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Thank you everyone for reading the story and all your kind remarks.
However, there's one final episode which I'll post Wednesday.

Cheers, Matt
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Many months later ….

Muriel was positioned behind her desk at her home office, looking over recent data pertaining to the possibility of expanding the Stardust Hotel chain overseas.

Removing her eyes from her computer for an instant, Muriel noticed the heavy woman who she typically referred to as the help to her colleagues and friends wobble by her office doorway.

“Elsa!” Muriel called out, the housekeeper / maid backed up her steps and was soon standing in front of Muriel.

Elsa’s brown hair tucked behind her ears, broadcast her round, pudgy face, the gray uniform complete with white apron snugly canvassing her nearly 300-pound pear shaped figure.

“Yes Miss Kent, I was about to lay fresh linens on your bed, what can I do for you?”

Muriel coast her eyes upon Elsa, the accurate depiction of a domestic.

“Remember I’m having a pre opera gathering Friday early evening, be sure to wear one of your better uniforms. The garment you’re currently wearing looks a tiny bit tight.”

Elsa obediently concurred, “As you wish…”
“I know I’ve put on a little weight since I got engaged, I’m so excited about the wedding…” Elsa apologized.

“Be wise and get a handle on your appetite before you outgrow your wedding gown”, Muriel said, not really being smug but exercising common sense.

“Si, I mean, yes”, Elsa replied, her beautiful smile puffing up her chubby cheeks, corresponding with billowy second chin, “My friend Carmen is making it from scratch.”

Elsa’s friends were no longer among the elites, now she rubbed elbows with other domestics, majority of whom were Mexican. Logically, she remained close to Yolanda, and her friends in the Spanish slums, the three Gonzales sisters, Sasha, Elena, and Rosa.

“Your dad has expressed some doubt about your marriage, he thinks you can do better than a menial laborer”, Muriel’s comment didn’t surprise Elsa.

“Jorge, maybe not so wealthy but we’ll make by”, Elsa sweetly warbled, “We moving in with his momma, so we needn’t worry about rent so much, and I be living down the street from Sasha..”

“I expect two weeks notice before you resign if you decide to leave your employment with me”, Muriel interrupted Elsa.

“I like working for you, Miss Kent, me stay on as your housekeeper for a while, Jorge only makes $15.50 an hour hanging dry wall…..”, Elsa chirped.

Again interrupted by Muriel, “Weren’t you changing my linens?”

Elsa paused from her chattering, passively nodding.
As Elsa turned around, Muriel got a clear look at her tremendously large posterior.

“Just a minute”, Muriel sighed.

Elsa turned around, one hand over her bulging belly, “Yes, Miss Kent?”

“I’ll hire you a personal trainer, arrange for you to see a nutritionist”, Muriel’s smile genuine, “This way you can be sure to fit into your wedding gown. It’ll be my wedding gift to you.”

Elsa’s husky arm jiggled as she gestured a wave toward Muriel, “You’re a very silly woman!”
“Nah, thanks anyway”, Elsa chuckled, shaking her broad hips, “Plenty us Latinas are big, more to love, in my neighborhood I would look out of place if I was skinny!”

“As long as you’re happy”, Muriel conceded with a nod, resuming her task on the computer as Elsa resumed her housekeeping duties.


Yolanda’s pronounced belly jutted away from her bulky yet feminine body, the flabby consistency roving like buttery waves over a blubbery ocean, voluminous in profound proportion, losing its battle with gravity.

The threadbare undergarment scarcely able to contain the dense package of belly fat, Yolanda’s unreasonably humongous caboose likewise quivering while she fumbled through her small closet for a specific gown.

A vintage muumuu number, the dark orange hue complimenting her billowy form to a modest degree, and she quickly devoured the fudge left over from her midnight snacking before struggling into the garment.

Smacking her lips with a quirky smile, she lumbered with her signature waddle to the kitchen to check on Randy who was preparing a variety of food for their routine trailer park Friday night get together.

“Hey sweetheart, you have the hot dogs, Polish sausage and fixings ready?”

Randy nodded, “Yeah, but I can’t locate the fudge.”

Yolanda marched by Randy, patting his rump for him to get out of her way as she strolled over to the fridge, helping herself to a liter of generic cola.

Guzzling a remarkable amount, Yolanda cheekily replied between a pair of loud burps, “Shit, baby, you ought to know better. Fudge doesn’t last too long around here when I’m in the mood to snack.”

Yolanda engaged in another swig before placing the bottle back into the fridge.

“On the pantry floor there’s a box of cookies, my reserved stash, bring em’ to the cook out.”

Randy agreed and once again backed out of Yolanda’s way as she hobbled by him.

Yolanda’s expansive hips swaying, coated with gooey fat, she ran her fingers through her thick mane, “I’m going to put my hair up, see what the kids are up to and I’ll be ready to go in five minutes!”

Once in their bedroom, Yolanda grabbed several bobbie pins, momentarily gazing at her face before working on her mane. Yolanda’s features retained a cute caliber despite being intensely chubby, the width of her bulbous nose and triple chins producing an impression which could easily be misconstrued as a female who was never thin and whose ancestors were peasant stock.

Yolanda’s big upper arms modestly jiggling as she set her hair in an upward style, reflecting on her life and status.

It wasn’t the life Yolanda had hoped for when she was going to college but it was honest and drama free, and she had made it out of the Spanish slums, living in an environment made up of mostly Caucasian people.

Yolanda couldn’t understand why trailer park folks received such a bad reputation.
The people in her community were law abiding, hard working conservatives who wanted a border wall, less government interference and believed in the second amendment.
Every trailer flew the American flag as did theirs.
Yolanda more than assimilated into this community, in a strange way she had become something akin too the queen bee to the females within her age range and the younger chicks as well.
They admired Yolanda’s cool, level headed attitude and would often seek out her advice which she would dole out with common sense.
Yolanda never received a dirty look or snide remark concerning her size and weight, it was only at the supermarket or when picking up her kids from school when sometimes people would gawk at her or whisper callous comments.

In contrast Yolanda’s relationship with Sasha and Elsa was beginning to strain.

Sasha had no cell phone or land line, Yolanda had to call Jose if she wanted to converse with her friend. Furthermore Sasha no longer spoke English and the inane banal which she shared exposed a tame personality intertwined with a domestic mindset. Sasha didn’t just assimilate into the Mexican culture, she had become a legitimate citizen of the slums in that poverty meant more than being poor, it dramatically altered her mentality.

Elsa was definitely on the same course, and would eventually deal with living from paycheck to paycheck and becoming heavier and heavier.

Yolanda would still occasionally attend Elena’s Saturday night parties and enjoyed spending time with her friends. However, there was a principal divide economically and politically which was like an elephant in the room, Yolanda was not a part of their culture, she was a traditional American.

Yolanda humorously smacked her belly, calling out to Randy at the top of her lungs, “Honey, I’m ready!”

Yolanda was very happy indeed.


It could be said Sasha Morales - the former Sheila Marcus - was happy too.
Sasha put as much initiative into being a domestic housewife as she did as a lawyer.

Sasha was well into her thirties, her appearance and docile temperament realistically corresponding to her environment and reality.

Sasha routinely wore her hair in a loose bun style, her fat face fairly pretty but minus the charming quality of years earlier, broadcasting a milquetoast persona inter weaved with a peculiar if not jarring portrait of her modest status.

Sasha had just finished sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, what had once been a mind numbing chore now brought her vast satisfaction.

The house dress upon her large flabby figure, recently bought at a garage sale, fit her adequately enough, her stout jugs spilling over her inanely bulbous belly, her wide and hefty caboose jutting over her massive thunder thighs.

Sasha quietly approached Jose who was watching TV while snacking on cold pop tarts and drinking beer.

Clearing her throat to garnish Jose’s attention, Sasha respectfully inquired, “My husband, I need twenty dollars for the market, we need milk and a few things for dinner.”

Jose had recently hurt his back and was on workman’s comp, truth be told, he was getting used to lounging around the house and was hoping to get enrolled in disability.

Jose heard Sasha loud and clear, yet his eyes remained glued to the TV.
Taking a swig of beer, Jose uncouthly burped before answering, “Money doesn’t grow on tress, if you didn’t drink milk by the gallon, we wouldn’t run out so fast.”

Jose entertained majority of his time watching TV and eating, his weight was surely skyrocketing although Sasha’s girth remained outmatched.
When Jose wasn’t planted in the front room, he was hanging out with the younger dudes in the neighborhood, his expertise in auto mechanics and his old stories about gang life and prison kept them in awe. Furthermore, Jose was a fixture at Jimmy’s place, Yolanda’s brother in law. Jose enjoyed the makeshift barbecues and poker games, and joking about Sasha’s size and appetite.

“But the milk is for the children too, and I need flour and tortillas”, Sasha’s wide pug nose and balloon shaped cheeks contorting as she winced.

Jose finally brought his eyes unto his wife, waving her over to him.

Sasha cupped the sides of Jose’s face, her big cow eyes twinkling; she favored him with a smooch.

Jose embraced Sasha at her broad hips, subsequently strumming her abnormally portly belly, “Think you can soften my mood with a kiss?”

Sasha adjusted her tubby body, permitting Jose to improve his belly rub.

Jose playfully pinched Sasha’s gooey field of belly fat, they giggled together.

“Get some candy bars while you’re out and another six pack”. Jose smiled, “Tonight after dinner, give the shower a good scrubbing, you can have the cash.”

“I was going to ask if I could visit Rosa Gonzales after dinner…” Sasha sighed, “….We’re going to sit on the porch with some the neighbors.”

Jose was adamant, “Not tonight, maybe tomorrow. I want you to scrub the shower and then watch TV with me.”

Sasha didn’t complain, it was right and proper to obey her husband, “Yes, Jose. I buy some chips and salsa if it pleases you.”

“It do”, Jose replied, tapping Sasha’s blubbery belly, “You better get going to the store, I don’t like my dinner too late.”

“Dinner will be on time”, Sasha assured Jose.

For Sasha married life was bliss, even if her husband was controlling. In Sasha’s adopted culture it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
In many ways Sasha felt the same about her size, being overweight didn’t faze her, any vanity had long since evaporated.
Majority of Sasha’s friends were overweight themselves, thus she never received any criticism, although she did get unflattering glances now and then from people outside her circle, this too didn’t faze her. Sasha had finally conceded too being fat; deliberately ignoring she was ever slim and trim.




Yolanda Morales, the daughter of Jose and Sasha Morales, had no clue that the Emerald Palace, where she was now employed as a dishwasher, was once among her mother’s favorite watering holes.
It would be ridiculous to think such a big, illiterate woman would ever be seen in a five star eatery as the Emerald Palace.

Not that Yolanda didn’t love her mom but her third world mindset rubbed her the wrong way.

The 19-year old Yolanda was very pretty, her short black hair in a casual bob style which agreed with her oval shaped face. Yolanda’s figure could be described as thick but curvy, broad hips, husky thighs and a negligible amount of belly fat.

Although Yolanda grew up in a home where her parents routinely spoke Spanish, she learned English quite early on, her namesake Yolanda Monterey was a big influence in that department.
Yolanda did well in grammar and high school, albeit going to college was a rarity for chicks from the Spanish slums.

The spark of intelligence heavily shone from Yolanda’s beautiful brown eyes, and she did have dreams and goals.

The manager, a blond haired, pencil thin twenty-something woman approached Yolanda.
Tess McGander warmly smiled at Yolanda, marveling at her initiative and work ethic.
“You’re better than loading up the dishwasher and taking out the trash, I want to start training you for waitress.”

Yolanda promptly grinned, wiping away her bangs, “I appreciate that, thank you, Tess.”

“You’re a smart girl”, Tess continued with the compliments, “and have a breezy personality, you’re going to college?”

“I’m saving my money, hopefully I’ll have enough to enroll in a junior college by autumn”, Yolanda’s attitude especially spunky, “Just a couple classes to get my feet wet, see what interests me.”

“Excellent, you got a good head on your shoulders!” Tess chimed, “Your parents must be very proud, you got your brains from them no doubt.”

“Not my parents!” Yolanda giggled.

Yolanda explained with a comical grin, “Poppa hasn’t worked in over five years, he’s a decent car mechanic when he’s not lazy, and momma’s the typical Mexican housewife, I can’t imagine she had much of an education, she hasn’t even adapted to the American culture.”

Tessie nodded, “You’re a bright bulb, they have my respect on how well you’ve turned out.”

“I’m glad somebody does”, Yolanda thought to herself, unable to deny the fact her parents were no different from any other of the lowly anonymous citizens who resided in the Spanish slums.

Yolanda proceeded to wipe her hands with a dish towel, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to take my break a little early”, and with a sugary smile added, “Please.”

Tessie positively addressed the request, “By all means, Yolanda, I never deny my staff their breaks.”

Yolanda removed the clean dishes and stacked them onto the side, filling the automatic dishwasher with another load.

The staff was allowed off the cuff meals as long as they were modest in proportion.
Yolanda was trying to eat healthier since recently packing on 10-pounds, thus sampling the roast chicken and potatoes but unable to resist sweets, she likewise consumed two wedges of cheesecake, subsequently taking a stroll out back of the restaurant.
Yolanda consistently vowed to watch her weight; she was indeed worried about getting heavy like her immensely overweight mom.
Albeit better said than done, Yolanda rarely could control her appetite and habitually preferred fattening food.

Yolanda walked down the alley, looking straight ahead, finally stopping as a rusty sedan came into view. The car pulled off to side and parked, Yolanda approached the vehicle as two Latinas and one Mexican male removed themselves from the car and approached her.

Yolanda knew them well, Sally Ortiz, Heidi Ramirez and Lonnie Vega.
Members of the Scorpions street gang.

Yolanda embraced all three of them, chitchat ensuing.

“I get off work in two hours”, Yolanda chirped, “Where can we hook up?”

Heidi, a pleasingly plump, scantily clad babe spoke out, “Lonnie has a thing go’in on but me and Heidi will be at the clubhouse.”

“Want us to pick you up?” Heidi, a slender chick with a budding potbelly, inquired.

“Sounds like a plan”, Yolanda noted, “But um, I’ll be waiting down the block on the corner of Rose and Aston, I don’t want the people at the restaurant to know about me hanging with a gang.”

“Hanging with a gang!” Lonnie laughed, “Tomorrow you’ll be initiated. you’ll be a made member of the Scorps!”

Lonnie’s appearance meshed well with his bad ass reputation, clad in a black T-shirt and vivid gray slacks, tattos covering his body including his chin and above his eyes.

Heidi playfully smacked Yolanda’s upper arm, “You excited or what? Once it gets done, we’re going to party at this club on Avers Street!”

“Damn, yeah!” Yolanda firmly nodded, “I’m all in!”

Lonnie turned serious for moment, “You understand what you got to do, right?”

Yolanda held her hands to her spacious hips, her minor tummy bulge pushing outward, “Yeah, sure do. We’re going to a liquor store in a white burb; I’m to act stupid and ask the clerk questions while you guys go in and raid the beer shelves.”

“Flirt with the jerk, honey, get him hot and bothered, this way he won’t realize he’s being robbed!” Heidi giddily advised Yolanda.

“I kin do that!” Yolanda excitedly chirped.

“I better get back before the dishes start piling up”, Yolanda said, gesturing to the ritzy environment where she toiled.

“You like working for those uppity white folks?” Lonnie asked, antagonism apparent in his tone.

Yolanda squinted, her eyes like razor blades, “No, I hate living off their crumbs.”

“But I won’t have to worry about that anymore now that I’m in the gang!” Yolanda proudly announced.

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This was intense. Thanks for posting.
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Excellent story and great wrap up. Thanks Matt!
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Postby Matt L. » Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:12 am

Thank you all who have read and enjoyed the story.

I'll post the first chapter of my new story this Saturday.


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Postby jose4857 » Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:27 pm

Great story Matt thanks so much.

Just curious is this nearly 300 pound girl Marta and Rosaria fattened anyone particular in the story?
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Postby Matt L. » Sat May 02, 2020 10:10 am

Hello Jose4857,

Thank you for reading the story.

The character Marta and Rosaria are fattening isn’t anyone specific to the story, I just enjoyed writing the characters and wanted to add a final scene with them before the conclusion.

Cheers, Matt
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