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Very interesting, very great depictions of the characters. Thanks for updating!
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Hello Junketh71,

Thank you for reading the story, the next episode will be up soon.

Cheers, Matt
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Shelia and Elena had prepared lunch for Yolanda, traditional Mexican cuisine which she readily enjoyed.

“Finally I get some real food!” Yolanda giggled, “Nat makes good America meals but I miss the food from our ancestors!”

“Nat doesn’t even have rice and beans unless I remind her to buy them!” Yolanda added.
Yolanda continued, mentioning she was relieved that over by Elena, she could speak Spanish, explaining, “I’m not comfortable speaking English, I’m learning but I’d rather speak Spanish.”

Sheila thought Yolanda’s declaration was thoroughly cute! The young woman who desired to work and live within Caucasian society now preferred the traditional Mexican culture.

“Ay, Yolanda, once we live together, you’ll be very proud to embrace your Mexican roots, be loyal to our culture!” Sheila giddily announced.

In similar regards, Yolanda found Sheila’s comment cool yet weird. Sheila was a Caucasian woman who held a hard bigotry against Mexicans and the socially - economically inept; only through Marco’s conditioning did she adopt the Mexican culture as her own.

Elena put in her ten cents worth of logic, basically due to the friends being self-conscious about their weight.

“Very well, chicas, remember then that its only skinny white women who worry about what the scale says, us Mexican woman know better, we celebrate our bodies, no matter how much we weigh, beauty comes in all sizes.”

Sheila and Yolanda gazed at each other with comical expressions which Elena noticed straight on.

Elena wagged her head, humorously remarking in her thoughts, “Those two, they worry about getting fat but neither aren’t so shy about their appetites!”

After lunch Yolanda enthusiastically put fresh linens on Sheila’s bed, tidied up her room, including washing the floor, and straightened out her closet. Yolanda even helped Elena with some yard work.

All the while the females chattered among themselves, Yolanda brought up her date with Tomas, and Sheila revealed that Jessie had phoned her, volunteering to drive her to her next doctor’s appointment.

“I told Jessie my appointment was next Tuesday, and I said it be nice seeing her…..” Sheila began calmly,”

“I’ll finally tell Jessie go to hell!” Sheila exploded with anger, “Heartless, treating you like a bottom-feeder! Despicable, horrible woman!”

Yolanda’s posture deflated and her mouth dropped as she witnessed Sheila’s rage.

Sheila unrelenting, condemning Jessie for betraying Yolanda, and herself as well.

Yolanda grasped Sheila, hugging her tightly, “No! Sasha, we must respect Jessie!”

Sheila could feel Yolanda trembling, her voice saturated with fear, “No speak rude, be polite, Jessie can harm you, she runs posse, bad woman…”

Yolanda began to whimper, pleading with Sheila not to stir up any trouble.
Sheila couldn’t believe to what extreme Yolanda had changed, the tough badass was now a scared weakling.

Sheila delicately squeezed Yolanda, “Okay, honey, I won’t talk smack to Jessie, I’ll stay clear the sleaze.”

“Its better, Sasha”, Yolanda’s expression filled with panic, “All the slum respect Jessie, be good for us to be respectful…” Yolanda worriedly groaned.

Sheila sighed, “Okay, Yolie, whatever you say.”

Yolanda pushed herself out of the embrace, wiping her nose, a crooked smile over her face, “Ay, just if you see Jessie, remember what I say…”

“I know Jessie runs the posse, she reminded me lots of times but I’ll do what you ask…” Sheila candidly explained, “….You’re my best friend, what you say is important to me…”

Yolanda sniffled, redundantly terrified, “Yes, please, she’s crazy, stay away from her!”

Shelia resumed the embrace, “Yes, Yolie, I’ll stay away from Jessie. Please calm down, okay? I won’t let Jessie hurt you…”

Yolanda’s sniffling picked up volume, which finally got on Sheila’s nerves.
Sheila fastened her hands to Yolanda’s arms and shook her, “Dammit, Yolie! Stop it!”

Yolanda’s face froze; swallowing a mouthful of air as Sheila sternly reprimanded her.
“Get a hold of yourself! You’re whimpering like a big baby!”

Yolanda reeled back her face, Sheila looking at her squarely in the eyes, “Go to the bathroom and wipe your nose, wash your face.”

Yolanda bit her lip, staring at Yolanda.
“Do it now!” Sheila snapped.
Yolanda pressed her hands into the couch’s cushions, sighing aloud as she slowly climbed to her feet.
Sheila stepped aside, Yolanda breathing heavily while waddling to the bathroom.

Yolanda had made tracks into the bathroom, Elena slipping up against Sheila.
“This is a bad thing, Yolanda so weak, defenseless…” Elena softly uttered.
Sheila looked over to Elena, “What Marco did to Yolanda, he needs to be punished good, that son bitch….”

Yolanda emerged from the bathroom, failing at eye contact, wheezing chaotically.

Sheila puffed up her cheeks, emotionally exhausted at the knowledge that the once proud, tough gang member was now a vulnerable milquetoast.

Sheila met Yolanda halfway in the front room; she cupped the sides of her face, forging a sugary smile.

“Lost my tempers at your squalling, sorry…” Sheila said affectionately, “We Latina’s have nasty tempers.”

Yolanda half-smiled through a pathetic grunt.

Sheila slid her hand over Yolanda’s voluminous belly, giving it a quick tickle, causing Yolanda to giggle.

“See, you’re not in a foul mood after all!” Sheila amusingly smiled, “How about a nice snack? That would make you feel better, no?”

Yolanda brushed Sheila’s hand away, nodding in agreement with a passive grin.


Nothing more was said about Jessie and especially Yolanda’s panic attack.
Matter of fact, it was 15-minutes into their on the back porch - munching on pastry - break, that the friends began conversing. Nothing noteworthy, just girl talk, but Sheila studied, and reflected over Yolanda’s behavior. Despite Yolanda’s history, this was one chick who could never survive on the streets in the Spanish slum today.


The next day Sheila helped Yolanda get ready for her date with Tomas.
Sheila curled Yolanda’s hair, subsequently applying makeup, and then selected her wardrobe.
This was a little convoluted since they had to depend on Elena’s clothes, and most of her garments didn’t exactly fit Yolanda so well.
A burgundy sweatshirt and black spandex slacks somehow favored Yolanda’s burgeoning figure.

Like the surrogate sister she had become, Sheila told Yolanda to call Natalie and explained she was spending the night by Elena’s in case things got interesting between Yolanda and Tomas.
Worse case scenario, Yolanda would stay the night at the Gonzales home.

Elena’s husband dropped Yolanda off at the auto repair shop, and upon thanking him for the ride, she hightailed it as fast as possible inside the shop.

Yolanda waited quietly on a couch in the lobby until Tomas made his appearance.
Yolanda gushed a dopey smile at Tomas, who was dirty and in unkempt clothes.
Tomas smiled back, and feeling obligated, told Yolanda she looked very nice.

Yolanda tilted her head and blushed, Tomas eyes zeroing in on the dynamics of her pudgy face and plump chins, her huge belly positioned over thighs which could only be described as enormous.

Tomas stood motionless, observing Yolanda using all her strength in order to stand up from the couch, and sluggishly on top of it.

Tomas felt the urge to say something, unthinkingly blurting, “Are you hungry?”

Yolanda giggled, “Look at me, babe! I like to eat!”

“Little Nicky’s?” Tomas nodded, he had never seen such an exuberant look on woman’s face concerning a restaurant.

Little Nicky’s Hot Dogs was just a short walk down the block, Yolanda excitedly revved up, out with a guy who seemingly didn’t care about the escalation of poundage which distorted her shape, rendering her a blubbery blob.

“…..funny how it works out, how long me know youse, Tomas? Many years, yes? Never me tink here we be, out together, huh?”

Tomas’s mood was initially 50/50 in terms of going out with Yolanda, but watching her wobbling along side him, trying to keep up his pace, brought about a humorous change.
Tomas was curious on how Yolanda would handle being plus size during a romantic endeavor, such a tease, did any of her fiery attitude survive after becoming a cow?

Tomas listened to Yolanda blathering, he wanted to shout at her, remind her that if she hadn’t turn into a flabby blimp, no way would she be out on a date with him!

However, Tomas kept his cool, not wanting to ruin what could be an interesting if not amusing evening.


At the fast food establishment Tomas politely let Yolanda order first.
Tomas thought it was cute when Yolanda simply ordered a hot dog with fries, and a diet cola.

Tomas couldn’t oppose a little fun at Yolanda’s expense, more or less putting her fat girl status out there.

“Yolanda!” Tomas audaciously said, “I’ve known you for years, please don’t shame me by ordering a small meal if you’re hungry! I’m not a cheap guy.”

Tomas smoothly trailed his fingertips down Yolanda’s forearm, “Please, Yolie, I’ll be offended if you don’t order a bigger meal….”

“…..I want you to feel comfortably around me…” Tomas digits swiftly grazing Yolanda’s protruding belly, “….you needn’t be embarrassed about eating in front of me.”

Yolanda experienced a momentary mind freeze, digesting Tomas’s comment to the hilt.

Fluttering her eyes and with a wide grin, Yolanda screeched in cheerfulness, “Wow oh wow! Tomas, never me knows youse so sweet!”

Yolanda resumed her attention on the teenage guy behind the service counter, adding a couple chili dogs to her order, and a milkshake.

Yolanda eased up against Tomas; wrapping her arm around his waist, “Thanks, Tomas, for thinking kindly to me…” she smiled.

Tomas sighed, replying with a nod, then order his meal which consisted of two hot dogs and coffee.

“Find a table, Yolie, I’ll bring the food when it’s ready…” Tomas smiled.

Yolanda bit her lip, an award winning smile inflating her cheeks and chins to twice their natural size.
Yolanda subsequently curtsy, Tomas repeating his suggestion but this time in a demanding tone, “Go get a table, I’ll bring the food when it gets here…”

Yolanda didn’t think anything about it and waddle off to the tables.

Tomas quickly pondered, “Hmm, I wonder what Yolie be like if I was possessive and controlling?”


Whilst dining, Tomas listened commendably well as Yolanda spoke a mile a minute, and whenever he was given the opportunity to speak, he did so very civil and especially polite.
Tomas was however, looking for a chance to exert his authority just to see how Yolanda would handle it.

Yolanda had finished her meal. along with a large milkshake and diet Pepsi, Tomas inquired if she would like anything else.

Yolanda admitted she was stuffed, for the time being, and questioned if Tomas had anything else planned for their evening.

“We can go back to my place and a have few beers; I really get a big thrill talking to you, Yolie.”

“How so?” Yolanda crinkled her nose.

“You’re so down to earth, easy to talk with, I like that about you”, Tomas replied.

Yolanda made a comical face, then addressed her major hang-up, “Tell me please, Tomas. It no bothersome me get so big?”

Actually Tomas wasn’t attracted to Yolanda in the same mode as when she was a sultry vixen, and had a spunky if not pretentious attitude.
Of course Tomas lied, “I’d like to say I hardly notice but really, princess, it’s the pleasure of your company that makes this all special.”

Yolanda absentmindedly smiled while purring, “Tomas, you yummy…”

Tomas sipped his coffee, his modesty spurious, “I’m here with you, I mean, who would have thought..”

Yolanda playfully tapped her belly, “Ay, never believe me could get this hefty but I knew a guy, we got along nice when he pretend Yolanda always the fatty. Maybe that help you too? You feel mo comfortable round me, yes?”

Yolanda had just opened the door for Tomas to apply some authority.

“No, Yolanda”, Tomas squinted, an ambiguous expression heavy over his face.
“I won’t never forget how you used to look or how you’d parade around in skimpy clothes. Showing off your beautiful assets so to speak. But hey, so you don’t look like that anymore, I’m still cool being with you despite packing on some intense weight.”

Yolanda wasn’t sure if that was an insult or compliment.

“Oh, you are fabulous strange dude, me like…” Yolanda elatedly appeased Tomas in case he was indeed flattering her. “You learn how Yolanda is, down to earth you say; maybe you like me better now?”

Tomas chuckled, “The jury’s still out, Yolanda!”

Yolanda felt the need to impress Tomas, holding unto her belly while joining in on the laughter.

“What ya say then, Ms. Monterey, wanna stop by my place and hang out?” Tomas repeated his question.

Yolanda rocked her head, “Yes, senior, me like that…”

Tomas moved off his chair and chivalrously aided Yolanda upward, gently taking her by the hand and leading her out of the eatery.

Yolanda kept up with Tomas’s pace on route to his digs, anxious to discover how much he really liked her.

“Not so far a walk, princess”, Tomas told Yolanda, “We’re almost there.”

Tomas wasn’t kidding; his flat was a block away from the repair shop.

The apartment was small but in decent condition and relatively clean.

“I have Apache and Miller’s, what it be?” Tomas announced.

Yolanda thrust out her boobs while answering, “Apache, please, Tomas.”

Tomas smirked while grabbing Yolanda a can of Apache Beer, recognizing her attempt in enticing him.

Opening and then handing Yolanda the beer, Tomas flatly addressed her “All these years I fantasized about us being together and here we are. But understand a couple things, okay, Yolie?”

Yolanda sipped her beer, stepping within Tomas’s space, “Si, yes, what you got say?”

“You’re under no pressure to stay the night, if you rather just have a beer or two, and then leave, that’s fine. No hard feelings”, Tomas said, partially to rid his guilty conscience.

Yolanda sugary smiled,, “Ay, I like-a spend night, if you desire me…”

Tomas sighed; giving Yolanda’s pudgy torpedoes a quick glimpse before continuing.

“That’s cool, just don’t think you’re disappointing me coz you’re not in the shape you were a few summers ago…….” Tomas grinned.

Yolanda submissively slanted her head, her rubbery cheeks expanding with her cheesy smile.

Tomas embraced Yolanda, causing her to excitedly purr, he could feel her body tremble in arousal, their lips connecting in a heavy kiss,

Yolanda felt beautiful despite her ruined self-esteem, certain that Tomas found her appealing.
Tomas considered Yolanda comparatively appealing for a fat girl, being with her was an amusing triumph. The alluring vixen who flirted and teased now a butterball.

Tomas backed away, saluting Yolanda with beer in hand, enjoying a swig; she mimicked his actions in awkward fashion.

Yolanda’s lips holding a puckish smirk, wiggling her hips as she inched closer to Tomas.

Tomas’s smile utterly glib, consuming Yolanda’s portly body with his eyes, his inner thoughts not as flattering as she would think - “I’m suitable dating material now that you’re fat girl Yolanda….”

Tomas removed the beer from Yolanda’s hand, placing both cans on the kitchen counter, continuing with his thoughts, “…..I’ll be affectionate and supply what you’re lacking…”

Taking Yolanda into his arms, they lips again merged as Tomas concluded his thoughts, “…and it’ll be fun pointing out how you’ve changed!”

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This was another wonderful update. Thanks for sharing.
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Hey Junketh71, Thank you for reading, happy you enjoyed it.

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda was thoroughly engrossed in the heat of the moment as she slipped beneath the sheet, literally oblivious to how her naked image might affect Tomas.

Tomas wasn’t fazed all that much, although he normally wouldn’t be romantically involved with such a big woman but this was Yolanda. The concessions Tomas made were based on Yolanda’s beauty back when she was an alluring female specimen. Tomas chuckled to himself while remembering Yolanda’s aimless flirting and slim, taut figure wearing next to nothing.

Even in the dark room Yolanda could see Tomas’s smile growing as he undressed, this brought her some ease, establishing the notion that her weight didn’t extinguish his desire.

Yolanda gushed aloud; Tomas definitely must have considered her attractive.

Tomas recognized the excitement and nervousness in Yolanda’s eyes, the heavyset female in his bed failed in comparison to the Yolanda a couple summers ago but it wouldn’t deter affection or pleasure similarly sought between them.

Yolanda closed her eyes as Tomas slipped into bed beside her, immediately kissing her, and she willingly reciprocated.

Yolanda’s excitement was matched by her insecurities, back in the day she usually orchestrated the sexual encounters and she was always, always in control. However, that was when Yolanda could slip into a size 2 dress, those days long gone. Now she was an emotional wimp, besides outweighing her romantic partner by at least 200-pounds.

Tomas gently slid his hand along Yolanda’s body, taking in the softness of her skin and the contours of her frame.

Tomas interrupted their kissing to whisper, “You’re still a fine looking woman.”
Yolanda crinkled her nose and smiled, Tomas’s comment had alleviated much of her anxiety, and she whispered back, “Thanks, I don’t get compliments too often no more…”

Tomas grinned, “It’s true. I mean, you’re not the woman you were but whatever…”

Tomas returned his lips to Yolanda, amorous vibes rippling through her body, their kissing intensifying.

Yolanda slowly moved unto her back, she could feel her breasts spread and slip toward her sides.
Fervently kissing Tomas, Yolanda tried to ignore their floppy condition.

Tomas read the signals and eased himself between Yolanda‘s soft chubby thighs.
Cupping her breast, Tomas delicately massaged the mushy tissue, Yolanda sighed in arousal, thoughts and feelings she hadn’t experienced in a long while flooded her, and she was lost in the moment.

Yolanda could feel the wetness between her thighs growing and her vaginal muscles tightening as she drew closer to her first real orgasm in months.

Yolanda gasped in exhilaration; Tomas looked down at her face, “Wow! You’re eager!”

Yolanda’s body twitched with ecstasy and she panted with a contented smile, “Been a long time….”

Tomas realized he was in control of the relationship and he would not let the opportunity slide.

“I’m sure!” Tomas chuckled, “Now spread those big thighs wide for me!”

Yolanda wasn’t exactly thrilled about Tomas’s chortle in regard to the size of her thighs but did as she was told.

Tomas placed his hands over Yolanda’s knees, pushing her thighs wider apart, “You can do better than that!” he giggled, “Wasn’t you a cheerleader or something!”

“No, could have been though…” Yolanda seemingly began to brag but recognizing the current condition of her figure, resulting in her voice trailing off in a self-conscious mumble, “….my shape was flawless….”

Tomas reached down and pinched an embarrassing amount of belly fat, “You’re not so flawless now!”
Tomas giggled as he shook Yolanda’s belly, the flabby tissue uncontrollably quivering.

Yolanda closed her eyes and edgily grunted.

Tomas sensed that Yolanda was beginning to feel uneasy and might want to call the whole thing off.
Tomas tilted his head and smiled while caressing her belly, “Oh don’t worry. I think the extra pounds kind of suit you! You’re cute chubby, you don’t give off those pretentious vibes anymore!”

Yolanda gazed at Tomas, sighing at his proficient belly massage.
Tomas playfully tapped Yolanda’s buttery dome, “Yeah, babe, this is one huge belly you got now! And those hips, sure give you a portly look! But at least you got a big rack too!”

Yolanda irritably snorted, “Are we going to do this or are just you going to tease me!”

Tomas sincerely smiled, his hand squarely over her navel region, massaging her belly in a circular motion.

“This is what you get for being a prick tease”, Tomas addressed Yolanda candidly and calmly, “Karma or destiny or whatever trounced your vanity. End result your sweet figure turned to blubber; now you don’t got a body to show off.”

Tomas gently placed his hands on the sides of Yolanda’s enormous belly, giving it a squeeze.
“I’m not excited you got so large, babe, but maybe its better this way coz else you’d never settle for a man like me.”

Yolanda emotionally gazed at Tomas, his points were valid enough, now she was a bloated blimp of a woman, and whether it was due to being insecure or not, she felt extremely humble that there was at least one guy who wanted to be with her.

Yolanda rubbed her nose, sighing softly, “Maybe you’re right..”

Tomas slipped his hands to Yolanda’s hips and began caressing the dense padding, “If it means anything I used to be very fond of you. I guess I‘m still actually fond of you.”

Yolanda faintly giggled, “You had the hots for me!”
“Do you still feel that way?” Yolanda added almost pathetically.

“I like you, isn’t that appropriate enough?” Tomas replied.

Yolanda tilted her head, gesturing with her eyes to the positive.

Tomas took a deep breath and again smoothly skimmed the surface of her belly, “Are we going to do this or wanna talk all night?” he winked.

“Be gentle”, Yolanda purred, “It’s been a long time.”

Yolanda closed her eyes; she could feel Tomas’s rock hard cock against her vagina.

Yolanda squirmed as Tomas entered her, and he reassured her in a soothing tone, “It’ll be okay, baby.”

Tomas grasped Yolanda’s hips, and she felt intense pain as he began his thrusts.

Yolanda grunted as Tomas energetically plunged deeper inside her, biting her lip to ease the pain.

Tomas could tell it was difficult for Yolanda, and he tried being as sensitive as possible, “You’re a little tight, honey.”

Yolanda groaned and whimpered, Tomas thrusting deeper and deeper.
Tomas couldn’t have imagined what it was like mating with such a hefty woman, Sally, his former main squeeze had some chub but Yolanda was an outright butterball.

Yolanda started to buck her hips to keep rhythm with Tomas, the pain slightly subsiding.
There were crude aspects to Tomas’s character but he was not a selfish lover, however satisfying such a portly babe was indeed a strenuous endeavor.

Yolanda was beginning to enjoy the ride, sensual electricity pulsating throughout her body.
Rocking in sync, Yolanda’s tremendously flabby thighs rapidly shook, the blubbery ocean of belly wildly quivering.

Tomas noticed Yolanda’s change in mood instantly, “There you are! That’s better! Right!”

Yolanda was now thoroughly enjoying the experience; Tomas kept up his thrust, harder and deeper -
“Shit..!” Tomas grumbled, Yolanda understood what that meant.

Without any further warning, Yolanda felt the unmistakable feeling of warm seed being pumped into her. Tomas’s thrusts slowed and he lay motionless on top of Yolanda for a moment.

Yolanda could feel his hardness softening, indication that this evening’s activity was over. For at least now.

Tomas rolled off Yolanda, landing sideways against her.
Nothing said for a short duration of time, the couple lay exhausted, Yolanda completely surprised on how much the mating tired her out.
Tomas absorbed the amorous event in an atypical manner. Proof undeniable that the svelte beauty Tomas admired had been transformed into a buttery big girl. Even as Tomas tried focusing on Yolanda’s former prominence, he couldn’t get the current image out of his head.

Tomas reached out and placed his arm over Yolanda’s belly, she felt soft and warm, and although he remained fixated on the prior verison, her whopping size didn’t bother him as much anymore.

“You…okay?” Yolanda apprehensively inquired.
Tomas replied, “Yeah, what about you?”
Yolanda affectionately clutched Tomas’s forearm, “No complaints.”

Tomas cracked a playful smile, “I hope you’re on the pill or else somebody’s belly’s gonna get a whole lot bigger!”

Yolanda squeaked a giggle, “Let’s hope not!”

Yolanda began turning over onto her side, the mattress creaking, Tomas moving over to supply her with additional room. Swinging her butt and then adjusting her thighs, Yolanda achieved her goal, snuggling up to Tomas.

“Tomas, I ask you a question, please?” Yolanda inquired.

Tomas nodded, surprising Yolanda by rolling off the bed and lighting up a smoke.
Yolanda’s dejected expression exaggerated the roundness of her face, she was hoping they would cuddle and kiss.

Tomas stood over the bed, swerving his face into the opposite direction for a moment as he took a drag. Tomas got the sense, by her facial impression, her designs for the remainder of the evening, but truth be told, he was all tuckered out.

Resuming his attention on his - apparent - woman, Tomas bluntly remarked, “So, ask your question.”

Yolanda scratched her belly at the slope, “For long time you like me, Tomas, such a beauty I was, yes?”

Tomas took another drag, “Yeah, I the hots for you. So what?”

Yolanda used her elbow to propel herself upward, “Was this like you thought it would be? I mean, you must have dreamed about making love with me for years.”

Tomas chuckled, putting out his smoke; he climbed back into bed with Yolanda.

“Why can’t we just enjoy the ride without the questions?” Tomas said, trying hard to be sensitive.

Yolanda recollected her relationships with other men, their amorous encounters, her admirable reputation as a lover. Yolanda eased back unto the mattress, emotionally gazing at Tomas.

Tomas hesitated for a moment but inched himself to closer to Yolanda, he was indeed anxious to tease her a little but her big doe eyes glistening a melancholy twinkle convinced him other wise.

Yolanda half-smiled and Tomas sensed she wanted to talk, opened up his feelings.
“You want a better answer?” Tomas grimaced, then resumed a lenient expression.
“It was nothing like I imagined but that’s not an insult. If anything, I don’t feel any pressure to impress you, that being off the table; I’m more comfortable making love to you.”

Yolanda brilliantly smiled, “Well I guess that make sense.”

“I’m glad you understand, Yolie”, Tomas replied.

Yolanda sighed through her smile, “I hate to ask you this but you got anything to snack on?”

Tomas chuckled, “Still hungry? I’m not the type that would refuse a girl food. Help yourself to whatever you want in the kitchen.”

“You be not mad coz I wanna eat?” Yolanda chuckled in return.

Tomas playfully placed his hand over Yolanda’s belly, giving it a modest shake, “I couldn’t let you go hungry! Feed this thing!”

Yolanda laughed while pushing away Tomas’s hand, “You gotta know I got a powerful appetite!”

Yolanda swerved her portly body toward the other side of the bed, grunting as her feet hit the floor. From there she slipped on her generic looking bra and granny style undergarment.

Tomas watched as Yolanda’s fiddled with the waistband, her pronounced belly jiggling in the process, her well-insulated hindquarters swaying from side to side.

“Be right back, sweetie!” Yolanda loudly announced with an excited twang.

Tomas feeling obligated to join Yolanda, and help her find something to eat, directed himself out of bed, putting on his slacks before joining her in the kitchen.


Tomas opened himself up a beer while Yolanda grabbed a bag of potato chips and cheese, a moment later they causally returned to the bedroom.

Yolanda blathering a mile minute while snacking, “Since Mexico my appetite’s been off kilter, it’s like I’m always hungry! Nat gives me a hard time about it but I love to eat! Crazy ain’t it? I never had such a strange obsession to feed, but it’s better if I warn you, so you can get used to it…..”

“I think it’s cute”, Tomas informed Yolanda.

Yolanda blushed, talking while gnawing on the cheese between gobbling up the chips, “Really? That’s so cool! The last guy I was with, told me I needed to diet.”

Tomas eased up against the headboard, humorously speaking his mind, “I would never pressure you into dieting, babe. You’re a big girl; naturally you’re going to have a big appetite. Why cause strife when it’s impossible to change your behavior.”

Yolanda wasn’t sure if Tomas was making fun of her or being serious, as written by her confounded expression which bloated her already excessively pudgy features.

“You really, really okay about this?” Yolanda questioned, “You no want me back in revealing outfits, showing off my figure?”

“You could still wear revealing outfits”, Tomas replied, “You won’t get the same looks but as long as you’re happy.”

“Then you’re saying you no mind how big I got?” Yolanda asked while nibbling on a chunk of cheese.

“I’ll try to be as sensitive as I can, okay, baby cakes?” Tomas smiled, “I wanted to date you so bad back when you looked like a model, I mean you had a beautiful figure. But I’ve come to the conclusion that’s all history.”

Yolanda watched as Tomas brought his hand over to her belly, strumming the fluffy tissue.

Tomas steered his eyes into Yolanda’s, his attitude taking on a domineering approach, “I can’t hold it against you and I know you must feel very, very ashamed. But I’ll make concessions; you just got to understand I never expected you to get this heavy.”

“You get know me better, maybe you like me?” Yolanda anxiously snorted.

“I like you fine, Yolie”, Tomas nonchalantly stated, “But I’m not ready for a steady relationship. You have to give me a while; I have to adjust to you being a big chick.”

Yolanda nodded, Tomas adding, “It’s nothing personal, let’s just see how things play out.”

Yolanda contentedly sighed, “I like how you rub my belly…”

Tomas moved over, situating himself in a manner to put more effort into the belly massage.
“This is some belly!” Tomas giggle, “Did you ever think you’d get a big paunchy tummy!”

Tomas applied much more pressure, kneading Yolanda’s belly fat all the more vigorously.

Yolanda comically smiled, “Of course not, Tomas! Big ain’t it?”

Tomas finished the massage, giving the pinnacle of the dome a sharp tap, “It’s humongous!”

Yolanda cupped her belly, digging her fingertips into the doughy fat, “I’m the biggest girl you ever liked?”

Tomas took the opportunity to remain the dominant member in their quasi-relationship, but shared his thoughts sugary sweet, “That’s okay, honey, so what? You won’t have to worry about jerks flirting with you. Nope! You’re too fat for those superficial cool dudes who used to work their charms on you….”

Yolanda openly curdled at Tomas’s remarks, and he gently pinched Yolanda’s chubby cheek, “But I appreciate you, baby-cakes, I think you’re cute, very cute…”

Yolanda gushed, “No..kidd…kidding?” nervously she squeaked.

“Oh yeah, of course!” Tomas boldly replied.

Yolanda cuddled up next to Tomas, and he calculatingly conveyed, “I can understand your self-esteem issues; I suppose you feel awkward and dumpy gaining all that weight. Nah, it’s fine, okay? I like you enough, I’ll get used to your size.”

Yolanda squinted in confusion, Tomas adding sweetly, “Okay, turn out the lights, honey. I think we both can use the rest…”

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Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:47 pm

This was one interesting new chapter. Thank you for the update.
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Postby div » Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:10 pm

Hello Matt!

You are walking a fine line here. Perfect balance is needed and so easily lost. Examples of the latter are all but rare. The composition of your latest post to me appears nicely crafted though in best wordsmith tradition. Plausible enough but still captivating. Impressive!

Kind Regards!
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Postby Matt L. » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:10 am

Hello Junketh71 & Div,

Thank you for reading the story, the next episode will be up shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda had a cup of coffee with Tomas early that morning before he went to work and she made a trek back to Elena’s home to visit Sheila.

Tomas did mention that another date was more than possible but that she shouldn’t spill the beans about them being together so soon.

Yolanda replied anxiously that she enjoyed being with Tomas, and that he shouldn’t worry about her telling Natalie or James.

“I have work this weekend so I won’t be around the weekend when you hang out with James.”

Tomas found the idea of the former college student working as a maidservant for a prestigious career woman amusing.

“Have you told her that you used to be a bookkeeper? Was a college student”, Tomas said just too sneakily remind Yolanda they were on the same turf now that both of them were blue collar workers. Yolanda couldn’t hold it over Tomas’s head anymore that she was an academic and improving her life.

“I mean maybe she can get you in the front office instead of picking up after her.”

Tomas was caught by surprised at Yolanda’s humbleness.

“I no fit in with big shots but it’s okay, housekeeping is best for me, not ah um, very much else me can make living at….”

Tomas didn’t feel the need to push this any further, he would have ample opportunity to surreptitiously assert Yolanda’s lower status later and quite often.

Once the couple went their separate ways, Yolanda arrived at Elena’s door just in time for breakfast.

The friends mingled without restraint, Yolanda sharing every detail about her date with Tomas while engaging in a meal that could easily have fed two people.

Resting outdoors to let their meals digest, Yolanda expressed herself like an inexperienced young woman in all things concerning Tomas.

“I think Tomas does like me even though I gained all this weight but tell me true, what can I do to win his heart?”

Sheila wagged her head, the milquetoast timbre to Yolanda’s voice and her lack of confidence was unsettling. Yolanda used to be much stronger and could charm any man with just a look from her eyes.

Taking a diplomatic route instead of chastising Yolanda for having become so outrageously vulnerable, Sheila asked, “Do you really like Tomas that much? Aren’t you settling for the first guy noticing you instead of playing the field?”

“I like Tomas, yes. Maybe he not what I used to prefer in men but is that all wrong? I look at his better points, Tomas works for a living, has own apartment and isn’t a criminal. What else Yolanda need?” Yolanda gestured with her hands, a satisfied smirk over her domestic variety yet cute features.
Sheila released a shrill of a chuckle, “How is he in bed?”

“Oh, Tomas snores and loud too! Ay Chihuahua!” Yolanda rapidly replied.

Sheila snorted, “That’s not what I meant!”

Yolanda blushed, nervously strumming her huge belly roll, “How can I say, Sasha. I had lovers since I was in street gang, if I compare Tomas to them it wouldn’t be nice. Tomas not bad, not really.”

“I think you should try to date other guys”, Sheila replied in elder sister mode, “I’m sure Tomas is okay but see what else is out there before committing yourself to a serious relationship so early in the game. You might find somebody better.”

Yolanda tilted her head, “Girls like me should be grateful for guys who like them, my needs haven’t changed but lots cool guys don’t go for the bottom of the barrel. Tomas makes me happy, good enough for me.”

Elena called out from inside the house, “Yolie should play hard to get!”

Yolanda laughed out loud, “Hard to get! I’m too fat to be picky!”

The screen door opened, Elena held into to her belly while peddling down the stairs, making a beeline to the females.

“Yolanda Monterey!” Elena screeched, subsequently easing off the dramatics.
“You had a real saucy reputation from what I remember. And here you are wallowing like a ninny about some guy when back in the day you could have any man you wanted.”

“Wha…” Yolanda’s posture deflated, “..I know, Elena but being this heavy puts me in a different league. I have to be happy with what I got; most guys don’t admire us pachyderms.”

“I’m saying that if you hold back your affections some then whoever you’re interested in will need to fight for your attention”, Elena stated.

Sheila nodded, explaining what Elena meant in detail.
“If you’re acting all smitten then Tomas won’t have to show you any special attention. Behave like you’re hardly interested in him, and if he likes you, he’ll be more outwardly sweet and thoughtful.”

Yolanda roped her hand over the curvature of her belly, giving it a firm squeeze, “I suppose but I lack companionship so much, I’m anxious to have a man to call my own.”

“Watch out, Yolie”, Elena sternly addressed Yolanda, “I’m just telling you being too anxious and you can end up with a loser.”

“Elena has a strong point, don’t get too seriously involved with Tomas too quick, you might regret it”, Sheila said with a sensitive smile.

The conversation dragged on for a few minutes longer, Sheila adding that Yolanda should get to know Tomas better but likewise circulate a little. Yolanda buzzed optimistically, conveying she appreciated the advice but due to her size and status, meeting another guy who treated her as nice as Tomas was doubtful.


Yolanda slugged back her 2nd can of cola in a row, smiling after releasing a burp which could be regarded as mega blaring.

Sheila and Elena were discussing what to make for dinner, Yolanda squeaked her suggestion, “What about tacos?”

Sheila was on board as was Elena but there was a few items that were needed to prepare the dish.
Yolanda volunteered to go to the market, Elena thanking her for gesture then turned to Sheila.

“Wouldn’t you agree, Yolie needs a shower and a change of clothes…”

“I took a shower last week!” Yolanda grumbled with a sour expression that inflated her chins.

“Yeah but really, honey”, Sheila did indeed agree, “You have the same clothes on as yesterday and well; you do have a little bit of an aroma,”

Yolanda reeled back her head as Elena chimed in, “Nothing personal.”

Yolanda huffed while stomping into the kitchen, opening the fridge and ripping into a package of pudding. Sheila hurried in behind her, “Yolie, we didn’t mean hurting your feelings…”

Yolanda used her fingers to shovel pudding into her mouth, “…..Well you did!”

Yolanda lapping up scoop after scoop, surplus pudding oozing in a literal stream over her lips unto her chins, “Because now I’m so large me like circus animal….”

“Yolanda!” Sheila yelled, “Stop it! I won’t tolerate your whining!”

Yolanda gaped at Sheila, bobbling her head; she then turned and again opened the fridge, grabbing another pudding pack which she tore into with unadulterated gusto!

Sheila waddled over to her friend, Yolanda rapidly devouring the pudding.

“I admired you because you were spunky, streetwise tough, how in the hell are you being so stupid!” Sheila commandeered Yolanda’s attention, their big bellies merging together, “We’re not being insensitive to you! But how can such talk make you whimper like a weakling!”

Yolanda dropped her head; she didn’t have the courage to look Sheila in the eyes or reply.

Sheila reached out and gently tagged Yolanda’s shoulder which was layered with dense fat, “You’ve let your hygiene go, sweets. You ought to wash more often…”

Yolanda finished the pudding, whimpering with various crude sounding snorts and grunts.

“Take a shower and I’ll lay out fresh garments for you, okay?” Sheila affectionately warbled, “And I know getting heavy is hard, it’s hard for me too. But I’ll look after you…”

“I not quite fit into Elena clothes…” Yolanda blathered, “Bigger than Elena,”

Elena entered the kitchen, “You’re not that much bigger than me. Now girl, go and shower, you’ll be in a better mood.”

Sheila tilted her head and smiled at Yolanda, “Don’t be referring to yourself as an animal anymore. That’s crazy.”


Yolanda still remembered when showering was effortless, her nimble svelte figure sleek without a trace of fat, how she could whirl around in the stall letting the water do its work

All this had changed since turning into a hefty tub of lard who could scarcely fit in the stall, energetically using the wash cloth to dig into every crevasse and doughy gradient occupied by her blubbery form. It was maddening, the expanse of her double bellies, the wide range of her beefy hips, her bubble butt bouncing off the tile, her thighs more than just enormous, gigantically huge.

Meanwhile Elena and Sheila had a maddening chore for themselves. Truth be told, Yolanda was truly larger than Elena, not by much but enough to make it somewhat difficult in terms in finding clothing that could adequately fit Yolanda’s generously proportioned shape.

Elena held the elastic panties, hip-huggers and unfashionable to an ugly degree, stretching them within reasonable limits, “This should do the trick!”

Tossing the garment unto the bed, Elena admitted, “I never dreamed Yolanda Monterey would ever be wearing my clothes, and on top of it, most of my things being too small.”

Sheila held up the dress she picked out for Yolanda, wanting her to inspect it, “She has grown, uh, what you think about this?”

The dress was actually a maternity dress, a muted blue shade but decorated with zigzagging stripes of both red and a darker blue hue.

“That should work”, Elena nodded, “It’s not the same type dress, Yolie, would have worn when she ran with the gangs but then again….”

Elena paused, picking on Yolanda’s size was unnecessary.

Sheila grabbed the garments and acknowledging Elena with a conservative smile, “I might be borrowing this myself and soon, I’m not getting any smaller!”

The females shared a laugh, Sheila subsequently marching to the bathroom, “Yolanda! May I come in?”

Yolanda yelled it was okay, Sheila slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

“We got this for you, you like?” Sheila crinkled her nose with a grin.

Yolanda dropped the towel unto the floor, Sheila needing to slant her body away from her when she approached and grabbed the clothing.

The bathroom being ridiculously small, Sheila excused herself, exiting the tiny room and would meet up with Yolanda in the front room when she would be ready.

Yolanda dressed in slow motion, a task that had become almost as difficult as showering,
Yolanda reflected on her former appearance, the sleek attributes which certainly put her figure in a league of its own; oddly enough the hint of a smile momentarily touched her pudgy face.

All that was said and done, her beauty no longer unique, big Mexican girls were a dime a dozen, yet still Yolanda did revel in the fact she was once exquisitely attractive.

Once Yolanda had squeezed into the garb, she quickly slid a comb through her black locks, the dramatic rigmarole in which she once took quite the effort with her hair and cosmetics now pointless.

Yolanda joined Elena and Sheila in the front room, both females stating that she looked very lovely, in truth they both thought she looked needlessly overweight and in a dress that overemphasized the blubbery condition of her body.

Elena handed Yolanda the shopping list, “Are you sure you want to go to the market, it’s a four block walk.”

“I’m not that out of shape!” Yolanda giggled, although her hand brushing over her belly causing her to add, “Well maybe but then I need the exercise.”

Yolanda stuffed the cash into a change purse and was soon out the door.


Yolanda obtained various hellos while waddling down the street, smiles as well, although this wasn’t all that uncommon in the Spanish slum, most folks were friendly, and she blended in quite well in regards to looking like a well-fed domestic housewife.

However, outside the market Yolanda was accosted with a banquet of crude remarks by the punks hanging around the entrance.

“What’z up!” a skinny teenager loudly acknowledged Yolanda, his smarmy smile uncomplimentary.

Another petty gang member comically begged, “Please don’t eat all the food, think of other people shopping!”

Yolanda pressed on forward, trying to ignore the verbal abuse which included being called a baby elephant and a chorus of mooing. Years earlier they all would have been afraid of teasing her, “What have I become?” Yolanda pondered.

The shopping list was short, Yolanda picked up what she needed and without any hassle while cruising the aisles.

Reaching the checkout counter, Yolanda was about to unload her food items to be checked out, a pair of female gang members coasting up behind her.

Big hair, makeup to the hilt, cheap jewelry and tattoos. The females hardly older than twenty-one were in skimpy outfits, even the girl who was a bit on the beefy side.

The older woman working the register waved the chicks on, giving Yolanda a - move out of the way - look. Yolanda did as she was told, backing off to the side, after all this was their turf, it was healthier to obey the rules.

Naturally they gazed over at Yolanda with tough expressions; one of them immediately recognized her.

“Isobel! Look who this is!” Anna giggled.

Isobel grinned in delight, her eyes zeroing in on Yolanda’s hips, waist and belly, “Right! Looking big and fat there, Jumbo! What the hell!”

Anna smirked, “You didn’t think this heifer would lose weight?”

“Damn! Why Marco cut you lose anyway? “, Isobel inquired in a demanding tone.

Yolanda stood trembling, her eyes downward, Anna loudly laughing, “Marco couldn’t afford to feed you anymore?”

The woman ringing up their groceries minded her own business, she knew defending Yolanda could mean hostility later, maybe even losing her job.

Silently the woman rang them up, accepted their cash and then began bagging their items.
All the while the female thugs continued their taunting.

“I thought maybe you went to live on a farm with all the other cows!”
“Circus would be better or maybe a zoo!”

The females grabbed their shopping bags and stepped off to the side and held a private conference as Yolanda’s groceries were rung up. Still trembling, the fear she felt sent a sour sensation into her stomach.

Yolanda tightly gripped her shopping bag, avoiding eye contact as she made tracks to exit.

The female punks followed her outside, male hooligans interrupting Yolanda’s trek.

Yolanda stood surrounded by the gang-bangers, breathing heavily, the fear she was now experiencing was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

“For a big babe you didn’t get a lot!” a male laughed.

Yolanda couldn’t advance forward, the guys blocking her path while the females were position behind her, likewise deriding her.

“Yo guys! Don’t be embarrassing the Jumbo! Hippo’s aren’t used to guys flirting with them!”

“Let’s see what ya got!” another punk said while reaching for Yolanda’s shopping bag.
Yolanda pulled the bag closer to her body, the guy sneered into her face, “Give me, fat ass!”

The guy pulled the bag away from Yolanda, the collection of hoodlums quickly searched through it.

Isobel snickered, “Don’t mind them, Jumbo; you can miss eating a meal!”

Anna moved along side of Yolanda and placed their shopping bars into her hand, and then pointed to their car, “Carry this out for us!”

“Move it, dumpy!” Isobel shouted.

Yolanda finally managed to utter weakly, “But my stuff!”

The leader of the males stepped forward, “This is our turf! You want shop here, you pay us tribute! Understand fatty!”

Yolanda nodded, the guys backed off, one of them walking away with Yolanda’s groceries.

Isobel snarled at Yolanda, “Get a moving!”

Yolanda wheezed as she wobbled toward their car, the females at a short pace behind her.

“You ought better know your place”, Anna boldly chastised Yolanda, “Just because Marco fired you don’t mean you aren’t under our rule!”

Isobel chimed in, “Everybody in the neighborhood knows us, we run the streets!”

Reaching their car, Isobel opened the backdoor so Yolanda could put away their groceries.

Yolanda retreated backward after setting the bags in the car, slowly closing the door she accidentally bumped into Anna.

Anna got into Yolanda’s face, her cruelty having no limit, “Watch it cow! I don’t want your germs on me!”

Yolanda wiped her eyes, “I know…I’m…sorry…

Isobel chuckled, “You got learn to respect us!”

“I know…” Yolanda nervously snorted, “….I show respect, I’m sorry.”

“Bet that fat ass of yours you‘ll respect us! You have no clue who we are, what its like being in the gang”, Anna sneered, “You got anymore money?”

“Just the change from shopping….two dollars and a few pennies…” Yolanda sighed.

Isobel punched her fist to intimidate Yolanda, “Hand it over, butterball, unless you want to get hurt!”

Yolanda did as she was told, handing Anna the money.

Anna giggled, “Thanks, Jumbo, you’re not all that stupid for being a cow.”

Isobel callously grinned, “And you’re about as big a cow in the neighborhood.”

Anna took a domineering stance, “Moo for us, then you can you go!” she demanded.

Yolanda didn’t plea or need to think it over, she was so vastly afraid that she let out a loud, “MOOOOOO!”

Anna and Isobel exploded in laughter, then hopped into the car and drove off.


Elena knew immediately by Yolanda’s shaken appearance that she had been roughed up by slum’s criminal element.

Sheila escorted Yolanda to her room where she continuously cried while running through the details.

“They right, you know”, Yolanda sniffled, “I’m a disgusting cow. Fat, stupid, weak….”

“I’m going to call your sister”, Elena sensitively informed Yolanda, “You’re too upset, I’ll say you’re spending another night with us.”

Sheila rubbed Yolanda’s shoulders, comforting her the best she could, “They’re bad girls, they had you out numbered, no shame in that if you didn’t defend yourself, you couldn’t. And for the guys, they’re asshole punks, what could you do?”

“At least you weren’t harmed”, Sheila added while giving Yolanda a lopsided hug.

Yolanda wasn’t harmed physically but mentally she was tremendously if not savagely roughed up. Their taunts settled in Yolanda’s mind, increasing her fear and plunging self-esteem.

Yolanda rubbed her nose, edging herself off the bed; she stood within inches of Sheila’s mirror.

Turning around, Yolanda addressed Sheila, “See what has become of me, Sasha. I’m a pathetic woman, no courage, nothing left, not even what brains I had.”

Sheila held unto her pregnant belly as she approached her friend, “You’re being too hard on yourself, sweets; you do realize they were gang-bangers?”

Yolanda sarcastically chuckled, “Me too! Once I had respect, I charge of posse, I would kick their ass. Today I’m weak and hopeless. I’m dumb fat cow, so have no sympathy for me, I no deserve it.”

Again Sheila embraced Yolanda, her belly making it difficult but she hugged her friend as well as she could.

“You stay here with me couple days, and no worry, forget this happened”, Sheila smiled.

Yolanda wheezed, “I no can forget, but better like this, from now on Yolanda knows her place in the slum…”

Sheila directed Yolanda into the bed, suggesting that she should relax and that she would go about helping Elena make dinner.


Sheila conversed with Elena for a short five minutes about Yolanda, then secretly sneaked off into the backyard with her cell phone.

Although Sheila had no wish to see Jessie, she knew she had no choice; it was the only solution to protect Yolanda from the gangs.

“Hey, Jessie, we got to talk!”

Jessie replied, sugary in tone, “Sure, little momma, when?”

Sheila was to the point, “Its hard for me to get around, no car and I can’t possibly walk to the bar or your apartment. What about meeting me in the alley behind Elena’s house?”

Jessie caught a hint something was wrong, but she played it cool, “Of course, honey. You’re my best friend. Anything for you. What time?”

“Late, it got to be late”, Sheila replied, “I don’t want Elena to know.”

“I guess she doesn’t approve of me, I’m not surprised”, Jessie arrogantly stated, “Why would she, right?”

“You want to give me a time, please”, Sheila rifled back.

“Around midnight good enough?” Jessie answered.

Sheila simply acknowledged Jessie with an okay.

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