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A new update? Yay, and welcome back.
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Yolanda is much fatter than the whole family. What a shock it must be for all or them! Great chapter as always Matt!
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Hello Junketh71 & TheGreatestView,

I appreciate the feedback, thank you.

Cheers, Matt
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James had already gone to bed; Natalie had consumed enough TV for the night and thought she would check up on her little sister before turning in herself.

Little sister, the term caused Yolanda to giggle, rounding the corner she saw that the bathroom light was on and unthinkingly entered without knocking.

Yolanda sneered at Natalie; she had just removed herself from the shower and was standing there naked as the day she was born.

“Can I help you with something?” Yolanda huffily said in Spanish.

Natalie couldn’t believe this was the same Yolanda who once showed off her figure in skimpy outfits.

A paunchy belly roll over a doughy huge domed belly complete with stretch marks deeply canvassing the flesh, wide meaty hips and thighs that she could only describe as gigantic.

The towel Yolanda used to dry off her body appeared tiny in comparison to the mind numbing size of her girth. Natalie intensely watched the profuse jiggle to Yolanda’s belly bulge as the towel made contact with the dense flab.

Yolanda surrendered to Natalie’s gawking, “Never thought I’d get this big, huh?”

Natalie folded her arms and nodded, “Oh you’re certainly big!””

Yolanda tilted her head in a submissive mode while proceeding to equip her bottom half with jumbo size panties.
“I was a vain stupid brat”, Yolanda replied with an embarrassed grunt.

Yolanda’s ample thighs wiggled while she pulled the panties upward, perfectly corresponding to the subtle quivering of her spongy belly.

Natalie stood against the door, her eyes canvassing Yolanda‘s buttery form, still relatively uncomfortable concerning the staggering amount of weight her younger sister had gained, “You were full of yourself.”

Yolanda’s belly spread outward and sideways, the blubbery protuberance pushing inches away from the ugly garment.

Natalie stepped aside as Yolanda grabbed her bra, conceding to a casual giggle, “All my friends hated you, maybe we were jealous too but you were certainly arrogant.”

“You should invite your friends over; let them see what’s become of your little sister…” Yolanda giggled back.

Natalie secretly questioned Yolanda’s levity pertaining to how much she had changed. She wasn’t exactly sure, maybe Yolanda wanted to escape her former reputation but whatever reason she went along with it.

“That’s an idea. They would get such a thrill that the popular cool girl who used to be so aloof and demeaning had ballooned in such a way. You got to admit, you had an attitude, they should see you now and enjoy the comeuppance!”

Natalie could sense Yolanda’s tension as she fiddled with her bra, but moved back in her space just the same, reaching out and cupping her left breast.

“Wow!” Natalie giggled, “What are you! A double D!”

Yolanda’s breasts had rounded out and mushroomed in fat, sans perkiness, positioned over her voluminous belly.

“I got buxom, haven‘t I?” Yolanda giggled with a silly expression.

Natalie helped Yolanda with her bra, comically peeping, “Remember I was there when momma took you for your first bra. You’re not a B-cup anymore that’s for sure.”

Yolanda replied with a chuckle, rummaging through her clothes, the same attire she wore earlier that day, subsequently dressing in slow motion.

“You’re wearing the same clothes you wore all day?” Natalie questioned, “Most people put on clean clothes after taking a shower.”

Yolanda grumbled incoherently, Natalie asking her to repeat her reply.

“If you must know I don’t have a nightgown that fits to sleep in!” Yolanda sighed.

“Didn’t momma take you shopping for clothes?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah but I guess we forgot about nightgowns…” Yolanda modestly grinned.

“I’ll call Aunt Esmeralda tomorrow, see if she has anything for you”, Natalie smiled, “You’re about her size….”

“Oh that’s just fabulous…!” Yolanda snorted, “I get to wear old women clothes.”

Natalie readily supplied Yolanda with an answer, “Then I’ll take some money out of the bank and I’ll take you to Motts Large Size Female Wear on La Salle Street, they specialize in girls like you.”

“A fat girl’s store, are you kidding me!” Yolanda groused, “And all they got are dumb, stupid ugly clothes.”

Natalie folded her arms, trying to be as sensitive as possible, “You have to realize your options are limited now that you’re hefty.”

Yolanda tilted her head, sliding her hand down the slope of her belly, “Um, ah, looks like I got no choice then…”

Natalie brushed back her hair, diplomatically conveying, “I know these changes are hard for you but I’ll help you the best I can.”

“I’m going to make myself a cheese sandwich with extra mayo and then finish the ice cream!” Yolanda announced.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Natalie questioned, “You’ve been eating like crazy all day.”

Yolanda exuberantly smiled, “its okay, Nat. Eating is about the only thing that makes me happy, and now that I’m a fat blimp, why bother holding back my appetite!”

Yolanda wobbled out of the bathroom, her hips rubbing against the door frame, Natalie walking behind her.

Yolanda’s hindquarters were extraordinarily chubby in proportion, her butt-cheeks distinctively inflated.

Natalie declined, “I’d rather not watch you eat, but you know eating before bedtime puts the waistline at peril”, she added very cheekily.

“Ha-ha”, Yolanda grunted, “You’re so funny…”

Yolanda made a beeline into the kitchen, Natalie had resigned herself to bed however she turned around in her tracks and went to join Yolanda in the kitchen.


Yolanda rubbed her eyes before opening the fridge and snaring the bucket of ice cream. Grabbing a spoon, she delved in; gobbling up a couple tremendously large spoonfuls, then began making herself a cheese sandwich.

Yolanda piled on the cheese thick and likewise the mayo, switching back and forth from the ice cream to the sandwich and a few cookies. Making screeching yummy sounds and chewing loudly, unaware that Natalie had entered the kitchen a moment earlier.

Yolanda had finished the sandwich, but was going to town on the ice cream, when she for some in-explicit reason, lifted up her T-shirt and gave her belly a vigorous smack. The sound of Yolanda’s hand striking the fatty flesh echoing through the kitchen, causing Natalie to chuckle.

The sisters acknowledged each other with smiles, Yolanda lazily leaning against the counter while slurping away the ice cream one spoonful after another.

Natalie wagged her head in astonishment, “You better start going easy on the snacking, Yolie, or else you’ll really turn into a blimp.”

Yolanda gestured calmly with her eyes, a sort of - I don’t care - look, and then wobbled back to the fridge where she grabbed the plastic bottle of chocolate syrup, slanting her head backward, and let a stream of the liquidity chocolate into her mouth.

Natalie groaned as Yolanda grabbed a few slices of cheese and a few more cookies, “Whatever happened in Mexico completely changed you; you’re not the Yolanda I remember at all.”

Yolanda pulled out a chair, taking a seat while nibbling on the remainder of her snack, “You’ll get used to me this way, Nat. No more prancing around in skimpy outfits or stupid remarks from me.”

Yolanda strummed her belly to emphasize her point, “I’m just a regular fat girl now…”

“I appreciate your concern but this is how it is”, Yolanda continued with a syrupy smile, “I’m going to eat, and eat as much as I like and not worry about my weight. My reputation has so changed; people will think of me as your fat sister, maybe it’s what I deserve.”

“You can’t really feel that way?” Natalie questioned.

Yolanda expression initially became tense, “I’m not saying I‘m cool with being a lard ass…”

However, a dopey smile quickly formed over Yolanda’s face, “…..Yolanda is a fatty, I’m totally embarrassed but would you really prefer me uppity and skinny?”

Natalie gaped at Yolanda, providing no reply.

Yolanda finished her snack and slowly stood up, “Maybe I deserve the comeuppance, whatever, Nat. I’ll struggle with my emotions and feel self-conscious, just like other heavy females.”

Yolanda’s colossal belly quivered as she adjusted her slacks over her pudgy waist, “I’m sorry for when I was rude to you and your friends”, subsequently standing with her hands over her wide hips, “Those days are done over with!”

Yolanda walked over and embraced her sister, “Yes, Nat, you’ll get used to me like this, and I can’t blame you either if you’re enjoying it.”

Yolanda wiped her eyes and squeaked a giggle, “I’m going to bed, don’t get me up too early, okay?”

Natalie nodded, “Yeah, right.”

Yolanda turned around, adding in a cute tone as she waddled off to her room, “Maybe tomorrow post a snapshot of me or two for your Facebook page, your friends will love what I turned into!”


The next day after Yolanda got out of bed sometime around noon; she grabbed a bag of potato chips and joined Natalie in the family room where she was watching TV.

“Potato chips for breakfast?” Natalie smirked.

Yolanda took to the couch, motioning her blubbery form sideways until she was comfortable, “You’re out of chocolate and ice cream.”

“I’ll put those on my shopping list”, Natalie replied, “Wanna go to the supermarket with me when my show’s over?”

Yolanda stretched with one arm in the air which illustrated her beefy upper arm, her over hand firmly over the potato chip bag as if afraid someone would snatch it away.

“Well, okay, I could pick up a couple things…”, Yolanda squeaked, rifling a mouthful of chips into her mouth, continuing as she chewed, “….You don’t have any donuts or cupcakes and I have a weird taste for beans with rice. How come you don’t have any?”

“Because we’re American”, Natalie chirped, “We rarely eat Mexican style. You knew that?”

Yolanda giddily giggled, “Yeah, guess I forgot”, and with that she squeezed another handful of chips into her mouth.

“You were so into the American culture, living in Mexico and you’ve been transformed into a some kind of caricature, what happened to you?” Natalie questioned.

Yolanda grunted a tense sigh, “It wasn’t to my liking but it happened, please let’s move on.”

Natalie realized Yolanda was thoroughly uncomfortable with the topic and didn’t press her further.

“The show will be over in about 45-minutes, so maybe you ought to change your clothes, okay?”

“What for?” Yolanda grumpily stated.

Natalie straightforwardly gaped at Yolanda, “Because you slept in them.”

Crumbs flew away from Yolanda’s lips as she chewed, “Who cares what I look like, I don’t.”

Natalie snickered, “If you’re okay with it fine by me.”


True to her new identity, Yolanda wore the same clothes at the supermarket which she had worn for at least 24-hours. She did however comb her hair but resigned the idea of wearing cosmetics.

The pair separated for a short while, Natalie sticking to her shopping list while Yolanda roamed the aisles impulse shopping. Chocolate syrup, baloney, cheesecake, and miniature apple pies, chocolate candy as well.

“All that?” Natalie droned as Yolanda dropped the items into the shopping cart.

“Shoot! Right!” Yolanda exclaimed in a funky shrill, “I forgot frozen pizza.”

Natalie gestured to her shopping cart, “Well I got you your beans and rice, cupcakes and donuts. Chocolate too, so you could put your package back.”

Yolanda glided her belly against the shopping cart, “Wha? There’s never enough chocolate, what kind of woman are you?”

Natalie chuckled, “You don’t bathe in it, wait, don’t answer that.”

Yolanda giggled, “That’s an idea.”

Proceeding forward they stopped at the frozen food section, Natalie allowing Yolanda to get 2 frozen pizzas.

Natalie noticed Mrs. Soto a short distance away from them, and out of respect made tracks over to her to say hello. Yolanda wadding a pace behind her.

Cordial greetings made, Yolanda was quite curious if Mrs. Soto had shown her picture to her son yet.

“Um, well, yeah, I did”, Mrs. Soto acknowledged Yolanda.

Yolanda giggled, “Well? What did Steve say that’s there more of me?”

Mrs. Soto took a diplomatic approached, “Nothing really, I mean, he’s very busy with work and school. Maybe in a week or so he’ll call you.”

Yolanda’s smile intentionally comical, “I expected just as much, I’m way to big for his taste but its okay. I’m an expensive date…”

Yolanda thrust out her belly and gave it a tap for effect, “A very expensive date”; she then winked, implying that Steve couldn’t afford her appetite.

“You’ll find a nice boy someday, you’re a very sweet girl”, Mrs. Soto beamed a sincere smile.

Yolanda leaned into Natalie and whispered, “That’s code for fat..”
“I know..”, Natalie whispered back.

A moment socializing about other things, the sisters took the opposite route from Mrs. Soto’s direction.

Natalie needed to ask what that was all about, Yolanda filling her sister in with the details.
“So momma had me pose for snapshots, well, you can guess the rest.”

Natalie shook her head, “Ohhh, okay.”

Yolanda paused on their way to the check out counter, “Hey, take a picture of me here! Post it on Facebook. Your friends deserve to know I’m back and not the little heartbreaker anymore.”

Natalie humorously rolled her shoulders, gawking at Yolanda, “Are you crazy? You look a wreck.”

Yolanda stood center in the aisle and waved her arms up and down, “I know! So, we’ll take another picture at home. But you gotta take one now, look how….”

Yolanda halted her antics for a moment but after a melancholy wheeze, she placed her hands over her hips.

“It’ll be a favor to me if everybody knows as soon as possible what a butterball I’ve become. Take a picture of me here like this; I’ll sort of clean myself up for the one at home.”

“Are you sure?” Natalie inquired, “Your clothes look slept in…”

Yolanda shook her head, “I don’t want cheap talk about me getting fat surrounding the neighborhood for months, I want to get on with my life.”

Natalie conceded but with one provision, “Don’t push out your belly or anything dramatic…”

Yolanda walked over and stood in front of the shopping cart, flashing a wide smile.

Natalie took the photo, “Okay, when we get home put on better clothes and I’ll take another.”


Natalie really enjoyed having Yolanda back in her life and living with her, James and the children.
More than ever actually now that Yolanda’s conceited attitude had been quelled by the 200-pounds she had packed on.

On the course back home Yolanda noticed a popular fast food diner, “Oh-wow! Wow! I forgot all about Little Nicky’s Hot Dogs! Can we stop! Please, please, please!”

Yolanda folded her hands over her breasts, “I just love their chili dogs and they got the best milkshakes on earth!”

Natalie humorously scowled at Yolanda, “You’re worse than my kids”, she giggled.
“I’m making fried chicken for dinner, you can eat then.”

Yolanda puffed up her fat cheeks and crinkled her nose, “Yeah, but I’ll be starving by then…”

Natalie continued in a bubbly mode, “No you won’t, okay. I’m making a very nice dinner; we’re also having mashed potatoes, carrots and a salad. That sound yummy?”

“Mashed potatoes?” Yolanda rattled off in shock, “I haven’t had mashed potatoes in like, forever! We Mexicans never eat that stuff, but I’m cool having it!”

“Rice and beans?” Natalie replied with a silly expression, “I still don’t get how you decided to embrace the Mexican culture; I mean we were born in the USA!”

Yolanda rubbed her nose, “Long story but me do really honest miss eating potatoes, can you make plenty of gravy?”

“Of course, I always do”, Natalie addressed Yolanda sweetly, “And tomorrow I promise we’ll lunch at Nicky’s, okay?”

“You are a most excellent sister, Nat!” Yolanda proudly grinned, “Thank you!”

Natalie pleasantly continued, “Here’s the plan, tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school and I take my walk around the park with a couple friends, I’ll pick you up and we’ll have lunch, then we’ll stop at the bank and from there I’ll treat you to a few nightgowns. What ya say?”

Yolanda bobbled her head, “Cool! Um, ah, why you walk in the park and who you friends?”

Natalie dished the details, “Collette, Tiffany and I walk twice around the park to keep our figures in check, the three of us put on weight very easily. You never met Tiffany, she just moved into the neighborhood but you remember Collette Banner, right?”

“Yeah, Collette has a big…” Yolanda began to reply.
Natalie interrupted her, “Yolie! That isn’t nice!”
Yolanda chuckled, “I was going to say big house! I wasn’t going to mention her butt at all!”

“I apologize then”, Natalie humbly smiled.

Yolanda wheezed through a smile, “I can’t talk about Collette like that when I’m so big, I’m sure my butt is even bigger than Elena Gonzales.”

“I haven’t seen Elena is a while”, Natalie replied, continuing with a giggle, “So I have no idea if your butt is bigger than Elena, that’s some big butt you would have, coz Elena is pretty big!”

Yolanda scratched her belly, “I meant my butt’s bigger than her butt, not her entire body!”

Natalie chuckled, “I know what you meant, it’s just how you said it!”

Yolanda openly reflected on Elena, who at one time was Natalie’s best friend, “Aye Chihuahua! I used to tease Elena all the time, and stuff. She’ll be pleased very much when she knows me bigger than her!”

Natalie sensitively replied, “Honey, you have to work on your English. Okay?”

Yolanda shook her head, “I’m trying hard, Nat.”

Natalie subsequently bringing up Elena, “We’re friends on Facebook, she’ll see your photos, if not I can invite her over. Would you like that?” she said with a concern look.

Yolanda quietly pondered, finally admitting, “Yeah…I need to apologize to her. I was vicious sometimes, when she got pregnant, I feel bad now because of my comments.”

Natalie fully remembered how Yolanda made fun of Elena due to the whopping amount she put on and how big her belly got and the swollen condition of her face.

“Elena has a kind heart, she’ll forgive you, but you really went overboard, I have to tell you that.”

Yolanda tilted her head, “Won’t she have a good laugh then, such a cow I turned into.”

Natalie smiled, “she is human, so there is a chance seeing you got chubby could please her but knowing Elena, she might just be happy you don’t have that toxic attitude anymore.”

Yolanda playfully shook Natalie’s shoulder, “Why you have to be so positive always!”

The sisters broke out in laughter.


Later and after dinner there was a nice lull around Natalie’s home. Yolanda had washed the dinner dishes, spruced up the kitchen and then taken out the trash, all the while as Natalie looked through the sales paper for nightwear pertaining to her practically penniless sister.

Yolanda entered the front room with a 2 liter cola tucked under her arm, relaxing her other hand over her bulbous belly.

“I’m all tuckered out, you working me like a slave and everything!” Yolanda peeped an amusing chuckle.
“If you don’t mind I’m going to relax in the backyard for a while.”

Natalie put down the sale paper, smiling at Yolanda, “I guess. I think I found a store that will cater to night clothes in your size. 25 per cent off too, so we can pick you up several items.”

“Fantastic!” Yolanda elatedly grinned, playfully skimming her hand over the pulpy surface of her belly, “And in my size too!”

“You know; while it’s still light out and you’re in the backyard, let’s take the other photograph of you!” Natalie said while moving off the couch.

Yolanda was all in, “That’s fine, cool!”

Natalie cleared her throat, “One minute, Yolanda. Have you forgotten something?”

Yolanda scrunched her nose, “Have I?”

“Oh Yolanda!” Natalie laughed, “Your clothes! You’ve been in them since yesterday. Put on something fresh, and appropriate for your photograph.”

Yolanda giggled, “Too bad I don’t got a bathing suit, that would make a cute pic with me!”

Natalie sarcastically chortled, “Oh, that would be totally cute!”

Natalie resumed her elder sister style wisdom, suggesting in a marginally strict tone, “You put on something that’s at least somewhat flattering, okay? You needn’t prove your lackadaisical feelings toward fashion.”

“Whatever that means!” Yolanda shrilled.

“I mean in the photo I took at the market you looked like a slob”, Natalie said sternly, “Do you need for me to help you pick something out?”

“You don’t have to be so bossy about it”, Yolanda vaguely whined.

Natalie wagged her head, sighing within an irritated degree which caused Yolanda to back peddle out of the front room and make quick steps to her bedroom.

In the Bedroom Yolanda peeled off her T-shirt then went about looking for something halfway decent to wear for the photograph.

Soon enough Natalie joined her, Yolanda immediately squawked, “I don’t need your help, I’m a grown up.”

Natalie folded her arms over her breasts, “Behave like a grown up and I’ll treat you like one.”

Yolanda looked at Natalie straight on, a tad miffed by her domineering attitude, however a silly smile blossomed over her face, and she remarked in a blithe tone, “Keep being mean to me and I’m gonna tell mom on you.”

Natalie laughed at Yolanda’s humorous comment and walked over to her.

“I don’t mean to be a bully but honest, you just don’t care what you look like and that just annoys me”, Natalie half-smiled, “Just coz you’re large doesn’t mean you have to look dumpy.”

Yolanda didn’t want to spoil the levity and produced a giggle, “When there’s a size 16 Miss America I’ll get with the program!”

Natalie joined in on the amusement, giggling likewise, “Sure, that’s the day monkey’s will fly out of my butt!”

Amusing smiles touched their faces, and they began rummaging through Yolanda’s wardrobe.

Natalie nixed every article of clothes Yolanda picked out, ultimately asking, “Didn’t momma get you anything nice? What about dresses?”

Yolanda wiped her nose, glumly replying, “Momma picked everything out for me, um, ah, yeah…”

Yolanda wandered over to the closet and pulled out the two dresses her mother bought her, “..what about these?”

Natalie’s expression equaled the lack of enthusiasm in her voice, “You got to be kidding me? Those dresses are way too matronly looking.”

Natalie took a seat on the bench next to Yolanda’s vanity table which was now basically storage space for junk food and candy bars.

“Alright, Yolie, I guess you’ll have to wear a T-shirt and spandex, maybe a sweatshirt?”

Yolanda pushed the dresses back into the closet and once again surveyed her T-shirts and sweatshirts.

A few minutes later they had decided that Yolanda would wear a black T-shirt decorated with a picture of a rainbow and black spandex slacks. Once Yolanda had changed they made tracks outdoors unto the small patio deck.

“You’ll post both photos, right?” Yolanda inquired.

Natalie agreed, “I promise, I will.”

“Should I be seated in this photo?” asked Yolanda.

Natalie gestured over to the garage, “Stand there on the pavement, it’ll be a nice shot.”

Yolanda did as she was told, and proceed to pose provocatively to show off her flab which Natalie didn’t appreciate.

“Stop clowning around! I think everybody will get the hint you’ve gained weight…”

“How should I stand then?” Yolanda nasally whined.

“Natural, pose natural”, Natalie said, at her wits end.

Yolanda placed both hands over her hips and turned semi-clockwise; Natalie took the picture but only after reminding her to smile.

Yolanda repeated her request about posting both photographs on Facebook, Natalie agreed and promised she’d share all the feedback with her.

“I wonder what your friends will think of me when they see I outweigh them?” Yolanda question.

“I’m curious too”, Natalie anxiously grinned, “It’s a safe bet you and Elena could swap clothes now.”

“Elena, wow, she has to be 300-pounds, wouldn’t it be funny if I’m heavier than her?” Yolanda causally questioned.

“Yeah, I’m happy you brought that up”, Natalie noted while taking a seat on a patio chair, “You’re welcome to join me and my friends on our walk. What about it?”

“Around the entire, whole park, twice!” Yolanda blurted, “I no have energy for that!”

Natalie nodded, “Okay, sure. But you’re going to have to do something, honey. You’re not twenty-five yet, if you don’t manage your weight you’ll be as big as a house by the time your forty!”

“Don’t go there, Nat”, Yolanda heaved a long sigh, “What I look like is what I’ve become, okay. Please don’t pester me.”

“You used to pester me all the time!” Natalie chuckled, “Teasing me about my appetite and clothes.”

Yolanda motioned toward the door, comically asserting, “I think I hear your brats calling you!”

Natalie stood up, holding back her laughter, “Okay, fine! Don’t go running to me five years from now when you have a date and not a dress that fits!”

Yolanda blankly stared at Natalie, “You should be on TV, you’re that funny!”

“Have it your way”, Natalie said as she stood up from the chair.
“Anyway, I’m going to play with the kids for a while, want to join me?”

Yolanda pondered for a moment, “I’d like that sure.”

You mean that?” Natalie asked as they made tracks indoors.

Yolanda slipped her arm around Natalie’s doughy waist, “Yeah, Nat. I like being family again.”

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This was a rather nice turn of events. Thank you for the new chapter.
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Hello Matt!

It seems like Yolanda is getting quite comfortable in her niche. Marco must have chopped off enough of her intelligence. You make it look plausible.

One to go.

Kind regards!
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Love your work Matt! Looking forward to the next
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the kind remarks. The next episode will be up shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Can't wait :)
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Natalie looked every bit the cool suburban succor mom type in her radiant red jogging outfit, her black hair wrangled in a bouncy ponytail, cheerfully summoning Yolanda out of bed.

“Let’s get a move on! It’s almost ten o’clock. What happened to my sister the early bird who would have been up hours ago!”

Yolanda cracked an eye, grumbling in her hoarse morning voice, “I think you’ve mistaken me for somebody else.”

Yolanda momentarily closed her eye, upon opening them a minute later and discovering to her displeasure that Natalie was still there, standing above her with a stupid grin.

“Can’t you get me after you take your walk?” Yolanda whined as she covered her face with the sheets and rolled over onto her side.

“I finished the walk, now we have the rest of the afternoon for us, we’ll make a day of it!” Natalie chirped.

“Maybe tomorrow we can do this sister shopping thing”, Yolanda whimpered, “I want to sleep another four hours…”

Natalie playfully swatted Yolanda’s chubby butt, Yolanda peeped an overly dramatic, “OWWWW!”
“Stop it, Nat, that hurts!”

Natalie couldn’t resist giggling or commenting, “I hardly doubt it hurt that much, you butt is very well insulated.”

Yolanda rolled over unto her back, her dome belly shooting straight upward.
“You’re going to pester me until I’m out of bed, right?”

“That’s the idea”, Natalie happily grinned.
“Now get washed up and dressed, and we’ll go to the bank and say hello to Cousin Raquel while I draw some cash. Then I promised you Little Nicky’s hot dogs before we go to the mall and buy you some nightgowns. How does that sound?”

“You can’t go without me?” Yolanda grunted.

“Okay I guess”, Natalie answered back, “I’ll just save a whole lot of money and see Aunt Esmeralda instead. Maybe she has a few old nightgowns laying around that would be ideal for you.”

Yolanda sighed, moving toward the edge of the bed, “Get the coffee started, lots of coffee…”


First stop was the bank where Raquel was a teller, Natalie withdrew a nice bundle of cash and while there they socialized with their cousin for a short few minutes.

Raquel gushed over Yolanda, decked out in a powder blue T-shirt and slacks with a checkered pattern.

“Not bad, Yolie! Moving back home with Nat is working for you!”

Yolanda wasn’t quite sure what Raquel meant, obviously it wasn’t an insult but she needed to ask, “How so?”

Raquel smiled and respectfully conveyed her opinion, “Your hair is neatly combed, clean clothes that basically fit, you look the very picture of middle class America. You know what? I’m very happy for you.”

Yolanda wiped her eyes, returning the smile, “I feel better too, I mean other than being overweight, I’m starting to feel civilized again.”

Natalie had no clue what Yolanda meant but brought some humor into the conversation.
“Yolanda’s on her way on becoming a wholesome young woman, soon she’ll be volunteering at school and helping with bake sales.”

The conversing continued in a generic but cordial form, Natalie insisting that Raquel ought to visit next Friday, “Jim’s regular poker game means the patio’s all mine, so I’m trying to arrange a small welcome back party for Yolanda.”

Raquel turned to Yolanda, who was surprised about the event, and affectionately cupped her upper arm, “I’ll be there, count on it!”


A while later as the sisters noshed at Little Nicky’s, Yolanda brought up Natalie’s party.
“I don’t want to embarrass you but since you’ve been back you haven’t phoned or seen one friend.
You’re a young woman, it isn’t proper to lead such a stagnant social life; you’re on track in becoming the eccentric neighborhood recluse.”

Yolanda began nibbling on her second chili dog, a meal which consisted of 2 chili dogs, 2 hot dogs, fries and milkshake.

There was a slight melancholy drone to Yolanda‘s voice, “Many of the people me used to think friends, we have different lives, its gooder this way, Nat. How me changed, now I’m very different…”

Yolanda heartily chomped down on the chili dog ultra enthusiastically, spewing crumbs as she chewed, “… friend me do miss mucho, me wonder and worry about Sasha….”

Natalie inquired about Sasha, then politely listened as Yolanda explained they were roommates until she went to Mexico, and she was curious about her status.

Natalie answered in an optimistic manner that she would help her sister find Sasha wherever she was, subsequently adding, “I know the changes have affected your popularity, though you’ll make new friend, maybe even start dating, hopefully. Despite everything once you accept yourself things will be easier and soon you’ll be able to progress socially.”

“Ah um”, Yolanda tensely smiled, taking a gigantic bite of the chili dog, she passively continued, “Some reputation me now have, pretty sure me be the fat friend but I’ll survive.”

Natalie had no words to really cheer up Yolanda; she had experienced being the fat friend herself and understood what it was like. However, remaining optimistic, she brought up her husband, “James and I have a perfect relationship, he doesn’t mind that I’m bigger than him. Perhaps you’ll meet some nice guy who admires big, beautiful women.”

Yolanda lowered her eyes in a bashful mode, while seizing a hot dog, “James’s friend Tomas, he tell me maybe he call, could he be attracted to me, you think?”

“I was hoping you’d meet somebody closer to your age but who’s to know?” Natalie replied, “What does your female intuition say about Tomas?”

Yolanda’s chewing mangled her words, but Natalie understood the gist of it, and she replied sensibly, “Well, it could be Tomas was just being friendly, but he did have a crush on you once upon a time…..”

Yolanda rolled her eyes, a comical expression puffing up her round cheeks, “Who didn’t have a crush on me? But nowadays it be special man who thinks highly of big Yolie, yes?”

“I’ll have Jim pump him for information, we’ll find out what Tomas really thinks of you”, Natalie affirmed.


This trip to the mall was a weird experience for Yolanda in that Natalie took complete charge and treated Yolanda like was a fashion dysfunctional / socially subdued young woman.

Once picking up Yolanda a few nightgowns, Natalie bought her a few bonus items including clothes to wear for her party. Articles of clothing that were top of the line in BBW fashion, although could be considered unexciting or even tame.

Yolanda didn’t complain and appreciated Natalie for going overboard in buying her clothes, and if the styles were in some cases lackluster it didn’t bother her all that much either. Yolanda’s heart was no longer into being the certain of attention; she wanted to disappear into the background.

Before leaving the mall, Natalie and Yolanda took a break at the food court where Natalie enjoyed a Starbucks coffee while Yolanda had an ice cream cone and an individual pizza.

“Let’s see if we got any feedback on your pictures”, Natalie said reaching into her handbag and grabbing her cell phone.

Yolanda leaned back, anxious for the details.

“Wow! I have 59 likes, Yolie”, Natalie softly remarked, “and there are a few comments…”

Yolanda cringed then grinned, “What are they saying about me?”

Natalie paused, glancing over Yolanda’s face which had definitely rounded out yet held a tolerably sweet essence; she couldn’t bring herself to admitting what texts read.

“Nothing too negative, well at least they’re not very insulting”, Natalie casually stated.

In actuality almost everyone who commented cheered and ridiculed Yolanda’s transformation to hefty maiden. Albeit one poster noted Yolanda did look cute for a butterball while another surmised that if packing on that much weight has made her nicer than it is for the better.

Natalie dropped her cell phone into her handbag, a brilliant smile on her face, “You know what? I really think in time you’ll earn the reputation as a nice, decent young woman, and you’ll be popular again for those very reasons.”

Yolanda scratched her belly, smiling back at Natalie, “Hopefully you got something there, but I still wanna lay low until I’m used to being heavy and stuff. Understand?”

Natalie nodded, the once spunky tyrant was developing a real modesty, wouldn’t it be something if she was becoming shy?

“Okay, we’re done here, Yolie!” Natalie chirped, “Let’s go pick up the kids from school!”



Sheila was in the backyard hanging the wash when Elena stepped out onto the porch.

“Sasha! Sasha!” Elena called out to Sheila.

Sheila sluggishly turned around, “Si, Elena! Can I do something for you?”

Elena waved her boarder on, “Come indoors, little momma, I have something to show you!”

Once Shelia had made it inside, Elena resumed her seat in front of her laptop, “This is it, I was checking my Facebook page and this was posted by my friend Natalie. Do you recognize this girl?”

Sheila held a hand to her swollen pregnant belly, surveying the pair of photographs, “No, not at all.”

“Are you sure?” Elena asked, “Can you read what Natalie wrote?”

Sheila turned to Elena, admitting with embarrassment, “I can’t read English, but I tell you true, whoever she is, she’s shamefully overweight.”

Elena gently took Sheila’s hand for support, sensitively relating, “That’s your friend, Yolanda. Natalie wrote; “Yolanda is back from Mexico.”

Sheila gave the photographs a much more studious glance, “No that’s not Yolanda! This is a joke! Yolanda would never get so fat!” she laughed.

Elena fleetingly looked at Sheila before resuming another glance over the heavyset young female in the photos, “It’s hard for me to think that’s Yolanda too. I mean, with her vanity and ego, she would have to be insane before letting herself get that big.”

Sheila sighed, “Marco is at the bottom of this, he hated Yolanda, he posted these pictures with some dopey slob to mock Yolanda while she’s in Mexico.”

Elena curtsy with her head, grabbing her cell phone, she sweetly uttered, “I’ll call Natalie, see if she really posted these photos or not.”


Natalie was in the kitchen making dinner; Yolanda had abandoned her for a nap since the rambling trek at the mall exhausted her.

Natalie immediately answered the phone, “This is Natalie!”

“It’s me, Elena, how you’ve been?”

Natalie instinctively recognized the nature of the phone call, “I have no complaints but I guess you saw the new snapshots of my little sister?”

“Yes, they’re genuine, that’s Yolanda”, Natalie confidently added.


Elena looked at Sheila and nodded, she then continued, “What the heck happened to her? She seems to have gotten very fond of Mexican delicacies? They’re very fattening!”

Sheila returned her eyes to the photographs with utter shock, it was hard for her to fathom this fat blob was her friend.


Natalie giddily replied, “I reckon so.”

The conversation continued, Elena noting that, “All for not, the little brat cautious with her figure and for what? Destiny added extra fat in a reprisal for being thin?”

Natalie softly chuckled, “I suppose that could be it, the weight finally caught up with Yolie!”

Elena brought up Sheila, and that she missed Yolanda and wanted to see her.
Natalie invited them over for the Friday evening bash, the conversation coming to a close soon after.


Sheila sat down on the couch, her eyes displaying her perplexed thoughts, “How did that happened to Yolanda? She’s bigger than me.”

Elena shrugged her shoulders, “I haven’t a guess, not one that makes sense anyway. But Friday you’ll see her.”

“Ah, that I’m happy, I miss my friend, but wow, I never thought she’d get that heavy”, Sheila sighed.

“You know Yolie is from a family of large women, maybe she avoided the chromosomes or whatever they call it long enough and nature got back on course?”, Elena questioned.

Sheila grunted in concern, “I was so worried what Yolanda would think of me being fat and pregnant, how can she handle being so overweight? I’m crazy worried about her.”

Elena resumed her elder sister mode, “In a few days all your questions will be answered. Be kind and supportive, I think Yolanda needs your friendship more now than ever.”


Yolanda was in an overly relaxed position sprawled over the bed, half asleep, her T-shirt hiked upward, giving her flabby belly a massage when Natalie walked into her room.

“Hey, I have some information that will make your day!” Natalie announced.

“Elena Gonzales has your friend Sasha rooming with her, you’ll see her Friday…”

Yolanda slapped the side of face, “Ug, me feels so humiliated, how Sasha say me get so fat?”

“Elena didn’t say. But if you’re through with your belly rub would you like to peel potatoes?” Natalie smiled.

“No”, Yolanda giggled, subsequently tossing out her arm for support upward, “Help out of bed and I’ll peel your potatoes!”

It took Natalie to employ all her strength in aiding Yolanda out of bed, and she chimed with a goofy expression, “You’ll get proficient in domestic pleasure around here, someday you might need to cook for a man!”

Yolanda’s feet hit the floor hard, causing her belly to flop unbound, “Cooking for a man is the least of my worries! My cares right now lies squarely on the number of potatoes I got to peel and if we got enough for second helpings!”

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