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Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello Cane4kaa,

Glad you're enjoying the story, thanks. I was a little bit unsure about the readers reaction at the changed tone of the story since I have concluded the white trash element and now that the story is concentrating on Jenna's relationship with Miles and Betsy. I really appreciate your approval. BTW; for those who enjoy white trash transformations, let me know, I'll happily write another one.

Cheers, Matt
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Miles looked entirely charming by Jenna’s estimation.
A trifle dorky but a cute dork.
Miles’s hair was slicked back, not a smidgen of stubble left on his face, broadcasting his mildly handsome baby face. Decked out in his best apparel, his tawny colored dress shirt unambiguously exhibiting the fullness of his round gut, his J.C. Penny’s tie of an elaborate style with a black and yellow checkered pattern while his black slacks were a bit short.

Armed with a bouquet flowers and a box of chocolates, and not the cheap variety either, Miles bestowed Jenna a favorable smile upon taking in her appearance, and he nervously stuttered amidst wheezing, “Hot dog! You look ….very….very….bea …beautiful!”

Jenna tried playing it cool, gushing with a modest giggle as she rolled her eyes, “You’re looking very suave yourself, handsome….”

Jenna retrieved the candy and flowers, giggling again as she handed them off to Dora, “Oh, Miles, you’re such a sweetheart, thank you.”

Miles began to blather, “Well tonight’s a big deal, you know, just my appreciating ..I mean, just my …showing my appreciation for going to the dance with me….”

Dora and April snapped a few photographs with the couple standing together, and a solo photograph of each of them.

“Y’all have fun tonight!” Dora shouted out, “And Jenna, stay out as long as you like, take tomorrow off!”

“Shucks yeah!” Jenna enthusiastically thanked her, Miles likewise adding his thanks.

April hugged them both, whispering into Miles’s ear, “Make a good impression, and for goodness sakes, don’t be thinking about Kelly.”

Miles agreed with a nod.

From there it was to Miles’s car, actually his mom’s car, and then off the dance!


Mood music playing low on radio as they drove to town, the pair excitingly chatting away, almost talking over each other in cheerfulness. Jenna feeling as she did months earlier but without a shred of arrogance, Miles sporadically breaking through his gawky demeanor and sounding like a self-assured young man. Even taking an elongated peek at Jenna’s healthy rack when she wasn’t looking.

All was cool for want of a better term.

Miles aided Jenna out of the car, holding her hand while entering the VFW hall were the festivities were held. The dance floor was spacious, several tables situated near the refreshment stand.
Just like prom but at a little less elegant expense Jenna conceded in her thoughts.

Most of Jenna’s high school clique were there, she had yet met up with Betsy.
Just like Jenna they all carried extra pounds, their waists thicker, wider hips and plump bellies, albeit the changes to their figures not nearly as radical as the former prom queen.
Naturally there was talk, not outwardly catty and mainly in surprise, Jenna seemed too vain to capitulate to complete chubbiness, her lofty standards and potential seemed designed for her to remain svelte and flawless.

Photographs were taken with her and her old squad of cheerleaders, Jenna was right up there with the heaviest, no shock, and she then joined Miles to meet up with his friends.

Miles’s comrades were never especially fond of Jenna but they treated her moderately respectful.
Jenna was unfamiliar with them and their dates, this wasn’t unusual, she scarcely acknowledged them while in high school. All but one of the females was overweight, ranging from plump to pudgy; the lone thin girl was very scrawny. These chicks, along with Miles’s friends, were amused about Jenna’s size, speaking in whispers and broad smiles concerning the pompous beauty that didn’t look all that special anymore.

Jenna made a go of it, socializing with Miles’s pack like they were friends for ages and actually she did really well. Miles abandoned Jenna for a few minutes to grab refreshments, Jenna assimilating into the group as if she had always been positioned on their lower rung of the social ladder.

Miles returned shortly with small glasses of beer, the revelry continuing for a few minutes longer until Jenna spotted Betsy.

Betsy stood among a collection of apparently upscale - attractive looking people, and she fit in with them winningly. Betsy’s blond mane was rich with brown highlights, and manufactured into an extravagant upward style which showed off her exquisite features. Her sumptuous figure was all to brag about in a black sleeveless evening gown. Jenna even had to admit Betsy looked like an entirely different woman, effervescent, self-confident and sophisticated.

Jenna politely excused herself, after a moment Miles trailed behind.

Betsy was surrounded by several people, including her date, a tall physically fit male.
Jenna couldn’t distinguish any of them but then again the older section of Beluga Lake had been redeveloped, perhaps Betsy’s friends were new arrivals in town, young urban professionals.
They did appear ingeniously classy and well-heeled.

Jenna’s slowed her gait, which was vastly uncoordinated, finally coming within close proximity of Betsy’s clique. Jenna tethered sideways to catch Betsy’s attention, ultimately coughing out loud to get notice.

Simultaneously they all turned to Jenna, their expressions sans any kind of warmness.
Betsy elevated her eyebrows along with her chin, “Oh, Jenna, it’s you”, she half-smiled.

Betsy moved closer to Jenna and bestowed her a flimsy hug, then swung around, announcing to her group, “This is Jenna, a friend from high school.”

“Friend from high school?” Jenna abruptly thought, “What is that suppose to mean?”

Betsy failed to introduce anyone in her circle, including her date but did commend Jenna on how very nice she looked.

Miles ultimately caught up with Jenna, Betsy likewise complimenting him, “Miles Trent, you look positively debonair. I see that you managed to shanghaied Jenna in accompanying you to the dance, I knew you two would eventually hit it off.”

Jenna squinted, about to reply that they’re only out as friends, when Betsy swiftly reached out and took Jenna by the hands.

Betsy smiled as she squeezed Jenna’s hands firmly, “So nice seeing you, Jen”, her voice heavy with condescension, “I’m with ‘people’ so run off and have fun, maybe we can talk later.”

Jenna’s forlorn expression was quickly switched for a counterfeit smile, awkwardly uttering, “Okay, nice seeing you too…”

Jenna couldn’t believe Betsy’s dismissive attitude, behaving toward her like she was some inconsequential high school acquaintance.

The acrimonious feeling of rejection shaking up Jenna so badly that she fortuitously walked into Miles as she turned around. Miles’s body was like a brick wall, he barely budged from his place, however, Jenna felt all the more lumbering and uncultured. Nowhere near as socially superior as Betsy or her newfound friends.

Miles cordially took Jenna by the hand as they strolled away, although Jenna could have sworn she overheard Betsy say something in regard to Jenna being a nice person, an excuse if anything to explain her familiarity with some girl who didn’t fit into their league.

Miles recognized that Jenna was upset, Betsy’s standoffish conduct was pungent enough for him to feel, but he tried to improve her mood with absurd logic, “I suppose Betsy isn’t around those people all that much, give her the reason of doubt, she knows you’re a better friend than they are.”

Jenna swayed her face toward Miles with a blank expression.

Miles kept up the cheerful rhetoric, “We’ll go back to my friends, I’ll hit the refreshment stand, make ya a plate, they have lasagna, I heard it’s pretty good…..”

Jenna ignored Miles’s kindness, and instead critically spewed in her thoughts, “Oh great, I’ve been demoted to the wannabe’s table, and he wants to feed me on top of it!”
“Food is the prescribed remedy for us big gals when we‘re down!” Jenna added particularly sarcastic.

Jenna squeezed Miles’s hand upon reaching the area where his friends lounged, steering her body to face him, she stress fully solicited, “Don’t be gone too long, okay?”
Miles let go Jenna’s hand and impulsively yet gently grasped her waist, “Of course, I’ll be right back.”

Jenna’s heartrending emotional state had activated her appetite, and she added with a lopsided smile, “Don’t be too stingy with the lasagna.”

Miles shook his head, smiling constructively before momentarily deserting Jenna.

Jenna resumed sitting with Miles’s collection of friends, holding onto her stomach region as she lowered herself into a chair.

These people leisurely mingled among themselves, although they would occasionally acknowledge Jenna was a friendly comment or courteous smile. Jenna rotated her head, eyeing Betsy in the distance, her despondent feelings mixed with envy.

Violet McCann, the sole thin girl in the bunch, took a seat next to Jenna as her boyfriend excused himself to grab more beer.

Violet was genuinely pretty, long brown hair, her scrawny figure not looking half bad in a beautiful medium-blue colored gown. Violet cheerily conversed with Jenna, leaving the subject of high school clearly out of the picture. Jenna was engagingly responsive to the small talk, although she hardly knew Violet at all. Soon enough, and as Miles returned with the food, many more of his friends joined in on the whimsical banter between Jenna and Violet, apparently accepting Jenna.

Miles handed Jenna her plate, proficiently favoring his date with two large chunks of lasagna, carrot sticks, and a slice of roast beef with a muffin.

“Miles is the man of my dreams”, Jenna announced with a spunky giggle to Violet and his other friends. Somehow a bit of humor on her own expense helped to alleviate her feelings of dejection.
“Yeah, ol Miles knows my reputation; I always enjoy a big hearty meal!” Jenna added with the same bubbly timbre.

Violet moved over one spot and permitted Miles to take the seat at the table next to Jenna.
Jenna ate rather demurely, forcing herself to eat with decorum when in fact she wanted to savagely gobble up the food due to her pent up frustration.

The minutes went by, Jenna somehow managing to win over Miles’s friends as if she never treated them rudely in high school. Pleasurable, relaxing and gregarious, Jenna’s mood was improving.
Although Jenna was having a nice time now that Miles’s crowd made her feel generally comfortable, she reminded herself that despite how well they accepted her that she didn’t belong in their clique. She was better than them, no way would she assimilate into the same people she ignored in high school. Jenna was determined to drop the pounds, shape up and join Betsy in her popular clique.
A sneaky smile building over Jenna’s face as she decisively quipped in her thoughts, “I’ll be the Queen Bee, even put Betsy to shame no matter how beautiful she looks.”

However, sensibly or not, Jenna portrayed herself as if she was a standard fixture in Miles’s group, and put on the guise of stereotypical fat girl just to humor herself and appease them.

“Miles, baby”, Jenna spoke in a cute tone, “Would you please get me some dessert, please.”

“Sure, what you have in mind?” Miles answered back exceptionally polite, “There’s ice cream, pie and cake.”

Jenna kept up the overblown charming chatter, “Gosh, darn, they’re all scrumptious but I’m still unbelievably hungry, best bring me all three.”

“Good thing you’re on a diet”, Miles joking stated to himself before removing himself from the chair, “Of Course, Jen, my pleasure”, he elatedly smiled.

Miles excused himself from the assembly and dashed off to the refreshment stand.

Jenna turned to a couple of heavier females in their company, dramatically patted her belly section, she happily but fictitiously divulged, “I’m so glad that I gave up watching my figure, this way I can just eat and eat without feeling guilty about my weight, especially now that I’m fat.”

The females nodded in unison, one of them sweetly commenting, “Well Jenna, you’re still very pretty.”

“You think?” Jenna cracked an eye, giggling as she played it up excessively persuasive, “But thanks!”

This went on a while longer, even while she consumed the desserts, Jenna spoke and behaved like she naturally believed overweight women actually conducted themselves.

Jenna spoke about food, spending lazy days just indulging in sleep and reading, and watching TV, and food. And about how fashionable attire was too expensive and overrated.
“Sometimes I wear the same clothes for 3, 4 days in row, like what’s the big deal!” Jenna shrilled in laughter at one point.

Jenna was pleased that the other females all shared similar opinions and experiences.

Only thing, much of what Jenna had related was becoming existent traits to her character.

Finally the orchestra began to play, and Miles gallantly asked Jenna to dance.

Jenna’s smile was truly authentic, she really enjoyed dancing.
Heaving herself upward with a walloping loud sigh, she was then led to the dance floor by Miles.

The first number was ’Melancholy Serenade’, a slow song, and Miles surprisingly wasn’t shy about gluing his hand to Jenna’s waist as they dance. Jenna brought her body against Miles, resting her chins over his shoulder.

Amiably Jenna whispered, “I think your friends are starting to like me.”
“What’s there not to like?” Miles replied.
“In high school I was a different person”, Jenna ridiculously smirked, “I was so snooty to them.”
In reality Jenna still considered Miles’s friends lower in status, a fact she choose to ignore for the moment.
Jenna then giggled, “I hope I made a good impression.”

They glided across the dance floor as if they were the perfect couple.

“Well….” Miles paused before questioning Jenna, “I think you made a good impression. Were you real about eating that much food, and all that other stuff?”

Jenna closed her eyes, her body aligned with Miles, his chubbiness producing a sensual sensation and she emitted a soft purr.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, Miles smiled as he misconstrued her purr for an answer.

“Don’t be daffy”, Jenna said in a cute warble, her fingertips digging into his soft waist, “I said lots of that stuff coz I want to blend in with your crowd.”

“Just be yourself, Jenna”, Miles wisely advised her.

Jenna scrunched her nose in thought, embracing Miles all the tighter, her mind zeroing in on her attraction toward him - her weight and status - and Betsy’s condescending attitude.

Miles cupped Jenna’s upper arm, while his other arm was wrapped around her waist, steadily kneading the soft tissue, a sweltering ardent feeling rippling through her body.

Jenna and her world had indeed changed.

She closed her eyes, Miles’ paunchy belly sliding against her, and she deliberately avoided wondering if she could ever salvage her appearance and popularity, and to instead enjoy the evening.

What did it matter if she was ‘Big Jen’ for one more night_.

Jenna cleared her throat in a feminine manner, thoroughly enticed, inching her hand down Miles’s body, planting her fingers over his wide butt.

Most of Miles’s friends were on the dance floor with exception to one couple. They watched the dancing from their table, Jenna incorporated into their discussion.

“I like her better now, she ain’t so stuck up anymore”, the young man commented, “She’s a regular girl.”

The young lady concurred and added, “I guess getting chubby knocked her down to earth, I hope you don’t think I’m being too awful but I’m glad she got fat.”

“No, I like her better this way too”, The young man responded cheerily.

“I almost think we can become friends”, She pondered out loud; “We have lots in common.”

The particular song came to an end, a jazzy number was featured next, and Jenna gave it her best shot to stay on the dance floor with Miles.

Miles was significantly impressed by Jenna’s boogie-wiggle, and she grabbed his hand and pulled him in just long enough for her to bump her hip against his body.

Miles took noticed of Jenna’s face; she appeared exceptionally happy and excited.

“For a hefty gal she does have some moves”, the guy at the table commented.
“I’m surprised she has the energy but she used to be a cheerleader”, the girl replied, “Way to go!”

However, after a few minutes Jenna became rather fatigued, slowing down to virtually a crawl.
“Wanna take a break?” Miles asked.
Jenna waved her hand in front of her face, “Yeah, baby, I’m pooped.”

Jenna stepped in toward Miles and seized him by the hand, catching him by surprised; he reeled in his face and giggled.

Jenna kept one hand firmly over her stomach as they walked off the dance floor, slightly huffing from near exhaustion.

“We’ll sit the next couple out, honey, okay?” Jenna softly pleaded, “But like, in a while we can dance some more.”

Miles agreed, noting the unmistakably passive tone to Jenna’s voice, she had relinquished control over their relationship - friendship to the young man she once deemed not worth her time in high school.

“Sure, fine with me”, Miles said upon reaching their table. Miles aided Jenna down into her chair, she coyly grinned, “Say champ, could you please get me another beer?”

Miles attentively nodded and off he went.

The lone couple remaining at the table earnestly commended Jenna about how well she danced.
This opened up Jenna’s sensitivity, she duly appreciated their compliments and she found room to make another goofy crack about herself, “Not too bad for a chick that’s out of shape.”

Friendly banter ensued, nothing personal or important but frivolous items that only good friends talk about.

Miles had purchased a couple beers, turning around; he began walking away from the refreshment table when Jake and Denise entered the VFW Hall.

Miles quickly glanced over at his table where Jenna sat; she appeared overtly jovial as she giddily conversed with his friends. Miles resumed his concentration on Jake and Denise, obviously aware that spotting Jake with another woman; an attractive, physically fit woman on top of that, would affect Jenna in the worst way.

Thank goodness their table was just far enough away that she might not see him, and he knew he needed to get Jenna out of the hall, and fast!

Miles’s speed increased as he rushed over to Jenna, struggling to come up with a sound excuse to leave the festivities without Jenna having a clue about Jake in attendance.

Jake appeared efficiently dressed in a luxurious suit which illustrated his financial achievements, and he carried himself like he owned the room. Denise equaled him in every regard, her brown hair in a short utterly elegant style, diamond necklace plus matching earrings while her trim, shapely figure looked poured into her exclusively designed gown of a grandiose silver hue.


Miles reached the table, handing Jenna her beer, in which she politely thanked him, he briskly shook his head, viewing the background for any sign of Jake.

Jenna resumed her conversation with the guy and gal, bubbly and frivolous, even chuckling while they ran through an anecdote about a peculiar mishap at Pizza Hut.

Miles couldn’t help nervously wheezing, Jenna looking up at him with a concerned grin, “Take a seat, handsome, Annie and Todd are telling the most amusing story.”

“Um, you know something, Jen…Jenna”, Miles’ said, a profound crack in his worried voice, “I think …”
Just then a brilliant excuse tapped into his head, and he forced a gentle smile unto his face, “It’s such a beautiful evening, maybe we can enjoy a little walk together outside?”

Jenna glimpsed over the couple with a dizzy expression, returning her eyes back on Miles, a playful smile inflating her plump cheeks to nearly double in size, “Oh really?”

Jenna gestured with a nod, construing some romantic blood stirring in Miles’ body, she was all in.

Jenna gulped her beer quick and noisily, gazing over Miles, especially his large gut and boyish features. The old Jenna wouldn’t have agreed to Miles’s invite, this version willingly obliged.
After all, she wasn’t with her ideal choice for a mate at the moment, big Jen couldn’t refuse a tryst with Miles; especially since she now recognized a certain attraction toward him.

Jenna held out her arm, Miles snatching her hand perhaps a little too tight.
Jenna squeaked a giggle, “Whoa, aren’t we in a hurry.”

Miles tugged Jenna upward, reaching her feet; she laid her hand over his shoulder, bringing her body against his.

“Ain’t ya going to finish your beer, pumpkin?” Jenna asked with a charming smirk.

Miles swayed his face away from Jenna, taking a slug of the brew, before placing the glass on the table. “I’ll come back to finish it”, Miles said, although the statement was far from true.
In fact he didn’t even plan on them returning, but he would have to come up with that part of the scheme as it went along.

Jenna connected her arm around Miles’s arm, energetically waving to her new friends as they took a step forward. Jenna immediately and without noticed leaned to the side, “Forgot my handbag!”

Miles swiftly and clumsily yanked his arm away from Jenna’s, grabbing her handbag with fanatical speed. “Dang, sweetie”, Jenna giggled, “You’re an anxious fella, aren’t ya!
Well don’t be so impatient, big Jen adores nice walks in the night air with handsome young men!”

“Big Jen?’ Miles questioned with a puzzled expression, as did his co-horts seated at the table.

Jenna planted her hands to her ample hips, a breezy smile hopping unto her pretty face, “I sort of fancy that nickname, like to think of it coz of my breasts….”

Jenna whimsically concluded as she tapped her stomach, “…but it seems fitting for my tummy too!”

Miles rubbed his face, turning to his friends, he trudged toward Jenna, “See y’all later…”

Miles latched his hand unto Jenna’s forearm, steering her away from the table, he humorously hummed, “Let’s get a move on, big Jen; the moonlight is waiting for us.”

Jenna and Miles disappeared into the crowd, Annie volunteering her opinion to Todd, “I guess ol Kelly’s out of the picture now, Miles seems awfully interested in big Jen.”

“I like that nickname for her”, Todd candidly stated, “Big Jen, and she used to be so vain.”

“I’m doubtful Jen is all that vain anymore, see how big her ass got”, Annie noted with a slightly catty grin.

“Another reason that nickname works for her”, Todd said between sips of his Martini, “And to think she was the prom queen. If she had an ass like that in high school….”

Annie tilted her chubby body toward her man, “Yeah, I know, but so what?”
Todd acknowledged Annie with an unprompted smile, “You’re right, honey, it’s hard to imagine her ever being thin at all!”


Now as it happened, a couple of the guys on the dance floor with their dates noticed Miles walking toward the exit with Jenna. The fellas chivalrously excused themselves and hurried over to the couple.

“Where you’re going?” Lane Chandler asked upon interrupting their flight out of the hall.
Ranson Wilhelm likewise questioned Miles, “Shit, it’s not even midnight, and there’s the after the dance party at Bugzy’s place!”

Miles looked through his friends, not seeing Jake anywhere around, he relaxed for the moment, and explained, “Jen and I are just going to get some fresh air….”

As Miles filled them with his charade, he came up with a crackerjack of an idea.
He could take Jenna alone somewhere just to talk, he was still committing himself to Kelly, and then later, bring her along to the after the dance party at Bugzy’s.



Miles finished his explanation about the fresh air business with Jenna; she slipped out of his arm, and began shuffling away.

“Where the hell you going!” Miles shouted out in a panic.

Jenna blushed, “I have to powder my nose”, she then winked.

“But you stay with the guys, I’ll be right back!”, Jenna buzzed as she moved into the direction of the ladies room.

“Oh shit!” Miles grumbled, walking through his friends.

Lane vigorously marched behind Miles, laying a hand on his shoulder and spinning him around.
“Something’s up?” Lance questioned with a funky smile, “I knew you always had the hots for the princess_.”

Miles placed his hand over Lane’s shoulder, his voice full of nervous tension “I’ll explain everything later, just find Jake O’Hanlon, keep him away from Jenna.”

“Jake O’Hanlon, the Jake O’Hanlon who kicked the shit out of me in high school!” Lane quibbled, “Are you serious?”

Ranse caught up with the guys, “What’s going on?”

Miles wiped his forehead as he backed away, “You two just find Jake and keep him away from Jenna, please!”

The guys faced each other in unison after Miles had bolted into the crowd.

“You really want to find Jake?” Ranse asked Lane, “I mean Miles is a great friend but Jake always hassled us.”

Lane pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, “Wanna see the new game I downloaded?”


Jenna had done her business in the ladies room, and as she walked back unto the hall’s party area, she immediately discovered Betsy and Denise walking toward the facilities.

Jenna stood frozen, but she managed to peep a disgruntle sigh.
“I know Betsy’s going to treat me like crap again, she’s with that pompous beauty queen.”

Jenna quickly turned, her face downward as she hightailed it away as fast as she could.

Zigzagging through the crowd, and unthinkingly toward the bar, she overheard a member of the VFW Hall’s staff complaining out loud, “Some rich son-of-a-bitch wants champagne!”

It didn’t dawn on Jenna that they were alluding to Jake and as she traipsed within a foot of the bar, she accidentally walked into a young man. Jenna quickly apologized, the young man very graciously conveying, “Think nothing of it, its okay.”

Jenna smiled at him, subsequently whirling around and coming face to face to with Jake.

Jenna stood in shock, unable to move or say a word.

Jake laid his eyes squarely on Jenna’s face; he gazed over her curiously, trying to make some kind of recognition.

“Hello, Jake”, said Jenna, grinning uncomfortably.

Jake’s eyes dropped from Jenna’s face, promptly surveyed her chubby body.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Jake bluntly and rather offensively asked, “You blew up like a balloon!”

Jenna blinked, for a moment her mind went completely blank.

“Well nice seeing you”, Jake crudely stated, “I have to see where’s my champagne.”

Jenna snorted, her wrath unleashed, “I thought you were going to be in New York! You’re a fucking fraud and a liar!”

“What does it matter, Jenna, it was over between us a long time ago”, Jake bluntly announced.

Jake walked away, Miles finally reaching Jenna.

“Jenna, I’m sorry, I tried keeping you two apart…” Miles regretfully warbled.

Jenna sniffled as she bestowed Miles a fragile smile, she then spun around and angrily marched toward Jake.
Jenna came to a screeching halt upon finally reaching Jake who was now accompanied by Denise.

“You two are together!” Jenna shouted, “What the fuck!”

Denise gently placed her hand over Jake’s chest, steering her eyes toward his, “Let me handle this, darling.”

Denise didn’t wait for a reply, first clearing her throat she then walked over to Jenna.

“Jenna, you got to listen to me and try to understand as bizarre as this seems, I never had any intention of hurting you.”

“You stole my boyfriend!” Jenna vehemently discharged, her voluble voice naturally drawing a crowd.

“If your relationship with Jake was rock solid this wouldn’t have happened”, Denise tried reasoning with Jenna, “I just happened to be available at the right time, call it a coincidence but it happened just as Jake was questioning his feelings for you.”

Jenna looked over Denise’s shoulder, calling out to Jake, “You liked me didn’t you? I mean we had plans, right? We were committed to each other.”

Jake rubbed the side of his face, “Really, Jen, you don’t want to answer that, it’ll only embarrass you.”

Betsy forced her way through the crowd, Jenna sternly if not furiously sneering at her, “You knew about this! Didn’t you!”

Betsy held her hand to her hips, snootily reprimanding Jenna as if she was clearly ignorant to social refinement, “You’re causing a scene Jenna, you should be ashamed of yourself raising your voice and using such foul language.”

Jenna’s jaw dropped, Miles quietly walking up behind her.
Jenna began to sob, “You’re the one who ought to be ashamed, Betsy, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Denise tilted her head, edging herself backward toward Jake, “I’m sorry, Jen, really sorry. But to be honest, I think it worked out for the best.”

Jenna gaped at Denise as tears welled in her eyes, “Why? Why did it work out for the best?”

Betsy haughtily gazed over at Miles, “Take your date home; she’s upset and making an ass out of herself.”

Miles delicately ran his hand down Jenna’s arm. “Let’s go, Jen.” his voice the sound of reason, “More arguing won’t improve the situation.”

Betsy deliberately pointed at Jenna, “You behaved in an uncouth and unlady like manner, I’ll have a few words for you tomorrow!”

“Go to_”, Jenna began another surge of angry words, but Miles dutifully grabbed her shoulders, turned her around, and pushed her toward the exit.

“I’m not done here!” Jenna loudly and irately screeched.

Miles kept right along, directing Jenna toward the exit as fast as he could.
“I know you’re hurt but there’s nothing you can do about it, so let it go.”

Jenna tensely sighed, “What the hell, Miles, what did she mean by it worked out for the best?”

A throng of onlookers gawked at the couple as Miles hurriedly led Jenna to the exit.
Jenna‘s sobbing increased, barely audible, tears rolling down her apple cheeks.

Annie, who watched a good portion of the scene with Todd, broke ranks for her man and swiftly ran to the door, opening it just as Miles and Jenna reached it.

“Take care of her”, Annie said with down-to-earth concern, “I haven’t a clue what exactly went on but she needs to be with somebody!”

Miles nodded, steering Jenna into the parking lot.


“Alright, damn it!” Jenna snapped at Miles, “I’m away from your friends, I won’t embarrass you anymore!”

Miles remained calm, “You never embarrassed me once tonight, I only got you out of there because the squabble was getting out of control.”

Miles walked over to the passengers side door and opened it, Jenna sniffled a soft, awkward, “Thanks…”

“I tried keeping you apart, wanted to get you out of there and quick”, Miles said sympathetically.
“I should have tried harder”, Miles added as he fastened Jenna’s safety belt over her waist.
Jenna smiled, a brief smile that inflated her facial features, “Oh, I thought you wanted to make out with me.”

Miles opened his door and leaned in toward Jenna, “You’re welcome to vent or cry or whatever, I know you’re hurt.”

Jenna stared at Miles, who had yet boarded the car, “I ain’t going to punch you or get hysterical, you can get in the car.”

Miles nodded and maneuvered himself into the drivers seat.

“We have a 45-minute drive back to Dora’s”, Miles half-smiled, “If you need to get things off your chest, I’m here for ya.”

Jenna sighed, “I’d like to get out of this girdle, it’s killing me.”

“You’ll be home soon enough, Jen”, said Miles while pulling the car out of the parking lot.

Jenna reached over and secured Miles’s forearm, “I’m not ready to go home, can we just drive around for a while?”

“Anything you want”, Miles warmly smiled with his replied.

“You don’t happen to have a candy bar on you, do you?” Jenna asked.

“Nope, sorry Jen, but the mini-mart is just done the road a piece, I’ll get you one there.”

Jenna nodded, “I’d appreciate that, thanks, Miles.”

Nothing was said for the next few minutes, Jenna reviewing the incident in her mind, Miles unsure of what to exactly say stayed quiet, thinking it would be better if he just listened to Jenna when she was ready to talk.

Miles parked the car at the mini-mart; he turned his face toward Jenna, “I’ll be back in a_.”
Miles never finished his comment.

“Shit! Fuck! Damn!”

Miles caught the blunt of Jenna’s rage.

“You know why it worked out for the best!” Jenna vehemently announced, “Coz she thinks she’s the better woman for Jake because I got big and fat! No way would Jake settle for a smelly fat troll!”

Miles was indeed intimidated by Jenna’s outburst, and a little frightened, but he fought hard to stay calm, “Um, well, Jenna, I think Denise’s comment was a little vague.”

“What?” Jenna huffily responded, “Have you gone fucking crazy!”

Miles released his door, “I’m…I’ll get you a candy…”

Jenna sniffled, “Shit, Miles. We both know it’s true. Look how fat I got, I’m huge.”

Miles began to shake his head but stopped, “You’re terribly upset, there’s nothing I can possibly do to help you other than listen, and um, but tomorrow after you calm down, you’ll be able to see things more clearly.”

“Does that make sense?” Miles added, “I hope so.”

“No Miles”, Jenna forged a grin, “Thing is, it wouldn’t have worked out between me and Jake, he’d kick me to the curb as soon as my belly stretched out my panties and my ass….”

Miles interrupted Jenna in a soothing tone, “Stop it, Jen. You feel bad enough, there’s no need to be so critical of yourself. From what I know, Jake doesn’t deserve you.”

“That’s sweet to say, Miles”, Jenna’s comment wrought between honesty and sarcasm, “But Jake doesn’t cotton to big girls, and I’ve really porked up, in his point of view I’m just a fatty.”

Miles realized there would be no getting through to Jenna in her present state of mind, and thus he simply inquired if she needed anything else besides a candy bar.

Jenna made a goofy face and sung out loud, “Well a 2 liter of Pepsi would be nice!”


Jenna kept complaining about the evening as they sat parked in all places the Beluga Lake High School parking lot.

Miles listened as any good friend would as Jenna rambled on about Jake, Denise and Betsy; and a collection of negative remarks about herself.

“Betsy’s my BFF, how could she be such a traitor, why didn’t she say something?” Jenna harped at one point, “And she gave all the bullshit advice, she didn’t even warn me about Jake going to the dance with Denise….”

Miles nodded at all the right moments, scarcely saying a word unless he felt it necessary.
Although he finally tried changing the topic to ease Jenna’s foul mood.

“High school was fun, wasn’t it, Jen, we had so many good times here.”

Jenna lifted the bottle of soda to her lips, chugging it down before responding.

“Yeah, you’re right; we did have a good time here. I had my own little posse and whatever was happening, whatever was going on, my approval was required. I was the queen bee, and everyone knew it. I really miss the prep rallys the most, that and hanging out on the concourse with my girls.
All types of guys coming around flirting with us, treating us like celebrities, it was all so cool.”

Jenna reminisced for a solid ten minutes with a wide smile upon her face, albeit her expression then soured, “Now look at me, no way I could fit into a cheerleading uniform.”

“Neither can any of your friends, Jenna”, Miles trying to sound like the voice of reason, but this time he failed.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Jenna sneered, “I saw many of my friends tonight, the girls in my clique, I out weigh them all!”

Miles looked downward, “..um, didn’t mean to ruffle your nerves…”

Jenna gazed over at Miles, remorsefully sighing, “I guess I was too hard on you, you were trying to help.”

Miles shrugged his shoulders, favoring her with a compassionate smile.

“It’s nearly midnight, I should really drive you home, we can continue tomorrow, okay?”

Jenna rolled her eyes, “I can’t go back to Dora’s tonight, I’m an emotional wreck. Besides, she’d be too nosy, I’m not ready to talk about this yet to Dora or most anyone.”

Miles took it as a slight compliment that Jenna was willing to share her feelings with him but not really anyone else.

Miles politely suggested, “Well you can spend the night by me, we have a spare bedroom, my mom wouldn’t mind, she thinks the world of you.”

“Your mom is just as bad as Dora_”, Jenna paused, a delicate smile reaching her lips, “No offense Miles, but yeah, she is. I don’t want to feel pressured into spilling my guts; I’m feeling very sensitive about all of this right now. And also, I sort of think your mom is trying to fix us up, and I know she means well, but …”

Jenna lightly chuckled, “…I have to sort things out in my head coz I think I’m developing feelings for you.”

Miles benignly gawked at Jenna, “You mean, like, like, not as a friend?”

Jenna reached over and playfully pinched Miles’s upper arm, “Weren’t you paying attention to what I said, I have to sort things out!”

Miles grumbled in a humorous mode, “Okay, whatever, where do you intend to stay?”

“There’s that resort, I guess they have nice rooms. Take me to an AMT machine so I can draw some cash”

Miles’s voice squeaked in surprise, “Do you know how far a drive that is!”

Jenna gestured with her thumb, “The AMT machine is right down the block at the bank, remember.”

“I meant the resort!” Miles loudly corrected himself, “If I drive you there I won’t be home until after two in the morning.”

Jenna enjoyed another gulp of cola, sighing in a funky manner she then auspiciously grinned at Miles, “Now that Betsy has been, you know, released from duty as my BFF, the title’s all yours.”

“Jenna, you’re a pain in the ass”, Miles commented with some manly gusto, “But I guess I have to do it. Right?”

Jenna looked Miles up and down, rolling her fingers over Miles’s big belly, “Who said you just had to drop me off, you could spend the night with me, you know.”

Jenna winked, subsequently purring.

Miles’s face became flushed with a startled expression.

Jenna rubbed the side of her face, “Spending the night is better than driving all the way back home, alone!” She then giggled, “C’mon, you big baby! Be like we’re having a sleepover.”

“Okay, spending the night isn’t such a bad idea”, Miles said casually, but his tone became firm, “But remember, we’re just friends, I have to remain true to Kelly.”

“You’re a dork!” Jenna bluntly stated. “But a cute one.”

Miles reached over to the car door handle, “Before we go to the machine, I wanna call Kelly, check in with her. I’ll be right back.”

As Miles’s opened the car door, Jenna laughed, “Check in with her! You’re not even really dating!
“Well, it’s the right thing to do”, Miles decisively uttered, causing Jenna to crack an inane smile, “You’re a bigger dork than I thought. Go ahead, Romero, call your woman!”

Miles existed the vehicle, slamming the door shut.

Jenna watched as Miles roamed the parking lot speaking with Kelly, scrutinizing his girth as he wobbled around the small area in which he circled.

A silly grin reached her lips, “Damn, I’d like to persevere his virtue…”
Jenna turned her face in the opposite direction, “…ain’t like Kelly has any intention on really dating him.”

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It started to rain just as Miles drove the car out of the resort’s parking, Jenna remaining with him.

As things would have it, the Beluga Lake Resort was far too pricy for Jenna to afford.
A one night stay was well out of reach for a young lady without much of an income.

Miles summed it with his chaste logic, “They probably want to discourage people staying there for just one night stands, that’s why the rates are that expensive. They want to keep it a family facility.”

“You know what I mean?” Miles added with a charming smile.

“Yeah, I get it, they don’t want their motel becoming a fuck palace”, Jenna irritably fumed.

Miles paused at a stop sign, his chivalrous attitude getting on Jenna’s nerves.
“Now that you can’t stay at a motel, it’s either back to Dora’s or you can have the spare room at my place.”

Jenna lowered her head in thought and she released a dismal sigh.

Miles glimpsed over his J.C. Penny imitation gold watch, it was getting very late, and even Miles rarely kept night owl hours.
“Anytime you’re ready Miss Kasper.”
The comment was good-natured, and Miles said it with a smile, but this only increased Jenna’s foul mood.

“Can you shut up for a minute and let me think”, Jenna cantankerously groaned.

Miles shook his head several times; a weird expression of timid panic distorted his mildly handsome features.
Jenna took noticed and closed her eyes briefly, trying her best to settle down and relax.

Jenna reached over, laying her hand over Miles’s shoulder, she apologized, “You mean well, and I know you’re anxious to get home now that Kelly convinced you not to spend the night with me.”

Miles demurely nodded, “Yeah, it’s nothing personnel, right. You understand?”

Jenna didn’t bother to reply, she removed her hand from Miles’s shoulder, looking straight ahead, she quietly reviewed her situation.

“I can’t afford that stupid motel, and no way in hell do I want to sleep over by your home….”

“I guess its back to Dora’s then”, Miles interrupting Jenna as he veered the car into the direction of Beluga Lake’s rural acreage. “Dora’s probably asleep anyway; she won’t be up to interrogate you.”

Jenna rubbed her cheek, in her thoughts she realized another location for where to stay the night.

“Miles, do me a favor”, Jenna sniffled, “Take route 143, that’d take you down by the factories, okay?”

“What the heck for?” Miles asked with a ridiculous giggle, “Just beyond that is the bad part of town.”

Jenna puffed up her cheeks, exhaling loudly before sharing her idea with Miles.
“There’s a small motel chain, it’s nothing special, being honest it’s a dump. But the rates are cheap; I think their billboard said something like twenty-five dollars a night.”

“Of course it’s cheap”, Miles logically stated, “It’s in the poor side of town.”

“It’ll have to do, Miles”, Jenna flatly replied.

Miles fleetingly glanced over Jenna, she was definitely hurt after being uncompromisingly jilted, maybe she’s not thinking right he construed.

“Well….I don’t know….Jenna…” Miles buzzed nervously, “That’s a seedy area, you know….”

Jenna’s mood seemed too improve and she smiled, “I can take care of myself, I’m a big girl…”
“….A very big girl!” Jenna added with a squeaky giggle.

Miles’s white knight routine still intact, “I don’t approve of this, you might run into some slimy characters, and in your vulnerable condition I‘m afraid you‘ll get yourself into a jam.”

Miles cleared his throat, his voice sounding extremely masculine, “As your new best friend I forbid it!”

Jenna chuckled, “Didn’t know you had a pair! You’re very cute when you let the testosterone out of the bag.”

“I’m not kidding, Jen!” Miles rattled off, “You cannot go there!”

Jenna playfully dug her fingers into Miles’s plump waist, “Too bad, darling, coz I made up my mind.”
Miles fought hard not to giggle, “No, Jen, I’m serious…”

Jenna firmly locked her hand over Miles’s upper arm, she emotively sounded off, “I’m just drive there myself once you drop me off by Dora.”

Miles knew he was beaten, Jenna was determined to stay the night at a flea bag of a motel.

“Shit!” Miles grumbled, “But you better call me like, every hour so I know you’re okay.”

Jenna fluttered her eyes, and humorously chirped, “Oh, you do care, Miles, you really do care about me!”

“Sure I care about you, Jen, you’re a very good friend, I don’t want anything bad happening to you”, Miles pledged with conviction.

Jenna teasingly brought her hand over Miles’ belly, giving it a brisk massage, “Too bad Kelly talked you out of spending the night with me, you could have watched over me, make sure I was safe.”

Miles felt a tinge excited by the unexpected belly rub, rather flustered, he giggled while his face turned a pink hue.

Miles pulled the vehicle unto the side of the road, picturing Kelly in his mind before addressing Jenna.

“Like I said, it’s nothing personal, I like you, you know that.”

“I know, the friend bullshit”, Jenna said as she folded her arms over breasts. It didn’t make Jenna feel very good that she was now on the receiving end of the excuse she once used on guys she didn’t think were especially appealing.

Miles turned his face toward Jenna, his tone full of compassion, “It’s just how it is, Kelly thinks it isn’t a good idea.”

Jenna angrily swatted her stomach, “What’s up with that anyway! Since when is Kelly your boss?”

“You know how I feel about Kelly…” Miles tensely began his reasoning.

Jenna squinted, “What aren’t you telling me? Why doesn’t Kelly want you to spend the night with me, does she think I’m going to take advantage of you?”

Once again Miles hit the gas, and continued on their journey to the bad part of Beluga Lake.

“Since I can’t talk you out of it, it’s to that motel”, Miles warbled in a milquetoast tone.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if they got roaches…”

“Ow!” Miles shouted as Jenna pinched his upper arm.

“What the hell was that for?” Miles questioned with a bit of anger.

“What did Kelly say to keep you from spending the night with me?” Jenna demanded an answer.

“You’re not going to like it but since I know you won’t stop bugging me”, Miles sullenly admitted, “Kelly doesn’t think it’s_.”

Miles paused for a moment before fretfully inquiring if Jenna was really sure she wanted to know Kelly’s reason for him not spending the night with her.

The cold blast from Jenna’s eyes was answer enough.

Miles wheezed, his voice cracking as he divulged the truth, “I…I…. warned you, Jenna, remember that…”

Jenna intensely listened as Miles sheepishly continued, “…Kelly doesn’t think I should associate with the help…..”

Jenna interrupted Miles in a fit of rage, “Dora’s help? I’m the only help she got, I’m her whole staff!”

Miles sighed, “I know, I meant, I mean Kelly meant, I shouldn’t mingle with her servant, she say’s it ain’t right. Class separation and that stuff. I did say you’re not a career housekeeper, but like, Kelly thought I was putting her on.”

Jenna punched the car door, her eyes welling with tears, “What the fuck! I’m not a professional housekeeper!”

“Easy on the car, Jen, it’s my ma’s!” Miles screeched.

Jenna angrily snorted, subsequently sniffling, “I don’t even know Kelly, we’ve never met. How does she know I’m Dora’s housekeeper?”

Miles tried to play it sympathetically, “It’s no secret, Jen. Everyone around town knows you’re Dora’s housekeeper. What’s the big deal; it’s a job, isn’t it?”

Jenna wiped her eyes, muttering jadedly, “You’re not well-to-do yourself, how did you get involved with such a wealthy girl? Does her money have anything to do with it?”

Miles half-smiled, “No, Jen, of course not….”

Jenna interrupted Miles, “I’m sure she’s a spoiled rich brat like Denise…”

“You didn’t let me finish”, Miles replied, “Kelly isn’t all that rich, not really, well sort of by relations, but her uncle owns two farms and a brewery, her dad is comfortable, well….he’s a little more than comfortable, he has investments…”

Jenna squawked, “I don’t care, Miles! But damn, I never realized it until now, people all around here have me pegged as nothing more than a generic housekeeper.”

Miles tried to cheer up Jenna but it backfired, “You’re not just a generic housekeeper, you’re an outstanding one, Dora brags about you all the time.”

Jenna lowered her eyes and bitterly announced, “Some career huh, at least I’m good at it.”

“I did warn you, you wouldn’t like it”, Miles softly uttered with a shred of remorse.

Jenna wiped her nose, grumbling incoherently for a few minutes until just before reaching the seedy end of town; Miles drove by a 7-11.

“Wait! Go back!” Jenna yelled as she applied her hands to the dash board, “The 7-11!”

“You can’t wait until tomorrow to eat?” Miles’ grumpily questioned, unaware how harsh he sounded.
Jenna retaliated first with an icy stare, but then chuckled, “I haven’t eaten since the dance, you know us big girls! We can‘t go very long without eating.”

Miles caught the sarcasm 100 per cent; Jenna was purposely trying to behave true to her own predisposition toward heavier females. Heavy girl were fat slobs who constantly ate.

Miles ignored Jenna’s remark instead of countering her prejudice and speaking logically.
However, he responded in his private thoughts, “Oh, Jen, you poor mixed up girl, being overweight doesn’t necessarily make you a slob but if you want to play the stereotype fat girl role, I ain’t going to stop ya.”

Miles pulled into the parking lot, Jenna anxiously unfastened her safely belt.
“I need help getting out, please, Miles.” Jenna sniffled.

Miles spared no time in obliging Jenna, helping her out of the seat, he comically stated, “Well, since we’re here I’m going to get a hot dog, I’m a little hungry too. They do have hot dogs here?”

Jenna adjusted her gown, “I suppose. If they got ‘em, my treat, you’re doing me a big favor.”

Walking to the entrance, Jenna sided up against Miles, and took his hand.

Miles smiled and favored Jenna with a reminiscence, “All dressed up like this makes me think of the prom, we went for hot dogs afterward.”

Jenna recoiled with a funky expression, giggling out loud, “Big spender!”

“Hey, my tux cost me a hundred to rent, I’m not flowing in cash!” Miles gawkily responded.

Inside the store, the couple bought a total of four hot dogs; Miles exited to wait in the car as Jenna shopped around for munchies.

A few minutes later Miles watched as an excited Jenna virtually skipped toward the car with two plastic bags full of snacks.

“You gonna stay there for a week?” Miles chuckled as Jenna tossed the bags into the backseat.
Jenna giggled while fastening her safety belt, “No, just some snacks to keep my tummy full and happy. I got Doritos, a package of miniature donuts, cupcakes, cookies and candy bars.”

“O-o-o-o-o-kay!” Miles ridiculous smiled, “I guess you’re good then!”

“Bet your ass!” Jenna answered back, “I’m going to eat all the snack food I want and throw caution to the wind!”

Jenna leaned in toward Miles, poking his shoulder with her finger, “Where’s my hot dogs!” she chirped.

Miles handed her a crumbled paper sack, “There you go, enjoy!”

Jenna replied with a high pitched squeak as she withdrew the first hot dog, “I sure will, babe!”

Miles drove into Beluga Lakes’ seedy section to the tune of Jenna noisily gnawing on the hot dogs.


Miles gazed over at Jenna once she had devoured her hot dogs. Fighting to keep her eyes open, her round face held a delicate aura, akin to a chubby version of the generic girl next door.

Miles began feeling somewhat conflicted; Jenna was his big high school crash. Hadn’t Kelly come into the picture, perhaps things would have been different….

Miles reached over, softly pinching her upper arm, the tissue unforgivably squashy, and he sensed a wayward vibe of sensual electricity. Jenna felt so soft and cuddly.

“Hey you, stay up, we’re almost there!” Miles giggled, his eyes catching a look at Jenna’s breasts, instantly he turned away. Jenna’s breasts had increased in volume, well-endowed while in high school, she had now reached the voluptuous rank. Miles had no reservations how luscious they appeared, holding their own while modestly packaged in the dress. Miles was a guy after all, inexperienced and smitten with another woman but the princess certainly aroused him.

Jenna rubbed her face and grunted, “Yeah, Miles, okay.”

Jenna closed her eyes for a brief second, her face felt rubbery, and she despised the chubbiness that had tamed her unique facial appearance, even her nose seemed roomier.

Miles tried thinking about Kelly to keep his wits, but Jenna for whatever reason, ran her fingers over his thigh and then belly, subsequently patting his big gut.


Miles pulled the car into the Motel’s parking lot.

“Here we are, the Quality Inn”, he proclaimed.

Jenna half sleeping in the passenger seat opened an eye.

“Oh that’s great, thanks”, she mumbled as she started fumbling with her seatbelt.

“I guess I can take it from here”, she added as the belt finally succumbed to her efforts.

Miles looked around the dark uninviting location, “You sure? I mean this isn’t the best neighborhood around.”

Jenna was touched by the caring tone in his voice. She smiled back at Miles.

“Well if you really want to help a girl out, you can check the room, I mean if that would make you feel better”, she said.
Deep down Jenna did want Miles to check out the room, her cash could only stretch so far, and this motel was about as far as it could get her, even she knew this was a bad idea.

Miles eagerly jumped from the car, “Sure thing, room 210, right?” he said as his feet hit the rough gravel pavement.

Jenna managed to rock herself out of the car, grabbing the bags of snacks; she then followed slowly behind him, “Yeah, 210, that’s what the guy said.”

Jenna, who was waging a battle to walk across the parking lot in her high heels, smiled as she watched Miles locate the room. He looked like a puppy dog aiming to please and that amused Jenna somewhat.

Finally Miles called out, “Here it is.”

Moments later the pair stood in the room. A somewhat unpalatable looking room with smoke stained walls and a pervasive smell of damp. Jenna started to think maybe this was a bad idea after all, but a quick check of the sheets reassured her. The sheets had obviously been washed hundreds of times, their once starched crispness had long since disappeared and appeared almost threadbare, but they were clean and that’s what matter most to Jenna.

“Well it’s not the Hilton but it’ll do for tonight“, she said as she dropped her bags off onto the bed, the room key onto the small dressing table at the far end of the room.

Miles still felt uneasy about abandoning Jenna there, “You can say that again.”

It was clear that Jenna was set staying at the motel, Miles reluctantly turned to make his way out, “Well if you’re sure you want to stay here then I’ll leave, let you settle in.”

Jenna turned toward him as he drew closer to the door.

“There is one thing you can do before you go”, she said.
Her heart pounding in her chest, a faint smile breezing across her face.

Miles was equally nervous but he wanted to keep things light, “I told you….” he started.
Deep down he hoped he wouldn’t have to go over their recent conversation again so soon, besides, he wasn’t sure if he could resist Jenna for much longer.

Jenna chuckled playfully, “Oh don’t worry soldier, I won’t be taking advantage of ya, you can relax.”

Miles joined in on the laughter as the anxiety lifted.

“No, but I do need your help in getting out of this dress!” Jenna said chirpily as she turned her back toward him.

Miles was relieved to hear this and he agreed instantly.

The dress had a long row of small delicate buttons down the back, and Miles wondered how she would get the garment off if he hadn’t been there.

“The dress is nice, but she’s a real bitch to get out of it on your own”, said Jenna as she inched herself closer to Miles.

“I bet”, Miles stated as he started unbuttoning the dress, his fingers shaking as he did.

Jenna could feel Miles trembling and smiled. It had been a long time since she had come across a guy so nervous, the usual type, the jocks and such, were usually assured and confident, almost arrogant. Their only thought was how quick they could get into her panties. Miles was different, and Jenna found that sweet.

After a few moments Miles declared, “There, that should do it.”

Jenna could barely feel the dress on her body, but she grasped the front closely to her breasts to prevent it falling to the floor.

“Thanks”, she mumbled, “Now can I just ask you one more favor please.”

Miles smiled and helpfully replied, “Of course.”

Jenna dropped the dress unto the floor, “Can you help get me out of this bloody thing.”

Miles was shocked at Jenna’s casual tone.

“We ..well……..um…” Miles stammered as he gazed over Jenna’s form.

“Oh please”, said Jenna, “This thing has been killing me all night”, she added humorously.

Miles was finally getting over the shock of seeing Jenna in her underwear, “I bet it has!”
“That’s some hardcore support!” Miles added with a loud giggle.

At one point Miles’ comment would have angered Jenna, but she had literally accepted her battle with her figure would be a long and arduous one, and she was semi-resigned to that.

“Tell me about it”, she replied jokingly, as she pulled at the corset, “You guys don’t know how lucky you are. You can see now what we women have to go through for the lot of you!”
“I’m trussed up like a holiday ham”, she giggled, “I have not been able to breath for hours!”

Miles studied Jenna’s form as she spoke. It had been a long time since he had seen this much of her, but he had to admit her figure had ripened greatly over the summer. Despite the assistance of the corset, Miles could clearly see the results of Jenna’s hedonistic lifestyle.

Her once firm toned arms were plump and undefined. Her hips were wide and matronly, and her perfect legs now were considerably thick and cushioned with fat, but it was Jenna’s once legendary butt that shocked Miles most. Her once shapely, taut derriere had now been cruelly replaced by a large jiggling ass.

Jenna sensed that Miles was stunned by her appearance, and she sought to lighten the moment, “I know there’s so much more of me now!” she said cheerily, trying to sound body positive.

Miles felt embarrassed having been found out, “No….no…it’s not…”

Jenna interrupted him with a bubbly giggle, “Oh don’t worry, Miles, you’re sweet! I know what I look like.”

Jenna stood with her hands over her hips, “It’s totally my own fault, all those months of eating the wrong food and drinking all that beer, well I guess the pounds had to go somewhere”, Jenna said as she began gently patting her butt.

“As you can see, mother nature decided that I was to mainly carry it around on my hips and butt!”
Jenna gave her blubbery ass a final, somewhat harder tap, to emphasize her point.

“Bu…bu…no…” started a now even more embarrassed Miles.

Jenna could practically feel Miles’ cheeks glowing red, but she couldn’t resist the teasing.
She turned around to face him, grasping both his hands, she firmly placed them over her bulbous belly, “But don’t worry, Miles, as you can see, she decided to round me out in front as well so to even things out!”

Jenna laughed for a moment, and then took his hands and placed them over her breasts, “And I have to say, she plumped up the girls too! So it ain’t so bad.”

Miles was at a loss for words.

Jenna could tell Miles was tremendously embarrassed, and she called off the flirting for his benefit.

“I’m sorry”, Jenna said sincerely but couldn’t control an impulsive snicker.
Jenna then sighed, “Really, I’m sorry.”
Trying to calm the situated down, she tilted her head, “Please just unlace me and you can go.”

Miles took in a deep breath and nodded, “Okay, turn around.
Jenna dutifully obliged.

Jenna could feel Miles nervously pulling on the corset laces.
“What’s wrong soldier, can’t get me free?” she joked.

Miles concentrating too hard at the task at hand to notice Jenna’s teasing.

“Wow, these things are good and tight”, he said wheezing as he pulled at the laces.

Jenna didn’t need explaining, “I know! I don’t think Dora was taking any chances of me spilling out for sure!”

Finally Miles managed to slacken off several of the laces, and Jenna could feel the welcome release from her confines.

Again, Jenna clutched the garment to prevent it from falling to the floor.

“Thank you! You’re a star!” Jenna giddily shouted, welcoming the influx of air into her lungs for the first time in hours. “That feels so good”, she added with a gentle smile.

“Right, then I’ll leave it to you then”, Miles said coyly.

Jenna turned toward Miles, “I don’t know how to say thank you, not only for this but for the whole night.”

“It’s been real nice”, Jenna furthered her appreciation with sincerity in her voice.

Miles paused at the door, “Oh, you don’t have to thank me.”
Jenna noticed how flushed Miles’ cheeks looked and it amused her.

“That’s because you’re a good guy”, said Jenna warmly, “And even good guys deserve a treat now and then.” As Jenna finished her comment, she let the corset fall to the floor.
Despite the poor quality of light in the room, Miles could easily make out Jenna’s form.

Her comment about ‘mother nature rounding her out in front’ was not an idle boast as Miles could see her big gut spilling out over her white panties and her heavy engorged breasts resting on top of her bulging belly.

“There, it’s not what it used to be”, said Jenna as she rested her hands on her plump hips.
“But I think you deserve a little treat to say thanks”, she added.

Jenna cleared her throat, then swiftly nodded before raising her arms high in the air, initiating an impromptu cheer for Miles‘.

“Jenna Kasper, prom queen, belle of the ball! All 200-pounds of her, and still growing!”

The routine was mediocre at best, Jenna whirling her arms counter clockwise and marching in place.
She concluded with a smile, and giving Miles a quick hug,

Miles didn’t know what to say at first, finally controlling his racing heart beat, he kindheartedly smiled, “You look as beautiful as ever Jenna, don’t let anyone say otherwise.”

Miles moved closer to the door, slowly opening it, he smiled again before shuffling out of the motel room.

With Miles’ words warming her ego, Jenna smiled and took a seat on the bed.

Holding unto her sprawling belly, Jenna brought her legs onto the mattress, once comfortably positioned; she grabbed one of the plastic bags and removed a package of miniature chocolate donuts. Promptly tearing open the package, she quickly devoured the initial sample, another one followed, the third she popped between her lips while still chewing the second donut.

While she inspected the contents of the plastic bag to choose what to eat next, there came a loud knocking on the door, and she heard the unmistakable sound of Miles’ voice.

“It’s me, Jenna! Let me in!”

Jenna dropped her feet unto the floor, and heaved herself up off the bed, moving as fast to the door as possible.

Opening the door, Miles stood in the doorway, a misguided expression fitting his face.
“I can’t let you stay here by yourself, this is a shitty neighborhood, even my mom wouldn’t want me to leave you alone.”
Jenna tilted her head, an engaging smile filling up her round cheeks, “I’m glad you decided to stay, Miles, to tell you the truth, I was a little scared.”

In truth Jenna wasn’t all the scared, the events of evening had eradicated any other emotion she could have felt, she was too hurt to experience fear.

Jenna shut and locked the door immediately after Miles entered the room.
Miles removed his suit jacket and set in on a chair, turning around he met Jenna head on, inches away from him.

Jenna abruptly brought her fingers to Miles’ tie, and began unraveling it, her belly merging with his.

“There’s snack food, you know, if you’re hungry”, Jenna mentioned upon removing the tie from Miles’ collar.

“I’m okay”, Miles’ wheezed uncomfortably, her body touching his set off a riveting sensual sensation.

“Did you ever imagine while we were in high school, you’d be in the same room with me, and me in my underwear?” Jenna snickered.

Miles’ made an effort to play it cool, “I imagined lots of things about you…”

Jenna teasingly smiled, brushing his cheek with her fingers, “I’m not surprised.”

Jenna lowered her face, and began unbuttoning Miles’ shirt.

“What’cha doing?” Miles’ asked nervously.

“Getting you ready for bed”, Jenna replied, “You very well can’t sleep with your clothes on.”

Nothing more was said as Jenna finished unbuttoning Miles’ shirt, he maneuvered his torso, giving Jenna an improved advantage in slipping the shirt off his body.

Jenna swerved her body around Miles’, tossing the shirt on the chair behind him.
Resuming her stance in front of him, Jenna seized Miles’ big belly with both hands, and commenced fondling his stout gut.

Jenna momentarily gazed into Miles’ eyes, a mischievous grin developing over her lips, and she hiked up Miles’ undershirt to knead the doughy tissue.

Miles’ did enjoy the belly rub, a tingling sensation rippling through his body.

“Jenn….Jenna…” Miles squeaked timidly, “May..maybe we ought to watch TV….”

Jenna made a silly face, comically pouting, her fingertips still working on Miles’ belly, “ Are you sure you want to watch TV, soldier? I mean we’re in a motel room, and we’re both adults.”

“I just don’t want to take advantage of you while you’re in a vulnerable state”, Miles’ uttered with concerned, “The guy you had your heart set on just broke it.”

Jenna released her hands from Miles’ belly for a moment, straightforwardly speaking and in a determined tone as she hoisted the T-shirt off his body.
“I’m fond of you Miles, very fond of you, just like when you were smitten with me years ago.”

Miles’ listened as Jenna resumed massaging his belly, “I’m not thinking about tomorrow, it’s this moment that matters, and at this moment the only guy I want to be with is you.”

Miles watched as Jenna scrunched downward, holding onto his waist while she soothingly kissed his belly.

“You like me, Miles; I know you have feelings for me ….”

Jenna gave his belly a final tight wet smooch, subsequently correcting her posture, and unhooking her bra.

“If you’re no longer infatuated with me anymore I understand but tonight please show me the same affection you would have when I was your crush…”

And with that Jenna let her bra drop to the floor, Jenna perkily giggling as Miles’ captured Jenna’s breasts.

“You used to dream about kissing me”, Jenna purred, “Might as well now since you’re holding my boobs.”

Miles heaved an aroused sigh, inching his face toward Jenna, resulting in a euphoric kiss.

Miles’ delicately massaged Jenna’s breasts as the kissing proceeded, and she deeply burrowed her fingers into his flabby waist.

Jenna slowly led Miles over to the bed, their lips remaining interlocked, their hands exploring each others bodies.

Miles was partially on the bed when the kissing ceased, Jenna lifting his large belly upward while she unfastened his belt.

Miles held tight the mattress as Jenna tugged off his slacks, his features twisting in negligible panic as he admitted with a tense squeak, “This is my first time, Jenn! I never done it!”

Jenna tossed Miles’ slacks to the side, “Then this will be a treasured moment!” she then impishly grinned, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Jenna then caught sight of Miles’ boxers advertising the ’Star War’ logo, and she couldn’t resist a tease, “After tonight fella, you’ll be wearing big boy shorts.”

“They’re a birthday present from my mom!” Miles apologetically shouted out.

Jenna crawled over Miles full-size stomach, bestowing him a quick yet sensual kiss.

“Be sure, your mom is so hopped up on us getting together, she’d approved of us doing this!”

Jenna laughed, Miles gazing at Jenna with awkward eyes.

Jenna playfully bounced her hand off his belly, “Just kidding around, handsome, this is our secret!”

Miles blurted an ultra sensitive, “OW! at the thumping of her hand against his belly.

Off went Jenna’s panties, for a brief moment she critically analyzed how fat her thighs had become.

However Jenna quickly dashed away any negative thoughts pertaining to her body, and she giggled as she firmly gripped Miles’ boxers at the waistband and slowly pulled them down his legs, ultimately casting them aside. Jenna could see that his penis was already stiff; however, she playfully stroked the stem for a moment before climbing aboard her stout lover.

Jenna spread apart her chunky thighs as wide as possible, holding onto her chubby belly as her vagina welcomed Miles’ shaft. The progress started slowly, eventually finding an in sync rhythm, Jenna swaying her hefty hips, her blubbery caboose jiggling, corresponding to the bobbling of her boobs.

Jenna’s erratic groaning made Miles’s feel a little nervous at first, but his anxiety was soon quelled as Jenna sporadically called out his name.

“That’s it, Miles… You’re doing…well!” She ecstatically called out between moaning.

Jenna embraced Miles’ belly, maneuvering her body energetically, Miles’ motioning with his hips and backside, his thrusts adequately gratifying her sexual appetite.

“Damn, Miles…This is the most exercise I’ve had…all week!” Jenna excitedly squealed.

“Jenna!” Miles yelled, releasing his load into her without further warning, Jenna only sighing out loud.

Jenna sat poised Miles a heartbeat in duration, then coming to rest beside him, an amorous smile on her face.

“This..”, Miles began to say, wanting to compliment Jenna on his inaugural sexual experience but he paused for fear he might utter something too cliché.

Jenna softly traced the outline of his face, then massaged his ears and neck, “Imagine if something like this happened in high school, you’d be the hero on campus…”

“….Of course if I looked like this, you’d been made fun of”, Jenna added with a comical smirk.

“Don’t talk like that, Jenna”, Miles replied convincingly, “I’d be proud to be with you, only small minded jerks couldn’t appreciate your beauty…”

Jenna cuddled up to Miles, embracing his waist; he delicately weaved his fingers through her thick brown mane, placing a kiss on her lips.

“I know you think I’m beautiful at this size, even if I got heavier, and I know you’d be genuine with your thoughts, and I’d almost believe you”, Jenna serenely warbled.

“But I do think you’re beautiful”, Miles countered Jenna’s point of view to the positive.

“You sort of misconstrued me, I trust your opinion and appreciate it”, Jenna warmly smiled, “Thing is, what I really mean is, I have my doubts about my looks, now that I’m a fatty….”

Jenna’s expression soured for a split second but just as quick, she released an enamored purr that matched her appealing smile, “I’m going to work on it, Miles. I’m going to try very hard to come to terms with my weight…”

Jenna unexpectedly sniffled, “…..maybe getting used to being a fat girl won’t be so hard after all.”

A single tear ran down Jenna’s chubby cheek, Miles’ instincts took over and he quelled her emotional eruption with a single but very tender kiss.

Jenna slowly pulled her face away, half-smiling; she then rolled over and picked a plastic bag off the floor that contained her snacks.

“We’ll have a 10-minute break to munch!” Jenna uttered excitedly, “Then what’d ya say we make another go at it!”

Miles optimistically chuckled, “I guess I can stand to nibble a little…”

Jenna tossed Miles a candy bar, “Cool! You’re really going to need your strength for this next round!”

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Miles rolled over upon coming out of his slumber, noticing an unclothed Jenna sitting on the edge of the bed. Not quite fully awake, Miles laid quietly, calmly studying Jenna’s backside as it spread out over the bed. The girl who was once known as having the perfect bod now had a rather large beefy ass. Completely spherical in shape, her plump butt-cheeks distending over the mattress, the blubbery tissue revealing a couple faint dimples deposited over her skin.
A row of love handles circling her waist, the thickest one extending over her well-padded hips.

Miles reached over and delicately ran his finger down the slope of her posterior, “Hey, how long you been up?”

Jenna swerved her face toward Miles, her long mane trailing over her shoulders, “Not long, a couple of minutes.”

Miles favorably gazed over Jenna’s face with a warm smile, “Want me to run out, get us some coffee?”

In an uncomplicated moment, and for some odd reason, Miles perceived Jenna’s face as chubbier than he logically remembered. Her apple cheeks, round and soft, the pulpy nature of her double chin.
Miles never really realized just how pudgy Jenna’s features had become.
The additional pounds may have removed the unique quality from Jenna’s face but provided her the look of a cute young lady of a humble if not thoroughly docile nature.
Whatever the cause, Miles shrugged it off; there was indeed an alluring element to Jenna’s face that he refused to analyze.

“Yeah”, Jenna smiled, “Coffee would be good, we need to leave shortly.”

Miles grabbed the blanket and thoughtfully spread it over her shoulders, tucking in the material around her waist, “Here, I don’t want you to get cold.”
Jenna fluttered her eyes and smiled, a gracious thank you leaving her lips.

Miles crawled out of bed, his modesty compelling him to quickly garb himself, Jenna watching with a cute smirk.

“No big deal being naked in front me, soldier”, Jenna humorously chortled, a profound twinkle in eyes.

Jenna tilted her head, announcing like some inept wallflower of a girl, “You look swell”, her voice vaguely passive.

Scratching his podgy belly, Miles assessed the situation.
“I noticed a diner down the road; I’ll get us some coffee there. In the meantime, you ought to get ready, I mean if you’re ready to go back home.”

“I have to get back to Dora’s sooner of later”, Jenna softly uttered with a hint of apprehension.
Jenna then gazed over at her dress, “I can’t get into that, it’s too small for me.”

Miles fastened his slacks, his stout belly pouring over the waistband.
“That‘s going to have to do, just suck in your stomach…”, Miles nonchalantly advised Jenna.

Miles paused as he timorously looked at Jenna.

Jenna didn’t appreciate the comment at first but she quickly put it aside, mumbling despondently, “And no way will I get back into that torture trap Dora calls a corset.”

Miles rubbed his head, “Well, what do you suppose?”

Jenna tumbled backward unto the mattress, “What choice do you have, Miles. You have to drive over to Dora’s and get me some clothes”, she peeped melodramatically.

Jenna stared up at the ceiling, cupping her belly, panicking slightly that Miles might oppose the drive back to Dora’s home.

After a moment of silence, Jenna heard Miles’ booming chuckle, “Alright, we can’t have you going back in your underwear!”

“Oh Miles! You’re the best!” Jenna shouted out.

Miles heaved a stressed sigh, “I really don’t mind chauffeuring your around, Jen, but I used up a lot of gas. I know I have four jobs but my income isn’t anything to brag about.”

Jenna rolled unto her belly, “I didn’t know you were so cheap!” she giggled.
“But I’ll happily pay for the gas.”

“Thanks, Jen”, Miles replied.
“I’ll get us some coffee first though, okay.”

“Miles, dear, honey”, Jenna syrupy warbled, “Can you do me one more tiny favor, please?”

Miles inched closer to Jenna, again he chuckled, “You’re such a sweet pain in the ass. What is it?”

“Get me some food too please…”

“What about the snacks you bought last night?” Miles inquired.

“Well um”, An embarrassed expression distorted Jenna’s features at first but she giddily smiled, “I ate them all. After the sex and you were sleeping, I got hungry.”
“Sex has a weird affect on my appetite in the worst way”, Jenna beamed a funky smile, announcing it like a badge of honor.

Miles cracked an inane grin, “Sure, what would you like?”

“Oh, surprise me but get me something sweet too”, Jenna warbled, switching her bubbly tone into a deep silly voice she added, “Jenna needs sugar badly!”

Miles grabbed his car keys, he had never experienced this side of Jenna, she seemed so peculiarly lighthearted, far from the uptight young lady he had known all these years.
Miles affectionately gazed over at Jenna, “I’ll be right back.”

Jenna curled up in the blankets and shut her eyes, taking a short nap until Miles was back with the food.


Miles returned within a half-hour, bringing Jenna chicken wings, onion rings, glazed donuts and naturally coffee.

Miles fondly looked at Jenna who was situated in bed, thoroughly elated with the modest meal.

“You sure you’re comfortable enough going back home? Miles kindly asked.

Jenna paused from gnawing on a chicken wing, her mood much more vivacious than he thought possible considering her heart being broken by Jake and the whole ugly experience.

“Thanks for your concern, Miles, but I’m okay”, Jenna smiled, resuming her nibbling, she added, “I’d have to go back sooner or later anyway.”

Jenna then urged Miles to be safe on the road and that she’d be looking forward to his return.
Miles acknowledged Jenna, stating that he should be back within the hour.


There alone Jenna lounged in bed, completely naked while enjoying her food.
Jenna briefly sniffled, but an acorn of a thought surfaced in head, this wasn’t so abnormal after all.
Jenna grinned, devouring her food at a slightly faster rate as she pondered over her weight among other things.

Jenna opened her mind to her prejudice pertaining to heavy females, she was now a member of their rank, and she contemplated their stereotypical behavior, and likewise her status as housekeeper, both of which she had felt were socially inferior.

Jenna wiped her greasy fingers off the blanket, subsequently gobbling up the onion rings, her mind zeroing in on how much her life had changed and what was in store for her.

She’d be identified as Dora’s housekeeper, proficient and dutiful, uncomplicated in terms of personality, nobody would think she was high maintenance or ambitious.

Jenna imagined herself preparing for next year’s Beluga Lake’s Family Day at the beach.
Any kind of bathing suit would be out of the question; instead she would be garbed in a big ol muumuu style beach dress. She would prepare the meals and look after the children while everyone else was making a day of it.

At the annual charity bake sale Jenna would receive congratulations, not only did she provide the event with several pies and cakes but she bought $125.00 worth of bakery.

At Dora’s homestead, her free time would be spent reading or watching TV, snacking would be a requisite, chubby babes have huge appetites that match their bodies. Saturday nights would be extra-special, movie night complete with a jumbo pizza.

On occasion Jenna would go out, but not with Betsy or Denise, she’d be hanging out with Miles’s clique unless she found some new friends, heavy girls just like her who shared similar attributes and lifestyles. Jenna envisioned herself an obese oaf, uncoordinated and lethargic. Unremarkable as she made the best out of her prosaic life.

Jenna positioned the bag over her bulging belly which flourished over her panties, nibbling on the onion rings between gnawing on the donuts. She gave no mind of the crumbs resting in her cleavage or extending over the bed, focusing instead on such matters as Miles who no doubt would eventually win Kelly’s heart, at least in her current state of mind she found that logical.
She’d probably end up watching their kids while they spent an evening out, the only romance Jenna would be lucky to experience would be in the pages of those romance novels she digested.

By then, Jenna surmised as she snuggled under the blankets upon finishing her meal, hardly anyone at all would remember her beauty and popularity.


Jenna eased herself upward as Miles walked into the motel room; he set down the garments on the bed and then cordially backed away.

“Did you have enough to eat?” Miles asked.

Jenna pinched a solid inch of her belly fat, a goofy expression upon her face, “I’ll say, I’m really getting a donut belly, ain’t I.”

Miles tilted his head, agreeing in a bubbly candor, “Well you had four of them.”

Jenna stood up, quietly surveying the T-shirt and sweatpants, Miles chivalrously mentioning that he would wait in the car while she dressed.

Jenna turned to Miles and tossed back her hair, “We needn’t be in such a hurry, Miles, maybe we can spend some more time together.”

“Thing is, Jen”, Miles replied almost cautiously, “I have, well, to be honest, I’m supposed to be mowing Kelly’s uncle’s lawn and I’m already behind schedule.”

“Ah yes, Kelly”, Jenna bitterly pondered, “Whatever that minx wants she gets.”

Jenna sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed as she began slipping on the sweatpants, Miles willingly acknowledging the previous evening.

“I don’t know how to say this but I’ll give it my best shot. Last night was fantastic, I don’t regret what we did, and….”

Miles paused, momentarily watching Jenna struggling into the T-shirt, the fabric opposed to her tubby shape.

“You were saying”, Jenna tensely smiled.

“I like you, Jen, I’m very fond of you”, Miles began to nervously drone, “If Kelly didn’t come along…”

Jenna gestured with her hand, “Okay, that’s enough. I understand…”

Jenna adjusted the T-shirt over her spherical shaped belly that distended out and away from her blubbery body, “What happened last night will stay between us, so don’t worry. I’d hate to come between you and Kelly.”

Jenna walked over to the dressing table to retrieve her purse, her waddle seemingly much more acute.

“If we’re going let’s get going”, Jenna said gesturing to the door.

Miles shuffled toward the door, Jenna right behind him.


Chitchat was at a minimum on the ride back to Dora’s abode, Miles did try to initiate some cheerful banter but Jenna appeared lost in her own thoughts for the entirety of the drive.

Pulling into Dora’s driveway, Miles casually informed Jenna that he would call her later, and possibly drop by to see her tomorrow.

Jenna weaved her fingers through her dense brown locks, a delicate smile over her face.
“That won’t be necessary, Miles. I’m going to lay low the rest of the week. I’m not in the mood or have the energy for company.”

“I understand”, Miles replied.

Jenna wrangled a strand of her hair, “Tell your mom I’ll be dropping by for a visit next week, and if she don’t mind, I could really use a haircut.”

Jenna unfastened her safety belt and opened the car’s door, “Maybe I’ll see ya then”, tears pooling in her twinkling eyes.


Jenna checked the door, which was locked, and rang the bell, after a moment waiting she let herself in. Apparently nobody was at home, and once dropping off the dress on the couch she made a beeline into the kitchen. Jenna chugged away a tremendous amount of milk, quickly devoured some lunch meat and then climbed the stairs to the upstairs bathroom where she showered.
From there Jenna found her way to her bed, picked up a paperback, and was out like a light within twenty-minutes.


Jenna awoke to Dora gently rubbing her arm, “I heard all about it from Betsy, you okay?”

Jenna grumbled something inaudible, releasing a muffled snort, she then cleared the throat.
“Sucks, don’t it. But I’ll survive”, Jenna said quietly.

In spite of feeling some victory in Jenna’s falling foul; Dora did indeed have some empathy for her.
“Don’t feel too bad, Jake’s a big time jerk, Denise done you a favor by taking him off your hands.”

Jenna wheezed timidly, “Denise said it happened for the best, she’s 100 per cent right, it wouldn’t have worked out, no way would Jake fancy me at this size.”

Jenna glided her fingers over her belly bulge as she added, “Now that I’m a huge fat hog like the ones that win blue ribbons at some county fair…”

Dora was caught off guard by Jenna’s statement, not exactly her words but the certainty resonating in her voice.

“Oh Jenna, don’t be so glum”, Dora warbled serenely, “Jake‘s involvement with you was based on artificial intentions, he wasn’t really fond of you.”

Jenna rubbed her face, sulkily concurring, “No shit.”

“Honey, take a few days off if you like, I’ll handle my brood until you feel better.”

A partial smile touched Jenna’s face, “No, Dora. I need to get back into the swing of things immediately. The dirty clothes are piling up and I think the bathrooms could use a good scrubbing.”

Dora unintentionally patted Jenna’s belly, “Sure, tomorrow then_.”
Sensing she might have made Jenna feel uncomfortable, she withdrew her hand just as fast.

Jenna giggled, “It’s getting big, ain’t it.”
Jenna squeezed the dense tissue, her giggling taken up a notch, “Imagine how big it’s going to get if I’m not careful!”

Dora fleetingly gazed over Jenna’s impressively large belly, the blanket only exaggerating its size.

“Oh by the way”, Dora chimed, “Betsy called, she’s worried about you.”

“Betsy worried about me, that’s a laugh!” Jenna grimaced. “She’s too high maintenance for me to stand; I rather not speak with her for a while.”

“She’s your best friend, she does care about you”, Dora insisted.

Jenna sniffled, “I don’t know why she set me up but she did, she knew Jake was going to be there, and with Denise. You know, Jake I can eventually forget about, Betsy on the other hand, I’m totally miffed at her.”

Dora warmly smiled, replying with an arcane answer, “Providence settles all scores, in particularly matters of the heart.”

Dora took a step toward the door, “You just relax, we had dinner by my sister’s, but I’ll gladly make you sometime if you’re hungry. Then you’re welcome to watch TV with me if it pleases you.”

Jenna adjusted her body under the covers, “That’s all good, Dora. I’m going to nap a little longer but yeah, something to nosh on would be ideal.”

Dora acknowledged Jenna with a cordial nod, resuming her trek to the door; she then spun around before leaving the room.

“By the way, did Miles have a nice time? I mean regardless of Jake showing up and all the commotion.”

“I hope so!” Jenna loudly chimed.



“I suppose Jen’s still mad at me”, Betsy affirmed while speaking with Dora over the phone.

“Yeah, she hasn’t brought you up so I reckon that’s the case”, Dora replied.

Betsy adjusted her posh looking eyewear, stationed at the computer; she had been studying for a test when Dora had called her.

“I guess I deserve the cold shoulder, but I really don’t want to lose her friendship….”

Dora was about to respond, Betsy speaking over her, “…and it isn’t just because she’s the heavier one now, but I’ve known her my whole life, we have a real bond together, deep down despite our scheme, I do have feelings for her.”

Dora finally voiced her opinion, “Give her some time to heal, honey. She feels very betrayed, it might be a while but I’m positive she’ll forgive and forget.”

Betsy listened as Dora continued, “I must say Jenna has really thrown herself into her work. I honestly believe she’s never been happier looking after the kids and housework.
I think it’s partially due to alleviate the hurt and it hasn’t hampered her appetite none.
She nibbles around the clock and at dinner time she isn’t shy about second helpings and big desserts!”

“You think she’s through with dieting?” Betsy bluntly inquired.

“I asked her about that yesterday”, Dora candidly shared the details.

“Jenna has been regularly watching my shows with me in the evening, always with a big bag of chips or ice cream, you know. Well, I sort of asked in a round about way if she has heard from that weight loss counselor. Jenna put it rather vaguely, something like, ’I’ll worry about my weight on own’. Now just before bedtime Jenna asked about getting a new uniform seems the one she got is getting uncomfortable.”

“Seems Jenna has given up on losing weight”, Betsy replied.

“Could very well be”, Dora straightforwardly uttered, “She wasn’t the least bit grumpy while we talked, and you’d think she wouldn’t want a new uniform but would use this as an excuse to lose weight.”

“How things between her and Miles? Maybe he approves of her chubbiness”, Betsy asked.

“Oh, that’s another sore spot with Jenna. I brought him up a couple times and she said as long as Miles got his nose up Kelly’s ass there’s no rhyme or reason for her to around him.”

Betsy chuckled, “Aw, she must be really smitten with guy if she’s that hostile. You think there’s a chance Miles might ditch Kelly for Jenna?”

“I wish!” Dora firmly stated, “Miles is the best medicine to mend her broken heart and get her mind right.”

Dora momentarily broke into a bouquet of laughter, “Oh shucks, I forget to tell you this!”

Dora cleared her throat, “Last Wednesday Jenna took a ride out to see April, they’re sort of friends now, but like anyway, she not only has April tend to her hair but requests a short hairdo.”

“A pixie style like this summer?” Betsy elatedly inquired.

“Not quite that short, it’s a pageboy style that barely covers her neck but I swear it really overstates the pudginess of her face. It’s hard to imagine she was ever slim at all, ever!”

“Oh wow”, Betsy peeped, “Jen’s taken on that certain fat girl look, everyone she meets will think she’s always been overweight.”

“Ain’t that the truth!” Dora brazenly agreed, “She’ll encounter the same prejudices allotted heavy gals.”

“I wonder why in the hell would Jenna get her hair trimmed so short”, Betsy voiced her curiosity; “She always preferred her hair long, especially in the autumn and winter.”

Betsy took a moment to think, “Um, you think maybe in a bizarre way Jenna reconciled the notion of being a plus size woman, and now she’s conforming to the stereotype, that is what she construes as the ordinary fat girl? I mean, that can’t be that impossible, can it?”

“Could be possible”, Dora acknowledged Betsy, “Jenna, well you know her attitude toward heavy females. Lackluster, dumpy, overeating. Maybe her personality is being overhauled. We’ll know for sure in a few months.”

“If the opportunity crops up, tell Jenna I said….” Betsy paused, realizing a simple hello wouldn’t be sufficient. “….tell her I know she’s hurt, has ever right to be sore at me but I’d still like to be friends.”

“But be patient”, Dora reminded Betsy to the positive, “Time heals all wounds, in short, Jenna will be your friend again. Just give it a little time.”

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Jenna rarely left Dora’s home with exception to grocery shopping or visiting April.
Domestic bliss seemed to satisfy Jenna to the extreme, cherishing her role as housekeeper / nanny and not ever uttering a discouraging word.

Jenna’s figure continued to blossom, by the Thanksgiving holiday she had eclipsed the 225-pound mark, a fair amount of the weight distributed over her posterior and thighs.

Jenna had developed official chipmunk cheeks which coincided with her plump double chin, her breast size hardly picking up any girth at all, but the tissue had become softer, her stout knockers dipping a tad lower.

Jenna’s waist and hips now encased in a blubbery cocoon, her portly belly sprawling outward while her derriere had ballooned into a well-padded bubble-butt which quivered over her corpulent thighs.

Jenna’s personality had similarly changed; she exerted a bubbly cheerfulness, frivolous to the extreme. When she dressed in other attire rather than her ’new’ uniform, it wasn’t anything flashy or elaborate compared to other females her own age. Comfortable sweats and housedresses, sometimes the same garment a few days in a row. Jenna used her off hours reading romance novels or watching TV. Saturday night was a big deal for Jenna, it was movie night and on occasion the Wolt’s would let Jenna pick out the film.

Finally, Jenna’s appetite, especially pertaining to sweets, was flourishing larger than ever. Around the Wolt’s she used correct dining etiquette, however, there were times whenever she was alone that Jenna ate like a complete slob, and without a shred of guilt.

Socially Jenna had become a loner, a self-made pariah, intentionally avoiding any contact with Betsy, and even with Miles.
Occasionally Jenna would see Miles while visiting his mom, and strangely feel weak at the knees and ridiculously starry-eyed around him. However, Miles was still involved with Kelly, and Jenna deeply resented his one sided and prominently delusional commitment toward her.

“That stupid mud-mole”, Jenna grumbled to herself one evening on her drive back to Dora’s.
“I’m totally able and willing to put some sugar in his coffee but he’s squared away in that fantasy relationship.”

Dora’s husband had returned home from his lighthouse gig, expected to be back in the spring.
Jenna got along famously with the roly-poly gentleman with the fluffy white beard, even affectionately referring to him as old man Wolt, a moniker he proudly esteemed.

Jenna filled his pipe with tobacco, fetched him his beer and coffee, and listened to his lighthouse yarns about anything and everything. There was a time or two that Mr. Wolt volunteered to fix Jenna up with the sons of a couple of his pals.

“You’re damn to young to be a spinster”, Mr. Wolt told Jenna more than once, “And more beautiful than words can tell.”

However, Miles was in her blood, unreasonably smitten with him, she held her heart at bay until Miles would be free of Kelly, and hopefully recognize her as his ideal mate.

“Nah, I appreciate your thoughtfulness”, Jenna would respectfully explained to Mr. Wolt, “But right now my heart and head ain’t in the right place for a romantic relationship.”

And so it went, that is until Jenna got the news straight from Dora; Kelly had become involved with a traveling salesmen. Miles was heartbroken.


Jenna was included in the Wolt’s family Thanksgiving dinner, and not as a servant but as an extended member of the family. However, April Trent likewise invited Jenna over by her home to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. Jenna couldn’t pass up two feasts and with Miles being on the outs with Kelly, it was a grand opportunity for her to finally get notice as more than a friend.

Dora served her meal at precisely 4 o’clock, giving Jenna enough time to stuff her tummy before driving over by April’s, her dinner didn’t start until 5:30-ish.

Jenna provided Dora with some help washing the dishes, although the older woman was wise on Jenna’s anxiousness to see Miles, and chow down more food, and politely excused her for the remainder of the evening.

Jenna looked adequate as possible, her brown locks curled, just a hint of makeup, a practice she had all but abandoned as her weight increased. The black turtle neck sweater was a bit large on her, the collar broadcasting the range of her billowing second chin. Black stretch slacks that advertised the roundness of her belly and butt, and chunkiness of her thighs.

Dinner had already been served by the time Jenna had arrived, April reserving a seat at the table for her next to Miles.

“You’re probably full from Dora’s fixings”, April warmly smiled, “But at least sample my turkey….”

Jenna reached over with lightening speed and grabbed the bowl of mashed potatoes, “Are you kidding! I wouldn’t want to offend you by not sampling at least a little of everything you cooked!”

Jenna did more than sample a little; it was no holds barred where it came to her appetite!
No surprise, Jenna had second helpings of everything, including the pumpkin pie.

Jenna socialized with April’s daughters, their significant others, and all his cousins who were in attendance in a proper and almost dignified manner.

After dinner she played with the children for a while, that was until she could have a few words with Miles alone.

Miles’ was dressed very sharp in a button down shirt and pressed Wal-Mart brand slacks.
Jenna complimented Miles several times; he finally admitted that Jenna looked nice too.

“I guess I look okay”, Jenna replied humbly.
Grasping her belly, she humorously added, “Look at this! I’d put some of the chubbier girls we knew in high school to shame!”

Miles faintly smiled as he nodded.
Pouring himself a cup of coffee, he asked if Jenna would care for a cup herself.
Oddly. Jenna blushed and tilted her head, wiggling at her hips nervously.

“That’s sweet of you, Miles; pour it for me, won’t you?”

Miles did just that, even adding the milk and sugar for her before handing her the cup.

“Nice of you to drop by”, Miles wedged through his doldrums for a gander of easy going conversation, “Did you have enough to eat?”

Jenna leaned in toward Miles, their belly’s nearly merging.
“I think so, I hope I didn’t make too much of a hog out of myself in front of your family, I can’t refuse a big scrumptious meal…”

Jenna rambled for a moment longer, Miles suitably acknowledging her once he was able to get a word into the conversation, “My mom is pleased you enjoy her cooking, I know she’d be disappointed if you didn’t indulge all you wanted.”

“Well that’s cool, as of lately, more than ever, I’d rather embrace my appetite and be happy then be miserable on a diet. Makes sense, don’t it now, Miles?”

Jenna was looking for reinsurance, the heavier gals in school never felt pressured to reign in their appetites, they were fat and happy, content about their blubbery figures.

Miles simply responded with a nod.

Jenna sipped her coffee, nervousness causing her to rub her belly, for a split second breaking eye contact, she subsequently droned, “Talk around here is cheap, um, what I mean, gossip comes around regular in these small towns. Miles, I heard about Kelly from Dora. If you need someone to talk with, open up your feelings….”

Jenna’s voice cracked as she finished, “….I’m here for you, sweetie.”

Miles placed his arm over Jenna’s shoulder, their belly’s coming together, which set off an amorous shock wave through Jenna’s body.

However, Miles replied with the words she hoped he wouldn’t say.

“Jen, you’re such a good friend. Whenever I do wanna talk about it, I’ll give you a call.”

Jenna groaned inside, probably in perfect harmony as when Jenna would ditch him or snub him in high school. Jenna was now on the other side of the fence, she was the smitten party, head over heals for someone interested in someone else.

Jenna gulped her coffee, trying to come up with a profound reply, Miles releasing his arm from her shoulder.

“I know something, Jenna. I know Kelly will tire of that peckerwood, and remember me, remember how much I think of her, and that we’ll be together.”

Jenna’s mouth dropped, her double chin growing to twice its size.

“Miles, I..I…really…I…I..”, Jenna stuttered.

Miles paid no heed to Jenna, finishing his coffee, he softly muttered, “I’m going to take a walk, when I get back we can watch TV or something.”

Jenna closed her eyes as Miles abandoned her, biting her lip, she then trudged forward into the family room, spending time with Miles’s family for a short time before breaking ranks and driving home prior to Miles’s return.



New Year’s Eve was different for Jenna this year. There was no big exciting bash to attend, no stylish evening gown, and no date.

This holiday was no longer anything special for Jenna; it was just another dissimilar day in the week.

Mr. Wolt was a long standing member of the Loyal Federation Of The Raccoon Lodge, and Jenna was obligated to attend their celebration just out of friendship. Jenna reluctantly agreed after Dora talked her into it.

The lodge was hardly spruced up, although the hall was packed and most of the people wore their best attire. Jenna’s hair was set in a pint size ponytail, her garb consisting of a flannel shirt on loan from Mr. Wolt, and the biggest pair of blue jeans she could find.

Jenna mainly kept to herself; everyone in attendance was older than her by at least ten years.
She helped in the kitchen, served people drinks, and occasionally mingled with Dora and her friends.
When the ball dropped announcing the New Year, Jenna was outside alone, smoking a cigarette she pawned off some guy.

“There you are!” shouted April Trent as she exited the single level brown stone building,
Jenna swayed her fuller figure toward April who quickly embraced her, wishing her a happy new year.

Jenna dropped the cigarette onto the pavement, “Happy new year to you too!” she said bubbly.

“I kinda feel bad for you, being here among people older than you”, April told Jenna.
“You should be out with people your own age, especially tonight.”

“Well, I’ve sort of grown apart from my friends here in town, my college friends, I haven’t heard from any of them since July”, Jenna answered.

Jenna tilted her head, “It ain’t so bad, I feel close to Dora and her husband, you too April. Spending New Year’s with y’all seems natural.”

“That’s a load of crap and you know it!” April giggled.

Jenna reeled back her face, mildly chuckling, “Okay, yeah. I miss being out with my old group, I’m sure they’re having a wild time at Knight’s Pub.”

Jenna wouldn’t admit it but she felt uncomfortable around her former clique, not only due to the weight she gained but mainly because she was the heaviest of all her friends.

However, April sensed another issue that challenged Jenna that evening, and she willingly spoke her mind.

“Besides that, Jenna, New Year’s is something of a romantic night; you’d like to be with someone, someone you’re really fond of.”

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, “I guess”, she uttered in a tepid milquetoast tone.

April sighed, “Do I have to spell it out to you? Miles is at a party not a mile away from here. Go see him, I know you want too.”

“Um, I can’t just crash some party without being invited….” Jenna rambled, “….isn’t Kelly still in the picture, coz if she is, I sooooooooooooo don’t want to be around him.”

“If you continue this route you’re gonna end up the eccentric neighborhood cat lady, so you better do something and quick!” April laughed.

Clinching Jenna’s arm, April flatly stated, “Miles’ friends won’t mind you stopping in, they’re decent clean cut people, and don’t worry about Kelly, Miles scarcely has any contact with her.”

“Realll….Really!” Jenna gushed, delicately strumming her podgy round belly as she did cartwheels in her mind.

April took a step toward the lodge, waving Jenna onward, “Come in with me, I’ll write down the address, at least give you directions, and I’ll phone Miles, give him heads up you’re going there.”

“Wait! Look how I’m dressed! I look like a lumberjack!” Jenna nervously screeched.

April humorously grimaced at Jenna, “Oh girl, you’re too much! All that matters is that you’re female and have a heartbeat! “


So it went, Jenna was given instructions on where to drive, and a partial address, April likewise called Miles in advance to keep an eye out for her.

On the ride over, and as Jenna nibbled on pastry, her cell phone went off.

Jenna pulled onto the side of the road, and dug into her purse, retrieving her cell phone.

“Happy New Year…this is Jenna!” She answered while chewing.

“Happy New Year!” a very spunky feminine voice answered back.

“Betsy!” Jenna shouted in shock.

“Yes, it’s me. I didn’t want to start the year without talking to you, wishing you a good one!”

Jenna closed her eyes, tightly grasping the steering wheel, unsure how to respond.

Thus Betsy invaded the silent air with chirpy chatter, “I know you’re probably still mad at me, but I think of you all the time, and still consider you my best friend.”

Betsy could hear Jenna’s sniffling over the phone, and she continued, “Can we get together, iron out this bad blood between us. I hate it; I really want you back in ’my’ life again. Please, Jen, please say something.”

Jenna wheezed as she cleared her throat, “Ug…um….oh…”

Finally being able to manage her wits, Jenna softly yet tensely replied, “I guess I think about you too, and miss you sort of….”

Jenna paused to wipe her eyes, “….but hell yeah, I’m still miffed, not as angry but still…”

Betsy spoke over her, “….Miffed, I got it. Well, let’s set a date so we can sort things out and put this all behind us, like when you got mixed up with Kurt. Then we can be friends again.”

Jenna agreed, “Yeah, that’s fine. Are you busy tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow isn’t so good, I’m in New York, what if I give you a call next week, we’ll set something up.
Maybe have lunch at the Main Street Café, my treat!”

“What the hell are you doing in New York?” Jenna questioned.
Realizing Betsy was probably there with that wealthy siren Denise, and at some posh party, she quickly back peddled, “Never mind! Give me a call when you get back.”

“Consider it a done deal, Jen; I look forward to seeing you!”

“Same here”, Jenna’s tone semi-indifferent.

“Hey, Jen, really, no bullshit, I want us to back on the same page”, Betsy emotionally uttered.

Jenna sighed, pondering if their friendship could actually be salvaged, but she responded to the positive, “I’m willing to make a go of it.”

The phone call concluded, Jenna back on track to Miles.


The home where the party was held was easy to spot, the front porch light illuminated the surroundings, and Miles stood outside waiting her arrival.

Jenna parked her sedan along side the road, a short walk away from the festivities.
Miles walked toward her in a slow clumsy gait, wishing her a happy New Year straight on but with an overly flimsy embrace. Jenna on the other hand hugged Miles rather tight, brushing her well-insulated belly against his.

“I told everyone you were coming”, Miles informed Jenna as he took her hand and escorted her to the modest working class variety home. “You’re welcome by all, a few of them even saying they’re happy you can join us.”

Jenna was indeed flabbergasted that everyone there seemed absolutely overjoyed that she joined in on their gathering. Jenna recognized Miles’ friends from the autumn dance, and a few others she hadn’t seen in years.

The party wasn’t of the spectacular mode, something of a reserved collection of friends celebrating the New Year together. Not a single person was dressed in elaborate attire, T-shirts, sweats and jeans; even Miles was clad in an old sweater and blue jeans.

Annie and many of the other girls all treated Jenna like she was a regular member of their pack, and she felt quite comfortable around them.

Jenna’s bubbly, frivolous nature seemed suitable among Miles’ friends, and she didn’t even crack an eye when Todd absentmindedly referred to her as BIG JEN.

Jenna laughed it off with a ridiculously flamboyant squeal, patting her belly, she then replied with a goofy smirk, “Well big Jen could stand another beer!”

“Sorry about that”, Annie apologized for her boyfriend, “Todd’s a little sloshed, so don’t mind him.”

Jenna placed her hand over her bust as if she was making a pledge, “Aw, don’t worry, Annie. Big Jen’s an adorable nickname, I kind of like it.”

Miles didn’t comment, if the nickname didn’t bother her, then good for her.
Miles though grabbed Jenna another beer.


A while later as the party was winding down, Jenna managed to get Miles alone.

They stood on the back porch, Jenna picking lint off Miles’ sweater as they congenially conversed.

“Um, it’s New Year’s and I haven’t been kissed yet, everyone has to have a kiss at midnight”, Jenna grinned nervously.

Miles unthinkingly responded to the obvious, “It was Midnight almost four hours ago.”

“Just wing it”, Jenna giggled as she leaned in toward Miles.

There was a smooch, Jenna putting more into it than Miles.

“What the hell”, Jenna disappointingly groaned.
“Don’t you like me?”

“I’m sorry, Jen. I can’t stop thinking about Kelly”, Miles’ tone pathetic.

“You suck”, Jenna said, stomping away from Miles.


If there was one bright spot for Jenna, New Year’s Day found herself unconditionally accepted by Miles’ friends, and she was now a member of their clique, a group of people she ignored or ridiculed throughout high school. Jenna had assimilated into the alternative status, the chubby ordinary girl who failed to register on the popular radar.


Two weeks later Jenna arrived at the Main Street Café for her rendezvous with Betsy.
Since November Jenna had packed on another 22-pounds, her incredibly amply proportion figure dressed all in navy blue, pea coat, sweat shirt and pants combination.

She did nothing with her hair except comb it back, not a hint of makeup over her pudgy face.

Jenna arrived on time; Betsy was 15-minutes late.

Both females were startled at the transformation of each others appearance, Betsy more so than Jenna.

Betsy’s blond hair, long and shimmering, glided down her back, her feminine features portraying the classical archetype of beauty. The black leather coat worn open, displaying her svelte form clothed in a costly dress of a lavish blue shade.

Jenna features owned a rubbery, bloated consistency; even her once pristine nose appeared roomier, her plump double chin obscuring a portion of her throat.

A large belly roll roamed over her balloon shaped belly, her well-padded hips perfectly corresponding to the beefiness of her ponderous ass, her immensely chubby thighs equipped with saddle bags.

Betsy advanced toward Jenna as if she never looked any different, giving her a hug while Jenna conceded in her thoughts, “This is Betsy, she’s beautiful…”

“You order anything yet?” Betsy asked, even her voice seemed renovated, the rural drawl replaced with a refined timbre.

“No…no”, Jenna replied, “I was waiting for you…”

Betsy smiled, “Sorry I’m late, it couldn’t be helped.”

Betsy stepped toward the service counter, “Well lunch is on me, so please don’t worry about the expense.”

Jenna lagged a few steps behind, “Yeah, okay.”

Before being approached by a café employee, Betsy rattled off in a cute tone, “I’m so pleased that we’ve finally gotten a chance to get together. Put all that silly stuff behind us, we can be friends again.”

Jenna jadedly nodded as she grabbed the sides of her pea coat, pulling in the material to conceal her big blubbery belly.

Betsy ordered a cheeseburger with fries and diet cola. Jenna wanted to avoid having a big meal in front of Betsy but she mechanically capitulated to her off the charts appetite.
Two cheese dogs, fries, fried mushrooms, a slice of apple pie and a jumbo cola.

Soon the females settled down at a table and endeavored to put the bad blood behind them.

Betsy chirpily began; “so here we are, I was in New York and just had to call you. It was a last minute thing, Denise is very spontaneous and this guy she knew from college was throwing a party at this night club in Manhattan, so I couldn’t say no. Very high class, anyone who’s anyone was there.”

Jenna simply fed herself leisurely as she listened.

“I know I should have warned you about Jake being at the dance with Denise, who by the way asked me to extend her apologies for this embarrassing situation. You must understand I regret my actions now for whatever reason I did it, it was thoughtless of me, quite silly actually.”

Jenna gazed at Betsy wide eyed, Betsy continuing, “If it’s any consolation, you’re free from that shallow Neanderthal, even Denise excused him from their relationship, dumped him cold. Believe it or not, it was partially on account of you.”

Jenna’s puzzled expression persuading Betsy to share the details.

“Denise couldn’t stand how Jake would talk about you in an embellished demeaning manner, almost as if he enjoyed criticizing you. Denise might give off vibes that she’s plastic and materialistic but really she’s a down to earth person. She doesn’t appreciate cads or petty men.”

Jenna bobbled her head from side to side, scarfing up a fistful of fries with her stubby fingers.

Slurping away a sample of the cola, Jenna finally responded. “I know I should have known better, the way Jake treated you in high school was obnoxious, he was a jerk, I guess I was caught up with his looks, and he was so cool.”

Betsy grinned, “That’s what happens when you get involved with a guy based on looks and popularity. It never ends well.”

Betsy tilted her head, “Well now that we got everything out in the open, can we be best friends again?”

“What about Denise?” Jenna snorted, “You’re pretty tight with her, is there room for me in your world?”

Betsy swayed her eyes away from Jenna for a moment, then exhaustively sighed, “Where is it written that I can’t have two best friends? You and Mara Klemp did lots of things together in which I wasn’t included, you still considered me your BFF, same with Denise. Matter of fact, Denise is a lot more civil and kindhearted than Mara ever was to me. Denise even insists you should come out with us on a regular basis.”

“You really believe that I can fit in with you and your pretty friends, they’d be so judgemental and difficult, just like the cheerleaders were to you”, Jenna said, rotten with insecurity.

Betsy stared at Jenna, “We’ve been friends since kids, you really don’t want to call it quits on us?”

“No”, Jenna timidly squeaked, “I’ll try to forget the dance incident, put it behind me like you did about Kurt. You’re like a sister to me; maybe that’s why my anger was so voracious. Yeah, Betsy, I’d like to stay BFF’s.”

Betsy was about to reply when her cell phone went off, “Just a minute, Jen, it’s Cecily.”

Jenna finished her meal in the time it took Betsy to converse with Cecily.

“You were saying”, Betsy said tossing back her luminous blond hair.

Jenna motioned toward Betsy, submissively reminding her, “You were going to say something.”

“Opps!” Betsy giggled, planting her phone into her Gucci handbag, “You’re correct, Jen.”

Betsy sat in a dominant position, chin up, shoulders back, her smile genuine but slightly arrogant.
“Now that we’ve put all this malarkey behind us, we’ll get together more often, it will be like old times.”

“Sure, Betsy”, Jenna said, her shoulders rolled over, a compliant smile puffing up her cheeks, “I’ll even stop by the mini-mart on occasion to visit you….”

Betsy lightheartedly giggled as she interrupted Jenna, “Oh Jenna, I haven’t worked at that mini-mart since November. Denise got me in at Remington’s Department Store; I work in the lingerie department. They’re grooming me for a managerial position once I complete my studies.”

Jenna felt neither jealousy or envy at Betsy’s new job, she was much too stunning a woman to work at a gas station.

“That’s cool, Betsy!” Jenna peeped with approval.

Betsy grabbed several paper napkins and began wiping her fingers, “As soon as I have the promotion I’m going to look for a bigger flat, the place I’m renting is barely large enough to store my clothes.”

“I’m sure you’ve lots of beautiful clothes”, Jenna composedly deduced.

“With my employee’s discount I’ve managed to persevere with the latest fashions”, Betsy replied.

Betsy gazed over Jenna with a friendly smile and sparkling eyes, “Now finish your soft drink so we can go. I’m on a tight schedule this afternoon.”

Jenna guzzled what remained of her cola, covering her mouth as she emitted a squeaky burp.

The friends removed themselves from their chairs, Jenna noticing a couple of male customer in back checking Betsy out. Betsy snootily squinted at them, flipping back her mane; she took a step forward, “Ready, Jen?”

Jenna grabbed her cheap imitation leather purse, “Yeah…”

The chatter continued between the females as they made way to their cars.

“Give me a call Saturday, perhaps we can get together at Knight’s Pub or something”, Betsy instructed Jenna.

Jenna walked a quarter inch behind Betsy, dragging her overweight body while the athletically sound Betsy strutted with energy.

“I’ll see, Betsy”, Jenna humbly explained, “I mean, I’ll call you for sure….”

In truth Jenna felt terribly apprehensive about joining Betsy out at such a popular bar, she now felt out of place in her current condition.

“Alright then!” Betsy chirped, “Call me and we’ll take it from there. Does it sound like a plan to you?”

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah, sure”, she nasally droned.

The friends reach their cars which were parked only a few spaces away from each other.
Betsy reached over and hugged Jenna, “Thanks for getting together with me, I’m happy we’re ironed everything out.”

The embrace concluded, the females walked to the individual vehicles, Betsy waving goodbye to Jenna in a feminine manner.

“Wait a minute!” Jenna called out, waddling in her tracks toward Betsy.
Betsy walked around her car just as Jenna reached her.

“You didn’t say anything about how much weight I put on”, Jenna uttered.
“I saw you at the dance in September, remember. I know you’ve gotten chubby”, Betsy said tactfully.

Jenna held a hand to her hip, her voice resonating an awkward tone, “But I’m heavier now, can’t you tell?”

Betsy responded with an abstruse smirk that corresponded to her words, “I suppose I’ve become rather familiar with your chubbiness, naturally I won’t notice any additional weight you put on.”

Jenna placed her hands into the pockets of her pea coat, lowering her face, she avoided eye contact as she shamefully admitted, “I’m heavier than ever now….I can’t believe how fat I got.”

Betsy reached over and gently placed her hand over Jenna’s shoulder, tilting her face so her eyes could meet Jenna’s.

“I don’t think it matters how much you weigh, you’re a very nice person, and my best friend…” Betsy sparkling spoke to the positive.

Jenna all but cringed inside; she used to give Betsy similar motivational speeches whenever she felt down in dumps about her weight.

“…..you have many admirable attributes”, Betsy continued, “I’ll always be here to look after you, whatever you need you can depend on me.”

Betsy gently used her finger to lift Jenna’s face, “You shouldn’t let your weight interfere with your happiness, just use common sense with your diet….”
“Betsy…” Jenna said apathetically, “….In a weird way, even though I hate being fat, I’m sort of getting used to it.”

Betsy affectionately squeezed Jenna’s upper arm, “I think that’s an issue we can explore next time.”

Again Betsy hugged Jenna, then strutted over to her car.
Jenna’s voice cracking as she waved over to Betsy, “Thanks….for lunch…and everything.”

Betsy dynamically smiled, “All my pleasure, ciao!”

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Betsy was true to her word and began socializing with Jenna on a virtually regular basis, albeit they mainly hung out at Betsy’s apartment, sparingly having lunch at the Main Street Café.
They would have pizza and drink beer, Betsy entertaining Jenna about her current exploits, Jenna moderately amused. Denise was brought into their discussions now and then, Jenna willingly deciding to forgive and forgot, but she was still a little jealous that Denise played such an impressive role in Betsy’s life.

Miles was likewise discussed on occasion. Jenna had barely made a dent in acquiring Miles’ attention in a romantic design, she’d frequently see him when visiting his mom but his interest toward her was firmly as a friend.

“You have to be more assertive but girlie”, Betsy advised Jenna.

The one topic never talked about was Jenna’s weight; however, Betsy was aware she was bothered by her size. Jenna realized it was pointless to bitch and moan about her appearance, she didn’t want to annoy Betsy with the issue, especially because she was becoming heavier.


There were other developments in Jenna’s life;
Dora had Jenna hired on part time at the library, thus her role as nanny / housekeeper was vastly diminished. She did have her chores but was allowed to get rid of the uniform, and just in time, her figure was steadily outgrowing the latest one.

Dora deleted most but not all of the photographs of Jenna that she posted in the album that illustrated her weight gain. The photographs she saved were of family celebrations and with friends. For all the bitterness Dora once had for Jenna, the Wolts now considered her a part of the family.

When not with Betsy, Jenna spent time with her new friends, Miles’ group, who treated her as if they had been friends for ages. The pompous cheerleader seemingly never existed, the paradox ignored, she had always been known as big Jen.


All through late January and early February, Jenna did her best to get noticed by Miles.
Jenna’s tactic was radical if not unique. Whenever she would visit his mom, Jenna would readily tidy up his room, wash his clothes, and even make his bed. Leaving homemade cookies on his pillow.
Although Miles did appreciate Jenna’s novel display of affection, it was all for not, he would rather have her stop, it made him feel uncomfortable.

Jenna confided to April, and later Dora that it was a lost cause, she would only register as a friend.
Jenna alleviated her heartache through eating, her weight increasing to 264-pounds.


It was Dora and April who helped coordinate this romantic enterprise on the early afternoon of February 14th.


Jenna sat on the threadbare sofa located in her room as April meticulously worked on her nails.
Dora was off to the side placing the wardrobe that the older females personally selected unto the bed.
A sweater of an ultra pink hue, and cherry red spandex slacks.
Jenna briefly reminisced on her high school years when Betsy would help prepare her for a date.
Things had changed, now she depended on a couple mature females who had been off the market for decades, and she secretly hoped they could managed to make her appear as spectacular as Betsy did.

Dora and April’s hearts were in the right place, and they set things up where Miles couldn’t possibly refuse Jenna. The females even went so far as pitching in to buy Jenna a smooth boost plunge bra and hipster panty set from Lane Bryant which set them back $55.00’s each.

It was a long time since Jenna wore fashionable undergarments and she was anxious in wearing the set. Despite the allure of the garments, Jenna’s figure was much to blubbery to make much of a difference.

April chaperoned Jenna into the bathroom and diligently washed her hair, afterward giving her chocolate brown mane a minor trim then adding auburn highlights.
Dora and April helped her into her apparel, certainly a tight fit, broadcasting the ponderous condition of her circular shaped belly which was in proportion to her protruding bubble-butt, and jumbo variety thighs.

Dora adjusted the sweater over Jenna’s spacious body, the material exhibiting her voluptuous knockers and the thick love handles that lingered over her swollen fat encased hips.

Jenna kept a spunky mood even after dressing, the look of her butterball figure failing to enlist even a single negative thought.

April combed out Jenna’s hair, manufacturing her locks into pint size pigtails; the weight she recently accumulated had heightened the pudginess of her features, bestowing her with a legitimate fat face. Round, bloated chipmunk cheeks, a bulbous facet to her nose, and a significantly plump double chin. Jenna’s facial appearance, although relatively cute, corresponded to a docile young lady with an abnormal appetite and rarely involved herself in physical activity.

Next up makeup which April modestly applied, a hint of mascara, eyeliner and lipstick of a candy shade of red.

The mature females took turns complimenting Jenna’s appearance, and she likewise thought she looked sweet. However, the mechanics within her mind prevented Jenna from noticing just how much her appearance resembled a tame, naïve young lady, quite the opposite of the captivating vixen who commanded the attention of many male suitors.


Jenna let herself into April’s home, Miles was still out at work and she quickly made her way into the kitchen. April had already prepared a cheese pie which all Jenna needed was to warm up in the oven, and then promptly set the kitchen table for two.
She placed the Valentine card on the table along with his present, an apple pie she had made earlier that morning.

Jenna leisurely nibbled while waiting for Miles, strumming the inch thick roll that circled her waist, the idyllic smile upon her face as luminous as it was genuine.

Jenna bounced off the chair and unto her feet upon hearing Miles announcing aloud from the living room, “Mom! I’m home!”

Jenna tethered while spinning around, adjusting the sweater over her roomy belly, she then folded her hands behind her back just as Miles walked into the kitchen.

“Jen, it’s you!” Miles shouted in surprise.
Jenna shouted back, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Miles slid his jacket off his body, his eyes touching upon the card and gift while placing the garment over the chair. Jenna skipped over to him, Miles’ expression muddled on cue, “You got me this?”
Jenna leaned into Miles, placing her hand over his bulbous gut, giving him a quick kiss.

“I know we’re only friends but I wanted to acknowledge how much you mean to me”, Jenna smiled.
“It’s only a cherry pie I made, not a big deal but I really hope you like the card.”

Jenna stepped back as Miles picked up the card, “I don’t know what to say, thanks. I never got a Valentine before.”

Jenna nodded, this was the first year she didn’t received a Valentine Day card, albeit she wasn’t going to admit it.

The card was of the humorously variety, Miles exaggerating his chuckle to appease Jenna.

“Very cute, Jenna, thank you.”

Jenna backed away, walking over to the oven; she sweetly informed Miles that she would have dinner on the table in a minute.

Miles parked his duff on the chair, vigilantly observing Jenna at the stove, he couldn’t deny she looked cute in her getup, and complimented her.
“You look very nice, those new clothes?”

Jenna gushed, modestly commenting, “Aw, thanks for noticing, but these clothes have been worn previously.”

Jenna continued, rather blithely as she brought the cheese pie over to Miles, “Not by me of course. Dora found them in her attic but I have to admit, I like the style.”

Jenna placed the hot pan on the table, cutting a big wedge of pie for Miles, “Thing is, and I’m not so fussy to own up to truth, very few garments I have really fit me so well anymore.”

Jenna helped herself to a whopper of a slice before taking her seat, “Enjoy, Miles.”

“Now I hope you don’t have plans for this evening”, Jenna said, pausing before gobbling up a bite, “Coz your mom is having a girls night out with Dora, so we can just have a nice time together. That okay?”

“No plans, Jen”, Miles grinned, “I was just going to watch TV.”

Their dining conversation somewhat lackadaisical. Miles a tad jittery by the unexpected surprise, Jenna not wanting to behave to hard up in terms of lassoing Miles’ affection.

“I was wondering the strangest thing, if you don’t mind me asking”, Jenna’s voice redundantly submissive.

“What’s that?” Miles asked.

Jenna paused from her meal, planting her hand over her big belly as she nervously posed the question, “Let’s say in high school, and I somehow connected with you instead of Jake or Kurt, you know. Would your feeling for me change after my figure ballooned?”

Miles’ pleasant expression soured, “You’re kidding me. Of course not.”
Miles then smiled, “Matter of fact, and don’t take this the wrong way but I kind of prefer you chubby. You’re cute, and pretty, but you don‘t come off as high maintenance anymore, do you know what I mean?”

Jenna’s smiled matched Miles’ in scale, amplifying the roundness of her cheeks, “I think so.”

Jenna continued while consuming her meal, “I take it you mean that I’m not absorbed with my looks or concerned with being popular.”

Miles nodded, “Yeah, Jen, something like that. You no longer give off pretentious vibes; you seem more easy going, good-natured.”

Jenna leaned back and uttered an amorous sigh as Miles furthered his explanation.

“I look at your face and I see a young lady who’s gentle and sweet, and can be silly. A girl who doesn’t mind shopping at Wal-mart and isn’t hopped up on wearing Gap jeans, she dresses nice but style isn’t a priority. She’s not complicated like some women, isn’t obsessed with what the mirror reflects, she’d rather have another helping of mashed potatoes or a second scoop of ice cream. She knows people will like her for who she is not her dress size.”

Jenna blinked, “Damn! You ought to write Valentine Day cards!”

“I’m just being honest, Jenna. You wasted all the time being vain and yet I look at you, and you’re more attractive than you realize.”

“Well I’m…” Jenna’s voice cracked, “…I’m happy you feel that way coz I ain’t sure I’ll be hopping back on the diet train any time soon.”

Miles acknowledged Jenna with an empathetic grin, “You know where I stand.”
Miles’ words touched Jenna’s heart, and although she was still somewhat conflicted by becoming tubby, his acceptance of her appearance made quite an impact.

Jenna wiped her lips, setting down her fork, she laid one arm over her billowing belly roll, “You made great sense, Miles but really, I don’t want to spoil this nice dinner, I have to ask, what do you think about me? Are we going to remain just friends?”

Miles leaned back in his chair, “I really can get used to you, I admit you went overboard cleaning my room and stuff but it was very nice of you.”

“I sense a but…” Jenna squeaked in a milquetoast mode.

Miles ran his hand through his thinning hair, his eyes growing wide, reaching Jenna’s from across the table, “Thing is, I still feel hurt from Kelly. Part of me is afraid that if you ever get slim again, you’ll dump me for some cool dude.”

Jenna laughed, “Some chance that happening!, I’m thinking I’ll get chubbier if anything.”

Miles watched as Jenna left her chair and moved within his space. Positioning herself on one knee, she held Miles’ hand firmly, “I’m through with guys who are as pretty as me…what I mean is, I’m not turned on by looks but I admire things you can’t actually see, things that go unnoticed unless you really know the guy.”

Miles’ removed his hand from Jenna’s grip, and soothingly caressed her cheek, “Tell ya what; I’m very proud you’re so fond me, and I like you too. Maybe we can date, take it slow, see where it takes us.”

“You asking me out?” Jenna snickered, “Huh, boy? Like on a romantic date, not as friends?”

Miles chuckled, “Yeah, sure Jenna. Where would you like to go?”

Jenna stood up, breezily responding, “Back to that sandwich shop we went to with that nice waitress!”

“I know it’s a long drive but their food is incredible!” Jenna loudly giggled, “And their banana splits are so scrumptious.”

“Okay, Jenna, that’s fine”, Miles said demurely as he gestured with his fork toward Jenna’s plate, “Your food is getting cold.”

Jenna’s blubbery body jiggled as she happily maneuvered back into her chair.
She fluttered her eyes at Miles and purred before lapping up another mouthful of the cheese pie.


A while later they sat nestled together on the sofa watching TV, giving each other belly rubs, sporadically kissing. Jenna couldn’t have been in a better place or frame of mind.


Months went on, Jenna’s courtship with Miles not reaching legitimate commitment status but their time together became more frequent, romantic moments intermittent with their dates.
Jenna behavior and personality becoming ever more uncomplicated and passive, duly conforming to her new status.

Jenna would talk diet every once in a while but it amounted to nothing, and she scarcely at all criticize her appearance anymore. Her unmanageable appetite adding more weight to her butterball figure, and by May 1st Jenna weighed 292-pounds.


Jenna rested her elbows on the bar, wiggling her fingers toward the bartender in a feminine manner.

It was the usual Saturday evening at Knight’s Pub, Jenna venturing out with Betsy and friends.

The bartender, a good looking young man known as Cady, cordially approached Jenna.

“A beer, right?” Cady smiled.

Jenna straightened her posture, “Of course but I need a Tequila Sunrise too. Okay?”

“Coming right up, Jen”, Cady shook his head, “Is Betsy here?”

“Oh yeah, she’s out on the patio with Denise and the rest of the girls.”

Cady went about producing the beverages, Jenna waiting contentedly.

A couple nice looking fellas hustled up to the bar inches away from Jenna.

Jenna looked them up and down with an enthusiastic smile, eye-contact was made, nothing else.

Clad in a frilly black top and stretch slacks of the same hue, Jenna didn’t exactly stand out from the crowd anymore. Her belly squishing against the bar’s foundation, her huge ass propelling outward.

Cady gave Jenna’s knockers a quick glance, generous in size, her boobs sprawling over billowing belly.

“Seven even”, Cady causally mentioned the price, Jenna slipped him eight dollars total, then scurried out to the patio with the drinks.


Betsy was lounging with her group, Denise among the delectable young ladies circled around a table.

“Thanks”, Betsy said in a crisp serene tone as Jenna handed Betsy her drink.
Motioning over to the vacant chair, Betsy informed Jenna, “Take a seat, Jen. Cecily was just about to tell us about her vacation.”

Jenna demurely looked at Betsy, sipping her beer before addressing her sheepishly, “I was going to visit a couple friends inside…”

Betsy nodded, benevolently granting her permission, “That’s fine, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Jenna waved to the other ladies and then spun around; returning into the pub with her signature waddled.


Marcy Szerson and Fern Kohn were regular patrons of the pub, overweight females who were cute in their own right and despite having several male friends were never especially lucky in romance.

Jenna sat down between the girls, droning in an apologetic mode, “Sorry, I had to see Betsy first.”

Marcy chortled, “I can’t believe you’re friends with Betsy Romaine, she’s totally cool!”

“We go back long before high school”, Jenna lightheartedly bragged, sipping her beer, her other hand falling squarely over her enormous gut.
“She’s my best friend!” Jenna added.

Fern leaned toward Jenna, “Um, she’s always going to the best party’s, she ever invite you?”

Jenna readily acknowledged Fern with a silly smirk, “Mostly but not always. She says I’m always welcome but those catered affairs she gets asked to with those affluent snobs, I decline. They make me feel so uncomfortable.”

“Betsy knows lots of guys”, Fern said with a wistful sigh, “Lots of them. Could Marcy and I join you, you know when you go to one of Betsy’s parties?”

“Yeah, of course”, Jenna replied between sips of beer, “The guys are usual nice but I suspect some of them are a little phony, just trying to make good with Betsy by being nice to her fat friend.”

“Fern and me don’t have much of a social circle”, Marcy blathered excitedly, “Be really a nice change from the bums we know. We hardly get asked out!”

Jenna grinned, speaking to the positive with a bubbly tone, “Aw shucks, you ladies will meet the right fellas, give it time. I didn’t make a dent with Miles until years after I met him.”

“You going steady then?” Fern asked.

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, “Not officially, no. But we’re dating and he is very fond of me. I think that Miles is sort of….”

Jenna paused as she noticed a very attractive male enter the establishment.

Fern and Marcy noticed Jenna’s strange expression, and they steered their eyes toward the pub’s entrance.

“Oh that’s Kurt”, Marcy informed Jenna, unaware of their history, “Ain’t he so unbelievably yummy?”

Jenna nodded, a sourness invading her stomach.

It had been such a long while since Jenna had seen Kurt, and she worried if he would acknowledge her critically if he even recognized her at all.

“Kurt’s alright, he buys us beers every once in a while”, Marcy continued, “Regrettably he’s into those skinny eye candy types but isn’t he a gorgeous stud?”

Jenna failed to utter a word, sipping her beer as she watched Kurt in route to his friends, hoping he wouldn’t notice her.

Fern stood up, she called out while waving Kurt over, “Hey! Over here!”

Fern landed back on her chair, the weight of her large ass generating a loud thump!
“Kurt is a complete flirt so don’t take what he says seriously”, Fern told Jenna.
“Yeah, the guy’s a major player and big time tease”, Marcy humorously agreed with Fern.

Kurt gestured over to his pals, shouting out “Be a minute!”, as he journeyed over to the heavyet females.

Jenna dropped her head, her hands nervously canvassing her huge belly.

Kurt’s smile was sincere, a smooth timbre to his voice, “Hello girls, what’s up?”

Jenna swerved her face toward Kurt who looked very similar to his high school years.
Kurt looked over Marcy and Fern, his eyes finally settling upon Jenna.
There was something familiar about their friend, not his cup of tea in terms of physical beauty but he vaguely remembered her from somewhere.

Kurt scrutinized her bloated features, cute but unanimously tame, akin to the run of the mill milquetoast variety fat girl who frequently went unnoticed.

It wasn’t until Marcy coolly announced, “This is our new friend, Jenna”, that Kurt put a name to the face, and he boldly smirked, “Yes, Jenna Kasper.”

“You know Jen?” Fern asked.

Kurt nodded, momentarily directing his face to Fern, “Yeah, from high school.”
“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Jenna”, Kurt unashamedly grinned, “I wondered about you.”

“You’re old friends then?” Fern questioned, gazing over at Jenna.
Jenna tensely grinned, “Something like that…”
“Yeah, well, Jenna had a crush on me, isn’t that right?” Kurt said teasingly.

Jenna folded her hands over her belly, rocking her head back and forth in bogus agreement.

Kurt placed his hands into his pockets, swerving his body toward the ladies, “I’d like to spend more time with you girls but I’m meeting a friend.”

Kurt positioned himself in front Jenna, “Seeing you was big surprise, Jen…..”

Kurt caught the uneasiness in Jenna’s eyes, and he brought a halt to the teasing.

Lowering his face for a second, he then addressed Marcy and Fern, “Jenna was about the nicest girl I knew in school, I was fortunate to have her as a friend.”

“Really”, Marcy beamed a wide smile, “That’s sweet.”

“I’ll get you ladies a pitcher of beer on me”, Kurt said, locking his eyes on Jenna, he added, “Just out of friendship.”

Kurt stepped away, “I’ll be right back.”

Kurt broke through the crowd and arrived at the bar, ordering a pitcher of beer, he was soon joined by Jenna.

Jenna rested her hand on Kurt’s shoulder for a moment, her smile genuine but a little melancholy.
“Thanks for backing off on the crush thing, I um, it made me feel awkward.”

Kurt shook his head as he discreetly scoped out Jenna’s much fuller figure.

“I arrived at the dance late, my date couldn’t decide what shoes to wear, by the time I got there you were gone. Everyone was talking about how much weight you gained.”

Jenna’s black apparel couldn’t masquerade the zenith of growth to her once svelte figure.
Akin to being encased in a blubbery cocoon, Jenna’s engorged breasts nestled over her humongous belly, the chubbiness of her waist, the dynamic width of her buttery hips.

Jenna fought back a tear, but she bubbly giggled, “I guess you were right, the last time we talked, you said this would happen if I didn’t watch my weight.”
“I really didn’t recognize you….” Kurt uttered impassively.

Jenna’s ample posterior certainly corresponded to the size and shape of her belly, a flourishing fat oversize rump which sailed over her thunderous thighs, the chunkiness especially favoring the uppermost region of her beefy stems.

“…I knew you gained weight, wasn’t aware it was this much”, Kurt finished his sentence.

“I blew up like a balloon, didn’t I”, Jenna replied coarsely, however she felt the rendezvous was getting far too serious, and thus she playfully smacked Kurt’s body with her hip.

“It ain’t so bad”, Jenna smiled, “I don’t have to worry about jerks hitting on me all the time.”

Kurt cleared his throat, “I see you’re hanging out with Marcy and Fern, they’re nice girls….”

“I’m really here with Betsy, she’s out on the patio, but all their blue-blood talk can get on my nerves, I have more in common with those two. You know what I mean.”

Kurt smiled just as the bartender brought over the pitcher, “Put it on my tab, Cody!” he shouted out like he owned the joint. Bringing his eyes squarely on Jenna’s face, Kurt half-smiled, “I’ll escort you back to your table.”

“Hey Kurt!” a captivating voice sang out from behind Kurt.

The young lady was quite stunning, long blond hair, her slender figure modestly attired in a T-shirt and jeans. She slid her arm into Kurt’s and firmly grasped his hand.

They shared a brief kiss, Kurt then introducing her to Jenna.

“This is Gretchen, we’ve been going together since January”, Kurt candidly revealed.
“Gretchen, this is my friend Jenna, we’re friends from high school, she graduated the year before you.”

Gretchen gazed over at Jenna, crinkling her nose but with a friendly smile, “Nice to meet another Beluga High alumni.”

Jenna unconsciously perched her arm over her whopper of a belly, her elongated smile plumping up her cheeks to ridiculous proportions. “Nice meeting you too, Gretchen. Kurt was just treating me and my friends to beer just for old time’s sake.”

Jenna took a step back, giving Gretchen a quick look over.
Jenna wanted to leave on good terms, regardless of their history, and feeling fat and frumpy compared to Kurt’s latest flame.

“Kurt is a classy guy, I’m sure you know that…” Jenna sweetly hummed, “I better get back to my friends…”

Gretchen spoke out, buzzing in a chipper tone, “Yeah well, you can think of me as your friend if you like, Jenna.”

Jenna wasn’t sure if Gretchen’s gesture was sincere or patronizing but she shook her head, “Yeah, okay.”

Gretchen pushed back her golden locks, a puzzling grin upon her charming face, “I’m trying to place you in school, I knew just about everyone…”

“…..the only Jenna I remember from high school was the prom queen during my junior year”, Gretchen admited, “Sorry I don’t recollect you.”

“That’s okay, Gretchen”, Jenna replied while grabbing the pitcher, “You two have a good time, nice seeing you, Kurt. Thanks for the beer.”

“Keep in touch” Kurt amicably smiled out as Jenna waddled away.
Jenna swerved her face toward the couple and shook her head.


As soon as Jenna returned to her friends, they chattered away about Kurt and their friendship.
Jenna didn’t reveal the truth of their relationship, only stating that their friendship was modest at best.

“Did you know lots of cool guys?” Marcy asked.

Jenna tapped her belly before pouring the beer, “Not as many as I thought I did.”
Jenna guzzled her beer, letting loose a loud burp, she giggled, “I guess I’ve come to realize there’s more to a guy than being cool!”

Marcy and Fern glanced at each other with befuddled expression, Jenna refilling her glass, “It’s the quiet dudes I’m partial too now.”

Jenna sipped her beer, softly adding, “They’re not superficial, they won’t break your heart.”


Sometime later Jenna resumed the company of Betsy and Denise, the popular ladies of Beluga Lake.

Cecily, Tara and the other members of Betsy’s clique had already gone.

“We’re about ready to pack it all in and call it a night, you ready, Jenna?” Betsy said in a sweet tone.

Jenna bobbled her head from side to side, “Yeah, I guess. Marcy and Fern are about to go too.”

Denise stood up, addressing Jenna with sheer friendship, “I’m happy you tagged along with us tonight, you must come out with us more often.”

Jenna nodded as she scratched her voluminous belly, gazing at Denise who resembled a fashion model, “I’d like too, thanks.”

Jenna’s voice cracked as she finished her thoughts, owing up to the passivity that now dominated her personality, she added a subservient apology, “I didn’t really mingle too much with you girls, just that Marcy and Fern were here and um, I’ll stick around you and Betsy next time.”

“That’s fine, Jen”, Denise smiled, “You’re a regular member of our group.”

Denise stepped in front of Jenna, her smile still intact, “I don’t mean to embarrass you but next time we go out, we’ll see about amending your wardrobe just a tad, okay?”

Jenna replied with a closed lips smile, finally uttering, “Sure, I’d like that, thanks.”

Denise hugged Jenna, and then Betsy, wishing them both a goodnight before exiting the bar’s patio.

Betsy grabbed her hand bag and waved Jenna on as she made tracks to her car.

Jenna could hardly keep up with the energetic Betsy, her squishy thighs brushing together, her ponderous duff uncontrollably bouncing,

“Hey Betsy!, Jenna squeaked, “Think we can stop off for something to eat on the drive home?”

“I have plenty of food back at my apartment, you can eat there!” Betsy sternly replied.

Jenna increased her rate of speed, catching up with Betsy, she quibbled, “All you got is healthy food!”

“I have ice cream and cookies!” Betsy cheekily smiled, “And enough to meet your requirements.”

Jenna sarcastically meowed, “Oh that’s funny, so what if I have a healthy appetite!”

Betsy finally capitulated by the time they reached her Mustang, “Fine! I’ll take you to a drive through but there’s no eating in my car. Understand?”

Jenna opened the car door, entering at a sluggish speed, “Yes ma’am.”

Betsy buckled up, turning to Jenna before starting the engine, “For what it’s worth, I’m so elated you finally abandoned your Saturday night routine and joined me and the girls, Denise appreciates your friendship too. I hope you’ll make this habit.”

Jenna fumbled with her safety belt, waging a small battle to stretch it across her bulging belly, “Yeah, I think so, that’s when I’m not visiting Miles. Okay?”

Betsy started the engine and drove away.

“Yes, definitely, you’re really hopped up on that guy, huh, jelly belly?”

Jenna smiled in a docile manner and purred, “Miles is so sweet, just the other day he said that I’m growing on him.”

Jenna sighed, “How delightfully saccharine, speaking of growing, you know Denise is right, we have to work on your wardrobe when you come out with us.”

“Shit, honey”, Jenna comically peeped, “Does it really matter what I wear, us big girls don’t have the choices you beauty queens have in clothes!”

Betsy nodded, tactfully stating, “You can still look pleasant, appealing to a modest degree. When you wear lackluster clothes it only advertises your size.”

Jenna thumped her belly, then swayed her face toward Betsy, tilting her head, she grinned, “You know something, Betsy, you’re right. But being your fat friend I’m expected to look frumpy.”

Betsy smiled at first but then bit her lip.

“Jenna…” Betsy softly and awkwardly replied, “……You’re my friend, my BFF, let’s leave it at that.”

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Heather Baxter and Lara McLaughlin sat cozily at the back of the Beluga Lake High School Library.

Adorably cute beauties, immensely eye-catching in their trendy attire, their chirping voices echoing through the spacious room.

Heather’s blond hair was radiant, rolling over her shoulders, outlining her alluring features while her figure was unconditionally svelte.
Lara’s auburn mane was neatly manufactured in a stylish do, chiseled features of an aristocratic nature, a bit top heavy yet her hourglass shape was physically fit.

Cans of cola complete with straws and a shared bag of Doritos within their reach.

Their loud ecstatic banter capturing the attention of the librarian, Jenna Kasper.

“Ladies, shouldn’t you be in study hall?” Jenna asked in a tranquil but nondescript tone.

The seniors turned their faces toward Jenna, considering her rude for the interruption.

“Mr. Chandler said that it was okay for us to come here instead of study hall”, Heather flatly stated.

“Study hall, as if, totally for losers”, Lara added her opinion, adjusting her body to broadcast her sizzling figure in order to intimidate the dowdy looking librarian.

“Mr. Chandler was always a soft touch”, Jenna reminisced in her thoughts.

Glimpsing the food, Jenna resignedly sighed “And there’s no beverages or food in the library, it’s strictly prohibited.”

The young ladies quickly glanced over one another, Heather speaking up, “You’re new around here, at school.”

Jenna sensed Heather was the in change type by the tone of her voice, self-assured, independent, domineering.

Jenna felt required to introduce herself, “Yes, I’m Jenna, Jenna Kasper….”

The young ladies sighed in unison as Jenna unnecessarily shared her back story.

“….I was working part time at the Beluga Lake’s Public Library when I ran into my friend Jennifer Gardner, not the actresses, this Jennifer Gardner works at Pizza Hut…”

Jenna released a droll belly laugh, pausing for another moment before continuing.

“……So Jennifer’s husband knows a guy who knows a lady who works for the school board, and she owes a favor, well, let me tell you, my boss at the real library couldn’t have been happier about me getting the job here, so now I’m working full time which is cool because I just moved in with my best friend….”

“How…” Heather sarcastically spoke over Jenna, “…dramatically enlightening, you should write a book.”

Jenna squinted at Heather, her ruffled expression adding dimension to her chipmunk cheeks.

However, just as quick Jenna retrieved her calm, favoring the girls with an amiable chuckled.
No doubt these girls were of the elitist rank, and Jenna recognizing the fact, bubbly inquired, “You cheerleaders?”

Lara nodded to the affirmative, Jenna momentarily returning her vision to the colas and Doritos.

“Forget what I said about the munchies, I’m familiar with the perks allowed cheerleaders…” a broad idyllic smile growing upon Jenna’s face.

Jenna finishing her sentence with a shrill of laughter.

“That’s cool Miss Kasper”, Lara’s smile matching Jenna’s in scope, “We’re on the same page.”

Jenna wiggled her hips, blissfully acknowledging the fact, “I was a member of the squad!”

Jenna didn’t expect the shocking gapes that distorted their gorgeous faces.

Jenna’s hair clipped ridiculous short with wavy bangs clearly expounded her well-fed features.
Pretty in a characteristically docile manner, virtually giving the impression of a young woman who had always been overweight.

Jenna’s dress was appropriate attire but the material strained at the slope of her colossal belly, her pudgy waist approximately as wide as her ultra roomy hips while her drastically fattened posterior jutted outward, accurately in proportion to her jumbo size thighs.

Jenna groaned inside but she replied with a squeaky giggle, “I’m just kidding! I had you, didn’t I?”

The seniors again nodded in unison, Jenna playfully smacking her well-rounded belly, “Can you imagine me a cheerleader!”

Jenna chucked away what remained of her pride, and fighting back a tear, she fictitiously warbled, “Nah, I could never fit into the uniform but I had friends who were cheerleaders. They were totally cool!”

Jenna contentedly laid one arm over belly, her lips sprouting a lopsided smile, “You girls make yourself at home here, I’ll keep a keen eye open, make sure the old spinsters don’t hassle ya.”

Heather bellowed a courteous, “Thanks Miss Kasper.”
“You’re absolutely copasetic with us”, Lana chimed.

Jenna scratched her doughy waist while eyeing the snacks, she wily smirked, “Don’t worry about bringing food in here either as long as it isn’t catered”, she then released an inane giggle.

“Except like, don’t make a habit eating that crap or else you won’t be able to fit into your cute little uniforms!” Jenna added as she backed off and waddled away.

“Wow, Miss Kasper is totally cool”, Lana commented, “She’s very nice.”

“Yeah, I agree”, Heather replied, “Definitely nice, too bad she’s so fat.”



Jenna contently chewed her gum while she polished Betsy’s nails.
Jenna’s hair in a wilted ponytail, her butterball figure stuffed into a spaghetti string top, the pink hue thoroughly faded and homemade sweatpants cut-offs.

Betsy’s appearance opposing Jenna’s in every detail.
Meticulously groomed mane, designer dress.
Although Betsy had reason to look so spectacular, she was about to embark on a New York vacation that very day.

“You have my things packed in all the correct luggage?” Betsy inquired.

Jenna bobbled her head from side to side, loudly smacking her gum, “Sure have, casual wear in the small green one, evening wear in the larger green one, your nighties and such in the red one. Right?”

“And my shoes, you packed my shoes?” Betsy asked a little firmer.

“Relax, I got it all covered”, Jenna peeped a silly giggle; “I’ll carry it out to the car once I’m done here.”

“Can you grab me a cola first; I want to check my hair before I leave.”

“Okie-dokey”, Jenna good-naturedly replied as she again smacked her gum.

“You do understand, your feelings aren’t hurt because Denise and I can’t bring you along this time”, Betsy cautiously uttered, “Maybe next year.”

“Shucks, Betsy, I understand, I’m not offended”, Jenna replied sweetly, “Those blue bloods that Denise fancies aren’t so liberal as they seem when it comes to us plus size girls but heck, I got lots going on around here to keep me occupied.”

Jenna subsequently rubbed her nose and then lifted her arms, victoriously shouting, “All done!”

“Thanks, Jen, you’re a big help, I couldn’t function properly without you”, Betsy said as she glided upward unto her feet.

Jenna heaved an excruciating sigh as she lifted her body off the antique bench, retrieving her cheerful disposition, she replied, “Think nothing of it, glad to help.”

Betsy strolled over to the mirror, checking out her appearance, “Jen, the cola…”

Jenna gave her forehead a soft palm slap, “Duh, sorry, be right back!”

By the time Betsy had touched up her gorgeous blond locks, Jenna had returned with the soft drink.

Betsy immediately engaged in a modest sip, thanking Jenna and then asking about her plans for over the weekend.

Jenna trudged across the room, rubbing her belly as she peeped, “I’m going out with Marcy and Fern Friday night, we’ll eventually hook up with Miles and some of our other friends.”

Jenna paused to take a seat on the bed, the cushions caving in at the weight of her huge ass, “Saturday night I’m making pizza for Miles and his mom, three cheeses, and four kinds of meat!”

“I’m impressed, Jenna”, Betsy chirped, “Very good!”

Jenna tilted her head, a puckish grin deepening the dimples on her chubby face, “You know going steady is fattening? Ever since Miles and I took our relationship to the next level I put on four whole pounds!”

Betsy glanced over at Jenna; her roly-poly belly lay on her lap, her gigantic thighs merging together.
“You sure it isn’t the butter you put on cookies or the mayo sandwiches you eat two at a time that might be the cause of the extra weight?”

Jenna giggled, “Nah, and anyway, I do have lunch meat on my sandwiches but sometimes just mayonnaise is tasty.”

“Remember what I said about starting next month?” Betsy calmly questioned Jenna.

“Not to walk around in my skivvies when your boyfriend is over?” Jenna replied.

Betsy walked over to Jenna, “Yeah that too but the other thing. About eating sensibly during the week….”
Jenna finished Betsy’s answer, “But I can pig out all I want on weekends.”

Jenna flashed Betsy a wide mischievous grin.

Betsy stood with her hands over her hips, sighing while in thought, “Oh what’s the use.”

In truth Betsy was aware that Jenna would never actually lose any weight but being a little more discreet with her appetite and food choices she might not become much heavier.
Currently Jenna weighed in at 321-pounds and it showed, not only in terms of her overall appearance but her attitude as well. Jenna oddly personified every stereotype stamped upon overweight females based squarely on her own predisposition toward heavy girls back when she was a slim vixen.
Uncomplicated, silly, docile and a notoriously big appetite. Even Jenna’s fashion sense had gone astray, sometimes wearing clothes that hardly matched or complimented her figure.

The bed creaked as Jenna adjusted her position, cradling her belly with one hand, she sighed upon becoming much more comfortable.

“Now Monday is very cool”, Jenna said with sparkling eyes, “The girls want me to supervise their practice for their pep rally Wednesday.”

“Those cheerleaders you befriended”, Betsy acknowledged Jenna, “Going to teach them a few of your old routines?”

Jenna giggled, “They’re of the mind I’ve always been a big chick! Obviously no.”

“We do get along very good, they even made me their unofficial mascot”, Jenna proudly buzzed.
“They even invite me to have lunch with them, and they’re finicky about what they eat.
Most of the time they don’t finish their meals and guess what? They let me have all their leftovers.”

Betsy jerked back her head, clearly recognizing the cheerleader’s reason for having Jenna dine with them and sharing their food. Albeit Jenna was oblivious to the fact she was their motivational image for staying in shape.

Noticing the time, Betsy half-smiled, “Well it’s time I get going, Denise is waiting for me to pick her up.”

Jenna lowered her face, for a moment spacing out before submissively uttering, “I know all about Denise branching out in her own fashion business, Manhattan is definitely the right move for her.
I’d hate for you to go with her, move to New York now that you have that managerial degree.”

Betsy humorously grimaced, “Neither of us are going anywhere. She’s running the store’s on-line shopping, I’m the manager of the lingerie department, we both have fabulous careers.

A smile blossomed over Jenna’s face, “That’s so cool! I’d be totally a mess without you.”

Betsy gently rubbed Jenna’s shoulder, “I’m a small town girl, and you know big city life doesn’t appeal to me.”

Jenna gripped Betsy’s forearm to help her off the bed.

Jenna embraced Betsy, “I’m so glad you’re staying.”

Betsy hugged Jenna, a bit more lightly, the affectionate moment between friends coming to an end, Betsy flatly inquired, “I remember when you first arrived home from college, how you loathed Beluga Lake and the tediousness of small town life. Has your opinion changed?”

Jenna chuckled, playfully patting her belly, “Hell yeah, Betsy. I’d rather be the big girl in the small town then the other way around. Things are so comfortable, less complicated in Beluga Lake. There’s no where else I would rather be.”

And with that Jenna walked over to Betsy’s luggage, “I’ll take these out to the car.”

“Just a minute, Jen, I’ll give you a hand; I wouldn’t want to take advantage of my BFF.”

Jenna contentedly sighed, “Big fat friend…”

“You know what I meant!” Betsy laughed.

“Yeah I do!” Jenna replied with a beautiful smile.

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Great story favourite is the white trash element tho
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Bravo Matt L. Waiting for new stories.
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