Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

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Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

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Yet another great unfinished story.

She hadn't meant to laugh. Meagan was normally much more kind, and certainly more covert in her opinions of those less blessed to do such a thing. The sight of the chubby blond all but bursting out of her track-suit proved too much in this instance. It didn't help that Meagan had just been treated to the perfect profile view at the same moment the woman in question had given a tug downward on her shirt's hem. All the move had accomplished was to squish her breasts momentarily lower and further highlight just how much of a belly was sticking out. Of course the second the hem was released, up went the shirt showing even more flesh than before bulging over the too tight pants.

Like I said, she hadn’t meant to laugh.

The small confines and hard walls of the locker room served to amplify Meagan's outburst, drawing everyone to turn and look at the hapless young woman highlighted in the mirror. Mortified, the chubby gal fled. Meagan even felt the cool rush of air as she waddled past. In the shocked silence of the locker room you could hear her fading sobs and rapid swish-swish from the track-suit.

A few seconds of silence followed before life returned to the locker room. Meagan caught a few knowing smirks thrown her way from other slim females as herself. Bits of conversation overheard immediately after contained choice bits of dialogue like "Fat", "Lazy", "Cow" and the like.

Meagan at first felt disdain for these catty remarks and the women who spouted them, but as she slid into her own clothes those thoughts began to change. 'After all it’s not like anyone forced her to over-eat' she reasoned.

Looking down at her own taut toned physique, Meagan's disdain began to transfer to the fleeing woman. 'Maybe if she'd ran like that on a daily basis she could have a figure like mine' Meagan let her hand trail along her abdomen reveling in the firmness. 'Well, maybe not as good as mine'

With that thought she picked up her handbag and strolled confidently out of the locker room. Many jealous eyes followed her progress.

Out in the main area of the spa, Meagan's passing drew even more attention, especially from the men. Many were less than inconspicuous; some practically gawking.

So it was, with her head up in the clouds, doing her most sexy strut that Meagan ran smack into the woman she'd just humiliated. I mean literally. So much so that she could feel the gentle yielding flesh of the woman's breasts and belly. ‘What the…?’ Meagan thought. For despite this softness the woman's body proved surprisingly unmoving, causing Meagan to stumble back.

Shocked and angered by the sudden impact, Meagan moved to spew deliberate insults this time, but the words died in her throat at the expression directed her way.

No longer submissive or helpless, the woman stood firm, eyes blazing fiercely from behind plump cheeks still red from crying. Tense moments passed, giving Meagan a chance to recover. But, just as she started to do so, she felt a sharp jab of a finger into her abdomen.

"Soft" The woman spoke.

The single word flowed from her lips quietly, almost accusingly as if she was simply stating a fact.

Then she was gone.

Meagan stood there helplessly, one hand defensively on her chest as she watched the plump form retreat once more. It was almost hypnotic as the fat on the woman's hips and thighs jiggled and gyrated.

'Ok that was weird'

The incident was largely forgotten by Meagan until dressing for her run the next day. There before the mirror and clad only in her sports bra and running shorts she beheld the angry red spot where she'd been poked.

"Damn that still hurts!" she hissed, massaging the area.

The massage did little good, leaving the toned muscle underneath feeling strangely sore. 'I sure hope I don't run into her again' she mused. Meagan didn't think that was likely, however, given the woman’s poor physique. 'Women like that hardly put any effort into exercise' It was doubtful she'd ever have come back to the spa even without the embarrassment. ‘Hell, she’s probably stuffing her face with junk food right now’ the thought left Meagan with a self-righteous smirk.

Meagan was glad she wasn’t one of those women.

After a few quick stretches she placed her earbuds in and headed outside. In moments she was sprinting briskly to the tune of "Single Ladies"

The following Wednesday....

Meagan and Jenna rounded the track for the fourth time that cool May morning, their footfalls and breaths in perfect time as usual. Only everything wasn't as usual. For one thing Meagan's slim features didn't have their usual serene look. This was due to the other departure from the routine; their pace. Over the years she and Jenna had developed a pace that was perfect for both... challenging yet comfortable. Today Jenna seemed to be pressing forward harder, outside Meagan's comfort zone. This is what the leggy redhead usually did whenever Meagan did something to upset her. Meagan had noticed this right off and for four fricking laps had been trying to figure out just what offense she'd committed.

"OK I give up!" Meagan shouted suddenly and somewhat breathlessly. "What did I do to piss you off?"

Jenna seemed caught off guard. "What are you talking about?" she asked innocently.

Now it was Meagan's turn to be caught off guard. She knew Jenna wouldn’t hold anything back.

"I thought you were mad at me or something."

Jenna screwed her face up in confusion in that cute way she always does. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

Meagan already struggling to keep her breathing even at this pace, had a hard time responding. "Well you... always run... really hard… whenever you're mad at me."

"I'm not running hard."

'The hell you're not!' was Meagan's initial thought. But, as she analyzed it further, the sound of their footfalls sounded about right. The length of their strides (Though a challenge right now) seemed right too.

'Then why is this so damned hard?'


Meagan gave a lazy stretch as she lounged in bed. It was already after 10a.m. far later than usual. If she didn't get moving there wouldn't be any time for a work-out at all. Mom wanted to do lunch.

Still it was hard to get up. The sheets were so soft and silky smooth. There was even the faint aroma of Todd and their encounter from last night still evident. ‘Oh why did he have to leave so damned early’ she thought, drawing the sheets about her and inhaling deeply. Instead of reassuring her, the sensation only emphasized his absence.

"Time to get up." She groaned.

Meagan spent a little extra time with her stretches feeling strangely stiff for some reason. Finally feeling satisfied... or at least impatient, she began, starting out with some sit-ups. It was her usual every other day routine, but after 10 sit-ups Meagan felt a strain and had to stop at 22 instead of her usual 25. She couldn't remember a time where even 25 had given a bit of trouble, even on her final set.

More problems persisted as each routine proved more difficult. Fewer reps were done each set over the last, until Meagan quit in disgust.

"Am I catching a cold?" She wondered out loud, jotting down the latest disappointing results.

"Dr. Kinder will see you now."

Meagan looked up at the sound of the nurse's voice. Without realizing it a look of relief swept across her face. Eagerly she followed the older woman back into the depths of the clinic.

"If you'll step on here please." The nurse said, gesturing to a stark looking medical scale.

Setting down her purse, Meagan obliged. This was never an issue for her, being proud of her figure.

"Wow you are a slim one," the nurse remarked, obviously impressed. “124 pounds. I sure wish I weighed that!” The nurse emphasized her comment with a slap to a generous hip.

Meagan, however, failed to appreciate the comment or the gesture. Her mind instead chose to fixate on the incredible number of 124lbs. Or should I say the incredibly inaccurate number of 124lbs. 'That can't be right' Meagan had been weighed in this outfit before, a couple times actually. Each instance had always been the same; 121 lbs.

Once inside the office proper, and after the usual BP & HR, Meagan was finally left alone to her thoughts. 'Maybe the scale was wrong' she wondered. Still, the thoughts crept in that this was yet another symptom to her strange malaise. Almost instinctively her hands crept to her middle. Sitting as she was there seemed to be a slight softness about her belly button. 'Am I retaining water?' Suddenly the thought of eating that Chocolate chip muffin this morning seemed like an even poorer decision.
Meagan wriggled her cute little derrière around on the table. She remembered her favorite jeans feeling a tad snug when she’d put them on yesterday. It was hardly a thought then. But now… ‘Are these slacks too tight’ she wondered. Another wiggle. They did seem to pinch a bit near the tops of her thighs.
Thankfully the Dr. knocked just then.
Meagan gave a silent prayer he would figure out what was causing her fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

The ride home allowed Meagan to think. 'At least Dr. Kinder didn't seem too worried' that was a good sign. 'And all my vitals seemed good' She just wished something concrete could have been figured out.

"We'll know more after the bloodwork" The Dr. had said.

Meagan sure hoped so. She hated the unknown. 'Maybe he was right and it is just stress?' Meagan didn't feel stressed, at least about anything else.

The sound of a text arriving distracted her thoughts. It was Todd.

"U Free 2nite?"


"Maurices 7?"

"Don't b late!"

"Wear the RED dress"

Meagan smiled at that. She knew just the one.

Right a 7p.m. the doorbell rang.

"Damn that man and his punctuality!" She hissed, giving one last brush stroke.

Standing up straight, Meagan gave a final appraisal in the mirror. Everything looked just as planned. Her eyes sparkled like emeralds. Her hair, freshly done, cascaded over her shoulders framing her slim cheeks. The dress itself fairly shimmered, highlighting both her trim shoulders and small but well-proportioned breasts. 'That oughtta get his attention' she thought, giving them a little lift.

The doorbell rang again.

'Ooh you're going to pay for that mister' she thought with a grin. She knew just the way too.

'Time for that later'

Leaving the mirror Meagan bent to retrieve her favorite matching red heels. As she did so, a pinching sensation pulled across her tummy. Straightening she moved to give a little tug, but the form fitting material eluded her grasp. 'Damn it!' Trying to ignore the pinching, Meagan retrieved the heels and slipped them on. As she hurried to the door a nagging sensation that something else with the dress wasn't quite right toyed with the back of her mind. Meagan struggled to ignore it, something that was easy once the door was opened. Todd's handsome face smiling hungrily back at her erased all other thoughts and left Meagan feeling weak in the knees. 'He is never going to know what hit him' she thought smugly, sliding her arm under his.

Maurice's was as exceptional as always. Between Todd's charming nature and the succulent Marinara sauce Meagan practically melted into his arms on the way to the car.

"Dessert was amazing!" Meagan purred, leaning a little closer.

Todd who'd watched Meagan savor her tiramisu had almost felt jealous she'd enjoyed it so much. Strange, he'd never seen his girlfriend eat dessert before. But, if doing so made either of them as horny as it did tonight, he'd offer to order it for her in the future.

'As long as it doesn't go to her hips' he thought, giving one of Meagan’s firm ass cheeks a pat as she climbed into the Escalade.

The next morning…

Fond memories of the night’s activities brought about a smile to Meagan’s lips. Sex with Todd mirrored his lifestyle. Athletic would be a good description, or perhaps aggressive. That was fine with her. Meagan preferred the sort of “Cat and Mouse” routine they played in bed, using her naturally lithe physique to the most advantage.

A glance over to the empty spot alongside dampened the mood somewhat as Todd’s absence was felt. It was a feeling of loss made ever more, thanks to the expansive dimensions of the King-size bed. Meagan let out a sigh then longingly stretched her arm out. ‘At least I got to see him go’ she mused.

Of course that thought brought about a feeling of guilt, for Meagan could have gotten up with him. Being home, and minus the drive from her house Todd actually got to sleep in a bit later before his work-out. It was something Meagan often enjoyed doing with her man, but for some reason she’d feigned sleep when he’d turned to her.
At the time she’d tried to tell herself it was so she could better spy on him getting ready, which wasn’t altogether false. His lean powerfully built body was a dream to behold. It had been all Meagan could do to not sigh at the sight of him performing his stretches. So, biting her lip, she’d snuggled deeper and took in the show.

Even now the silk sheets called to her, but it was nearly 10 a.m. and she was still in bed.

’10 a.m.!’

The shock of the time jolted Meagan into motion. Quickly, and before temptation could strike again, she threw the covers back and swung her legs over.
Meagan could feel her nakedness instantly as the cool air brushed the tender skin of her nipples. In response she nearly went for the spare robe she kept just inside her boyfriend’s closet. Something else caught her eye, however, and soon she had slipped on Todd’s sky-blue work shirt. The naughty temptation to parade around just in that crossed Meagan’s mind, especially with the feeling of the tails tickling her ass as she did up the buttons. But with a change of mind and a pout she retrieved her panties and slipped them on. If Todd had been there, well that would’ve been another matter. As she headed into the kitchen the bra still lay behind, where it had been hurriedly discarded the night before. She didn’t really need the support anyway.

Once in the kitchen Meagan took a minute to roll up the cuffs as she surveyed her plunder. ‘I sure could use some coffee today’ she thought with longing. Normally an Orange Juice or Vita-water type of gal, the thought of a caffeine pick-me-up sounded really tempting today. No luck there, though. Todd absolutely abhorred coffee of any kind.

“I guess Orange Juice will have to do” Meagan complained while reaching for the pitcher.

‘At least until I hit Mocha Mansion’

Juice in hand Meagan strolled around the apartment. It was definitely a man’s apartment; Spartan and efficient. However, some of her charms had rubbed off in the form of a picture here, a knickknack there.

Meagan picked up just such a picture. It was of her and Todd in the Cayman Islands last year. ‘Oh what an amazing day’ It had been at that. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. They’d just finished windsurfing and were headed back to the hotel when a local 14 yr old entrepreneur asked to take their picture.

Holding the picture closer, Meagan took in the chiseled form of her boyfriend. Well, that’s what she tried to tell herself she was doing. In all honesty, the purity of her own form was catching most of her attention. ‘I still have that bikini. How fun would it be to wear it there again’
Suddenly inspiration struck.

‘We could go back!’

Just a few days ago Todd had been musing the same thing. ‘And his vacation is coming up next week’ Meagan realized. She knew all he had planned was cleaning out the old cabin his grandfather had left him. That was hardly a vacation. In an instant she decided to surprise him with a trip back to the Caymans. After all, what’s the use in being wealthy if you can’t spend Granddaddy’s money?

Meagan tried to put the details together, but, other than that brief moment of lucidity, her foggy mind refused to cooperate. ‘A jolt of caffeine should do the trick’

Seizing on that thought, Meagan dumped the juice out then headed back to the bedroom to get ready. The magical red dress from the night before still dangled from one of Todd’s lamps. That wasn’t an option, however. It was for special purposes only. Not that that posed a problem. Meagan had several outfits stashed in her boyfriend’s closet.

“I swear you’ve got more clothes in there than me!” he’d joked the other day.

It was a bit of an overstatement, but not by much.
Standing in front of the closet, Meagan perused her options. The weather outside was warm and sunny; a perfect May morning, well mid-day anyway. ‘Something light and breezy then’

She had just the thing in mind.

Out came the light flowery sundress she and Jenna had found down by the pier last spring. Meagan just loved how it cinched below her breasts making them seem larger than they were. It was relatively short too which showed off her legs.

So it was a mere 45 minutes later that Meagan finally had her trophy in hand; a Mocha Mansion El Grande Supreme with extra crème and a touch of mint. In no time the load of caffeine and sugar racing through her system got the ball rolling. The poor reservationist had a hard time keeping up with her barrage of requests, but knew better than to interrupt the flow of income that accompanied such a vacation as this.

“I gotta tell Jenna” Meagan said after concluding the travel plan.”

“Whoah! Whoah! Whoah!” Her friend replied after several failed attempts to interject anything into the conversation. “Slow down girl. Just one paragraph at a time please.”

Meagan couldn’t help but to laugh at herself before repeating the story.

“Sounds great.” Jenna admitted in an obviously impressed tone. “Todd will love it.”

“He sure will.” Meagan fairly bubbled.

“You bet. Say, I have to get back to work.”

“OK then, later.”

“Later. And Meagan? Bring some of that energy to the track tomorrow.”

Before Meagan could respond, the line went dead.

Instantly all the enthusiasm fled, leaving her filled with a strange apprehension. All Meagan could think about was how she’d bailed on her friend at the track two times in a row. Sure, once was for the Dr. appointment, but the other had been pure laziness.

‘What the hell is happening to me?’

Even through the effects of the El Grande Supreme coursing through her body Meagan could feel that strange weakness in the background; ever present and weighing her down.

‘Please oh please let Dr. Kinder find out what is causing this’

The next morning Meagan still had on that same look of apprehension as she performed her stretches along the track’s edge. Her body felt so lethargic and drained. And that was now. Oh how inviting the bed had been when her alarm had gone off. If her cell phone alarm hadn’t also gone off ten minutes later she’d have probably stayed in bed.

Jenna in contrast was bouncing up and down effortlessly, and was as limber as ever.

Meagan just managed in time to put on a cheery face as her friend turned to her and said “Shall we begin?”

Meagan tried her best, and for nearly two full laps managed to keep up. It was at the expense of talking, however. Even then she could feel her breathing come more rapid and deep. ‘I feel like one of those fat and out of shape moms next to Jenna’

Jenna for her part, kept quiet. It was easy for her to see her friend struggling. She even, very subtly slowed her pace down just a smidge. ‘Poor girl I hope it isn’t a virus’ Then eyes widening slightly at the thought, amended ‘I hope it isn’t contagious’

Unconsciously Jenna edged over to the far side of her lane.
To her credit, Meagan finished all of their usual laps, though by the end her form was truly awful. And in her exhaustion and frustration she was oblivious to Jenna’s slower pace.

Jenna wasn’t. It left her equally frustrated and more than a little bored. She was a competitive gal and ran with Meagan for the challenge. Being a good friend took precedence, however, so it was with a cheery and supportive disposition that she faced the winded woman beside her.
“Hey, I think you did pretty good considering…” She let the last trail off.

Meagan could only look back with a fragile hope.

“Hey, remember when I had that nasty cold last spring? I had a hell of a time keeping up with you. I guess its just your turn.”

This time a trace of Meagan’s true smile shone through.

Back to the good Doctor…

Alone and perched on the hard table, Meagan tried to fight back tears.

“127 pounds” the nurse had said.

It was the heaviest she’d ever weighed. ‘Could I really have put on 3 pounds in under 10 days?’

The number really shouldn’t have been that much of a shock, however, given the poor fit of her clothes, something that made itself more and more evident over the last few days. It had culminated this morning with Meagan having to give up on the jeans she’d picked out. They simply wouldn’t button. Even the loosest slacks she’d tried, barely fit and dug mercilessly into her middle. Even worse than the fit was how she looked. Standing in front of the mirror without a blouse there was nothing to hide the ring of fat that encircled her middle.

‘I can’t believe I have love handles’

Sure they weren’t extreme, certainly nothing like many of the women waddling around the mall. But to the eternally thin Meagan it felt as if her world was collapsing around her. That morning she actually did cry. All the while pinching and prodding the strange puffiness. ‘So this is what it was like to gain weight’ How did other women stand it?

After nearly an hour a weary Meagan had finally cried herself out. By now her Dr.’s appointment was looming and there was no way she was going to miss it. The pleated skirt she finally dug out did a much better job and between that and a looser blouse Meagan looked her usual sexy self. At least she hoped she still did. ‘All I have to do is suck my stomach in for about 8 hours’ she thought cynically.

A soft knock signaled the Dr.’s arrival.

In walked a tall handsome man in his mid-thirties; Dr. Kinder. Meagan just loved those blue eyes.

“Miss Saunders. How are you doing this morning?” he asked, extending a hand.

Meagan took his hand and tried not to get lost in those deep blue orbs of his.

Smiling back she replied. “I was hoping you could tell me that.”

Dr. Kinder’s smile deepened a touch as he sat down, but it was easy to see he was all business.

“Well the tests have come back, and while there is nothing really troubling I do have to say that there were certain… deficiencies.”


Dr. Kinder read the quizzical look directed his way and explained.

“Some of your work-ups seem to indicate signs of malnourishment.”

Meagan couldn’t believe her ears.

“Malnourishment?” she replied quizzically. ‘Yeah I’d be so lucky’

Thoughts over her diet lately flashed through Meagan’s mind. Feeling guilty about the over-indulgences she averted her gaze.

Dr, Kinder’s eyes were as astute as they were sexy. He’d spotted Meagan’s discomfort and misread it as confirmation of a possible eating disorder. Previous experience told him he needed to tread carefully. ‘What a shame it would be to have that body waste away’ All professionalism aside, Dr. Kinder was a man and would have to be dead not to appreciate those long sexy legs dangling over the side.
“Ahem.” He began. “I’ve known you a long time Miss Saunders. I know how hard you push your body.”

He paused to let that sink in.

“There are professional athletes that train less than you do.”

Meagan had to admit she did have a rigid routine. ‘At least I used to’

“Well, I take pride in my appearance.”

Dr. Kinder set down his ipad.

“That could be the root of the problem. Whenever you choose appearance over wellbeing it can be the start of a slippery slope. Anorexia and Bulimia are just two disorders that can start innocently enough simply with a preoccupation over one’s image.”

Meagan tried to take all this in. She’d always been so healthy. No way was she prepared for this. ‘I just thought he’d recommend a vitamin or something’ People are always told they’re missing some nutrient or other.

“But Dr. I’ve gained three pounds!”

Somehow admitting to the whole 6 was out of the question.

Dr. Kinder nodded, then pulled out a sheet of paper.
“Yes, you did at that. But remember how I had the nurse ask you to give me a copy of your diet and exercise routine when you called to reschedule another appointment?”

“Yes.” Meagan admitted
She’d been very detailed.

He held out the paper towards his patient.

“I must say I think you are over-doing it. Sure you’re young. But day after day of pushing yourself to the limit will eventually take its toll.”

Meagan thought about his words, as images of her and Jenna’s countless laps about the track flashed through her brain. There weren’t many people who could keep up. And most of those were on the college track team. Passing up all those runners had always given her a sense of pride. But now? ‘Am I really hurting myself?’

“But what about my weight gain?”

The question hardly phased the Dr.

“Oh that’s pretty simple. Starving yourself for extended periods of time wreaks havoc on the metabolism. So when you do eat something, your body desperately stores it as fat. It is the natural defense to starvation.”

‘I was starving myself?’

He continued.

“Add to that the fact you are constantly tearing your muscles down and not giving them proper time to heal and you have a recipe for your current troubles.”

At least it seemed like he had an answer.

“What do I do then?” Meagan asked. There was a touch of fear in her voice. “Do I quit running?”

“Oh no. Nothing so drastic as that.” He flashed her a reassuring smile. “Just try and tone it down a little bit and give your body a chance to heal. Jog instead of run for a few weeks. And when you do run, try and listen to what your body tells you. I’m certain all your symptoms of fatigue, the stiffness, and the soreness will gradually fade away.

Meagan’s hopes arose for the first time.

“Do you think that will do the trick?”

Dr. kinder nodded confidently.

“Yes, that and a proper diet. Make sure you are getting enough protein. OK?”

“OK” She replied, flashing back a relieved smile.

“Alright then.”

A road less traveled…

“Hey there!”

Meagan turned to see the person jogging alongside her. She was rewarded with a young sandy-haired man about her age, well built, and good looking. ‘Nice’ she thought appreciatively. Meagan had been hearing someone gain ground for nearly a minute and had been curious as to who it was. Perhaps because of this anticipation she’d managed to turn quick enough to catch the last lingering look he’d been giving her breasts.

“Hey there yourself!”

Mystery man knew he’d been busted, but retained his composure.

“I haven’t seen you here before.” He said.

“Oh, I usually run on the track over by the U.”

His eyes raised slightly at the news.

“Really? I tried that a couple times but those track types are waay too competitive for my tastes. Getting bumped into and spoken down to got real old real fast.”

Meagan knew the characters he was referring to. They’d never given her any flack, though. Sure part of it had to be she was a good looking woman. Still, she’d received more than a few nods of appreciation from several hard core runners.

“Yeah, it can be a little intimidating.” She admitted anyway.

“I think you’ll find the view here more to your liking.”

Meagan snuck a peak at his ass. ‘I already have’

“Oh! I’m Andrew by the way…”

They chatted a few minutes about light topics which proved to be a nice distraction. After a while though, Andrew’s comments became more and more flirtatious. She tried countering with longer gaps of silence, but he didn’t seem to get the hint. Finally Meagan held up her ring finger, adding an additional gesture by rubbing it with her thumb. Andrew reacted immediately, holding his hands up in surrender.

“It figures! All the sexy ones are taken!”

He then bid her goodbye and sped up, leaving a smiling Meagan behind.

She was smiling both from his welcome compliment and from the appreciation of the view as he pulled away.
It was a smile that stayed long after Andrew’s departure. For one thing, the view in the park was every bit as pleasing as he had said. Add to that the shining sun, clear blue sky, and plenty of trees and Meagan was left wondering why she’d never done this before.

‘And I can breathe easy!’

That was sure a plus. The slow relaxing pace allowed her to talk comfortably with several of the other runners out enjoying the fresh air. Even her sore muscles hardly complained. ‘I still plan on running with Jenna at least twice a week once I get healthy again’ she vowed.

All of a sudden a horrible thought went through Meagan’s mind.

‘I forgot to suck in my stomach!’

Horrified, she looked down. Sure enough her little belly was pressing against the thin material of her running shirt. Even worse she could see it jiggle with every step
‘He was looking at my breasts wasn’t he?’

Meagan plodded along feeling defeated. Every step she took causing a gentle quiver of the fat about her waist and eroding her self-confidence.


Cover up…

The girl in the mirror staring back at her bit her lower lip.

‘I do like the pattern of this dress better’

She tried highlighting all the other positives. Certainly it hung looser and more airy than the others. ‘And it’s still my size’ a big bonus. Meagan let her eyes drift to the two dresses hanging innocently on the dressing room wall. They had been of her usual style and had been picked out of habit. The first one, her normal size 4 refused to even zip. Grabbing that had been pure denial. The second one, a virtual twin except being a 6 was the same sensuous purple hue. That at least zipped, but still encased her middle like a second skin.

‘Cripes you could even see my navel’

Despite that, the fabric practically hung everywhere else, especially in the chest area… the one place she wouldn’t mind filling out. Even her hips looked undersized in the ill-fitting dress. Meagan found she had to avert her eyes as she’d torn herself free from it.

‘Put those out of your mind girl. You’ll get back to a size 4 dammit! This is just a hiccup’

Forcing her attention back to the dress she had on, Meagan tried to calm her breathing. The high waist was concealing yes, but she had to admit it did have some faults. For one thing the hem was too long for her tastes; coming down just past her knees. It was doubtful Todd would appreciate it. He loved whenever she showed a little leg, something she also loved doing.

‘And tonight I’ll need every trick to keep his eyes elsewhere’

Another problem was the loose airy design. It made her look as if she had something to hide. (The fact she actually did was beside the point) ‘Maybe the seamstress can take it in when she shortens the hem’ she pondered. After all Meagan was a premier customer. For an extra fee she was sure they’d accommodate an otherwise unheard of deadline.

‘I only have to put up with this until I get my figure back’ she tried to remind herself. It was only a matter of time.

If that was the plan she knew she’d better get her ass moving. Todd would be over to her house in a little over three hours and here she was still standing in the dressing room.

“I guess this will have to do.” She admitted, her voice reflecting her poor spirits.

Who would have thought Meagan Saunders would ever not enjoy clothes shopping?

While her dress was getting an emergency four alarm facelift she decided to stroll around the mall. Right now any distraction that could take her mind off her condition was welcome news.

Too bad she went left.

It wasn’t but 50 feet from Le Shoppe when the smells from the food court hit her. Instantly Meagan’s nose and heart rate rose. It was doubtful that she’d ever been hungrier.
‘If only I’d eaten something this morning’

One look… actually it was a feel of her tummy first thing in the morning was all it had taken to steel her resolve to skip breakfast. Sure it was against Dr. Kinder’s orders.

'But if I don’t eat anything I have to lose weight Don’t I?’ Meagan had never dieted before so the panicked logic made sense.

One whiff from Mrs. Wei’s Noodle Shop, however, had her mouth watering.

‘C’mon girl, use some willpower’

She did, and with all she had, Meagan turned and went back the way she came. ‘All I have to do is distract myself.’
That proved harder than she ever could have imagined. No matter what jewelry was being contemplated, or shoes being tried on, her thoughts invariably turned to food. Once, her empty stomach actually let out a growl, bringing a blush.

‘Hold on girl You can do it’

And surprisingly she did, although it almost caused her to crash into a beat up landscaping truck as she’d driven by a McDonalds.

By the time Meagan got home a little less than a half hour remained before her date. That still left plenty of time for a few finishing touches as long as she didn’t dawdle.
Going straight to her room Meagan tossed the shopping bag on her bed and shimmied out of her skirt. The matching blouse soon followed. From there it was straight to the bureau to retrieve something a little more naughty to wear under the dress. No way did she even consider letting Todd get her out of her dress tonight… but that didn’t mean she had to let him know that. The bra, a racy little demi-cup, made the best of Meagan’s assets. She’d meant it when she’d vowed to use every trick in the book. The effect came at a cost, however, namely comfort. ‘Ouch you better make this worth it’ she cursed internally as the bra pushed up her breasts. ‘Men don’t have a clue what we go through’ A few more adjustments later and everything was in place.

Time for the matching panties. These were Meagan’s favorite, and were worth every substantial penny she’d paid. French cut and made from the finest silk, just wearing them was an experience. Eagerly she slipped then on. Once in place, however, she’d regretted even putting them on as the fat pooched its way over the too tight band. Deflated, Meagan almost took them off, and would have too if there’d been time.

Instead, the newly fitted dress was retrieved from its glossy Le Shoppe bag. Even with the whole mess, taking out something new always lifted Meagan’s spirits… even if just a little.

It fit.

In fact it fit quite flatteringly. You could just get a glimpse of the lacy edges of her bra if you looked right. Undoubtedly Todd would be looking. There was even the perfect amount of leg displayed to be the perfect tease. ‘I’ll have him eating out of my hand dressed like this’

Just in case his attention drifted higher, however, Meagan applied the perfect shade of red to accentuate her lips. Only a few strokes were needed to give the proper life to her hair, thanks to genetics and proper maintenance. She had to admit she looked quite the catch.

‘All I have to do is keep his hands away from here’

Meagan pressed her hand against the front of the dress. Despite the free looking drape effect, little room remained between the silky fabric and the flesh behind it.

“Why do I keep torturing myself!” she cursed, snatching her hand away as she did so.

‘What a strange evening’ thought Todd as he watched his girlfriend walk towards her door.

How he longed to be with her, to explore that fantastic body of hers. All evening she’d been teasing him; giving tempting glimpses down her dress or doing that seductive thing with her eyes. He’d hardly tasted his meal.
Then there was the big bombshell. He’d never expected another trip to the Caymans. Yet when he moved to draw her in to a kiss to show his excitement Meagan had practically held him at arm’s length.

‘What the hell was up with that?’ he wondered.

Todd watched as Meagan blew him a kiss before she ducked inside the heavy wooden door. It was then he realized he had the steering wheel in a death grip. Peeling his fingers off, the frustrated man threw the big Escalade into drive and roared off.

His only consolation was that in less than a week he’d have full access (Both visual and physical) on the warm sands of a private beach.

Inside the safety of her home, Meagan sagged against the door.

‘What a nightmare’

All evening she’d had to resist Todd’s considerable charm. Not an easy feat given his close proximity there in the romantic corner table they’d reserved. Oh how she’d wanted to reach out, to slide her chair closer to his. But then inevitably she’d feel the gentle tickle of her belly grazing her thighs and that would be it.

And the meal itself! Sheer torture. After starving the entire day it was all Meagan could do to hold back and eat slowly. Despite it being a plain Chef’s Salad her tastebuds cried out for more. In fact, so focused was she on food she’d missed much of what Todd was chatting about. Luckily he was pretty predictable when it came to table talk. One look at his expressions or body language and Meagan had a pretty good idea what the topic was. There must have been a few misses, judging by Todd’s quizzical expressions. Especially when the woman at the table closest tore into a Lobster Tail practically dripping in butter. When that happened the whole world practically disappeared for a moment.

Worst of all had to be when her boyfriend offered to order dessert. The suggestive and highly mischievous look in his eye suggested he’d been hoping for a repeat of their last “Dessert”.

It was all she could do to refuse.

Back home in the privacy of her own kitchen, however…

Bon Voyage…

“One… Two… … Three…”

In the otherwise quiet room, Meagan’s straining voice rang out as she counted off her sit-ups. The pace was painfully slow compared to her former pre-condition workouts, yet she soldiered on.

“Four… … … … Five… … … … … … Six…”

Each sit-up proved harder than the last.

“Seven… … … … Urggh!”

Groaning under the exertion she tried for just one more, but couldn’t do it. Instead, Meagan was left halfway up; her belly forming rolls as the excess flesh mashed together.


Letting out her breath in a whoosh, Meagan sagged back down to the mat. As she did so, one hand trailed across her forehead while the other laid gently on the yielding flesh of her tummy.

‘Why isn’t this working?’

Every day Meagan strived to work out, to try and lose the weight, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, since her last appointment she’d gained another four pounds. Now even her loosest summer dress grazed her belly whenever she wasn’t sucking in. And even that did little good. It was plainly obvious to anyone that saw her that something was going on.

Jill from college had asked if she was pregnant during a chance encounter at Burger World, leaving Meagan speechless.

Tired of torturing herself, both physically and mentally, Meagan climbed off the mat with a grunt. It had been a long day of disappointment.

‘Time for a quick shower before bed’

As she softly plodded to the bathroom she gave an unconscious tug downward on her workout shirt. The action did little good, failing to reach her shorts even then. And the second it was released nearly 5 inches of flesh lay exposed. The familiarity of the action suddenly rang true.
It was just what the girl at the spa had been doing.

‘Could this somehow be related to the incident in the locker room’ she wondered.

That was ridiculous. Unless of course the woman was some sort of… ‘Witch’

Turning to the mirror, Meagan examined the fat reflection staring back at her. ‘My belly looks just like hers’ albeit a little smaller. That would certainly explain how the weight had all collected around her waist and nowhere else.

“That bitch cursed me!”

Fuming now, she turned to get a profile view in the mirror. With her stomach muscles relaxed as they were Meagan’s belly stuck out a smidge further than her breasts. ‘Ok so I laughed That didn’t mean I deserved… this!’ She accentuated the last with a shake. In response the fat collected at her middle shook much more than intended.

‘Oh My Gawd Its actually starting to droop!’

It was true. Not much mind you, but the fat pooching over her Jockeys hung slightly lower, actually obscuring the band.

‘I’ve got to find that woman and apologize or something’ she thought frantically. Who knew just how far this curse would go? ‘Maybe she wants money’ That could just be the case. And if that were true, Meagan had plenty to spare.
On that hope, Meagan turned from the horrid sight before her and headed to the shower.

The visit…

Sleep came difficult for Meagan that night as thoughts of the mystery woman haunted her. By the time sleep finally took her, the silk sheets were tangled and pulled up protectively around the front of her body.

Being free from the waking world, however, didn’t free Meagan from the supposed witch.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to figure it out.” Came the semi familiar voice of the woman from the spa.

In fact, as Meagan looked around she was back at the spa; in the lobby to be exact. She wasn’t alone either.

“I thought you were never going to put the pieces together.“ Mystery woman continued. “I swear if you were any more thick I’d have had to put up a billboard saying; “CALLIE IS A WITCH!”

“Callie?” Meagan asked quizzically.

“Yes, Callie.” Her tormentor responded, a little irritably. “You’d have known that if you had talked to me instead of poking fun at my body.”

Meagan got defensive.

“I didn’t poke fun at you!”

Despite Meagan’s outburst nobody in the lobby seemed to notice.

“That’s because we’re in your dream silly.” Callie responded. Look I can do this and nobody will react.

At that, Callie grabbed the top of her top and yanked it down in front of a bored looking man. This caused her considerable breasts to all but fall out in the man’s face, yet elicited no reaction.

“Hmmph!” Callie snorted. “That’s about all the luck I have with men in the real world.”

The bountiful witch moved to continue her point, but Meagan interrupted her.

“If this is my dream then I want you gone!”

Meagan then closed her eyes tightly and counted to ten like she’d done when she was 6. When she opened her eyes, however, the witch was still there.

"Gee that was impressive." Her tormentor replied sarcastically.

“You’re still here.” Meagan replied, stating the obvious.

Callie smiled a predatory smile.

“I guess it’s more of a nightmare than a dream. You see, when you finally made the connection that I was the cause of this…”

She poked Meagan in the belly.

“Ooh! That IS soft. Anyway, when you made that connection, you completed another. Basically your life is mine to do with what I will.”

“You’re not serious.” Meagan whispered.

“I’m not? Then how do you explain how I gave you all my belly fat? How does that feel anyhow? Can’t say I miss it much.”

‘Her belly fat?’

For the first time Meagan directed her attention lower on Callie’s frame. The witch’s figure certainly had changed, that was for sure. Minus all the weight she was left with an exaggerated hourglass figure. Callie had the potential to be a real stunner, If it wasn’t for those tree trunk thighs and huge hips that is. And her breasts, while massive, sagged under their own weight.

“Tree-trunk thighs! That’s a little cold I think.”

Shocked, Meagan took a half step back.

“Y.... You can read my mind?” She stammered.

Callie looked incredulous.

“Haven’t you been listening? We’re IN your mind. I can do whatever I want. Here watch.”

The witch closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating on something. Almost instantly a murmur began to break out in the lobby. Looking around, Meagan realized that everyone was laughing and looking at her. Even Jenna passed by, giving an amused nod to Meagan’s belly. Another couple openly laughed and pointed.

A cool breeze caused Meagan to look down. Amazingly she was back in her shorts and sports bra that she’d been wearing that day in the locker-room. What changed, however, was that she was currently in her much rounder state. Futilely, she tried to cover her girth with a slender arm.

“So. How does it feel to be made fun of?” Callie challenged.

Despite being mortified by all the heckling, Meagan managed a challenge back.

“I never poked fun at you!”

Callie’s eyebrows raised.

“Oh really? That’s not how I remember it.”

In a flash the two were back in the locker room. Callie was somehow there twice, both in her earlier heavier form, and also as she was now directly beside Meagan.

“Let’s us see this once more shall we?”

No sooner did Callie say this, than the locker room sprang to life. There by the mirror old Callie was doing her previous tugging. Meagan, seated as she had been before, felt her body begin to move on its own accord. She was helpless to stop it.

“Get a load of that belly!” She said loudly.

Her comment was accompanied by a nudge into Jenna’s ribs. Jenna looked up and the two enjoyed a good laugh at the fat girl’s expense. It wasn’t just those two either. As before, Meagan’s outcry had resounded off the hard walls bringing Callie’s plight known to all. This time, however, it was a scene all too similar to the one just played out in the lobby with everyone laughing and pointing to the helpless distressed woman highlighted in the mirror.

‘Hey that didn’t happen!’ Meagan thought vehemently.

They were suddenly back in the lobby and everyone was once again ignoring them both. Unsure how long that would last, though, Meagan again cradled her bare belly protectively.
Carrie shrugged.

“I call it as I see it.”

Meagan didn’t know what to do, she just couldn’t seem to win. All she could do was stare at the much thinner midsection of the witch.

‘Damn she’s only a few pounds shy of being as slim as I had been there’ The effect made the witch look like an exaggerated Jessica Rabbit.

Carrie’s expression looked thoughtful.

“Jessica Rabbit. I never thought about it that way. Huh.” Then her expression turned more serious. “You’re right, just a few more pounds and you’ll have all of my belly fat. Well! No time like the present!”

At that Carrie once again closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate. Meagan could detect the slight movement in her lips as if the woman was reciting something. Her attention didn’t dwell there long, however, as a building pressure in her abdomen soon consumed all of her thoughts.

“Unggh!” she cried, almost doubling over.

In addition to the pressure, Meagan could feel her stomach push outward. Helplessly she tried to hold it in, but her fingers only sank in deeper.


Callie smiled.

“Oh yes.”

Her evil glare had returned, only this time there was something more sinister about it.

“As long as I have your attention I might as well leave you with this little gift too.”

Reaching out, the witch cupped Meagan’s ass cheeks. Meagan tried to pull away, but as in the locker room she was helpless to do anything.

“Soft.” Callie spoke, in that same haunting manner as in the real lobby.

The witch then pulled back as if to appreciate her handiwork when a thought crossed her mind.

“I almost forgot about that tree-trunk thigh comment.”

Again she leaned forward, this time reaching lower. Meagan felt with dread as each of her firm thighs were caressed.


‘Gawd how that word is haunting’

Then Meagan was alone and staring up at the ceiling of her bedroom.

“Thank heavens! It was just a dream.”

In no time the exhausted brain of hers slipped back into slumber; this time a deep trouble-free one.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby Lyssa » Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:16 pm

I'm literally a big fan of your writing and this story is one of my favorites. :)
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:11 am

Very fun story. Please, go on.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby buzzy » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:35 pm

Seems like some of the very best WG writers here, like greinskyn & Brucejedi, may have thrown in the towel. I hope not, these are great stories begging to be continued.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby greinskyn » Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:36 pm

Wow... Long time.

I remember working on this and being frustrated that I went a little too fast. No way would she go on the cruise in her state. Also the scene with Callie, while fun, might have to go somewhere or somewhen else.

Thanks to your comments I've dusted this story off and am currently reworking it.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby Eidio » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:34 pm

Great work. Its not my usual thing but you HAVE to finish this one. I am unsure it needs a rewrite just a decent ending. Whatever you decide we eagerly await the conclution.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby CelebrityChanger » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:14 pm

Just don't forget "Getting Behind."
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby allthosecurves » Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:37 pm

I hope this will be continued some day! Please come back and continue this story, Greinskyn!
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby CelebrityChanger » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:18 pm

Searching on deviantart, one comes across the manipulations where a thin girl has an out of place, fat stomach.

I always think of this story.
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Re: Soft - greinskyn (Part 1-4) (WG, Magic)

Postby bootyman368 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:58 am

Is there more to this??
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