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Sheila returned to the flat where she resided with Jose, a couple of his henchman lugging in the clothes and take home food Elena and Rosa had given her.

Acknowledging the candles and mood music, the goons shuffled off post haste, Jose making his entrance from the kitchen.

“Hey hot stuff, I really missed you”, Jose said while embracing his main squeeze who bestowed him a smooch.

“What’s all this?” Sheila quaintly inquired, “The candles and music?”

“I missed you so much, I thought you’d appreciate a romantic evening”, Jose smiled, giving Sheila’s belly a gentle rub.

Sheila softly massaged the side of Jose’s face, her whopper of a belly aligned with Jose’s barrel shaped gut, “I’m too big to be romantic…”

Jose wagged his head, circling his hands over Sheila’s belly, “You’ll never be too big, honey.”

“Now relax, put on something sexy if you want…” Jose began to say but was interrupted by Sheila’s laughter, “Something sexy! You’re a madman!”

Jose blithely continued, “In any case, I’m making roast duck with rice, beans and carrots on the side. Should be ready in a half hour…”

Sheila placed her hands over her broad hips, “What did I do to deserve you!”

From there Jose returned to the kitchen, Sheila waddled off to the bedroom where she struggled out of her clothes to put on something sexy. In her body’s current condition, sexy meant comfortable, and thus she put on a colorful Mexican style nightgown.

Sheila couldn’t resist a peek in the mirror, her fingertips trailing over her double chin that was bulbous enough to look like it belonged to a bull frog.
Biting her lip while surveying her round figure, Sheila couldn’t believe she was well within 300-pounds! It was indeed outside pure logic that her svelte athletic form would become so implausibly fat!

Sheila cradled her protruding orb, massaging it affectionately while her mind harkened back to her school days when she was Sheila Marcus. It was always open season to tease students with fat moms; she never considered it rude back then or even hurtful, merely comical shenanigans in order to express some sort of superiority.

“Ay, I hope in the Mexican culture it’s different”, Sheila pondered.
Majority of breeding age women in the Spanish slums were portly. If not, her child would be continuously mocked, Sheila confidently construed she’d be among the fattest of them all.


Jose served Sheila first, ample portions that made her pretty doe eyes bug out but she happily welcomed all that he allotted on her plate.

Sheila began talking about their business, what she missed in gang activity and to be brought up to speed on recent developments.

Jose shun such talk, naturally he was civil expressing his view, “We’ll deal with that tomorrow, let tonight only be about us.”

Sheila concurred, Jose asking about her visit with her friends, Elena, Rosa and Yolanda.

Sheila spoke while nibbling, the food having such an intoxicating flavor, she couldn’t pause for a moment.

Giddily she described a few details; hanging out at the park with the kids, Rosa teaching her how to make ox tail soup, playing a feminine style of Mexican poker with some of the neighbors, and having a late night feast on cornbread and muffins.

Eventually Yolanda was brought up into the mix, “Elena was a little upset at me because she thinks I’m too harsh on her. Maybe I was but it‘s her own fault, being a stupid pathetic wimp. But Elena talked sense into me; I should be a better friend….”

Jose sipped his beer, conveying after wiping his lips, “Yolie has really changed, I still can’t believe she’s the same girl who was tough, sassy and beautiful.”

Sheila lowered her eyes, peeping a humorous squeal, “She done gone blimp!”
Jose reeled back his head, Sheila gesturing with a roll of her eyes, “Okay, so I love it she’s fatter than me! I’ll still work harder on our friendship.”

Jose resumed his meal, “I hope so”, he firmly remarked.

“I’ll drop by to see her soon”, Sheila nodded, “Make up for neglecting her, bring her a gift. We have any top of the line muumuus in stock? “

Jose didn’t dignify the question with a reply, Sheila titled her head, gobbling up her food, “She’s bigger than me, I got to get some fun out of it. Remember, I’m female!”

“Well, I can understand that”, Jose replied, “But people like us have few real true friends, keep her close to your heart and show her respect.”

“Shit!” Sheila exclaimed in authentic surprise, “You’re an old softy, some gang banger you are!”

Jose fidgeted in his chair, “Eat your food before it gets cold..”

Sheila’s nibbling slowed, sighing a couple times before relating to Jose, “Elena is worried, she lectured me a few times about raising our child in the gang background.”

Sheila’s expression became pensive, her shoulders rolling over, “Elena is right you know. Being in the gang is bad, we’re bad people and we risk losing our child from the authorities or by gang retaliation.”

Sheila cupped her gigantic swollen belly, “Jose, am I a horrible woman because I feel the gang is our only escape from poverty? I know Elena lives a good proper life, but I can’t see myself making a day out of doing laundry and cooking, and being excited about it.”

Jose paused from his meal to reflect, finally he answered, “What do you want us to do? I have a shipment of weed and pills coming in from Mexico which will be a big score for us, I have a warehouse full of stolen property that Hector wants sold on the streets as soon as possible. This is bad timing, in order for me to quit, I have to reckon with Hector and honey, maybe he’s in Mexico but it wouldn’t go well for me if I just packed up and moved away. It would be dangerous for both of us.”

Sheila clenched her fist, lightly tapping the table, “That’s why I feel horrible. I don’t want to leave the gang. I like the power, the influence we have in the neighborhood, the money.”

Sheila stared straight on at Jose, “I only hope we can protect our child.”

Jose nodded, “I gotta take a crap, leave the dishes, I’ll get to them later.”

Jose ambled over to Sheila, running his fingers through her hair, giving her a brief kiss.
“There’s chocolates in the fridge, imported from Belgium, I think it’s an island near Europe”, Jose warmly smiled.

As Jose vacated the kitchen for the bathroom, Sheila sighed, then broke down in tears.


A while later, Jose approached Sheila as she sat with her feet up in the recliner, half the box of Belgium chocolates having already disappeared between her lips.

Jose placed his hands in his pockets, swerving back and forth at his pudgy waist, his eyes locking on Sheila.
“This is a good movie! All about Bruce Willis fighting bad guys in a skyscraper.”

A quizzical expression pounced unto Jose’s face, “You never saw ’Die Hard’?”

Sheila brought her eyes back to screen, “No, but they should make a sequel, I mean, this is a cool movie!”

Shelia popped another chocolate into her mouth, noticing Jose remaining put in his spot, nasally sighed, “Okay, what’s on your mind?”

Jose tilted his head, his voice soaked with empathy, “I agree with Elena too. Although I hate the idea of doing a nine to five job and being, well, typical…you know what I mean. I promised you a while back to get out of this business, I’ll keep my promise.”

“Easy for you to say, we got a warehouse of stolen property we got to push”, Sheila half-smiled, “And we got to get on the Addison Park boys, they’re slacking off. They haven’t broken into a truck or shop in almost two weeks, what we paying those bums for, huh?”

Jose comically gestured with his hands, “Hey, I can’t shoot them! I can have their ass kicked though.”
Jose maneuvered closer to Sheila, telling her with a funky smile, “Want to cuddle up with your old man on the coach and watch ’Die Hard’?”

Sheila sweetly hummed back, “You wanna get your arms around me?”

“Absolutely”, Jose replied.

Sheila frivolously smirked, “Oh like that’s going to happen!”

Sheila adjusted the recliner, Jose helping her upward.

“I might have a little too much waist for your arms to wrap around but I’m willing to give it a try!” Sheila melodiously peeped.

Jose gently cupped Sheila’s face, “Me too”, he softly uttered as he moved in for a kiss.

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Good for Jose and Sheila, I would say!
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How's Yolanda going?
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Hello Junketh71 & ThegreatestView,

Thank you for reading the story and your support.

Yolanda is my favorite character and while the next episode features Marco and Elsa, a Yolanda episode is right around the corner.

Cheers, Matt
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The very next day Marco phoned Elsa from his office, “Hey, baby, I’m sorry about not visiting like I said, and cutting you off yesterday, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Elsa had never vacated her room or even her bed, exception being the bathroom and raiding the fridge and walk in pantry.

“Oh, I know you’re busy…”, Elsa rolled over on the mattress as she spoke, pushing a side the empty jar of peanut while accidentally knocking her bag of chips unto to the floor, “…..Are you still planning to visit me?”

Marco played it like the cad he was, “I spoke too soon when I promised to visit you, I’m up to my ass in work. You’re aware your dad handed over your job to me?”

Elsa began using her finger to extract peanut butter residue for the jar, “Yeah, I recommended you, this is why we need to talk…”

Marco had every intention to visit Elsa, yet he found amusement making her beg.
“I wish I could, I miss you, but I have so much to get done this afternoon.”

Elsa spoke while gnawing on whatever peanut butter she could scrape out the jar, “This ain’t fair, please, Marco. I know you’re very important but can’t you make an exception for me? Please?”

Marco deliberately paused in order for Elsa to continue begging, “I got stuff to tell you, you said you wanted to talk too, please, please…”

Marco fabricated a strenuous groan, “Okay, I’ll push some things around but you better appreciate the favor, I’m a busy man.”

“I do, Marco, thank you”, Elsa replied, “Yolie is going by her sisters at about 4 o’
Clock I think, come over then, we can talk in private, okay?”

Again Marco lied, “I was thinking in an half-hour, I have friends coming over to watch the game this evening…”

“Oh, Marco!” Elsa squealed, “I can’t wait another day, I’m going crazy!”

Marco smirked in thought, “You think you’re crazy now!”

Marco finally answered, “Okay, I’ll cancel but there better not be a next time. When you want to see me, I say when and where. Got me?”

Elsa rolled over again, poking her belly as she agreed, “Yes, and thank you. Can you please remember to bring me some snacks like you said?”

Marco sighed, “Right”, then thoughtlessly added, “Want anything else?”

Elsa giggled, “Huh-uh, yeah you can!”, her tone becoming serious, “I don’t think you can do it though but I could use some…”
“…Marijuana”, Elsa faintly uttered.

This caught Marco by surprise; however, he was intending to bring some of the chemically treated dope over to her home. Marco thought he might have to talk Elsa into smoking it but obviously not.

“Well that’s a tough order, Elsa”, Marco was very economical with the truth, “I wouldn’t know where to get that stuff, I’ve never even tried it.”

“Me too until Yolie and me got picked up by these gang girls”, Elsa noted, “But, Marco, I haven’t a clue but they made me smoke it, I could think better. Does that make sense?”

Marco was laughing inside but he put on a cantankerous front, “How the hell should I know! I’m not a doctor!”

Marco smiled as Elsa apologized, “Sorry, sorry, Marco. I don’t mean to get you upset but I’m having a hard time trying to get a grip on my life.”

“I’ll talk with some of the kitchen help, okay, I’ll see what I can do”, Marco said convincingly with concern, “Just remember, I don’t advocate dope or any other drugs.”

Elsa pathetically muttered, “I won’t make a habit out of smoking, y’know? I just gotta find the real me coz I feel like I’ve been living a lie.”

Marco couldn’t resist playing mind games early, “I’ll see you this evening, mean while think about this.
If you really, really thought you were a benefit to the business, why did you give up?”

Marco concluded the conversation without saying goodbye.


Before Yolanda drove out to Natalie’s home, borrowing Elsa’s car, she insisted that Elsa make sure the stove and lights were off when she went to bed, not to open the door to any strangers, and to clean up a little.

Elsa nodded, giving Yolanda a hug and wishing her the best.


On Marco ride in to see Elsa, he spoke on the phone to Jessie.
The first part of the conversation was basically gang business; the second part was completely about revenge. Now that Marco was the operations director of the Stardust hotel chain, he wanted to hold his importance over Sheila’s head.

“Hunt down that fat, pregnant wetback and get her to see me!”

Jessie remembered Marco’s threat about sending her to Mexico if she screwed up, thus she aimed to appease him, “Yes, whatever you say, Marco, I’ll find her…”
Jessie’s reply then focused on rumors, “…Raquel told me that Rosa Gonzales said Sasha is involved in a bunch of gang shit. Selling hot merchandise and dope, she even almost started a street fight, their gang against those Negro boys from Harlem…”

Marco chuckled, “No, shit? The momma to be is a gang-banger! Damn!”

Marco knew it was only a matter of time before he would be initiated into upper class society, become a respectable / influential businessman, and having a sexy Caucasian wife.
Marco needed to see Sheila as soon as possible; he wanted to humiliate her a final time before leaving the gang and the slums. Marco’s revenge would be complete, he would advance out of the slums while Sheila would be stuck there the remainder of her life. A fat, impoverished, illegal wetback!

Marco brought the conversation to a close with a seemingly cute comment, “Let Sasha know we still have a truce, Hector wouldn’t like any trouble. I’d hate for his lap dog Jose to get hurt.”


Elsa looked a mess when she answered the door. Decked out in her nightgown, marked by stains, and her hair held a real gummy appearance.

Marco was civil and polite; Elsa was uncharacteristically shy and nervous, not even apologizing for looking so undone.

“I’m boiling hot dogs, want some?” Elsa gawkily grinned.

This rang alarm bells in Marco’s head. Elsa was never pretentious but she considered hot dogs snack food you buy when at an event, not food you bring into your own house.

Marco declined, handing her the king size bag of M&M’s, Elsa gushed aloud, snorting a crude sounding giggle.

“Oh man, Marco, you’re too much!” Elsa hesitated before giving Marco a light but quick hug,

“Um..” Elsa wiped her nose, her tone sounding remarkably awkward, “….did you bring the other thing?”

Marco removed the joint from his pocket, handing it over to Elsa, he lectured her, “I don’t approve of this, it goes against my grain.”

Elsa gazed downward, embarrassed but unlike Marco, was honest, “I know I really shouldn’t, it’s probably stupid. But when I smoked up at that gang house, the weed sort of helped me think.
Does that sound crazy?”

Marco rubbed his neck, a sympathetic tone to his voice, “You said you have something to tell me, if this helps you to relax, I’m all in. But if you ever ask me for another favor like this again, I’ll tell your dad.”

Elsa studied the short joint, unaware of its potency; even a small amount would open up her mind for Marco to drastically alter.

“I think my dad is already disappointed with me, and I thought over your question…” Elsa addressed Marco with a glum expression as she waved him on toward the kitchen, “…grab a glass of booze, got no beer, I’ll share my thoughts in the kitchen.”


They settled in the kitchen, Marco bewildered why Elsa referred to alcohol as booze.
Marco sat at the table, having a glass of some kind of imported wine, Elsa stood at the counter eating the hot dogs with mayonnaise, butter and ketchup.

“You asked me why I gave up. You know what? Those girls, the gang members, if I was really someone smart and sophisticated, they wouldn’t have bothered Yolie and me. Right? They called me fat and stupid, why didn’t I argue back….”

Marco didn’t care how they became tangled up with Jessie and the posse but he inquired only to lead Elsa on, make her believe he was really concerned.

Elsa explained the entire scenario the best she could remember, Marco furnishing an explanation to why she didn’t argue back with them when they called her fat and stupid.
“You were scared, and with Yolanda. Yolanda isn’t a well thought-of woman, she’s a peasant. They thought you were a peasant too.”

“That’s just it, Marco”, Elsa admitted, “If I was really a strong independent woman they would have sensed it. I think, I’m almost sure, I’m a peasant…”

Elsa droned an excruciating sigh, “…that’s why I can’t see you anymore.”

Marco blurted, “Huh, what?”

Elsa slowly walked over to Marco, “You’re a sophisticated gentleman, smart and noble, how you were ever attracted to me? You deserve a real woman, a real sharp, classy girl. I’m nothing like that…”
“….and with a beautiful figure…” Elsa said thumping her potbelly.

Marco grinned, “You’re okay, Elsa. You’re packing on the pounds but that’s Yolanda’s fault”, he then seized the opportunity to manipulate Elsa’s mind, “You’re not thinking straight, if lighting up that joint helps, please, be my guest. Maybe I’ll be able to reason with you then.”

Elsa smirked, conveying after she lit the joint and taking her first drag, “You even said Mexican girls get fat, even girls like me born in America…”

Marco pretended to be naïve, “The busboy who sold me the joint said you ought to really inhale. Go ahead, Elsa honey. Inhale, really inhale.”

Elsa nodded, talking between drags, every drag longer than the previous.
“You forget about me….find a beauty queen who respects her figure….I know dad’s upset with me but you’re the best man for my job…..I’m taking a break from working……on the computer I found stuff that I um, um, helps me like, will help me know my place….

Marco patiently listened and watched as Elsa’s expression became stilted, her sentences farther and farther apart, her vocabulary likewise affected, using simple words.

Elsa’s mind felt increasingly fuzzy while her body seemed heavy and weighed down.

Marco removed what was left of the joint and tossed it on the kitchen floor.

Marco pulled his chair closer to Elsa, bringing his face a few inches away from hers.

“Elsa, you can hear me right?”

Elsa’s vision was foggy and she felt engulfed in a vacuum yet she could hear Marco perfectly.

“Ye..yeah,,,Marco-o-o-o”, Elsa replied.

Marco slipped his head at the back of his head, pondering where to start.

Resuming his position, Marco firmly began.

“You’re right. You’re right about a lot of things. You know I wouldn’t lie to you because I’m better than you, and it’s a responsibility for us superior people to be honest with people like you. Right?”

“Right…Marco…” Elsa droned.

“I got involved with you because you’re needy, I thought having a classy guy in your life would make an impression on you but it didn’t. That’s why you got involved with me. The hotel business was way, way too hard for a girl like you, you couldn’t handle it. I know you find me attractive…”

Marco paused as he noticed Elsa smile at that remark, and then continued, “…but it wasn’t only having a cool, smart boyfriend that enticed you, it was because you wanted to use me. Use my wits and professionalism before your dad found out your secret. You’re a dim-witted cow who ought to be working as a housekeeper and not running the operation. You know I’m right. Say it!”

Elsa blinked, slightly bobbling her head, “Yeah…Marco, I’m not really smart, housekeeper better work for me….you right.”

“You should feel honored I dropped by to see you, a girl like you doesn’t rate favors, I don’t usually socialize with peasants.”

Marco noticed Elsa’s expression twisting, “You want to say something?”

“…me is…peasant?” Elsa’s voice cracking,

“You’re ridiculously dim-witted, ain’t ya? Yes, you’re a peasant. So what if you went to college, it doesn’t change you, all it did was pump up your ego, and you’ve been lying to yourself all along.
But on the positive side, you have realized a smart man like me is far more deserving to have your job because it’s the wrong career for a girl like you.”

Marco took a moment to let it all sink into Elsa’s mind, roguishly peering into Elsa’s eyes as he continued.

“What kind of girl are you, Elsa?”

Elsa replied with a dopey grin, “I’m a dim-witted…dim-witted peasant.”

Marco delicately ran his fingers through Elsa’s wilted mane, “Yes, a dim-witted peasant but you know your place. Just like you know getting big and fat is perfectly normal, you have an outrageous appetite, but you’re not ashamed of it, you’re a slob and don’t care who knows about it.

An extremely malicious thought entered Marco’s head, and he insidiously grinned, “The heavier you get the more you feel like an uneducated wetback, fat girls are stupid, the fatter you get, the stupider you become…”

A lopsided smile appeared over Elsa’s face.

“You know that’s just how it is for you people and there‘s nothing you can do about it….”

Marco got off the chair, and placing his hands under Elsa’s armpits, steered her unto the couch.
Elsa’s head started to spin as Marco jerked her limp body upward, her best attempt at speaking was in the form of a grunt.
“Sleep it off, Elsa”, Marco said to Elsa while rubbing his chin, his devious mind working over time.

Marco made tracks to Elsa’s study, finding a note pad; he wrote her a simple note.

_ You blacked out on me, give me a call Monday _

Marco signed it - Mr. Ramous

Marco glimpsed at Elsa, her mouth wide open, drool seeping over her lips, and her hand securely planted over her broad field of belly fat.

“I’d like to send you to Mexico, you can use the vacation, get back to your roots”, Marco said with his punk boy grin, “When you get back, maybe I’ll hire you but there are plenty of second rate hotels in the Spanish slums that need housekeepers too.”

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Thank you for the new chapter. It was certainly a new turn of the plot at the end of it!
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Hey Junketh71,

Thank you for reading the story, the next episode will be up soon.

Cheers, Matt
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Natalie and Yolanda went back and forth, lightly squabbling on what she would wear for the barbecue and her arranged date with Randy Miller, the nice guy from Jimmy’s work.

Yolanda’s preference was traditional Spanish / Mexican styles while Natalie argued to a minor degree, American casual / sporty was the superior option.

“Okay! I’m telling you again! You’re American! You were born in America!”

Yolanda stood with her hands over her outrageously wide hips, her gigantic double belly propelling outward with a slight slant, “Me uncomfortable wearing those clothes, Nat, no shop Old Navy many years!”

“You never bought clothes from Old Navy; you wore clothes stolen from Old Navy!” Natalie chuckled.

Yolanda continued making excuses and in broken English, “Ay crumba! My body no so accustom to American clothes meant for skinny white chicas showing off bodies, yes?”

“Whatever that means”, Natalie again giggled, “I bought all this stuff for you from the Goodwill shop, they’re all plus size but look nice.”

Yolanda puffed up her rubbery cheeks, lazily sighing as she gazed over an assortment of dresses that Elena and Rosa Gonzales had given her.

Natalie noticed and sensed Yolanda’s desire to dress much more in accord with Mexican housewives, “No, no you don’t! I didn’t pay Forty-one dollars for clothes so you can look like you just got home from working the fields!”

Natalie pointed to the bed where the clothes were nicely arranged so Yolanda could study them at ease.

“Pick something, Yolie, or I’m going to pick something for you!” Natalie demanded.
“Momma expects you to look nice, and if she’s unhappy about what you’re wearing, both of us are in for it!”

“Momma be here?” Yolanda asked.

“Yes! She’s as excited as you are, she wants to meet Randy, see what kind of guy he is”, Natalie buzzed.

Yolanda gestured with her eyes, “I no make so good impression with momma around, me have to act too polite, no go with charms…”

Natalie cupped Yolanda’s beefy upper arm, “Honey, I think Randy doesn’t need any prodding to impress him, just be nice and have fun.”

“What kind guy Randy? I know he gringo, what else?” Yolanda‘s fluffy cheeks forming deep dimples.

Natalie went through the wardrobe she picked out for Yolanda, holding items against her body, checking for size, “Randy’s a nice guy, not very experienced, Jimmy says he’s been unlucky in love.”

“Him loser?” Yolanda blurted.

“Not a loser, he just gets involved with the wrong types and they take advantage of him”, Natalie blathered on, “Lots of girls he meets on the internet, glamorous types looking for a sugar daddy. You understand, so be the real you and well, anything can happen.”

“Real me? Ay chihuhaua! Randy me thinks be let down!” Yolanda peeped.

Natalie affectionately gazed at Yolanda, “Don’t sell yourself short, Yolie, there’s many positive things about you.”

Yolanda embraced Natalie, “Don’t worry, Nat, me won’t let you down.”

“I know, I’m only concerned about your happiness”, Natalie admitted.

“ Yo be in my sister, me have all happiness that you can think of”, Yolanda’s smile completely genuine.

The emotional moment was too much for Natalie to handle, a knot formed in her throat as she visualized the spunky, intelligent, slender, and beautiful Yolanda. The independent college student who could get any guy to eat out of her hands. Now she was a big, portly, needy young woman, locked in a third world culture and not so up on the draw in terms of intelligence as she had been.

Natalie needed to take flight from the sentimental episode, and thus laughed out loud to sabotage the melancholy she felt, “Hey! We got to get you dressed to meet your knight in shining armor!”

After another ten minutes of debate, Yolanda finally settled on her wardrobe.
A long sleeve gray hooded T-shirt with green bands decorating the sleeves and navy blue spandex slacks. No masquerading Yolanda’s size, she looked every bit an overly well-fed 380-pounds, however all things considered, she did look presentable.

Natalie set Yolanda’s mane in a ponytail and applied a modest amount of cosmetics, likewise sharing her most expensive perfume with her younger yet bigger sister.

“You look like the all American girl next door!” Natalie congratulated Yolanda.

Yolanda looked at her reflection in the mirror, and while she did look the best she had in a long while, comically quipped, “I look like I ate the all American girl next door!”

Natalie giggled, “Oh you! Jimmy’s outside starting things up for the barbecue, let him check you out while I drive over to pick up momma and Aunt Esmeralda.”

“Aunt Esmeralda’s coming too!” Yolanda shrieked.

“When momma told her about the barbecue, she couldn’t leave her out”. Natalie breezily replied, “You know how much auntie loves barbecues,”

“I know how much auntie loves to eat!” Yolanda chimed, “At least when I’m standing next to her I won’t look so big, or Mexican!”

Natalie nodded with a wise-aleck smirk, “Which should be a lesson to you when you don’t assimilate! She’s still living on public aid, y’know.”


Jimmy was in a lawn chair reading a vintage copy of Mad Magazine when Yolanda marched onto the deck, her belly bouncing, a minor waggle to her thighs.

Jimmy lifted his eyes, duly impressed at his sister in law’s appearance but out of the kindness of heart, took his compliment to the extreme, “Whoa! What’s Eva Mendez doing here? I didn’t know she was invited!”

“Aw, thanks, Jimmy”, Yolanda smiled, stroking her buttery belly, “You really tink me look nice?”

Jimmy removed himself from the chair, peddling over to Yolanda in a slow gait, “You really look beautiful, if I wasn’t a married man….”

Yolanda blushed, brushing her stubby fingers off Jimmy’s chest, “Stop it”, she giggled, “I knows I’m huge, but you really say in your heart, I look boo-ti-ful, yes?”

Jimmy firmly nodded, “Yes, Yolanda. You do, you do look beautiful.”

Yolanda proceeded to rub her blubbery belly in a circular motion, the unadulterated flabby tissue rippling with the pressure from her fingertips.

“Never thought belly get this big, I’z ever fatten up…” Yolanda nasally droned.

“Things happen”, Jimmy affectionately stated, edging his fingers against Yolanda’s chin, hoisting her face upward where her eyes met his, “You were once a dynamic girl, you can still be. Don’t let your weight or size interfere with your value as a woman or your happiness. You’re the only one who’d be losing out.”

Yolanda roped her arms around Jimmy, giving him a tight squeeze, “Thank you, Jim, I needed to hear that.”

Jimmy chortled, “Okay, okay! Have a beer and relax for a minute, I have something to tell you!”

Jimmy handed Yolanda a beer and went through the details, “Nat and I cooked up a scheme so you’ll get some idea of what’s Randy like. While I’m out here cooking, I’ll be feeding Randy questions about his hobbies, likes, dislikes and stuff, okay? You can then get some idea if you have anything in common or if he’s dating material.”

Yolanda sucked down the beer like a regular bar broad, releasing a bellowing burp and a girlie girl giggle before humorously conveying, “How’z Randy gonna get idea about me?”

Jimmy rubbed the back of his head, subsequently fetching a beer for himself, “I reckon you can help serving the food, be sweet, um, sociable.”

Yolanda giggled, “Maybe I use my boobs, if he’s liking big boobs, I hook him for sure!”

Jimmy chuckled, “Well, you are well equipped in that department but I think you should hold back with the torpedoes until you know him better. But then again, you’re a woman; you know to ensnare a guy better than I do.”

Yolanda tilted her head, “I’m packaged differently now but I get the job done.”


When Yolanda’s mom and aunt arrived, they compliment Yolanda as well, Mrs. Monterey saying, “You look like a Sports Illustrated fashion model!”

“Aye-yai-yai!” Yolanda laughed hard enough that her enormous belly shook, “I be a Sports Illustrated model where my bikini be, no! Hard me squeeze into one those itty-bitty tings!”

Aunt Esmeralda likewise gushed over Yolanda’s appearance, “Very pretty, Yolie…”
She then playfully swatted Yolanda’s belly, “You’re taking after me!”

Unfortunately for Yolanda, she hadn’t seen her aunt in ages, and was the bigger of the pair and by a solid hundred pounds. She would be the largest female at the barbecue bash!
This worried Yolanda which roused her appetite.

Natalie wagged her head while observing Yolanda gnawing on uncooked hot dogs.
“Easy girl, they’re for the barbecue, what’s going on? Can’t you wait?”

Yolanda cantankerously quibbled while chewing, “I thought auntie here, no look so big, now no way hide my body!”

“Damn it, Yolie! Don’t be so self-conscious! Yes, you’re heavyset, deal with it!”

“I’m not heavyset! I’m a cow!” Yolanda whimpered as she gobbled up her 4th hot dog.

Natalie unthinkingly snapped, “You better see a doctor before you’re 400-pounds! How fat do you want to get!”

“I’m almost 400-pounds now!” Yolanda yelled, “I can’t control my weight! I’m gonna get fatter!”

Mrs. Monterey entered the kitchen, reprimanding the sisters and then lecturing them.

After Mrs. Monterey had finished her speech, they sisters hugged it and apologized.
“Sorry, Yolie, I’ll be more sensitive to your problem…”
Yolanda answered back, “I’m sorry too, I’ll replace the cupcakes…”
“You ate the cupcakes?” Natalie grumbled.

A voice from the yard called out, and just in time, “Hey, girls, Randy got here! Let’s get this barbecue started!”

The embrace between the sisters coming to an end, Natalie sweetly telling Yolanda, “Go wipe your eyes and freshen up your makeup and I’ll get acquainted with Randy.”

Yolanda nodded and began to waddle away as Natalie warbled in a cute tone, “You owe $9.00’s for the cupcakes!”


The entire family met Randy first before Yolanda made her entrance.
Walking at a slow rate to minimize her signature waddle.

Randy’s blondish-brown hair was a little long, a mustache and stubble on his chin, his features agreeable. On the scrawny side, Randy wore a drab green military style shirt, unbuttoned; featuring his T-shirt of a gray hue and with a picture of the American Flag, faded blue jeans completed his apparel.

Randy’s eyes bugged out as Yolanda advanced toward him, Jimmy did tell him she was a little heavy, gaining weight while living in Mexico - but was on a strict diet to slim back down.

Yolanda tilted her head as took Randy’s hand, smiling while shaking it, “Nice meeting you, Randy.”

Yolanda did have beautiful eyes, which Randy did look into after checking out her whopper Double-D jugs.
“I’m delighted meeting you too!”

Yolanda nervously rubbed her belly while gazing at Randy; he wasn’t all that bad looking. A little scruffy but not too bad.

“Hey! Randy! Wanna give me a hand cooking up ribs, burgers and hot dogs!”

Randy turned toward Jimmy, although Natalie spoke over him, “That’s hot dog. not hot dogs, and forget about dessert too.”


Jimmy’s and Natalie’s plan went without a hitch. Randy willingly and candidly opened up about himself while helping with the barbecue. Randy played poker, video games, enjoyed wrestling, most sports, horror anthology series, was never arrested, had only one girlfriend but she treated him like a friend….

Yolanda was in and out of the backyard helping out on her end, setting the table, bringing out food, soft drinks, and thus so had overheard enough to make her think he was a nice guy.

Naturally Yolanda sat next to Randy while dinning, and her date was polite but mainly conversed with Jimmy about various things.

However, the entire family broke ranks at virtually the end of the meal to give Yolanda and Randy some private time.

“So your Jimmy’s sister in law and you’re from Mexico?” Randy asked.

Yolanda hovered over Randy, filling his plate up with more cole slaw, “Not really exactly, I worked a few years, forgot I was American…” Yolanda said with a funky expression.

Yolanda had finished with the cole slaw, reeling back, she mentioned fetching Randy another baked potato but Randy cordially declined, “Nah, you’ve been fussing over me a little too much…”

Yolanda winced in a comical fashion, “Ay, you eat! You date me, you need to be strong….!”

Randy’s eyes grew wide and dropped his jaw, Yolanda realizing what she had accidentally muttered, covered her mouth with her thick forearm, “Randy! No not what I’z say!” she embarrassingly blushed.

Randy let loose a thunderous laugh, “It’s cool!” patting the bench, he invited Yolanda to take a seat.

Yolanda did just that, Randy smiled, “I um, well, I like you, Yolanda. I mean, you’re sweet and have been filing up my plate faster than I could chow down.”

Yolanda’s expression took on a strict approach, waving her arm around, gesturing with the serving spoon, “Just showing good manners, not so special, no big deal!”

“I know, but I still appreciate it”, Randy said, “I’d like to take you out if you’d like to go out with me.”

Yolanda shook her head, “Yes! You seem okay, I would like that…”

Instinctively, Yolanda leaned over and gave Randy a nice shot of her boobs, “Where you like go?”

Randy wasn’t all that familiar with flirting, this was the closest he ever got to breasts in his life and Yolanda’s melons were huge!

Randy wiped his forehead, his voice cracking, “Di..NNER…wht..whatever you want to do?”

Yolanda reached over and grabbed Randy’s knee, “When?”

“Next Friday? I get off work at four…” Randy replied, then added, “Maybe I should have that baked potato after all…”

Yolanda sensed she was intimidating the young man and backed off, “Next Friday works for me”, she smiled.

Yolanda stood up, she couldn’t resist the question, “You really like me? I’m not too fat?”

Randy wagged his head, “Of course not, I um, think you’re pretty, very pretty…”

Randy was honest, he thought Yolanda had a cute baby face but realistically, her face had become thus tremendously swollen, she registered in the pretty for a heavy girl category.

“…and you have like an old fashion pleasantness, lots of the girls I meet, they ain’t so pleasant..”

Yolanda charmingly smiled, “I get yer baked potato, you wait, we talk more…”

That they did until after midnight, humorous anecdotes, their basic history - “No kidding, you were a size 2! - about college, Randy never went, baseball and video games, and how much Yolanda enjoyed working as a maid - No big decisions and housework is easy and fun!

Finally, Randy had to Part Company; he shook Yolanda’s hand and gave her a quick and very gentle hug.

The moment Yolanda entered her sister’s home, she was mobbed by the family who pumped her with questions.

Yolanda answered everyone, and happily, eventually adding while gnawing on a leftover chicken leg, “Randy says I’m pretty…”

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Yay for Yolanda, I suppose.
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Yolanda was in a particularly chipper mood when she arrived back at Elsa’s estate.
The reasonably cute butterball could have remained at her sister’s home to later join in on Elena’s Gonzales’s regular Saturday evening bash but she was locked in on retrieving Elsa for the whoop-pee-do. Thus she happily took the long drive back to the wealthy community where Mexicans were typically among the staff.

Yolanda entered through the back door which led to the kitchen, with every step her well-rounded hips shook, a slight bounce to her generously proportion backside and belly.

Immediately discovering Marco’s note, Yolanda became angry, “What the hell was he doing here! Why did she let him in?”
Noticing how Marco sighed the note, she slapped the side of her face, “Mr. Ramous? What foolishness is this?”

Yolanda dropped the note back unto the table, making tracks to the recreation room while she found Elsa still asleep on the sofa.

Yolanda reached over, smoothly jiggling Elsa into consciousness.

“Hey, it’s after two, wanna get up? Remember we’re going by Elena?” Yolanda’s sweet smile matching her tone of voice.

Elsa opened her eyes, somewhat confused, Yolanda quick in questioning, “You okay?”

Elsa hesitated before nodding, “Yeah, I didn’t know where I was for a minute, Marco still here?”

“No, Marco’s gone, he left you a note”, Yolanda said, trying to remain calm, “I thought you were kicking that creep to the gutter where he belongs.”

Elsa steered herself into a seated position, pushing back her gummy bangs, “I only had Marco over to breakup with him, we didn’t do anything wrong”, a negligible whine to her voice.

Yolanda smiled, “Good to hear, chica! You want me to start your bath or make you snack?” We got a while before getting ready.”

“All of the above”, a smile finally broke through on Elsa’s face.

Yolanda helped hoist Elsa upward, “I’ll get bath ready, take good soak, I’ll fetch you when finished making Elsa snack. Good?”

Elsa nodded, “I’ll take a quick shower, I’ll let you know when I’m done, we can make the snack together.”

Yolanda nodded, her eyes surveying the room, “Me should really clean up, big mess…”

Yolanda’s vision connected to what remained of the joint on the floor.

“No! Stupid girl!” Yolanda picked up the joint, and wagged it in front of Elsa’s face.
“This no good! Stay away from dope, very bad! I told you, no?”

Elsa reacted like a scared teenager caught playing hooky,
“I’m sorry, what’s the big deal, ain’t like I do it all the time!”

Yolanda marched toward the bathroom, “No get in habit!”

Elsa peddled as quickly as she could to catch up with Yolanda, “Wait! Let me finish that little bit!”

Elsa reached for the joint, Yolanda moving her hand out of Elsa’s reach, “You no need this…”

Elsa folded her arms, sullenly pouting, “It no big deal, helps me think”, as Yolanda flushed the joint down the toilet.

Yolanda tilted her head, affectionately strumming the side of Elsa’s face, “You is plenty smart, how you handle big hotel business before smoking weed? Weed is what harmed you, make you think different.”

Elsa sniffled, her vocabulary matching Yolanda’s, “Weed got me seeing what me is…”

Yolanda became enraged, “Stop talking like me! You ain’t like that, you proud smart woman!”

Elsa pulled away from Yolanda’s reach and whimpered, “I’m sorry, Yolie, I’m confused about a lot of things, but please understand I don’t feel so smart no more.”

“That’s the weed, Elsa, you understand now?” Yolanda said, saddling up against Elsa and taking her arm.

“You take shower, then we eat!” Yolanda sternly uttered.

On route to the upstairs bathroom, Elsa giggled, “You gotta tell me everything about your big date!”

“It was nice, very, I like Randy, I tell you everything!” Yolanda exuberantly peeped.


Elsa ignored her reflection in the full length mirror, in contrast to what had been her normal behavior. For years Elsa guarded her figure, kept a sharp eye on her weight, Marco’s manipulation, the taunts by Jessie and posse set in progress a misleading interpretation of her social class. A bond and pedigree with females who weren’t very bright and categorically fat.

In a short while Elsa and Yolanda were relaxing in the kitchen, nibbling on a wide range of junk food.
Yolanda shared every detail about the barbecue and her impression of Randy.

“Where do you think Randy will take you for your first date?” Elsa gushed, crinkling her little nose, a wide smile over her pretty face.

“It’s the man’s place to arrange such things, let him make big deal for me”. Yolanda buzzed while gnawing on a cheese sandwich, “I know how much, what call real interest in me if he shows much respect.”

Elsa wiped back her bangs, then resumed gorging on corn chips, “See if he got a friend, we can double date.”

Yolanda did agree, “I do that, yes. But remember, these be regular guys, have common jobs. No be like men Elsa dates.”

Elsa half-smiled, “I’d be happy being hooked up with a regular guy now more than anything, I don’t expect much as long as he’s nice.”

“Nice, you no shallow then, work best for you, stay away from guys like Marco”, Yolanda candidly remarked.

Elsa stuffed a handful of chips into her mouth, chewing while she admitting, “That ain’t gonna happen, I’m not their type anymore.”

Yolanda gazed at Elsa with concern, “Such a beautiful woman, you no talk nonsense, there be plenty handsome nice men for you.”

Elsa happily appeased Yolanda with a smile that was false, proceeding to get off the chair, waved Yolanda on as she drifted to the recreation room, “Let’s watch some TV before we have to get ready for Elena’s party.”

Yolanda loyally followed her friend into the recreation room but not before grabbing a package of cheese.

A while later as they were binge watching Fuller House, Elsa’s phone went off, it was her dad.

Yolanda’s eyes randomly met with Elsa who was snuggled up on couch in her silk pajamas speaking to her dad. Yolanda had no idea the nature of the conversation but from Elsa’s serious expression it appeared to be more of a conference with her boss than a casual conversation with a parent.

Elsa’s dad raked her over the coals for her erratic behavior, albeit he did finally calm down, noting that he did trust Marco with the business and that the three of them would have a discussion pertaining to her future with the company Monday in his office.

Elsa didn’t say anything to Yolanda about her dad once they finished the conversation.
Elsa placed the phone on the coffee table, provided Yolanda with a silly smile while patting her bloated tummy, subsequently reaching for the cheese slices.


There was a concentrated transformation in the relationship between Yolanda and Elsa, akin to Elena Gonzales becoming the surrogate elder / wiser sister to both Sheila and Yolanda.

Originally hired as a weekend maid, a friendship soon developed with Elsa the dominate member, however due to current events their roles flip-flopped. Yolanda took on the responsible older sister guise while Elsa’s personality and behavior took on an apathetic course.


Yolanda didn’t like how Elsa dressed for Elena’s party, strictly making her put on something more presentable and to apply at least some cosmetics.

Elsa did as she was told but there wasn’t much of an improvement rather than looking neater.

At Elena’s party Yolanda and Elsa causally socialized and obviously stuffed their bellies, Yolanda mainly hung around Elena and Rosa while Elsa struck up new friendships with members of the younger crowd. Yolanda didn’t know if she should have been impressed or disappointed on how well Elsa blended in with the working class Mexicans, many of which were among the poorest citizens of the Spanish slums.


Yolanda went to retrieve a couple fresh packages of paper plates from the metal storage cabinet in the basement. Walking by the old men who were playing poker and passing around a bottle of tequila, she overheard them talking about the surge of gang presence on Western Avenue, the slum’s main street.

Yolanda’s curiosity influenced her to move in slow motion, “What’s up this”, she thought to herself.

“Marco has his she-wolf looking over things”, one old codger mentioned while shuffling the deck, “She want’s to prove shit, she wants to show off her power.”

“Does Marco know?”, a sliver haired dude inquired, “Where is he? Not in jail?”

“Marco ran everything quiet; I hope this doesn’t mean a gang war?” A short guy with a long black mustache uttered before looking at his cards.

Yolanda instantly thought about Sheila, she was an unofficial Lieutenant in the rival gang.

Yolanda increased her gait and was soon back upstairs, upon setting the plates down onto the serving table; she approached Rosa and asked her to call Sheila.

Rosa was more than delighted to do so, and when she handed the phone to Yolanda, Sheila was genuinely surprised to hear from her.

“Hey chica! I been thinking of you!” Sheila buzzed with much excitement in her voice, “What’s going on?”

“I’m very happy to talk with you too!” Yolanda elatedly replied, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Oh honey”, Sheila said with a small degree of disappointment, “I can’t talk now, I’m with my girls playing darts and shit at Jose’s bar. But I do miss you, what if we get together at Elena’s house Monday!”

Yolanda was tickled pink, giggling sweetly, “Sounds like a plan!”

The friends spoke a few minutes longer, the time was arranged but Yolanda made sure to let Shelia know, “Watch yourself, okay? The Scorpions are all over the place…”

“Damn, thanks for the warning! But those assholes don’t want to mess with us!” Sheila brazenly rattled off.

Once off the phone, Yolanda shared the news with Elena and Rosa, a positive move for the friends to get together they each conveyed.


A while later Yolanda went to check on Elsa who was in the backyard socializing with the younger guests, people around twenty-years of age if not a little younger.

Elsa was knocking back the beers, from her stagger, Yolanda come tell she was fairly intoxicated.

“Watch it, Elsa!” Yolanda sternly quibbled, “We got a long ride home tonight!”

Elsa giggled, “K, mom!”

Yolanda held her hands to her hips, “I’m serious! I don’t have the patience for dealing with a drunk. Did you have enough to eat?”

The small crowd backed away by a few steps as Elsa hiked up her designer T-shirt and grasped her potbelly, “My tummy’s stuffed good, Yolie! It’s gonna get as big as yours!”

Yolanda wagged her head; Elena walked up and stood beside her.
“Let her have her fun, anyway alcohol has spoiled many a nice figure”, Elena noted with a broad smile, “If you want her fat, it’s in the bag if she likes her beer.”

Yolanda placed her hand over Elena’s shoulder, “Now that she’s through with Marco, I’d like Elsa to pull her head out of her ass. I don’t wish getting heavy on anyone.”

Elena made a silly face, “You ought to know better, honey. In this neighborhood, the chances are even the prettiest girl in the best marvelous shape is going to blow up like a balloon right after high school.”

“That’s the thing, Elena”, Yolanda grunted, “Elsa doesn’t belong in this neighborhood, she belongs with white people.”

Elena observed Elsa’s body language and how she conversed with her new friends, summing it up in her mind, “I wouldn’t bet on it!”

Elena playfully pinched Yolanda’s thickest love handle which spread over her meaty hip, “You two spend the night, I won’t hear of you driving all the way back home.”

“Yes, thanks. I can give you a hand cleaning up then!” Yolanda agreed.


Yolanda and Elsa slept over and all the next day they leisurely hung out at the Gonzales homestead.
Yolanda loosened the reigns a little on Elsa, letting her eat to excess but come Monday, she would do her lady’s best in getting her to eat healthier and try to influence her to lose weight.

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