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Hello Junketh71 & Dxm9999,

Thank you for reading the story and your kind thoughts. I appreciate it.

Cheers, Matt
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In a peculiar mode Sheila contentedly went about her domestic chores as if her tough streetwise guise was a fragment of her imagination.

Sheila took a quick shower as soon as she returned to the comfortable flat which she shared with Jose. Washing away the thickly applied cosmetics and setting her dense brown hair upward before putting on the beautiful maternity dress.

There was a nice bit of cash coming in from their criminal endeavors and Sheila was able to spurge a little, buying better quality clothing than the hand-me-downs and other cheap garments since her assimilation into the Spanish slum. Albeit much of the attire stolen and bought off the street.

The laundry room was in the back of the apartment and she was able to wash clothes without too much hassle. From there she began dinner, nothing too extravagant; this evening’s meal was chicken wings, hot dogs and beans with rice.

Sheila greeted Jose with a kiss and beer, informing her in a sweet domestic housewife caliber drone, “Dinner be ready in five minutes.”

Jose wagged his head and smiled, subsequently chuckling, “This coming from the bad ass who gave Danny De Vega a hard time today,”

Sheila’s stood with her hands fastened to her impressively large belly, “Ay, that community activist is a scum, he deserved it.”

“Maybe so”, Jose said while sipping his beer, “But use some logic, hot stuff, messing with a politician ain’t always wise.”

“De Vega is a leech, trust me, I know”, Sheila heatedly expressed her opinion, “Using our people for his own gain, he’s worser than us!”

“You mean worst than us”, Jose corrected Sheila.

“So my English no so good, you know what I means!” Sheila shrieked.

Jose laughed as they ambled together into the kitchen, “Okay! I get it, settle down.”

Jose took a seat at the table, Sheila finagling with a couple minor items pertaining to dinner.

“Elena Gonzales called me, invited me to their Saturday whoop-pe- do! Ain’t that some crazy shit?”

“How so?” Jose inquired, “I thought they were your friends?”

“I like them enough but they live boring lives, same thing everyday”, Sheila replied.

Sheila continued while serving Jose his dinner, “I ain’t putting them down, if they like it, better for them.”

Sheila prepared her plate and then joined Jose at the table, “I’ll visit them later in the week if I’m not busy, I love watching how much fatter Yolanda is getting!”

Jose paused from his meal, giving Sheila a quick look over, she wasn’t exactly svelte herself.
Heaving voluptuous breasts over a burgeoning belly and a pudgy waist caked in fat.
Even Sheila’s features had become illogically chubby.

Sheila remained oblivious to how much food she could consume and the sloppy mechanics in which she ate. Sparing herself physically, Sheila doled out both first and second helping so she wouldn’t have to leave the table. The result, her plate a mountain of food.

“Speaking of business”, Jose began, Sheila slowing down her consumption to give him her full attention, “I guess you have no more reasons for me to quit the gang, you’ve gotten accustomed to this way of life. Are you sure about this? I mean we can start over fresh, no worrying about the law, no threat of retaliation.”

“I sometimes have the silly notion about going straight”, Sheila sweetly buzzed, “but then I be like the Gonzales sisters and Yolanda, a repetitive life of chores and nothing to show for it.”

“You’d have me”, Jose flashed a smile.

Sheila giggled, steering the fork toward her lips, “Ay, that would keep me from going pure crazy…”
“I rather….” Sheila added while chewing, “…keep what we is doing, we making lots of money.”

Jose smiled, “You’re back like you were when we first met, ay, chica. In some ways I’m happy but remember we got to be cool. No more harassing people in public, especially people like Danny De Vega. It’ll only expose our club, bring on unwanted attention.”

“Sure, whatever you say, big man!” Sheila excitedly replied, a twinkle in her eyes, “But why only in some ways happy?”

“I don’t know, I guess maybe I like the idea of you being a simple mom, having a house full of kids, me making an honest living.”

Sheila sighed, “I think we can have one more, be difficult I know losing this baby weight, if I’m not watching my figure, you’ll have a real blimp for a woman.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, honey”, Jose grinned, “I have no problems about your size.”

Sheila cracked a silly smirk, “That do help me feel better coz so much of me, but be sure I’ll get nowhere as huge as Yolanda. I was so jealous of her too, and now she’s a big fat embarrassment.”

Jose’s mild chuckle concealed the fact that he found Sheila’s comment about Yolanda obnoxious.
Maybe Sheila’s ridicule helped relieve some stress from being overweight herself, still it was a cheap shot.

“You better watch it sweetheart”, Jose commented in his thoughts while observing Sheila shoveling the food into her mouth, “You liable to get just as hefty.”

Shelia had finished her meal and began clearing off the table, “Put your feet up and watch TV while I wash the dishes, I’ll get ya another beer too!”

Jose nodded, “Sure but you ought to take it easy, maybe I’ll get a girl, one of our club members to give you a hand until the baby gets here.”

Sheila cradled her belly, “That’s sweet for you to think that way, babe, but I got it covered. Anyway, when the baby is born, then Yolanda will be moving in for a while to help me. Be sort of my own personal nanny, housekeeper.”

“Yolie agreed to that?” Jose questioned.

Shelia sweetly chimed, “Huh-uh. Cool, right.”

Jose sighed, “Sure. If Yolanda is that nice to want to help you, at least be considerate then, okay?”

Sheila replied with a funky expression, “Of course, honey. Yolanda is still my best friend even though we’re a class a part.”

Jose inquired, “What does that mean?”
Shelia giddily explained while wiping off the table, “Since I’m the queen bee of our club and Yolanda ain’t even a member, she’s a different rank. The maidservant to the queen. Understand now?”

“Got’cha!” Jose saluted Sheila, “You made it loud and clear.”



In the ritzy upper class neighborhood where Elsa resided, she was getting dressed for a dinner party to celebrate Marco’s advancement in the hospitality field.

Elsa stood at the mirror examining her face as Yolanda was equipping her plump figure with a girdle.

There was a buttery aspect to Elsa’s cheeks which coincided with her negligible double chin.

Yolanda screeched aloud as though she was in charge, “Suck in that tummy!”, as she tightly pulled in the garment’s strings.

Elsa swept back a curl, “How did I get so fat?” she questioned, popping a chocolate morsel into her mouth.

Yolanda diligently laced up the girdle, altogether ignoring the question.

Elsa emitted a sigh, Yolanda quickly looking over the half empty box of Belgium chocolates.

“We’ll get ya tucked into that dress and then I’ll do yer hair and makeup”, Yolanda said in a crisp authoritarian tone.

Elsa nodded, repeating the inspection of her face; it was indeed taking on a circular shape.

Yolanda walked over to the closet, Elsa a step behind, noting in a fanatical mode, “Next week I’m getting back on track, no more sweets and I’m going straight to my gym as soon as I’m home from work every night!”

“Then I’ll clean out the cupboards and fridge this evening!” Yolanda replied while helping Elsa into her lovely gown.

“There’s no need to overreact”, Elsa championed her cause, “Everything in moderation, I’ll simply execute common sense when I have the urge to nibble.”

“How does senior Marco say there is more of you?” Yolanda questioned.

Elsa bit her lip; Yolanda sensed the query made her uncomfortable.

“Just between friends? Ay Elsa?”

Elsa forced a giggle, “Oh hell, what’s a little teasing here and there, right? Marco means no harm.”

Yolanda understood the embarrassing sting of becoming a beefy damsel after years of being eye candy, and thus sensitively warbled, “Sometimes teasing ain’t so harmless.”

Elsa sighed, wiping her nose, “I’m turning into a cow and he knows it!” she unthinkingly blurted.

Elsa wagged her head, quickly apologizing to the obese maid decked out in a granny style top and spandex slacks because her uniform no longer fit.

“I’m sorry, Yolie, that was tactless,”

Yolanda humorously snorted, “I’m big, no mistakably that, ay Elsa! We must work hard so you no look like me!”

“I feel so superficial now”, Elsa continued with the apology, Yolanda directed Elsa to the extravagant vanity table, “No superficial not so much, you wanna stay in good shape. Now let me fix your hair.”

Elsa sat down on the spacious bench, Yolanda diligently working on her golden locks.

“I’ve gotten lazy, Yolanda but I’m going to fix it”, Elsa determinedly rattled off.

“I help you, whatever you say, Elsa”, Yolanda sweetly addressed her superior.

“That’s just what I want to hear!” Elsa chimed, “I’ll set off on a healthy routine of diet and working out but not until next Monday!”

A puzzled expression puffed up Yolanda’s blubbery cheeks, “Huh?”

Elsa excitedly and adamantly explained, “Next weekend I want to go all out and indulge in everything I’m giving up before embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Thing is, Yolanda, I want you to join me!”
“Silly girl!” Yolanda comically smirked, “How me do all housework?”

Elsa patted her minuscule second chin with the back of her hand, “You’ll be off duty then, we’ll party like old friends.”

Yolanda nervously screeched, “Alright for you but me can’t lose pay!”

Elsa smoothly corrected Yolanda, “Oh it won’t affect your money, I’ll still compensate you for your time. I do hope you’ll help me out?”

“Si, okay, Elsa”, Yolanda smiled, “Whatever you wish but for one weekend, yes?”

“Oh definitely”, Elsa coolly stated, “We’ll go out and dine at a regular restaurant where you don’t have to dress fancy, maybe in your neighborhood.”

Yolanda opposed the suggestion at first, “My neighborhood no place for you, slums is bad place…”
“…. But um, I sort guess later we go to my friend’s party, Elena has em’ every Saturday if you really want to be like regular girl”, Yolanda added with a cheesy smile.

“That’s the thing!” Elsa chuckled, “I’ll be a regular girl, a housekeeper like you! This way I can relax my inhibitions and enjoy fattening dishes without any qualms.”

“You wanna be regular, you stop using big words me tinks!” Yolanda giggled.

“Sure!” Elsa elatedly agreed, “Just don’t let your friends know that I’m wealthy, I work as a maid like you.”

“Si!” Yolanda nodded, “And there be plenty of fattening dishes as you say, eat hearty too coz starting Monday it’s all a no-no.”

“Well, naturally of course!” Elsa giggled, “But what a splendid way to get this all out of my system.”

Yolanda had finished sprucing up Elsa’s mane, conveying pleasantly as she began applying a discreet amount of makeup to her face, “You like yummy greasy food, we go to a place in my sister’s neighborhood, and from there we go to Elena’s party. Okay?”

Elsa happily concurred, “Sounds like a plan”, her eyes twinkling.

“Um, what about senior Marco, you spend weekend with him? What ya say?” Yolanda inquired.

“I’ll say I’m spending the weekend with a work associate who‘s a close friend, we’ll catch up later in the week”, Elsa told Yolanda.

Yolanda had finished preparing her boss for the event when Marco entered the room.

Marco looked Elsa up and down, completely ignoring Yolanda, “You look beautiful, my dear, gorgeous!”

Elsa walked over to Marco, embracing him with a kiss, “Thank you!”

Marco sneered at Yolanda before taking Elsa by the hand, “Let’s go, baby!”

Yolanda plopped down on Elsa’s bed as soon as they had vacated the room.
Strumming her belly, Yolanda dolefully sighed, “If getting fat makes that rat leave you alone, I wish you’d get as big as me…”

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I like where this is going with Elsa.
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The plot continues to deepen, and the story to improve. Yay!
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Hello DXM9999 & Junket71,

I'm pleased you're enjoying the story, thank you for reading!

Cheers, Matt
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Natalie arrived home from work armed with a couple of bags of groceries from a pit stop at the supermarket.

Sliding the bags unto the kitchen table, Natalie made tracks to family room where Yolanda was supervising her children at play while watching a Mexican soap opera.

Natalie winced at her sister sprawled over the sofa, the cushions caving in due to her immense girth.
Yolanda’s mane gummy to the letter seemingly glued her round face; the tent size T-shirt littered with stains captured the insane span of her bulging belly as it flowed over her lap unto her blubbery elephantine thighs.

A jar of peanut butter saddled between her husky arm and roll invested waist along with a package of crackers.

Natalie did appreciate the sedated, peaceful guise to Yolanda’s pudgy domesticated features but watching a television show in the Spanish language with the kids in attendance infuriated her.

Natalie drew a breath, calming her nerves before speaking.

“You know how I feel about you watching Mexican programs with the kids around”, Natalie said quietly as she approached Yolanda.

Yolanda apologized with a sullen expression, using the remote to change the channel.

Natalie didn’t feel it necessary to harp on Yolanda, and instead invited her to the kitchen, “Why not help me start dinner, huh, Yolie?”

Yolanda nodded, Natalie wagging her head as she watched the once athletic siren struggle off the sofa.

Yolanda’s entire body quivered and jiggled, sighing and snorting as she finally reached her feet.

The Spanish style spandex slacks heightened the billowy condition of Yolanda’s lower body, her extra ample posterior shoving away from her beefy hips, swaying in slow motion as she ambled into the kitchen.

Natalie began removing the items out the shopping bags, “Meatloaf for dinner but I bought you some beans and rice to have on the side with the mashed potatoes.”

Yolanda shook her head and took to peeling the potatoes without any soliciting from Natalie.

“Jim and I are just going to spend a quiet evening watching TV; you don’t want to be around an old married couple? Why not go visit Mrs. Soto’s boy, he might like your company”, Natalie smiled.

Yolanda rubbed her bulbous nose, grunting an emotional reply, “Why bother? Me changed a lot, too mush different now.”

Natalie cringed at Yolanda’s broken English, “Your decision, Yolie. But we’re watching American shows.”

Yolanda nodded, “Okay, Natalie.”

Natalie observed Yolanda in her skill at preparing dinner, moving in with Elena Gonzales had its dividends. A year earlier Yolanda would have been useless in the kitchen but now she exerted herself in quite a style, and happily as well. For all it was worth, the changes to Yolanda’s behavior might have quelled her ambitious nature and spunky attitude but she had developed the domestic skill of any seasoned housewife.


At dinner Yolanda polished away the food guiltlessly and slovenly, Natalie was clearing off the table and her sister was having yet another helping.

As it went, Natalie washed the dinner dishes but once Yolanda was fed, she volunteered to clean the entire kitchen including washing the floor.

“You’re going to make some guy one heck of a wife!” Natalie giggled.

Yolanda demurely blushed.

Near the end of the evening while Yolanda was out on the patio devouring ice cream, Natalie held a private conference in the family room with her hubby James.

“I sort of believe if Yolanda had a man in her life, she might take some stock in herself”, Natalie posed her opinion readily and with an elongated smile, “Maybe it would help influence her to watch her weight and dress better. You know?”

“I never thought Yolie would get this heavy”, Jim replied, enjoying a can of Apache’s finest.
“I hate to say this, I wouldn’t insult Yolanda for anything but she’s gotten to be a blimp, how much does she weigh?”

Natalie groaned a sigh while rubbing her head, “Damn, good question, she got to be 350-pounds! But there are guys who do like chubby girls.”

“Yolanda was chubby a hundred pounds ago, baby, she’s humongous now”, Jim grudgingly uttered.
“I’m not saying she isn’t cute but really, you know guys in her age bracket go for skinny babes.”

“There’s nobody you know down at the factory that we can introduce her too?” Natalie asked.

Jim sighed, “Most of the guys I work with are married, and the ones who aren’t wouldn’t find her attractive.”

“Guys used to buzz around Yolanda when she was a hot skinny thing, it’s a shame, she really needs male companionship”, Natalie replied, “Are you sure there’s not one guy at all who might fancy her?”

Jim stood up from the couch and slowly paced the room in thought, eventually admitting, “I’m not really sure but there’s this one guy who’s around Yolie’s age. Randy Miller, he’s sort of hard up for a girlfriend.”

“Is he nice?” Natalie inquisitively buzzed.

James sat back down next to Natalie, “Randy’s okay, friendly, works hard.”

Natalie inquired about Randy’s lack of significant other; James went on to explain;

“Randy is sort of a hillbilly, very low key, smokes weed and plays video games, but he’s honest.
The poor sap has a bad habit of meeting these honey’s on line and after he helps them out with cash, they’re gone. Randy might be interested in meeting Yolanda., though he does favor flashy, skinny types.”

“Would Yolanda being Mexican be a deal breaker?” Natalie cautiously questioned.

“Nope”, James remarked, “Randy isn’t a bigot but Yolanda outweighs him for sure, he might not find her attractive.”

James went on with a few more details, “Randy’s isn’t bad looking, a little on the scrawny side, maybe 140-pounds, his hygiene isn’t the best and he lives at that trailer park down on the other side of the slums.”

Natalie sighed, “Well beggars can’t be choosers, my sweet sister is going to end up a fat old maid unless we do something.”

James swung his head from side to side, “I’ll talk to Randy, invite him over for a beer. See if sparks fly.”

Natalie anxiously tweaked the idea, “No, honey. Let him know you have a sister in law who’s lonely like he is. Say we’re having a barbecue and that it would be the perfect occasion for him to meet her.”

“And if Randy asks what she looks like?” Jimmy giggled.

Natalie flexed her eyebrows, “Yolanda is still cute, I mean, she has a chubby baby face but she isn’t ugly. Just say she is fuller figured.”

James shook his head in agreement, “Sure, okay. Being honest, the way Yolanda looks now, she isn’t the same vixen, she gives off wholesome vibes.”

“That’s a nice way of putting it”, Natalie agreed, “Nobody could accuse her of being a saucy chick.”

“Well from talking with Randy, he’s totally wet behind the ears with chicks, so that’s a plus”, James stated, “We won’t have to worry about him hurting or taking advantage of Yolanda. It’ll be a new experience for both of them!”

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This is certainly a new turn of events.Thanks for updating!
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Thanks for reading the story! Pleased you enjoyed it!
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Yolanda arrived at Elsa’s mansion for work on Saturday only to be reminded by her boss that this weekend they were spending as friends.

Elsa down played her appearance to fit squarely into the semblance of a regular nine to five working girl. Elsa’s blond locks uncombed and she was garbed in a basic T-shirt and yoga pants.

“We have a while before going out, what if I make us some lunch and we can watch TV!” Elsa warbled in a spunky tone.

Yolanda’s expression took on a comical mode, “You no kidding bout this, ay Elsa?”

“Yeah!” Elsa exploded in laughter, “Think of me like a co-worker and friend, not your boss! So what you want for lunch?”

Yolanda dropped her bags on the floor and strummed her balloon shaped belly, “Wow! What you be having?”

Elsa wasn’t inhibited the least, “Bacon sandwiches and chips, and ice cream!”

“Me too”, Yolanda replied, turning toward the kitchen only to be interrupted by Elsa.
“Oh no you don’t! You park your butt in the front room, this weekend I wait on you!”

Yolanda answered with a bellowing giggle that ended with an absurdly loud snort, “Ay, as you wish!”


A while later Elsa strolled into the living room with two bacon sandwiches for both of them, a large bowl of potato chips and colas.

“I’ll fix us ice cream, Yolie, when we’re done with this, okay?”

Yolanda swerved her eyes away from the TV screen, “Sounds like plan, yes?”

The females hearty noshed while watching a reality show on M-TV, the banter humorous and extremely cordial.

Finally Elsa made it a point to add one condition to their madcap weekend.

“There will be no talk about dieting or such nonsense, okay? Starting Monday I’ll get back to the grind watching my weight but this weekend I’m not going to worry about my dress size or what and how much I eat.”

“Ay, we be pair of hefty gals no excuse to diet, yes?” Yolanda giggled.

Elsa gulped her cola and after releasing a burp, concurred while patting her junior league potbelly, “Yup! I ain’t even going to wear a girdle tonight! I don’t even care I got a plump tummy!”

Elsa grabbed a handful of chips which she messily gobbled, speaking as she stood up from the couch, “Now what about some vanilla ice cream drenched with chocolate syrup and with bananas?”

Yolanda shook her head with a giddy smile, “Oh please, yes!”

Elsa smiled, a twinkle in her eyes, “I got a cool idea, what if for this weekend we pretend I’m your maid?”

“You loco chica, dat too crazy!” Yolanda chuckled.

Elsa straightened her posture, “I’ll return with your ice cream in a moment, Miss Monterey.”

Yolanda again chuckled but went along with the program, “That’s fine, Elsa. Make yourself a bowl too and join me.”

“As you wish”, Elsa nodded, she then excitedly strutted toward the kitchen.

Yolanda tapped her bulbous cheek, pondering in detail over Elsa’s appetite and figure.

“It would be for your own good to fatten up, then Marco would have no use for you”, Yolanda contemplated, “That belly does have potential to grow and your thighs are getting soft. Yes, there will be no talk of dieting this day or next, I’ll give it my best shot to turn you into a chunky heifer, a very chunky heifer!”

Yolanda’s imagination quickly went to work and she imagined a future version of Elsa who had failed at watching her weight, instigated by Yolanda’s clandestine sabotage.


Yolanda bringing Elsa her dinner on a platter, lasagna, meatballs, cheese sticks and tacos.

Elsa was immensely fat, nearly 400-pounds, her circular shaped figure clothed in a pedestrian looking nightgown with big ruffle collar and of a faded pink hue.

Elsa anxiously rubbed her hands together, a wide smile on her ridiculously chubby face, anxiously bouncing up and down in her queen size lounge chair.

Although a glum expression inflated her whopper of a double chin, “Why such a small portion?”

“This is only the first course, Elsa!” Yolanda giggled, “There’s more, lots more!”

Elsa’s blond hair was limp and dirty, clinging to the sides of her face, her enormous breasts positioned over her gigantic belly which quivered while arming herself with a knife and fork.

“Goodie!” Elsa sang out loud, subsequently shoveling the food into her mouth.

Elsa’s balloon belly sticking outward, far and away from her body, inciting Yolanda to embrace the large billowy gut and chime, “Pardon me! You look so squishy; I had to give it a squeeze!”

Elsa peered at Yolanda with a distraught expression, “Are you making fun of me!”

Yolanda took a step back, patting her own podgy belly, “Of course not, Jelly belly! I got whopper here too! We‘re like sisters now.”

Elsa’s chubby upper arms jiggled in motion as she slipped the fork between her lips, chewing ardently, not a trace of humor over her fat face as she whimpered, “I got so huge!”

Yolanda squinted, although with a cheery smile, “Well yeah there’s more of you but don’t get in a huffy mood, you’ll spoil your dinner.”

~ Yolanda’s flight of fancy took a weird turn and Elsa began talking about work ~

“I hate that daddy demoted me, now I’m just an office girl, a secretary on top of it”, however Elsa began to smile, “But I do get to eat all I went for free in the cafeteria!”

“Well, you don’t have the stress any more without all the responsibilities, right?” Yolanda asked.

Elsa snorted, “Well, yeah! That’s cool!”

Yolanda kept the delusion up, “And well, now that Marco is out of the picture, you can meet a nice guy who will like you for who you are.”

Elsa slurped away a generous portion of lasagna, “Oh yes, I met a guy, he’s a janitor but he’s totally cute and flatters me with compliments!”

~~~ Elsa returned into the front room, snapping Yolanda out of her daydream. ~~~~


Yolanda was borderline amazed but likewise ecstatic about the large bowl of ice cream that Elsa placed down on the coffee table for her to indulge.

Elsa had a bowl for herself as well, just as large and teeming with ice cream, syrup and bananas.

Elsa politely inquired if she may have a seat and enjoy Yolanda’s company.

Yolanda nodded, “Very well, Elsa. You may join me.”

As Elsa turned around, Yolanda caught a glimpse of Elsa’s rear which looked roomier and chubbier, shooting out over her spongy thighs.

“What a portly maiden you’d be if not for the advantages of a superior lifestyle…” Yolanda chuckled in her thoughts, “…if not for your home gym you’d be close to my size!”

Elsa made a silly yummy sound as she began devouring the ice cream, a cute smile popped on Yolanda’s face, and she gobbled up her bowl of ice cream with similar enthusiasm.

“I’m a little envious of you, sometimes”, Elsa affirmed, pausing briefly to lap up a spoonful of ice cream, contentedly chewing while she continued, “Counting calories isn’t mandatory for your profession, I’m obligated to guard my appearance, looks have much importance in my field.”

Yolanda winced, her expression curdling, “Whoa, no such talk, remember, you’re a maid just like me!”

The females giggled together, Elsa remarking with an amusing grin, “Sorry, I forgot!”

“And no big words too, Elsa!” Yolanda chuckled, “Try talking like English you second language!”

Elsa tilted her head, “Ay, I watch it, huh, Yolanda? Simple maid, no education, me poor at English…”

Yolanda slurped away a large spoonful of ice cream, “That’s better”, she smiled.

The afternoon went on, the friends each having a second bowl of ice cream, subsequently napping in front of the TV.


Hours later the friends began to get ready for their evening. Elsa suggested having pizza because it was her favorite dish and starting Monday it was off limits for a while. Yolanda agreed and they would go to a nice pizzeria in a Los Angeles suburb, and then they would hightail it over to Elena’s home to join in on the regular Saturday night bash.

Yolanda wore her mane down, dusting her shoulders, and applied a modest amount of makeup over her chubby face. Yolanda dressed in a colorful Spanish style gown with short ruffle sleeves, naturally it advertised her girth, especially her belly and width of her hips, but she appeared arguably beautiful for a tremendously overweight babe.

Elsa added streaks of brown and auburn into her locks which she set in a ponytail with wavy curls decorating her forehead. The circular shape of Elsa’s face exaggerated in detail, a few pimples, and liberal with cosmetics, she now appeared less impressive and more run of mill in terms of status and looks.

A powder blue colored top and raggedly blue jeans completed Elsa’s guise for the evening.
Elsa’s potbelly positioned over the waistband appeared notably paunchy, and she had thick muffin tops, the jeans snugly embracing her butt and broadcasting the additional padding to her thighs.

Elsa had rented a car for the evening, an anonymous brown Chevy which could easily be presumed as insipid.


First stop was a regular pizza joint in a middle class, majority Caucasian, neighborhood, for the first time ever Elsa experienced uncomfortable glances from the hostess, but they were eventually seated at the very back of the establishment near the kitchen.

The waitress was less than friendly, taking their order without much conversation.
They had ordered a jumbo pizza with the works, cheese sticks and a pitcher of cola.

“I’m getting to think some white people really do have a bias against Mexicans”, Elsa softly warbled.

Yolanda willingly provided Elsa with the facts, “Had you shown up in your expensive clothes and you hair so elegant, they shower you the best attitude but now you look poor and unimportant, another dirty Mexican lots these people thinks.”

“I’m beginning to think this was a bad idea”, Elsa grumbled.

Yolanda giggled with a snort, “Ay, forget these people, not all whites act this way. You eat and eat good, only thing about filling yo belly! We have good time, yes?”

Elsa firmly nodded, “Right! Screw them. We’ll have a nice dinner.”

The nice dinner wasn’t without a few unwelcome gapes from staff and patrons alike but the friends ate and ate heartily, even having cheesecake for dessert.


“I think I put on 15-pounds alone from this meal!” Elsa giddily announced while cradling her stuffed belly.

“I no be happy until you put on fifty!” Yolanda ambiguously smirked.
“Us housekeeping woman, we no look after our figures so good!”

Elsa slid her hand over the slope of her belly, giving it a gentle squeeze, “You’re not kidding!”


On their way out Elsa had to show her driver’s license to use her credit card to pay the check, receiving a final nasty look as the hostess rung up the bill.

“Don’t worry, Chica, we get to Elena’s and everybody treat you better!” Yolanda told Elsa.
Elsa sarcastically chirped, “We’ll be where those white people think we belong, with our own kind!”


Elena and Rosa greeted Elsa warmly, and Yolanda introduced her to all the neighbors and friends.

Noticing Elsa having a specific fondness for the Mexican pastry, Yolanda continuously supplied her with plate after plate.

This activity didn’t go unnoticed by Elena who privately took Yolanda off to the side, “Maybe I’m crazy but it looks like you’re trying to fatten up your friend.”

Yolanda giggled, “Guilty!”

Elena reeled back her face, “What for? You that jealous?”

Yolanda smirked, “No, of course not. You must understand, if Elsa gets tubby, Marco will leave her alone.”

Elena squinted, “Oh, right, Marco has proven to be scum. I guess if adding inches to her waistline means Marco will lose interest in her, by all means, I’ll even help.”

Elena turned around giving Elsa a quick look over, “Well, she got a nice starter belly, if I’m any judge on females, she seems naturally chubby by design.”

Elena gestured with her hand, “Wait here”, and then slipped away from Yolanda, giddily approaching Elsa.

“Oh Elsa, honey, have you tried these burritos, I made them myself!” Elena chimed.

Elsa sweetly admitted she had and that they were scrumptious, Elena placed two more on a paper plate and handed them to her.

“There’s plenty, please eat up or I’ll be offended!” Elena chuckled.

Elsa rolled her eyes and giggled, “You don’t have to twist my arm, they’re outstanding!”

A moment later Elena returned to Yolanda, “Considering her appetite, she’s right on target for spandex slacks and muumuus gowns.”

Elsa had just finished the burritos when Elena brought her a gigantic slice of chocolate cake.
Elsa blushed with a funky smile, “That does look yummy, thanks!”

Elena slipped a fork into Elsa’s hand and then steered her over to the sofa, “Here you go, sit down and relax.”

Elsa favored Elena with an award winning smile, “You’re so awfully nice to me…”

“You’re Yolanda’s friend, so we think of you as family”, Elena conveyed, “Can I get you anything else?”

Elsa sampled the cake, her wide smile denoting her approval, “This might sound silly but milk would compliment this cake.”

Elena complied, bringing Elsa the milk in a big size beer mug.


Elsa needed to unbutton her jeans to give her squishy tummy some breathing room, the rounded pooch mildly bulging away from the material.

Elsa closed her eyes briefly, sighing out loud.

It was Rosa’s turn to supply Elsa with a snack, overhearing Yolanda and Elena’s conversation; she elatedly volunteered to join in.

Elsa opened her eyes as Rosa settled a large bowl in her hands, an exotic Mexican-American dish with beef, beans, potatoes and rice in thick gravy.

“Oh, I don’t think so, I’m stuffed!” Elsa said politely.

“You try, you like it!” Rosa sweetly purred, grabbing the spoon, she fed Elsa a small portion.

Elsa smacked her lips, fluttering her eyes, “Damn, that is tasty!”

“I’ll refill your milk, you eat!” Rosa smiled.

Elsa held unto the spoon in a Bohemian fashion, and began consuming the dish, “Ok..ay..”, she uttered with stuffed cheeks.

From off to side Elena commented to Yolanda, “Look, she’s already a candidate for spandex!”
Yolanda peered over at Elsa, grinning at her spongy pouch bulging all out in the open, “How I wish I could get her to move in with you girls!”

“My husband would need a second job to afford the feed bill!” Elena giggled.

Elsa relished every bite without remorse, the cuisine had such an intoxicating taste, when Rosa returned with another beer mug filled to the brim with milk, she requested another helping of the Mexican form of goulash.

Rosa willingly conceded to the request, Elsa again closed her eyes, giving her tummy a massage.


The party in full swing, a few handsome young hunks would sporadically mingle with Elsa.
Elsa was entertained with the flirting, and she flirted back to a modest degree.

There was one minor hitch that strictly hindered Elsa from circling the room, her tummy had become ridiculously bloated, she couldn’t button her jeans.

Rosa solicited a neighbor’s help and she was loaned stretch slacks. The slacks were ostentatious by design, a loud blue colored background with zigzagging pink, orange and green stripes. Furthermore the garment amplified the expanse of her pronounced belly.

Finally Elsa went about mingling, making a few new friends and having unadulterated fun.

Yolanda kept bringing food over to Elsa who didn’t complain at all.

“What ya think?” Yolanda inquired, “You fit well into our culture, yes?”

Elsa paused from nibbling on a taco, “Yeah, I never met people so uninhibited!”

Yolanda chuckled, “Stop using the big words!”

Elsa engaged in a hearty bite, smiling while she chewed, “Si, me remember, Elsa ordinary girl.”

The night progressed, Elsa played dominos, a little penny ante poker and even joined in on some dancing in the backyard; constantly eating beyond a rational limit.

The festivities concluding, Yolanda and Elsa thanked Elena and Rosa for a nice time, Elena making Elsa vow she would return for an afternoon of sampling traditional Mexican delicacies.

“I’d stop by and visit”, Elsa willingly agreed, “But after tonight I’m on a strict diet!”
Elena’s expression took a funky mode causing Elsa to giggle, “Well, I really shouldn’t diet too hard!”

Yolanda roped her arm around Elsa’s waist as they peddled outside and toward the car.
“You had good time, you see, though poor our culture got many excellent pleasures me tinks!”

Elsa concurred, taking the illiterate Immigrant route to appease Yolanda, “Si, Yolie, best fun me had long time…”

Elsa giggled while she continued, a hand over her tummy which protruded in such a manner that the fabric advertised its pronounced heft and roundness, “…Ay crumba! I eat like this all time and soon me fit into Elena’s clothes!”

Yolanda took advantage of Elsa’s good mood, humorously trying to influence her, “No worry too much, but diet take slow coz lose weight too fast, it get back mo vicious, then yo really be bigger!”

Elsa momentarily reflected, answering upon reaching the car, “Maybe you is right, me no hurry so much anyway, work out, eat healthy, but not like maniac.”

Yolanda smiled once inside the car and Elsa stated while fastening her safety belt, “We no rush things, ay, Yolie? Have impressive big breakfast tomorrow!”


The needed to drive through Avers Street, the worst part of the slums, to get on the highway that would take them back to Elsa’s ritzy neighborhood.

On 21st and Avers Street, Elsa pulled up and stopped at a stop sign.

A young woman waving her arms in the air ran in front of the car screaming in English, “I need help! My friend was robbed, she’s hurt bad!”

Without thinking, Elsa unlocked her car and was about to leave the automobile, Yolanda reached over and grabbed Elsa, “No, don’t get out of the car!”

Elsa looked at Yolanda as the young woman continued pleading for help.

Elsa unfastened her safety belt to Yolanda’s adamant protest, “Elsa, this ain’t good!”

“They need our help!” Elsa shouted before climbing out of the car.

“Not in this neighborhood!” Yolanda yelled.

Elsa walked over to the young woman, “Where’s your friend?”

Yolanda watched as two other females jumped Elsa, knocking her down to the ground.

A hard banging on the passenger’s side window drew Yolanda’s attention; it was her old foe Bianca.

“Well, Jumbo, it’s been a long time!” Bianca maliciously remarked, “You look huge. Now get out of the car and maybe your friend won’t get hurt!”

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