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Elsa arriving home sported a shorter hairdo but one that spoke volumes of elegance and feminine beauty. Immediately greeting Marco outside on the patio, they shared a brief amorous moment where Marco complimented her abbreviated hairstyle between kisses.

“I’m giving myself a real day off, so wait here while I slip into my bikini!”, Elsa elatedly announced.

“I’ll find the maid, have her prepare us a nutritious lunch, we’ll dine out here”, Marco conveyed.
“Don’t bother, I’ll get Yolanda”, Elsa said breezily, “I’ll tell her. But we’ll eat light for lunch, I have a design for pizza tonight, and that’s the sole no-no food on my diet that I allow myself to overindulge.”

“You’re so cute”, Marco affectionately squeezing Elsa, giving her another smooch, “Pizza is it then, and with the works.”


Elsa found Yolanda in her bedroom vacuuming, tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention, “Yolie, I’m back!”

Yolanda turned around, shutting off the vacuum, pleasantly addressing Elsa, “Nice hair, brings out your lovely features me tinks. In my neighborhood guys call you smoking hot.”

Elsa giggled at the flattery, “Thanks, Yolanda. Nice to know how I rate in your neck of the woods. But would you mind making Marco and I a nice lunch? Nothing too heavy, we’re having pizza for dinner, and when I say we, that includes you too.”

Yolanda rubbed her imposing large belly, being around Marco soured her mood but she forced a smile just to appease Elsa.

“That’s plenty nice inviting me but you have romantic pizza dinner with senior Marco, me intrude, no want that…” Yolanda modestly declined.

Elsa warmly smiled, humorously in her reply, “You have no option, I’m the boss, remember. And when you’re through with your work, come outdoors and join me on the patio.”

Yolanda’s features became sullen, looking downward, folding her arms over billowy breasts.

Elsa recognized the negative body language, “Yolanda, what’s the matter?”

Yolanda couldn’t expose Marco for the thug he was; the consequences would be quite unfavorable.
Instead Yolanda droned another reason not to socialize with Elsa, “It isn’t right for me to be friendly with you, I’m peasant, a nobody, maybe I should not work here…”

Elsa quickly embraced Yolanda, “Hey, none of that talk. Peasant? You’re just as important as everybody else, and I really do like you. I know you work for me, so what? I’d like to have something of a convivial relationship with you.”

Yolanda sighed, Elsa melodiously chirped, “Just finish vacuuming and prepare a nice lunch for me and Marco, the remainder of the day you’re off duty but I expect you to hang out with me.”

Elsa pulled herself out of the embrace, “A fruit salad would be peachy…” she smiled at the pun, “… juice for a beverage. I mustn’t disregard my diet too much but we’re having pizza tonight and I can never have enough pizza.”


Yolanda resumed her vacuuming and then prepared a modest lunch for Elsa and Marco.

Elsa and Marco dined alone on the patio while Yolanda cleaned up the kitchen.

Marco was thrilled as Elsa spoke about Yolanda.
“That poor thing has such a third world mindset; she even called herself a peasant. Can you believe that?”

Marco put forth a bogus explanation, “Well Yolanda is a peasant if you think about it. Born in a small Mexican village in complete poverty, no indoor plumbing or electricity. I would imagine she worked in the fields, had few real pleasures.”

Elsa nodded, “That does make sense.”

“Yeah, Yolie’s probably overwhelmed by your home, you and your kindness”, Marco went on to say, albeit fallaciously, “My guess is that she feels uncomfortable around such luxury.”

Marco glided his eyes over Elsa who was wearing a multi-string bikini, “Your looks too, I mean there’s a chance Yolie is intimidated by your beauty as well.”

Elsa mildly blushed, “Thanks, Marco. I have lots of advantages that Yolie never had, including the opportunity to maintain my appearance.”

Marco reel back his head and squinted, “No, You didn’t have plastic surgery?”

Elsa giggled, sipping her apple juice before casually informing Marco.
“No plastic surgery, babe, this is all me. However, this isn’t my original hair color and it’s through diet and exercise I’ve been able to keep my figure in check.”

Elsa leaned back in her chair, roving her fingertips over her taut tummy, “I was a little on the chunky side when I was a teenager, not alarmingly heavy but I was getting there. I was around 16 or 17 and wearing a larger dress size than all my friends when I took the initiative, watching what I ate and working out.”

“Hope I didn’t shatter your image of me”, Elsa perkily smiled.

“Well, you’re not a mutant, I guess…” Marco joked, “…all Latina’s have a pedigree that somehow attracts fat cells!”

Elsa chuckled, “Smart-ass! That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Well it’s a theory, baby”, Marco comically defended himself, “Lots and lots of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans get hefty if they don’t watch it! Look at Yolanda for example…”

Elsa stood up, “Speaking of Yolanda, I wonder where she is? I invited her to join us.”

“You shouldn’t spoil the help, honey”, Marco bluntly remarked.

Elsa shot him an argumentative stare, “That aristocratic garbage doesn’t work for me, I prefer befriending my staff.”

Elsa leaned in, giving Marco a quick kiss to quell any unpardonable disagreement and then removed herself from her chair. “Be back in a minute…” Elsa chirped, hightailing it indoors to find Yolanda.

Marco checked out Elsa’s figure as she sashayed away from the patio, a quirky grin matching his inner thoughts, “You got a beautiful shape there honey, be a real shame if you get too involved with your maid and get fat.”


Elsa searched for Yolanda just about everywhere in her home, even calling out her name several times to no prevail. Ultimately making tracks to Yolanda’s bedroom where Elsa overheard Yolanda shouting out loud at someone.

Elsa tapped on her door, then again harder, finally Yolanda answered.

“Yolanda, you okay?” Elsa inquired with a twisted brow, “Who are you yelling at?”

Yolanda laughed hard enough her belly quivered, “Ooooh! Me watching Mexican soaps! Helen is messed up with Jorge and the rat is up to no good.”

“Sorry, Miz Elsa, I get excited me tinks but why nice society girl get mixed up with gangster makes me plenty mad!” Yolanda angrily snorted.

Elsa bubbly smiled, “You are aware that’s just pretend and it’s not really taking place in Mexico. The show is filmed in Florida.”

Yolanda latched a hand over her burgeoning hip, her expression downright silly, “Ay Chihuahua! Me mistake!”

“Why are you alone watching TV? My invitation to hang with me wasn’t frivolous”, Elsa said cheerfully but added with some humor, “You’re going to hurt my feelings.”

Yolanda nervously wheezed, “Senior Marco okay with dis?”

Elsa wasn’t aware that she was indeed skimming the truth when she comically stated, “Are you afraid of Marco? Oh really, Yolie, that peasant social class barrier is so stupid. Now I want you to take off that uniform, put on your regular clothes and join us outside. Later we’re having pizza, hurrah!” Elsa charmingly chuckled.

“I got only dress with me, not so beauteous but next to Miz Elsa who is beauty? Not many chicas, nope!” Yolanda cheerfully remarked.

Elsa tilted her head, “Not that I don’t appreciate the compliment but looks fade, I’d rather be admired on my principles.”

Elsa turned around and began walking down the hall, “I’ll see about bringing out another pitcher of apple juice, now hurry up, please.”

Yolanda wasn’t all hopped up about socializing with Elsa when Marco was in attendance but had no choice. Removing her housekeeping uniform, Yolanda garbed herself in the wardrobe she brought along, a colorful Mexican style summer dress that accentuated the rotund expanse of her whopping 300-plus figure.


Not a half hour later Yolanda was situated on the patio with Elsa and Marco, drinking apple juice and shooting the breeze.

There was a sharp contrast between the females who coincidentally sat side by side.
Elsa slim, almost to the point of dainty, chiseled features, poised and with a crisp confidence in her voice, and radiating sheer eloquence.

Yolanda was huge, naturally hefty based on her appearance, mechanically clumsy, a passive timbre to her warble, and pathetically browbeaten.

Marco couldn’t deny the sport in humiliating Yolanda, “Too bad you didn’t bring your bathing suit, you could really relax and enjoy the pool.”

Yolanda caught Marco by surprise when she giddily addressed the couple, “That be a fun idea, but no suit I have, too bad, I like being in pool.”

Elsa happily announced, “I’m so delighted you said that, I was afraid you’d be self-conscious.”

Again Yolanda answered in a manner Marco didn’t expect, her method in spoiling his design in embarrassing her, “Well, me always been plenty big girl, maybe around men self-conscious but here with kind boss not so much me tink.”

Marco held his slick smile at bay, pretending to be civil; he dug into his pocket and removed a wad of cash, “If that’s how you feel about it, here, Yolie. Next time you go clothes shopping, buy yourself a bathing suit.”

Yolanda blinked, Elsa encouraging her to take the cash, “We both want you to be comfortable, Yolie, and to leisurely enjoy the swimming pool, please take the money. You’ll insult Marco if you don’t.”

Marco pushed the dollar bills into Yolanda’s hand, a hundred dollars total, “Really, sweetie, Elsa really wants you to make yourself at home. Buy a nice suit.”

Yolanda placed the money in her pocket, “Thank you, senior Marco”; she smiled, although she reluctantly accepted the cash. “No not what to say…but um, thanks…”

Yolanda’s design at curtailing Marco’s debasing had backfired, now she had to buy a bathing suit, curdling inside as she pictured her gooey fat encased body waddling around the patio in swim wear.

Elsa stood up, “I know what to say”, and embraced Marco, “You’re one of a kind, thanks for donating cash for Yolanda’s bathing suit!” she then favored him with an affectionate smooch.

Marco played in the concerned boyfriend role, expressing his humanity toward Yolanda with a phony smile, “We ought to be an example to Yolie…”

Turning to Yolanda, Marco continued, “…It would be brutally unkind to treat you less than a friend; you should have all the advantages possible, basically since you grew up in third world poverty.”

Elsa looked at Yolanda, “Didn’t I say Marco was a special guy!”

Yolanda heaved an ambiguous sigh, “There’s nobody else like him.”


Yolanda would mingle with the couple for a while longer, using as an excuse to clean her room, however, later that evening, and due to Elsa’s persistence, joined them for pizza.

In something of a recreation room in front of a gigantic big screen TV they noshed on pizza and soft drinks. Elsa answered the call to skip her diet for that sole evening, ordering one jumbo sausage pizza and one jumbo pizza with the works.

Playing down her appearance to put Yolanda more at ease, eradicating their employer / employee status, Elsa wore a regular T-shirt and yoga pants, although it didn’t masquerade their distinctively opposing shapes, Elsa did appear somewhat low key, akin to a similarly unpretentious co-worker and friend.

Elsa chumming up with Yolanda in such a way infected Marco’s raw nerve, he loathed it. Marco’s desire was for Elsa to treat Yolanda like a wetback servant not to befriend her.

Marco was already aggravated at the situation between Elsa and Yolanda, warmly conversing like old college friends catching up on their lives, his antagonism escalating; he eventually abandoned the females on their own to make a few private phone calls.

The females originally conservatively nibbled on the pizza but once they were alone, went ballistic,
“More pizza for us!” Elsa chirped.

Yolanda couldn’t restrain her appetite or the slovenly mechanics which had become her character and began to savagely gnaw on the pizza. Elsa giggled at the sight, and to Yolanda’s surprise, greedily chomped on the pizza in a correspondingly mode.

“Pizza is my weakness I’m afraid”, Elsa said at one point, “I rarely have it or else it would spoil my waistline…”

Yolanda chuckled, “All tasty food is plenty fattening….”

Elsa chewed with her mouth open, holding the slice an inch away from her lips, anxious for the next bite, “You’re not kidding, the most scrumptious food has ruin many a gorgeous figure!”

“I’ll make up for this tomorrow…” Elsa giddily squeaked upon snipping away a generous bite, “…45 extra minutes on the treadmill…”, and with that she readily consumed the remainder of the slice before seizing the next.

“Not at all worried about getting chubby?” Yolanda inquired while gnawing.

Elsa answered while gobbling up a subsequent slice, “Ah…not really…Yo…but let’s not harp on such things and enjoy the meal…”

As soon as Yolanda nodded, and likewise garbing her next slice, Elsa grudgingly admitted, “Yeah, I sort of worry about my weight, I can easily put on the pounds.”

“This is about it for me”, Elsa flexed her eyebrow, directing the alleged final slice toward her sauce covered lips, “The rest of the pizza is all yours.”

Yolanda tensely glimpsed over what pizza remained, “Have no worry me finishing it but why you not help me, no?”

“You’re a bad influence, Yolie!” Elsa chuckled.

Pushing the current slice between her lips, Elsa‘s cheeks distending sideways as she chewed, she slipped her fingers to another slice, “A very bad influence!”


While the female friends were experiencing an unconventionally united front in pizza consumption, Marco was having a beer on the patio.

Clutching his cell phone, Marco pulled up a photograph, the sole representation of Yolanda’s pre-Mexico beauty that he kept. The snapshot captured Yolanda with a sassy expression, clothed in a halter top and shorts, few females he had known rated such a saucy appearance.

“You broke my heart, chica”, Marco sullenly spoke to himself, “Turning your back on me and defending Sheila. If I knew a way, damned if I could change you back.”

Marco sipped his beer, studying the picture in detail, Yolanda’s flat tummy, sweet looking thighs.

“All the betrayal, you did deserve to be fattened, if only you stayed loyal to me, it’s your fault.”

Marco removed the photo, determinedly phoning Jessie.

The conversation was brief and to the point, “Those two girls, who harassed Yolie, I have an assignment for them…”


The next day while Elsa was in the shower and Yolanda was cooking breakfast, Marco popped into the kitchen, tactless as usual.

“Dammmm! You can’t keep away from the stove, ay, Jumbo?”

Yolanda turned around, “Dis breakfast for the boss, um, I mean Elsa, and I guess you too.”

Marco sighed, the cheesy smile upon his face a false front as was his words, “I’ve been thinking it over, maybe I’ve been too hard on you.”

Yolanda squinted, “Huh? What you say?”

Marco softly walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup, “All things accounted for, I think the debt has been paid, your figure is bloated, you’ll never have the career you wanted. I’m willing to end this tiff between us.”

Yolanda nervously grasped her portly belly, giving it a firm squeeze, “Tiff? You mean, like, you stop being mean? Why, how come?”

“Elsa has taken a shine to you, and her kindness his influence me”, Marco glibly noted, “If she can put up with an overweight peon, then perhaps I should respect her, and treat you with some charity.”

Yolanda began to reply, “If you speak true…”

However Marco interrupted Yolanda, gesturing to the stove, “The eggs smell like they’re burning.”

Yolanda resumed her task at the stove, Marco moving in closer to her, wide eyed at the preposterous size of her rump.

“Really, Yolie”, Marco said almost choking on his words, “What you said yesterday too changed my heart. We were lovers, companions, the royal members of the scorpions. I should treat you better, especially now coz you’ve become an unfamiliar package who no longer has any importance.”

Yolanda inquired if Marco would leave Sheila alone too, Marco agreed.

“I no sure what me can say, you for real?” Yolanda said while sampling some bacon.

“I still resent you for betraying me and I’m very happy you’ve gotten fat, so why should I continue to taunt you?”, Marco’s smile a bit too syrupy, “We’ll get along better.”

Yolanda placed her hand over heart, “Ay crumba, if you speak true, me is happy too!”


The remainder of the day went about the regular route but with one peculiarity.

When Yolanda walked into the laundry room she discovered Elsa gnawing on donuts and a large glass of milk.

“Whoops!” Elsa giggled, “I can totally explain this.”

Yolanda placed the laundry bin on the floor, reeling back, holding her hands to her back which thrust out her belly, “Why explain? You da boss but no better eating in the kitchen or somewhere nice?”

Elsa sipped the milk, bringing a donut to her lips, “No honey, I should clarify this, okay?”

Yolanda wagged her head, loading the clothes into the washer, “Clarify all you want, what me care you eating donuts in secret. No crime bout that Elsa.”

Elsa pushed the remainder of the donut into her mouth, her sleek cheeks distending in cute round vicinity, a smudge of chocolate tarnishing her bottom lip.

Once Elsa had gulped down half the glass of milk, she provided an explanation.
“Okay, here’s the deal. I had a desire to have a few donuts but how could I eat my fill so to speak if Marco should walk in on me. I’d feel embarrassed.”

“You grown up woman, do what you like, Marco not boss of you”. Yolanda smiled.

“Yes, honey, you’re right but I don’t want Marco to think I’m a glutton, so what if I cheat on my diet once in a while. Right?”

Yolanda shook her head in agreement, “Sure. You gots to know, how I admire your beauty, jealous a little me tinks, but watch it.”

Yolanda emphasized her point with sliding her hand over her twofold bulging belly, “Pretty girl can look like me if not careful!” she snickered a squeal.

Elsa sighed as she seized another donut, “Well, this is just a minor abandonment. I’ll resume my diet tomorrow.”

Yolanda spoke while commandeering a donut for herself, “Right, I keep this our secret then.”

“I appreciate that, Yolie, thank you”, Elsa’s grin slightly silly, “By the way, for dinner, could you make lasagna? There’s a recipe in the kitchen draw closest to the fridge.”

Yolanda shrugged her shoulders, “Me do that but like, maybe you ought to go to work out room for while. Remember you say, 45-minutes on treadmill.”

“Tomorrow, Yolanda, tomorrow”, Elsa chirped, “I think I’m going to take a nap and then watch a couple old movies with Marco. Join us, please.”

Yolanda nodded, Elsa leisurely strolling by her, “Please get me up in an hour…”

Yolanda watched Elsa walk out of the room, “Keep cheating on diet, no more bikini for you!” the thought ricocheted through her head.


The lasagna meal Yolanda made was complimented with ice cream, Elsa seemingly joyous in disregarding her healthy diet for another day.

While Yolanda was washing the dinner dishes, Marco once again approached her.

“If you’re not busy tomorrow, could you give me a hand with my apartment, it can use a real cleaning.”

Yolanda didn’t want Marco warming up to her, she hated him for lousing up her entire life, however, the rat vowed there was a truce between them, that he would treat her better.
Yet still, Yolanda remained unambiguously afraid of Marco, he might become hostile if she refused.

“Okay senior Marco, Yolanda go to your apartment, clean up tomorrow”, Yolanda forged a shining example of a smile.

Marco nodded while lighting a cigar, “Thanks, Yolie, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.”


Toward the end of the evening Elsa made a quick visit to Yolanda’s room before turning in for the night.

Elsa’s blond hair skimming her shoulders, wearing an expensive nightgown which advertised her beautiful figure.

“I just want to thank you”, Elsa sweetly rattled off as she bestowed Yolanda a gentle hug, “You made this weekend very special.”

“Me just maid, nothing too special about Yolanda”, Yolanda conveyed, her dark locks straggly in an upward style, clothed in a cheap Spanish style flannel night gown that revealed the enormous scope of her belly and expanse of her hips.

“That’s where you’re wrong, you’re a wonderful friend”, Elsa smiled, “We’re going to hang out more often.”

“As you wish”, Yolanda replied, Elsa then mentioning that Marco was waiting for her and adding a goodnight.

Yolanda peddled backward, saying before closing the door, “Sure, you too, but you need to wipe your lips, there’s a chocolate ring round em’.

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Yolanda went straight to Marco’s flat that very Monday, a little apprehensive but yet hoping he was being honest about treating her better.

Yolanda went about cleaning Marco’s apartment with the same enthusiasm and drive which she employed at Elsa’s mansion. Being a housekeeper brought Yolanda such joy, she no longer thought about college or improving her life, this was the perfect profession.

Humming a traditional Mexican folk song while sweeping the floor, Yolanda explicitly embraced her culture, in a bizarre development, was thoroughly delighted that she never had assimilated into conventional American society. The only glitch, Yolanda was still vastly uncomfortable about her girth and the knowledge she would become heavier.

Just as Yolanda was finished with her chores, they was a knock at the door, Jessie had arrived with a shopping bag.

Yolanda dropped her eyes at the sight of Jessie, looking like a fashion model on her day off in a pastel pink T-shirt and daisy duke shorts. “Hello senorita Jessica, I get senior Ramous for you.”

Jessie didn’t acknowledge Yolanda, wiggling her shapely hips as she walked by her.

Marco encountered Jessie a quick moment later, Yolanda’s mind squarely on Elsa as she watched Jessie and Marco embrace in a steamy kiss.

How could she possibly tell Elsa that her main squeeze was a lowdown jerk.

“I guess it’s in the bag?” Marco asked Jessie, his hands delicately massaging her backside.
Jessie rotated her head, giving Yolanda a giddy look before confirming the fact with a whisper.

Marco took Jessie by the hand, they approached Yolanda.

“Yolie is so worried about being picked on, did you know that?” Marco frivolously addressed Jessie.
Jessie leaned into Marco, roping her arm around his waist, “I heard something about a hippo size bottom feeder not showing proper respect to her betters.”

Yolanda flung her hand over her heart, her face turning flush, gazing at Marco with shock.

Marco’s punk boy grin readily over his face, “If that’s the case, Jumbo needs to be reminded that she doesn’t rate in their league.”

Marco tapped Jessie on her butt, Okay, baby, show fatty what you got her.”

Jessie reached outward with the bag, Yolanda refusing to take it.

“Take this, now!” Jessie demanded.

Yolanda took the bag, discovering its contents, a bathing suit and plastic flip-flops.

“You’re going to put that on and go shopping”, Marco stated sternly, “And I’ve invited a couple of friends to escort you.”

Yolanda grabbed the garment, her pudgy features souring, “This might not even fit…”
Jessie interrupted, “It was the biggest one I could find!”

“Marco…Senior Ramous, I….I’m…”, Yolanda nervous begged, “I know where I stand in the neighborhood, I’ll respect the gang, Jessie’s posse…”

Marco looked to Jessie, “What do you think, sweetheart? If Jumbo doesn’t want to put on the bathing suit, maybe she needs a reminder who runs the neighborhood.”

Jessie patted Marco’s chest, “Oh, you have something delicious in mind?”

“Hector has plenty of farmland in Mexico; he could use another field hand. All they get is a shack to live in and three meals a day. I think Sasha might be an ideal addition.”

Yolanda tensely gazed at Marco, “I’ll do what you wish…”


Yolanda slowly undressed, obeying Marco to the point of humiliation, she sighed, grunted and groaned.

The one piece bathing suit was a black hue, and it scarcely fit, exposing every pound of her tubbiness. The flip-flop were cheap plastic sandals of a gaudy pink hue.

Yolanda couldn’t bear looking into the mirror, well aware of how ridiculous she appeared. A bulging belly on top of an even fatter - rounder bulge, amply endowed cleavage sprawling over the gigantic ocean of fat, her cushy dynamically balloon shaped derriere poised over her tree trunk size thighs.

Jessie and Marco laughed loudly as Yolanda waddled into the room, the bathing suit almost looked painted on, her belly quivering, her thighs to a lesser degree, thickly immense in fat.

Marco moved away from Jessie and pulled out his cell phone, bringing up Yolanda’s snapshot taken years prior to her fattening.

“Look at this! There’s no comparison!” Marco chortled.

Jessie stared at the picture and then after glimpsing Yolanda, she removed the phone from Marco’s fingers, and held it up to her.

“Damn, girl! Is this you?” Jessie giggled.

Yolanda’s eyes connected with the picture on the phone, it wasn’t just the absolute beautiful condition of her figure that jilted her emotions but the image of her charming face.
The chiseled features which had once depicted such a captivating young female had absurdly inflated into a buttery fat face, specifically an unanimous young peasant woman.

Corpulent bulbous cheeks, swollen pug nose, and a plump double chin with the third connected to thick jowls.

Yolanda stood frazzled, unable to reply, although Marco did, “Hard to believe ain’t it?”

Jessie felt obligated to agree, “Yolanda is totally unrecognizable!”

Marco shook head, Jessie handing him back his phone.

“Okay, butterball, a couple of companions will be meeting you at the market, use the cash I gave you to buy whatever they want”, Marco coolly addressed Yolanda.

“I don’t know what I done wrong, please, Mr. Ramous, I’m ashamed, I’m so fat…”

Marco condescendingly explained, “A girl of your poundage shouldn’t be ashamed. You’re accustomed to being a cow; it’s not a big deal.”

“Remember the girls who harassed you the other day? Isobel and Anna. They’re going to meet you at the market”, Marco said with a slick smile.

Jessie stepped aside, grabbing her cell phone, she called Anna.

Marco chuckled, “Don’t just stand there, get your handbag and be off on your way!”

Yolanda knew she had no alternative, her gooey fat caked body seemingly jiggling much more profusely as she made tracks to her purse, she could hear Jessie speaking to Anna.

“Yo babe! Jumbo’s on her way, meet her there liked we talked about”, Jessie cheerfully remarked, unnecessarily adding, “Let me know if she doesn’t cooperate, okay?”

Yolanda didn’t bother acknowledging Marco or Jessie upon exiting the apartment, she loathed both of them.


Yolanda obviously gathered strange looks and comments on her route to the market, her figure far too out of shape and obese to pull off wearing a swimsuit.

In an anomalous mode, Yolanda’s mind briefly focused on her relationship with Marco and Jessie years earlier when she had the beauty and strength to be respected.

Marco used to fawn over her, was a sensitive lover, and let her conduct business with her posse on her own terms. Jessie was a wannabe long before even joining the gang and although there were at times conflict in a catty nature, they did have a halfway decent friendship.

Yolanda eyed her belly swishing around, straining the fabric which contoured to her double bulge, resuming her current status. It wouldn’t be so bad if they simply treated Yolanda as a joke, the gang’s subordinate but she had been reduced to a neighborhood pariah. An unanimous fat peasant.


Yolanda immediately noticed Isobel and Anna in the parking lot, standing by their car smoking cigarettes. Yolanda dropped her head, looking downward upon coming to a halt within their space.

The gang-members uncouthly laughed, although Yolanda had prepared herself for their taunts.

“Dammmm, babe! Showing off all that blubber, you must not be embarrassed coz your size!” Anna chuckled. Yolanda guessing that Marco had coached them, although she was indeed open for ridicule in a swimsuit.

Yolanda sniffled; trying to minimize the teasing in hope it might curtail some of the verbal abuse, “How can be embarrassed? Me always big girl, no secret.”

Isobel addressed Yolanda with a smirk, “Ay, Jumbo! You’re definitely clueless how nasty you look!”

Yolanda wheezed, Isobel was correct, she was a gigantic tub of lard, however, she tried again to deflect the insult.

“No can match looks to you but us peasants women plenty fat, no bother us way we look me tinks.”

By now a couple teenage male punks who were hanging out in front of the market advanced toward the females.

They cordially greeted Isobel and Anna, gawking at Yolanda with bug eyes.

“You should go back to Mexico, you give wetbacks a bad name”, the taller, skinner of the pair rudely commented.

The shorter, pudgier guy turned to Isobel and Anna, “She’s not with you?”

Isobel chuckled, “No! No way would we have this fat wetback hang with us! She’s here coz she needs to learn respect!”

“You never been a gang-member?” the pudgy guy inquired, “You have no idea there’s rules here…

Yolanda wiped her nose, about to reply when Anna interrupted her.
“Shit, that’s a stupid question!” Anna laughed, “Fatty here is too repulsive and dimwitted to ever run with any gang!”

Yolanda peeped an awkward sigh, keeping the truth to herself.

Isobel broke rank, walking toward the market, “Let’s go”, gesturing to Anna and Yolanda to join her.

The guys snickered, tossing a few more snide remarks at Yolanda which were pointless; she realized how fat and pathetic she had become.


Yolanda steered the shopping cart through the store as Anna and Isobel placed in their items, she was pleased that majority of the other patrons ignored her with exception to the scantily clad high school age chick who looked at her in shock, subsequently stating, “Please think of others about what you wear, you shouldn’t be dressed like that in public.”

Naturally the store manager lectured Yolanda about wearing much more appropriate clothing next time she was in or else she would be banned from the market.

Yolanda snorted loudly after the lecture, the humiliation angered her at first but once she calmed, she blamed herself for being overweight and weak.

Yolanda brought their groceries to the car, packing them in the backseat.

Anna looked over to the punks outside the market.

“Okay, we’ll leave you alone, but only if you flash your boobs at those guys!” Anna giggled.
Yolanda took a step back, “Huh?”
“That’s too easy, too easy, chica!” Isobel rebuffed her friend, directing her attention on Yolanda, added, “No, you have to seduce one of them!”

Anna nodded, “That’s works!” giving Isobel a high five.

Yolanda appeared stoic for a split second, “Well?” Anna asked just as Yolanda screamed at the top of lungs, “I know I’m a freak! Is that enough!”

Anna and Isobel watched as Yolanda toppled down unto her spacious duff, covering her face and began sobbing.

The gang-bangers swapped glances.

“Didn’t know she so sensitive, Anna. What should we do?”

Isobel cruelly replied, “I want no part of a big baby!”

Slanting her body downward, Isobel reached over and grabbed Yolanda’s hair, tugging her face into her direction.

Yolanda winced, her eyes coming in contact with Isobel’s, “Look, dumpy! You next come on our turf, you have better attitude or we’ll do some ass kicking! You hear me?”

Yolanda grunted in agreement.

The females hopped into their car and sped away, Yolanda sitting on the concrete, crying her eyes out.


Elena was entertaining her sister Rosa in the kitchen when a knock happened on the door.
Elena politely excused herself and upon reaching the door, discovered Yolanda standing on the porch with two teenage guys.

Yolanda was still in tears, embracing her belly, mumbling chaotically.

“Hi, Senorita, we found her like this, I swear we did nothing too her.”
Elena took Yolanda in her arms, her hefty form almost unmanageable to hang onto due her weight.
The other guy spoke up, “She was crying hard in the parking lot, I asked if she needed help. She said she lived here.”

Elena thanked the guys and once they had left, she called out for Rosa’s help, and they maneuvered her into Sheila’s room which was easier than getting her downstairs to her room.

Elena eased Yolanda into bed and covered her with a blanket, “Take it easy, you’re at home safe.”

“What happened, Yolie?” Rosa softly asked.

It took Yolanda 15 minutes to square the details, blathering between sobs, and nervously wheezing.

“Damn it! Yolanda!” Elena’s voice crisp with anger, “Weren’t you told to stay away from the gangs? Why would you clean up Marco’s place anyway? No good can come from knowing him!”

Rosa edged up against her sister, “Be somewhat more sensitive, okay?”

“If she was my daughter, she’d get a good spanking!” Rosa huffily retorted, “How stupid is she?”

Rosa gestured with her finger to Elena - one moment - and then moved in close to Yolanda, sweetly whispering, “You settle down, sleep awhile, when you get up, I’ll make you a snack. Okay, pretty girl?”

Yolanda nodded, her whimpering somewhat subsiding.

Rosa took Elena by the arm and directed her into the hall.

“You know Marco had her put on the swimsuit to publicly humiliate her. I agree she was stupid just for showing up at his place but remember this isn’t the same Yolanda. She needs our support and love, charity really.”

Elena remained irate, “I’m all for helping her, I can’t believe she’s become a wimp!”

“Yes, I know, which is why we must come together as family for her”, Rosa said, a tear rolling off her buttery cheek, “She’s a woman-child now, delicate and fragile. Now I’m going to her room in the basement and find her a dress. In the mean time, warm up that meatball soup and when she’s up from her nap we’ll feed her the soup and pastries. Yolie will feel better, yes?”

Elena placed her hands over Rosa’s shoulders, “I want to protect her, don’t mistake that. So let’s stuff her and good. The fatter Yolanda gets, the less likely she’ll want to leave home.”

“Yolanda has a lover now, she’s big enough as is, how’d he feel about that?” Rosa sympathetically mused aloud.

“If he really is the right man for her, what does it matter?”, Elena bluntly replied, “If she’s get to where his superficial attitude shows itself and cools his affection, we’re doing Yolie a favor.”

Rosa nodded, subsequently hightailing it to Yolanda’s quarters to find her something to wear.


Elena and Rosa were yammering away in the kitchen noshing on banana splits when the door slowly opened and Yolanda walked in. Clad in the threadbare house-gown which didn’t compliment her figure, Yolanda plopped down on a chair between the sisters.

“Ay-yi-yi-yi!”, Yolanda exclaimed, “I make another mess of myself, eh?
Yolanda wagged her head, looking downward for a moment, “Bet you plenty mad at me, yes?”

Elena opened her mouth to speak but Rosa cut in before she could get a word out.
“We all make mistakes. Now you know for sure, Marco no good. You stay away from him, right?”

Yolanda rubbed the side of her face, the blubbery tissue compressing under her pudgy fingertips, “Marco and Jessie both! From now on, I no wander too far. Stay away from the gangs.”

Elena shook her head, “I’m very glad you said that, Yolanda. We have some food for you, are you hungry?”

Yolanda sighed, giving a quick glimpse at the banana splits.
“I’m not very hungry, banana splits look yummy though. What else you got?” Yolanda said as she rubbed her belly.

“Meatball soup and some fresh pastries”, Rosa smiled.

Yolanda replied with a firm nod, “Yes! I like that too. Is that okay?”

Rosa left her chair to warm up the soup and prepare Yolanda a banana split; Elena grabbed the pastries, four in all.

“You eat, Yolie”, Elena’s giddy expression plumping up her second chin, “Food puts you in a better mood, you remember that.”

Rosa winked at her sister, Yolanda gobbling up the first pastry while reaching for the second, “I so remember that. Where is Sasha?”

“Sasha is out by Jose, she’s staying a full couple days with him”, Rosa explained.

Yolanda contentedly grinned, “Ay, more food for me!”

The females laughed together!

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Well, this was somewhat optimistic, especially at the end. Thanks for updating.
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Thanks once again for the neat read! :]
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Hello Junketh71 & Vended,

Thanks for reading, the next episode will be up soon!

Cheers, Matt
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Sheila, now 7 months along with a bun in the oven, things had become oddly reversed and contradicting in a few odd ways.

Sheila would spend only two days a week with Elena and Yolanda, majority of her time spent with Jose. A peculiar twist to Sheila’s personality, she was becoming all the more tougher and streetwise, despite wanting Jose to leave the gang and wanting to move far away out of the Spanish slums, she was becoming involved in all types of criminal activity. Selling stolen property at the flea market, spray painting buildings, vandalism, and even selling dope.

Jose even, and at the very last minute, prevented Sheila from initiating a gang fight.
However, there remained the domestic side of Sheila, cooking and cleaning for Jose, and even washing his mother’s laundry. Jose kept up with the romantic shenanigans which pleased her, and yet after making love, she was sometimes anxious to get back to the streets just to check on whatever deal or activity was going down.

Over by Elena, Sheila projected the sensible mom to be attitude, and basically acted reserved, polite and civil. Elena, Rosa and Yolanda always made Sheila comfortable and coddled her, only two issues kept their friendship from complete bliss.

Elena didn’t especially appreciate the way Sheila dressed. Tawdry and skimpy outfits that showed a little too much of her bloated pregnant body. The other issue concerned her relationship with Yolanda. Sheila did try to understand Yolanda’s passive identity and showed her some kindness.
Assuming the role of elder sister, basically. Yet, there were moments when Yolanda’s wimpy nature roughed up her nerves and she would criticize her for being a milquetoast. Sheila would later apologize and then cast off her annoyance, getting silly with Yolanda while snacking.
The exact thing they did share in common was the spiraling out of control aspect of their continual weight gain.

Sheila had reached 283-pounds, completely apple shaped with humongous breasts, obviously due mostly to her pregnancy, and larger than average thunder thighs.
Yolanda, apple shaped as well and with a cushy layer of dense fat covering her body, had ballooned to 376-pounds,

Yolanda had become a little on the reclusive side, rarely venturing around the neighborhood unless it was to visit Elena and Rosa’s friends or to the gigantic inside flea market, naturally with her friends escorting her. Around this time Yolanda would visit Natalie less often.
Maybe because of her expanding girth, her unbridled appetite and eating like a complete slob.
In addition, Yolanda clung hard to the Mexican culture where Natalie was an American to the point that she could be called a traitor within the Spanish slum community. Natalie felt bad for Yolanda, she had become a true wetback, mangling the English language, preferring Mexican cuisine and regularly garbed in Mexican attire. Natalie did try to help motivate her younger sister to improve her life, and even to lose weight. The best Natalie could do was to help Yolanda out financially, supplying her with some cash to aid her essential needs.

This in truth broke Natalie’s heart. Yolanda was on course to make something of herself, going to college, have a wonderful career. Yolanda was smart, spunky, a go getter.
On route to living in the lap of luxury but somehow the tide had turned, and Yolanda somehow had been reduced to a dim-witted, lethargic third world woman.

Concerning Yolanda’s romance with Tomas; the novelty of dating the once fit and alluring heartbreaker soon lost its luster. Yolanda was not any different than many of the neighborhood chicks who traded in their sleek figures for fuller figures right out of high school. In Yolanda’s case, Tomas discovered an arcane twist which cooled his romantic aspirations. Yolanda’s mindset, behavior and eating habits resembled a woman who had always been overweight.
There was no huge quarrel or bitter words, Yolanda realized Tomas wasn’t all that interested with her when he started holding back his affection and made excuses not to see her.

Yolanda continued working for Elsa, a job she readily enjoyed and what she once confided with Rosa, “The absolute perfect career for me to make a living!” Yolanda avoided Marco as much as possible while on duty, few words between them but he was always the phony, giving her compliments in front of Elsa and pretending to be concerned about her well being.

As for Elsa, whether it was due to Yolanda’s influence or not, she began to slack off on her diet and working out which added 15-pounds to her once athletically sound figure.
Elsa’s face and belly took the blunt of excess fat; her cheeks took on a fluffy appearance coupled with a slight double chin, and she developed an authentic potbelly which she concealed with shape wear undergarments.

Marco’s desire for Elsa wasn’t as amorous as she believed, matter of fact he was getting tired of her and considered her too safe and wholesome. What actually interested Marco was getting into the hotel business, Elsa’s dad had sponsored the rat for administrative training, and once he had his prestigious role and a worthwhile income, he was going to dump her without remorse.

Elsa’s softening figure didn’t bother Marco all that much, she had yet maxed out what he deemed attractive, but there was some gentle teasing about her tummy flowing over the waistband of her sexy skivvies with a tiny but plump enough pouch below.
Nonetheless, Marco true to malicious core would sometimes criticize Elsa in his inner thoughts -

“What hell, have more potatoes, at the rate you’re eating, you’re going to get as big as your maid!”

“I won’t be needing to send her off to Mexico; she’s fattening her own self up!”

Marco kept stringing Jessie along, plentiful with affection and giving her much more responsibility in the gang while he was out making a legitimate career for himself or with another lover.


Sheila’s black mane was in a Spanish style bun which showed off her circular shaped face, cool blue mascara, the eyeliner needlessly thick, and ruby red lipstick giving her a real saucy look.

Sheila entered the indoor flea market accompanied by four men, members of Jose’s gang.

A black vest over her peach colored T-shirt, the thin material hindered by the sheer size of her pregnancy bulge, exposing almost an inch of belly, and although her thighs were ridiculously chunky, had on a pair of acid blue colored shorts that didn’t flatter her large bulbous behind.

Sheila moved through the crowd like she owned the place, she resonated treacherous vibes, and her eyes were cold to the point of frigid.

Sheila’s waddle remained intact as she went from merchant to merchant collecting their share of the loot from the stolen goods sold at their mangy little stands. She relished having some of authority she once executed while working for the District Attorney’s office, however now she was on the other side of the law.

“We got a truck load of cigarettes from Nevada, there’s no overhead, twenty cartons to a box”, Sheila told a merchant, “How many boxes you want?”

The merchant, a short chubby man with a big white mustache, politely refused, “I can’t use them, I’m sorry. My cousin lives in Vegas; he supplies me with all I want.”

“I’m disappointed”, Sheila answered back with a fake frown, “I thought we were friends.”

Sheila waved one of the thugs over to her, “Senior Brentano here isn’t our friend, he doesn’t get our protection.”

The merchant slapped his forehead, “Oh, wait, my mistake, Sasha. Give me five, um six boxes. Okay?”

Sheila nodded, telling her escort, “Tomorrow have Ingy drop off the boxes”, resuming her conversation with Senior Brentano, “That be a hundred and twenty dollars.”

The merchant wrangled through his pockets, eventually forking over the cash.

Sheila maneuvered her hand for Brentano to shake, which he did without hesitation.
“Nice doing business with you!” Sheila smiled.

Among the perks of illegal fortune which Sheila took advantage and enjoyed included helping herself to the food stands and not having to pay for a thing.

“My feet hurt, I’m going to rest, you boys take over, collect our share”, Sheila crankily directed the gang members in a stern tone but quickly switched gears, taking on a cheery approach, “Reggie, get me some ice cream. Not too stingy on the helping either.”

Sheila subsequently giggling, “Eating for two gives me a grand excuse to overindulge.”


A few minutes later Sheila was seated at one of the picnic tables enjoying her bowl of ice cream while the boys circulated the flea market conducting business.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a tall and handsome Latino gentleman took the bench on the opposite of Sheila.

Thin, dressed in a suit and tie, it was Danny De Vega, the twenty-something community activist.

Sheila unfavorably glimpsed Danny, she had seen him countless times on television news shows, he was campaigning for a position on the city counsel, his platform, Hispanics working together for a brighter future.

“I don’t know your name but I know who you are”, Danny seriously addressed Sheila.

Sheila wagged her head, using the plastic spoon to point at her belly, “I’m just a pregnant housewife taking a break from shopping.”

“Cut the shit, you’re a member of the Spanish Assassins, nothing more than a leech sucking her own people dry”, Danny replied.

Sheila remained cool, “I call it capitalism, don’t I have the right to make a buck?”

“You’re benefiting from impoverished people, your own culture, why don’t you take your business into the white community, screw them over instead.”

Sheila steered her eyes into Danny’s face, “Half the stuff we steal is from white neighborhoods, so fuck you.”

Sheila subsequently fluttered her eyes and smiled, “Have a nice day.”

Danny placed his hands over the table, “Do you know who I am?”

Sheila slowly devoured a spoonful of ice cream, looking Danny over with a silly grin, “You’re that community activist I see on TV.”

Danny shook his head, plainly telling Sheila, “My goal is to rid Los Angeles of the gangs, and improve the standard of living for Hispanics…”

“There’s been gangs in Los Angeles since the 1800’s, and in another 100 years there will still be gangs”, Sheila said, returning the spoon to her lips for another sample.

Danny leaned in toward Sheila, “You have the wrong attitude, miss, whoever you are.”

“I’m Sasha Morales”, Sheila replied, using her common law husband’s last name instead of her own.

Danny continued where he left off, “The gang culture gives our people a bad reputation, white people believe were all criminals and lowlifes. Except those who mow their lawns or clean their toilets.
If we work together, we can overcome prejudice and bigotry. That means the gang element must be eliminated, and worse yet, gangs prey mainly on their own people.”

Sheila bestowed Danny a comical grimace, “You’re so full of shit. Look around here. Does these wetbacks look like they want to assimilate into the white culture? None of them have any wish to become Americans; they’re not going to disregard their heritage or culture because of your pretty speeches. No way. If they remain peasants it’s their own fault if we take advantage of their weakness and stupidly.”

Danny angrily retorted, “You’re a nasty woman, a mom to be, have you no shame?”
“I’ve been called worse”, Sheila grinned.

“What if your child grows up to be a gang member?” Danny’s anger increasing, “What if he ends up in jail? That’s what happens more often than not to poor Mexican boys.”

Sheila noticed from the corner of her eyes her stalwart companions approaching.

Sheila happily smiled, taking pleasure in the final bite of ice cream.
“You’re boring me with your cry baby bullshit. My feet hurt, rub them for me.”

“I will not!” Danny sneered at Sheila as he loudly opposed her request, “I wouldn’t touch such a tainted woman no matter what!”

The thugs reached the table where Sheila sat with her unwanted company.
Danny looked at them, resuming his attentions on Sheila, “I won’t be intimidated.”

Sheila laid a hand over her belly, “Danny, remove my flip-flops and start massaging my feet.”
“I’ll call security”, Danny warned Sheila.
Sheila gestured over to Reggie, “Have a security officer come over here.”

Danny was about to stand up, another of the brutes wagged his head, “Not a wise move.”

“You’re the leech”, Sheila perkily told Danny but with a sordid smirk, “You’re using your people for your own political ambitions. You give a rat’s ass about them.”

Danny disagreed, “That isn’t true. You’re wrong.”

Sheila cheekily smiled while speaking to her crew, “Take a picture of this boys. You’re around the one pristine politician who isn’t concerned about his own agenda. The harlot with the heart of gold.”

Danny saw Reggie on route to the table with a security guard, “You’re in for it now, Miss Morales.”


The security guard was a middle aged male, dark hair and wearing glasses.
“Is there a problem?”

Danny explained he was being harassed, the officer asked for specific details.
“She wants me to massage her feet, I don’t even know her!”

The guard looked over at Sheila, “So? She’s a pregnant woman, massage her feet.”

“Do you know who I am?” Danny said, pumping out his chest.

The guard motioned toward Sheila, “Do you know who this is? Sasha Morales, this is her turf. Better for you to do what she asks.”

Danny again made an attempt to stand, the guard placing his hand over the social activist’s shoulder, “Sit back down, joto, Sasha is waiting,”

“How’s things, Juan?” Sheila interrupting, “Your daughter like the gown Jose dropped over?”

Juan the security guard nodded, “Yes, Sasha. It fits her perfectly.”

“Well, we’re see about getting her on the pom-pom squad next year, okay?” Sheila added.

Juan thanked Sheila before turning around and walking away.

Sheila causally mentioned to Danny, “The coach has a substance abuse problem which makes it easier for us to deal with her. Now I do have a schedule, so if you don’t mind.”

Danny sighed, “Okay, take off your flip-flops, but I promise you haven’t seen the last of me.”

Sheila features took on a sarcastic twist, “Oh I’m scared.”

“Reggie, get me some chocolate”, Sheila giggled, then turned to Danny and sneered, “Get down on your knees and remove the flip-flops right fucking now!”

Danny followed through grudgingly and enraged, looking up beyond Sheila’s portly belly into her eyes, “Maybe you have the security team in your pocket but I know law enforcement that will back me up.”

“You’re too gentle, have you ever touched a woman or are you really a joto boy?” Sheila grinned.

Danny applied more pressure to Sheila’s foot, “I’m not a homosexual!”

“Could have fooled me”, Sheila maliciously uttered.

Sheila sighed at the massage, nibbling on the chocolate nuggets that Reggie brought her.
“You’ve improved, good boy. Reggie, honey, take a snapshot of this, won’t you please. Danny is a real public servant, finally one worth a shit.”

Danny grumbled under his breath which caused Sheila to chuckle.
“You’re angry, huh, joto? Get wise, you give me any shit, call the cops, whatever, and while I’m rotting in a cell, you’ll get fucked up!”

“Sasha, please!” Reggie likewise chuckling, “Your temper ruins the pictures.”

Sheila placed her hands over her balloon shaped belly and charmingly smiled, “I look pretty now?”

“Oh, man, Jennifer Lopez no looks so beautiful!” Reggie stated, taking the snapshot.

“Was joto in picture okay?” Sheila asked.

“Yeah”, Reggie gazed down at Danny, “Mr. De Vega, you looked like little puppy, where’s your dignity?”

Danny stopped the foot massage and glared at Reggie, “Go to hell! I’m the twice the man you are!”

“You wanna try something outside, ay joto?” Reggie brazenly scoffed at Danny.

“I’m not going to pick a fight with you, I’ll take care of you legally”, Danny answered back.
Sheila sighed, “Watch it, joto, you think you don’t like us now, try something. I’m no kidding you.”

There was a silent pause, Sheila ultimately gesturing to Danny, “Come now, joto. Put my flip-flops back on my feet. I got things to do.”

“I wish you’d stop calling me joto”, Danny loudly vented.

“Well, like I say, you get the law involved, faggot or not, I’ll have your ass kicked”, Sheila sweetly smiled.

Danny placed the footwear back on Sheila’s swollen feet, subsequently standing.

“We’re done, be a social justice warrior somewhere else”, Sheila waved to Danny who turned around and stormed out of the flea market.

Sheila tossed out her arm, “Somebody help me up!”

A couple of the guys aided Sheila to her feet.

“Getting heavy, ay?” Sheila tensely sighed but with a smile.
“This baby is piling on the pounds, whew”, Sheila fanned her face, “Two more months to go too! I’m going to be a big momma.”

The thugs wanting to stay on Sheila’s good side opposed Sheila’s theory.
“Oh the baby weight will come off over night!”
“You’re not that heavy! And for a pregnant woman, you look more than beautiful!”

Sheila began the trek outside the flea market, the guys following close behind.

Once outside and on route to their van, Reggie nonchalantly shared his point of view with Sheila.
“It’s not my place, Sasha, but maybe you oughtn’t of threaten that guy, it could make things difficult.”

“Jose trusts me, it’s okay”, Sheila said as she wobbled along, cradling her tremendously huge spherical shaped belly.

Reggie placed his hand over Sheila’s shoulder, “I didn’t mean difficult about the joto, I meant Hector with Jose. Hector is still the boss, Jose working for him.”

“Any bad publicity could cause problems between them”, Reggie added.

“Hector is as much in charge as me”, Sheila coolly replied, “Jose runs this gang, Hector is in Mexico.”

Reggie nodded, “I won’t argue with you, I hope for Jose’s safety Hector doesn’t find out.”

Finally climbing aboard the van, Sheila informed the guys to check with Jose tomorrow to divvy up the cash, then inquired the time.

“Almost two-thirty”, a thug grunted.

“You better drop me off at home, I have laundry to do and start Jose’s dinner”, Sheila chirped in affectionate housewife mode.

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Excellent chapter. I continue to enjoy this story. Thanks Matt.
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This was cool! Thank you for the new update.
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