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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 9:44 am

Thank you for the new chapter. It's very much appreciated.
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Re: Momma

Postby blurmy » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:55 pm

I'm sure Bonnie's more lenient approach will work out brilliantly for her. (Insert evil laugh here.)
Excellent stuff as usual Matt.
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Re: Momma

Postby div » Tue Oct 13, 2020 3:12 pm

Retardation, retardation..

The long wait is approaching its end. Something is going to happen the prophet says. Something that can not be be proved wrong. That is why prophets come first and are always right while the hapless augurs are still busy deciphering the flavors of coincidence hidden in the flight of a swallow as an imprint of divine presence and guidance.

Something is going to happen, I tell you! Something good, something bad and eventually something in-between.

Kind Regards!
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Re: Momma

Postby dxm9999 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:11 am

I see a show down coming. Nice chapter. Thanks Matt.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:22 am

I appreciate all your kind thoughts and support for the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:28 am


Albert was watching TV when Mabel scurried into the family room, her large, flabby belly bouncing as she plopped down into her lazy-boy rocker adjacent to the couch where her boy was sitting.

Albert paused from his popcorn to curiously inquire, “Did you toss a monkey wrench into that uppity know it all’s life?”

Mabel dropped her handbag onto the floor and elatedly buzzed while scratching her balloon shaped belly, “Don’t underestimate yer momma, when I set my mind on something, it gets done!”

Mabel’s lips curved into a twisted grin, “I did speak with Judy Hawkins, I’m almost sure that she’ll help sabotage her fit and fancy free daughter’s figure without knowing she’s doing us the favor. You know, she’s not too keen on Bonnie’s attitude and superficial crap about her ma being generously proportioned. Now I saw this Larry Bumstead too. First thing I made sure is that he be keeping our talk secret. I kin trust the boy I do believe. Well, I said that Bonnie been sharing stuff with our Gretel about needing a man in her life coz she’s feeling empty.”

Albert asked if Larry bought it, Mabel concurred, “Hook, line and sinker. So I said, well, Bonnie is thinking she can do better than you, Larry that is. But in truth, her lack of intimacy with fellas is because self-consciously she compares all guys to him…”

Mabel pointed to her head as if she was brilliant, when in fact she erroneously stated self-consciously rather then the correct sub-consciously.

“So I than says, Larry, what youse got to do is really play hard at playing hard to get. Everybody knows that girls always want what they can’t have. Giving Bonnie the cold shoulder will have her a-desiring you like moths to a flame.”

Albert resumed munching on his popcorn, “What did he say?”

Mabel dramatically covered her heart with her hands and rolled her eyes, “Larry is on board coz he’s so in love with Bonnie.”

Mabel pointed at Albert; laughing out loud, “Wanna hear the best part?”

Albert spewed popcorn from his mouth, excitedly soliciting, “Yes, Momma, please, please!”

“Well”, Mabel said with a funky expression, “I said, you know lots of your friend’s wives have become double wide since slipping on their wedding rings. What if yer sweetie packs on some weight once becoming content in romance and love? Larry is quiet thinking it over, then asks how much weight we talking…”

Mabel madly giggled as she continued, “Imagine if Bonnie got too fat for Larry? Damn boy, being rejected by somebody she thought inferior, she’d be an insecure basket case, and too forlorn to meddle in yer relationship with Gretel.”

“That serves her right for being a busybody, be super cool too if she totally turns shy and steers away from guys for fear of rejection but how can you be so sure Bonnie will wanna take up with Larry?”, Albert anxiously uttered.

“You needn’t worry about that”, Mabel chaotically blathered, easing out of her chair, “I have a few gems up my sleeve, Bonnie is so sure of herself now, in about a week she’ll be a weak minded neurotic powder puff, obsessed with boys like a gawky teenager!”

“Damn!” Albert blurted.

Mabel began waddling out of the room, “I’ll get dinner started…”
Pausing briefly to correct Albert, “Watch that filthy language.”


The moment Gretchen arrived home she immediately removed her socks and shoes before making a beeline into the kitchen where Mabel was hovering over the stove.

Feeling a tinge guilty about her shopping trek with Bonnie, Gretchen hugged the elder woman, “Hey, Momma, sorry fer getting home this late.”

Mabel elevated her eyebrows, perkily grinning while patting Gretchen’s back, “It’s fine, you have a nice lunch with Bonnie?”

“Yup, very nice”, Gretchen concurred, “We had a heart to heart talk and we’ve straightened out our feelings about things.”

Mabel sweetly chirped, “Did you now?”

Gretchen released Mabel from the embrace, “Yeah, Bonnie has a better idea about my feelings about living here but she still wants to have a talk with you bout sum stuff.”

Mabel shook head, resuming her motion over the stove, “I think that suits me just fine, I wanna talk with her too. You didn’t spoil your appetite?”

Gretchen slithered her fingers through her hair, a cute smile upon her face, “Reckon not, the paltry lunch I had only warmed up my appetite. What’s fer dinner?”

Momma giddily shared the menu, “Broiled chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and corn bread.”

Gretchen dramatically rubbed her belly, the pulpy protuberance radically quivering, “That sounds totally yummy!”

Mabel positioned her hands over her roomy hips, melodiously directing Gretchen, “You got a while before dinner, sweetie, go say hi to Albert then put on yer PJ’s.”

Gretchen agreed, moving out of the kitchen at a leisurely speed.

Gretchen’s blissful mood was genuine yet Mabel was suspicious, mumbling to herself, “What crap, Bonnie done finagled one thing or another.”


Albert didn’t acknowledge Gretchen as she waddled into the family room; she hesitated for a moment before slipping beside him on the couch and began stroking his belly.

Albert tried to ignore Gretchen, but his eyes failed to agree with the program, erratically swerving into the direction of her face, and her fingertips kneading his belly flab.

“All the while I was out with Bonnie you were on my mind”, Gretchen began to say, “I like Bonnie’s friendship but really, hon, you shouldn’t be jealous coz we spend sum time together, you is totally mo important to me…”

Albert wasn’t strong-willed enough to give Gretchen the cold shoulder and caved into his emotions, “The main reason youse living here is to be with me but why’z you gotta be hanging out so often with Bonnie?”

“I don’t make a fuss when you visit the guys at the filling station, coz we’re a couple don’t mean we can’t have friends.”

Albert knew Gretchen was correct but he wouldn’t admit it, instead he grumbled about the dance and the side trip following.

“I’m not much on social events, the only reason I’m going to the dance is on account of you”, Albert bitterly uttered, “I suspect you’ll be around Bonnie and stuff, did she talk you out of spending the night together?”

Gretchen dazzling smiled, “No, she didn’t. But Bonnie did declare, she wants to have a dance with you.”

“What for?”, Albert obnoxiously snorted.

Gretchen removed herself off the sofa, “I guess coz to show she’s okay with us courting.”

Albert squinted at Gretchen, “Big deal.”

Gretchen reached over and delicately placed her hand over Albert’s knee, “Now honey, please don’t be riled coz Bonnie and me is friends. I’m mo loyal to you than Bonnie, I’m rightly proud to be yer woman, please don’t let our friendship stand in the way of us, our relationship.”

“You is standing in my way, I can’t see the program”, Albert crankily stated.

Gretchen adjusted her body away from the TV, “Maybe you be in a better mood to talk after dinner. I’m gonna put on my PJ’s like Momma said, okay?”, she passively grinned.

Albert failed to dignify Gretchen’s comment with a reply, and she sulkily made tracks to her room.


Gretchen blamed herself for Albert’s rancor, presuming she wasn’t showing him enough attention.
Gretchen grabbed the open bag of peanut M&M’s which lay on her dresser, pouring a surplus amount into her mouth. Undressing in slow motion, Gretchen decided to shower Albert with attention the rest of the day and every day until the day of the dance.

Gretchen’s pajamas illustrated the width of her hips and the smooth roundness to her chubby belly, the style from a throwback era, light pink in color with a ruffle collar and long sleeves.

Gretchen hiked up the waistband, a peculiar grin dancing over her lips as the material tightly cradled the lower section of her bulge, producing a far more pronounced roundness while heightening the flabby consistency. Gretchen grazed her fingertips along the slope, fully aware that Albert would be pleased at the buttery display of belly fat.

From there Gretchen plopped down at her vanity table, wrangling her locks into pigtails, Albert did appreciate her hair set in this fashion, anything to please her guy.

Dimples formed in Gretchen’s puffy cheeks as she approved of her reflection, her moon shaped face duly depicting a well-fed country girl, unremarkable in looks but yet rather cute.

Gretchen returned her hands to the M&M’s and upon gulping down a staggering quantity, anxiously wobbled out of her room to join Albert in the family room.

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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:43 am

What a lovely chapter. Thank you for the update.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri Oct 23, 2020 8:53 pm

Gretchen resumed her position on the couch next to Albert, planting her hand over his large belly, and cooed while fluttering her eyes, “Oh don’t stay mad at me, baby. I apologize fer staying out with Bonnie longer than I should of…”

Albert looked to Gretchen as she lifted up his T-shirt, she slowly began kneading his dense blubber, “…but I’z prefer yer company a whole lot better. Can’t wait until after the dance and we get to be alone together.”

A grin broke through upon Albert’s face, “Me too”, he admitted before tugging Gretchen over his belly and bestowing a long yet sloppy kiss.

Gretchen tightly squeeze the roll of fat that lingered over Albert’s hip, gently canvassing his lips with hers.

The necking continued for several minutes, their gawky technique complimenting each other, an excessive amount of drool coating their lips and chins.

Mabel entered the room and loudly clapped her hands, “Hey! Supper’s on the table!”

The couple ambled out of the family room, Mabel adding, “Try controlling yer hormones!”


Although Mabel didn’t cotton to Gretchen and Albert openly showing their affection in the family room, she was very pleased at their dinner table behavior. They sat close to each other, cheerfully bantering, and giggling loudly over silly remarks or humorously teasing each other.

In Mabel’s mind there were indeed a couple. This was all fine and dandy. Mabel was thoroughly happy Albert had his significant other. However, there was still work too do.

Mabel intensely pondered while they congenially conversed while devouring their meals, now and then she would smile and nod not to disclose the wheels turning in her head.

First off, Gretchen was still at least a hundred pounds lighter than Albert, and Mabel wanted her to become the very definition of tubby. The second thing Mabel mulled over, Gretchen becoming pregnant would definitely solve some of that but she was determined in having a daughter in law that outweighed her boy by a wide margin.

Mabel sought Gretchen in being Albert’s lifelong companion, his mate for life. Turning Gretchen into a hefty breeder would tame any fancy notions of ever packing up and leaving their serene abode.
In a round about way this brought up the third issue on Mabel’s mind; the meddling Bonnie Hawkins.

Gretchen did say her loyalty was to the Cabbage family and she had no desire to move away but she needed some insurance. Bonnie was apparently set on Gretchen improving herself, and while Gretchen seemed honest about staying put, Bonnie was always filling her head with malarkey.
There was a chance, albeit a slim chance, Bonnie could say something that would influence Gretchen to turn her back on Albert and join her in Huxley.

“What if Bennie’s valiant college endeavor ended up in the toilet?” the thought blipped through Mabel’s disturbed mind, “She wouldn’t be packing her bags and leaving our quaint community…”

The thought ended as quickly as it came, Mabel smiled at the pair and sweetly chuckled, “You too run off and don’t worry about cleaning off the table and washing the dishes. I’ll take care of it myself.”

“That’s awfully sweet of you”, Gretchen melodiously peeped, subsequently turning to Albert, “Want to finish our talk outside on the patio?”

Albert was about to speak but Mabel spoke over him in a silly manner, “None of that kissing, keep those raging hormones under lock and key until your weekend away.”

In unison they agreed and then made tracks to the family room to watch TV.


Gretchen deliberately coddled Albert throughout the evening, letting him choose what they were going to watch on TV and the video game they would play later in the evening. Likewise serving Albert snacks and complimenting his various keen attributes, and fawning over his appearance.

Gretchen’s feelings for Albert were legitimate; her criteria in what she demanded in a romantic partner had considerably softened since opening up her heart to him. Gretchen’s attitude toward Albert’s size, poor hygiene and shabby clothes, as well as his immaturity and lack of ambition no loner fazed her. Gretchen always thought chubby bellies on males were cute, Albert’s huge gut she deemed outright sexy. As for his poor hygiene, Mabel would always need to talk him into bathing, and scruffy clothes, Gretchen now found it amusingly eccentric. The immaturity and lack of ambition no longer registered. This was mainly due to Mabel’s brainwashing, Gretchen’s lack of ambition and immaturity now neatly corresponded with Albert, and much like his sloppiness, enforced their compatibility.


“I love your hair in pigtails”, Albert mentioned while they watched an UFO documentary, “Would you put yer hair like that mo often, like when we have our weekend getaway?”

Gretchen candidly agreed between bites of her baloney sandwich, “Of course, sure thing.”

Albert steered his eyes over to Gretchen’s beach ball size belly, “What about dressing up like you did at the picnic? Showing off that belly, is that okay too?”

Gretchen giggled, “Anything for you, honey.”

Gretchen playfully poked her belly bugle, adding with a hillbilly sounding cackle, “I have a lot of belly to show off!”

“I’d be glad to buy you a belly ring, you know?” Albert uttered while gnawing on a cheese sandwich, “What about that? You kin get it done at the amusement park!”

The news about returning to the amusement park genuinely excited Gretchen, her belly jiggling as she bounced up and down on the couch, “Alright! Cool! I can’t wait! When we going?”

“Momma suggested we go during our weekend, it be cool, right?” Albert grinned.

Gretchen delightfully buzzed, “Yeah it would! You’re the most marvelous boyfriend there is!”

As the evening continued and slowly calmed down, Albert had fallen asleep on the couch, Gretchen made tracks to the patio where Mabel was enjoying a moment of night air with a glass of wine before resigning herself to bed.

“Momma, kin I talk with you?” Gretchen guardedly asked.

Mabel wily smiled, “Of course you kin, dear. Consider me yer momma since yer real momma was good for nut’in.”

Mabel’s grin widened with Gretchen’s reply, “Of course, that’s how I figure our relationship is.”

“You seem a bit strained?” Mabel uttered with concern, using her hand to direct Gretchen to a chair and joins her.

Gretchen sat down, brushing her fingertips over her swollen bulge of belly fat, a habit she had developed whenever feeling nervous.

“Right, I’m feeling a tad guilty about sum-thin”, Gretchen’s jaded eyes matched her frown.

“This sounds deep”, Mabel said while lifting up her portly frame from out of her chair, “I have just the thing to relax you while we chatter, a chocolate drink. It’ll soothe yer nerves, this way we can get to the heart of whatever bothers you.”

Gretchen modestly declined, “Don’t go fussing over me, please.”

Mabel chuckled, “No fuss, I insist. I’ll bring you a slice of cheesecake to go with.”

Mabel had concocted this chocolate drink to use on Bonnie, but trying it out on Gretchen would be a nice chance to see how well it worked. This chocolate flavored coffee was harmless enough, it was the additional mind altering chemical which would bring chaos to even the most astute brain.

Minutes later Gretchen was sipping on the chocolate drink and nibbling on a generous portion of cheesecake, diligently sharing her uneasiness concerning Bonnie or rather Albert.

Mabel smiled as Gretchen chewed like a cow, her eyes having a lackluster sparkle and her frown overly dramatic.

“You got to please understand I really think Albert is the best catch for me, even Bonnie couldn’t do better finding such a guy….”

Gretchen enjoyed another sip, about to continue, Mabel sweetly suggesting she take a bigger swig to get a better taste of its intoxicating flavor. Gretchen did just that, commenting with a lopsided smile, “It’s a might strong but oh yeah, the after taste is very yummy…”

That’s exactly what the first stage of the chemical brought about, a mild form of inebriation.

Gretchen felt a little on the dizzy side but she pressed on with her thoughts, “You see, I don’t want to hurt Albert’s feelings but I’m nervous coz Bonnie invited me to go to Huxley with her the weekend after this weekend. I only wanna go to make Bonnie happy but Al’s happiness is mo important to me. How can I make Albert understand this is only an one time deal, I won’t make a habit of hanging out with Bonnie away from him. I don’t want to disappoint her too though…”

Gretchen rubbed her head, “…she’s my only real friend…my sister, I like being her..sister…”

The second stage of the chemical soon went to work, putting Gretchen into a daze, her mind open for manipulation.

“Can you hear me, jelly belly?” Mabel softly asked.

Gretchen slurred her reply, “Yeahhhh…Mommmma…”

Mable moved her chair closer to Gretchen, picking up her fork, proceeded to feed her what remained of the cheesecake.

“Darling, nod if you can understand me, okay?”

Gretchen nodded as Mabel supplied her with a small sample of cheesecake.

Although Mabel knew the Huxley weekend would never happen, she insisted that Gretchen should partake on this adventurous event.

“I’ll handle Albert, you deserve some private time with Bonnie. I think because you’re calling Bonnie yer sister, I should consider her as an extended member of our family, right? Wouldn’t that please you?”

Gretchen nodded, slurping away another sample of cheesecake before smiling, “V..v..v… ery much-h-h-sooooo.”

“Of course we need to clear things up; we’re on opposing sides of the fence so to speak. I want us to get along. Would you please ask Bonnie to stop over and see me the Monday morning before she drives out to school for a civil chat?”

Gretchen scratched her head while gobbling up the next morsel which Mabel happily fed her.
“Shucks, I guess so. Bonnie does like you; she just thinks yer too old fashion in like, controlling me with stuff.”

Gretchen then snorted, her brittle expression inflating her doughy cheeks, “Did I..I..say dat r..r..r..right?”

Mabel gently pushed the final sample of cheesecake between Gretchen’s lips, “Just plainly speak yer mind, honey. This ain’t gonna nowhere other then between us.”

Gretchen washed down the cheesecake with the chocolate drink, literally guzzling it before replying, “Bonnie is…is..”

Mabel delicately patted Gretchen on her knee, “Take a deep breath, form your thoughts, then go on, my sweet.”

Gretchen did just that, her cheeks turning a pale shade of pink, blurting out her feelings, “Bonnie is so cool, I really like Bonnie, she’s so fancy and smart, is that why you don’t like her?”

Mabel wagged her head, warbling decisively yet syrupy, “On the contrary, I’m glad you finally made a friend your own age.”

“You think Bonnie artificial?” Gretchen blurted.

“Bonnie should be admiring you, not the other way around”, Mabel ambiguously smirked.
“You really think that?” Gretchen nasally inquired, feeling an urge to suck her thumb, she concluded with a funky grin, “I wish…”

“Honey, don’t be sucking on your thumb while we talk”, Mabel corrected her.

“Yes ma’am”, Gretchen replied as she removed her thumb, “Bonnie hates when I do it too..”

Mabel’s eyes grew wide, “She does, does she?”

Mabel giggled, “Oh be content with gnawing on food instead of your thumb, but back to Bonnie!”

Gretchen rubbed her head, the dizziness had subsided but she had developed a dull headache and while she could clearly understand Mabel, she felt as if she was in a vacuum.

Mabel sipped her wine, releasing an elongated sigh before proceeding.
“I know about people, you don’t need college to know people pick friends based on similar habits and characteristics”, Mabel said, her flickering eyes holding a malevolence sparkle, her lips curving into a lunatic grin.

Gretchen squinted, “Oh, you mean Bonnie and me ain’t so different?”

“You and Bonnie have much more in common than you think”, Mabel slanted her body toward Gretchen, their eyes merging together, “Bonnie’s simply been misdirected, uppity school learning does lead even the most prim and proper girls astray.”

Mabel cracked an eye, her brow crinkling, venom in her speech, “Bonnie does indeed cherish your friendship, your humble qualities appeal to her which is why she butts her nose in where it don’t belong. You’re a constant reminder of who she is really is, and her emotions are conducted through pure jealously because you have the courage to be yourself.”

Gretchen fleetingly lowered her eyes while digesting the information, jutting her head upward as Mabel stood up from her chair, insanely cackling, “Don’t be hoodwinked in believing Bonnie isn’t conflicted, school is an amusing novelty and be sure she isn’t skinny by fate!”

Mabel clasped her roving belly, her laughter slightly easing, “The girl’s due for a nervous breakdown!”

Gretchen wrangled a strands of hair around her finger, unsure of what to make of Mabel’s remark.

Mabel placed her hands over her hips, peering down at Gretchen, her tone softening, “When that happens be there for your friend. Help her find her footing, get her up to snuff in recognizing the very basic qualities you commonly share.”

Gretchen faintly nodded, Mabel warmly smiled, “Ah, give a few years and you two will be having milkshakes at the diner, gossiping about town folks and what’s the latest thing to watch on TV.”

Gretchen’s squishy cheeks advanced to nearly double their size with her smile.

Although Mabel was aware that Gretchen was under the influence of a drug, she faked real concern, “You okay, honey? You look out of sorts?”

Gretchen by now was feeling terribly fatigued, biting her lip, she politely squeaked, “Got me a headache, and feeling woozy but I be willing to listen mo to ya.”

Mabel humorously snickered, “No yer not, time to get you into bed”, and pitching her arm beneath Gretchen’s armpit, helped her surrogate daughter to her feet.

Gretchen giggled, trying to get her balance before Mabel steered her inside.
“Right as usual, Momma!”

“See how wise you be, you knows Momma’s always right”, Mabel bubbly concurred.

Mabel excitedly grinned knowing full well Gretchen’s sub-conscious was open for manipulation.

Mabel secured one hand over Gretchen’s shoulder, the other arm wrapped around her flabby waist.
Gretchen sighed and grunted while she clumsily moved, Mabel progressively maneuvering her forward.

Mabel joked at first, comically stating, “Whoa, girl, you’re heavy…”
Gazing at the manner in which Gretchen’s well-nourished belly projected outward in blubbery roundness, Mabel cheerily added, “I’m pleased you’re eating good, to me that big tummy’s like a badge of honor!”

Gretchen furnished a dopey grin, though in a daze managed to join in on the humor, “I plainly prefer cupcakes and ice cream than wearing a bikini!”

Unbeknownst to Gretchen, she opened the door to Mabel’s devious agenda.

“You ain’t ashamed bout yer belly’s size?”

Gretchen snorted a couple times before answering, “Heck no, Momma.”

Reaching Gretchen’s room, Mabel mischievously warbled, “Of course not! You know this jelly belly is proper for a girl of your disposition, and besides, Albert is crazy about it.”

Gretchen blushed, “I know.”

Mabel brushed off the candy wrappers which were crumbled up over the bed, pulling away her blanket; she escorted Gretchen downward unto the mattress which curved inward upon contact with her hefty duff.

“You wanna sum old cracker-barrel advice?”, Mabel’s voice marginally stern which influenced Gretchen to shake her head to the affirmative.

Mabel gently pinched Gretchen’s soft roll of belly, “See this here? This is what Albert really likes. Ah, ain’t no lie my Albert is crazy mad about you, gorgeous. You wanna please yer man, set things where the affection is mutual? Make him happy by toting around a bigger belly than you already got!”

Gretchen blinked a couple times and shrugged her shoulders, yet the silly grin upon her pudgy face established the fact Mabel made sense.

Mabel cradled Gretchen’s belly, giving it a dainty squeeze, “I’m going to do you a favor, sugar. Starting tomorrow I’m going to take additional cash out of the bank specifically too stock up on treats squarely for you. Soda pop and candy, potato chips, ice cream. We’ll have where Albert will be totally mesmerized by the look of your belly. Can you think of anything special you might want?”

Gretchen quietly giggled, subsequently requesting cupcakes and pizza rolls.

Mabel shook her head, “Fine then. It’s a deal.”

Gretchen pulled her thick stems upward about to position herself in bed but Mabel wasn’t through with her.

“Gretel, honey, you’re committed to gaining weight for Albert?”, Mabel asked.

Gretchen agreed with a smile and a nod, Mabel’s voice took on a starched authoritarian tone, “Then you be a good little piggy for Albert, right?”

Gretchen’s reply wasn’t good enough, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Say it to me!” Mabel snapped.

Fear raced into Gretchen’s drug induced mind, “I’ll be a good little piggy for Albert.”

“What are you?” Mabel austerely questioned.

Gretchen nervously sniffled, “A good little piggy.”

It didn’t stop there, for the duration of nearly 10-minutes Mabel continued the same question, drilling the thought into Gretchen’s mind.

Finally Mabel realized enough was enough when Gretchen enthusiastically answered her, “I’m a little piggy!”

Mabel tucked the blanket in around Gretchen’s body and upon giving her a kiss on the cheek, said goodnight and waddled out of the bedroom.

Mabel mumbled to herself on route to the family room where she would inform Albert about Gretchen, “She’s a little piggy now, give it a while and she’ll be a big fat hog.”

Mabel discovered Albert stretched over the sofa sound asleep, screaming while giving him a brutal shake, “This ain’t no flop house! Sleep in your room!”

Naturally Albert was startled into consciousness, “Sorry, Momma. Um, where’s Gretel?”

Mabel placed a hand over Albert’s shoulder, her smile especially wide, “Off in bed sleeping. But Al, you can expect to see more of yer little honey, you can count on that!”

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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:29 am

This was really good!
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