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Re: Momma

Postby DumbBond » Sat Sep 12, 2020 6:19 pm

I like this story a lot, I look forward to seeing more.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:29 am

Junketh71 & Dumbbond,

I appreciate your nice remarks, thank you for reading the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:36 am


Mabel greeted Gretchen and Albert upon their arrival home as a mom would after her children returned after a long day at school.

Hugging both of them, Mabel in turn asked about their day.

Albert promptly went first, “I loaded up a couple trucks and then mopped the back room, later me and Ed fed ants to a spider.”

Gretchen’s expression curdled, Ew, gross! You boys ain’t got nut’n better to do!”

“It was cool…” Albert defended his leisure pursuit, yet Mabel interrupted, fawning over Gretchen.
“How was yer day, sugar? Did you have fun with Bonnie?” Mable inquired while strumming her fingers through Gretchen’s wilted locks.

“Well, Bonnie was working, that girl really cleans up in tips”. Gretchen began casually but automatically geared into excitement when bringing up the dance, “But we done talk about the big VFW dance! Bonnie says the whole town will be turning out and they have a juke box and a dance floor, I can hardly wait!”

“You girls ain’t got nut’n better to do than talk about a dance!” Albert wisecracked.

“You wanna get punched?” Gretchen rattled off.

Albert took a step back, the yellow streak on his back a mile wide, but Mabel harshly interjected, “Gretel! Enough of that nonsense! You’re a young lady and a young lady never gets involved in fisticuffs!”

Gretchen grimaced, her spine as rubbery as Albert’s, “I was only kidding.”

Mabel’s mood lightened, “Fine then. Now you two wash up and have some milk and cookies too hold ya until dinner.”

Gretchen and Albert bolted toward the kitchen; however Mabel secured Albert by the arm and pulled him back while his girlfriend rushed out of the foyer.
“Have a Coca-Cola instead of milk, I’ll explain later”, Mabel whispered to Albert.


Gretchen and Albert played a video game together until Mabel informed them that dinner was ready and on the table.

Mabel provided Gretchen with another glass of milk while favoring Albert with more cola while they dined on hot dogs, corn bread, hash brown potatoes, green beans, and pizza rolls.

Mabel was very pleased that Gretchen devoured almost twice as much as Albert.

“Anyone want pie and ice cream?” Mabel asked once the dinner meal was thoroughly consumed.
Gretchen and Albert cheerfully answered in unison.
It was while the family was enjoying their desert that Gretchen brought up lunch with Bonnie.

“Momma…” Gretchen began, steering her pretty eyes toward Albert to respectfully include him, “..and Al, Bonnie invited me out fer lunch, so um, I mean after my chores are done.”

Albert impatiently questioned Gretchen, “You just saw her today, what the hell? I thought we’d hang out and have a Marvel movie marathon and then play the new Spiderman game I got…”

Mabel was far more considerate, at least on the outside, “Why not?”

Turning to Albert, Mabel quelled his apprehension, “You can goof off with Jelly Belly all you want when she gets home, let her spend time with her friend.”

Mabel gazed over Gretchen with a grin which was silkily smooth, her tone bubbly, “You deserve being round female people yer own age, and Bonnie is a fine example of Southern charm. She does provided some positive influence, doesn’t she now, girl?”

“That she does, Momma, Bonnie is my best friend, she thinks of me like a sister”, Gretchen said while slurping away a spoonful of ice cream.

“That’s an ideal description I do believe”, Mabel demurely smiled, “Sisters. Is Bonnie as excited about the dance as you? Is she bringing a beau?”

Gretchen engaged in a mouthful of ice cream and pie before replying, “I guess so, but I haven’t a clue who’s taking her, that never came up.”

“Probably sum college weasel fella”, Albert chimed in.

Gretchen expressed her candid opinion, unaware of the slobbering stream of ice cream oozing from the corner of her mouth down to her chin, “I reckon I don’t know. I wish ol Larry Bumstead be taking her. They were a couple in high school, and he is cute. Too bad Bonnie thinks she’s better than him now. You know, like he’s a regular fella and she’s into smart, genuine profession types.”

Mabel sipped her coffee, deceitfully commenting, “Sometimes a girl wants to explore opposing types, though it’s a misleading endeavor. Soon enough the lush dream proves artificial and she’ll resume her sensible ideals, recognizing the man she had dismissed as being her sole interpretation of true love despite his dirty finger nails and paltry income.”

Gretchen momentarily gaped at Mabel with her mouth wide open, eventually resuming her pie and ice cream, “That’s too heavy for me to quite rightly understand but youse like sum old philosopher woman.”

Mabel cracked a weird smirk, “Momma knows best, and wouldn’t it be bliss if I shared my wisdom with Bonnie? Be a shame if that pretty thing ignored Larry’s gumption to court her and she ended up a spinster.”

Gretchen collected another sample of cake and ice cream on her spoon, “I wouldn’t worry about Bonnie, she’s got the mind to get hitched to a professional working type man from the city.”

“A city type…” Mabel cackled, “…does she not appreciate the beauty and serenity of rural culture and all the finer things our town has compared to the big city?”

Gretchen shrugged her shoulders, gobbling up another spoonful.

Mabel stood up, a quaint smile forming over her pudgy face, “Finish up your desert, darling, and then commence washing the dishes. I need to show Albert a couple things in the backyard.”

Gretchen thought nothing of it and agreed, but not before requesting another helping of pie and ice cream.

“Go on, that’s what it there fer!” Mabel sweetly answered Gretchen’s request.


Mabel and Albert hiked out to where a grove of oak trees sheltered them from the sun, a decent distance from the Cabbage mansion. Mabel was quiet but Albert bellyached the entire trek.

“Don’t she see enough of Bonnie? I swear, Bonnie is against us being a couple, if I wasn’t friends with her old man, I’d tell her off.”

“Simmer down”, Mabel finally resorted to calming her boy, “Gretel should have at least one female friend her own age..”

“But Momma, she supposed to be my girlfriend”, Albert griped.

“Gretel is your woman, and next week commence the deed correctly and she’ll have no need to stray.”

“What about Bonnie?” Albert huffed.

“I have special plans for Bonnie, but I gotta tell ya why you should stay away from the milk fer awhile.”

Albert stood with both hands to his hips, “Yeah, yeah Momma?”

“I got a new package from Acme, this included a drug that shrinks fat cells….”

Albert unsmilingly uttered, “Sorry, Momma, I don’t follow ya. I thought you wanted Gretel fattened up?”

Mabel playfully elbowed Albert’s belly, “Coz it hoodwinks the body into thinking it’s starving. Once she’s off the drug, the fat cells will multiply like crazy.”

“But Gretel just stuffed herself at dinner?” Albert questioned.
“Well the drug doesn’t curtail a person’s appetite, Gretel’s just happens to be a big eater.”

Albert nodded, “Ah, now I got’cha.”

Mabel grinned like a cat who ate the canary, “In no way did I forget about Bonnie when I ordered this shipment, however I’m going to need Dr. Gordon’s help to pull this off.”

Albert remembered Dr. Gordon was a retired brain surgeon which caused him to snicker.

Mabel affectionately laid her hand over Albert’s shoulders, “In a week Bonnie will have to contend with her own worries, another six months and Bonnie will be the passive friend, looking up to Gretel and needing her support and approval.”

“Like, swapping their personalities?” a bug eyed Albert inquired.

Mabel gestured forward, signaling to begin the trek back to their home.
“Something like that but not really”, Mabel casually shared the devious outcome to her plan, “Gretel will remain as she is personality wise but as for Bonnie…”

Mabel walked shoulder to shoulder with Albert on route back to the house, “…her manners will improve with her overhauled temperament and looks.”

“Gretel said they’re like sisters”, Mabel added with a chuckle, “A year from now that’s what people will think when they’re seen together!”


The remainder of the evening Gretchen and Albert spent together in perfect harmony. Mabel’s talk had quelled her boy’s jealousy over Bonnie. They played video games until one in the morning, joking and laughing and snacking.

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Re: Momma

Postby blurmy » Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:42 am

Never trust the milk!
Lovely stuff as usual Matt, can't wait for more.
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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:30 pm

This was very cool. Thanks for updating.
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Re: Momma

Postby dxm9999 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:08 am

Nice chapter. Thanks Matt!
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Re: Momma

Postby resupplied69 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:09 am

Absolutely loving this story. A classic, well written with great dialogue. And I can't wait to see what fate awaits Bonnie. Will she drink the milk? Will her fat cells multiply like crazy once she's off the drug and send her spiralling into a catastrophic, lifechanging weight gain?
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Re: Momma

Postby jose4857 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:51 am

Let's see Gretel threaten anyone again in a couple of weeks.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:31 pm

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts!

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:37 pm


Gretchen conducted her chores early in the morning, simply sweeping out the back porch, some laundry and vacuuming majority of the rugs throughout the open part of the mansion.

Gretchen made sure she looked nice for her shopping excursion with Bonnie; after all she didn’t want to look like an unmade bed next to a girl who resembled the very image of Miss America.

Gretchen actually washed and combed her brown locks which curled over the tops of her shoulders, makeup was absent but the minor array of pimples still decorated her pudgy face.

The T-shirt Gretchen put on was a gift from Albert, a cool blue color with a picturesque depiction of the Appalachian Mountains with the caption above reading ’ Country Girl ’.

The black spandex slacks Gretchen wiggled into were practically brand new, offering no tummy control support, the material showed off the billowy condition of her belly fat, likewise broadcasting the puffiness of her spacious behind and the thickness to her chunky thighs.

Mabel joined Gretchen outside to greet Bonnie when she arrived in her car.

“Going for a little lunch, it’s very nice you’ve taken an interest in my girl”, Mabel smiled.

Bonnie’s black hair was worn in an upward style, her fashionable eyeglasses complimenting her sharp, crisp, beautiful features. An orange halter-top and blue jeans displaying the fine physical condition to her svelte figure.

“Gretel’s my only friend around here who isn’t busy changing diapers or counting their pennies to make ends meet for groceries!” Bonnie lobbed back in a cute yet sarcastic warble.

Mabel walked closer to the car, responding to Bonnie’s counting pennies remark with her smiling eyes and lips concealing her true sentiment, “Humble folks don’t consider themselves poor as long as food’s on the table and there’s clothes on their back.”

“You mean like waffles for dinner and one dress to wear, another in the closet?” Bonnie edgily answered.

Gretchen wobbled over to the passenger’s side door, thoroughly oblivious to their Spartan warfare, “I’z should be back by supper time, Momma!” Gretchen called out at the top of her lungs.

Mabel ignored Gretchen, her candy smile filling up her face, “I’ve been meaning to have a sit down with you and clear the air about a few things. Be awful refreshing hearing what a smart college student has to say.”

“That’s a coincidence, I’ve been wanting to have a talk with you, chew the fat a little”, Bonnie replied.

Mabel wasn’t sure if Bonnie’s statement about chewing the fat was an insensitive swipe at her size but given the college student’s critical history toward her mother’s weight, she took it as such.

“Do you fancy chocolate, Bonnie?”

Bonnie tilted her head, the question out of left field, “Yeah, I like chocolate.”

By this time Gretchen was already in the car and buckled up, Mabel sweetly conveyed to Bonnie, “Then I’ll break out this special chocolate drink when we commiserate, okay?”

“Suit yourself, that’s fine”, Bonnie rattled off, “I guess we’ll be going!”

Mabel folded her arms over her pigeon cleavage, “Then you girls have a nice time, and Bonnie don’t eat too much, you don’t want to ruin that beautiful figure.”

“Whatever!” Bonnie giggled, then steered out of the driveway and drove out onto the gravel road.


Ten minutes into their drive, and nonchalantly discussing their afternoon agenda, Gretchen noticed Bonnie was driving beyond the outskirts of town.

“I think you’re going in the wrong direction…”

“No I’m not!” Bonnie buzzed, “We’re going to the Round Lake Mall to buy your dress!”

“But shops in the mall are pricey”, Gretchen snorted, “We can get me a dress at the Goose and Gander for around twenty dollars!”

Bonnie maneuvered the car off the gravel road and unto legitimate pavement, “I always hated the Goose and Gander, they seldom if ever have the latest styles, majority of their apparel is geared to farm girls and housewives.”

“Yeah but I can’t afford a real fancy dress”, Gretchen replied.

“Easy girl, I’m taking care of this, consider it a gift!”

Gretchen strummed her belly, “Are you sure? I mean, you have college and only work as a waitress, how can you afford this?”

Bonnie affectionately patted Gretchen on the knee, “It’s all cool! My dad loan me the money, all I have to do is help out at his filling station Friday and Saturday nights.”

“Bonnie!” Gretchen shrieked in happiness.

“I wouldn’t be much of a friend letting you show up in a second rate bridesmaid’s dress”, Bonnie smiled.

Gretchen tilted her head, her eyes welting up, “Not a friend but a sister…”

“You start crying and I’ll turn this car around and drop your ass back at the Cabbages!” Bonnie chuckled.”

Gretchen wiped her eyes and snorted, “I should of put on similar clothes coz we could be twin sisters…” she said, gnawing on her thumb.

Bonnie chuckled louder, “Oh that would cause some heads to turn!”

Swerving her face toward Gretchen, Bonnie glimpsed her chewing on her thumb.

“Talk your thumb out of your mouth, you look ridiculous! You’re not a baby!”

Gretchen did as she was told, then cracked a smile, “I been meaning to ask, who’s gonna take you to the dance?”

Bonnie kept her eyes on the road while firmly explaining, “It’s you and me. Think of us as strong, independent women playing the field, we’ll have the guys begging to dance with us.”

There was a moment of silence in the car, finally Gretchen blathered, “But…but…Al’s my date, we’re a couple, I’m down to my socks crazy about him!”

“I didn’t say ignore Al! I know you’re madly in love with the big ox. Just don’t make him your only option; you’re a beautiful young woman. You get around a little bit; you’ll meet plenty of young bucks who’ll be interested in you.”

“Did Larry ask you to the dance?” Gretchen nervously asked.
“Larry is cute and he does like you.”

“That ship has sailed. What we had in high school was wonderful and he’d be a great catch if I didn’t want more out of life. I’m okay with his lack of ambition, the world does need pig farmers, I just don’t want to be married to one.”

“You like Larry enough to dance with him?”, Gretchen inquired.

“Sure, why not?” Bonnie casually remarked, “I still have feelings for Larry, I do care about him. A part of me wishes I was a simple country girl, down-to-earth, humbly having his babies and keeping his trailer clean. But that’s never going to happen, I’m too confident to become just any ol anonymous small town housewife, I want bigger and better things!”

Gretchen‘s rubbery features crinkled, “Then it’s not no superficial reason?”

Bonnie quickly glimpsed at Gretchen, “Keep your nose out of it!”

Gretchen nodded as Bonnie sighed.
There was a tense moment of silence, Bonnie eventually admitting, “If Larry wasn’t so content with his miserable income maybe things would be different between us, but that boy isn’t at all bothered living on the brink of poverty.”

“I suppose maybe…” Gretchen began to say, however Bonnie interrupted her, “I think I made my point, let’s change the subject.”


~ ~ Meanwhile at the Cabbage homestead ~ ~

Mabel had Albert load up his pickup truck with several dozens books and old National Geographic and Life magazines.

“Where you want me to haul this stuff? The city dump?”

Mabel swiped her hand along side of Albert’s stout belly, “Doing sum strategic damage control.”

Albert scratched his head and grunted, “Huh? What do that mean?”

Mabel embraced her boy by his shoulders, “We both comprehend Bonnie is filling up Gretel’s head with all sort of crap about you not being good enough for her. Well, if Miss Smarty-pants wants to meddle in yer business, why I’m gonna gets the ball rolling in screwing up her head….”

Mabel expression briefly took on a hostile approach, “….and sabotaging her figure’s mint condition.”

Albert wheezed a baleful sounding giggle, “You have at it, Momma!”

Mabel slowly boarded the pickup truck, “The boys around town will be referring to Bonnie as ‘Porky’ by the time I’m done with her!”

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