin. There were several dry patches around her eyes and the corners of her mouth. She’d mentioned it to her husband and he’d brought some cream home that was supposed to help. As Julie applied the milky white substance she prayed it would kick in soon, for it seemed the problem was getting worse.

By the time she’d finished with her make-up she was too depressed to even bother with her hair. Just to be done with it Julie pulled back the limp strands into a pony-tail and called it good enough.

“Does this hurt?” asked the doctor.

“OW!” Julie yelled. “Of course it hurts! Why do you think I came in here?”

The old doctor smiled a condescending smile and once more applied pressure making the woman yell.

“It’s sprained,” he said somberly. “Quite badly too. You’ll have to keep your weight off of it for a while.

“Great that means no jogging.” Julie said, her sarcasm heavier than she really felt. For some reason her earlier vow to get in shape seemed more appealing in theory than application.

“No, no jogging for you, I’m afraid,” chuckled the doc. “At least for some time.”

While the doctor applied the bandage to her swollen ankle Julie though back to how she’d twisted it in the first place. The island experienced many rainstorms. The sudden influx of water often created many washouts and accumulations of sand. Normally this doesn’t present a hazard, but to a woman in heels… Especially if you figure in a woman in heels dumb enough to try and eat a double-scoop berry mango ice cream cone while she’s walking and you have a recipe for disaster.

Shortly before the doc finished, Richard showed up. The way he acted, you’d have thought she’d been the sole survivor of a plane crash. It took the combined efforts of both doctor and Julie to calm his frazzled nerves. Not that he totally relaxed. Even several hours later he refused to let her do a thing, waiting on her hand and foot. If it wasn’t so cute it would’ve been annoying.

“I can feed myself, thank you!” Julie managed before a spoonful of ice cream was shoved into her face. She didn’t have the heart to tell her husband it was ice cream…that very flavor too, that had gotten her into this mess in the first place. The very reminder of which brought a blush to her face, and a look of concern to her husband’s.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

Julie stifled a laugh, just barely. How could she tell him the truth? “I’m ok,” she joked. “You, I don’t know about.”

The confused look on his face made her laugh. The laughter proved contagious and soon they were both cackling on the bed. Their racket soon caught the attention of Sam, and of course she too had to join in.

“Come on up here squirt,” coaxed Julie, giving the girl’s head a tussle as she clambered aboard the king size bed.

The trio had a high old time passing the spoon around until the whole half gallon tub was empty.

“Are you sure you should be doing this?” Richard asked, his concern was genuine if unfounded.

Julie rolled her eyes at her husband’s overprotective nature. “Rick, if I don’t get out of this bed…this room, I’m going to go crazy!”

The intense look in her eyes let him know she was serious. “Ok…do you want me to…”

“I want you to leave Richard. It was cute for a while but I think I’m capable of doing something by myself.”

If she was serious before, she was well beyond that now. With wide eyes he backed away towards the door. “If you need any…”

“LEAVE!” she shouted, throwing the nearest thing handy at him; her breakfast tray.

Richard dodged the tray and took the hint, exiting rapidly.

“Finally!” she sighed, as if a great weight had been lifted off her chest.

Any previous dreams she’d had about being waited on hand and foot had evaporated during the last two weeks. All Julie wanted to do now was…anything! Just as long as she could do it herself. ‘Well, maybe I’ll let him keep doing the sponge-baths…’ she thought with a twinkle in her eye. ‘That was worth it!’

Hobbling over to the chair she plopped down heavily. “Oof! Guess I misjudged the drop there!” she laughed.

After sitting a few moments, the plump brunette began rifling through the small pile of clothing she’d dug out of the closet the day before. It had taken a bit of effort but she’d convinced her husband to go in to work and leave her be for a while. He’d initially refused, but after she convinced him that Maria and the other household staff were nearby, he consented. As soon as he’d left, she began going through his former wife’s clothing. Even she’d known that nothing of her own would fit anymore.

Most of the previous Mrs. Danvers’ clothes had been too big…that much was obvious. Julie didn’t really know her size but figured that the smallest in the closet should fit even if it was baggy. Much to her surprise, there was a tremendous variety of sizes within. In no time she’d come across everything from 26’s to 12’s. Apparently the woman hadn’t been the same weight throughout her marriage. Given that the older looking styles were the smaller ones it was easy to deduce which way she’d gone.

With a sigh Julie picked out a pair of size 12 lime green slacks. She winced at the color.

‘Oh well, gotta start somewhere’ she thought, ‘If anything, the hideous styles should help motivate me to get back in shape!’
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Re: Spider Bites

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With an even bigger sigh, she yanked her nightgown over her head. It wasn’t as easy a task as it had been given that the once loose garment now clung to her expanded frame quite tightly. As soon as the fabric pulled loose Julie’s breasts dropped free. The suddenness of their fall, not to mention how far they went, made her cringe.

Trying not to look at her breasts the brunette picked up one of the bras from the previous Mrs. Danvers collection. The huge thing was the smallest one there. She looked at the expensive custom made 36 DD bra. It was certainly a sexy piece. ‘Too bad I’ll be swimming in it’ Julie thought ruefully.

It fit.

The new Mrs. Danvers was speechless. ‘Have I really gotten that big?’ she wondered. Despite her previous vow to avoid the mirror she could help herself no longer. Hobbling over to the silvered glass Julie took in her reflection.

“OH…MY…GOD” she whispered.

There before her was a far different woman from the bride she’d been. ‘I must’ve put on thirty pounds!’ she thought, absolutely horrified by the sight. (She’d have been more so if she knew she was off by ten pounds)

Julie put a hand on her belly, noting with disgust how far it pooched out. Gone was the washboard trimness she’d been so proud of. The roll of fat pouring over the band of her panties further deflated her mood. Actually they weren’t really “her” panties, but yet another borrowed article from Richard’s former wife. It felt really strange wearing another woman’s underwear. She had little choice, however as her own panties now fit her like a thong…a very uncomfortable thong.

Remembering her reason for going to the mirror in the first place, Julie looked away from her soft middle…something she was eager to do.

What she found wasn’t any more reassuring.

Her breasts filled the big DD cups, and did so easily. No longer riding high and proud though, they now sagged into the bra in such a way that made it clear they would go down even further without the support. Surplus flesh, unable to fit into the cups bulged slightly over the edges. The extra wide straps sunk into Julie’s softened shoulders making them sag. She could feel her whole posture bend under the unfamiliar weight.

The realization almost made her crawl back into bed.

With a seldom used will Mrs. Danvers pushed on. She left the mirror and picked up the hideous lime green slacks. It was immediately apparent she could no longer put them on while standing. Forced to sit, Julie began tugging once more. The slacks slid on easily…up to her knees anyway. From there on things got progressively worse. Mrs. Danvers’ soft thighs pressed tightly against the legs of the slacks stretching them out like sausage casings. Their upward rise slowed and soon halted. Julie did not give up, however. With grim determination she tried to force the damned things farther up. Amazingly they complied, though not without considerable effort. The woman’s plump body jiggled and shook everywhere from the exertion until finally the band squeezed past her hips.

“Yes!” she cried out in victory.

A victory that was short lived.

When it came time to do up the slacks it became obvious there was no way to fasten them. The best she could do was get the clasps within four inches of one another. All that effort had been for naught. Shoulders sagging in defeat, Julie wormed her fingers under her love handles and grasped the taut green band. With a sigh she began squirming her way back out of them again. This task wasn’t any easier and it was a full three minutes before they were off.

“Size fourteen!” She shouted incredulously. “I can’t believe I wear a size fourteen!”

There was no doubt about the truthfulness of the brunette’s statement. Heaven only knows she’d tried everything she could to avoid admitting it to herself. Several more failed attempts with remaining 12’s, however finally forced her to accept the dark conclusion.

Of course the selections of 14’s weren’t any better than their smaller counterparts. The least hideous of the bunch was a mauve skirt with gaudy white stitching. While a dreadful color it at least hid her flabby thighs. White being the only possible color you can wear with mauve, Julie was limited to one of the smaller blouses. She was able to do it up alright though it was a bit snug at her tummy and breasts. ‘I’ll have to remember to suck it in’ she vowed. That would at least help with her rogue tummy, with her breasts there was nothing she could do.

While slipping on a pair of sensible flats (heels were out for a while) she saw how pale her legs had gotten. Too bad no pantyhose would fit in order to hide the sickly white. All of hers were too small and the former Mrs. Danvers’ were so large they could easily house both her legs in one side alone! No, Julie realized she’d have to tough it out this way until she was able to start tanning once more.

Just thinking of tanning brought a hand to her face. She could feel the slight roughness of her skin immediately. Stepping over to the mirror the brunette looked at her puffy face. There at the corners of her eyes the “condition” remained. It had started nearly a month ago; a reaction to her husband’s tanning cream. First there was only dry patches, which a special moisturizer he gave her seemed to minimize. Soon however, little wrinkles began to form. They were almost indistinguishable at first, gradually though they spread out; growing deeper as they went. The damned things looked eerily like crow’s feet. What was she to do? Certainly she couldn’t sue…it was her husband’s company! So too was she limited as far as outside medical care. If word of this got out it would be disastrous. ‘He’ll figure it out’ she reassured herself ‘after all he’s a genius.’

Julie ached to put some make-up on to cover the hideous wrinkles, or to minimize the puffiness to her cheeks. Richard had cautioned against this however stating that until the cause of her reaction could be determined, it would be dangerous to mix any other foreign substances with her skin. ‘That’s just great!’ she thought sarcastically, ‘I get to walk around looking like shit.’ Even her hair was suffering from the beauty product quarantine. The normally soft flowing locks had become dry and coarse. The hypoallergenic wash Richard was using seemed to fade her coloring too; robbing Julie of her deep raven black. Julie examined a few strands, running them through her fingers. Her mood sank at the sight. ‘If this keeps up I’ll wind up looking like my mom!’ she thought with a shudder. Julie couldn’t imagine being as ancient as her own thirty-nine year old mother.

Her depression becoming deeper by the moment, the new Mrs. Danvers picked up her purse and left. She had to get out. It’d been so long since she’d been anywhere, let alone with people her age. Julie couldn’t wait to go to a club or one of the specialty shops. ‘If I’m going to go I better do it now.’ she realized, looking at her watch ‘Sam will be home soon. If I’m not out of here by then I’ll be spending the rest of the evening with her.’ Actually she didn’t mind spending time with the kid. They’d been doing more and more things together as of late. Stuck in bed, activities like helping her daughter with homework, or talking about school and boys didn’t seem so bad and helped pass the time. Heck she’d even begun to look forward to it…

“Ahhh!” Julie sighed, the wind whipping in her hair. “That’s more like it!”

Driving towards town with the top down was just the thing to boost her mood. By the time the first shops came into view she was feeling happy and carefree.

‘First things first’ she thought, pulling in front of a trendy clothier ‘I gotta get rid of these hideous clothes!’ With a grunt Julie pried herself out of the Mercedes. She gave her faded hair a flip and headed into the shop. “The Beat” was cutting edge fashion that catered to the rich young tourists that flocked to the island paradise. She’d spent much time and even more money here. ‘It’ll be good to see Sandy and Ramón again!’ Julie thought excitedly. Scanning the sales floor showed no evidence of either of her favorite help. In fact nobody looked familiar.

“Can I help you ma’am?” came a voice from behind.

Julie paid no attention, assuming the address was for someone else.

“Excuse me, are you looking for someone?” Came the voice once more, this time even closer and more insistent.

The sheer proximity forced her to turn and look. To Julie’s surprise the young woman had been addressing her! ‘Ma’am?’ Where does she get off calling me ma’am?!’ Now angry, Julie looked at the sales girl…probably only a year or two younger than herself. Julie didn’t recognize the girl, at least by name; she recognized the bored, annoyed look though. Coming from New York, the expression was nearly a prerequisite for a girl that age working in a shop like this.

Julie fought back a cutting remark. “Pardon me?”

“I was wondering if you were looking for someone.” The girl replied, upping her annoyed look a notch. “You’re daughter perhaps?”

Mrs. Danvers felt her skin bristle with anger, but again curtailed her answer…somewhat. “I’m here to shop for something to wear.” She emphasized every word. “Is there something you can recommend?”

The girl mumbled something under her breath. Julie didn’t catch it all but thought she heard “…Bryant.” It took her a few moments to figure out the fat reference and when she finally did it was too late. ‘Bitch!’ she thought vehemently.

“So, are you going to help me?” she asked impotently.

The salesgirl shifted from bored annoyance to incredulous arrogance. “I guess we might have some hats or gloves that might interest you.” Her voice carried every bit of the intended insult…though in a way that would probably allow her to keep her job. To make matters worse she actually gave Julie’s figure a once over…the barely concealed smirk as she did so was the last straw. Mrs. Danvers stormed out of the shop, her stomping steps causing a flow of ripples along her expanded backside.
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Re: Spider Bites

Postby buzzy » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:58 pm

This is a nice updating and slowing-down of this story, I like the added pacing and detail. Hope we get to see more of the new Julie interacting with her previous friends (and enemies).
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Re: Spider Bites

Postby Jared86 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:08 pm

I like this story (and this version) very much. Do you ever plan to write more of it?
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