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This was a really good chapter. Thanks for posting.
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Hello Junketh71,

I'm delighted you enjoyed this update, another one will be posted shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Elsa greeted Yolanda at the door, casually attired in a sheer summer variety dress which delightfully showed off her beautifully svelte figure.

“You must be Yolanda, I’m Elsa Masquell, please come in and I’ll show you to your room!”

Elsa’s abode was a lavish mansion, everything was quite expensive and luxurious, similar to visions that Yolanda once had years ago pertaining to her successful career after college.

Elsa glided through the home with certain poise, her voice as captivating as her appearance.
Yolanda waddled in an awkward gait a foot behind Elsa.

“You couldn’t have come at a better time, my regular housekeeper is on vacation”, Elsa’s mood rather positive.

Elsa entered the nice size bedroom, stepping aside to let Yolanda enter.

The room was comfortable and a tad fancy, for a maid’s quarter’s this was the top of the heap.

“I understand you have plenty of experience at your trade”, Elsa smiled, “We’ll talk salary after we discuss your duties. Fair enough?”

Yolanda nodded, giving Elsa a pleasant smile while she more keenly surveyed her appearance.

It was obvious why Marco dug his meat hooks into this chick; she was the very definition of eye candy, wealthy too. Just as Sheila Marcus had been.

“Well put down your bags”, Elsa chirped in a friendly mode, “You shouldn’t feel nervous, I’m confident you’ll work out very well.”

Yolanda inched the shopping bags which held her clothes to the floor, her belly quivering slightly as she regained her docile stance.

“I’ll show you the layout of the house while we discuss your duties!” Elsa stated as she walked out of the room, waving Yolanda onward. Yolanda had a difficult time keeping up with Elsa as they explored her home; she was very light on her feet, genuinely energetic.

Elsa exuberantly explained Yolanda’s duties, the usual rigmarole specific to the staff.

“I’m having a small dinner party this evening at seven, all you have to do is serve and then clean up afterward. You understand?”

Yolanda heard everything Elsa said, albeit she was keenly focused on Elsa’s appearance, her beauty equaled Sheila’s. and she became somewhat tense at the thought if Elsa ever ran a foul of Marco.
Could she experience the same fate as Sheila?

Yolanda swallowed a mouthful of air, nervously replying in Spanish, “Yes, Ms. Masquell, I understand. I vow I’ll do the best I can while working for you.”

Elsa smiled, “I know I’m Mexican but my Spanish has its limits, could you please speak English?”

Yolanda’s grin matched Elsa’s and she crinkled her nose while peeping a quick giggle, “Ay, me try, senorita Masquell, me American as you say, has limits but me understand. Yolanda will work very, very hard for pretty woman, you be proud of me…my work.”

Elsa gently gazed at Yolanda, “Very well, and thank you for your assistance. Make yourself at home, you may have your meals whenever you feel comfortable, take all the breaks you want. Just keep the house clean.”

“Me work very hard, you see. Ms. Masquell”, Yolanda cordially addressed Elsa. “I not let you down.”

Elda reached over and delicately grasped Yolanda’s forearm. “Please, call me Elsa.”

“Si, Elsa”, Yolanda said, sensing Elsa’s genuine kindness.

“By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m Mexican-America actually, that’s why my Spanish is lacking, 5th generation American, I don’t even eat Mexican food!” Elsa giggled.

And with that Elsa shouted, “Marco sweetheart! The help is here!”

Marco sashayed into the room like an establishment gentleman, giving Elsa a quick kiss before turning to Yolanda as if they had never met.

“Hello Yolanda, I’m Marco, Elsa’s companion, its outstanding having you here.”

Yolanda nodded a couple times, playing along with the gag, “Si, nice to have work, thank you for arranging this senior.”

Marco slipped his arm around Elsa’s waist, continuing the ruse, he informed her. “My friend Alexander told me his cousin just arrived from Mexico and was looking for work. I immediately remembered you needed a housekeeper so I told him to send Yolanda over.”

Elsa smiled with her eyes and lips, “Oh you’re so sweet helping her out like this, and a stranger on top of it!”

“You’re quite a guy!” Elsa commented after giving Marco a smooch. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”

Marco squeezed Elsa by the waist answering her back with another kiss, and then suggesting, “Company won’t be over for hours, why not slip into your bikini and we’ll have lunch by the pool?”

“You know what! I can go for that!” Elsa elatedly buzzed.

“Let me introduce Yolanda to the kitchen and then I’ll meet you, okay?” Elsa added.

“Sure, honey!” Marco replied, subsequently turning to Yolanda, “You’re working for a real princess!”

Yolanda shook her head, “Si, senorita Elsa beauty, good heart, me work hard for her.”


Elsa brought Yolanda into the kitchen, showing her around and then civilly requested, “I think we’ll have a fruit salad, some cheese and wine. Please feel free to make yourself something as well. The help usual eats in the kitchen but after serving us you may dine in your room if it suits you.”

Yolanda was on board and made a little joke at her own expense, “Ay crumba! You have loads of food, make Yolanda happy me tink!” she added with a giggle while patting her belly.

Elsa shook her head, evaluating Yolanda’s 346-pound blubbery form, she couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy about her girth and some empathy about her being so huge.

“Well join me in my bedroom, Yolanda, while I slip into my bikini.”

Yolanda nodded, and although her intelligence had slightly evaporated due to being conditioned in Mexico, she knew full well Marco insisting Elsa put on her bathing suit was his idea of taunting her. Yolanda knew she looked like a cow next to Elsa, and felt like one too. Marco’s cruel demeanor had no maximum value; he enjoyed belittling Yolanda to her wits end.


Elsa’s bedroom was especially roomy, twice the side of Yolanda’s living room when she lived with Sheila.

Elsa removed her dress and handed it to Yolanda who put it on a hanger and then stored it in the gigantic walk in closet. Elsa subsequently putting on her bubble gum pink thong bikini which complimented her wondrous figure.

Yolanda rubbed her plump pug nose as her heart sank, envious at the sight of the appealing young woman that stood before her, at one time she looked as agreeable, as perfect an example of feminine beauty.

Again Sheila entered her mind, the damage Marco had done to her life and appearance, her own insane weight gain as well.

Yolanda managed to snare as much courage as possible but delicately asked, “You know senior Marco long time, no?”

Elsa favored Yolanda with a bouquet of a smile, “For some time, yes. Marco is a marvelous guy, so kindhearted and considerate. There aren’t many men like him, Marco’s a gem.”

“You pardon me for being nosy, just got to ask, what him, Marco do for living?” Yolanda inquired.

“Oh, Marco is a salesman but lately he’s been learning the environmental business, my dad is planning to have him look after housekeeping and maintenance at out Los Angeles hotel.”

Yolanda closed lips smiled as she nodded.


Yolanda exerted her professional best while serving them their lunch on the patio adjacent to the swimming pool. The class distinction flowing through Yolanda’s mind whilst conducting herself in a dutiful manner, albeit in her opinion Marco was no better than a filthy cockroach.

Marco was polite to Yolanda but couldn’t resist fawning over Elsa’s appearance in front of her just for show, reinforcing the reminder of how fat and dumpy looking she had become. A pointless maneuver since Elsa’s taut and trim figure was a constant aide memoire to when her beauty and figure was just as flawless.

Marco’s compliments toward Elsa were akin to the sweet romantic remarks he once favored Yolanda, saying she was stunning, exquisite and alluring.

Elsa drank it all up, similar compliments to Marco as they shared a few kisses before enjoying their modest meal.

Yolanda asked to be excused, Elsa nodded, “Sure, Yolanda. If we need anything I’ll call for you. In the meantime, please feel free to have some lunch.”

Yolanda thanked Elsa and Marco, then walked away, wiping her eyes once inside the building.


“I feel so bad for her”, Elsa confided to Marco, “Yolanda is so terribly overweight.”

Marco sighed then put on a concerned front, “Yes, poor girl, I suppose she’s used to being that heavy, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s always been overweight.”

Elsa shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe in Mexico being so heavy isn’t a big deal but here in the USA. My, if she worked at the hotel I know some of the stuff would be cruel to her.”

“You thinking about getting Yolanda work at the Los Angeles Stardust?” Marco inquired.

“Well, she has that ugly tattoo on her neck so I guess not”, Elsa replied with regret, “But maybe she can be my housekeeper on weekends whenever I’m in town.”

“Of course, splendid idea”, Marco smiled, “Yolanda has the look of a third world peasant, finding work would be difficult for her.”

Elsa winced at the third world peasant comment, that was very inappropriate but let it slide, “I’ll approach Yolanda with the idea later after the party”, Elsa said in a cute tone.

Marco smiled, and again dispensed phony empathy, “That would be a marvelous thing to do my dear, as you said, she would be a laughing stock among the staff at the Stardust, she has so much going against her.”

Elsa nodded, “I don’t want to embarrass the poor girl but maybe I can advise her on some kind of diet. I mean her thighs; her one thigh is as large as both of mine put together.”

Marco knew Yolanda had no chance of losing weight but congratulated Elsa on the idea just the same, “You could really be an influence on her, being around you and she might be able to make something of herself.”

“I hope!” Elsa blissfully replied in a crisp chirp.


Yolanda’s awkward mood naturally influenced her appetite, “Big girls got big appetites”, she used the excuse as she made herself lunch.

Elsa seemed genuinely sweet and thoughtful and yet the envy she felt toward her twisted her nerves and she resented her beauty and figure.

A pair of mayonnaise sandwiches and potato chips, a couple packages of yogurt, and finally a big chunk of cheese.

Yolanda hated Marco, had it in not been for him she would have still been able to fit into a bikini, still would have dressed trendy and would be on her way to a fantastic career.

Now she was an obese young woman, a compulsive overeater, destined to be nothing more than a scrub woman, living on scrapes while making her superiors feel comfortable.

Chewing crudely, crumbs scattering on top of her breasts and belly, Yolanda snorted and grunted, the mode in which she devoured her meal had become bizarrely normal.

Yolanda glimpsed over the kitchen, she ought to start cleaning it, bewildered at how her personality had been conditioned, her mindset thoroughly domesticated.

Yolanda went into action immediately after finishing her meal, not just tiding up the kitchen but giving it a downright concentrated effort in making it spic and span.


Yolanda’s function at the dinner party was simply to serve the meal and to clean up afterward. Both endeavors she performed exceedingly well. No eye contact and Yolanda only spoke when spoken to first, and always in a civil manner.

The next day Yolanda busied herself with the standard housekeeping chores, likewise a commendable effort in which Elsa was very impressed.

Elsa had a business meeting the next day in Atlanta and had Yolanda pack her luggage, afterward she invited Yolanda to join her out on the patio to talk.

“Take off the apron, Yolanda, and relax, you’re not on duty anymore.”

Yolanda did as she was advised, comfortably relaxing on a patio chair the best as possible, the armrests making it a tight fit.

“I’d really love for you to become my weekend maid; I’m willing to pay you a hundred dollars a day plus a fifty dollar bonus whenever I have company. On top of that, consider your room your private refuge, okay? You may come and go whenever you like. How does that sound?”

Yolanda was honestly flattered at Elsa’s hospitality, and she tilted her head, “You are very kind, me need work, so si, senorita Elsa. But first me have to see family, get home. Ah, um, when me start?:

“I’m beyond happy that you’ve agreed”, Elsa smiled, “I’ll be away for a while, maybe in two weeks, would that work for you?”

Yolanda nodded, “Two weeks fine, si, thank you.”

Elsa adjusted her slender form on the bench, slanting toward Yolanda, she nervously sighed before proceeding.

“Please don’t take this as criticism, understand? I want to help you adapt to America so to speak.”

Yolanda firmly shook her head, “Ay crumba, what you say, you no kidding”, she grinned.
“Yolanda little too much Mexican, right?”

“While you’re away these next couple of weeks, do me the favor of watching the evening news, it will give you a handle on the language and try speaking English as often as possible. Okay?”

Yolanda giggled, “Ah, yes I will. My family, no speaks Spanish, must learn talking American more better.”

“I understand it must be overwhelming living in the US but it’s to your advantage if you assimilate”, Elsa told Yolanda.

Elsa sighed, wiping away her bangs before continuing, “I hope you’ll let me help you, Yolanda. Like I said, this isn’t meant as criticism and I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable but have you thought about losing weight?”

Yolanda addressed Elsa in a happy tone, masquerading the truth, “Yolanda always big girl, no ever think about being skinny, me too big to work for you?”

“Of course not, Yolanda”, Elsa smiled, “I’m only concerned about your size. It’s up to you, no pressure but you should consider eating healthier and you can use my gym whenever you like. How does that sound?”

“Sounds nice but…” Yolanda replied as she longingly gazed over Elsa.
Elsa’s wavy blond hair framing her beautiful face, the T-shirt and slacks effectively broadcasting her slim hourglass form.

Albeit Yolanda wished she had never fattened into a balloon, she realized losing weight would be futile.

“….being big is just how it is for Yolanda, me never be skinny like you”, Yolanda completed her sentence with a cheesy smile.

Elsa wagged her but humorously doled out an opportunity for Yolanda to motivate her, “Well, I’ll tell you what. As an incentive to lose weight, I promise that with every 25-pounds you lose I’ll buy you an article of clothing and nothing cheap either. How does that grab you?”

Yolanda chuckled and agreed if only to appease her boss, “I’ll try senorita Elsa, okay?”

“That’s fabulous!” Elsa reached over and patted Yolanda’s knee, “Two pounds a week, something like that.”

Yolanda nodded, “Ah um, me do my best!”

Marco slipped onto the patio, “I don’t mean to interrupt but I was wondering if Yolanda wouldn’t mind getting a me a beer?”

Both females gawked at Marco, Elsa bluntly stating with an askew grin, “You just walked through the kitchen, couldn’t you have gotten your own beer?”

Marco chuckled, “Sure but what’s the point then of having a maid around?”

Elsa giggled as she stood up, “Yolanda’s off duty!”
Elsa leaned in and favored Marco with a quick smooch, playfully adding, “I’ll get you your beer, you rouge!”

Once Elsa had dashed indoors, Marco turned to Yolanda.

“Okay, tomorrow Raquel is picking you up and driving you to your family.”

A wide smile blossomed over Yolanda’s radically chubby face, “Ah, thank you, Mr. Ramous.”

Marco’s eyes grew cold, his lips curving into a decadent grin, “Did you agree to be Elsa’s weekend maid?”

The coldness of Marco’s pitiless glare caused goose-bumps to flare over Yolanda’s skin, and she apprehensively replied, “Si, yes, Mr. Ramous.”

“Fine, fantastic, then I’ll be able to remind you of what a big fat dumpy cow you’ve become”, Marco snarled.

Marco gestured to Yolanda’s belly, “Damn, babe, look at that thing, and you know you’ll only going to get fatter. I swear in another couple of years you’ll be 400-pounds. Ol uppity white wannabe Yolanda, some college student, huh? Now you’re a stupid maid barely smart enough to clean toilets. Doesn’t it bother you? If you would have only minded your own business you could have still worn bikinis. Huh, fatso?”

Yolanda wiped her eyes and her nose, wheezing nervously, “I regret it, si. But coz we once lovers, show at least some kindness?”

“Ain’t gonna happen, fatty!” Marco uttered with his slick bad boy smirk, “You’re just another neighborhood bottom feeder, you don’t deserve my kindness.”

Marco’s taunts concluding as Elsa waltzed back unto to the patio with Marco’s beer.

Marco thanked Elsa with a kiss, noting with a positive smile, “I was just congratulating Yolanda about being hired as your weekend maid! Good call, sweetheart. I know Yolanda is very proud working for you.”

Elsa roped her arm around Marco’s waist, slanting her body against his, “Didn’t I say Marco’s the best!” she smiled at Yolanda. “Marco is one of a kind, he’s such a winner!”

Yolanda felt obligated to agree, “Si, senior Marco sum kinda of man!”

“I’m going to watch some TV before calling it a night, want to join me?” Marco asked Elsa.
Elsa readily agreed, inviting Yolanda to tag along, “Join us, won’t you?”

Yolanda squinted, being around Marco was nauseating, “Ah um, go along, Yolanda wants to shower, then go to bed, okay?”

Elsa reached out and gently grabbed Yolanda’s hand, giving it a firm squeeze, “Then you have a pleasant evening. I’m very pleased you agreed to work for me. See you in a couple weeks.”

Yolanda nodded, “Two weeks, Yolanda be here. Thank you, Elsa.”

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This was certainly a well-written and expositional chapter. Thanks for posting.
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Will Yolanda try to lose weight or continue to gain? Nice potential twist!
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Hello Junketh71 & DXM9999,

Thank you for reading the story, I'm very delighted you're enjoying it.
I'm taking a week off but there's much more of the story and plenty of twists and turns and weight gain.
That being said, I don't want to spoil anything plot wise concerning Yolanda but I really hope you enjoy the character and are entertained with her story line.

Cheers, Matt
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As it went, Raquel had told the family Monterey that their youngest daughter would finally return home, she even mentioned that Yolanda had gained weight. However to the extreme that Yolanda’s once svelte figure had increased in weight and width caught them all by surprise, literally shocked at her buttery appearance.

Yolanda’s sister’s Lydia and Natalie, both housewives and with ample figures, had mixed emotions pertaining to the pounds their sister had packed on.
Partially relieved that Yolanda could no longer flaunt her beautiful figure while teasing them for being chunky, however they likewise felt empathetic, comprehending that being so awfully overweight meant she was no longer so special and would go without the same perks and pleasures allotted attractive babes.

Yolanda’s mom was more upset about the ugly tattoo that covered much of her neck then the weight she had put on. Matter of fact, Mrs. Monterey humorously stated, “I told you, didn’t I Yolie! Don’t be teasing your sisters because one day you’re going to catch up with them!”

Lydia quietly and in a cute warble informed Natalie, “Catch up to us, she passed us by!”

No kidding about that, Yolanda was at least 100-pounds heavier than her sisters and mother.

Yolanda’s dad was simply happy she had returned home, but like the rest of the family couldn’t get around Yolanda speaking broken English.

Thing was, in Yolanda’s household they had completely assimilated into the American culture.
They were proud Mexican-Americans who rarely spoke Spanish, didn’t celebrate Mexican holidays and infrequently dined on Mexican cuisine.

Yolanda used the excuse of becoming too accustomed to her Mexican heritage while away in Mexico, but being around them and she would definitely resume her lifestyle and become reacquainted with the English language.

The only negative aspect of Yolanda’s reunion with her family was with her young son who didn’t recognize her. This was tough to deal with for Yolanda and it broke her heart.
Yolanda’s mom suggested that for the time being, and because he was quite young, Yolanda should say that she was an aunt visiting from Mexico and that in time, as he became older, tell him the truth. And thus, the child she had with Marco was sent off to live with Lydia.

Natalie said that Yolanda could have her old room back at her home, he husband and children did miss her, but it would be a few days to get things ready because her hubby - James - had converted her bedroom to a man cave so to speak where he hung out with his friends.
Naturally Yolanda would stay with mom & dad until things were prepared for her at Natalie’s home.

The Monterey family - parents and sisters - all lived in a neighborhood on the brink of the Spanish slum. Lower middle class, mainly populated with as many Caucasians as Mexican Americans, and although the gang element was around they weren’t all that prevalent.


The next day Natalie phoned her mom just to see how Yolanda was and if she was adequately settling in, naturally the outrageous amount of weight she had gained was among the topics discussed.

“I guess it must be karma or whatever they call it”, Mrs. Monterey said with a smile, “But Yolanda was the biggest of you girls at birth, 12-pounds. I sort of thought she would be my heaviest daughter when she grew up, I had my doubts for a while, I wasn’t wrong after all.”
Natalie sugary replied, “When I told Jim that Yolanda has become a butterball he thought I was joking. I still can’t believe it. I’m guessing her appetite has changed too or is she still fussy about what she eats?”

Mrs. Monterey giggled, “We ordered a pizza last night, dad and me and Yolie, but that wasn’t enough for her. I think Yolie ate almost none stop until bedtime! Your little sister’s going be tipping the scales at 400-pounds if she doesn’t watch out.”

“Little sister”, Natalie snickered, “Not anymore, huh? I never thought she’d turn into a blimp, and I thought I was fat. I’ve lost 15-pounds since last month and still feel huge. I guess, Momma, I sort of feel a little bad for her. Yolie‘s not the hot commodity guys go for anymore.”

Mrs. Monterey’s reply held no malice, but she was very candid, “Well, Nat, you’ll get a better idea about this when Yolie moves in with you but seems Yolie’s been humbled and I think it suits her just fine.”

Natalie was a pretty, preppy to a degree, young woman with short black hair, 220-pounds; rather pear shaped but had a nice size pot belly.
Natalie questioned her mother on what she meant exactly.

“I witness her arrogance, how she used to ridicule you and your sister, and your friends”, Mrs. Monterey buzzed, “I remember her attitude, thinking she was privileged because of her looks.”

Natalie agreed, “Sure, I remember too, she was conceited and superficial, and it didn’t bother her at all.”

“Nope, Yolie’s a tame girl now, her whole demeanor been swapped for a much more tolerable, modest type”, Mrs. Monterey continued, “And if she’s still superficial then I just feel sorry for her. My only complaint is she eats like a slob, no wonder she gained so much weight!”

The conversation continued, Mrs. Monterey conveying that Yolanda works part time as maid, has no interest in returning to college and seems oddly unremarkable in intellect but appears nicer and very docile.
Finally, Mrs. Monterey confided to Natalie, “Yolie’s clothes are horrible, I wanted her to borrow some of my clothes but she plainly can’t fit into my apparel, so tomorrow we’re going to the mall. We’ll use what she had left in her college savings to buy her clothes that don’t look so worn out and second hand.”

“I have to ask, does Yolanda have any prospects for male companionship?” Natalie inquired.

“Good question!”, Mrs. Monterey chuckled, “Not to sound cruel but I hope your sister realizes those cool studs she was attracted to won’t be circling around her anymore these days. Nope, no way, no how. Yolie is smack dab, completely the stereotypical fat girl, she has got to lower her standards or else be set on becoming an old maid.”

“I’ll talk with Jim, see if any of his pals like them thick”, Natalie mischievously giggled.
Mrs. Monterey returned the giggle, “Thick? Yolanda needs drop a whole fifty pounds before she can be referred to as thick! I mean, she’s larger than your aunt Esmeralda!”


Yolanda was quite begrudging upon her mother’s announcement about a pleasant day shopping at the mall. Stating that her attire was good enough, buying new clothes was impractical now since she had blown up to a tubby 300-plus pounds.

Mrs. Monterey was steadfast, and a little demanding, “Yolie! Your clothes are hand-me-downs and lackluster. You used to dress so appealing…”

Yolanda interrupted her mother, “No kidding!” she squawked, “I’m huge, why bother dressing nice!”

“Size isn’t a style, pumpkin”, Mrs. Monterey smiled, “You’re young and should look fashionable. Now get dressed and we’ll make a day of it. Even have some lunch at the corner café on Elm Street.”

“What if people you know see me?”, Yolanda sighed, “Won’t you be embarrassed?”

“I was embarrassed when you were skinny and full of yourself, I think I like you better now”, Mrs. Monterey unthinkingly blurted.

Yolanda caught the comment unguarded, and it stung hard enough to cause her features curdle.

Mrs. Monterey sighed, correcting her thoughts, she smiled while embracing her daughter, “That was a little harsh; I didn’t mean it like it sounds. But, Yolanda, you must admit you were a handful back then, right? You did have a snooty attitude and was so ridiculously high maintenance.”

“Getting fat is hard for me to deal with momma”, Yolanda grimaced.

“This you say coming from a family of big women?” Mrs. Monterey replied with some degree of empathy, “You’re going to have to learn to deal with it, one day at time. Think of your sisters, they’re okay about their size, and Natalie’s friend Elena, she’s very heavy but has a positive attitude, her weight doesn’t bug her either.”

“But they’re all married housewives”, Yolanda grumbled, “I’m 24-years old, and I’m already huge.”

Mrs. Monterey broke away from the embrace, “Whining about it isn’t going to solve anything.”
“We’ll go shopping, buy you some nice clothes, I’m sure it’ll improve your mood”, Mrs. Monterey added with affection.

“I can’t talk you out of this can I, momma?” Yolanda sniffled.

Mrs. Monterey wagged her head, her grin prim and proper.

Yolanda released a thunderous sigh, “Fine! Give me a half hour to get ready…”

“15-minutes”, Mrs. Monterey spoke over her youngest daughter, “So get a move on.”

Yolanda quickly washed and then put on a well-worn dress, a light brown hue and decorated with soft pink stripes, something a mature woman would wear to the market.

Once Mrs. Monterey saw what Yolanda had on, she couldn’t resist a giggle, “I swear if you’re the very image of your aunt Esmeralda. You know she never assimilated and that’s why to this day she lives on public aid.”

Yolanda rubbed her nose and pouted, “Can we just go, I want this over with as fast and painless as possible.”

“You used to love shopping!” Mrs. Monterey commented on route to their car, Yolanda bobbled her head, “I used to love wearing stylish clothes but now….”

Mrs. Monterey happily rifled back, “I love a challenge girl, maybe the plus size boutique might have something stylish after all!”


This particular mall was a grand shopping plaza located in a small community just outside downtown Los Angeles, several levels and catering to the middle class.

The females made tracks to several stores; in each one Mrs. Monterey was able to find suitable clothing for her self-conscious overweight daughter.

Yolanda complained on and off about feeling tired and being hungry, her mom wondered what happened to all her former energy, her hunger on the other hand came to no big surprise.

As they left a generic dress shop where Yolanda picked up some undergarments, Mrs. Monterey caught sight of a neighbor, Denise Soto.

Mrs. Monterey had known Denise Soto for a couple decades, an old fashion congenial woman, pretty and rather chubby; they had a shared history, great family friends. Yolanda had dated Denise’s son Steve so far back, long before she even joined a gang.

The friends collided at the middle of the concourse, greeting each other accordingly, Mrs. Monterey naturally bringing Yolanda into the conversation.

“Yolanda, you remember Mrs. Soto.”

Yolanda nodded, modestly peeping a hello.

Mrs. Soto gazed at Yolanda as if she was a stranger until the recollection bounced into her head, “Oh, hello, Yolie. It’s been a long time no see.”

“Yolanda been away in Mexico for over a year, she worked at some hotel, accountant work”, Mrs. Monterey brought Mrs. Soto up to speed on current events.

Mrs. Soto looked Yolanda up and down, “Right, how was Mexico, my dear?”

Yolanda could sense Mrs. Soto’s shock and amazement that she had gained a staggering amount of weight, feeling extremely embarrassed, she wanted to find a hole big enough to jump in and hide.

Yolanda nervously and unthinkingly scratched her robust belly, “Mexico was good…um…I got back, momma wanted to treat me for new clothes….”

Mrs. Soto only nodded, thinking to herself, “She’s been eating well, too well…”

“How often was Yolanda over by you, remember how she used to hang out to all hours with your son, Steve?” Mrs. Monterey buzzed, “I’d have to scream two yards over, Yolanda, it’s midnight!”

Mrs. Soto giggled, “Definitely, they were smitten with each other.”

“How is Steve these days?”, Mrs. Monterey asked, Yolanda rolling her eyes, feeling she was being set up to go out on a date.

“Steve works at the Board of Trade as a runner, goes to school part time at UCLA…”, Mrs. Soto replied with a proud smile, “….Studying broadcasting.”

“Is Steve involved with anyone?” Mrs. Monterey inquired, Yolanda wheezed in anxiety.

“Steve dates but nothing serious, his idea of romance is going Dutch treat, Steve’s a little cheap…”, Mrs. Soto explained, “….I can’t say he dated a bad one yet but most of them aren’t as pretty as Yolanda.”

Yolanda didn’t expect the sweet sentiment coming from Mrs. Soto, although the woman only really said it to be polite.

Yolanda blushed, “Thank you, I know I’ve put on a few pounds…”

Mrs. Soto continued with a candy smile, deliberately trying to make Yolanda feel good even though she still couldn’t believe how radically fat she had become.

“Nah, sweetie, you still are very cute, don’t get hung up about gaining some weight. You’re home now, once you get back into the swing of things the weight will come off.”

Mrs. Monterey smiled; her intentions were on the level when she all but insisted, “What about taking Yolanda’s photo?”

True as the day is long, Mrs. Monterey wanted to hook her daughter up with Mrs. Soto’s son, they had feelings for each other once ago, but it wouldn’t be fair not to give him some idea of what Yolanda now looked like. There was the risk of Steve refusing Yolanda but it was worth the chance.

“Of course!” Mrs. Soto chuckled.

Yolanda dropped her head, “This can’t be happening”, she whined in her thoughts.

Yolanda stood still as the elder females took to the sides of her, her weight gain on display in a dress at least a size too small, gaping down the front where the cheap fabric contoured to her bulbous belly.

Mrs. Monterey embraced Yolanda’s chunky waist, “That’s better, let’s get a good look at you!”, she purred with a growing smile, then automatically pushed back Yolanda’s hair behind her ears just as she used to do when Yolanda was a little girl, “Let’s not hide that pretty face of yours.”

Again Mrs. Monterey slipped her arm around the visibly uncomfortable Yolanda’s waist; Mrs. Soto smiled, knowing full well what her friend was up to - advertising Yolanda’s fuller figure and the chubbiness of her face.

“No, we mustn’t hide a thing!” Mrs. Soto giddily chirped, “Did you enjoy Mexico?”

Before Yolanda could reply, Mrs. Soto, who had withdrawn her phone, snapped away.

Mrs. Monterey tugged tightly on Yolanda’s dress, all the more emphasizing her distended belly.

“Oh I think we can see how much Yolanda enjoyed herself down there don’t you think!” Mrs. Soto announced as she took another snapshot.

The two mothers chortled in unison; Yolanda’s cheeks turned a bright red.

“I think so”, Mrs. Monterey replied, “But do you think your son will mind that there’s a lot more of Yolie now?”

Mrs. Soto danced around the question, “I wouldn’t know to be honest, a shame though if not, he used to be crazy about Yolie when they were teenagers.”

“Well, I always liked your boy, he’s a hard worker and nice from what I remember”, Mrs. Monterey smiled, “It would be shame if he’s shallow or simply not interested in bigger girls.”

Yolanda took a step back, rubbing her face as Mrs. Monterey continued, “You let Steve know that it isn’t just her size that has changed. She’s not so vain anymore, and is in no shape to criticize her sisters or anyone else.”

Yolanda mumbled something incoherently, Mrs. Soto sighed, “Yeah, I could tell by sophomore year Yolie was getting to be arrogant, then she completely ignored Steve.”

Mrs. Monterey nodded, “Not only Steve but lots of her friends. But its amazing really, Yolanda has gotten nicer now that she doesn’t have that beautiful figure”, her mother paused to giggle.
“Had I known this sooner, how being heavy would have censored her attitude, I would have made good supply of second helpings at dinner time and started fattening her up well before high school.”

“Oh yes, Nancy, if Yolie had been a plump teenager she would never have become so conceited!” Mrs. Soto chuckled.

Mrs. Monterey turned around, making eye contact with Yolanda before patting her belly, “Conceited? Not with this big belly she’s not!”

Yolanda lowered her eyes, defensively folding her hands over her large paunchy belly.

Resuming her attention on Mrs. Soto, Mrs. Monterey doled out the facts, “I guess it was expected, all us women on my side of the family gain on the belly and hips, so I’m not surprised Yolie’s a butterball.”

The mothers laughed together, Mrs. Soto whimsically wisecracking as she slipped her phone back into her purse, “Yolie hasn’t discredited the genes, she has made up for lost time, all the weight finally caught up with her!”

Yolanda stood frozen, stunned by the conversation between the mothers, Mrs. Soto reached over and delicately brushed her fingertips across Yolanda’s cheek.

“Not all females when they gain weight get such a chubby face, you had those Spanish features, cheek bones and all”, Mrs. Soto uttered persuasively, “Thoroughly glamorous I once thought, a few extra pounds don’t usually make a hill of a difference but the changes to your face does agree with you. Makes you appear more docile, quiet in personality.”

Yolanda frowned, Mrs. Soto sensing she might have unintentionally ridiculed her, added with a smile, “But you’re cute, still very cute, just not so uniquely mesmerizing so to speak.”

“Like I’m pretty for a fat girl?” Yolanda huffed.

“Yolanda, don’t be rude, Mrs. Soto didn’t mean nothing of the kind!” Mrs. Monterey corrected her daughter, although that was exactly what the woman had meant.

Mrs. Soto chimed aloud, “I’ll give Steve your best!”

Mrs. Monterey candidly remarked, “You do that Denise, and please post those pictures on Facebook while you’re at it.”

Yolanda gawked at her mom, Mrs. Soto laughed, “Certainly, I’ll post them this afternoon!”

Mrs. Soto proceeded to hug Mrs. Monterey and then Yolanda, “How much does this girl weigh?” the thought skipped through her mind, “This girl is FAT!”

“Nice seeing you again, stop by and visit whenever you like”, Mrs. Soto commented to Yolanda, “Its nice having you fat…um, I meant back! Bye now!”

And with that Mrs. Soto turned to Mrs. Monterey, “See you soon!”

“Yes, right!, Mrs. Monterey concurred.

The females then broke company, Yolanda and mom drifting off down the opposite corridor of the mall.


Yolanda’s mom waved her daughter on, “You’re a good sport letting Mrs. Soto take your pictures, after a while I know you won’t be so self-conscious about your size anymore. Matter of fact, baby, you’ll won’t think being a heavy chick is that big of a deal.”

Yolanda sniffled, sarcastically groaning, “I hope you’re satisfied, what’s Steve going to think of me?”

“Cheer up!” her mother giggled; “Now people won’t think you’re adopted anymore!”

Again Yolanda groaned but couldn’t think of a remark fast enough to show her displeasure at being teased, albeit her mother was quick with her wit, “The little sister finally caught up with her older sisters but now she’s the biggest sister!”

Mrs. Monterey laughed while Yolanda lowered her eyes and grunted, “You don’t have to remind me.”

Yolanda waddled behind her mother, unable to keep her pace, mom’s vitality surpassing her own.

“Let’s get some ice cream while we’re out!” Yolanda’s mom exclaimed rather joyfully, “I mean now you can have those big jumbo banana splits you love and without worrying about your figure.”

Yolanda shook her head in agreement, the thought of having a banana split was more than just tasty, she derived comfort from food, especially anything sweet.

Soon the females parked themselves down at a pleasant ice cream shop; Mrs. Monterey had a regular double scoop ice cream cone while Yolanda had the jumbo size banana split her mom had promised.

While nibbling Yolanda needed to inquire, “You really, really happy that I gained so much weight?”

Mrs. Monterey paused from her treat to acknowledge Yolanda’s query in a semi-stern tone, “You used to be a big flirt and tease…”

“Now I’m just big!” Yolanda interrupted her mom.

Mrs. Monterey giggled at Yolanda’s remark, subsequently finishing her statement, “Pumpkin, be realistic about this. You know darn well you were attracted to the wrong types of guys. Punks, and gang members, louts, plain and simple. Now you have to set your romantic goals on men with commendable values. Guys who steer clear of trouble and work hard. So to answer your question, and like I told Mrs. Soto, I wish you would have been chubby from early on.”

Yolanda didn’t mention it to her mom but she was right. Had she never entertained a relationship with Marco she would have remained cheesecake instead of a girl who readily desired to eat cheesecake.

Yolanda slurped away a big spoonful, brilliantly smiling as she chewed, “If it makes you feel better, momma, I learned from my mistakes.”

Mrs. Monterey blinked, “Pardon me?”

Yolanda engaged in another spoonful, rummaging through her thoughts to reply in a logical manner.

“Ah, I guess I realize how superficial and uppity I was back then, getting heavy makes me understand this, and I wish the same wish, momma. I wish I was always fat even more than you do.”

Mrs. Monterey looked at Yolanda with a dumbfounded gaze, taking a few seconds to digest her daughter’s strange statement.

“You feel that way, really?” Mrs. Monterey finally asked.

Yolanda gobbled up another ample spoonful, “Yeah, now I know what it feels like, the ridicule and feeling inadequate around skinny girls. It’s hard for me to deal with; if I was never thin to begin with it wouldn’t hurt so badly.”

“How could I be so insensitive, I apologize, Yolie”, Mrs. Monterey replied.

Yolanda slurped away another sample off the spoon, “Yeah, well please let’s get on like I’m always been as big as a house. And um….” Yolanda tilted her and blushed, “This ice cream is yummy but what about lunch? I’m starving here and have a taste for barbecue ribs!”

The mother and daughter giggled together, Yolanda adding, “You know I got an outrageous appetite!”

“Oh I’m quite sure about that!” Mrs. Monterey candidly chimed.

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Postby Junketh71 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:40 pm

Welcome back. This was one cool update.
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Hey Junketh71,

Thanks for reading, pleased you enjoyed this episode. I still have much to go with this story and I'm currently in the thick of "THE INSTITUTION".

Cheers, Matt
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At the park watching the kids at play, Natalie treated Yolanda to a Starbuck cappuccino while having one herself.

Natalie looked squarely at Yolanda clad in an oversized gray colored T-shirt featuring a pair of kittens, and black spandex slacks.
The clothes barely fit Yolanda, tightly wound over her big upper arms and well-rounded breasts, illustrating the blubbery girth of her double belly which sprawled over her lap, her enormous thighs uncomfortably wedged together.

“I swear I don’t believe what happened to you”, Natalie’s peculiar expression giving Yolanda goose-bumps.

Natalie’s eyes settled upon Yolanda’s face, the alluring appeal to her features having been corrupted by unadulterated fat, cute but unexceptional with bloated cheeks, plump nose and thick jowls connected to a double chin which virtually hid her neck.

“Before that trip to Mexico you were put together so nicely, had a figure that stopped traffic and was going to college.”

Yolanda shrugged her shoulders, simply sipping her drink.

“You have trouble speaking English, your native language”, Natalie continued, “I can almost understand you getting heavy but how does a brainy girl like you lose the ability to speak English?”

Naturally Yolanda replied in Spanish, “It’s a long story, I choose not to talk about, I’m okay talking Spanish.”

“I’m not okay with it”, Natalie infuriatingly warbled on, “Your friends used to give you a hard time, saying you were acting white, ashamed of your culture. Now you act and talk like a third world citizen and I’m not going to put up with it. You’re an American.”

Yolanda paused from her drink, nervous anxiety forcing her to scratch her belly, “Stop picking on me”, Yolanda whined. “I had a hard time in Mexico, it was difficult, it’s difficult now for me.”

Natalie inched herself closer to Yolanda on the bench.

“You know we’re happy to have you back living with us but I need to enforce some ground rules.”

“What kind of rules?”, Yolanda tensely grunted, “I didn’t have rules before.”

Natalie sipped her drink, sighing aloud, “That’s because before you were an ambitious young woman and exerted yourself. Momma says all you do now is sleep and eat, that won’t fly around our home.”

Yolanda grumbled, “I got a job…”

“Some job”, Natalie interrupted, “You work two days a week.”

“You’re to help around the house, Yolie, clean and wash clothes. When I’m at work, you’re too look after the kids, understand?”

Yolanda agreed with a nod, Yes, Nat, I be glad to do that, I just tire easily….”

“I’m not finished yet, I have two more things”, Natalie’s tone sharp and crisp.

Yolanda tilted her head, “What? I don’t belong to a gang anymore, I don’t date, what else is there?”

Natalie momentarily gazed over at her kids, subsequently informing Yolanda, “I don’t want you talking Spanish in front of Nora and Robbie, we live in America. I want them to speak English.”

“I try, you know I will”, Yolanda uttered submissively.”

Natalie heaved a deep breath, albeit taking on a much more sensitive approach with the final stipulation.

“I don’t know how you gained all this weight, Yolie; I mean you’re heavier than momma and even Aunt Esmeralda.”

Natalie did indeed feel some solace that after years of Yolanda’s nitpicking her weight, she had become fat herself but yet she had some empathy toward her sister.

“You have to start watching the calories, honey, you’re at least 100-pounds heavier than me and I’m being modest. And the way you eat, I hate to say this really but oh wow, you’ve become a slob.”

Yolanda was thoroughly oblivious to the extent of her appetite, her mind rewired in Mexico, developing a radical desire to feed.

“I guess maybe I do go overboard sometimes but eating makes me feel good”, Yolanda replied.

Natalie gazed at Yolanda with a sensitive expression, “Maybe you need help to control your appetite, Yolie. There’s plenty of support groups for overeaters.”

Yolanda giggled, playfully pushing Natalie’s shoulder, “Ay crumba! I don’t eat that much!”

Natalie humorously grimaced, “You don’t?”

Yolanda impulsively brushed her fluffy belly, “Well, maybe sometimes when I have a hankering for sweets and…” she then shrilled a chuckle, “….oh heck, now that I’m a fatty, I might well eat as much as I like!”

Natalie flashed Yolanda a silly smile, “If that’s the case, you’re going to have to help with the grocery bill.”


Yolanda moved back in with her sister Natalie and her family. The same room where she had lived while going to school and worked at the factory. The room was spacious and had a pleasant atmosphere, very comfortable and the furniture, curtains, all top of the line.

Yolanda got along with her brother in law James very well, and likewise their children Nora and Robbie. Albeit Yolanda no longer went to school and only worked weekends, was around the frame two story home more often. True to her vow, Yolanda did help around the house with cleaning, laundry, watching the kids and some cooking.

Concerning James, a mildly handsome factory worker, he was frequently known to entertain his company of friends in the backyard, drinking beers and having modest barbecues.

Needless to say, Yolanda was quite popular among James’s clique of blue collar chums, although she never actually hung out with them, she would indeed make an appearance simply to flaunt her scrumptious figure and beauty if only to tease them and show off.

Natalie never really approved of this but back then Yolanda was a self-aggrandizing vixen, and her ego was unstoppable.

The guys were huddled in the backyard, James flipping burgers on the grill, lewd jokes and plenty of beer, Yolanda eventually mentioned.

“What’s up with the rumors I heard about Yolie moving back in with you?” Tex Jennings, a tall burly guy asked, “Wasn’t she studying at UCLA?”

James was a true gentleman, his code of ethics prevented him from gossiping about family, and he wasn’t about to put Yolanda in an uncomfortable spot.

“Yeah, it’s true, Yolanda has moved back in, that’s no big secret”, James causally stated, then tried changing the subject, “Hey, I wanted to take the family to see the Dodgers play, can you believe the ticket price?”

Calhoun, a thin, half-Mexico, half Irishman, continued where Tex left off, “I miss seeing her, you know? Even at the factory, I mean she worked with the big shots but damn, she made going to work worthwhile just to get a look at her.”

Tomas Pochello, an overweight auto mechanic, replied, “Yeah, if she isn’t working at the factory, what’s she doing for a living?”

“Fashion model?” Ben Ceaser, another factory worker amusingly surmised, “With her looks and figure, that’s a possibility.”

James put a positive spin into the answer, “I think Yolie is the personnel assistant for some Hotel manager.”

“She does have the brains”, Tomas shared his opinion, “Is she still in college?”

“I think Yolie’s skipping a semester”, James once again put things in an optimistic manner.

The topic remained on Yolanda for a while, all the guys speaking of her beauty, and how much they admired her, only Tomas had one axe to grind.

“Too bad Yolanda knows she’s totally hot, guys like us would never have a shot with her coz we’re lowlifes were she’s concerned”, Tomas huffily shared his thoughts, “She’s just a little tease, prancing around in skimpy outfits and leading us on when she really has no interest in any of us.”

“Speak for yourself!” Ben interrupted with a chuckle, “We’re all married except you!”

“Like you don’t fantasize about her!” Tomas returned the chuckled, “If you could, you wouldn’t turn down having a beer with her.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t find her attractive!” Ben laughed, “Maybe a short beer!”

“Yolanda is totally gorgeous!” Ben said while grabbing another beer, “Not that I would cheat on my wife but when she’s in a bikini, I wish I was single.”

“Well working at a factory puts you out of her league!” Tomas straightforwardly remarked, “Yolanda has superficial standards!”

Calhoun nodded, “Yeah, so what, she is nice to have around. Is she home by chance?”

Tex laughed, “It’s a Saturday night! Yolanda’s probably on a date!”

“It’s still early, not even Eight o’clock yet, you know trendy people don’t go out until later”, Ben anxiously smiled, “Is she here or what?”

James conceded to an honest answer, “Yolanda’s home.”

Ben walked over to James, “Couldn’t hurt to say hello, why not send her out with another round?”

“She’s nice to look at even though she’s stuck up”, Tomas grinned.

James cautiously looked over his crew, “You guys really want the neighborhood sweetheart bringing out some beer?”

There was a chorus of cheers, James directed Ben to watch the grill.


Once inside their lovely abode, James approached Natalie, informing her with a funky grin, “The guys are pestering me to have Yolie bring out a round, what ya think?”

Natalie giggled, “They all want to see the beautiful little babe? Did you tell them that um, Yolanda isn’t the same hot number they remember?”

“Nope, I didn’t have the heart, just forget I asked”, James replied.

As James rifled through the fridge for beer, Natalie pondered over Yolanda.
Yolanda could be brutal at times with her criticism toward her sisters and their friends, maybe it was morally wrong but Natalie so wanted Yolanda to experience some shame.

“You know, James, we can’t hide Yolie forever, eventually people are going to know she got fat”, Natalie chirped.

“What you saying?” James inquired.

“We mustn’t disappoint your guests”, Natalie pointed to the kitchen counter, “Leave the beer there, I’ll have Yolanda bring them out.”

“Should I at least warn the fellas?” James uttered.

“Not a hint!” Natalie giggled, “I’ll get Yolie, she’ll bring out the beers.”

James reluctantly agreed and as he made tracks outdoors, Natalie hurried off to Yolanda’s room.

Reaching Yolanda’s room, Natalie gently tapped on the door, “Yolanda…Yolanda”, she sweetly cooed.

“Yeah?” Yolanda mumbled, Natalie entered, her younger sister sprawled over the bed studying one of the kid’s story books in order to become reacquainted with the English language.

“What’d ya want?” Yolanda grunted.

Natalie straightened her posture and smiled, “Jim’s friends want to see you.”

Yolanda crinkled her nose, barely glancing away from the page, “You’re kidding me?”

Natalie wagged her head, “Be a sport, tubby, the guys all missed you.”

Yolanda directed her blubbery form upward, “I’m in no mood to be laughed at.”

“Like what those chumps think would matter to you”, Natalie flatly announced, “But sooner or later word is going to get out that you packed on weight. You don’t want gossip.”

Yolanda advanced upward, sitting on the edge of the bed, she wiped away her bangs, “Fine, whatever.”

Natalie humorously smirked, “Well put something nice on, the guys are expecting you in one of your bikinis or short-shorts.”

At first Yolanda callously gaped at her sister but then an arcane grin swept over her face, “The guys want a show do they? I’ll give them a show; let them clearly see what happened to their dream girl!”

Natalie watched as Yolanda grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it upward, tying the tail end into a knot, and then lowered her black spandex slacks, broadcasting her voluminous upper belly bulge.

Yolanda held her hands to her well-padded hips and screeched, “Wait until they see their little Yolanda ain’t so little no more!”

“Anymore”, Natalie corrected her sister.

Yolanda annoyingly wagged her head at being corrected, Natalie adding, “There’s beer on the counter, bring it out to them, okay?”

Yolanda agreed with a nod and then waddled out of her room, Natalie swiftly making tracks to the kitchen window to watch the scene unfold.


The guys, seated on the patio, turned their heads to the sound of heavy footsteps trotting down the stairs.

There’s a mixture of shock and disappointment as they witness a big beefy girl holding unto to a six-pack, her black hair rather mangy but slicked back and in a limp ponytail, advertising her overly well fed features, her T- shirt of a stale green hue twist-tied and hiked upward, exposing the upper portion of her bulging blubbery dome of belly, another lower protuberance of belly fat straining the spandex material.

This young female essentially drenched in fat from her big spongy upper arms down to her enormous thighs. Buttery love handles skimming her colossal hips, her posterior abnormally bloated, humongous in size.

The guys having no clue to who this is swapped perplexed looks, Ben whispered to James, “I thought Yolanda was getting the beer?”

Yolanda’s expression indifferent as she dropped the six pack of brew onto the table, taking a step back in order to give the guys a good view at her body, she loudly announced, “Okay boys, take a good look!
Yes! Yolanda got fat!”

An awkward moment of silence as the guys surveyed Yolanda’s portly body.

Yolanda laid a hand over her belly, taking another step back; she looked over her admirers, obviously demoralized and shocked due to her size.

Yolanda’s eyes betrayed her uncomfortable mood and she turned around about to make the trek indoors when Ben cleared his throat and tensely uttered, “Thanks for the beer, Yolie, nice having you back living with your sister, we all missed you.”

Yolanda wiped her nose and faintly smiled, “It’s nice to be back, thanks.”

From there Yolanda waddled back inside where Natalie met her at the door.

“That wasn’t so bad”, Natalie stated as Yolanda walked straight to the fridge.

Grabbing a carton of milk, Yolanda took a slug, a loud burp eschewing before she spilled her guts, “Months ago those guys would have made a big deal out of me, now they wouldn’t cross the street to say hello”, Yolanda rattled off angrily and in Spanish.

Yolanda engaged in another swig, Natalie sighing, “I wish you would pour a glass instead of drinking straight from the carton.”

Yolanda put the milk back in the fridge, continuing while scratching her belly, “I’m no different than any other big girl in the neighborhood, they will only think of me as Nat’s fat sister from now on.”

Natalie covered her mouth to hide her smile, suppressing a giggle was difficult but she managed.

Yolanda gave her belly a taut smack, the sound echoing through the kitchen.
“You got a snickers bar or something? Anything sweet, I got a taste for chocolate”, Yolanda muttered.

“Bite-size Heresy bars”, Natalie pointed to the cabinet, “But um, go easy on them. They’re for everybody.”

Yolanda replied with a hostile glare, “Of course!”

Natalie joined Yolanda by the counter while the young sister gobbled up a couple pieces of the candy.

“It’ll get easier, Yolie, give people time to get used to you…” Natalie affectionately wobbled while rubbing her back, “….after awhile it’ll be like you’ve always been plus size.”

Yolanda yanked her head around, her eyes touching her sister’s eyes, “Thanks, Nat.
Maybe then I won’t feel so much like a freak.”

Just as Natalie embraced Yolanda in a warm hug, James walked into the kitchen interrupting the Hallmark moment.

“Hey Yolie, the guys want you to join us…” James paused, not wanting to appear rude to his wife, “You too, Natalie.”

Natalie giggled, “Oh sure, they do. Nah, I’m going to watch M-TV, they’re having a Catfish marathon…”, and with that she pushed Yolanda forward, “…You go ahead, your admirers are waiting.”

Yolanda rolled her eyes and sighed. Untying her T-shirt, she pulled the material down over her humongous belly, “You….you sure?”

James nodded, “Oh yeah, of course”, he waved Yolanda on, going as far as holding the door open for her.

Yolanda naughtily giggled, her whopper of an ass seemingly taking flight over her fat-jammed thunder thighs as she proceeded outdoors.


Yolanda had a nice time socializing with James and his rat pack, albeit once again she experienced what it was like being one of the guys instead of the desirable cheesecake she had once been.

Despite minus any flirting, all the guys treated Yolanda first rate, and she eventually felt comfortable enough to forgo any inhibitions about eating in front of the guys and devoured two cheeseburgers, a bag of chips and four beers.

Ben was by far the politest; Calhoun reassured Yolanda that she was still pretty; Tex persuasively informed her that beauty and style have nothing to do with a dress size.
Tomas likewise joined into the mix, chatty and humorous, he was the only fella in the bunch who wasn’t hitched, and he surmised by interacting with Yolanda that she had been humbled enough to where he just might have a chance with her.

Talk turned to the neighborhood festival next Saturday, naturally the guys all invited Yolanda to join in. Yolanda was discreet, “We’ll see.”

Nearly midnight, the backyard shenanigans wrapping up, all the guys hugging Yolanda while conveying how happy they were that she was back, and wishing her a goodnight.

Tomas finally had his moment to say goodnight, asking Yolanda about Facebook, and hooking up together some night on-line.

Yolanda was flattered, and she smiled, “Me no have account but you give me call on phone whenever, we talk.”

Tomas saluted Yolanda, “Yes, I’ll do that.”

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