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Re: Momma

Postby blurmy » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:06 pm

That meddling Bonnie could do with some of momma's chocolates if you ask me.
Loving this story Matt x
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Re: Momma

Postby dxm9999 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:13 am

Getting interesting. Enjoyable chapter. Thanks Matt.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:44 pm

Hello Toby, Junketh71, Blurmy & DXM9999,

I'm very pleased you're enjoying the story and your feedback.
In appreciation for your support, I'll try to post a chapter twice a week starting immediately.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:48 pm

Bonnie and Gretchen got their ice cream cones and were walking around the picnic area, their chatter full of nonsense about diner work and the various customers that frequented the establishment.

Bonnie caught a glimpse of young man moving toward them, she paused in her tracks as did Gretchen.

“I just knew I would run into Larry Bumstead, shoot!” Bonnie tensely told Gretchen.

“I recognize Larry from when I worked the diner, he’s cute!” Gretchen bubbly smiled.

“Nonetheless, Larry and I dated in high school, I think he still has a crush on me”, Bonnie stated.
“Okay?” Gretchen said with a squeaky girl, “But he’s cute..”

Bonnie moodily grimace, “No dispute there but I’ve outgrown him socially, intellectually and in another two years financially. The guy’s a pig farmer, and not the proprietor but a farm hand. Larry lives in a mobile home on the outskirts of town. I couldn’t hook up with him no way, no how. It would be embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing how?”, Gretchen curiously rattled off.

Bonnie spoke quick and softly, “Because I desire more in life than Larry could possibly offer.”

Larry Bumstead had wavy brown hair and was clean shaved, his physical attributes could be described as impressive. Larry’s demeanor was pleasant and southern hospitality wasn’t a foreign term to him.
Larry was honest, worked hard, he started working on Colonel Cantrel’s hog farm when he turned 17 and was there ever since, and while he lacked real ambition, he enjoyed watching sports, wrestling, and playing poker.

“Hey Bonnie, Miss!” Larry chuckled with an easy going smile.
“You remember Gretel here from the diner, she’s took some time off”, Bonnie said pleasantly while gesturing to Gretchen.

Larry stood the same height as Bonnie, and was decked out just as commendably in a comfortable T-shirt and blue jeans.

It took a second for Larry to recognize Gretchen, the weight she had put on dramatically altering her appearance. It was mainly how the weight had affected Gretchen’s face, her figure though becoming textbook tubby didn’t help his recollection. The pretty features remained intact but had become marginally distorted due to the swollen relevance, bestowing her a round baby like face.

“Oh right, I apologize for my blunder, sure I remember you, um, Gretel”, Larry’s smile genuine, his good manners preventing him from asking how did she get so fat?

“Gretel must be your real name; you were called Gretchen I believe?”

“Something like that Larry”, Gretchen said with a toothy grin, exaggerating the spacious property of her second chin.

“School has kept you away”, Larry said with genuine emotion , “I’ve missed you, we used to have nice times together. How much longer do you have before graduating? It’s like you’ve been gone forever and a day.”

“All you have to do is drop by the diner on Friday and Saturdays and we can reminisce all your want”, Bonnie replied a little too firmly.

“I see yer old man, he says you might take up working at the filling station when yer done with school.”

“Oh Larry, my dad misconstrued my intentions. I said I’d help out for a while, it’s no career”, Bonnie lobbed right back at Larry, subsequently asking candidly, “You’re a beautiful guy, why haven’t you hitched your wagon to another post and forget about me. Last I heard Ethel Gardner is still available.”

Larry chuckled, “Where you been? Ethel Gardner got married and moved to Huxley, even so, she’s nothing compared to you. We had something wonderful going on, didn’t we?”

Gretchen took a stepped back, giving them space while enjoying her ice cream.

“Oh shoot, Larry, I’m not 18 anymore. Those days were fun but I demand more out of life than going on hayrides and visiting the amusement park”, Bonnie sensitively muttered, “Don’t waste your youth pining for me. I mean I like you, like you a lot but from this point on, I can’t be involved with you other than being a friend.”

Larry shook his head, melancholy heavy in his eyes, “That’s telling it plain. Sure, okay. As a friend can I meander round’ the picnic with you and Gretel? Until at least I run into Jeb or Hawk?”

Bonnie shook her head, “Absolutely!”

Meanwhile Albert sat listening to his friends who were favoring him with advice between making jokes about Gretchen’s weight and size. Albert put a lot stock in these men; they were older and wiser than him. However, Albert was somewhat perplexed about putting the moves on Gretchen because Mabel had told him to play hard to get.

Time ticked away, the picnic was les than an hour away from wrapping up, Bonnie and Larry had gravitated toward their high school chums, and although she wasn’t especially dazzled hanging around them, she did so simply out of respect and to be nice.

Gretchen felt like an outsider while they shared memories which she couldn’t appreciate and made the excuse to check if ice cream was still available. In fact Gretchen was hoping to spend some picnic time with Albert, and strolled toward the area where he assembled with his friends.

Gretchen wobbled through the section where the town elders were mingling, her trek was interrupted by Mabel.

Mabel snapped her fingers; Gretchen slowly meandered over to her.

“Time to start cleaning up, see old Cyrus about trash bags and start folding up the lawn chairs.”

“I was looking for Albert, I didn’t know I was supposed to pitch in”, Gretchen said with a hint of a whine.

Mabel folded her arms, “You ate didn’t ya? And by the grease splatter on yer top, you probably ate your weight.”

Gretchen was caught off guard, despite calling her jelly belly; Mabel had sworn never to make derogatory comments to her akin to her own mother’s behavior.

Gretchen’s mouth dropped and she wheezed a repulsive sounding snort.

“Well, nothing ain’t free, you’re obligated to pitch in, now get moving”, Mabel demanded.

Gretchen sighed, “Yes ma’am.”


Gretchen did as she was told, seeing old Cyrus and then went around the picnic area pulling the plastic liners out of the trash cans, replacing the liners and the hauling them away to a large dumpster.

There were a few other people cleaning the area, and collecting the lawn chairs, so Gretchen was relieved she wasn’t being taken advantage by Mabel.

Off near a reasonably large shelter were a pack of teenagers drinking beer, four guys and two chicks.

Gretchen ignored their cheerful if not somewhat rowdy banter, continuing in her task and daydreaming about Albert.

Gretchen had just pulled out a trash bag from a can when she noticed the group silently staring at her.
Brushing off their looks, Gretchen discarded the full trash bag and began equipping the bin with a fresh liner when one of the guys yelled out, “Grabbing your dinner?”

Gretchen straightened her posture which put much emphasis on her jutting belly., the group of teenagers giggling together.

Gretchen ignored them, reaching over to pick up the full trash bag, another male member of the group callously yelled, “Next time you make another garbage raid, rethink the clothes!”

Gretchen impulsively steered her eyes over the tube top, her billowy belly fat like a target for ridicule.

“Oh let her be”, one of the females chirped, “The sow is clueless too how she looks.”

The girl looked directly at Gretchen, “Go on, honey. Grab your dinner and swing back to whatever patch of mud you’re from.”

The young man wasn’t through, pointing at Gretchen as he shouted, “You’re disgusting! Seriously, cover up all that fat!”

Gretchen’s mind zeroed in on the taunts she received while a chubby teenager, this rekindled the ineptness that had plagued her then, the inferiority and awkwardness she had experienced fully restored.

Gretchen had no idea the clumsiness to her waddle, her head sunk downward, trying to move as fast as she could away from the teenagers.

This provoked more ridicule and name calling from the pack, “You better get out of here, porky! This area is for humans, not farm animals! You filthy fat sow!”


Gretchen made a beeline back to Mabel who realized something was amiss the moment she laid eyes on her. Gretchen sniffled as she explained what happened, adding while finishing the details, “I feel so fat and stupid; I didn’t even have the courage to defend myself.”

Mabel was very pleased Gretchen had been teased, the humiliation would secure her frailty, making her easier to manipulate, and furthering her tame personality. Mabel did show Gretchen some affection, yet spoke in ambiguous terms.

“Well they’re young, they don’t know any better, you shouldn’t let them bother you. Instead remember you’re a portly maiden, and try to accept the idea that name calling and teasing is normal.
You‘ll be happier recognizing all this and more. And don’t worry about not having the courage to defend yourself, it opposes your temperament. Heavy gals are regularly docile.”

Gretchen frown widened, she didn’t fully comprehend Mabel’s comment.

“Oh Gretel, you’ll feel better once we get home. You’ll be around me and Albert, who else do you really need? We’re here for you, and better yet, accept you. You’re family. Now be a good girl and wait for me in the car.”


A half hour later Gretel finally joined Gretchen in the car. Gretchen was sulking, her arms defensively folded over her bloated belly.

“Still in a foul mood, dumpling?” Mabel inquired, already sure of the answer.

Gretchen heavily wheezed, “Yeah, it’s like high school all over again, I feel like a pathetic loser.”

Mabel slowly maneuvered into position behind the steering wheel, affectionately rubbing Gretchen’s belly fat before starting the car.

“Oh baby, ease up on yourself. You’re a chubby girl, chubby girls are prone to certain behaviors, feeling down is part of deal. You’re no swimsuit model, be assured being hefty can be difficult but adapt to the hefty gal stereotype and you’ll get used to the criticism.”

Gretchen half-smiled, somehow Mabel’s remark made sense, “I guess you’re right. It ain’t worth getting upset like this.”

On the ride back home Gretchen didn’t say a thing, her sniffling and snorting convincing Mable that she had been decisively put in her place. Gretchen would be easier to control and thus an accurate companion for her boy.

“Albert will be home in about an hour, honey; he’s helping the guys store away the tents. Meanwhile, what about some cookies and we can watch a movie. What ya say?”

Gretchen turned to Mabel, releasing a shrill of a sigh before agreeing, “Yes, please. I feel so much better being around you. I mean, living with you and Albert is the best thing.”

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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:25 am

This was a fun read!
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