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Well, this was exciting. Thank you for the new chapter.
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Hello Matt!

Body visually impaired, her brains degraded to faulty if not unsound reasoning, stuck in humble circumstances to say the least, not much of an outlook except for a family reunion and gormandizing the only remaining comfort zone, Marco indeed put Yolanda into the slot he deemed suitable for her and that her behaviour is adjusting so perfectly will make him smile all the more.

Clear and dead on target. Beautifully done.

Kind regards!
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Hello Junketh71 & Div,

I appreciate the thoughtful remarks, thank you. The next episode will be up momentarily.

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda answered the door, one by one welcoming the intended chaperones who were escorting Jessie, Bianca and Raquel to the wedding.

They hardly acknowledged Yolanda, not much of a surprise, and genuinely fawned over Jessie and her posse.

Yolanda again felt the sting of jealousy over how well the females looked in their gowns and hair elaborately styled, and the guys making a big deal over them.

However, she did feel some amusement that all three of them were wearing body-shapers.

Yolanda hadn’t a minute to spare and hurried downstairs to shower, she had yet decided what to wear which was a difficult challenge since all her clothes were second hand if not pedestrian.

Once in the shower Yolanda lathered up fiercely, diligently washing, digging deep into every roll and crevice.

While drying herself off, Yolanda realized another dilemma.
Raquel had trimmed her hair so short, there were few options in styling her locks, and worse yet, her abbreviated mane made her face look genuinely fat.

Donuts and chocolates, her excuse to mildly binge in order to perk her up mood and to aid her wits in what exactly to wear.

Yolanda rubbed her face as she scrutinized her features, the layers of sheer blubber eradicating the classical Spanish features, reducing her face to a pudgy native ancestry.

Yolanda firmly handled the brush, pushing the locks back, and used a ton of hairspray to keep her mane at bay. Clothes first and then cosmetics, Yolanda tossed her clothes about searching for an appropriate garment.

Every dress was far too matronly or third world to wear at such a prestigious event.
Finally Yolanda settled on a flowing round collar top, a black hue and decorated with an orange and green floral design, and with short puffy sleeves.
Spandex slacks, likewise black, was the best she could decide upon.

Yolanda went a tad overboard with the cosmetics, especially the eyeliner and cherry red lipstick.
Stuffing a few candy bars into her purse, Yolanda made tracks to the bus stop and from there was off to the banquet hall.


“Right!” the rail thin girl at the receptionist desk smiled at Yolanda, “Yolanda Monterey, you’re at table number 27!”

Yolanda nodded and replied a soft thanks.

“You made it just in time, they’re serving the first course in a couple minutes”, the girl added.

Yolanda wasn’t sure if that was a wise-crack about or size or not but walking into the reception hall, she froze in all out introversion.

The reception hall was jam packed, and she sized up the parade of wedding guests, the females chiefly.

The heavier females out numbered the svelte or moderately slender but even those with buttery figures looked every bit desirable and enchanting in beautiful gowns. Yolanda’s wardrobe appeared substandard for such a bash, and it was no surprise to her, among the younger crowd, she outweighed them all.

A waiter walking by must have noticed Yolanda’s stupor; her turned counter-clockwise, and favored Yolanda with some dignity.

“Miss? May I be of some assistance?”

Yolanda gulped a mouthful of air, strumming her belly in nervousness, “Table 27?”

“Yes, down toward the left, it’s in the back row”, the waiter said politely.

Yolanda began to waddle toward the back row, squeezing through the crowd.

There were three young teenage females and one woman a few years older than Yolanda at table 27.
All of them chubby to one degree or another, and all dressed to the hilt.

The woman introduced herself as Tonya Hernandez, her eyes glimpsing the place card which held Yolanda’s name.

“Yolanda Monterey? I know a Yolanda Monterey….”

Yolanda gazed back at Tonya, sweeping black hair, her ample figure in a snug green gown, this
was no stranger, this was her sister Natalie’s friend going as far back as grammar school.

Yolanda’s heart sank, how could she explain turning into a fat slob.

“….but you’re the not the Yolanda I know!” Tonya finished her sentence to Yolanda’s relief.

“Not to be rude”, Tonya continued in a causal manner, “But the Yolanda I knew, she was a real joke.”

Yolanda adjusted her chair away from the table to supply her belly with some wiggle room, “How’s that?”

“My friend’s sister, she wanted to fit in with the whites. It didn’t bother my friend so much but to me she was betraying our culture. Stupid girl, even though she went to college, I heard she’s now managing some resort in Mexico.”

“Yi-I-I!” Yolanda chortled for show, “Stupid chica!”

Tonya bestowed Yolanda a funky smile, “Yeah, this Yolanda was a show off and a tease. Very attractive. Oh how I wish she’d fattened up like a balloon while in Mexico!”

“Serve her right!” Yolanda chirped, “I hate those skinny conceited chicas.”

Yolanda relaxed, the banter between her and Tonya, and the young chicks, thoroughly cordial.

Yolanda kept an eye out for Eric, albeit to no prevail, but she did eat especially hearty.


Eric was making the rounds, mingling with the guests, hoping yet not hoping Yolanda would show up.
There were a few gorgeous babes Eric had singled out as possible dates for the after banquet party at the motel.

One of them just happened to be Raquel.

“You look sooooo outrageous, look at you, very beautiful!” Eric roared at Raquel while her escort was at the bar with a few friends.

Eric gestured to the dance floor, inviting Raquel to a dance, “Hey, we haven’t had a dance all night!”

Raquel gently pushed him away, “You moron, my boyfriend is a cop, and very jealous!”
Actually the guy Raquel was with was a doorman at a downtown hotel but she wasn’t going to tell Eric that.

Eric wiped his brow, chuckling as he apologized, “I didn’t mean to get fresh, sorry, Raquel.”

Raquel grabbed Eric by the arm as he began to walk away, pulling him into her space.

“Why invite Yolanda if you’re avoiding her? Only a punk would do that!”

“I just got involved with the wedding, I don’t even know if she’s even here”, Eric replied.

Raquel took a domineering stance, “For your information she’s sitting in the back row, dumb ass! Even your sister noticed her.”

Eric slipped his hands into his pockets and whirled at the hips, “Oh alright, I guess I should say hello…”

Raquel pinched Eric’s arm, “Hey! That hurts!” he yelled.

Raquel sneered, “Stop acting like a fag and go over to her, now! Don’t make me kick your ass!”

Eric tossed Raquel an offhanded expression in which she retaliated, “What? This wouldn’t be the first wedding I’ve been kicked out of!”

Eric tucked his head between his shoulders and made tracks toward the area where Yolanda was located.


Up until this point Yolanda had been buzzing to the other females at the table about Eric, as well as leisurely consuming a shocking amount of food. Yolanda spoke about having a crazy crush on Eric during high school and that recently they became acquainted again, and that it appeared that he was beginning to warm up to her.

Yolanda kept mentioning that Eric was cool, smart, thoughtful, cute -
Finally Tonya needed to ask, “You can’t be talking about Linda’s brother? Not that Eric?”

Yolanda demurely smiled, “Si, isn’t he a fox….”

Tonya nodded, presuming Yolanda as simply an inexperienced tubby girl who lacked male companionship and had no clue about what constituted a good catch or what guys were uncouth runts.

“Well good luck, my friend”, was the best reply Tonya could muster.


Yolanda stood up the moment Eric came into view.
“I’ll see you all later”, Yolanda smiled at her table mates before waddling over to Eric.

Yolanda gushed over Eric who was in a blue tuxedo, shirt tail hanging out, and wine stain on shirt.

“Ay! Eric, you look so handsome, senior, like big shot!”

Eric blathered through his excuse about not looking for Yolanda earlier.
“I’m sorry, Yolie, I know I should have stopped by your table sooner but there were photo’s taken and um, all the family stuff…”

Yolanda took hold of Eric’s hand, fluttering her eyes, her elongated smile puffing up her chubby, rubbery cheeks, “its okay, we’re together now. Want to take a walk to the sweets table with me?”

Eric was a smidgen apprehensive, nervous that being with such a big young woman might open him up to some teasing. Eric looked over the room, the coast basically clear, agreed, “Okay..”

Eric gazed over at Yolanda while walking over to the sweets table, feeling obligated to compliment her appearance despite a longing that she never got fat.

“You look very nice, Yolie.”

Yolanda knew her attire wasn’t as appropriate or as exquisite as the other numerous female wedding guests and on top of that she was seriously overweight.

Yolanda slid her body against Eric, flashing a smile, “You’re so very sweet for mentioning but my clothes aren’t so correct for a wedding….”

“…thank you bunch anyway”, Yolanda added with a purr as she squeezed Eric’s hand.

Reaching the sweets table, Yolanda’s eyes grew as big as saucers, and she let loose Eric’s hand, helping herself in a frenzy.

Yolanda nibbled on a far range of cookies, cakes and Mexican pastries, finally she squeaked, “You no have any?”

“Not at moment, help yourself”, Eric replied.

Eric was startled at the sight, not only at Yolanda literally vacuuming the sweets into her mouth but the loud yummy sounds she made while chewing.

A few people walked over to naturally have a slice of cake or some other dessert, all of them momentarily watching Yolanda’s voracious exhibition.

“Can I get you a drink?” Eric inquired, simply an excuse to walk away so no one would deem them together.

Yolanda pushed a pastry between her lips, crumbs airborne as she spoke, “Ay, one minute, Eric. We get drink together.”

Eric stepped back, another couple minutes before Yolanda had consumed enough sweets to feed four people.

Again Yolanda took Eric’s hand, “Show the way, handsome senior”, she blushed.

They made a zigzagging course to the bar, Eric ordering a beer; he subsequently asked Yolanda what she would like.

Yolanda squealed a giggle, trying to recover her flirting skills, “Oh, oh! You wanting to get Yolanda drunk to have your way with her?”

Yolanda smiled, bouncing her beefy hip against Eric.

Eric stood flummoxed, Yolanda turned to the skinny female bartender, “Tequila straight up, please.”

The bartender nodded and went about her business, pouring the drink in front of them.

Eric couldn’t help himself, his eyes peering down at Yolanda’s huge round breasts.
Yolanda cracked a subtle grin while noticing, from there she downed the tequila like a sailor.

“Another, miss, please?” Yolanda asked the bartender.

The Bartender grabbed the bottle, looking into Eric’s face as she poured, he could read the bartender’s mind, “This chick with you?”

Eric took a quick swig of beer, Yolanda mischievously poking his big belly, “You know a secret?”

Eric shrugged his shoulders, engaging in another sip of beer, “What kind of secret?”

Yolanda sipped the tequila, her free hand roaming over his stout gut, “You’re a big sexy hombre..

Eric immodestly replied with a chuckle, “That’s no secret.”

The bartender giggled before walking away.

“Tell Yolanda about party later”, Yolanda teasingly smiled, her hand sliding over Eric’s pudgy waist, “You still me invited?”, Yolanda’s command of the English language leaving much to be desired.

Eric once again eyed Yolanda’s corpulent knockers, her fingertips interacting with his body, blossoming in arousal, he smiled while nervously conveying, “The party is…is at….the El Loco Mo…motel, on Avers Street…only the…the…wedding party is invited but you can be…be my guest..okay?”

Yolanda kept up with the flirting; however her technique had gone the way of the dinosaurs.

“Big strong man asking little Yolanda to motel party…” Yolanda cooed.
Eric fought hard to keep from smirking and held back his laughter when Yolanda described herself as little.”

Yolanda swept her hand over Eric’s shoulder and chest, sliding her fingers over his belly, “….Yolanda is flattered, you’re sweet….”

Yolanda slanted her body against Eric, her belly engulfing his, her breasts pressing against his chest, “….You attractive charm maybe I can’t resist, alone with man of my dreams.”

Eric skirted his eyes away from Yolanda for a moment, he quickly skimmed her upper arm, “I’ll get us our own room, but you know, if we keep it a secret, it’s more cool.”

Yolanda was aware that Eric was embarrassed by her weight, however due to her raging hormones, she ignored the fact, “I’ll make beautiful love to you…” she softly purred.

Eric shook his head; his hand landing on her hip, there was quite the blubbery padding.

“I have to get back to my family for a while, will you be okay?” Eric asked.

Yolanda gently grabbed Eric’s hand, placing it over her boob, “Wait later, baby, you have all of me.”

Eric heaved a sensual stunted sigh, his voice creaking, “All…of you?”

Yolanda winked, Eric replying with a gawky grin, subsequently backing away and then disappearing into the crowd.

Yolanda waddled back to the sweet table, Eric joining his kin and friends.


After a while and flirting with one of the bridesmaids, Raquel butted in, “Hey, excuse the stud for a minute!” she said sarcastically.

The bridesmaid mouthed the words “Thank you“, to Raquel behind Eric’s back.

A safe distance away, Eric had a hissy fit, Raquel quelling him with a stern gaze.

“You taking Yolanda to the party at the motel”, Raquel didn’t ask, she told Eric.

“Yeah, Rocky, I’m taking her”, Eric said a little self-consciously, “Yolanda is sort of cute…”

Raquel squinted at Eric, firmly scolding him, “Sort of cute? You take a good look at yourself in the mirror lately? So what if she got fat? Years ago you fantasized about her, wish you’d have a chance. This is your chance now, weasel.”

Raquel clutched Eric’s hand, slipping him a pair of condoms.

“Get it done”, Raquel boldly remarked, “be a man for the first time in your sorry life.”

Eric wouldn’t admit it but Raquel intimated him, “Right, okay but we’ll see how things go, okay?”

Raquel hugged Eric tightly, whispering in his ear, “Maybe this will sink into that wasteland you call a brain. Yolanda got it tough now, she’s very fragile. Settling for a dreg just shows how much she has changed. Don’t louse this up for her; make her feel wanted, like she’s still a sexy beautiful woman.”

Eric began to sweat; he whispered back, “Why do you always have to be so hostile to me?”

“You wouldn’t respect me any other way”, Raquel replied.

Steadily pushing Eric away, Raquel turned around and made tracks to her date.

Eric sighed, rubbing his nose, he shrugged his shoulders.

“I really do think Yolanda is sort of cute…” Eric repeated his thoughts, and added, “…for a fat girl.”

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This was a nice update. Thanks for posting!
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Hello Junketh71,

Thanks! The next episode will be up straight away!

Cheers, Matt
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The members of Yolanda’s table had abandoned her to circulate and enjoy the joyous atmosphere; she remained there like a wallflower. Drinking tequila and somehow managed to secure another portion of ribs, enjoying her appetite to the fullest, stripping the ribs to their bone.

Tonya affably tapped Yolanda’s chunky upper arm, announcing with an excited chirp, “The bouquet is about to be tossed!”

Yolanda swung her face into Tonya’s direction, “Right there!” she replied while chewing.

Yolanda dropped the current rib she was gnawing and securing the package of wipes, she quickly dabbed her sauce stained digits. From there Yolanda planted her hands squarely on the table, looking straight head while strenuously lifting her 300-plus pound body off the folding chair.

Yolanda’s eyes captured the scene in action, nearly twenty young females gathering in a semi-circle, Linda making silly quips about who would be next to walk down the aisle.

The females were all eagerly hopping around, humorously stepping in front of each other or pushing each other away. Steering her eyes off to the side, Yolanda saw all the eligible bachelors, slick - cool dudes, likewise in unadulterated merriment,

Yolanda grasped her lower belly roll, giving it a tight squeeze, a clear reminder that she didn’t fit in with the shenanigans on display or a welcome member of the crowd.

Yolanda sat back down hard, resuming where she left off with the ribs.


Eric was having a halfway decent time carousing with family and friends. As he expected he obtained some teasing after telling his sister that Yolanda was going to the motel party with him.

“You know your girlfriend had 5 helping’s of the main course and practically wiped out the sweet table by herself”, Linda informed Eric, “And the cow didn’t even bring a gift.”

“She’s not my girlfriend”, Eric noted while finishing a beer.
“She’s lonely and I’m keeping her company.”

Linda humorously smirked, “Are you sure it isn’t the other way around?”

“Excuse me?” Eric asked, somewhat riled.

Linda giggled for a brief second, relating the facts with a cute grin, “Every other week you have a new crush on a new girl and nothing comes of it. When was the last time you were even out on a date?”

Eric wagged his head, about to walk away, Linda‘s maniacal laughter causing him to halt in his tracks.

“You’re so hard up for a girlfriend you took Yolie out to dinner, spent time with her a couple days this week on top of it”, Linda candidly made her point, “You’re lonely, dude, or else you wouldn’t have even invited her to my wedding.”

Eric stared at Linda as she completed her opinion, “Maybe Yolanda isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but she is single and you’re searching for companionship, don’t be so superficial.”

“I thought you hated Yolanda?” Eric asked, “Why are you trying to set me up with her?”

A cheesy smile flashed over Linda‘s face, “I don’t hate her, not really, not now that all her spunk is gone and her body isn’t anything to brag about anymore. But you’re mopping around looking for a significant other when Yolanda is probably just as lonely.”

“Makes sense but…” Eric replied.
“You’re not in a rut, Eric”, Linda said with affection, “You’re chasing after girls out of your league. Get real, Yolanda rates as low key as you can get, she’s just right for you.”

Eric rubbed his face, “I guess but she’s insanely overweight.”

Linda humorously replied, “Just warn me in advance if you’re bringing her over for dinner so I’ve have enough food. Now go to her, see about having some romantic activity.”

Eric shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll have another beer first,”


Not twenty minutes later Eric sashayed over to Yolanda’s table.
Eric kept in mind Yolanda’s prior appearance and attitude if only to motivate him but the vision he imagined suddenly vanished upon reaching her.

Yolanda’s lips chin and nose was smeared with barbecue sauce, her blouse likewise had a few stains.

Yolanda dropped the concluding rib onto her place, smiling at Eric as he stepped along side her.

Eric unthinkingly inquired, “Have enough to eat?”

Yolanda giggled, shaking her head, “Oh I believe so!”

“Wash up and then we’ll drive over to the motel”, Eric told Yolanda, “The party will be starting in around an hour, and I need to register us for a room.”

Yolanda bobbled her head, blushing a crimson shade of red, “Ah, okay, Eric.”

Eric aided Yolanda upward; from there he escorted her to the bathroom and waited for her in the small adjacent lobby.

Yolanda washed up, using the hand soap over her face, riding the cosmetics which she couldn’t reapply because she didn’t have her makeup kit.
Yolanda was taken back on how docile her face appeared without makeup, and unusually fat.
In a weird way Yolanda recognized the dilemma as pointless.
She was a big girl, for what it was worth, no amount of cosmetics could masquerade the fact.
She would have to acquit herself for being fat, and be satisfied with whatever scraps of enjoyment allotted big beefy babes.

Yolanda was caught surprised by Eric’s reaction as she wobbled out of the bathroom.
Eric instantly grabbed her hand, and with an award winning smile, politely asked, “Are you ready? Are you sure you would like to go to the party?”

“Si, yes, Eric”, Yolanda melodiously sighed, “Of course. Do you um, ah, want me to go?”

Eric gently squeezed Yolanda’s hand, “Absolutely.”

Yolanda’s eyes flickering a brilliant shine matching her euphoric smile, purring quietly as they maneuvered out of the banquet hall.

Eric observed a few gapes and stares, and a snicker while traipsing outside with Yolanda.
Eric knew if this was a couple of years ago, and with Yolanda gushing over him, he would have rated a hero, and not a poor smuck involved with a heavy chick.

Reaching Eric’s SVU, Yolanda decided it was as good a time as any to follow through with Jessie’s order to share her nickname.

Yolanda drew a breath, edging her voluptuous body next to Eric.
Yolanda titled her head, “Darling, you’re so sweet to me and everything, it would be an honor if you call me by my nickname, all Jessie’s posse calls me it.”

Eric squinted in confusion, “You have a nickname?”

Although Yolanda loathed it, she forced an idyllic expression, releasing a giddy giggle as she announced, “Jumbo, all the girls call me it, I’d love for you to call me Jumbo too.”

“Jumbo?” Eric said with surprise, “Are you sure?” staring at the dynamic width of Yolanda’s hips and her bulbous ocean of belly fat.

Yolanda slithered her hand over Eric’s shoulder, dimples in her cheeks while she smiled, “Oh yes, Eric. I would be flattered.”

“Well, um, okay”, Eric held back his snicker, replying in his thoughts, “Flattered or fatter?”

Eric chivalrously helped Yolanda board his SUV, her spacious hindquarters swinging from side to side; he couldn’t resist giving her butt a vigorous swat.

Yolanda giggled, “You playful boy!”

Eric helped Yolanda with the safety belt, a challenge indeed, her lavish meal seemingly adding an extra dimension of flab to her burgeoning belly.

“There!” Eric shouted in victory as he snapped the buckle.
“All comfy?”

Yolanda rubbed the side of her face and then her belly, “Can you really believe how big I got?”

Eric shrugged his shoulders, “Well, remember when we went out for dinner and we pretended you were always heavy?”

“I think about that all the time”, Yolanda smiled.

Eric firmly nodded, “Let’s continue with the game.”

“Oh, please, I’ll feel more comfortable”, Yolanda admitted, “I won’t feel so uneasy about gaining all this weight and you..” she paused to release a crestfallen wheeze, “…and you won’t be distracted because I changed so much.”

Eric replied with a nod, then walked around his vehicle and got inside.

“I’m really glad we’ve finally managed to get together”, Eric smiled, playing up the charade to ease Yolanda’s mind, “I’m not surprised you’re still chubby after high school but who cares? You’re prettier than ever.”

Yolanda tilted her head and purred.


Alcohol and snack food abound as the motel party flew into high gear.
Yolanda felt much like the high school misfit hanging out with the popular people, observing the revelry off to the side, only occasionally participating in the fun.

“Hey”, Linda said to Yolanda, taking a break from dancing.

Yolanda acknowledged Linda with a nervous smile, “Thank you for inviting me to party.”

“Crazy isn’t it?” Linda cattily discharged, “A few years ago you could have any one of these guys here, right? Now the best you can do is the guy you used to call a fat wetback…”

Linda giggled for a brief second as she sat down next to Yolanda.

“You’re not the center of attention anymore but in a cool way it puts our friendship on another level”, Linda noted with a smirk.

Yolanda sipped her tequila, subsequently nibbling on chicken wings, “Then you still think me a friend?”

Linda slowly nodded, “Sorry, I was so bossy at the dinner party but yes, I guess.”

Yolanda tilted her head, sloppily gnawing on the wings, “In high school we were very close, you hung with me posse.”

“You have no posse, you can’t dictate shit to me anymore, this is why I enjoy your friendship all the more”, Linda candidly expressed her true feelings, “I’m married, weigh less than you, now I’m the one in the spotlight.”

Linda stood up from the chair, continuing with a quirky grin, “It’s so fabulous now that I’m superior to you. And like I said, Yolie, we’re friends, except I’m the cool one and got the looks, you’re the hanger-on.”

Yolanda nodded, Linda adding as she walked away to return to the festivities, “We’ll talk later, have a nice night.”

After a moment Yolanda slowly left the chair, the armrests practically digging into her blubbery waist, clumsily and with a grunt, she finally managed to propel herself upward.

Eric was mingling with a couple party guests, drinking beers and swapping lies.

Yolanda waddled into the pack, instantly interlocking her arm with Eric’s arm.

Eric reeled back his head, bluntly announcing, “I’m talking here.”

The guys chuckled at the scene; Yolanda embarrassingly sighed and apologized, “Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude…”

Eric wagged his head, “Park your ass somewhere and have some more beer or tequila, I’ll see you later.”

Yolanda was somewhat miffed at Eric’s brusque conduct toward her but quietly informed him, “I’ll be waiting for you in our room.”

The guys held their shocked expressions in a supercilious mode; Yolanda could sense their revulsion toward her.

As Yolanda turned around, she overheard one of the dudes asking Eric, “You’re still going to the strip club with us, right?”

Yolanda’s wobbly gait coming to a complete halt as Eric replied, “Yeah, of course.”

“I don’t know if you should”, Eric was teased by one of his companions, “Your girlfriend might get upset…”

“Girlfriend!” Eric laughed, “Where you get that idea? Yolanda and me are just friends.”

Yolanda sniffled as she advanced away from Eric and the guys, her heart beginning to break.

Grabbing a plate of chicken wings and a couple burritos, along with some kind of macaroni appetizer, Yolanda meandered to their room, using the key card to enter.

There she laid about the bed, the food unable to bring her any solace while watching TV alone for the next few hours.

Yolanda knew it was an impossible feat in comparison to the females Eric would be surrounded with at the strip club. She wasn’t as attractive or desirable, and it reinforced her behavior to comply with the stereotypical fat girl analogy.


It was nearly sunrise when Eric staggered into the motel room. Yolanda was conscious enough to inquire, “How are you?” in a heavily compliant tone.

“I’m okay”, Eric uttered indifferently as he undressed.

Yolanda’s big brown eyes reaching out to him, a beautiful smile puffing up her round cheeks to nearly twice their legitimate size, “Did you have a nice time?” she said choking up.

Eric nodded, an awry expression as he looked at Yolanda in bed, coldly rifled off, “You need to lose weight.”

Yolanda was speechless, snorting awkwardly, she moved to the other side of the bed to give Eric room to drop unto the mattress.

Eric, clad in his underwear, took to the bed, pushing Yolanda’s arm away as she tried to embrace him.

“I need sleep”, Eric stated, then grumbling something incoherently which Yolanda knew was derogatory, before closing his eyes and quickly slipping into a deep sleep.


A few hours later Yolanda stood at the bus stop, knowing full and well that her days as a sexy siren were completely over. There would be no romance with Eric, and her friendship with Linda was paper thin.

All Yolanda had to look forward to was life as a big portly fat chick, a scrub woman without any of the advantages and perks allotted to women like she had once been.

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This was really good. Thanks for sharing!
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Hello Junketh71,

Thanks for reading! The next episode will be posted soon.

Cheers, Matt
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Sheila was getting used to being pampered by the Gonzales sisters, as much as she volunteered to help around the house; they preferred her to enjoy the comfort of sedentary bliss.
Not that Sheila wasn’t being trained, conditioned the superior term, into becoming a diligent housewife and mother. Sharing tricks of the trade on how to get dirty spots out of fabric and what to use to give the bathroom tile an extra shine. Elena likewise shared various recipes with Sheila, all types of traditional Mexican cuisine.

In similar fashion, whenever Sheila would sneak out and visit Jose, he would dot on her continuously.
That and his mother, who was a nice sweet and naturally obese woman, who always had plenty of sweets available for Sheila.

The progress in Sheila’s pregnancy was positive, she was on route to having a healthy baby, now 5 months in, and looking at least two months ahead of schedule by the weight she was steadily accumulating. The only sore spot was the doctor’s lectures about eating healthier and being more active. Julie Chico, the midwife, had the opposite opinion, instructing Sheila to lounge around and to entertain her appetite all she wanted.

Obviously Sheila’s belly and breasts were taking the brunt of the growth and her hips were naturally widening, but for some odd reason her thighs were becoming excessively huge.

Indubitably thick and well-insulated, Sheila had developed genuine thunder thighs.

It was early in the evening and as Sheila and Elena sat on the front porch the subject was brought up.

“Will my legs ever get back to normal?” Sheila pouted.

Elena constructively smiled, “Such things are senseless to worry about, chica.”

Sheila’s face took on a depleted look, “I’d like to be able to wear a skirt again some day.”

Elena gently grasped Sheila’s rotund belly, her warbled coinciding with her sugary smile, “You’ll lose some of this belly fat but your hips and your thighs will remain the same. But I tell you true from the heart, gaining weight is your destiny. I know this just by looking at you.”

Sheila found no relief in Elena’s unorthodox assertion, “You’re kidding me? I’m only getting big because I’m pregnant.”

Elena sat back on the old wooden chair that had been in their family for ages.
“Of course pregnancy and weight gain is normal but take it from me, you have the type of body which gets accustomed to fat, worrying about it is pointless.”

Sheila’s jaw dropped, “What? You’re serious?”

“Sasha, in our culture beauty is not judged by dress size”, Elena astutely corrected Sheila, “Once you realize this the better for you. Maybe someday you will wear a skirt again.”

Sheila fleetingly looked over her thighs, sighing in disbelief, causing Elena to giggle, “I swear, sometimes you act like a white woman!”

Sheila mumbled within her thoughts, “If you only knew….”

“I have the answer to your doldrums”, Elena uttered in a cute tone, “I’ll make you a big bowl of Ice cream!”

Sheila blinked, “Ice cream! Elena, I’m….”

Sheila paused, she couldn’t finish the sentence, Elena inquiring as she slowly stood upward, “What? You’d rather not have ice cream? How about chocolate candy then?”

Sheila squinted, “Do you know how much I weigh?”

Elena sweetly chirped, “No idea! Does it matter?”

Sheila sighed, her appetite bizarrely off the charts, she didn’t have the self-control to decline the ice cream despite feeling self-conscious about her size, “Okay, Ice cream would be nice….”

“That’s a girl!” Elena giggled, “I’ll be back in a minute..”

“I’d rather have pizza through”, Sheila smiled through a muffled snort, “I have a craving for one with the works!”

“That’s fine! I’ll order you a pizza then, ice cream later!” Elena replied.


Minutes later Elena returned, informing Sheila the pizza would be there in about 45-minutes.
“I ordered you a jumbo like you say with the works!” Elena chortled, “But I’m on a diet, so it’s all yours!”

“Huh?” Sheila gaped at Elena, “You’re on a diet?”

Elena resumed her seat on the chair, “Only teasing you!” she giggled.
“No, Sasha, I have no dream of ever dieting, the pizza is for the both of us. Well, maybe we’ll share a slice with my husband, maybe..”

Sheila nodded, “Maybe if there’s any left over”, she giggled, “he can have the scraps!”

The females giggled together for a moment, Sheila directed her eyes over her swollen belly, admitted, “I’m 258-pounds.”

“That’s all?” Elena noted, “Well, honey, once the baby gets here look at the positive. You’ll be able to save a bundle of cash on clothes. You’ll be swapping clothes with me and Rosa.”

Sheila delicately massaged her bulbous belly which heavily flowed over her lap, “I think so, Elena. But if I’m going to be a fatty I might as well enjoy it, so can I please have ice cream after the pizza if I’m still hungry?”

“If you’re still hungry?” Elena buzzed.

Sheila patted her belly, her smile inflating her apple cheeks and her double chin, “You’re a wise woman, I’m going to have ice cream after the pizza then!”


That Sheila did, after entertaining her appetite on pizza; she had a bowl of ice cream, subsequently the chocolate candy. Elena keeping up with her as they noshed throughout the night, although Elena’s hubby was allowed to sample the pizza.


The months had altered Yolanda furthered in a reclusive third world woman who only left the clubhouse to go to the supermarket.

The drudgery in keeping the clubhouse tidy and waiting on the gang members reinforced her domestic mindset, the nickname Jumbo becoming all the more tolerable as she spent her off duty hours alone in her squalor of a basement apartment, gorging consistently, the sumptuous fattening food ballooning her figure to a corpulent 346-pounds.

Majority of the weight centering on her belly but her hindquarters and thighs weren’t spared.
Yolanda’s face could be described as cute but her native Mexican ancestry was extraordinarily apparent as her buttery cheeks became fuller, her pug nose slightly more pronounced and her third chin had thicken.

Yolanda had just finished her chores for the day, and due to Jessie’s insistence from earlier in the afternoon, was going to take a shower. Yolanda’s hygiene was sorely pathetic due to her unmistakably erroneous place in society and a somewhat decrease in her intelligence.

A couple tough hombres interrupted Yolanda’s trek toward the basement, Marco’s men, and they had orders to fulfill.

“Hey, Jumbo, we got to take you with us”, a burly thug harshly told Yolanda.

Yolanda was gripped with fear, “Uh, me? What me do? Jumbo works hard, cause no trouble…”

The other guy was a little less hostile; he could tell Yolanda was puzzled and scared.
“The boss wants to see you downtown, we have a van outside.”

“Marco wants see Jumbo?” Yolanda squeaked.

Once again the other gang member wasn’t so cordial, “Right now, fat ass! In the van!”

Yolanda shook her head, “Si, Jumbo go.”

The guys escorted Jumbo outside, not even giving her a hand as she struggled into the mangy looking van.


Before Yolanda realized it, she was in downtown Los Angeles, the second basement of the Stardust hotel to be exact.

The wide sliding door opened, “Alright, we don’t got all day!” the punk shouted at Yolanda.

Yolanda’s entire body jiggled tremendously as she proceeded to maneuver out of the van.

The guys laughed at Yolanda as she took a couple minutes longer than seemed necessary to climb out of the van, making her feel especially loathsome.

From there Yolanda was brought to an employee’s elevator and then to a section of the hotel closed off for renovation.

In a room sat Marco, waving his thugs away, he oddly enough addressed her cheerfully.

“Ms. Monterey, I apologize for bringing you here unannounced, were you surprised?”

Yolanda nodded.

“Oh, don’t be so unfriendly, we used to friends, lovers, hell, you ran the posse”, Marco’s slick grin finally appearing over his face, “What happened to all the that brassy attitude? I admired that about you.”

Yolanda felt scared and nervous, nasally whining as she shrugged her shoulders, “Mr. Ramous, did me something do wrong?”

Marco sighed, removing his lighter, he lit a cigar, “No, Jumbo. You didn’t do anything wrong. Matter of fact and I’m not surprised, you were an excellent example of a maidservant. Humble, obedient, stupid. Shit, fatty, I’d be happy to keep you working at the clubhouse if I could afford the food bill.”

Marco laughed then continued.

“How you have changed, and very successful too. If I never seen you before I’d think you had just arrived here from Mexico, a peasant girl. A huge peasant girl and so uncivilized looking, you’d never be welcome in the white community now.”

Yolanda shamefully bobbled her head, Marco ridiculing the grand scale of her ambition to live and work outside her culture.

“I’m relieved you’re not my woman though, I mean we had lots of amazing moments but I’d…well, you’re too much the gordita.”

Yolanda nodded, “Si, Mr. Ramous. Cleaning clubhouse honor, where I be if no your kindness.”

“Then we’re on the same page, Yolie. You see I’m going to release you, send you back to your family and your boy. I won’t bother you ever again.”

A tear rolled down Yolanda’s fat cheek, “Thank you, Mr. Ramous.”

Marco chuckled, “Whatever you make of yourself doesn’t matter to me. I’ll pretend the Yolanda I knew graduated college and moved on with her life. You’re so unrecognizable now, I don’t know you anymore. Damn, you’re a regular fat slob. How does that make you feel now?”

Yolanda felt duly insulted but she was aware not to share her true feelings with Marco, and thus she forced a smile, “Big is different, no respect but how can I have respect, me looking so big and fat. Trying to…to…get used to this.”

“Yeah, well, being a slob I think you enjoy eating and laying around but I need a favor, you understand, it’s a secret”, Marco said callously.

Yolanda nodded.

“My woman runs this motel, the whole chain, her maid is on vacation, you’re going to work for her.”

Yolanda again nodded.

Marco stood up, rubbing his chin as he surveyed Yolanda’s girth, “I didn’t think you’d get this large but you’re gigantic. But enough compliments, here’s the deal. Jessie doesn’t have to know about this, right. Matter of fact, once you’re home, you have no business being around Jessie anymore. I don’t want her to know I have another woman. If she finds out, I’ll send you back to Mexico for good!”

Yolanda teetered in her spot, “Me wants no problem, me do as Mr. Ramous says, promise, you. I just want to go home.”

Marco smiled, “Very good, fatso. I think we might be able to find you an uniform, and you’re to say that you’re a immigrant girl, been here a month, maybe 6 months, something like that. You’re a cousin of one of my friends. We never had a relationship, we’re strangers but I’m helping out my friend.”

Yolanda sighed, switching to the Spanish language which was a much easier mode to convey her thoughts.

“I’ll do exactly as you wish, Mr. Ramous. I’ll obey, work hard, be respectful.”

Marco chuckled, “Of course you will. You’re an inferior species of female now. Fat, portly, stupid.”

Yolanda lowered her face, grunting a soft whimper, “Yes sir, Mr. Ramous.”

Marco candidly explained, “You’ll stay here over night, your lodging includes food and soap, I suggest you shower, you have a funky stench which is plain awful. Don’t you shower?”

Yolanda wagged her head, “There isn’t much room in the shower, it’s so tiny but my heart’s not been into washing lately.”

“I think you’ve just become too lazy, have I spoiled you?” Marco flashed an iniquitous smile.

Yolanda embraced her belly out of sheer nervousness, afraid if she answered incorrectly.
“Maybe so, Mr. Ramous. You set me up with a wonderful apartment, I grateful, very grateful. I guess I’m really a lazy girl.”

Marco briefly reminisced, “You were so active, full of energy, and clean. Wow, I guess it doesn’t bother you being a slob. Right?”

Yolanda wheezed, Marco’s taunts were roughing up her emotions, although she couldn’t deny the fact, she wasn’t at all embarrassed about being a slob.
“This is how I’ve become, getting fat changed me.”

“Yolie, you wanted to live and work among the whites, now you get your wish although it’s not exactly how you planned it. Tomorrow a car will take you to Elsa’s home, there you’ll help out with a dinner party and attend to Elsa’s needs. As for tonight, you’ll be able to enjoy an evening off and to yourself. Eat, lay around, whatever. But please, take a shower; you’re not fit to be around respectable people.”

Yolanda momentarily closed her eyes and straightened her posture, “I will do as you say, Mr. Ramous.”

And with that Marco called in his men who took Yolanda to a nice spacious room to spend the night.


Yolanda took advantage of the night, able to gorge on a huge variety of dishes and sleep on and off between watching TV.

The shower was indeed large enough to accommodate her buttery bulk, and she lathered up good and well. There was no mistake in her mind that the astonishing amount of weight she had packed on had more than transformed her body and appearance but had damaged her personality and behavior beyond repair. Beautiful clothes and a wondrous career weren’t important to her anymore.
She was now a ridiculously hefty woman, and peasant stock, getting by the best she could, her top priority satisfying her hunger.

In the morning an anonymous cleaning woman brought Yolanda a uniform. Dark gray with short sleeves and with a large white apron. Thankfully it suitably fit, illustrating a humble if not completely tame young woman who labored and survived the best she could.

As Marco stated, a car soon arrived and Yolanda was driven to Elsa’s Beverly Hills estate.

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