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Betsy Romaine stood at the cola machine in the high school cafeteria filling up a large cup with diet cola. Bubbly in demeanor and rather cute despite being excessively chubby.

Betsy’s blond hair tied in a twisted ponytail, the knot unusually large, nondescript eyeglasses, her wardrobe a matching set of pink sweats that seemingly exaggerated her girth especially at her belly and hips.

Upon paying for the beverage, Betsy grabbed a straw and waddled out of the cafeteria smack dab into a certain Miles Trent.

Miles was a thin, clean cut but sort of geeky student.
Miles quickly acknowledged Betsy, his voice friendly but at the same time nervous.
“Hey, kiddo, got a minute?”

Betsy was on good terms with Miles and agreed to favor him with a moment of her time.
“Yes, but only for a minute, Jenna is waiting for me.”

Miles shook his head, his voice increasing in nervousness, “Yes, that what I wanted to talk to you about, it’s about Jenna.”

Betsy’s adorable features took a serious look as she blathered, “I know your sisters and Jenna don’t get along very well_.”

Miles laughed, maybe to ease his anxiety, “No, not about that! My sisters are a bit thin-skinned; they don’t know Jenna like I do!”

“Okay”, Betsy said resolutely, “Then what is it on your mind?”

Miles sighed, “You’re her best friend and everything, and well, you think you could put in a good word to her about me.”

Betsy affectionately gazed into Miles’s fairly handsome face, “Oh Miles, I know you sometimes spend a little time with Jen but realistically speaking she only thinks of you as a friend.”

Miles slowly dipped his hands into his pockets, twisting her body as he tried reasoning with Betsy, “Yes, I know that. But maybe if she gets to know me better, she’ll like me.”

“You’re very nice and sweet, Miles but I’m afraid you’re just not Jenna’s type. Trust me on this”, Betsy confirmed her knowledge of Jenna’s desire, “She’s attracted to a whole different specious.”

“What you’re saying, I’m not cool enough for her, because I‘m not part of her popular circle”, Miles uttered, the depiction of rejection written across his face.
Betsy nodded, “It’s nothing against you, and I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but yes.”

And with that Betsy began drifting away, “Sorry, I have to run, I don’t want to get Jenna mad by being late.”

A few minutes later Betsy arrived at the study hall, Jenna sat among her collection of elitist friends.

Jenna Kasper’s appearance was in explicit contrast to her best friend. Shimmering chocolate brown hair, a unique caliber of feminine exquisiteness to her features which neatly corresponded to her curvy body’s supreme physical condition.

Jenna cordially waved Betsy over, once obtaining her soft drink, she directed Betsy to sit among her similarly slim and trim colleagues.

Betsy did feel a tinge uncomfortable being the heaviest, by far, girl in the bunch, but she exhibited a fair degree of conviviality as the group discussed an upcoming social event.

Jenna sipped her diet cola as the conversation increased its giddy volume. Food and beverages as a rule were prohibited in the study hall but those rules didn’t apply to the popular clique, especially Jenna who was the unofficial school princess.

Once the party concluded, as it could very well be considered, the young females broke rank and shuffled to their scheduled classes, Jenna and Betsy made tracks together toward the ladies room where Jenna could check on her appearance in case she needed to freshen up.

“You know Kurt is busy Saturday evening, volunteering his help with the volleyball squad”, Betsy chirped, “So I’ll be able to join you and the girls, okay?”

Jenna discreetly looked over the bulbous dimensions of Betsy’s portly figure before centering her vision upon her cute yet well-nourished face, “Of course, don’t be silly. You’re always invited to our functions, you’re one of us.”

Betsy titled her head, submissively smiling, “Thanks, Jen.”
“Although there’s a little more to me than you girls”, Betsy added with a goofy expression.

Jenna coolly brought up Kurt, the young man that Betsy was dating, in an arcane manner, “Really a shame Kurt is busy, he’s welcome to join us.”

Betsy looked downward, trying to hold back her disappointment, “Yeah, I wish Kurt could too, I really, really like him. And I’m glad you approve of him, you know. Being my best friend, I’d hate to be with a guy you detested.”

Jenna replied with a giggle, “Au contraire! I think you picked an absolute winner with Kurt.”

Their banter continued as they reached the ladies room, however, from the corner of her eye Jenna noticed Carter Nelson.

Carter Nelson wasn’t among Jenna’s clique, in all actuality he floated under the radar. Jenna found Carter rather attractive although he had a bad reputation, mainly rumors since he was from the shady part of town.

“I forgot something, catch up with you later”, Jenna said capriciously.
No big deal on Betsy’s part, she was used to Jenna abandoning her for one reason or another.
“Alright, Jen!” Betsy shouted gladly. “See you later!”
Jenna was already several feet away, failing to turn around and courteously address Betsy.

Carter walked out of school and into the courtyard, lighting up a cigarette as Jenna approached him.
“Have another for a friend”, Jenna smiled in a sultry voice, and Carter stared at her for a moment before uttering, “Yeah…sure…no problem, Jen.”

Jenna rested her hand over her slim hip, her beauty exclusively enchanting in a tight white sleeveless blouse and knee high black skirt. Her chocolate brown hair resting over her shoulders, bestowing her attractive face for the impoverished young man to freely digest.

Carter lit Jenna’s cigarette, his features tense, his voice rigid, “I thought we had a date last Friday night, what the hell happened?”

Jenna took a long drag, stepping within such close proximity to Carter that her breasts lay almost against his chest.

“Something came up that couldn’t be helped”, Jenna conceitedly smiled, “Sometimes that happens to girls like me.”

Carter hesitated but delicately brought his hand over Jenna’s shoulder, “Girls like you write your own ticket. You’re dating Dave Mocha but I heard a rumor you went out with some guy, Anson something.”

Jenna brought her face closer to Carter, her lips taking on a defiant curve, “I’m not exactly in a committed relationship with Dave, and Anson is just somebody I like. If I was dating somebody real special, I wouldn’t be this close to you, would I?”

Jenna ran her hand through Carter’s dense hair, “Thing is, babe, I like playing the field, I’m no harlot, remember that. I’m just a girl keeping my options open for the right guy.”

Carter shook his head, “Then when can we get together?”

“Well, Saturday I have a party, I’d invite you but I know you don’t appreciate my crowd. Friday, maybe Friday”, Jenna softly replied.

Jenna backed away, waving goodbye to Carter in a feminine manner.


Friday evening, Betsy industriously aided Jenna in getting ready for her date. Combing her hair, painting her nails, even helping in the arena of cosmetics.

“I don’t know what you see in him?” Betsy asked as she zipped up Jenna’s slinky ruby red dress.
Jenna jerked back her head, a playful timbre in her voice, “Yes, Betsy, I’m totally aware he gives you funny looks whenever we’re together.”

Jenna swerved at the mirror, scrutinizing her appearance, then directed her attention back on Betsy.
“If you knew him better, behind that hard body and gorgeous face is a man with style and a witty sense of humor.”

Betsy’s demeanor was minus the usual spunk as she plopped down on Jenna’s bed.
“I guess the heart wants what it wants; I still say he doesn’t like me.”

Jenna took a seat beside Betsy, humoring her the best she could, “Well this is my first official date with him, he just might leave me cold. Who knows, but then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

A slight smile emerged upon Betsy’s face, “You really think?”

Jenna stood up, her attitude a little too brazen, “Probably not. I’m very fond of Jake, he’s terribly sweet to me, and I’m just his type.”

“You’re my BFF, so try to get along with Jake”, Jenna persuasively smiled as she walked to the door.
“I’ll call you tonight as soon as I get home, okay?” Jenna added.

Betsy heaved a loud sigh as she removed herself off the bed, her voice then cracking while she spoke, “Yeah, okay. But what….”

Jenna held her arms over her breasts, anxious to leave, huffily inquired, “But what, Betsy?”

Betsy limply walked over to Jenna, a wretched look in her eyes, “What if I told you what I heard from Colleen Trent, you wouldn’t like it.”

Jenna sulkily gazed at Betsy, “I wouldn’t believe anything Colleen says, she gossips like a fish wife and dresses like a scrub woman. I can‘t fathom how she’s related to Miles.”

“Anyway”, Jenna coldly added, “Jake is picking me up in front of the house in five minutes so talk fast.”

Betsy clutched the sides of her belly, whimpering in anxiety, “I don’t mean to get you mad but Colleen said the other day in the cafeteria when you were with Jake, he referred to me as your fat friend, and you laughed.”

Jenna furiously sneered at Betsy, “Well I was only giving Jake some idea why your friendship is so important to me so he can get along with you better. If he called you my fat friend, maybe it was just a harmless observation because you’re overweight. Really, Betsy. I’m surprised at you!”

“But you laughed, you didn’t defend me!” Betsy whined.

Jenna began her reply, “I think that’s taken out of context….”
However, the beeping of the car horn alerted Jenna to the fact Jake had arrived.
“……..I have to go, we’ll continue this conversation later….don’t be stupid and listen to gossip, you’re of tremendous value to me!” Jenna stated as she swiftly bolted out of the room.

The topic was never brought up again, although reality set in, she was Jenna’s fat friend.

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Well, this is a very interesting, and promising, beginning. Keep it up.
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This reeks of greatness! :)
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Greetings Junketh71 & Cartoonking1,

Thank your for your kind words of endorsement, I hope you'll be entertained by our story.

Cheers, Matt
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Jenna Kasper and Betsy Romaine were seated in the comfortable main street café located in downtown Beluga Lake Maine. The ladies in their early twenties were best friends from early on despite a few opposing characteristics.

Jenna was quite the example of feminine charm and beauty, shimmering chocolate brown hair, uniquely captivating features, her figure explicitly slender.
Jenna had just arrived back home, visiting while on college break, naturally a rendezvous with her best friend was mandatory.

Betsy Romaine‘s appearance was quite pleasing, wavy blond hair routinely kept short, fashionable eye-wear upon her adorable face which held a natural rural flavor. Betsy‘s figure was scrumptiously trim and curvaceous, nothing like in high school, back when she was Jenna’s fat friend who usually languished in the background.
Unlike Jenna, Betsy wasn’t college bound due to being financially challenged, and made a living working at the local gas station mini-mart in their quiet community.

Beluga Lake was a small rustic town of blue collar people who toiled in the local factories or entertained menial positions. Although the older section had recently started a renovation which brought in wealthier families, there was also a seedy section just at the border of the Far East side of Beluga Lake.

The town practically shut down at sundown but there were occasional dances at the VFW hall and picnics in the summer. Such a tedious environment held no interest for Jenna who was planning to move to New York City once finishing school. Betsy on the other hand was accustomed to the tranquility that Beluga Lake’s offered and felt that big city life was too fast pace and sumptuous for a simple country girl.

The friends chattered away about everything and anything, nibbling on finger food and drinking coffee.

“You’re going for the whole ball of wax!” Betsy’s exuberant smile forming the slightest dimples in her cheeks, “Going to have letters after your name and business cards once you graduate!”

Jenna was rarely modest but possibly out of nothing more than deference, demurely smiled, “Well I haven’t graduated yet so we’ll see. But I appreciate the support.”

“I have lots to admire about you”, Betsy buzzed in unbridled enthusiasm, championing Jenna’s intelligence and determination. “That’s some brainy occupation you’re entering but then again, I think you were on the honor roll all through high school.”

Jenna exhibited her usually sass as she cogently self-congratulated herself.
“Well yeah that’s true but I did need to exert myself somewhat, although my grade point average did rank in the top five_.”

Betsy politely listened, at one point when nearly exhausted with boredom, managed to slide in a remark, “You’re going to be a child psychologist, is that it?”

“Not really, although my field of study is human growth and development, I’m going to become a clinical psychologist. That’s where all the money is made.”

“You’re really going to need to earn a lot of money if you’re really intent on relocating to New York”, Betsy candidly stated.

Jenna shook head, her tone bubbly but coming off as somewhat pretentious, “Very true, Betsy. However, I’m positive I’ll do very well, find work at some upscale clinic that caters to wealthy people, and with my looks, it won’t be so difficult being hired.”

Jenna sipped her coffee, kindheartedly insisting that Betsy should join her, “Once I’ve settled in you should move to New York, we can share a flat, I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunities for you to find work.”
Betsy heaved an elongated sigh, “That’s totally sweet but I’m a country girl at heart, New York might be all that but I’m more than satisfied here in Beluga Lake.”

Jenna ran her fingers over her cup, her lips curving into an ambiguous smile, “Such a shame, we could have so much fun rooming together. But you have to admit, this is one lackluster town.”

“I know but I really do like it here”, Betsy answered back.

“I don’t mean to sound rude but Beluga Lake is a musty old world community, granted nostalgia I can respect but it’s so uncultured and too old fashion, you know?”

Betsy cracked an eye, giggling as she commented, “Oh please humor me, ignorance is bliss and I’m deep into it!”

Jenna straightened her posture, flaunting sheer arrogance as she contributed her opinion.
“Lot’s of people, most everyone we know, once graduating high school voluntarily assimilated into the repetitive and awfully banal rigmarole of small town life. They got married or took on mind numbing jobs instead of engaging in rewarding careers. They let their looks slide; a few of them let themselves go altogether and got fat. I’m better than that, and so are you.”

“I’m not so sure about all that”, Betsy whimsically buzzed.
“But yes, some of our friends had different goals than you.”

Jenna breezily smiled, favoring Betsy with a compliment, “Well honey, you’ve managed to lose weight, you’re definitely the exception to the rule.”

Unbeknownst to Jenna the compliment, though sincere, revved up the sole bitter episode during their long friendship.

“Losing weight was necessary after what happened last summer”, Betsy tartly recollected out loud, “I’m not really blaming you or Kurt, not really. I was chunky and getting chunkier, I can kind of understand why it happened.”

Jenna’s posture deflated, a glum expression muddling up her lovely features, “Can’t we forget the whole incident, Betsy. It was basically harmless; Kurt has always been your guy.”

There had always been some flirting between Jenna and Kurt Sheldon, Betsy’s beau. Basically goofy stuff, albeit Jenna could never resist being a big time tease among all the guys her friends dated.
In Betsy’s case she at first handled it quite well due to the fact she believed Jenna was steadfast in loyalty being her best friend and all that.

Jenna’s prior visit, just about a year ago, something went haywire or perhaps things just clicked, and Jenna found herself in Kurt’s arms. Betsy blamed herself; she had packed on some post high school pounds, becoming chubbier than ever. She couldn’t compete with her eye candy best friend even if she tried.

Apologies were accepted, Kurt blamed it on the alcohol he had digested, Jenna admitted her flirting went off in the wrong direction, and promised it would never happen again.

However, Betsy could discern the wanton look in Kurt’s eyes whenever Jenna was around, and thus in turn motivated her into dropping the pounds. Even if Betsy wasn’t as an alluring vixen as Jenna, she could still dazzle her man by shaping up her billowy figure.

There was a moment of profound silence until Betsy cracked an inane smile, “Things were a little rocky between me and Kurt for a little while but we’re on the same page now.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” Jenna elatedly addressed Betsy, “We’ve been friends much too long to have something like this come between us.”

“I know”, said Betsy. “I’ve always admired you and I still do. Back in high school when I was dumpy, you always included me with your cool friends. I never forgot that, and how you always looked out for me. I guess that’s why when you kissed Kurt it was twice over painful.”

“Yeah…” Jenna tensely admitted. “It was stupid of me.”

Betsy grinned, an abstruse twist to her voice, “I’m willing to put this behind us, so we needn’t discuss it again.”

Jenna acknowledged Betsy with a dramatic nod, their eyes connecting, a ridiculous smile forging over Betsy’s face.

“Dieting hasn’t been easy and I’m aiming to lose at least another 10-pound!” Betsy said with humorous spunk, “But I have a huge taste for a milkshake!” Join me, won’t you? I think I can neglect my diet this one time, sort of to commemorate our friendship!”

Betsy emitted a funky high pitched giggle as Jenna replied, “I’d like a milkshake but lately milkshakes don’t like me. But I’ll give you a rain check.”

Betsy cracked an eye, “Don’t tell me you’re on a diet. What’s up with that? You never had to diet before.”

Jenna half-smiled, her expression raked with anxiety, “I never went to college before, I’ve recently put on a couple pounds.”

“You look fine to me”, Betsy sugary uttered, Jenna rattling off, “You should see me naked.”

After a moment of laughter, Jenna casually shared the details with Betsy.

“Um, my first semester I was totally fine, I didn’t experience the so called freshman 15, though this semester I’ve been putting on weight easier than ever. At one point I was 130-pounds, but, well, I’m almost back to normal but I hate it that my weight is starting to fluctuate. I really have to start showing a little discretion with what I eat.”

“Oh fiddle-faddle, your figure is outrageous”, Betsy cheerily complimented her friend, “Absolutely gorgeous.”

“And I intend to keep it that way”, Jenna replied firmly but with a wide smile, “Which means no unnecessary sweets.”

“Okay then”, Betsy replied, “I’ll remind you of the rain check once you’re liberated from this fat phobia.”

Betsy subsequently leaned toward Jenna, “Wouldn’t it be something if you did pile on enough weight that our roles were reversed and you were the fat friend?”

Jenna responded like nails on a chalk board, “That wouldn’t be at all cool. And, I never treated you like a fat friend anyway.”

“Coming from a girl who was never any larger than a size 4”, Betsy sarcastically lobbed it back at Jenna. “Well I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m no longer ultra chubby but when I was heavier, there was an obvious difference between us.”

Jenna ran her fingers through her beautiful brown mane, “I can’t argue with that, you’re right. I’m very proud of you through; you have lost a lot of weight.”

Betsy silently grinned for a brief instant, and then removed herself from the chair, “Be right back, diet or no diet, I’m going to have a milkshake. Sure you don’t want one?”

Jenna was adamant, even though Betsy offered to treat. With that Betsy walked over to the service station and ordered a milkshake. Upon resuming her seat at the table with Jenna, Betsy changed topics.

“How’s it going looking for a summer job?”

“I do need work, college is expensive. But I’m going to start applying around town tomorrow”, Jenna said.

“Wow”, Betsy began speaking, pausing a moment to sip her milkshake, “I know where you can be hired right away, and since you’re into child psychology, you’re a cinch for the job.”

“Um, that’s human growth and development but what are you talking about?” Jenna curiously inquired.

“Mrs. Wolt, the librarian is looking for a nanny, you remember her, right?”

Jenna concurred, “Yeah, the dowdy heavyset woman. I didn’t even know she was married.”

“Well she is, to a lighthouse keeper. He’ll be away six months so she needs a hand with her kids.”

“How much do you think she’ll pay?” Jenna bluntly asked.

“I don’t know exactly but lighthouse keepers make a nice dollar so I suppose it’ll be a fair salary. Plus, you’ll have room and board, and she’ll feed you well”, Betsy answered.

Jenna tilted her head, securing the last of the cheese sticks, “Looking after children wouldn’t be so hard, I can always study during my off hours.”

“Right you are”, Betsy persuasively responded, “Their place is rather secluded too, out on Longshanks Road. Nobody will interrupt you; it’ll just be Mrs. Wolt, the kids and you.”

Longshanks Road was as desolate and far away from town as one could get. Very few people lived in that section of Beluga Lake.

Jenna pondered for a brief moment and then agreed, “I think that might work.”

“Excellent!” Betsy giddily announced, I’ll drive you out there myself_ today! If that’s okay? This way you can have a crack at the job before anybody else applies.”

Jenna was a little startled at Betsy’s unbridled enthusiasm but nonetheless smiled in bubbly candor.

“Thank you, Betsy, I appreciate that.”

“Hey, what are best friends for”, Betsy chirped.

The friends spent a short while longer at the café, on their way out there encountered an oafish looking young man who politely addressed both of them.

“Hello Betsy, hi Jenna”, he said in a milquetoast timbre.

The friends acknowledged him with nods and congenial smiles, uttering indifferent hellos before exiting the café.

“Who the heck was that?” Jenna inquired on route to Betsy’s car.

“Miles Trent, you remember Miles don’t you?”

“Sure I do, he was a very nice guy”, Jenna replied rather aloof, “But wow, did he gain weight or what?”

Betsy smirked, brashly humming, “Didn’t Miles have something of a crush on you?”

“Who didn’t have a crush on me!” Jenna giggled.

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On the outskirts of Beluga Lake, among the very few cabins spread across the wild terrain stood the Victorian style home of family Wolt.

The home was in wonderful condition despite it being built in the early 1900’s, likewise the small yet adequate barn flanking the property was in fine form despite the paint peeling away.

Jenna did squawk a bit about the 45-minute drive, Betsy calming her friend to the positive, “All this isolation is what you need, you can study for hours without interruptions.”

The females strolled over the cobblestone path up to the house, Jenna agreeing with Betsy once removed, “Well yes, I want to study but I’d also like to party a little.”

“Oh, naturally if anything is happening I’ll give you a call!” Betsy chimed out, “For sure! Really.”

Reaching the door, Betsy rang the bell, she then turned toward Jenna, “This all might take a while getting used too but you’ll adapt.”

Jenna scrunched her nose, “Adapt to what?”

Betsy mischievously giggled, “Oh, being a nanny! The domestic routine ain’t what you’re learning in school!”

“I guess”, Jenna dourly replied just as Dora Wolt opened the door.

Dora Wolt was in her early forties, curly brown hair that scarcely reached her shoulders, moderately pretty, her well-fed 290-pound figure clothed in a teal colored sweatshirt and greenish-blue spandex slacks.

“Well, well, Betsy”, a smiling Dora melodiously chimed, “What did you bring me?”

Dora stepped aside, allowing the young ladies to enter the living room.
The living room was quite large and there was no expense spared on the furniture. Everything state of the art.

“Hopefully a nanny”, Betsy related enthusiastically. “You remember Jenna, Jenna Kasper.”

Dora nodded, swerving her round face toward Jenna, “Sure, you’d be always pestered by the fellas.”
Dora briefly surveyed Jenna’s figure, “Yup, you’re still a looker, ain’t a trace of fat on your body.”

“I wish!” Jenna humorously peeped, “But I appreciate the compliment. Thank you, Mrs. Wolt.”

“Oh fiddle-faddle, Jenna! Call me Dora!”

“Alright, Dora”, said Jenna cordially.

“Now you gals park your tuchies on the sofa while I get some refreshments and then we can have a chinwag.”

The ladies settled on the sofa while Dora waddled into the kitchen for refreshments.

“Dora is very nice, isn’t she?” Betsy grinned.

Jenna agreed, “Yes, she sure is down to earth.”

“Nice home too”, Betsy causally stated, “Big and cozy, the ideal atmosphere for a brainy college girl. You’ll be able to study at your leisure when you’re not looking after the kids.”

Jenna replied with a cute giggle, “Looking after the children will be a piece of cake. Just remember to count me in when there’s a bash or something.”

“Jenna, you know I wouldn’t forget about including you”, Betsy informed her friend, “We’ll see what kind of schedule you have and we’ll try to work around it.”

“Peachy!” Jenna cheerfully smiled just as Dora returned to the living room.

Dora placed a large silver platter on the coffee table which included soft drinks and various sweets.

“Dig in ladies”, Dora announced with gusto as she opened up a can of cola and then plopped down on the large chair within close quarters of the sofa where the friends sat.

Betsy instantly grabbed a can of root beer and a couple cookies, smiling over at Jenna in a persuasive manner, “Dora was polite enough to provide these refreshments, have something.”

“Oh yes!” Dora exuberantly chimed, “All the sweets are home made, you’ll only hurt my feelings if you don’t try something.”

Jenna leaned over, securing a can of root beer and a cookie, “Thanks, Dora. This is very nice of you.”

“I wish you girls would try my cheesecake, maybe I’ll curve you both big slices to take home.”

“Sure!” Betsy happily agreed.

Dora adjusted her soft rotund body on the chair, the flabby condition of large belly roving like waves over the ocean.

“Now Jenna, I’ll get to the point and the specifics of your duties if I hire you”, Dora bluntly yet sweetly uttered.

Jenna sipped her soft drink as Dora went through the details. Dora had 4 children ages one through six. Jenna’s duties would include basic child care and supervision but there would be a few general housekeeping chores as well. All except cooking, since Dora was the boss of the kitchen.
Jenna would work six days a week, from morning until the children’s bedtime, and once the children were in bed, she could have free reign around the house and with her time as long as she was up in the morning for the children. Dora’s husband would be away and although she hadn’t worked as a librarian in years, she did volunteer her time at the library every so often as well as delivering meals for senior citizens twice a week. Jenna would be paid one-fifty a week but have free room and board with meals included.

Dora asked if Jenna had any experience being a nanny, and Jenna mentioned that she used to baby sit all throughout her high school years but was intelligent, proactive and sufficient enough for the job.

It was Betsy who brought up the additional fact, “And she’s studying child psychology at Whitmore University.

Jenna leaned back in on the sofa, giddily correcting her friend, “That’s human growth and development!”

Dora seemed impressed, slicing off a big thick slice of cheesecake for herself while commenting, “Ah, a college girl. Not one for marrying your high school beau and starting a family of your own. Well, higher learning does have its advantages I guess.”

Jenna reached for another cookie, happily obliging Dora with her goals, “Naturally I hope to marry someday. Right now, I’d much rather focus on my studies then settling down. Once I have earned my degree and working in the clinical field as a ‘psychoanalyst’, I‘ll take the plunge.”

Dora primly smiled, she didn’t appreciate the way Jenna overemphasized the word ’psychoanalyst’ as if it positioned her intelligence and status above humanity if not the general population of Beluga Lake.

“She’s very ambitious!” Betsy broadly smiled.

“No question about that”, Dora admitted although her grin was just as over sugary as her tone.

“When can you start?” Dora asked, her smile growing in size.

“I got the job? I got job!” Jenna squeaked out loud, “Thanks! You won’t regret it!”

Betsy giggled as she hugged her friend in congratulations, seeming more elated than Jenna about being hired.

Dora held unto the armrests as she steered her portly body upward, “Oh, I’m positive I won’t regret it at all.”

Adjusting her top over her well-padded hips, Dora cheerfully addressed Jenna, “I’m thinking looking after my kids might be a little challenging for you at first but I have an inkling you’ll grow into your potential. And I promise you all the comforts of home. Heck, you could end up so cozy and content; you could have mixed feelings about school.”

Dora released a thunderous belly laugh, the friends joined in.

Jenna surveyed the living room with twinkling eyes, “Well to be honest, this is such a grandiose home, living here won’t be so bad.”

Turning to Betsy, Jenna frivolously added, “I could really settle into this place, no question.
I wonder if they have homes like this in New York!”

Betsy giggled, a quick glance at Dora before resuming her attention on Jenna, “Not that I have any doubt that with your success you’d be able to afford such a beautiful home, let’s finish out the summer first.”

Dora waddled around the chair, waving the girls on, “Well, since you’re so impressed with the house, I’ll show you around. Introduce you to the children too.”

Jenna was indubitably impressed with the spacious home, thoroughly modern yet still holding onto the old fashion style before the countless renovations.

Jenna was then treated to a view which was to be her room while lodging with the Wolt family.
The walls had a soft purple hue, nice broad windows decorated with small colorful curtains, the furniture included a queen size bed, a leather recliner, reading lamp and a bookcase stocked full of Harlequin romance novels.

“Very nice!” Jenna giggled like an anxious teenage girl, “I could get used to this!”

Dora gently grasped Jenna’s hand, “Glad you like it, sweetie. I intend to treat you like a member of the family.”

Jenna tilted her head as Dora bubbly smiled, “Now I’ll introduce you to the children.”

Betsy deliberately trailed behind as Dora escorted Jenna to the playroom.
After introductions were made, Jenna stepped front and center, addressing the kids in a friendly tone, “You can depend on me whenever mommy’s busy, I’m a lot of fun and I think we’ll have blast!”

The older children approached Jenna, inquisitively asking her several questions;

“How old are you?”
“Do you like cartoons?”
“Will you read us stories?”

Dora was pleased at the manner in which Jenna familiarized herself with her children, candid and charming, and even adding a little humor into the mix. Jenna then walked over to the indoor swing set and greeted Dora’s youngest. Jenna was excessively sweet as she acknowledged the child, playfully pushing her in the swing for a few minutes before rejoining Dora.

“You have some beautiful children, Dora”, Jenna said as she swerved around to face them.
“This will be the best job ever.”

“When can you start?” Dora asked as Betsy walked over to visit with the children.
“Whenever you like”, Jenna replied, “I was hoping to see this guy I know but he’s currently unavailable due to work. So, you know, tomorrow?”

“What about tonight!”, Dora stated on impulse but backpedaled and spoke in a much more casual tone, “What I meant is, why not grab whatever you need and sleepover. This way you can start first thing in the morning.”

Jenna ran her fingers through her lengthy brown mane, “Well, I was thinking about maybe hanging out with Betsy and the girls tonight_.”

Rolling her eyes in thought, Jenna continued, “Oh why not. I’ll have all summer to see Betsy. Sure, Dora. As soon as I gather my stuff, I’ll drive out.”

Dora clapped her hands with excitement, “Jolly good it is! This way you can get accustomed to my family and house sooner than later.”

Betsy walked back over just as the conversation concluded, “Yeah, Jenna’s known to be an overachiever. She’s the only friend I have that would refuse hanging out with me to get a handle on her job!”

Jenna was in with the joke and giggled, “Oh sure, like we won’t have other opportunities to stay out late and close out the bars!”

Betsy snickered, “I don’t know, Jen. You might take a fancy to wearing an apron around your waist and your hair in a bun style.”

Jenna outrageously laughed, “After you, honey!”


On the ride back to Beluga Lake proper where Jenna would collect her things and then drive back out to the Wolt residence, the talk was mainly positive concerning Jenna’s gig as nanny.

The only issue that didn’t sit well with Jenna was Dora’s girth.

“You know I have no prejudice against heavy people, in particular heavyset women”, Jenna noted as she lit a cigarette, “But I feel awfully awkward about her size, she’s_.”

Betsy interrupted Jenna with a shrill of laughter, “You lie! Get a grip, woman! You are so insensitive to hefty gals!”

“Since when?” Jenna lobbed it right back to Betsy, “I never treated you in a bad way, ever. I even defended you a couple times when people were rude to you because you were so damned introverted.”

“Oh you are so naïve, you only treated me better than some of the chubby girls we knew in school because we grew up together. We became friends before you were old enough to develop your bigotry. You’re supposed to be the psychologist! You ought to know that.”

Jenna briefly meditated as she took a drag from her smoke, looking straight ahead down the road as she owned up to the facts.

“Well I guess I was sort of hypercritical to a few of the girls, sometimes I had a lapse of judgment. That’s all behind me now.”

Betsy sighed, her voice drenched in sarcasm, “Hypercritical, lapse of judgment, oh right. It wasn’t only the inappropriate comments you couldn’t resist making but your attitude. Like you were a blue-blood and heavy girls were commoners. Something like a weird alternate universe where social rank was fixed due to dress size. Like when we were 15 and talked about your wedding and how beautiful you’d look in your wedding gown, and I’d be your maid of honor.”

Jenna angrily tossed the cigarette out the window, “Okay, you lost me. What the hell does that have to do about me being prejudice to fat girls?”

“Because we never once spoke about my wedding, about how beautiful I’d look. Oh, I tried and you’d humor me but you always took control of the conversation as if I was a big fat troll who didn’t have a chance of any guy wanting to marry me.”

Jenna did feel uncomfortable, lighting up another smoke; she empathized with Betsy, “I wasn’t aware of that, I never realized I hurt your feelings. I’m awful sorry, but you look fantastic now.”

“Now! I look fantastic now! Couldn’t you have said something like, my looks have improved!”

“Hey”, Jenna crinkled her nose, “I said I was sorry. And you didn’t look half-bad when you were chunky …I mean…I said it’s all behind me now.”

Betsy laughed, “I sure hope so! Quite a few of the girls in your pack of friends aren’t so skinny anymore, not that they’re all out blimps but are definitely wearing larger dress sizes.”

Jenna couldn’t control her giggling at the satisfaction that she was quite possibly the lightest of her friends, “No kidding?”

“Well, every so often I’ll see Tina and Karen, and Monique frequently comes into the mini-mart. All of them have gained at least twenty-pounds.”

“What about Mara?” Jenna mischievously snickered, “Her mom was a big lady.”

Betsy was aware that within the nucleus of their group, Mara Klemp was the only member in which caused Jenna some envy.

Betsy giggled, “Mara works at the chocolate factory, so what do you think?”

“No kidding!” Jenna exploded in catty laughter.

Betsy shook her head, “Oh yeah, Mara’s face has a gotten round and chubby and she’s sporting a big paunchy belly too match.”

Jenna smirked, “That’s incredible, I’d never thought it would happen.”
“Oh kiss my ass, you always wished Mara would get chubby!” Betsy chuckled.

Jenna rocked her head back and forth, “Well, to be honest, only between us, I wish it could have happened in high school.”

“I know”, Betsy said to the affirmative, “But anyway, you never finished you comment about Dora. I interrupted you. Remember?”

Jenna scratched her head, taking a long drag from her cigarette, “Um, I forgot what I said; your tirade knocked me off track.”

Betsy giggled, “Something about her weight, her size making you feel awkward.”

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, “So I’m a little shallow. I still think Dora’s a nice person.”

“And?” Betsy good-humorously snipped at Jenna, “There’s more_.”

Jenna took another drag and tossed the cigarette out of the car, “Nothing else, okay. I mean, I can deal with it, so what if she’s overweight.”

“No, no, no, no!” Betsy pestered her friend, “You’re not getting off so easy, miss. There’s something else on your mind. Something that I know is ridiculous, and irrational, and outrageous, even for you.”

“Okay! “, Jenna snickered, her beautiful features twisting into a comical expression, “I just hope I’m not influenced by her habits, a girl like me needs to stay in shape.”

“Round is a shape!” Betsy teasingly chimed.

“Oh shut up and drive!” Jenna blurted with laughter.

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Over the next couple of days Jenna became accustomed to Dora and her children as well as her duties which weren’t all that complicated for an intelligent and physically fit young woman.
Jenna’s temperament was outgoing and cooperative and she tended to the children vigilantly.

The evening hours Jenna amused herself by chatting with Betsy over the phone as she walked around as much of the estate as possible or hide her nose in the text books and the various psychological manuals she brought along. Although occasionally Dora was able to coax Jenna in watching some TV with her. Jenna routinely went to bed early, not only due to her obligation in getting up with the children but after a while all that necessitated her success in child care began to exhaust her.

Dora had few rules but they were strict ones. No smoking at all, a directive that Jenna could completely understand and after all, she was meaning to quit anyway.
Bedtime was midnight sharp. Jenna had no problem obeying that rule either since she was quite tuckered out by the end of day because of the momentous energy it took watching the children and her chores.
Finally, Jenna couldn’t wear makeup. Jenna wasn’t exactly sure why other than Dora herself held steadfast to her natural look. No big deal either. It wasn’t like she was going out anywhere or entertaining a gentleman.

Jenna had a couple misgivings about the job but she logically ignored them for the better good.
Jenna was none too thrilled about being cooped up most of the day with the children no matter how much she liked them. Jenna likewise didn’t care for the amount of housework she was required to perform, and since Dora had a washing machine but no dryer, hanging the clothes out on the clothes line was getting rather tedious. Still she was being paid well and was able to save most of it.
And, Jenna missed her friends, especially Betsy. All the while in college she anxiously expected to socialize and be able to release some steam but all of it went down the drain once she took on the position of nanny.

True, Betsy affirmed she would eventually pop in for a visit, and Jenna even said that she might even journey over to see her. Albeit, on her days off Jenna was more inclined to simply lounge around the backyard pool or study.


“Well now, Jenna, collect the children”, Dora sweetly hummed as she advanced over to the pool where Jenna was playing with her young family. “Lunch is ready!”

Jenna waved the children on, diligent in her effort of rounding up the children and bringing them over to the patio table. Jenna’s bikini was of a conventional style, a vivid - glittery shade of blue that showed off her slender figure. Jenna’s breasts were genuinely perky, mildly jiggling as she advanced forward; her literally lean thighs were of an athletic category which corresponded favorably to her firm oval shape posterior.
There was only one minor infraction to Jenna’s otherwise resplendent figure, a tiny, scarcely detectable pouch just a mere couple of inches below the bikini bottom waistline.

Jenna situated the children around the table, the youngest one in the adjoining high chair just as Dora arrived with the food. Jenna stepped aside for a brief moment to run a towel through her beautiful thick locks, then quickly covered her shapely figure in a sheer, rather short robe.

Jenna attended to the children all through lunch, Dora in attendance obviously lending a hand.
Macaroni salad, chopped up hot dogs and beans were in sufficient quantity.

Jenna nibbled on the smallest of rations, Dora inquired, “Not hungry, dear?”

Jenna crinkled her nose, “You’re an exquisite cook, don’t get me wrong but I’m really not a fan of macaroni salad.”

“What if I make you a couple grilled cheese sandwiches?” Dora pleasantly asked.

Jenna jerked back her head and buzzed with a wide smile, “If it isn’t any bother, sure. But just one will do it for me. Thanks!”

Dora happily prepared Jenna a grilled cheese sandwich along with some potato chips, the veteran housewife doting on Jenna as if she was one of her own.

Once lunch was over Jenna orchestrated the children’s nap time and then cleaned up the patio before washing the dishes. Jenna had just poured herself a cup of coffee when Dora ambled into the expansive kitchen.

“What’s left on your agenda for the afternoon?” Dora asked as she removed a can of cola out from the fridge.

Jenna rubbed her neck, “Well, if you don’t mind I was going to look through a few psychological journals while the kids are napping. Unless that is, you need something done.”

Jenna sipped her coffee in unison to Dora cracking opening the can of cola.
“You brainy girls are a new type of animal, I swear. Always reading and curious about matters us ordinary people never think about.”

Jenna leaned up against the kitchen counter, her smiling face radiant with sincerity, “I wouldn’t say that, Dora. I just want to achieve the best grades possible, other than that I suppose I’m just as ordinary as you in some ways.”

In some ways. Dora didn’t like the sound of that remark but maybe, she thought to herself, “Perhaps I’m being a bit too thin skinned.”

Dora guzzled a good portion of cola before continuing with the conversation.
“Anyhow, honey. I was going to settle myself in the family room, watch some TV, ’America’s Funniest Videos is on. I thought maybe you’d like to watch it with me.”

Jenna did appreciate Dora’s hospitality, and felt obligated since she was so very nice to her.
“Sure, okay”, Jenna replied between sips of coffee, “I can always read later tonight.”

Dora blissfully smiled as she escorted Jenna into the family room.
“You ever watch the show before? It’s a hoot!”
“I’ve seen it a few times”, Jenna grinned.

Arriving into the family room, Dora politely addressed Jenna, “You needn’t always have to drink coffee, honey. Help yourself to some cola, and I have plenty of snacks.”

Jenna lowered her shapely derriere unto the comfortable cushions of the couch, “Thanks, Dora, but I had a cola at lunch that’s about it for me today.”

Dora plopped down into the lazy-boy rocker, chuckling at Jenna’s remark, “Ohhhh! I notice you never have second helpings, and I thought my cooking didn’t agree with you. You’re on a diet!”

Jenna tilted her head, a gawky grinned filling out her alluring features, “Not really a diet but I’m kind of watching the calories.”

“Fiddle-faddle!”, Dora’s demeanor outright bubbly and explicitly candid, “You have a beautiful figure, a little snacking here and there won’t put you in a bigger dress size.”

Jenna acknowledged Dora with a modest smile but her eyes spoke volumes of her insecurity, “Probably not but I’m not taking any chances.”
“My weight began fluctuating in college and I’m still carrying a few extra pounds”, Jenna added with a nervous snicker, “It’s either being cautious or I’ll end up wearing Betsy’s old clothes.”

Dora tilted her head back just a tad. Even though Jenna’s comment was meant with humor was it a swipe at Betsy? Did Jenna construe Betsy as dumpy while heavy?

Dora simply masked her apprehensions with a funky laugh, “You’re being plain ridiculous!”
Dora engaged in a swig of her cola, charmingly smiling at Jenna while rubbing her impressively podgy belly, “A smart girl like you should know better, honey.”

Jenna regulated her position on the couch, her eyes zeroing in on Dora’s belly, and without prudence recklessly uttered, “You know, and don’t take this the wrong way, I’m sure you were the looker back in the day before you got_.”

Jenna stopped herself just in time, before saying something she would no doubt regret later.

Dora granted Jenna a sociable smile by way of a reply, “Oh, you’re so astute, I was.”
Dora’s double chin expanding sideways as her grin improved, “In fact I was the original belle of the ball round here during my courting years.”

“Ah, yes I sure was”, Dora sighed, “But you know how it goes. I married my sweetheart straight after high school graduation and, well your priorities change, and you know, children, wow, the children really hurt my figure, but I already got a bit pudgy nearly a year after the wedding.”

Jenna nodded, Dora continued with a happy sounding buzz, “But all in all I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jenna was about to make an insightful remark when Dora sweetly yet confidently added, “And neither will you!”

“Pardon me?” Jenna blinked.

Dora tapped her belly, the volume of her voice increasing with blissful perception, “We all get fat, and no matter how stanch our intentions are to keep the weight off it’s going to happen. After a while you won’t mind it at all and neither will your man if you marry the right one like I did.”

Jenna softly giggle, flashing Dora an ambiguous smirk, she cheekily disagreed, “Becoming heavier might be typically expected for ladies here in Beluga Lake given the jaded environment and rural lifestyle but it’s very unlikely for women who express a need to progress in their careers and social class.”

Dora recognized a snotty remark when she heard one. “Jenna says she’s better than me and other gals of domestic stock!” the thought ricocheted through Dora’s mind.

Dora’ realized in her old school wisdom that making light of Jenna’s snide remark was the best alternative.

“Yes, honey!” Dora giggled, “You’re going to progress right out of that bikini and into a muumuu dress!”

Jenna giggled right back at Dora, making no other reply, although Dora facetiously meowed, “You might as well have a snack, baby, when you’re about thirty you’ll realize how pointless it was for you to diet!”

Nothing else was said on the subject, Dora and Jenna enjoyed the remainder of the day together in harmony.


Just before Dora was going to bed she made tracks to Jenna’s room to say goodnight.
Jenna was lying in bed, thick in studying.

The females cordially addressed each other and briefly discussed Jenna’s chores for the next day.
Dora was about to return Jenna back her privacy and large textbooks when her eyes merged onto the bookcase.

“You know, if you ever get bored of reading psychology stuff, there are loads of romance books for entertainment reading. Help yourself.”

Jenna pushed back her wavy mane, “Thanks, Dora. I’m sort of mesmerized with what I’m reading now. I don’t mean to sound too shallow but I always felt those romance books were for frivolous teenage girls.”

Dora responded with her signature giggle, “I read them all the time!”


The days went on, nothing too exceptional or exciting for Jenna but was getting the hang of her responsibilities and was enjoying them the best she could. Bedtime was becoming earlier, the children dragging her out more often then not despite her excellent physical condition.


Betsy gently tapped on the door of the Wolt’s large imposing home. The grandeur of the house had always impressed Betsy, set as it was on a sweeping driveway and it always made her feel special whenever she visited.

As she waited for the door to open Betsy swiveled to her right and smiled at the beautiful manicured lawn and expertly trimmed hedges.

Finally a bright light illuminated the porch casting Betsy from the relative obscurity of the late evening sky into the starkness of light.
Moments later the door opened and Dora appeared.

“Oh I’m so glad you could make it”, Dora whispered with a happy smile as she opened the door wider.
Betsy quickly stepped into the large hallway, and with the sound of the large door closing behind her, she smiled back at Dora.

Dora’s idyllic smile still upon her face as she ushered Betsy into the small room to the right of the hall. The room was obviously used as a study, with a large wooden desk and green leather chair dominating the room. A computer and several books occupied the top of the desk along with a bronze pencil case which held numerous pencils.

“So where is she?”, asked Betsy nervously.

Dora perched herself on the edge of her desk, her billowing belly distending outward with a bit of curve. “Oh, she’s in bed, she’s exhausted. I told you those children would run you ragged if you let them.”

Betsy chuckled slightly as she remembered her conversation with Jenna a few days before when Jenna said it would be a piece of cake. “Not as easy as she thought”, Betsy muttered.

Dora confirmed Betsy’s remark with an ebullient sounding giggle.
“So what’d we have in store for our little hotty?” Dora added coldly.
Betsy shuffled nervously on the spot for a second, “Well …. Um, well …” the nervousness could be distinctively heard in her voice, “……. I don’t want her harmed of course”, Betsy finally uttered.

“Of course”, Dora agreed, “This isn’t what it’s about.”

Betsy dropped down on the comfortable looking couch next to the desk, “Well …as I said before …
I just want her to know what it’s like feeling loss. Jenna almost ruined my relationship with Kurt, and despite what she said to me, I know she started the whole sorry saga. She was flirting with Kurt long before I realized it. Making those cute remarks, enticing him with her looks….”

The brittle emotion in Betsy’s voice seeping through, “….She practically flung herself at Kurt, deliberately trying to sabotage my relationship, and undermining me.”

“Well, I think you’re right”, said Dora sensing Betsy’s pain, “Yes, she put her own priorities above your friendship. This little minx does need to be taught a lesson.”

Betsy nodded slowly as she relived some of the heated conversations she had with Kurt immediately after she found out about their dalliance.

“So”, stated Dora breaking Betsy’s daydream, “we need to have her feel your pain, not literally of course, something to remind her what good friends are like.”

Dora concluded her sentence with a scornful grin.

Betsy smiled back, “Yeah, that’s right. I want Jenna humiliated.”

Dora rattled off in a weird snicker, “humiliated you say, what does Jenna cherish most?”

“She loves her car and college is a big deal with her”, Betsy answered back, instantly realizing how poor her initial selections were.”

“A car she can replace in days!” Dora laughed. “No, we need something that will really hurt her.”

Betsy squinted, her delicate voice running through other items that Jenna treasured, “College is a big deal to her, and her clothes, she always has to be the best dressed.”

“Huh-huh, outstanding choices”, Dora agreed.

The name of Jenna’s high school beau, the only guy she actually had any real affection for rolled off Betsy’s lips, “Jake O’Hanlon…..”

Dora interjected, “What is it that you envy most about her? What is it that makes you feel inferior to Jenna that would inflict irreversible havoc on her? This is what she should lose.”

Betsy paused in thought, her head crammed with ideas.

Dora scratched her portly belly, her eyes flickering wildly, “Yes, think hard, Betsy.
I remember my older sister had a beautiful dress when we were small girls. Bright yellow with white daisy buttons down the front, how I loved the dress and she knew it. She would wear it every occasion she could, tease me because it was way to big for me. But one day when we were playing in the woods behind the house she snagged it on some wild brambles, and no matter what we did we couldn’t get her free. Finally our dad came out and he had to cut her out of the dress. Of course the dress was ruin and our mom had to throw it away. So you see I know what it is to feel envy.
So what does she have that you have always wanted?”

Betsy fumbled for words, “Well I ….I guess I always wanted to be the cute, sexy one, the popular girl, the one all the guys wanted to be with.”

Dora smiled, “Well you are popular and cute, and since losing all that weight, I’m positive most guys think you’re sexy.”

Betsy was flattered by Dora’s compliment and she blushed slightly, “Thanks.”
Heaving an extended sigh, Betsy added, “But Jenna is perfect. Perfect face, perfect hair, perfect figure. She’s the full package.”

Dora slid off the edge of the desk and moved toward Betsy, “Yes but without all those things she would be no better than you, right?”

Betsy folded her arms over her cleavage and reluctantly nodded.

“And Hell, even with all those things she’s not the woman you are”, Dora said honestly as she dropped onto the couch next to Betsy.

“I guess”, Betsy uttered, her eyes locking unto Dora’s eyes.

“ So we can’t hurt her, right sweet pea”, Dora established, initiating a nod from Betsy.
“So we have to go after something else, something she cherishes and would hate to lose, something that would strip away her pride.”

Betsy once again nodded in agreement. Dora paused as a plan was starting to formulate in her head, then she flashed Betsy a wily grin indicating that the seeds of a plan were being planted in her brain.

“You know….” Dora quietly started to say as her mind was preparing a scheme, “….she does look breathtaking gorgeous in a bikini, she was playing with the children by the pool, I’m just glad my husband’s away!” she concluded with a chuckle.

Betsy was still pondering over Dora’s previous question about what would Jenna miss most and she unthinkingly muttered, “Oh yeah, she has a killer body, for sure.”

Dora had finally hit on the ideal plan, and her smile grew wider, scandalous in detail as she set it out for Betsy, “Well her body wouldn’t be quite so killer if it was carrying a few extra pounds I bet!”

The words snapped Betsy back into the present and her face was the picture of concentration as Dora continued, “I mean, she can’t weigh more than 120-pounds, right?” she posed the question.

Betsy nodded, an incisive expression upon her pretty face, “Yeah, approximately 120-pounds I guess. But she told me for the first time in her life she needed to watch what she ate; she said she had gone up too around 130-pounds at one point, although she maintains she has it under control now.”

“Perfect!” Dora chirped, “I think we have our plan! Our little hottie is going to become a big fatty.”

The idea caused Betsy to smile but almost instantly she could see a problem, “Yeah that would be cool but she’d never let that happen. She’d leave way before plumping up, trust me I know her. Even if she put on 10-pounds, she’d lose it all and return from college even more spectacular looking.”

Dora giggled, “Don’t worry about! I’m not exactly sure how but she won’t be back in school when the next semester starts.”

Betsy’s eyes grew wider as the situation finally registered with her.
“College means a lot to Jenna, take that away from her too and she’ll have nothing to hold over my head like she’s better than me.”

Dora could see the delicious payback being played out in Betsy’s sparkling eyes.
“Oh yes, and so goes her exquisite wardrobe and bikini. Plain clothes and one piece bathing suits are her only option. Now this guy you mentioned. How’d he feel about Jenna fattening up?”

Betsy emitted a squeaky giggle, “You kidding! In high school he was a jerk to the heavy girls, even made a couple snide remarks about me, although whenever Jenna was around he’d act all sweet and stuff. Big phony.”

Betsy recovered her composure and assuredly answered, “I know for sure Jake wouldn’t regard Jenna as dating material, probably be embarrassed to be seen with her.”

Dora rocked her head back and forth, “That’s what we’re aiming for, really put her in her place if the guy she thinks most attractive find’s her undesirable.”

Betsy concurred with an additional thought, “Fantastic because she’s favors the popular type, handsome and rolling in cash, the type that usually don’t go for fat chicks.”

Dora couldn’t control her thoughts, blurting out loud, “She’d be hobbling round a territory unfamiliar, having to settle on guys she rejected for superficial reasons.”

“That bikini won’t look so hot on her when I’m finished”, Dora continued, “What do you think? 250, 260, somewhere around there? She should have an impressive big gut by then!” Dora coldly affirmed.

Betsy was shocked at first, but she soon started to engage in the conversation, “Wow! 260, really!”
Betsy adjusted her glasses, questioning unbelievably, “She’s never let herself get that big, and that’s big. I mean at my heaviest I was 265-pounds and I hated every minute of it. That would never happen to her.”

Dora’s smile decreased and then expanded into a large toothy grin, “Perfect! So you were 265-pounds, right?” she prompted Betsy.

Betsy nodded her head embarrassingly, “Yeah….”
“Then Jenna should be better than that, I say what about 270-pounds, that’ll serve her right.”

Betsy pondered Dora’s last comment with a smile, remembering how Jenna always commandeered center stage, and unintentional or not, regulated her to the background. If Jenna became that fat their roles would be reversed, and Betsy’s smile grew wider with the thought.

“You…. You mean…” Betsy snickered before Dora interrupted her, “Yes, she’s going to be five pounds heavier than you were. You’ll be known as the popular one, and Jenna will be your fat friend!”

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Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:34 am

This is getting better and better as the chapters go on! I can't wait to see what all is in store for Jenna. Sounds like she's in for some big changes!
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Postby dagolfer » Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:18 pm

Great start to a new story. Each time you and Her Revenge collaborate on a story it's a winner! I can only imagine how poor Jenna will change as she piles on the pounds, and takes on the mannerisms and speech patterns of a good ol' small town country gal.
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Postby Matt L. » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:38 pm

Hello Audipwr87 & Dagolfer,

Thanks for the very kind remarks and reading our story.

Cheers, Matt
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