Rumors by Mr. Grey (Magic, Degradation, Slut, -IQ, Lesbian)

Rumors by Mr. Grey (Magic, Degradation, Slut, -IQ, Lesbian)

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I always loved this one, and was shocked I couldn't find it on the site.


"Is it true...?"

"Yeah, did you hear what I heard...?"

"I heard it's true..."

"Yes, definitely true..."

Lindsay walked the halls of her school with her head down. The voices of her classmates snickering to themselves invaded her ears no matter how hard she tried to block them out. Lindsay didn't try to dispute the rumors; it wouldn't matter. She was considered part of the "lower class" in her high school. When a rumor is started about you, you just have to wait it out. No one will listen to your side of the story. No one. Especially if the rumor is started by—

"Hey Lindsay! Is it true that you have a crush on Mr. Woods?"

—Hilary McKenzie.

Lindsay just glared at her, knowing very well that Hilary didn't even believe this story. She looked around at her staring classmates, all waiting for her answer with anxious grins.

"You know that's not true, Hilary," Lindsay replied, not expecting anything but another embarrassing remark back from her.

"Well that's not what I heard. I heard you write love letters to him in your notebook and then are too pathetic to even give them to him." Hilary said this with her usual snotty, holier-than-thou attitude. Her blonde ponytail bounced back and forth with each word she spoke. "If it's not true, let us see your notebook."

If this is what it took to end all of this, Lindsay was ready to play along. She sighed and dropped her book bag from her shoulder, proceeding then to unzip the arched pocket and yank a three-pronged binder from it. She held up the notebook for her peers and waited for Hilary's response. Hilary stomped confidently up to her and took Lindsay's notebook in her hands. She opened it up to reveal a wrinkled piece of notebook paper adorned with loopy pink ink.

Lindsay had never seen the piece of paper before in her life.

She watched helplessly with horrified eyes as Hilary plunked the paper from her notebook and began to read it aloud to the hallway with a voice fit for the drama club, "Dear Mr. Woods, I can't explain the feelings I have for you. <awwww> You're balding hair makes me swoon and my knees buckle. I can't explain excited I get when you start talking about how important our Senior Lit class is and how much it will prepare us for college. My love for you grows deeper and deeper everyd—"

"Ms. McKenzie!"

Normally, hearing the voice of a teacher disapproving of Hilary's behavior would have been music to Lindsay's ears, but the damage had already been done. Lindsay was almost in tears as she ran from the hallways and all the way back to her home.

* * *

"It just isn't fair," Lindsay whispered to herself that night. She laid in her bed and gazed out the window at all the other houses when children slept that weren't tormented by cruel and spoiled girls. Lindsay couldn't wait to get out of high school and go to college where normal were.

"Hilary needs to know what it feels like. She needs to know, before I graduate." Yeah. She needed to see just once how it feels to be the one to be embarrassed in front of your entire school.

"I wish I could show her what it feels like."


Lindsay yelped and jumped at the bodiless voice.


"Who's there?"

"I've heard your pleas. Your wish shall come true at your will."


"Hilary McKenzie's reality will now shift to fit any rumor you start about her."

Lindsay still couldn't process this information. She felt like she was going crazy.

"As long as one person believes, you may make any rumor about Hilary become true."

"What do you mean? Who are you?"

Lindsay looked wildly around the room. No reply came. Whatever had been talking to her, it had left. Lindsay didn't get much sleep the rest of the night.

* * *

The next day started like any other.

Lindsay sat in her homeroom class, trying not to look at Hilary with her ensemble of admirers, both male and female. Everything she said was met with laughs and agreements.

Lindsay hated her.

She had thought a lot about what had happened yesterday and the mysterious voice that she heard last night. If it was true that any rumor she started about Hilary would be true, then Lindsay was a little scared to try it out. She didn't want anything horrible to happen to Hilary.

Or did she...?

Of course, it was too late now...

"Attention students for your morning announcements!" The intercom came to life above them, steadily bringing the classroom to a quiet whisper. "Last night's game ended with a win for the..."

Lindsay stopped listening, she was just waiting for the moment to come. The moment when Hilary's world would come crashing down around her. Lindsay wanted a front row seat for the look on Hilary's face when she realized that her reign at her high school was over. It was all going to be coming to a screeching halt in a matter of minutes.

"Your lunch menu today will be..."

Lindsay could feel sweat beading up on her forehead. That wave of fear kept passing through her, knowing that she's done something bad...

"Other announcement include, Hilary McKenzie is only rich because she's a prostitute that whores herself out to her classmates and— What the...?"

Even though Lindsay was sitting in a closed classroom—she could feel the silence that draped over the entire school. Everyone stopped what they were doing and perked their ears up towards the intercom on the ceiling. Jaws hung open, some in surprise, some in shock, some in excitement.

But the best of them all, in Lindsay's eyes, was Hilary McKenzie's frozen face. Her eyes looked around the room at her accusing classmates. In an instant, she had become an entirely different person to her friends. Lindsay only hoped that her transformation would not stop there.

The first stifled laughed cut through the silence like a dull knife. Everyone seemed to be sitting still, but Hilary could hear the random laughs floating through the air. "Why did she say that, Hilary?" one girl asked with a smile. Hilary just glared at her, knowing no one would really believe such a tale. "Yeah, why did she say that?" another boy asked.

Lindsay sat back, with a gleaming smile on her face and watched Hilary's destruction. That's when the bell rang. Hilary's friend's quickly abandoned her, leaving her all alone. Lindsay stayed behind to talk to her enemy.

"What's the matter, Hilary?" she asked with mock concern.

"This is bullshit!" Hilary said stomping her foot, "Whoever started this rumor is gonna get it..." Hilary's voice trailed off as she got a strange look in her eyes.

Lindsay's eyes brightened at the first sign of her plan kicking into effect. She knew all of her schoolmates were out in the halls right now, talking about the false announcement Lindsay at mixed into the stack of papers in the office to be read over the intercom.

Hilary began to stagger. Lindsay stood carelessly and watched as Hilary stumbled on her feet, reaching for a nearby desk to steady herself on. "The fuck...?" she asked. Lindsay's eyes widened at she watched Hilary's clothes begin to change before her. Her designer blouse morphed into a too tight, black halter top. Her ankle-length denim skirt shrunk into a leather mini-skirt that showed off the bottom of her smooth ass. Her tennis shoes became strappy heels and ponytail changed into a short, spiky hairstyle.

"God, I'm horny," Hilary said nonchalantly, causing her to gasp and bring her hand to her mouth, "Why the fuck did I say that?"

Lindsay laughed and clasped her hands together in excitement, "You're finally gonna see what it's like!"

Hilary cocked her hip, placing her hand on it, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I started this rumor about you," Lindsay said matter-of-factly.

"You what?!"

"That's right. You finally took me so far. Well, now I'm going to show you how it feels—"

"How did you—?"

"Nevermind that, because whatever rumor I start about you will come true," Lindsay said, smiling and examining her classmates appearance, "And from the looks of it, you're already becoming the whore I said you were..."

Hilary knew she was right, "I am whore... But, I know that I'm not supposed to be... But, I know I have several appointments this afternoon! I-I have to make more money! Oh shit, you bitch!"

Lindsay knew that now was a good time to leave. She blew a kiss at her fallen enemy and walked away, leaving Hilary to seep in her own filthy lifestyle.

* * *

"So are we still on after school?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Hilary was getting very frustrated. She was positive that these guys were her usual customers, but none of them seemed to know what she was talking about. "You know!" she said with a stomp of her foot, "I'm supposed to suck your cock today! Like I do everyday!" A few students turned away from their lockers to see the dress-code-breaking girl talking to the boy with the surprised look on his face. "Then you pay me! Don't you remember?"

A few of the student walked off, laughing and muttering, "I guess it is true..." The boy nodded and agreed to have his cock sucked after school. Hilary was relieved that someone finally took her up on her offer. She'd been asking around for a while now.

Hilary walked down the hallway with her new found strut, shaking her ass as the clicking of her heels echoed across the high school. She made her way to the end of the hallway and stepped outside. She stood to the side of the walkway and fumbled through her purse. She pulled out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Her mouth was watering as she brought the cigarette to her mouth and lit it. Hilary had never smoked before, but lately she had had a craving for it.

She blew a few clouds into the air, then turned around as she heard the door open. Lindsay appeared beside her, still grinning with victory. "How's life, Hilary?"

Hilary just rolled her eyes, "What do you want?"

"Just to see how you're doing," she said with a friendly, yet sinister, voice.

"Well, thanks to you, I can't stop smoking, tattoos keep appearing on my body—" Hilary lifted her skirt to show a dollar sign branded on her ass, also revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear, then pulled her top down to show "whore" written on her right breast, "—not to mention that these titties of mine keep growing, and I can't stop offering my cunt and my mouth to every cock that walks by!"

A boy walked by, minding his own business. "Hey honey, you lookin' for some fun?" Hilary called, shamelessly, pulling her top down to show her tits. The boy laughed at the pathetic girl and kept walking. Hilary scoffed, "Cheapskate..."

Lindsay laughed and laughed, "Well, sounds like life isn't going so great for you..."

"Fuck you..." Hilary said, taking another drag of her cigarette before throwing it to the ground, "I've got rounds to make before class..." Hilary started back towards the door.

"Gonna go make some money, huh?" Lindsay asked with a smile, enjoying every minute of her new power.

"Shut your fucking mouth, you bitch! I gotta make a living don't I?" Lindsay found this last line hilarious, but it just made Hilary angrier. "Why don't you just go back to fucking all your teachers! I know it's the only reason you make good grades!"

Lindsay would have normally shrugged this off, but something strange began to happen. She could feel a strange buzzing in her head. Lindsay looked up at Hilary with worried eyes, "What's happening?"

Hilary didn't seem to have an answer for her, until she looked up, "Oh! Looks like some people were listening to us..." Lindsay looked up to see a small crowd of student walking by.

"They must have heard what she said..." Lindsay said to herself, "...and they believed her..." Lindsay couldn't explain it, but she suddenly didn't feel like herself.

"Oh well, see ya!" Hilary said, strutting back inside.

Lindsay's eyes crossed a bit, then refocused. She couldn't pinpoint it, but she... Lindsay quickly pulled her notebook out of her book bag. Flipping through her different classes, she realized something—she didn't understand any of it! Every math problem that she had written with her own hands, every History note, every English summary... None of it made any sense to her. With a sigh, she closed the notebook, "This stuff don't make no sense, noways..."

Fear shot through Lindsay's veins as she heard herself speak. She sounded like a moron. "Wha...?" She realized what was going on. "You didn't tell me it worked both ways!" she cried to the sky. Whatever that voice was, it had given Hilary the same power, and now Hilary had turned her into a moron. Lindsay didn't know what to do. She'd never pass her classes this way! She'd have to study extra hard. Lindsay nodded to herself. Yes, she'd stay up late until she understood every last word. She'd stop watching TV, stop going out, stop...

Lindsay suddenly had an idea. Her body seemed to take over as she walked back inside.

As Lindsay walked down the hallway, her brain was screaming at her to stop, to turn back around. It knew where her body was going. She knew it wasn't right. It wasn't her! But, she kept going. Lindsay reached Mr. Woods classroom and knocked on his door.

He was sitting alone at his desk. His head snapped up to his open door to see Lindsay standing there with a strange look in her eyes. "Oh, hello, Lindsay... Is there something I can help you with?"

"Oh, Mr. Woods..." she said girlishly, closing the door behind her, "I just don't know what I'm gonna do!" She walked sexily over to his desk and sat on it's edge. "If I don't pass Senior Lit, I won't, like, get into the college I want to!" She sounded like a lame actress playing a damsel in distress.

Mr. Woods was confused, " have the best grades in the class. I don't think you have anything to worry abou—"

Lindsay put her hand over his mouth, "Don't flatter me, Mr. Woods. I just wanted to know if there was anything I do...for you, in exchange for a little help in my grades." Lindsay got down on her knees in front of him, "I know I'm not, like, the smartest girl in the world," she giggled a bit at this, "but I know you would be willing to give me at least a "C" if I gave you a little..." She smile as she reach for his pants zipper.

Mr. Woods gulped, "Er uh...Lin-Lindsay... Don't do th—"

But it was too late, Lindsay reached down his pants and pulled out his less-than-impressive dick. Lindsay gasped and put her hand to her chest, "Oh my! It's huge!" She lifted his cock out of his pants, his balls hanging underneath them. Lindsay dipped down and brought her mouth to his sack and sucked it inside her mouth. "Do I have to suck your balls to get a decent grade?" she asked with a devilish grin.

She stood back up and yanked her top down, letting her tits fall out. "Here, you can, like, squeeze my boobies while I suck you off." Mr. Woods couldn't object. With one last smile, Lindsay lowered her head onto Mr. Woods lap and began sucking her way to an "A".

* * *

While Lindsay had managed to save her grades again, Hilary had made a couple hundred dollars. Both girls bumped into each other in the hallway again.

"How's your day going?" Hilary asked, wiping away a mysterious substance from the corner of her lip.

"I been sucking all my teacher's cocks! I even sawed Mr. Woods two times! He fucked my ass the second time..." Lindsay struggled to express herself, but she knew that her only skilled quality was her great body.

Hilary laughed this up, "Well, sounds like you won't be winning all those awards this year like you do every year. That is, unless you sleep with the right people."

"Shut up, stupid!" Lindsay yelled back.

"Oh! A mature comeback!"

"You're just a whore anyway."

"At least, I'm getting something for the guys I fuck. All you're getting are lame grades."

"Grades are important 'n stuff!"

"Ha ha!"

* * *

As the two girls fought in the middle of the hall, a group of boys stood by watching them talking, "Lindsay and Hilary sure do hang out a lot lately."

Another boy spoke up, "Yeah, maybe they're dykes..."

The other boys found this funny and joined in, "Yeah, a couple of lesbos!"

They laughed as they waltzed into the boys bathroom. They continued laughing about the girls outside as one of them produced a magic marker, "Here, let's spread the word!" They laughed and high fived as one of them wrote on the stall door facing the door as you walk in: "Lindsay and Hilary luvvvv each other! Couple of lesbos!"

It was written in a way that every boy that walked in would see it clearly...

* * *

"At least I have aperashuns or something..."

"Whatever bitch, you're just a horny slut like me now!"

Lindsay and Hilary continued fighting as the bell rang over their voices. The hallways were soon flooded with students making their way to their lockers. A lot of boys also made their way to the bathroom...

"You didn't have to make me dumb! It's just mean!"

"Well, look at you! You turned me into a cheap whore! A high school whore!"

Lindsay and Hilary were furious with each other, but they soon began to feel strange. Looking into each others eyes, they began to feel sympathy for each other.

"I'm not stupid! You made me stupid..." Lindsay began to cry.

"W-wait... Lindsay, don't cry..." Hilary felt awful. How could she have done this to the girl she loved. Lindsay looked up, she saw the love in Hilary's eyes and realized again why she loved her. "Come here, baby," Hilary called with open arms.

Lindsay smiled and walked into her lover's arms. The two girls had no idea what had come over them, but something in the back of their heads told them that they were lovers. It was strange at first, but after a while, it was like they had always been together.

Their lips locked and they began to kiss in front of the whole school. They didn't care. They weren't afraid to show their true feelings to everyone. The students watched with open jaws as they watched Hilary and Lindsay's tongue dance around inside their mouths.

They looked up at their peers and looked back at each other. They giggled at their audience and walked off down the hall, holding hands.

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Re: Rumors by Mr. Grey (Magic, Degradation, Slut, -IQ, Lesbi

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Thank you for sharing these amazing stories! :D Don't hold back the rest if you have more! :P
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Re: Rumors by Mr. Grey (Magic, Degradation, Slut, -IQ, Lesbi

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abimboleb wrote:Thank you for sharing these amazing stories! :D Don't hold back the rest if you have more! :P

I do indeed have a few more left. I'll put them up.
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