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Eager to know what happens next :)
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Thanks all for reading the story and the feedback!

Cheers, Matt
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Elena didn’t appreciate the manner in which Sheila clothed her heavily pregnant form.
An oversize flannel shirt, unbuttoned with the tails hanging out, over a tattered T-shirt and dark spandex slacks, holes in both knees.

Elena wagged her head in disbelief, Sheila had the gangster imagine going on in the worst way.

However, Elena missed her friend / surrogate sister just the same and invited her in with a nod, smile and wave.

“I don’t have to ask if you’re hungry, mamacita, take a seat”, Elena said with a broad smile as she walked to the fridge.

Sheila’s strut now held a comical wobble, her balloon belly jiggling while her spacious hips swayed back and forth; she dropped her hand bag onto to floor, sighing out loud upon her blubbery ass connecting with the chair.

“Where’s fatty half ton?” Sheila comically smiled, “Still asleep?”

Elena didn’t respond, she went about her business fixing Sheila a plate of tomatoes, pickles and cold spam.

“You been going to your check ups?” Elena asked as she took a seat at the table.

“I’ve been busy; I guess maybe I’ll see Judy Chico later in the week…”

Elena interrupted but in an affectionate tone, “I meant the doctor at the clinic.”

Sheila began to nosh, “No, but I’ll be okay..”, she indifferently replied.

Elena tilted her head and gazed at Sheila, her makeup garishly applied.
“No you’re not.”

Sheila sat with one arm flung over her belly, gnawing on a pickle, “What the hell does that mean?” she hostilely blurted.

“You know I care about you very much, chica”, Elena sprouted off, “I don’t like how you’re behaving…”

“Pardon me for having a life”, Sheila retorted.

Elena took the strict older sister route and didn’t hold back her reprimand.
“That’s no life you’re living, dressing like trash, running with a gang, you have a child to think about, it isn’t just about you anymore.”

“My child will have everything, I’m making lots of money”, Sheila rattled off.

Elena sarcastically chuckled, “The money you make is dirty!”

Sheila tossed Elena a foul look, Elena continued, “Gang life is no place to raise a child, you’ll never have any peace, living in fear of being busted by the law. Then what? You go to jail, maybe even deported, what about the child? At least whatever family adopts the baby, it will give it a fighting chance to survive because that’s better than you can do.”

Elena’s remarks hit Sheila hard, although she wasn’t entirely sold on going straight, it did make her think.

Elena stood up and refilled the milk in Sheila’s glass, “Being honest there’s no shame, maybe being poor can be difficult but it’s better than being a criminal”. She smiled.
Sheila began to make excuses about being in too tight with the gang, getting out would be impossible, her voice cracking, a hint of a whine, “……It would be easier if Jose wasn’t the boss…”

Elena’s blubber quivered as she paced the room, “It’s not my place to say but maybe it is…”
Pulling out the chair, Elena coasted her hefty derriere unto the seat, “Move back here and give it some serious thought. I’m not so fond of Jose but if he’s any kind of real man, he’ll understand, he’ll want the best for you.”

Sheila paused from nibbling, “Ay crumba, you are crazy! Yolanda’s here most of the time, I like her but that hippo gets on my nerves…”

Sheila paused at the angry blast from Elena’s eyes, “Watch what you say about Yolanda!”

Elena wiped her eyes, her tone easing a little, “Yolanda does have her difficulties but she’s been nothing but loyal to you. She’s all excited about helping you when the baby gets here, not only out of kindness but some sense of duty to you. Yolanda cares very strongly about you, you shouldn’t be so cruel.”

Sheila pouted, “Sure, take her side.”

A smile finally broke upon Elena’s face, “I’m not on her side, I’m talking sense. You should support each other, understand what you have in common, someday you two will be sisters like me and Rosa.”

“You and Rosa are sisters, no?” Sheila cracked an eye, “That’s why you’re called the Gonzales sisters!”

Elena giggled, “We’re close enough to be real sisters, but the truth is, our husbands are brothers!”

“But you resemble each other!” Sheila peeped.

“Why? Because we’re both fat!” Elena frivolously replied.
“You be wise to follow our examples though, maybe some day like me and Rosa, you’ll be a team…”

“Why?” Sheila giggled, “Because we’re both fat!”

“Can’t argue with that but other things too”, Elena humorously smirked, “Neither of you talk so good English and have plenty of the same challenges.”

“Be kind and nice to Yolanda then, okay, you’ll never have another friend like her”, Elena affectionately added.

Sheila guzzled her milk, helping herself to another glass; she finally showed some empathy toward Yolanda.
“Yolanda does have it hard, Marco messed her up good.”

After releasing a burp, Sheila calmly informed Elena, “You gave me a lot to think over, I’ll take a nap and then maybe we can talk some more, no?”

Elena’s smile puffed up her doughy cheeks, “Go on, you need your rest, I’ll have a good lunch waiting for you when you get up.”

It took Sheila an extra minute to stand up from the table due to her immense girth, “I was hoping you‘d say that!” she giggled.

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Nice chapter on Sheila. Thanks Matt !
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Always enjoy the Shelia chapters.
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Thank you for the new chapter. It was very appreciated.
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I appreciate the all the nice thoughts. The next episode will be up straight away.

Cheers, Matt
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Over the next couple days Sheila was lectured by Elena a few more times about quitting the gang and providing her child with a moral and honest upbringing. The lectures did somewhat get on Sheila’s nerves but she knew Elena meant well.
Elena made her husband drive Sheila to the free clinic, the gang activity chipping away at her real responsibilities. Needless to say the doctor was shocked at the amount of poundage Sheila was packing on.

“Yo sure scale no broken?” Sheila gawkily questioned in broken English at the news she was a mere few pounds shy of 300.

Sheila received an almost brutal lecture from the doctor as well.

It was the complete opposite upon Sheila’s visit to Julie Chico the midwife.
Julie all but congratulated Sheila’s size, giving her big belly a gentle tap and again stating as she had before, “This is the time to eat well, pamper yourself, don’t worry about gaining weight, you can lose the weight after the baby is born!”

Elena’s husband smiled to himself as he had experienced his wife’s escalating size throughout her pregnancies. “Pretty damn unlikely”, Pablo privately mused, “This chica’s going to become an even bigger cow!”

All in all despite Elena’s occasional scolding, Sheila had quite a nice visit and truly enjoyed her time with the Gonzales sisters, and their family and friends.


On the far side of Los Angeles, the ritzy suburb where Yolanda was rooming with Elsa, it was a peculiar spectacle.

Yolanda didn’t mind and was actually thrilled at being Elsa’s companion rather than her housekeeper but it was an emotional roller coaster observing her once trendy and refined boss behaving like an uncultured slob.

Elsa’s appetite rivaled Yolanda’s and more, polishing off a gallon of milk in one afternoon, a package of macaroni and cheese within a day, and constantly gorging on snack food.

Elsa stopped bathing, spent hours in bed watching TV, her hair and attire utterly sloppy, even when she went to the supermarket or gas station for treats.
Elsa’s face was breaking out, her teeth turning yellow, and the double chin she was developing was beginning to look a little too natural.
Elsa did a fair amount of tidying up her home at first but eventually entered a lazy rut, forbidding Yolanda to resume her housekeeping duties, the dishes began to pile up in the sink and the recreation room was littered with trash.

Elsa would inquire about smoking weed, claiming marijuana relaxed her mind and she could think more clearly. Yolanda always put her foot down, “You never smoked up until recently, you don’t need dope!” Yolanda provided Elsa with the same reaction whenever she would bring up getting tattoos.
“The tattoos I got were a mistake! You’ll feel the same way when your head gets out of the clouds!”

The worse of it slipped under Yolanda’s radar.
Elsa deleted every file pertaining to the hotel business and then searched the net for things that only made sense to her - Domestic Employment Agencies - Low Income Apartment Listings - Mexican Culture - Weight Gain Relapse.

Regardless of Elsa’s behavioral decline, Yolanda appreciated her friendship; hanging out with her was sheer bliss.

This was the best that Yolanda felt about herself in a very long time. Looking after Elsa brought out a decent portion of her lost strength, starting that night they were shanghaied in the slums.

Yolanda did loathe that her livelihood would never escape poverty, her college career erased like her beauty and figure, obesity an unpleasant quagmire and at such a young age.
However, Yolanda clearly understood despite her disadvantages, she could have a reasonably satisfactory life if she adjusted to the changes instead of fighting them.


Yolanda was getting ready for bed when Elsa traipsed into her bedroom.
Clad in only her bra and panties, Elsa’s rubbery looking potbelly curving over the waistband, her plump thighs appearing notably squishy.

Elsa stood like a punch drunk boxer, her eyes in a daze, chocolate decorating her lips and chin.

Yolanda adjusted her nightgown, pulling the fabric over her broad hips, “Yes, Elsa. Something on your mind?”

Elsa blinked and with a dopey grin, lazily droned, “Let’s go out tomorrow, okay? Get pizza…”

“I think you’ve had enough pizza this week, honey”, Yolanda‘s sweet tone matching her expression, “Anyway, tomorrow I have plans with my sister….”

Elsa lowered her eyes, and pinching the waistband, pulled it outward before letting it snap back, her belly fat mildly quivering.
“Okay, I guess. What about Saturday then?”

Yolanda strolled over to Elsa, “You can join me at my sister’s, she’s fixing me up with a guy but where’s the harm you tagging along?”

Elsa brought her face upward, grunting, “I can’t intrude, I’m not like that.”

Yolanda smiled, “You won’t be intruding, please, my sister would love to meet you, her whole family would.”

Elsa fidgeted with her feet, “I’m sorry, I’m asking too much of you. I can’t take advantage of your friendship.”

Yolanda replied, “You’re not taking advantage of me.”

Elsa wagged her head, “If you’re meeting a guy, I’d be in the way. You wouldn’t be able to focus on him; you’d be worried about me.”

Yolanda conceded with a nod, “Well, then Saturday evening we’ll go to Elena’s, just don’t open the car door!” she giggled.

Elsa smiled, “Yeah, right, thanks! I’m tired of being stuck in the house.”

“Now wash your face and go to bed”, Yolanda suggested.

As Elsa began to back track out of the room, Yolanda interrupted her, “I’ll be leaving tomorrow around 4 O’clock, will you be okay?”

Elsa pushed back her wilted bangs, “Yeah, you ain’t my keeper…” she lightly chuckled before announcing, “….I’ll binge watch Fuller House or something!”
Yolanda placed a hand over her bulging belly, humorously squawking, “You might wanna tidy up the house a little!”

Elsa mimicked Yolanda’s stance, holding onto the blossoming canvas of belly fat, her shrill of laughter oddly oafish in timbre, “Right! After I wash my face!”

Elsa turned around; Yolanda catching a glimpse of her posterior, the fatty tissue was advancing in chubbiness.

Yolanda wasn’t all that shocked, the consequences of overindulging were taking an effect on Elsa’s figure, yet she unthinkingly quipped in her head, “Elsa’s getting a fat ass!”


Elsa retreated to her room, never bothering to wash her face and glided herself down into bed, pushing away the empty cupcakes packages before grabbing the remote and turning on the TV.
A junior level romantic comedy on Netflix roused Elsa’s appetite, the Jennifer Lawrence look alike on screen made her feel insecure in an odd way, she couldn’t compete with such beauties, she was ordinary in comparison, in an arcane mode this assertion granted her permission to feed.

A few minutes later Elsa resumed the movie, having gone to the kitchen to grab a jar of peanut butter and a 2 liter of Pepsi.

As she watched the romantic scene unfold across the TV screen, Elsa was taunted by memories of Marco, even though she was definitely going to bring their relationship to close, her impaired self-esteem ravaging mercilessly.
A sentimental quality of melancholy whirled through Elsa’s mind, she needed to call Marco.
Elsa deemed herself inferior yet she desired his company more than ever.

Elsa sucked away the gob of peanut butter off her fingers, subsequently reaching for her cell phone.

((((( 45-MINUTES EARLIER )))))

Cassandra Parker, Cassie to her friends, sat alone at a table in the elite Emerald Palace night club and restaurant. Cassie’s slender figure looked poured into her greenish-blue strapless gown, her curly blond hair in a stylish upward hairdo, complimenting her attractive features.

Dancing her plush manicured nails on the table, she stretched out her neck to look through the crowd. Cassie wasn’t disappointed; there was her man, Marco Ramous, briskly walking through the jammed packed dance floor.

Cassie stood up in a demure fashion embracing Marco at his shoulders, favoring him with a sultry kiss.

“Hey baby”, Marco said, looking into her eyes.

They kissed again, long and affectionately.

“How was your day?” Cassie asked once they took to their table
Marco was dressed like a movie star, his eloquence and looks impressed Cassie immensely.

Marco took Cassie’s hand, “It was basically another day at the office.”

“You’re being modest”. Cassie smiled, “The big boss calls you into his office, snaps his fingers, and now you’re the operations director for one of the biggest hotel chains in North America. How’d you do it, I’ll never know.”

Marco gently squeezed Cassie’s hand, “Oh, I was at the right place at the right time I guess.”

Cassie giggled, “I admire how you’re down playing your promotion but I think this fella you work for recognized your genius and knew you’re the right man for the job!”

Marco leaned in toward Cassie, his arrogance uncontrollable, “In six months from now I’ll be the Vice President of the business, another year, President.”

Cassie tilted her head, a wide smile over her beautiful face, “I love your ambition, and I believe you’ll do it.”

The waiter arrived, they ordered their meals, minutes flew by as they discussed a variety of topics.

Marco had met the vibrant, ultra glamorous Cassie at the Lone Eagle Country Club while at a business conference. Cassie was the food and beverage manager for the Burlington distributing company. Cassie had never dated outside her own culture not out of bigotry, rather because she was from a small Montana town where the only minorities were the Chinese couple who owned a restaurant. Cassie was naturally introduced to other races and cultures when attending Huxley College on the east coast, yet she never met a man like Marco Ramous.
Marco was old school handsome, charming and clever, and sexy. Although it was his thoughtful disposition that especially won over her heart.

Marco was indeed captivated by Cassie as well, the first Caucasian woman he became involved with since his romance with the assistant district attorney Sheila Marcus now known as Sasha Martinez illegal alien.

Cassie was different than Sheila; she didn’t possess any arrogance or treat Marco like an inferior hooligan who was privileged to know her. Albeit Cassie had no idea Marco was a gang leader which was indeed a bonus to Marco.
Marco was now in a relationship with a beautiful and unselfish career woman, allowing him to fully assimilate into the conventional American culture while controlling a lucrative hotel empire.


Cassie was whirling a strand of her shimmering blond hair around her fingers, an intense twinkle in her eyes, Marco captivating her with stories about growing up in poverty but having the courage to make something of himself regardless of the neighborhood punks trying to lure him into a life of crime.

Marco’s cell phone went off, he politely excused himself, “Sorry, I’ll make this quick”, as he answered. Elsa on the other end.

Elsa blathered in a squeaky submissive tone, “Marco, where have you been? You said you’d visit me, and bring me yummy treats. I’m sorry for bothering you but I gotta see you…”

Marco looked at Cassie, furnishing her with a pleasant smile; he then turned his face away and replied to Elsa.
“This is a bad time, I’ll call you back tomorrow”, Marco stated without adding a reason, promptly concluding the conversation and resuming his attention on Cassie.

“Sorry about that my love”, Marco smiled, “I’m on duty 24/7!”

“Nothing serious I hope”, Cassie smiled back, “I’d hate to interrupt your work.”

Marco’s eyes momentarily skirted off to the side, his attitude seemingly nonchalant, “Nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow but I’m afraid somebody is about to get demoted.”

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I do like the dynamic between Elsa and Yolanda, hopefully that big house is paid for and that demotion won't hit too hard.
But I could totally see Elsa in a domestic role at the hotel, maybe at home too. Yollie deserves to put her feet up after all she's been through and with maid Elsa doing all the work she'd have ample time to!
Keep up the great work.
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Well, this ended on an ominous note. Thank you for the new update.
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