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Well, this was a rather sobering turn of events, I feel.
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Hello Junketh71,

Thank you for reading, the next episode will be up soon!

Cheers, Matt
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There was a spare bedroom in the basement in which Elena and Sheila cleaned up for Yolanda to stay for a few days while she recouped some emotional sanity. Yolanda’s whimpering had ceased yet it was obvious she was still shook up by the ordeal.

Sheila sneaked out of Elena’s house a few minutes before midnight. She was indeed worried by Yolanda’s experience with the thugs at the market. Hopefully she could convince Jessie to put an end to this.

Sheila watched the car approaching, recognizing it was Jessie’s sedan; she backed off to the side and let her park. The door opened, an excited Jessie practically hopped out of the auto.

Jessie looked marvelous, Sheila thought with envy, her blond hair cascading down her shoulders, her slender form in an expensive T-shirt and slacks.

Jessie immediately embraced Sheila; “I was starting to think you were avoiding me, chica!” she smiled. Pulling away from the pudgy pregnant mom to be, Jessie flashed her a sleek smile and then lifted up Sheila’s top to get a peek at her blossoming belly.

“My are we getting round and swollen! You’re not having twins are you?” Jessie breezy blathered in English.

English was becoming more difficult by day for Sheila, so she opted to reply in Spanish, “The ultra sound says there’s only one, I’m just carrying a little extra pregnancy weight.”

Jessie smirked, knowing full well it wasn’t just the pregnancy adding the pounds, Sheila was getting plain fat.

Sheila’s moon shaped face held a genuinely chubby quality akin to a woman who was naturally heavy while her double chin was remarkably thick. Definitely oval shaped, Sheila’s figure looked as if she was at a later stage in her pregnancy, her belly propelling outward while her thighs were very large.

“Okay”, Jessie sweetly chimed, “What can I do for you, you sounded like this is important, and I’ll do anything to help my main girl!”

“Glad to hear you say that”, Sheila resumed speaking Spanish, “Yolanda was picked on and then robbed by the punks outside the market, and some gang bangers, girls in your posse hassled her too. Please make it stop.”

Jessie’s smile developed a sarcastic twist, “What? Yolanda can’t handle this on her own?”

“Stop the bullshit, Jessie; you know what happened to her in Mexico. Marco made her a pathetic weakling; she’s unable to defend herself.”

Jessie nonchalantly expressed her opinion, “Well, now that Yolanda’s no longer strong and arrogant she’s going have to comply with the rules of the street….”

“That isn’t right, Jessie”, Sheila tried to reason with her, “Yolanda isn’t a threat to Marco or to you, give her a break. Won’t you?”

“I really thought you’d be amused by Yolanda’s change, aren’t you at least happy she doesn’t have a figure to show off?” Jessie inquired.

Sheila held her hands to her back which pushed her belly forward, “No, actually I’m not”, she scowled.

Jessie gazed down at Sheila‘s belly, an impish grin over her face, “Well getting tubby yourself I can see why you feel sorry for her.”

Sheila wagged her head, “Insulting me doesn’t help. You called me your friend, then please have pity on Yolanda.”

“Why are you talking Spanish? You some stupid wetback who hasn’t the brains to learn English?” Jessie antagonistically belittled Sheila.

Sheila wagged her arms, “Why you talking smack to me? You said you’re my friend!”

“Is fatso here? Inside the house?” Jessie inquired, ignoring Sheila’s hysterics.

Sheila calmed down, swerving her face toward Elena’s residence, “Yes, she’s going to spend a few days with us until she calms down. I was almost ready to find some tranquilizers for her, she’s so upset.”

Jessie folded her arms over her cleavage, “Yolanda’s a nobody in this neighborhood, she doesn't rate better than anyone else, why should she get special treatment?”

“Yolanda’s our friend, and if that’s not good enough, she used to be part of the gang, even ran the posse”, Sheila screeched, “Doesn’t that mean anything?”

Jessie cheerfully addressed Sheila, “If anything Yolanda deserves being a stinking bottom feeder, so don’t interfere, Sasha.”

“You’re…’re despicable”, Sheila sneered at Jessie.

Jessie sighed, “Tell that humongous fat cow to stay in her sister’s neighborhood and stay off my turf, that’s the best I can do.”

Sheila again tried to reason with Jessie, “You know Marco harmed me too, what happens if you screw up?” Sheila grumbled, “Look at me, this could be you too.”

Jessie smiled, “Speaking of Marco, he says he wants to see you, should I schedule a visit?”

“Tell Marco go to hell!” Sheila angrily snapped.

Jessie giggled, “You’re talking tough for a girl who can be sent to Mexico with just one phone call.”

“You’re trying to intimidate me”, Sheila squawked.

Jessie stood in a self-assured stance, “Fear is a powerful weapon isn’t it, Sasha? You know life in Mexico would be hard for you. But if it was up to me I’d keep you here, I like watching you fattening up, and you’re going to be like Elena. Domesticated and stupid, and huge.”

Sheila held onto her belly with both hands as Jessie continued, “Marco might have other ideas for you if you continue being rude to him.”

Sheila lowered her eyes and grunted, “Okay, I’ll see Marco. But please, somewhere in public, like Lena’s pub.”

Jessie nodded, “I’ll do that little….I mean big momma!”

Jessie began backing away, “I’ll let him know. But remember tell Yolanda what I said. If she plans stay in my neighborhood, she’ll be treated like any other undesirable peasant!”


Sheila returned inside after Jessie drove away, discovering Yolanda in the kitchen scoffing down cornbread and milk.

“I heard footsteps, looked outside, who were you talking too?” Yolanda asked quietly not to disturb the house.

Sheila made a pit stop at the fridge for a pudding pack before joining Yolanda at the table.
Yolanda’s expression turned to dread upon Sheila explaining she was talking with Jessie.
“Oh no, this could mean trouble, Jessie is queen bee, she can hurt us..” Yolanda panicked.

Sheila still couldn’t comprehend Yolanda’s outrageous amount of fear. Realizing that it wouldn’t be to Yolanda’s best interest telling her about meeting up with Marco, Sheila only informed her about what Jessie specifically said about Yolanda.

Yolanda wheezed and sighed, the nervous tension making her eat faster and sloppier.

“I want to stay here, Sasha, I love living with Natalie and her family but they’re too Americanized, I’m a Mexican, a simple Mexican. I’ll do what I must, I show Jessie respect, respect her posse and the gangs but I’ll be good Mexican, no complain. You understand?”

Sheila was aware that Elena wouldn’t throw her out but needed to ask Yolanda if she was sure of this.

Yolanda nodded, “I’m sure because there’s nothing for me anymore with the whites, Americans I mean. Look at me, what do you see? A big, fat Mexican girl only smart enough to clean. I look after you and your baby, and will be modest, I’ll treat Jessie with respect, and she’ll leave me alone.”

Sheila paused from nibbling on the pudding to affectionately cup the sides of Yolanda’s buttery face, “I vow we’ll have a better life after the baby is born and my man, Jose, leaves the gangs for good. Maybe we move far away from here. You like that, yes?”

Yolanda tilted her head and smiled, “Yes, thank you, Sasha. Any more pudding?”


Elena happily took Yolanda in as a part time border, she would remain living with Natalie on and off out of loyalty but for what it was worth, she especially enjoyed living with the Gonzales’s and Sheila where she had the liberty to speak Spanish and dine on traditional Mexican cuisine.

The week advanced, Yolanda cleaning and helping prepare meals for Sheila, likewise joining her at the doctor’s office, and talking to Tomas over the phone a couple of nights.

Sheila had yet heard from Jessie concerning a meeting with Marco; however Yolanda did indeed see him that very weekend while working at Elsa’s home.


Yolanda unconditionally excelled in her duties, and with full-blown cheerfulness, she had developed more than a natural aptitude but developed the realization that being a maid was by far her appropriate career. Yolanda had no qualms or bitterness about not finishing college; this was the correct profession for an illiterate Mexican who had no place in Gringo society.

Elsa was duly impressed by Yolanda’s over eagerness and positive attitude in which she labored, proactive and always with a smile. Elsa wasn’t a social justice warrior but she ignored the servant / employee protocol and treated Yolanda like an equal and in some ways like a friend.


“I’ll have breakfast here in the kitchen, Yolie”, Elsa buzzed, wearing beautiful silk pajamas which broadcast her svelte figure, “No need setting up the dining room.”

Yolanda wiped her hands over her apron, her dark hair worn upward, a loose curl decorating her forehead, “Si, of course, miz Elsa. Senior Ramous joining you?”

Elsa replied with a quaint smile, “Senior Ramous is sleeping in, but we’re family here, I suggest you refer to him as Marco.”

Yolanda crinkled her nose, she was aware her former lover wouldn’t approve but with a cheesy smile played it ambiguously, “Me think it be okay if Senior Marco says so.”

Elsa walked by Yolanda, pouring her own coffee before taking a seat at the table, “Oh Marco is very fond of you, Yolie. I’m positive he won’t mind.”

Yolanda shrugged her shoulders, “We see about it.”

From there Yolanda resumed making Elsa her breakfast.


Yolanda slipped the plate in front Elsa then refilled her coffee cup, “Anything else Miz Elsa?”

Elsa sampled the pancakes, smiling while she chewed, “I’m not accustomed to eating alone, please join me, Yolie”, she uttered while adding a little extra syrup to the pancakes.

“Um, you is sweet asking but….” Yolanda began to politely turn down the meal but Elsa’s eyes grew wide like saucers, and in fact, Yolanda never really could refuse a meal.

“Well, you da the boss!” Yolanda giggled, turning around; she grabbed a plate and marched over to the stove. A moment later the females engaged in polite conversation as they consumed their meals.

“I’m going to have a lazy day”, Elsa commandeered the conversation although with genteel manners, “Usually I work out first thing before breakfast but I’m going to postpone it until this afternoon, if at all. I do have an appointment at the salon, getting my hair and nails done. You should join me.”

“Ay crumba, gots lots to do but thanks anyway”, Yolanda said bobbling her head.

“Rain check then, okay?” Elsa stated, albeit believing Yolanda’s knowledge in the English language was limited, explained what she meant, “Some other time then. I’m going to lounge around the pool later, once you‘ve completed your tasks, you’re welcome to hang out with me.”

“We see what Senior Ramous tinks about it…” Yolanda demurely grinned.

Feeling a need to contribute to the conversation, Yolanda inquired how Elsa’s trip to Atlanta went.

“It was fine; I just had to supervise a convention for the Super Gay Young Black Professionals. First time I was ever in a room with 200 men and not one of them checked me out!” Elsa comically peeped.

Yolanda playfully jutted her enormous belly outward, “Me knows how’z you feel!”

Elsa tilted head, gesturing with a glum expression, “Oh right, what a shame some men can be so shallow. You are a beautiful young woman; men can be so stupid…”

Yolanda wedged an oversize portion of pancakes into her mouth, crudely chewing while she replied, “Me not the type men notice so much, they like em’ skinny but brother in law friend, he likes me, maybe he get used to my size?”

“If I can, I’d like to help you”, Elsa honestly volunteered, “I think the right outfit could make a world of difference. We can go shopping; I’d get you a couple gorgeous dresses, perfume, whatever it takes if you would like me too.”

Yolanda humbly blushed, “Hard for me to say in English, you is genuine kindness, why I deserve boss like you, me can’t know why.”

Elsa stood up from the table and walked over to the counter, all the while candidly addressing Yolanda, “I like you, Yolie, you’re terribly modest, most of my friends are ritzy high-tone types. I admire your naturally temperate personality, had we’ve grown up together we’d have been close friends. Don’t you think so?”

Yolanda nodded with a broad smile, “Si, maybe I no so sure but you could be right me tinks.”

Elsa sipped her coffee then proceeded to the cabinets where she pulled out a package of chocolate donuts which she deliberately hid.

“Sometimes I like a naughty tease of something adverse to my diet”, Elsa perkily stated, “Our secret, ay Yolanda?”

Yolanda giggled, “Your house, your rules, me no say a ting!”

Elsa removed one donut, engaged in a bite, and then removed a second before returning the package back behind the flour.

“Hmmm, yummy!” Elsa bubbly smiled, “I’m going to shower and then drive out to the salon. You get your work done, then we can leisurely spend the day together like a pair of old friends who misspend our lives without anything constructive to show for it.”

Yolanda fully agreed, “Si, sounds like plan”, she noted while finishing what pancakes were left on Elsa’s plate.


Yolanda was dusting the front room when Marco, clothed in his bathrobe, walked in on her.
Yolanda lowered her eyes the moment she realized Marco’s cold stare, humbling and nervously explaining, “Miz Elsa went get hair done, says she be back round noon”, her panicky voice concluding with a snort.

They both stood frozen in their spot, Marco finally acknowledging Yolanda, “I know that, stupid. Hurry and get my breakfast on the table!”

Yolanda scurried quickly into the kitchen, her flabby backside wildly bouncing with her clumsy waddle.

Marco joined Yolanda in the kitchen, taking a seat at the table, “Coffee, now!” he shouted at her.

Yolanda firmly seized the coffee pot and grabbed a mug, trembling as she poured Marco his coffee.

“I heard a rumor, fatty, that Sasha begged Jessie to have the gang leave you alone”, Marco said, his slick punk grin heavy on his face.

Yolanda nodded, Marco sneering at her, “You and me need to talk over a few things.”

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Well, this was certainly an ominous way to end a chapter. Oh dear.
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Hello Junketh71,

I'm delighted you enjoyed the episode, I'll post one more for the week, and next week I'll update "The Institution".

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda quickly made Marco his breakfast, wanting to finish her audience with him as soon as possible.

Marco made Yolanda serve him in the dining room, and then demanded that she stand at attention on the far side of the table while he raked her over the coals for his own perverse amusement.

“Poor baby”, Marco faked a frown, “Stupid bottom feeder Yolanda got picked on by a mob outside the market.”
The frown transformed into a cold hearted sneer, “A tough chick wouldn’t let herself be assaulted by punks, but you have nerves of jell-o just like your body.”

Yolanda nodded; her eyes steered straight beyond Marco, looking at him made her feel especially vulnerable.

“You were a such a bad ass. Now a quiet tub of lard, is that right?”

Yolanda shook her head; Marco slammed his fist down on the table which snared her attention.
“Answer me, fatso!” Marco yelled, his anger causing Yolanda to tremble.

“Yes, Mr. Ramous, you are right, I’ve become a terribly scared girl”, Yolanda humbly whimpered in Spanish.

Marco wagged his head, then slowly began consuming his meal.
“You’re tempting me to have you hauled off to some carnival, if they paid by the pound I’ll be rich”, Marco causally remarked, “So unless you supply me with a better answer, I’ll see to it that you’re a sideshow exhibit.”

Yolanda momentarily closed her eyes and wheezed, “Mr. Ramous, we had such a beautiful history, please stop being so mean…”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re not the Yolanda I remember, so what are you!” Marco’s tone crisp with hostility.

Yolanda rubbed her eyes, realizing that Marco was intentionally ignoring their past, choked up as she replied, “I’m a lowlife scrubwoman, a bottom feeder.”

Marco smiled at Yolanda with his signature bad boy smirk, subsequently waving her over to him.
Yolanda waddled over to Marco’s end of the table; it was to her benefit not to disobey him.
Marco gestured with his hand for Yolanda to halt just within his reach, her eyes growing wide in disbelief as he brought his arm outward, dangling a piece of bacon for her to seize.

Yolanda sniffled, extending her hand to take the bacon, Marco grinned, “Good girl!”

Yolanda chomped down on the bacon, Marco surveying her tremendously bloated body.

“Okay, scrub woman, answer me this question”, Marco said while grabbing another piece of bacon especially for Yolanda, “How does it feel being tubby around such a sexy babe like Elsa?”

“I hate it, it’s embarrassing, I’m so fat…” Yolanda softly uttered, Marco nodded, wiggling the bacon strip near her face; she quickly grasped and devoured it.

Marco took another bite from his meal and then pushed the plate away, “Okay, I’m done here but not with you.”

Again Marco looked Yolanda up and down, “I never thought you’d get this huge but dammmm! You’re a gigantic cow! I swear, Yolie, the thought that you were once skinny is crazy!”

Yolanda felt obligated to comment, “I know this pleases you but sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I used to have such a beautiful figure.”

“Refill my coffee and get my cigar, and meet me on the patio”, Marco ordered Yolanda.
Yolanda nodded, the dishes and cleaning the kitchen would have to wait, it was her duty to obey Marco, compounded by an abnormal fear of him.


Minutes later Yolanda was out on the patio with Marco, lighting his cigar after bringing him a fresh cup of coffee.

“So like I was saying, Jessie told me all about everything, and how Sheila, Sasha, that wetback breeder, defended you and asked for protection. Do I understand this correctly or is there more to the story?”

Yolanda took a step back, “Sheila, meant no harm, she was just looking out for me…”

“We’ll get to Sheila later; I want to discuss your bullying, that being said isn’t it cute how you’re now a peasant and not the queen bee in the neighborhood?” Marco said looking squarely into Yolanda’s eyes.

Yolanda bit her lip, her wheezing escalating, “I know my place, Marco…please stop being mean to me, please.”

Marco laughed, “Fat chance! I love how you’ve turned in a wimp; I’m going to speak to those chicks who harassed you. You’re going to get a better understanding of what a pathetic loser you’ve become.”

Marco’s punk smirk steadfast as he composedly made his point, “In my neighborhood the downtrodden are under my guard, not dumpy fat parasites, you don’t deserve any protection.”

Yolanda‘s posture deflated, sniffling loudly, “Please, Mr. Ramous, I’ll show them respect but please tell them not to pick on me.”

Yolanda’s whining roughed up Marco’s nerves and he stood up from the lawn chair, “”Speak English, you’re to speak only English to me.”

Yolanda shook her head, her voice rippled with panic, “Yes…Yolanda obey.”

Marco humiliated Yolanda with brazen giddiness, “Some white wannabe you turned out to be, college was a big waste on you, peasant girl.”

Yolanda uncomfortably sighed, “You right, I know this but please, have Jessie’s posse leave me alone.”

“You’re still not going to get any protection, no, I have no leniency for traitors. You turned your back on me, the gang and our culture!” Marco angrily stated, “Now I’m going to ask you a couple of questions about the wetback. You answer honestly or else I’ll call the authorities and have Sasha deported, and you, I’ll have you locked away for a few years down in Mexico.”

Yolanda nervously rubbed her belly, “Yes, Mr. Ramous, I say true.”

“How fat has she become and how many months along is Sasha?”

Yolanda tilted head, focusing on Sheila’s body before replying, “Maybe 250-pounds, if little more that is possible. Me tinks Sasha, 5 months?”

Marco smiled upon returning to the lawn chair, “Okay, butterball, I’ll leave Sasha alone for a while, I can wait another couple months before seeing her. But I have a deal for you, okay?”

Yolanda sighed, acknowledging Marco with a nod.

Marco coldly gazed at Yolanda, “If you want protection, you got to work with me. Fatten Sasha up to 300-pounds and I’ll personally see that the gang and those teenage punks leave you alone. Matter of fact, it will help your cause if you gain another fifty pounds too. I want you to be a real blimp, understand?”

“I’ll do whatever you want but you please leave Sheila, um, Sasha alone too?” Yolanda snorted.

Marco laughed out loud, “Fatty! I swear when both you wetbacks are larger, and I mean ridiculously fat where any decent man would rather be neutered then have sex with either of you, I’ll cut both of you some slack and have the gang ignore you. But remember, I want Sasha heavier, so damn fat that Jose can’t stand being with her. You better understand this or else you will regret it!”

Yolanda quivered in fear, “I do what I can, make sure she eats plenty, okay?”

Marco sipped his coffee, glaring at Yolanda, shouted, “You stupid slob! Why are you still here? There’s work to do! Move your fat ass and clean the kitchen!”

Marco giggled to himself as Yolanda hurried back inside the house to start washing the breakfast dishes and cleaning the kitchen.



Sheila was likewise cleaning the kitchen over at Jose’s flat, vehemently discussing Yolanda and Marco while Jose was nursing a beer.

“….like I say, Yolie too afraid to stand up for herself in her own neighborhood, she’s a poor excuse for a woman, if she wasn’t my friend, maybe I’d pick on her too, she’s fat weakling!”

Jose listened for a few more minutes, Sheila describing Yolanda as an embarrassment, and he off the cuff smiled, her personality definitely influenced by him and his status.

“That’s how it is, gangs sense the weaklings, they prey on them”, Jose commented, “But are you aware how viciously you’re talking about Yolanda, I thought she’s your best friend.”

Sheila paused from cleaning the stove, situating her hands over her hips, “That’s why I feel so ashamed, because she is my best friend. Being a big fat girl I can deal with but a coward makes me so mad I want to scream at her!”

“I still can’t picture Yolanda heavy”, Jose replied, engaging in a sip before continuing, “She looked so sweet, and she always dressed so provocative. Showing off her figure, how fat did she get?”

“You prefer them skinny babes?” Sheila huffed, “What you think of me?”

Jose sensed Sheila was behaving hormonal and knew he needed to act fast to calm her, however he couldn’t resist chuckling, “Easy hot stuff! Don’t overreact, I told you long ago Yolanda’s beauty was over rated, you’re the real thing!”

“Real thing?” Sheila crankily groused, “No comparison now coz Yolanda is beefy burrito, much bigger than me, Jose. Ay, you think you’re smart with your reasoning but me thinks its common sense.”

Jose planted his beer on the table and with an aching sounding grunt maneuvered himself out of the chair and walked over to Sheila.

“You’re being emotional baby, you know I love you and love your body”, Jose said, delicately running his fingers through Sheila’s curly black locks, “I admire thick babes…”

Sheila comically shoved her belly against Jose’s stout gut, her fingertips inspecting her meaty hips, “Let’s see how much you admire me after I give birth, this baby weight won’t be coming off too soon I think, and mister, will I be thick!”

Jose gazed into Sheila’s round buttery face, her cheeks swollen, her inflated double chin, her curly hair framing the intense chubbiness, “Your beauty will only become more powerful…”

Sheila dropped her jaw, and she expressively sighed while a tear ran down her cheek, “Jose, you really love me at this size, you most wonderful man I ever know…”

Jose wagged his head, “It’s okay, baby. You’re the only woman for me.”

There was a brief smooch, then Jose informed Sheila, “I have to see about a few things but when I get back, we’ll have a romantic evening.”

“No, take me with, okay, I still wanna talk”, Sheila smiled.

“What? Not in your condition”, Jose said, embracing Sheila’s jumbo size belly, “This is gang business, you can’t be involved.”

Sheila’s fiery attitude returned full throttled, “Shit, I want to be involved with everything you’re into; I’m that kind of woman.”

Jose rubbed the back of his neck, “Are you crazy? You want me out of the gang and you’re sounding like you want to join. Listen, baby, in a few months I’ll get out of it, you shouldn’t be so anxious in getting to be a criminal again. You can get hurt!”

Sheila’s elevated her eyes, “My mind is made up, fat man! You take me or else it won’t be so good for you around here!”

They giggled together, Jose giving in, “Okay, okay. I guess there’s no real harm. I just have to look over some stolen merchandise and then take it over to the flea market for Luz and Andre to sell.”

Sheila flashed Jose a smile, “I go change, I look like stupid housewife in this dress.”

Jose nodded, about to resume his beer when Sheila took him by the hand, “No, you watch me change clothes; I still got more talk for you, mister!”

Jose chuckled, appeasing Sheila willingly.


Once in the bedroom Sheila talked a mile a minute while removing the frumpy housedress.
“Like I was saying, Yolanda more than fat girl, she’s loser mentality, has no courage! That damn Marco done this to her, him and Jessie. Jessie might be proud coz she runs posse but she’s as mean and nasty as he is!”

Jose sat on the cozy chair situated near the closet, “Marco is a bastard, he’s almost as mean as me. Thing is, it’s his turf, his neighborhood, he calls the shots. If Yolanda is picked on, too bad for her, as long as he leaves you alone, I can’t get involved.”

Sheila softly look at Jose, telling him that Marco wanted to see her could lead to trouble, so she kept her mouth shut - however concerning Yolanda - Sheila angrily screeched, “It’s my duty to protect Yolie, she’s too stupid to defend herself.”

“Don’t get in the middle of something that’s none of your business”, Jose advised his sweetheart, “If Yolanda’s a target because she got fat or betrayed Marco, let it be. She ought to stay in her sister’s neighborhood. If she’s that pathetic, then she has no option.”

Sheila strutted, albeit clumsily, to Jose, “I have a better option. Marco is a rat; people only want to see a rat with its neck broken in a trap!”

Jose jerked back his head, “Whoa! What are you saying? Marco goes down, there’s going to be members of his club looking for retaliation.”

“So, what, you can’t be scared!” Sheila lobbed back at Jose.

Jose rubbed his face, “Remember you want me out? If there’s a gang war I won’t be leaving the gang any time soon, and anyway, when the hell did you turn into a toxic momma?”

“Hey! Marco hurts my friend; he deserves to be kicked in the crotch or worse. That’s all I’m saying!” Sheila noted loudly.

Jose half-smiled, a hint of a giggle in his voice, “Honey, forget about that weasel, Marco. Think about our lives together once we move out of this neighborhood, we’ll even take Yolanda along.”

Sheila had turned around and was making tracks to the dresser for some slacks when she observed the ridiculously bloated condition to her thighs, and let out a mind-numbing snort!

“I have legs like an elephant! How can you love me like this!”

Sheila’s thighs had indisputably blossomed into generously proportioned tree trunk size stems, chaffed and squishy, roomier than ever before.

Sheila swerved the best she could at her chunky waist, taking a milquetoast glimpse of Jose, “I used to make fun of girls with thighs like this, karma caught up with me, I’m a water buffalo!”

Jose rolled his eyes, surmising in his thoughts, “This is going to be a long night…”

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Postby dxm9999 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:33 am

Really enjoying the last couple of chapters!
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Postby Junketh71 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:51 pm

This looks like karmic justice of some sort, I reckon.
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Postby destknot » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:49 am

@matt l
dear matt
i really enjoy your stories, been a fan for a while this story is great has a lot of depth to it keep up the great work :)
is there any chance we get an update/section showing what happened to olivia and ruby in the future? they are interesting characters.

thanks again!
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Postby Matt L. » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:21 am

Hello Junketh71, DXM9999 & Destknot,

Thank you for reading the story.

I may return to those characters in the future, I'm pleased you enjoy my stories.

Cheers, Matt
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