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This was really interesting. Thanks for updating!
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More fun in Mexico! Nice chapter.
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Thanks everyone for reading!

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda languished at Natalie’s home during the course of a few days, worried and scared for Elsa, knowing full and well what would happen to her while in Mexico. Elsa would be reduced to a portly, uneducated third world woman.

Yolanda barely filled Natalie on any real information concerning her angst concerning Elsa, other than it wouldn’t boon so well for her lodging at Hector’s hotel, not at all mentioning Marta and Rosaria and their reverse fat farm.

Yolanda couldn’t inform Sheila, she would go ballistics and it would encourage her to do something imprudent in retaliation.

Jimmy was indeed concerned about his sister in law’s worries, and thus he influenced Randy to advance their date a day earlier.

Yolanda wasn’t in the best mood but Natalie motivated her with kindness, saying that being with Randy would take her mind off things for a while.

Yolanda put down her snack, a bowl of milk with cookies.

About all Yolanda did to spruce up her appearance for this rendezvous with Randy was comb out her long black hair which trailed over her shoulders.

The black colored spaghetti string T-shirt advertised Yolanda’s chunky upper arms, likewise showing off her buxom cleavage and whopper of a belly which dangled over her Spanish style flowery sweatpants which cradled her lower belly and exhibited the humongous range of her rump and ever so husky thighs.

Randy hugged Yolanda immediately upon greeting Yolanda. It was quick and extra delicate but it was an affectionate embrace.

Randy had on his best flannel shirt and new store bought jeans from Gunner’s Creek, an outdoors men variety shop.

They shared a cigarette on the patio while discussing where to grab a bite to eat.

“I’d like to make you happy, Yolanda, we’ll go anywhere you like but I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fan of Mexican food.”

Yolanda was still mulling over Elsa, where they dined didn’t really matter.
Shrugging her shoulders, Yolanda’s expression pensive, “Somewhere not dressy, you see, me not all so glamorously dressed up.”

Randy tilted his head, wanting to appease Yolanda, he belted out to the positive, “Any place that wouldn’t want you for a customer in the getup you’re in, don’t deserve you for a customer.”

Even to Yolanda’s third world mindset that sounded corny but she did appreciate the sentiment.

“There’s a fast food place down the street me and my sister love, we go there?”

Randy gestured to his pickup truck, “Then why are we standing here talking!” he giggled.

They walked to the pickup like they were a couple, not holding hands but side to side.

Reaching the vehicle, red in color and with a Merle Haggard bumper sticker, Yolanda tossed back her black locks, her stance holding some of her lost strength and confidence.

“Randy, I got to tell youse something coz before, the last guy I dated, it was hard ting, but you must know right away, I’m a big girl…”

Yolanda faintly grinned as she planted her hand over her surging belly, “….me…I will always be like this, no chance ever get smaller.”

Randy comically wagged his head, “If I considered you too heavy I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Yolanda released a loud sigh of relief; Randy opened the door for her, “Let’s get going now!” Randy giggled, “I’m starving!”


At the restaurant, they sat at a table toward the front, Randy having a meal almost as large as Yolanda’s.

Yolanda rubbed the side of her chubby face, she felt obligated in sharing her back story with Randy.

“That girl, the blonde”, Yolanda discreetly pointed to a cute, slender waitress, “My figure was better than hers.”

Randy nodded, Yolanda continued while gnawing on her pizza puff and fries, “I used to run in a gang, was uno numbero to big boss, I wasn’t nice girl but after my son born, me want better, go to college, I do keep books at factory, every ting, okay.”

Randy acknowledged Yolanda with a smile, “Jimmy didn’t mention you had a son. How old is the boy?”

Yolanda slouched her shoulders, “Rodrigo is getting big, 4 years old but him me, starting to get um, used to each other again. When I get back to Los Angeles, I changed, took up Mexican customs, muh English not so good no more, I get plenty fat…..”

Yolanda went on to explain that her changes might have been too confusing for the lad, so she shipped her boy to live with her other sister Lydia in Oakland until he was older and able to comprehend the changes.

Yolanda vowed someday to again live under the same roof as Rodrigo but it would have to wait until she had a halfway decent paying job and an apartment.

“Where you live?” Yolanda asked.

Randy explained in a nice mobile community on the other side of the slums near the factory.

“I ain’t got ting to do, Randy, you show me, please?”

Randy agreed, “The place is a little bit of wreck but why the hell not!”

On the ride over to the trailer court, Yolanda brought up college and her weight again.

“I wuz really making sum-tin out my life, grades very good too but all down the toilet.”

Yolanda affectionately grasped Randy’s forearm, “About being too big fat, me wish still skinny, how it hurts many ways but how me handle being this size, getting better.”

Randy pulled over into a gas station, jerking back his head, he favored Yolanda with a genuine smile, “Yolanda, I’m proud to know you. I think you’re very nice and very pretty, there’s no cause to feel like a misfit.”

Yolanda rolled her head downward, compressing her plump chins, and sighed in relief.


The trailer park community was very well maintained, Randy’s trailer looked very nice on the outside but inside needed a bit of a cleaning.

Randy gave Yolanda the grand tour, eventually grabbing some beers and settling into the front room.

“You play video games, Yolanda?”

Yolanda sipped her beer, “No but I watch the kids play.”

Randy turned on the TV, subsequently his play station, “Here’s the latest game I’m all hopped up on!”

Randy was cordial, explaining the game to Yolanda who grew a little bored, although she did enjoy Randy’s company.

Looking around the trailer, Yolanda’s radar zeroing in on his floor among other things like his trash can filled beyond the brim.

Randy swerved his head toward Yolanda as she got off the sofa, “Need to powder your nose?”

Yolanda playfully smacked her belly and giggled, “You relax, enjoy game, okay? I do sum housework; make your home spic and span, yes!”

Randy put the game on hold, “Yolanda, you’re a guest, I don’t want you to clean my home. Please sit down, watch me play for a while, we can watch a movie later.”

Yolanda smirked in a cute mode, “You like game, please play. Yolanda likes cleaning. Please, let me show appreciation for yummy dinner.”

“I sense I can’t talk you out of this”, Randy chuckled.

Yolanda gestured with her thumb. pointing to her body, “I be right girl for job! You be plenty surprised!”

Randy sighed, “If that’s what makes you happy, the cleaning supplies are in a closet next to the bedroom.”

“We have fun after I take of your home, you play game, please, Randy”, Yolanda smiled.

Randy resumed his game, “Have fun!”


Yolanda went about taking the trash outside, sweeping and mopping his floor, and spruced up the bathroom and kitchen.

Randy had no idea the duration of time; he was too engrossed in his game.

A knock on the door finally brought Randy into reality, shouting out to Yolanda, “Mind getting that!”

Yolanda marched toward the door, her fluffy extra economy size hindquarters bouncing in correspondence to her tree trunk variety thighs wobbly motion.

Yolanda opened the door, welcoming the pair of young men in attendance with a buoyant, “Hey guys! Youse Randy friends?”

The guys were similar in appearance too Randy including their clothes and gym shoes.

They gazed over at Yolanda with smiles and then entered Randy’s trailer without further acknowledgement.

Ted Walton, a scrawny and scruffy looking auto mechanic, remarked as he made tracks to Randy, “Since when you got a maid?”

The other fella, likewise thin but a little less scruffy was Ken Kermit Douglas, who worked the assembly line at a factory, “You holding out on us!” Ken laughed, “You must be making a mint at Rheems-Rudd!”

Randy shut down his game, “Yolanda isn’t my maid!”

Approaching his pals, he quickly introduced Yolanda to them, “This is Yolanda, my friend. She’s very nice, so watch the language.”

Ted and Ken shook Yolanda’s hand, introducing themselves, resuming their conversation with Randy.

“We have a bonfire started, thought you’d like to join us and have some beers”, said Ted, “Everybody’s there. Cal and Rufus, Colleen and Mike, Louise…”

Randy scratched his head, “I ain’t sure, I’m kinda hanging out with Yolanda.”

Ken smiled at Yolanda, “It would be cool if you and Randy joined us, we’re all decent people.”

Yolanda playfully pinched Randy’s arm, “Let’s go, Randy. Me no want keep yo from your people, I wanna meet your friends.”

Randy rubbed his arm, Yolanda didn’t know her own strength, slanting toward his Mexican-American honey, “In the fridge I got a couple six packs of Old Style, grab them, say it’s your contribution.”

Randy didn’t know how his clique of friends would accept Yolanda. A large young woman and from another culture. However, his feeling proved honest, he did really like Yolanda, and since females don’t routinely clean up for people they just met, his intuition more than suggested she liked him as well.

Sooner or later Yolanda would meet Randy’s friends, why put off the inevitable.

Ken held the door for Yolanda as she waddled out of the trailer, Ted walking behind Randy, was overrun with curiosity, “When you say friend, do you mean pal or girlfriend?”

Randy chuckled, “Jury’s still out but I think so!”

Ted couldn’t contain his laughter, “Damn! It’s about time; we were starting to think you’re gay!”


Around the bonfire were Randy’s friends, all couples, being with Yolanda, he no longer felt the guy left out. They were people in their early to mid twenties, blue collar working class types, not very well-educated but what they lacked in schooling was made up in old fashion cordiality.
Immediately treating Yolanda like a member of their pack as if they had known her for years.
This had much to do with the loyalty of friendship; they were all accurately thrilled Randy finally had a significant other.

Yolanda was overwhelmed at their hospitality, encouraging her to partake in their cheerful banter and general rigmarole and these characters providing her with beer and hot dogs.

The females in attendance were all marginally skinny with plump starter bellies, although Ted’s girlfriend Maggie had an official beer belly that clearly snuck out over her blue jeans by an inch and a half. Yolanda initially felt uneasy about being the heaviest girl in the bunch but that faded quickly as the girls embraced her as a friend.

During the couple hours spent outdoors, these young female friends of Randy confided to Yolanda Randy’s positive traits. A little humor was indeed added but all in all, they spoke well of Randy, basically conveying he was the real deal in morals and manners.


Hours later Randy pulled into Nat and Jim’s driveway.

“I wanna thank you for a real nice evening, Yolanda, and for cleaning my house”, Randy smiled.

Yolanda unfastened the safety belt, trying her best to swerve her body in Randy’s direction but at 380-pounds, it was virtually pointless to adjust her position in the pickup truck’s cab.

“Me too, Randy, you got nice friends…” Yolanda smiled as Randy took her hand, shook it, then kissed it.

Yolanda felt a tingling inside, brushing back her dense black mane, her grin widening her chubby cheeks and inflating her chins.

“You know what? Tomorrow you pick me up same time, I cook you big meal!” Yolanda excitedly conveyed.

Randy jumped in his seat, subsequently turning his body toward Yolanda, “I’d like that, that would be cool. But not to sound ungrateful, remember I’m no fan of Mexican food. Can you cook American?”

Yolanda was able to inch her buttery face closer to Randy, “Sure, me American, remember? What yo like?”

Randy mentioned macaroni and cheese with chopped up hot dogs or hamburgers, Yolanda humorously quipped, “Ay crumba! Maybe we be old married couple okay but no for romantic dinner, yes?”

“Wow! If you put it that way…” Randy anxiously replied, “….I really ain’t sure, you surprise me.”

“Okay, Randy”, Yolanda said with a straight face, proceeding to sing out, “Randy! This is where you kiss me goodnight!”

Randy moved in, the kiss short but sweet.

Yolanda’s twinkling eyes corresponded with her exuberant smile.

The euphoric moment unraveled while Yolanda maneuvered her body toward the door, momentarily stuck until Randy got out of the pickup, walked over to her side, and opened the door.

“I’m going to touch you, is that okay?” Randy inquired with some seriousness.
Yolanda’s whale wide hips wedged between the dashboard and the seat, “How fat did I get!” she screeched in panic.

Randy secured his foot on the running board, then slithered his hands at the lowest portion of Yolanda’s beefy waist.

Randy handled the pulpy flab, pulling Yolanda’s hefty body outward, she was able to turn around and with his aid, exit the van.

Yolanda’s belly jiggled as her feet hit the pavement, and she blushed in embarrassment, “Sorry, this no happen before.”

Randy assured Yolanda it was okay, and to forget about it.

“You still want see me tomorrow?” Yolanda said, dropping her eyes, feeling awkward.

Randy gently placed his hand over Yolanda’s upper arm, “I’ve tried finding a girlfriend since I was 14, I reckon I wasn’t the dating kind. Now you’ve came into my life and you treat me like I’m the best dude around.”

Yolanda wrangled her fingers through her lush dark mane, “You are very nice, what’s there not to like?”

Randy mimicked Yolanda’s actions, running his fingers through his hair, “Sure I want to see you tomorrow, I’m anxious having dinner with you. But I got to tell ya, Yolanda, I’m a simple guy, I’m barely making $15.00 an hour, my trailer isn’t paid for yet, and I never got further than high school.”

Yolanda moved in closer to Randy and took him into her arms, “Oh, Randy, simple guys got biggest hearts,” she softly uttered, subsequently resulting in an overly extended kiss.

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This was kind of sweet at the end. Thanks for posting.
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Thank you, I enjoy writing romantic scenes.

Cheers, Matt
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Natalie was overwhelmed with happiness at Yolanda’s excitement concerning Randy; she even took a shower without being talked into taking it.

The very next day Yolanda begged Natalie to take her shopping - first for something new to wear for her romantic evening with Randy - then grocery shopping to pick up various items for the meal.

Natalie was on board and cherished the sight of Yolanda buzzing like a nervous teenage girl.

Yolanda scrounged whatever spending money she had, Natalie and even James pitched in just because it was the right thing to do.

“Yolie is starting to get better now that she has a beau”, Natalie told James while Yolanda was getting ready to go shopping, “She’s looking for work and taking better care of her hygiene, hopefully she’ll feel motivated to lose weight.”

James sipped his coffee, for a split second an all at sea look danced across his face, prompting him to comment, “I sort of like the heavy Yolanda, she’s nicer, not so high maintenance.”

Natalie flung her hand over her heart, “Me too! But Yolie has to get her appetite under control before she gets heavier.”

“Maybe Randy will have some influence there, only time will time”, James saluted Natalie with his mug,


A short while the sisters were out of the house, a minor squabble ensuing when Yolanda wanted to go to the indoor flea market to buy clothes. Natalie was fiercely against it.

“Lots of the clothes there are hot!” Natalie blurted, Yolanda misinterpreted the statement and giggled, “I know, maybe we can find something really attractive in my size!”

Natalie rolled her eyes, huffily noting, “I mean stolen! I’m not going to support the gangs by buying their goods, it’s wrong. On top of it, the flea market is full of Mexicans.”

Yolanda responded with an unsmiling grunt, “We’re Mexican.”

Natalie wagged her head, “Not like us. Those Mexicans are displaced people, living like they’re in a third world country, not assimilating; they don’t take the advantages of being American.”

Natalie’s remark caused Yolanda to ponder over Elsa, how long would she be in Mexico and would should return with a third world mindset?

Natalie’s further remarks increased Yolanda’s concern about Elsa.

“You wanted to improve your life to the point of having a wonderful career and living in a white suburb, remember? Well, that’s still not impossible, be a good thing too if you remember you were born here and forget about all that stuff that happened to you in Mexico.”

Yolanda nodded, her reply emotionally overwrought, “Yes, Natalie, take me to K-mart or something, you’re right. My Mexican stay changed me, how stupid I behaved but I must be strong, strong for Elsa, I’m plenty afraid she’ll change too,”

Natalie sensitively tapped Yolanda on her fat knee, “I’m worried about Elsa too. If Marco is mixed up with this, it’s not good. I’ll tell you what though, I’ll try to figure out a way I can reach Elsa’s dad and at least warn him. It’s going to sound crazy; I might not be able to convince him.”

They conversed about Elsa until reaching the K-Mart; very little much was discussed until they entered the clothing aisles.

Yolanda understood Randy was a real down to earth guy, buying an elaborate garment wasn’t necessary, Natalie was a big help in this department, helping her select something attractive but modest. It was a challenge due to Yolanda’s size; most of the plus size garments were matronly.
Ultimately they discovered a fairly nice dress, something of a rural style, dark brown with a red checkered pattern.

From there it was lunch at family style restaurant followed by grocery shopping.

Prior to Randy picking Yolanda up, Natalie assisted her sister in getting ready, styling her locks into a marginally wavy condition and applying her cosmetics.

The garment looked fairly decent on Yolanda despite advertising her husky upper arms and whopper double belly, the fabric exhibiting the poundage to her significantly bulbous duff which gravity was beginning to take effect.

When Randy arrived he marveled non stop at Yolanda’s appearance, she felt his remarks genuine but yet felt a little uneasy about being larger than her boyfriend.


At Randy’s trailer he kept Yolanda company in the kitchen while she made dinner, conducting herself in the manner as if she was auditioning to be a housewife. However, it was the third world conditioning; a woman was subservient to her man behind her gleeful behavior.

Steaks, oven roasted potatoes, tossed salad, and Yolanda needed to have some beans and rice.
Yolanda brought a chocolate cake but that would have to wait until later.

Randy marveled at Yolanda’s appetite, a nice sentiment in that she didn’t feel uneasy eating to the extreme around him. After dinner they retired to the front room.

Randy’s sofa was small; Yolanda virtually sitting on top of him, the romantic sparks flying.

Randy’s lips left Yolanda; he glimpsed her heavy breasts sprawled over her immense gut, causing her to mischievously smile, “I’m okay with you touching me, Randy.”

Randy swoon in for another kiss, cupping her breast, Yolanda undeniably felt sensual vibes, bringing her hand over to Randy’s head, whirling her fingers through his hair.

The kissing intensified, so did the foreplay, their hands exploring each others bodies to the hilt.

“Um, I sort of thought this might happen…” Randy grinned, “….So I Goggled ‘things to do with a chubby girlfriend‘…”

Yolanda’s eyes grew wide, a cute smile over her face, “You don’t wanna mess up? Really impressed, Randy, what it say?”

“Well, it says have chocolates and oil to massage her, it said belly rubs are a big deal”, Randy awkwardly admitted.

Yolanda chuckled, “Would you like to rub oil all over me?”

“I get to see you naked on only our second date!” Randy loudly squeaked.

Yolanda wagged her head, a bit nervous about her question, “I maybe jump too soon? Guess me feel comfortable with you, nothing to be shame, is this wrong?”

“Not at all, Yolanda, I hate to tell you this but I’ve never had a moment like this”; Randy said rubbing Yolanda’s swollen upper arm, “I’m what ya call a rookie.”

Yolanda nodded, “That is best news for me, I like being in charge when making love.”

Randy gaped at Yolanda, the shocked expression motivating Yolanda to inquire, “You okay?”

Randy blinked and wagged his head back, regaining his focus, “We’re going to do it? Here?”

Yolanda held back her giggle, “You have bedroom, maybe we find a bed in there. Now you get chocolate and oil, me show Mr. Randy me no faint heart girl, very much temptress.”

Randy accidentally slipped off the cushions, gazing upward at Yolanda, “Like I said, I’m a beginner….”

Yolanda moved off the sofa with much more ease than usual, the excitement rousing her to the core.
In many ways Yolanda felt like her old self, attractive and in charge.
Standing above Randy, Yolanda purred, “Okay, lover, if you’re a little scared don’t worry, tomorrow morning you’ll have pride in your manhood …”

“…or be dead”, Yolanda added with a giggle.

Yolanda reached out and grabbed Randy’s arm, pulling him up to his feet which wasn’t so hard, he was a lightweight.

Yolanda teasingly ran her fingertips over Randy’s face, traveling downward, she took his hand, “Me mostly ashamed coz me fat, not with you, funny ting, yes? You make me feel beautiful.”

Randy cleared his throat, gently looking into Yolanda’s eyes, “You…are beautiful…Yoland…da…” his voice cracking.

Yolanda quickly hugged and squeezed Randy, her blubbery body soft and squishy, his loud wheeze signaling her to release him.

“Andale! Trabajar!” Yolanda laughed.

Remembering Randy didn’t understand Spanish, Yolanda sweetly chirped, “That means, hurry, get to work, I was being silly. Get the chocolate and oil….”

Yolanda strutted toward Randy’s bedroom, Randy retrieved the items from the kitchen.


Randy’s bedroom was a little messy which made Yolanda smile, “Just like home”, which pertained to her bedroom back at her sister’s abode.

The sheets in disarray, a few empty beer cans abound with all types of Gamer, Girlie and Car magazines.

The walls featured posters which included the Los Angeles Dodgers emblem, race cars and scantily clad cheesecake fashion models, and a picture of Sarah Palin.

Yolanda held onto her belly, a combination of jealousy and awkwardness somewhat ruffled her confidence, the slender beauties a bitter reminder of her once stellar appearance.

Randy walked in with the specific items while Yolanda was surveying his bedroom.

“If I was 100% sure this was gonna happen, I would have taken down the pictures”. Randy apologized.

Yolanda smirked, humorously conveying, “Night with Yolanda, you forget all about skinny girls….”

Yolanda turned around, Randy stood with an one pound bag of M&M’s and -

“That’s cooking oil!” Yolanda held her fingers to her lips as she giggled, “..oh what the hell! Help me outta this dress!”

Randy set the items on his dresser, subsequently unzipping Yolanda’s dress.

Yolanda couldn’t resist looking at the cheesecake photographs, but she ignored feeling fat and dumpy, instead she giddily informed Randy, “Hope you ain’t shy about seeing my body, I no shy showing you….”

Randy showed a decent amount of respect by hanging Yolanda’s dress in his closet, turning around he smiled at the plus size beauty that won his heart.

Yolanda’s buxom cleavage looked stuffed at full capacity in a generic bra which must have cost five dollars, and her belly’s buttery consistency on display, the top portion flung over the elastic waistband, the lower and larger bulge producing a globular form.

“Help me out of my bra, sweetie”, Yolanda purred.

Randy did just that, Yolanda grasping the flimsy garment and tossing it onto a chair, her heavy jugs jiggling before sprawling over her immense belly.

Randy anxiously opened the M&M’s bag as Yolanda slithered out of her old woman’s undergarment, her massive thighs hindering her speed.

Randy quietly observed Yolanda maneuver unto his bed, the mattress creaking with her movement.

A moment later was situated against the headboard, leisurely consuming the candy while Randy used the cooking oil to massage her vast body.

Randy’s fingers kneading Yolanda’s belly fat, roving in thick sections, she noticed his expression far too serious and in a bubbly tone advised him to relax.

Randy answered with a smile, his fingers skillfully working the belly flab, Yolanda contentedly munching on he chocolate.

Yolanda purred and sighed a few times, the rookie was doing his best, and she realized his inexperience was a superior opportunity to instruct him in satisfying her needs.

“Climb aboard…” Yolanda wiggled her finger, chewing on the candy, “…my breasts could use some that too…”

Randy brought his body over Yolanda’s belly, the flabby tissue swishing around; she arranged her thick beefy thighs upward, his hand taking root over one of her big ripe melons, squeezing it firmly before continuing the massage.

Yolanda giggled at the sensation of Randy’s stiff manhood bobbling off her blubbery belly, she couldn’t ignore the sexual impulses, popping more candy between her lips, she opened her thighs, Randy clumsily adjusted his position, he knew it was show time.

Yolanda held the bag over her mouth, pouring out a nice amount of chocolate which she messily chewed as Randy steered his cock inside her.

Yolanda remain consistent in gobbling up more candy, Randy’s skinny body thumping against her enormous blubbery dome, steadily plunging deeper inside her.

Randy’s thrust becoming more energetic, Yolanda finally dropped the package, grunting between squealing squeaks. Soon they were in sync, Yolanda’s breasts, as were her immensely chunky thighs, quivering as she rocked her body to Randy’s rhythm.

Randy was such engrossed in the romantic escapade that he didn’t realize his load squirting into Yolanda until it almost finished.

A concentrated tingling sensation rippled through Randy beginning at his loins, quickly engulfing his entire body. Randy buzzed a relaxed sigh, straightening his back before easing on top of Yolanda’s cushy fat belly, eventually rolling over along side her sweaty form.

Yolanda brought his humongous thighs downward, the billowy fat jiggling while she adjusted her position next to Randy.

Randy was quick to apologize, “I didn’t mean too….next time I’ll use protection.”

Yolanda was in a blossoming elated mood, placing her arm around Randy and easing his body next to her.

“We’ll worry about that nine months from now”, Yolanda teasingly smiled, subsequently bestowing Randy a hard amorous kiss.

“I do okay?” Randy inquired.

Yolanda whirled her fingers through Randy’s hair, “Some rookie, you promoted to starting line up,”

Randy handled Yolanda’s breast as he replied with a kiss.

They continued in a minor kissing sequence, occasionally uttering their affections.


Yolanda giggled as Randy stroked her belly, she couldn’t believe her size wasn’t a hindrance in their relationship, he appeared generally turned on.

Randy brought his lips to Yolanda’s breast while gently prodding her expansive range of belly fat.

“You think I’m sexy”, Yolanda said, not as a question but affirmation.

Randy altered his position on the bed, although his hand remained dormant over Yolanda’s belly.
“Yeah, you’re sexy, damn straight, you’re beautiful…”

Yolanda’s eyes flickered a radiant sparkle, “I know you do…”

Momentarily swerving her eyes toward the posters of the cheesecake models, Yolanda mischievously smirked, “How beautiful compared to them?”

Randy rolled his fingers over Yolanda’s swollen navel region, coasting his hand down the blubbery curvature, “I’m going to take those pictures down.”

Randy caressed Yolanda’s fluffy bottom belly, similarly aroused, this instigated another round of love making, but not before Yolanda expressed her desire.

Cupping Randy’s face, Yolanda ardently kissed him, an euphoric smile corresponding to her bubbly tone.
“In my culture, that of the streets, when I was in the gang, when a man claims a woman, it is done doggy-style, from there on she belongs to him.”

“Wow! That’s some radical shit!” Randy said, apparently surprised.

Yolanda brushed her ample jugs against Randy’s chest, “I want to surrender my heart to you…”

Randy slanted his body into Yolanda, her breasts pressing against his chest as did her belly, kissing excitedly, she slowly exited the embrace, positioning herself on her elbows and knees, her gigantic, acutely bulbous posterior jiggling as she inched it upward.

Randy maneuvered himself behind Yolanda, completely captivated by the sheer size of her posterior, he began massaging her bubble shaped butt-cheeks with his cock for a moment, delicately patting her ass before securing his hands at her flabby waist.

Yolanda gazed at the photographs on the wall as Randy entered her, she winced and snorted, “Don’t take down the pictures, I’m okay with them.”

Randy shook his head, securing his grip, shoving his shaft deeper inside Yolanda, “I don’t mind….really…”

The bed creaked as Randy’s lunges slowly intensified, Yolanda closed her eyes, enjoying the ride, but felt obligated to inform Randy, “I know…I’m not that type…not anymore….so youse know….I’m only twenty-five…maybe get….bigger…”

Yolanda bit her lip, moaning in full arousal.

Randy moved his hands unto the sides of her wobbly belly as he shoved his shaft deeper inside Yolanda, she squealed in delight just as Randy again shot his seaman inside her.

Randy eased Yolanda unto her back, the mattress caving in; he laid on top her whopper belly.
Randy wiped Yolanda’s bangs out of her eyes, kissing her cheek as she continuously wheezed.

“I got to tell you, Yolanda, I was never into chubby girls, nothing personal..” Randy grinned.
Yolanda nodded, “Lots of guys prefer skinny girls…”

Randy caressed Yolanda’s breast, “I find you so attractive, it’s crazy, it’s important for me to tell you, I know, I know heavy girls have it tough but I honestly think you’re beautiful, you’re a beautiful, beautiful sexy. chubby beauty, and I totally love being with you.”

Awwww, its okay to call me fat, honey”, Yolanda affectionately smiled, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Randy placed his arm around Yolanda’s waist, “I surrender my heart to you”, he kissed her.

Yolanda did a half nod with a closed lips smile, although her eyes were sparkling, an outburst of emotions seized her.

Had Yolanda met Randy years earlier, she would have robbed him and beat the hell out of him, she was not that woman anymore. Yolanda was now a regular gordita, the stereotypical caliber that many men didn’t find attractive.

Yolanda’s eyes became moist, tears began rolling down her pudgy cheeks, had she remained slender, no way would she ever had become involved with Randy.

“You okay?” Randy questioned.

Yolanda wiped her eyes, flashing Randy an award winning smile, “This is happening so fast, I only know you a week …”

Yolanda hugged Randy, “….my heart once desired guys nothing like you, I was superficial but I ain’t ever been this happy about a man…”

Yolanda kissed Randy’s neck, chin then lips, “….I treat you plenty good, Randy, you’ll see, how I show my love to you.”

Randy gently patted Yolanda’s back and reassured her, “You’re my first real girlfriend, you know. I tell ya, baby, you can expect me to be honest and loyal.”

Yolanda again became overwhelmed with emotions and she started to cry.

Randy readily massaged Yolanda’s shoulders, “It’s all good, everything is cool. You want a beer?”

Yolanda wiped her eyes, grunting, “A beer?”

“I was thinking about having a beer, would you like one too? I have a little marijuana if you’d rather have that but I’m going to have a beer”, Randy said cordially yet was nervous. Obviously his lack of knowledge in females had him confused.

“No marijuana for me, you don’t have enough food, my munchies are plenty embarrassing”, Yolanda seriously uttered, and just as serious but with a smile added, “We still got da chocolate cake, you bring it, I’ll have that.”

Yolanda positioned herself upward, covering her body with as much of the sheet as possible, the bed creaking as she waggled backward, planting her back against the headboard.

Randy did the same, placing his hand over Yolanda’s belly, “Okay, I’ll get you a slice of cake, anything else.”

Yolanda’s belly shook as she laughed, “A slice of cake! That’s a little cake; bring the whole thing, and a beer.”

Randy could tell by the look in Yolanda’s eyes, she was not kidding.

Randy kissed Yolanda, “Anything to please you, I’ll be right back.”

Yolanda watched as Randy got out of bed and was about to put on his underwear, “No, none of that. I know what you look like naked.”

“Andale! Trabajar!” Yolanda subsequently giggled, “You mustn’t let your woman go hungry.”

Randy chuckled and did as Yolanda wished.


Randy returned in a few minutes with the beer and cake, and fork, Yolanda’s eyes skimmed the top of her belly, focusing on Randy as he climbed into bed.

No mistake, there was a huge contrast in their bodies but in a peculiar mode Yolanda thought it cute. Randy was very thin, less than 140-pounds while Yolanda was quite large, twenty pounds shy of 400.

Randy handed Yolanda the fork, she tossed it away with a giddy smile, “You feed me.”

Randy took a quick swig of beer, placing the can on the bedside table, “I read that on Google too, chubby girls enjoy being fed.”

Yolanda withdrew the cake from the box, a scrumptious looking chocolate cake that could feed four people.

“Stop looking things up on Google”, Yolanda said sounding gruff but not intending to do so, “We must discover each other, how hearts are adapt to mutual desires…..”

Yolanda handed Randy back the cake, “….our love then will grow strong,”

Randy reeled back his head, “You’re incredible, Jimmy didn’t tell me you were so wise.”

Yolanda giggled, “Feed me!”

Randy used his fingers and tore away a considerable amount of cake, humorously stating, “There’s going to crumbs all over the bed.”

Yolanda maneuvered her face toward Randy‘s hand, gobbling up the cake, speaking as she chewed, “I’ll cleen up tomorrow, okay?”

“You already cleaned yesterday, you mustn’t go overboard”, Randy smiled, feeding Yolanda the next sample of cake.

“I do bedroom then, do your laundry too!” Yolanda replied.

Randy equipped Yolanda with another piece of cake, “I’d like you to stay the whole weekend, if that’s okay. Not to clean but, you know….”

Yolanda shook her head, “Me too…”

Yolanda slurped away the subsequent feeding, “I show my love looking after your needs, so I clean, wash your clothes, cook your meals. Tomorrow, you go by Natalie, I call her first, get some my clothes, then you go market, buy food, I cook you up nice dinner meal.”

“You’re a dream come true, Yolanda”, Randy smiled.

Yolanda paused from being fed for a moment, “One thing, it make me plenty happy if you no more say I’m chubby…”

Yolanda reached over and squeezed her enormous belly, “…coz, honey, me no so much chubby, me fat!”

Randy slanted his face toward Yolanda, “As you wish…”, then favored her with a long, sultry kiss.

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Postby WilsonB » Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:06 am

Thumbs up for a very sexy chapter. Yolanda is definitely growing as a character, both physically and emotionally.
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Postby Junketh71 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:24 pm

This is kind of steamy, I say!
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Postby Matt L. » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:10 pm

Thank you WilsonB & Junketh71,

I appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

Cheers, Matt
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