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Re: Momma

Postby majima88 » Fri May 22, 2020 3:40 am

Looking forward to it! Any hints on how many chapters total?
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri May 22, 2020 9:04 pm

Hello Majima88,

Thank you for reading my story and your question. I'm currently on chapter 12 of the first draft, there's a few twists and turns and that being said, there's much more to the story. I'm guessing at least 24 chapters.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Vended » Sat May 23, 2020 8:37 am

What are the tags for this tale? :]
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue May 26, 2020 9:31 am

Hello Vended,

Thank you for the question; the tags would be weight gain, IQ reduction, immaturity.

The next chapter will be up very shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Vended » Tue May 26, 2020 9:47 am

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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue May 26, 2020 9:50 am


Gretchen’s travel to the old folk’s home was a little out of the way from the route she usually hiked but she made it just on time.

Clad in a sleeveless T-shirt and spandex shorts, her slender figure appearing notably fit with exception to her negligible tummy pouch.
The sloppy tied ponytail pulled her hair away from her face, illustrating her lovely features.

Upon arriving, Mabel looked Gretchen up and down like she was buying beef at an auction house.

“You’re what, 125-pounds, maybe a few pounds more?” Mabel asked as the females sat down on opposite sides of an old picnic table.

“I don’t know what that has to do with Albert”, Gretchen touchily replied, “But I’m carrying a few extra pounds, so what?”

“Well belly fat is the hardest to lose..” Mabel chimed in, Gretchen bobbled her head, trying very hard not to let her temper flare, “You’re not kidding….”

“Ah, your buttock is a little plump too but it’s shapely!” Mabel consciously spoke her mind.

Gretchen nodded, desiring to show some respect to Albert’s mom instead of combating the inappropriate criticism, “I’m a little uncomfortable talking about my figure, I don’t mean to be rude but could you please tell me what you want?”

“Girl, I didn’t think I’d like you but damn, you proved me wrong”, Mabel sweetly smiled.
“Albert is a mess, I know, I most likely contributed to it coddling the boy since he was young. You see, Albert is really wet behind the ears in a lot of ways but he’s cotton to you like a bee is to a flower.”

“Al is a nice guy, I do feel sorry for him, and I really enjoy his friendship”, Gretchen candidly informed Mabel, “I know what it’s like being different so to speak, maybe that’s part of the reason I’ve bonded with him.”

“Why you get me curious about that, honey but I’ll get square to the point and then we can discuss you”, Mabel slowly ensnared Gretchen with a long story.

Albert’s dad, and Mabel’s husband, was a wheeler-dealer in stocks and bonds, had money invested in oil, lumber and a medical-chemical factory. When Mr. Cabbage kicked the bucket he left Mabel a mint as well as a cozy mansion and some adjoining land. The money is stashed away at the bank and every month Mabel is given an allowance so she won’t blow the whole wad in a couple years.

“Albert is a decent young man but he’s completely inexperience in several things normal males his age take for granted. Albert’s entire social life consists of me, and hanging out at the filling station with ol Jeb and Max, and their both in their thirties. Majority of his time indoors watching TV and playing video games. The only reason Albert works - part time - at the hardware store is because I was concerned about his lack of social familiarity. The manager is an old friend who hooked Albert up with the job, and yet he’s too shy and timid to make friends with the staff and customers, those who don’t make fun of him that is.”

Gretchen could see the utter concern is Mabel’s worried face and eyes.
“I agree Albert should have more social interaction and show more enthusiasm about other things.
Lots of our conversations are about video games and movies, cartoons and other things that are impossible for me to understand how an adult male would enjoy as much as he does.”

Gretchen crinkled her nose while continuing, “Albert does need to take better care of his grooming and hygiene, and going on a diet wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Al doesn’t just eat his food, he’s a human vacuum.”

Mabel nodded, “Albert is so fond you, he’s very happy being your friend, although visiting you has its limits. So I was thinking maybe you’d spend time with him away from the diner, is that possible?”

“I’m not sure about that for a couple reasons”, Gretchen cautiously warbled, “I’m fond of Albert too but he has a huge crush on me, I don’t want to lead him on. The other issue is private, convoluted and something I’m very embarrassed about.”

Mabel chuckled, “You think you’re the only girl with a shameful past?”

Subsequently wagging her head, Mabel bluntly explained, “You’re a girl with gumption and brains, so see how this fits ya. I would like you to be around my boy more often, in exchange for your services I’ll pay you whatever that cheapskate at the diner is paying you plus twenty-five more to make up for lost tips…”

Gretchen intensely listened as Mabel put it in black and white.
Gretchen could remain working a couple days a week at the diner but the remainder of the week Mabel would employ her services.

“Just some regular cleaning, yard work and laundry, I do all the cooking, Missy, you wouldn’t have to worry about that except washing dishes. While you’ll at my home, you can check on Albert every so often, play games with him, watch TV, whatever, just hang out with him. You see, I think you can motivate Albert to better himself, you could be a powerful influence on him.”

Gretchen brushed back her bangs, “I’d like to move to California, start fresh, I’ve been saving money the best I can but that motel room I’m renting eats up a good deal of my take home pay.”

“We got a spare bedroom we can fix up for you, you wouldn’t have to waste money on a motel”, Mabel sugary smiled.

Gretchen politely refused, “That’s very nice of you to offer but if I take this job, I’d rather remain independent, anyway Albert might take it that I’m there to stay and it’ll only break his heart when I moved on.”

Mabel rubbed her face, “Hmm, good point, and I admire an independent woman, but I’ll still set up a room just so you can relax on your own whenever you might want to take a break.”

“You’ve made an interesting proposition”, Gretchen smiled, “Though if I agree, I have to tell you I’m fussy about what I eat.”

“I knew that already!” Mabel chirped.

Mabel reached out and cupped Gretchen’s hand, sensitively smiling while massaging it, “You said you know what its like to be different, its part of the reason you’ve bonded with Albert. I should get to know you better if I’m hiring ya, and well, I’ll look after you.”

Gretchen fleetingly considered refusing to review her history with Mabel, yet she felt obligated to come clean about her baggage.

“My car simply was low on gas when I arrived here, I saw the help wanted sign at the diner, girls like me get hired easy, all I had to do was smile, flutter my eyes and shake my ass.”

“How long was you on the road?” Mabel asked.

“It felt like forever but in reality maybe Two weeks. I had to quit school despite my grades being spectacular; I angered my family in the worst way.”

Mabel encouraged Gretchen to continued, “What was it? Was it on account of being different?”

“I wish. No, that was earlier before I took stock of myself. Some professors take a liking to certain students, in this case he was tall, good looking and easy to talk with. Well, I became involved with him, a married man, and I knew all along it was wrong but sometimes little flings turn into feelings, real emotions, at least that’s what I thought. After we got caught, he convinced his wife that I was the little hussy who set him up to improve my grades. That was bullshit because my grade point average was outstanding.”

“What about another school?” Mabel asked.

That’s where it gets extremely complicated because my parents held back my funds. I know I was stupid and I never really meant this to get so out of hand with Professor Thorne but, I was engaged to a nice guy, a very nice guy who just happened to be the son of my dad’s business partner.”

Mabel lifted her eyebrows, “Oh! That was a misfire!”

“Tell me about it. Scott was a great catch, sweet, hardworking, a real good guy. We were friends since kids, Scott was my hero and protected me from the bullies, and I guess things just clicked between us. Back then I was fat cow, a real mess physically and emotionally. I lost the weight, and hadn’t put much back on, maybe ten pounds. This is why I watch what I eat and take long hikes; I never want to be a Big Bertha ever again.”

“And so you’ve bonded with Albert because you have an idea how difficult it is for him”, Mabel acknowledged Gretchen with an affectionate smile.
“You lost the weight, kept it off; maybe you can help Albert shed some pounds?”

“I’d like that, Albert would feel better about himself, acquire a better perspective”, Gretchen remarked, subsequently continuing with her story.
“Losing weight was very difficult for me, maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed about my weight now…” Gretchen emotionally choked up, “….If ever I got fat again, I’m not too sure I’d be able to lose the weight, and probably become even heavier.”

“How heavy were you?” Mabel peeped.

“Not nearly as heavy as Albert but I was big”, Courtney’s pretty features curdled, “Bigger than all my friends who were the skinny, preppy type. I was the very definition of the fat friend, and while they would tease my size and appetite every now and then, my own mother was my worst critic.”

Gretchen tilted her head and frowned, “It was humiliating to say the least; I mean, my mom was very malicious toward me, making potshots about my weight, calling me oinker. Mrs. Cabbage, I was on the verge of 200-pounds when I made a commitment to lose weight and never be an embarrassing fat girl again. Like I said, due to recent developments I put some weight back on but I’ve already lost 4 pounds, I’ll lose the rest.”

Mabel curiously smirked, “You said your mother was malicious?”

Gretchen sighed, “I don’t think my mom weighed more than 140-pounds, completely fussy about her appearance. Having a fat daughter I think didn’t agree with her standards, she would make stupid comments, totally insensitive wisecracks. Bad enough I had to deal with peer pressure.”

“You poor thing”, Mabel’s frown matched Gretchen‘s, “But I’ll be supported of you, treat you like kin….”

Mabel slowly stood up and waved Gretchen over, proceeding to give her an affectionate hug, “…You needn’t worry about being criticized, no matter what, you can expect me to treat you like a momma should treat her daughter.”

Gretchen embraced Mabel’s wide flabby waist, though she didn’t squeeze her as tight as the elder woman squeezed her.

“I just wanted to disappear after the mess I’ve made of my life, find some place where I can start off fresh, make new roots, and forget about this scandal”, Gretchen stated.

“Oh I’ll do ya right, Miss Gretchen, everything you just said, I think I can accommodate yer for!” Mabel let loose a shrill of a giggle.

Then you…you don’t think I’m a hussy or all that terrible?” Gretchen nervously groaned.

“You’re a blank sheet in my book, I’ll have no talk about your mistakes anymore”, Mabel confided to Gretchen, “You simply follow through with your tasks and look after my boy some, and I guarantee in a while you’ll have a better understanding all about yourself.”

Gretchen wasn’t quite sure what Mabel meant but assuming it was a positive remark toward rebuilding her life, agreed, “When I do I start?”

“I’ll have a few words with your boss at the diner, see about a different work schedule so you can have plenty of time working for me, and I’ll have Albert stop in and give you the details.”

Their embracing coming to an end, the females soon cheerfully took off in different directions.


Albert was playing a video game when Mabel arrived home, telling her son that dinner would be ready a little later than usual and to keep on playing his game until she called him.

Naturally Albert was on board, sucking down his 2 liter of cola, snacking on Doritos and playing’ The Viking Saga Volume 4‘.

Mabel wobbled into what she referred to as her study and began putting in some research over the internet pertaining to Gretchen O’Dell.

It was nearly two hours later when Mabel finally discovered what she was looking for, an on-line newspaper report announcing the engagement of Gretchen Winifred O’Dell to Scott Franklin Munson.
From the photograph Scott appeared rather charming in appearance and marginally chubby while Gretchen looked very much the same with exception to her hair being longer and a coffee brown hue instead of blond.

Mabel was persistent and she industriously cruised the net until ultimately discovering a photograph of a well-fed Gretchen.

Gretchen was with her parents and a few other family members at some gala event.

The woman who just had to be Gretchen’s mom did indeed look ultra attractive, akin to a movie star.
The pudgy teenager had thick upper arms, a belly which resembled an overstuffed pillow, but what intrigued Mabel the most was Gretchen’s face.

Gretchen’s brown mane curled over her shoulders, wavy bangs, and her face was heavily coated with cosmetics. Gretchen’s facial features held a sweet but docile aspect, her bloated cheeks and a fairly puffy double chin flattered her and seemed far more natural than the gorgeous lean jaw and chiseled cheek maiden she had become.

Mabel nodded a couple times, agreeing wholeheartedly with her opinion.

“Well, her waist looks just fine with the extra chub”, Mabel commented with a wily grin.

Mabel anxiously picked up her phone and called the Acme Chemical Factory, leaving a message for the CEO, James Dunn.

“Jimmy, Mabel Cabbage here, call me back when it’s convenient for you. I have a neighbor who has hogs that need fattening up!”

Mabel was a stockholder in the company and was on good terms with Mr. Dunn.

Mabel stood up, scratching her own flabby waist as she chuckled, “Fussy eater is she? Well, in the course of a few months I’ll have her begging for my homemade pumpkin pie and stuffing herself on pizza!”

Just before shutting down her computer, Mabel took another look at Gretchen‘s heftier appearance, “Almost 200-pounds? That gal got potential to double that weight!”

Rubbing her belly, Mabel enthusiastically smiled, “Little Miss Gretchen, you’re a sweet looking babe but my boy needs to be introduced to Big Bertha!”

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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Tue May 26, 2020 10:20 am

That was certainly an intriguing update. Thank you for posting it. I hope that you've enjoyed the Memorial day weekend?
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Re: Momma

Postby Toby » Tue May 26, 2020 3:29 pm

Intriguing! Sounds like Gretchen is going to get that reset she wants. Just not the way she thought.
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Re: Momma

Postby blurmy » Tue May 26, 2020 7:44 pm

Matt, you never fail to tantalise!
I cannot wait to see this one unfold.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue May 26, 2020 11:07 pm

Junketh71, Toby, and Blurmy,

Thank you so much for the kind remarks, I really appreciate them. I forgot to add another tag which is "Slob", and I'll have the next chapter up tomorrow.

Cheers, Matt
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