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Sheila Marcus was about as an ambitious assistant attorney as there ever was. She started out modest if not humble. Wanting to make a difference and protecting the downtrodden from the criminal element. The taste of success whet her appetite for more, not only to work the most challenging cases but financially as well.
Sheila started sidestepping her principles for easy cash; getting a Senator’s son off the hook in an assault charge, making sure the daughter of some corporate mogul got a slap on the wrist for shop lifting. The law worked different for the wealthy, Sheila did very well in backroom deals, the money sent to a Swiss bank account.
Sheila rode the coattails of her superiors until she had no use for them then cast them aside, uncovered dirt on rivals to silence them and keep them out of her path.


The Emerald Palace, watering hole and steak house for only those on the highest rung of the social ladder. Marco Ramous wasn’t their typical patron; he was a man with a sketchy past, and an abrasive reputation in some parts of the city.

Marco dressed to fit in, to the nines one might say, even he would admit he was out of his element but he hoodwinked them all with his cool good looks, upscale wardrobe and unruffled disposition.

There at the long mahogany bar she sat, looking every bit the vixen in her slinky black dress that showed off her curvaceous figure.

None other than Sheila Marcus.

Sheila’s black mane hung straight downward, an inch above her shoulders, her cosmetics a little heavier than usual, denoting the classical attributes of her beautiful features.

Sheila smiled, a peach of a smile, delicious and sultry, the moment her eyes made contact with Marco. Marco simply nodded as he walked over to her. Marco was a real ladies man; in his neighborhood and other less desirable parts of the city he had his pick. Few females could resist his strikingly manly features or his charm.

Marco walked by Sheila, saying just loud enough for her to hear, “Let’s take a table over there.”
Sheila was a woman who usual gave orders, Marco was the exception.

Marco planted himself at a table in back; Sheila grabbed her glass of apple juice on the rocks and slowly walked over to him, motioning her hips and chin up, like a super model on a catwalk.

Apple juice was Sheila’s juice in a beverage, she was all about staying fit, alcohol had empty calories, she wouldn’t risk damaging her figure. Beautiful women had more power and opportunities than middling females or those who got lazy after high school or college.

Marco was already seated at the table, Sheila gently set down her drink, “Pretend that you know me”, she whispered sarcastically.

Marco stood, a quick embrace, Sheila favoring his ear with a nibble.

“I take it your schedule is free the remainder of the evening”, Sheila confidently addressed Marco.
Marco tapped the table a couple times, looking out for the waitress, waving her own over the minute she noticed them.

“She would have made it over to us; you really should have more patience.” Sheila all but scolded Marco, “I can appreciate that you rarely experience having a drink in such a proper establishment, just try not being so crude.”

Marco calmly replied, “Well I’d feel more comfortable closer to home, some time let me pick out where to meet.”

The waitress arrived, Marco ordering a beer with whiskey chaser, the good stuff naturally, it was on Sheila’s dime.

“I’d look out of place where you hail from, I never spend time in loser bars or filthy taverns”, Sheila wasn’t shy about speaking her mind, “You should know better than suggesting something that absurd, my pedigree doesn’t rub elbows with the working class or other undesirables.”

Marco ran his hand over his slicked back dark brown hair, “I know all about that, baby, you don’t have to remind me that you’re better than me or my kind.”

Marco paused as the waitress delivered his drinks, grabbing Sheila’s hand, delicately massaging it.
“I’m just saying I’d be able to show you a better time in my own skin if I we were to hang out in my part of the city.”

“You’ll pardon me if I ignore the invite”, Sheila grinned, “Now as I asked you previously, there’s nothing that will interrupt your time with me tonight?”

“No, I’m free; it’s all cool, baby.”

Sheila tilted her head, “I don’t mind if you call me baby in private but it sounds tacky in a place like this.”

“Whatever you say”, Marco saluted Sheila.
“Mind if I order something to eat while we’re here? I might need my strength for later”, Marco grinned.

“Of course, I had a big lunch so Ill just have a salad”, said Sheila.

Marco smirked, “Right.”

Sheila nervously fidgeted with her locks, for all her strength and boldness; she was abnormally self-conscious about her figure.

“So what if I’m persnickety about my body, if I didn’t look after my appearance I wouldn’t sparkle like I do”, Sheila rattled off, “Even you wouldn’t give me the same attention if I rounded out at the hips and sported a chubby belly.”

Marco chuckled, “You got me there, I’m no fan of fat babes. However…”

Sheila interrupted him, “Oh this should be interesting.”

“A few extra pounds wouldn’t spoil your figure, probably add some more curves to your curves and make your breasts bigger.”

Sheila wasn’t exactly small, her healthy rack a 36-C.

“I don’t have the credentials for being a big boob floozy!” Sheila giggled, “But I imagine in your neighborhood they‘re a dime a dozen.”

Marco replied with brazen sarcasm, “Yeah that’s cute”, then added cheekily, “But if you could really ditch the smarts for real you‘d be easier to get along with, damn, it would improve things between us.”

Sheila teasingly smiled, “Ditching my smarts would improve things between us? Really, Marco, it’s because I’m intelligent and powerful that attracts you to me. I’m a different species altogether than the women you usually tangle with.”

Marco jerked back his head, acknowledging Sheila loud and clear, “Ain’t that the truth. You’re refined, strong-willed and beautifully put together. Nothing like the girls I know, most never finished high school, they don‘t have the means to improve their lives, they get by with whatever they got.”

Sheila sighed, a brilliant smile forming over her face, “Well, we all can’t be on top of the food chain.”

“Maybe you’re clever and sophisticated but you can be demeaning, even to me, flaunting your superiority, the advantages of being an important woman.”

“Anytime you want to leave, help yourself”, Sheila sneered.

“Why?, Marco continued, “You’re as excited being with me as I’m with you. But there are times when you get so arrogant I really wish you were some dumb broad who cleared off tables at some stinky bar and grill, using her boobs to get tips while worrying if you’ll be able to pay the rent on time and if you should lay off having another burrito because your ass is getting fat.”

Sheila leaned back in her chair. “I’ve never heard such vulgar wishful thinking especially toward me. Haven’t I pulled strings for you, used my influence on the law so they would concentrate on rival gangs while going easy on yours, notified the Feds about Hector Gutierrez and had him locked away. Who bought you that suit of clothes you’re wearing and that watch?”

Marco turned his head; Sheila made her point and made it well. Their romantic escapades were very rewarding to him besides their time in bed but he likewise despised how she flaunted her wealth and power.

Sheila had put him in his place, and it stung his ego.

“Where’s the waitress?” Marco grumbled.

Sheila swerved her face toward the service station, her nod signaling the waitress over to their table.

“And by the way since you’re misinformed let me clue you in”, Sheila’s smile brimming with condescension, “Ignorant people who dwell in a foul culture will always judge people like myself as arrogant.”

Marco resentfully gazed at Sheila, her remark was unnecessarily callous.
Sheila recognized Marco’s sullenness, reaching over, she took his hand.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t be angry, you’ve been affiliated with notorious people and living in such a vile environment so long you’ve become inured to the indecency. I know you’re smart, you’re better than a streetwise thug. Haven’t I volunteered to help you with tuition, see that you’re accepted into an exclusive school. Just imagine how rewarding it would be having a respectful career.”

Marco half-smiled, Sheila thought she had reached him while in fact he was visualizing her as a ditzy waitress chewing gum with her boobs practically spilling out of her top.

The waitress arriving on the scene interrupting Marco’s flight of fancy.

Marco rarely dined on first rate cuisine, thus he ordered the best steak in the house with all the fixings, Sheila had a fruit salad, nothing more even though he invited her to sample his meal.

“You don’t know what you’re missing, this steak has a phenomenal flavor”, Marco gaily rattled off as he cut a nice size chunk, then securing it with his fork, dangled it inches away from Sheila’s face. “Last chance, mamacita!”
“Thanks but no thanks, I’m fine”, Sheila replied.

Marco pulled away the fork, slicing the chunk in half before nibbling.
“You‘re really that afraid of getting fat?” Marco humorously questioned while chewing.

Sheila fidgeted with her fork, whirling it around the salad, “I’ve put on a few pounds, usually its not a major concern, my weight has fluctuated a little ever since I was hired at the district attorney’s office. I surmise it’s because all the late meals, majority of it fast food. Cutting back seemed to work, I’ve never had any difficulty managing my weight; however this bout appears stubborn.”

“You look just right to me, your figure, your face”, Marco shared his opinion, “Lot of times when girls let themselves go it first shows it their faces, you couldn’t have put on that much.”

“You’ll see later, since our last tryst my body has changed”, Sheila dolefully sighed.
“I’ve joined a fitness center and have instructed my maid to serve healthier meals.”

Sheila abruptly changed the subject, focusing on her favorite topic which just happened to be herself. Sheila enjoyed bragging about her latest victory in court and whatever other accomplishments she achieved since last they were together.

Marco listened politely, pretending to be both interested and delighted in her exploits and triumphs.
In truth he understood the reason for Sheila’s grandstanding, it was her way of reminding him that she was the dominant member of their relationship.

Once they were finish with dinner, Marco had another beer while Sheila opted for a cup of coffee.
She gestured to Marco to furnish her with his hand which she smoothly massaged while running through a couple things.

“I love the moments we share together and what we have going. You’re all man and I admire how freely you show your affection”, Sheila began sweetly, however as Marco expected, she then switched streams and began talking down to him, “As soon was we get to my place take a shower before we experience each other, you reek of the city. Put on that expensive cologne I bought you as well, it’s in the cabinet.”

Marco had never become used to Sheila’s underlying fussiness and interventionist attitude, he loathed it, but arguing would possibly cause strife, and how often did he bed such an impressively attractive woman as Sheila.

“Yes, whatever you say, anything else?”, Marco faked a smile, in the long run she would pleasure him to the hilt, going along with her was the right thing to do.

Sheila squeezed Marco’s hand; he recognized it as her wanting to make a point not to be debated.
“I took the liberty of buying some condoms. The ones you bring are cheap; I can’t fully enjoy the sex when worrying if they might break.”

Marco sighed, acknowledging Sheila with a dauntless expression, “I guess, but the other girls I’m with never complain about the condoms I got, sometimes I don’t use them at all.”

Sheila released Marco’s hand, huffily correcting him, “I’m nothing like your other girls, and it’s the condoms you have, not the condoms you got. Be considerate around me and speak proper English.”

“Yeah, okay”, Marco giggled, playfully adding, “You’re so right, my regular hoochies are nothing like you!”

Sheila shook her head, “I can’t agree more, I’m in a completely different league than those paltry Mexican girls, remember that.”

Sheila wasn’t aware that Marco was actually implying that his corral of Mexican lovers were sans her stuck up attitude and vanity. Furthermore, he was the domineering member in the relationships, unlike with Sheila; they willingly capitulated to his demands and staunchly obeyed him.
Modest in their way of life, attractive to one degree or another, and very submissive.

“Alright”, Sheila told Marco, “We’re safe, there’s nobody here who recognizes me so as we leave take me by the hand and escort me out.”

“Hey, so what if we’re seen together, what’s the big deal?” Marco replied, “Your pompous friends have no clue where I’m from, what I do for a living.”

“Let’s forget for a minute your scandalous reputation as a gang member, and that I was the prosecuting attorney in the state’s case against you and your gang. Even though you look civilized in those clothes I bought you, it’s obvious we don’t belong in the same circle. Until you straighten up and become respectable, rid yourself of that obnoxious excuse of a culture, our relationship will be kept behind closed doors.”

“You really think there‘s room for a Latino in your Ivy tower?”, Marco bluntly asked.
“You think what you want, Marco, we’ll never become a legitimate couple until you improve yourself”, said Sheila as she stood up from the table.

“It’s up to you”, Sheila conceitedly continue, “There’s a quite a few men who desire to be with me, all I have to do is give them a call.”

Sheila presented Marco her hand, “But I’d rather have you. If you have a problem with our current arrangement then crawl back to your Mexican ghetto and see how your life turns out without me around.”
“Bitch!” Marco went ballistic in his thoughts.
Marco was aware of his insignificance in Sheila’s toffee-nosed world, it was unnecessary for her to brutally point it out. Marco did have the reputation of being a bad ass in the Mexican community and although his privilege and power was essentially among the criminal element and the impoverish, his prominence wasn’t to be disregarded.

Sheila remained with her hand extended; Marco surveying her beauty was cursing her in his skull.
The wondrous coal black mane, stunningly gorgeous features and her shapely form poured into that expensive dress. Marco was vehemently angered by Sheila’s vicious remarks, putting him down, dismissive of his culture.

Although Marco’s hostility remained simmering, he still wanted to fuck Sheila. Fuck her and then leave the very moment the sex was over.

About to seize Sheila’s hand, Marco remembered what she said, that her figure had changed since their previous rendezvous. This was perfect, he would fuck her and then insult her, tell her that she was on her way to becoming a fat cow, then he would leave her for good!

Marco stood up, holding onto Sheila’s hand, he drew his face next to hers, “Sometimes I need to be put in my place”, he whispered the lie.

They walked hand in hand to the cashier, Sheila paying for their meal with her credit card.

From there they walked outside the trendy establishment, letting go of their hands upon reaching the parking lot. Sheila noticed Marco had driven his banged up pickup truck.

“Really, your gang has a fleet; you actually had to use that shitty thing!”

Marco laughed, “Stop it! You keep bitching and I’ll lose the mood!”
“But don’t worry, Ms. Marcus, I’ll park down the street, be real inconspicuous”, Marco added.

“Remember use the back way in”, Sheila grumbled under her breath as she strutted to her sports car.

“Of course, mamacita, it would be embarrassing if the other tenants were aware your lover was a mongrel”, Marco uttered in his thoughts.


Sheila had a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood but had deliberately rented an apartment in a rather modest middle class community for the sole purpose of their relationship. Sheila never mingled with her neighbors and kept to herself so not to attract unwanted attention.

On route to the apartment, Marco reflected on their history.

Sheila was the lead prosecutor assigned the case; Marco was among the defendants captured in a drug bust. From the moment they lay eyes on each other, they were immediately drawn to each other.

Marco never cared for intelligent, independent women, he preferred his females stupid and submissive, and being top heavy was a bonus. Sheila fit the physical requirements, perhaps it was her uppity nature, the strength in her eyes, and quickly he became enticed with the haughty vixen.

Sheila’s career held top precedence in her life, nothing was more important to her than securing wealth and power. She didn’t have a steady boyfriend but she did regularly date.
Sheila’s beau’s were all cut from the same cloth, affluent, influential men, a couple she had developed some real affection but she wasn’t about to settle down and commit to the generic martial role of supportive wife, looking after the home, the country club routine, while he accumulated prestige and wealth.

In Marco there was a breed of man she had never experienced, besides his favorable appearance, she sensed his sexual prowess. Marco’s bad boy image appealed to her, the guys she dated were safe men, Marco was dangerous, wayward and rebellious, and he could be charming when he wanted.

It was unheard of but Sheila researched every part of the law that could possibly entitle Marco to a break. In the backroom of a pub, Sheila met with Marco’s attorney, they concocted a scheme in which Marco could inform the state on other criminal activity and have his sentence reduced.
Marco was wary of the agreement; however, he reluctantly gave names and a date concerning another shipment of drugs coming into the city.

Marco’s crew went down; all receiving stiff sentences while he got a 6 year hitch in prison which was later mysteriously corrected to time served.

Marco was bitter that his posse was left holding the bag while he was all but exonerated.
Inside he knew Sheila would have made sure he rotted away in a cell if not for her strange fascination with him. Marco wanted retribution, but as their relationship developed, his aim was pushed farther and farther down the back burner.

Sheila seduced Marco in her office one late evening, and from there their rendezvous became better planned. She looked after him, bought him gifts, and used her influence on the local police department to go easy on his gang but excessively hard on his rivals.
Marco saw Sheila as a challenge, unlike his usual babes; she was strong-willed, intelligent and materialistic. Yeah, snobby and pompous as well, traits that which typically infuriated Marco.

Marco would tame the siren, that’s what he would frequently brag about to his guys. Sooner or later when the right opportunity would come around, he would break Sheila’s confidence, squash her dignity. Sheila would recognize him as more than just a lover but as the dominant party in their relationship. Marco wasn’t sure how he would go about it; even he was starting to believe it was a worthless flight of fancy. However, given the chance he would seize the moment, ridding Sheila’s pretentiousness and making her just another submissive if not humble member of his collection of lovers.

Marco had cooled off by the time he made up to Sheila’s flat.
Maybe she was much more complicated for his tastes but she did know how to make love.
She greeted him with a saucy kiss and then escorted him to the bathroom.
“Remember, use that cologne I bought you, sweetheart, I’ll be ready for you in the bedroom.”

Marco nodded, condescendingly saluting Sheila, “Yes, Mammacita, as you wish.”

Sheila smugly smiled, “Make no mistake; I’m a high class broad. When you’re with me try using some class.”

And with that Sheila vacated the bathroom, Marco took his shower.

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A fantastic start to what certainly promises to be a fantastic story! I can't wait to read more!
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Hello Audipwr87,

Thank you for the kind words.

Cheers, Matt
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So far, this is a very nice story. Thanks for sharing it!
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Hello Junketh71,

Thanks for reading and the feedback.

Cheers, Matt
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Loved this so far
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Hello Brightsun21,

Thank you for the feedback. The next installment will be posted shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Marco exited the bathroom wearing only a towel wrapped around his mid-section, discovering Sheila in the bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed.
Sheila wasn’t clad in one of her several negligees but was in her bra and what appeared to be a body-shaper which began at her waist and ran down to her knees.

Sheila stood up from the bed as soon as her eyes locked onto Marco.

“Want to see the damage?” Sheila worriedly asked.

“Can’t be all that bad”, Marco cheekily grinned, “You don’t look all the heavy.”

Sheila fleetingly looked over her arms and then her hips, “I guess…”

Marco drew himself closer as Sheila slowly peeled off the body-shaper, tossing the garment unto the bed.

The taut stomach which Sheila had prized had been replaced with a minor potbelly which especially flourished beneath her navel, a squishy composition of belly fat.

Sheila extended her fingertips down the length of her bloated tummy, the doughy tissue jiggling profusely.

“I’ve never been this out of shape”, Sheila addressed Marco in an uncharacteristically self-conscious drone, “This is the heaviest I’ve ever weighed.”

Marco looked Sheila up and down, her upper thighs appeared modestly bigger as well.
“I’ll lose the weight, you can count on that”, Sheila self-assuredly remarked, “But I thought you should be aware before we get cozy.”

Marco rubbed his chin, “Shit, baby, you don’t look half bad. I sort of like the extra chub, makes you look less high-tone, more like a normal woman. Removes some of the pressure, I mean you’re far too beautiful as is, I feel more comfortable around ya with that plump belly.”

Sheila chuckled, “Well be amused with my fat for the time being, I’m going to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

“Turn around, I wanna see your backside, your ass..”, Marco asked somewhat cautiously.

Sheila rolled her eyes and jovially smirked, favoring Marco with a glimpse of her posterior.

Marco smiled at the look of Sheila’s rump; just like her belly it had a bulbous form.

Marco brought his body against Sheila, embracing her, his hand settling over her fat patch of tummy.
“You never looked sexier”, Marco softly uttered, subsequently nibbling on Sheila’s neck, “Like an ordinary nine to five girl who would rather have a fun then be committed to her career.”

Sheila turned around, their embrace still in tact, “I’m rather at ease you don’t mind the look of my belly….”
A torrid smooch, Sheila then continued, “Get your buzz off it now because I detest looking average.”

“Do me a favor, mammacita, wash that makeup off and put your hair in a ponytail“, Marco humorously smiled.

Sheila crinkled her nose, “Only if you stop calling me mammacita.”

Marco agreed with a nod, Sheila made tracks to the bathroom.


“Now that’s really da-thing, pretty girl!” Marco riotously chuckled at the sight of Sheila sans cosmetics, dark mane wound in a bouncy ponytail.

Sheila’s snooty expression filled her attractive face, “You would think so”, she grumbled.

“No, no, honey, don’t be insulted”, Marco using his charm to influence Sheila’s mood.

“If you fixed yourself like this we could be seen in public like a real couple, no kidding, you look so laid-back, easy going, it’s cool!”

“Cool for you”, Sheila irritably sighed.

Marco nodded a couple times as he studied Sheila’s face without the cosmetic enhancement.

“Oh definitely, Sheila, without makeup, your face seems fuller”, Marco insisted, “You cheeks look a little fluffy, not actually chubby but you’re getting a round face.”

Sheila inspected her cheeks, her fingertips skimming the utter softness.
“Damn, why couldn’t the weight elude my face”, Sheila winced.

The olive hue of Sheila’s skin, her dark hair, Marco bluntly noted, “You could almost be mistaken as Mexican.”

Sheila lifted her eyebrows, “I don’t advertise it but I’m 1/16 Mexican, on my mother’s side. Mostly I’m Italian, German and some Greek.”

“Got to give you props there, remaining so thin with those heritages”, Marco rattled off, he was having an amusing bit of fun at the expense of Sheila’s vanity, “I mean like, don’t girls of Italian and German decent get thick before they’re thirty.”

“If you assume those stereotypes to be true”, Sheila replied, “Truth is I’ve never had any difficulty maintaining a healthy weight until recently. Of course I can’t say that about some of my cousins who blew up like balloons once getting married and settling down.”

Marco mischievously grinned at the fuller aspect of Sheila’s face, “1/16 Mexican”, he thought to himself, “She’s probably more like 1/25, just won’t admit it.”

“Do me a favor, say something in Spanish!” Marco said holding back his giggle.

Sheila complied, stating in Spanish that she maxed the class in high school, speaks the language fluently and occasionally needs to use it down at the office.

Marco wagged his head to the negative, releasing his giggle, “No, you sound too smart! Talk like an illiterate Mexican girl who picks fruit for a living!”

Sheila placed her arms over Marco’s broad shoulders, a whimsical smile to her face, again she replied in Spanish, trying hard to sound uneducated.

“What I do to please you”, Sheila said with a cute smirk.
She brought her lips to Marco’s, the kiss abruptly suspended by her Latin lover.

“Take a step back, pretend you’re a maid who barely speaks English, sound a little unsure of yourself, make believe you’re stupid.”

Sheila’s jaw dropped, illustrating a trace of a second chin, “That’s absurd, very crass on top of it.”

“Turns me on, Sheila baby, think of it as harmless role play”, Marco pleaded, “Like I said, without all the upper class bullshit you’re not so intimidating. Like I’m with a regular girl.”

“I feel very uncomfortable…” Sheila began to say, Marco grabbed Sheila’s hand and brought it to his manly package.
“The thought of it excites me.”

Sheila smiled, Marco was fully erect.
Taking a step back, Sheila giggled, “Okay, this one time.”

Placing her hand over her hip, Sheila gestured with her free hand, “Um, is this the right place for me work? I no talk American so good but I cleen up you la casa very cleen.”

Marco embraced Sheila, “That’s okay but you need to sound even stupider next time.”

Sheila pressed her breasts against Marco’s chest, “There isn’t going to be a next time…”

“Think of the advantages, Sheila, if you dress causal, lose the tummy control underwear, I mean you’ll blend into the crowd while we hang out at some bar or somewhere.”

Sheila ran her fingers over Marco’s face, “If it makes you happy maybe we can occasionally role-play where I’m an inapt immigrant girl but I’m not leaving the apartment like that.”

Marco was firm with his desire, “Your vocabulary is still too brainy, it’ll only work if you dumb down your language, you gotta talk like you’re completely stupid.”

“No”, Sheila stated flatly, “I’m very proud of my intelligence, my achievements all through school. I’m very fond of you, Marco, believe me. But I’m not going to talk like I’m some uncivilized migrant worker!”
Marco squeezed Sheila at the waist, “Okay, girl. I didn’t realize flaunting your intellect was such a big deal. But in bed I’m going to imagine you a high school drop out with a boring job….”

Sheila reached down at Marco‘s crotch, nimbly fondling his cock, she naughtily smiled, “If that does it for you, fine. I expect an improved performance.”

Sheila pushed herself out of Marco’s arms, turning around she strutted over to the bed, the wiggling of hips causing her derriere to quiver.

Impulsively but decisively, she played Marco’s game just to appease his fantasy.

“Ohh Marco, your hoochie girl had miserable day, they rejected my green card”, Sheila faked a Mexican accent. “Pleeze help me, I could be deported, sent back to my poor village…”

Sheila playfully jutted out her belly, “You no think me too fat? You show mammacita Sheila affection, no?”

Marco joined Sheila by the edge of the bed, strumming the slope of her tummy bulge, “You have to eat better, get fit. You’re not too fat now but you’re heading in the wrong direction”, he teasingly grinned.

Sheila momentarily broke character, giggling but subsequently resuming the role play, “Aye, I no wanna be gordita but yo must know us poor girls got hard time to stay skinny.”

Marco griped Sheila’s shoulders and snickered, “Lay off the burritos.”

“I try…” Sheila smiled.

Sex between the pair was always fulfilling for both them, Sheila was tremendously shocked how well Marco managed a little extra snap in his thrust.

So pleased at Marco’s additional prowess, Sheila continued speaking and behaving like a dim-witted Mexican immigrant, switching on and off from broken English to Spanish.

All was going well until Marco made the gaffe of wanting to service his vixen doggy-style.

Sheila interrupted Marco’s attempt in adjusting her position in bed, turning around and pushing him off her.
“I’m not comfortable with that situation; it’s degrading and vulgar, only uncultured people do it doggy-style!” Sheila vehemently sneered.

“All my other babes don’t seem to mind”, Marco uttered.

“It’s an antiquated position, clearly for the male to attest his dominance over his woman.
I’m not submissive to you or any other man!”

Marco grumbled under his breath, slowly removing himself off the bed, “I think I’ve had enough of you for one night.”

Sheila folded her arms under her beautifully shaped breasts, “Go, see if I care. Go back to your stinking hoochies who barely have enough common sense to clean bathrooms!”

“At least they know their place”, Marco rattled off as he dressed, “It isn’t natural for a woman to be the boss, someday baby you’ll get that in your head!”

“I could weigh 200-pounds and be unemployed, I still wouldn’t take orders from any man”, Sheila sulked as Marco hurriedly walked out of the apartment.

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Thanks for the new chapter. It was great!
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Nice chapter
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