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Ooh, that got to smart!
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Hello Div & Junketh71,

Thank you for your comments and reading the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Bianca walked over to the driver’s side door just as Yolanda squeezed herself out of the car.
Bianca got into the car and drove it into an alley; the hoods picked up Elsa and dragged her toward the car.
Yolanda rushed in; about to embrace Elsa when she was told to, “Back off!” by a thin Hispanic chick.

Bianca slammed the car door shut and marched over to her felons and the victims.
“Search the car, hand me their purses!”

Elsa kelt on the concrete, her eyes welling in tears, panic written over her face.

Yolanda mustered whatever courage she had, “You don’t know what you’re doing”; she told Bianca, and all but stating that Elsa was Marco’s woman.

Bianca rifled through the purses, “Who’s your friend?”

Fearing for Elsa’s safety if they discovered her to be a wealthy woman, Yolanda lied, “A nobody like me, a maid. She works at a hotel downtown.”

Bianca glimpsed at Elsa, “She does look like a pathetic loser!”

Bianca stuffed what cash they had in her pocket, and Elsa’s credit card along with, then strutted like a rowdy rooster over to Yolanda.

“Damn, chica! You bigger than I remember. You gained weight or what?”

Yolanda swerved her eyes to Elsa before replying, “Isn’t robbing us good enough? Please, okay, let us go.”

Bianca energetically bounced up and down, getting into Yolanda’s face, “I asked you a question, fat ass! How much yo weigh, 500-pounds!”

There was a chorus of laughter from the posse, Yolanda sniffled while admitting, “Yes, I’m heavier; I’m almost…400-pounds.”

“Shit! You’re really turning into an elephant! Why ain’t you in no zoo!” Bianca chuckled.

Elsa remained kneeling, unaware of the nature of their conversation due to it being conducted in Spanish.

“Is Raquel around?” Yolanda inquired.

“Is Raquel around?” Bianca smirked, “Yo cousin isn’t around to rescue your dumpy ass! You said your friend is a maid?”

Yolanda nodded, Bianca walked over to Elsa.

Yolanda moved toward Bianca but was blocked by the three girls.

“She doesn’t know Spanish, she was born here!” Yolanda called out.

Bianca demanded Elsa to stand up, recovering to her feet, Bianca poked her belly flab, “You got a name, pudgy?”

Upon softly warbling, “Elsa”, Bianca asked, “You really a maid?”

Elsa wiped away her tears although her scared expression remained, “Yes, I work at the Los Angeles Stardust hotel.”

“Okay girls! We got us two maids! I think our clubhouse needs some cleaning!” Bianca announced.

Bianca stood with her hands over her hips as she instructed the posse, “Put Jumbo in the van and take her to the clubhouse…”

“…me and pudgy here will meet you there shortly!” Bianca added as she pinched Elsa’s cheek, “We’re going to the ATM machine for a withdraw!”

“Girlfriend, love those slacks but take em’ off!” Bianca syrupy grinned.

“What for?” Yolanda asked.

Bianca lit a smoke, informing Yolanda, “Coz dis poor ol bottom feeder won’t think twice bout running out on me if she’s half dressed.”

“Do as I say, pudgy”, Bianca sneered at Elsa before walking over to Yolanda.

“You be polite, real sweet and maybe you’ll get through this okay”, Bianca addressed Yolanda, “Get smart and I’ll see to it that you’re both humiliated in the worse way.”

“I’m telling you again, you don’t know what you’re doing”, Yolanda sighed, “You took our cash, let us go.”

Bianca glanced coldly at Yolanda, “Some peasant giving me advice? You need to know your place.”

Bianca called over to the posse, “Have her in underwear, fatso the blimp doesn’t deserve to wear clothes. Now get her in the van!”

The females thugs circled Yolanda, intimidating her with threats if she didn’t obey and get into the van.

Bianca approached Elsa who had removed the stretch slacks, her bloated belly flowing over the waistband with a subtle slant.

“We’re riding our to whatever bank you have yo cash, don’t be difficult or else, k, pudgy?”

Elsa shook her head, the pair boarding the car and they drove off to one of the banking branches where Elsa had her cash.


Elsa withdrew two thousand dollars from Bianca‘s account, subsequently driving to the clubhouse.

“You like being a maid, working for the whites?”

Elsa sniffled, playing her role to the max, especially fracturing her vocabulary, “No but can’t find me better work, what else me do? Never finish school and stuff…”

“Yeah, you look stupid”, Bianca grinned, “At least yo no hippo like yer friend, right?”

Bianca gave Elsa’s potbelly a tap, “Not yet…!”

The flabby tissue quivering, Bianca concluding, “…but those big cow eyes of yours tell me there’s potential!”


Yolanda was in her skivvies, situated on the floor when Bianca entered the clubhouse with Elsa.

Elsa wagged her head at the look of Yolanda’s blubbery form in ten cent undergarments which provided less than an accurate fit.

“You’re disgusting”, Bianca lobbed at Yolanda, “You should be ashamed you’re that fat.”

Yolanda staggered upward to her feet, the fat and flabby insulation which corrupted her once lean figure quivered profusely, her hefty double belly bouncing in step as she walked over to Elsa and embraced her around the shoulders.

Yolanda feared the gang-members and was likewise afraid that somebody might drop Marco’s name.
If that happened, how would it affect Elsa if she discovered her sweetheart, the man now running environmental services at her dad’s hotel, was in reality a common gang-member and thug.

“You know where the cleaning supplies are, Jumbo”, Bianca coldly warbled, “You go upstairs and make the beds, pudgy will scrub the bathrooms.”

“Can’t she have some slacks or something?” Yolanda put on a brave face although no doubt she was completely overwhelmed in terror.

“Pudgy do a nice job I’ll see what I can do”, Bianca replied, “But those big thighs of hers aren’t so offensive compared to yours.”

“Now! Get to work!” Bianca clapped her hands.


Bianca split the cash with the posse and then supervised Elsa cleaning the bathroom on her hands and knees, including scrubbing the toilet with only the use of a rag.

“We gots another couple bathrooms upstairs to do when you’re done here, maybe then I’ll give you a short break before you clean up the kitchen.”

Elsa began to whimper which made Bianca laugh.

Yolanda had the easier task of making the beds and sprucing up the bedrooms.

Elsa was still downstairs when Bianca made a visit upstairs to Yolanda.

“Maybe Marco should give you your old job back? How that suit you, Jumbo?”

Again Yolanda tried reasoning with Bianca.

“I know my place in the slums, I’m a bottom feeder, I accept it. But please, Bianca, remember I used to be part of the gang, can’t you please give us a break?”

“That’s why I’m treating you like this, stupid!” Bianca said callously, “You left the gang because you thought better than us, you were so superior. Tell me, how superior do you feel now?”

“Can’t I talk with Raquel? What about Jessie?” Yolanda nervously sighed.

“I ought to give Jessie a call; she should be here to enjoy this!” Bianca giggled.


Elsa released a muffled sigh upon finishing the bathrooms, Isobel directing her to use fresh soap and water to scrub the kitchen floor, “Broom’s over there, sweep the floor and then wash it, just like the bathroom, on your hands and knees.”

Elsa wiped her eyes and began to get to work, Isobel observing her, practically standing over her shoulders.

Elsa looked at Isobel with forlorn eyes, and she whimpered, “Why are you doing this? We’re both Mexicans.”

Isobel folded her arms against her cleavage, “How stupid is you? We run da hood, you’re nothing, a lowlife Mexican peasant! Good enough, fat ass?”

Elsa had never been treated so cruelly or ever been verbally insulted in such a vicious manner.
On top of it, her figure criticized, she wasn’t that out of shape.

Elsa cupped the lower portion of her belly, wincing as she felt a tinge awkward due to her figure’s flabby condition.

Isobel sensed Elsa’s fragility and vociferously derided her, “Typical beaner, dedicated to white people, living off their crumbs while youse hoping to be accepted by em.”

Elsa lowered her eyes; Isobel poked her belly hard enough for the pulpy tissue to joggle.
“You got da breeder body going on there. Yo think you is fat and sloppy looking now, give it a few years, you’ll gonna be huge!”

Elsa sniffled, “I just want to go home.”

Isobel grabbed Elsa by the hair, mercilessly taunting her, “Aw, you wanna go home. Too bad, baby! You gonna clean up this kitchen like a proper maid!”

Elsa began sweeping the floor, whimpering loudly.


Bianca approached Yolanda at a swift pace. “Okay, I just spoke with Jessie, she’ll be right over.”

“It’s almost sunrise, you had us clean up, can’t we please go?” Yolanda whined.

Bianca cracked an arrogant smirk, “You’re still confused. That little pea brain thinks you still give the orders around here!”

Yolanda cradled her blubbery belly which soared over her ten cent undergarment in unadulterated flabbiness. “I know I’m not the queen bee anymore. Can’t I at least get dressed?”

“Bet your big whopper ass you ain’t the queen bee!” Bianca rifled off, turning to Anna, who was observing the scene off to the side of the room, she politely asked, “Think she ought to get dressed?”

Anna scoffed at Yolanda, “The bottom feeder didn’t even say please. She’s as fat as stupid.”

Bianca venomously grinned, “Anna is right, you’re a stupid, ignorant chica. You don’t deserve any consideration.”

Anna walked along side Bianca, curious as to the queen bee comments.
“Jessie’s the queen bee, right? What’z this talk about Jumbo being confused?”

Bianca quickly glimpsed Yolanda, cattily raking her over the coals while addressing Anna.
“This tub of lard used to be the queen bee until she ran foul of Marco, thinking she was better than us. Now look what we got here, a fat peasant who thinks she can speak her dim witted mind like we’re equals.”

Anna gazed at Yolanda in shock, “Dam! No kidding? I thought she was always huge!”

Anna giggled; Yolanda lowered her eyes, awkwardly snorting.

“Hard to believe but Jumbo was totally beautiful and had a sweet figure!” Bianca stood chin up and in an authoritarian stance, “Now look at the blimp, huh?”

Bianca directed her attention on Yolanda, “What I said, isn’t it true? Tell Anna how you’ve changed.”

Yolanda wheezed, an ambiguous expression distorting her blubbery features.

“Yeah, I changed. Even Bianca and Jessie were jealous, I was Marco’s woman, I ran the posse.”

Anna laughed, “You seriously got fat!”

Yolanda lay a hand over her belly and tilted her head, “How I’ve changed is no so difficult anymore, no struggle with my weight, who cares how fatter I get, not me.”

Yolanda wrangled her fingers through her dense mane, “I’m poor overweight wetback.”

Bianca softly applauded Yolanda, “Nice way of putting it, Jumbo.”

Anna humorously inquired to Bianca, ignoring Yolanda completely, “How much weight did Jumbo put on?”

“A lot!” Bianca blurted, then sashayed over to Yolanda, “What were you before you ballooned? 125-pounds?”

Yolanda stood like a punch drunk prize fighter, “Sum-thin like that I guess.”

“Jessie has as scale in her room, let’s get an update!” Bianca coldly snickered.

Bianca could tell Yolanda was wrought with humiliation; picking on her was amusing and very easy.

“Now don’t touch anything!” Bianca snapped at Yolanda as they entered Jessie’s room.

Yolanda let out a mind numbing sigh as she noticed more than a few items that used to belong to her years prior to her trip to Mexico. Jewelry, clothing and even shoes.
Yolanda uncomfortably wheezed as Anna pointed to the scale.

Yolanda’s features soured as she boarded the scale, her body trembling in such way that her well-padded figure roved like waves over the ocean.

“Well, read it, Jumbo”, Bianca smirked, “What does it say?”

Yolanda held her hands to her impressively large belly, her fingers disappearing into the squishy flab while trying to manage the hefty dome to read the numbers.
“I can’t, my belly’s in the way!” Yolanda whined.

Anna pushed back her locks and looked downward, “378-pounds!”

“She do look heavier, huh?” Bianca giggled, “All that blubber swishing around, that extra huge ghetto girl booty!”

Anna crinkled her nose, “You gained over 100-pounds, how does that make you feel?”

Yolanda was brutally honest, “Like a freak.”

Bianca teasingly concurred, “Of course, no more nice clothes for you, guys don’t check you out. You’re a repulsive fat slob!”

Yolanda couldn’t possibly oppose Bianca’s opinion, it was a fact. Wiping her nose, Yolanda shook her head, “Si, Bianca, you say true. Please, now, can me and Elsa go home?”

Bianca gestured with her hands, “Afraid not, fatty! Jessie will be over the soon, then the party can really get started!”


Elsa had finished washing the floor on her hands and knees; Isobel was quick to inspect her work.

“Not bad, you’re a very nice maid”, Isobel chimed, “There’s no better career for you!”

Elsa grumbled a sigh upon standing up from the floor; such hard work was taxing for a young woman who routinely supervised the hotel staff. “I do okay, I guess”, Elsa uttered quietly.

Isobel smirked, “Dimwitted girls make perfect maids….”

Bianca with Anna, and Yolanda wobbling clumsily at a slow pace, interrupted the conversation.

“You hungry? I was thinking our servants could make us tacos!” Bianca announced at the top of her lungs.

Yolanda grimaced, “At this hour?”

“No back talk!” Bianca roughly chastised Yolanda, “You parasites ain‘t allowed to speak, you obey!”

“Yeah, remember your place in our society!” Isobel added.

“You do remember where the fridge is?” Bianca said sarcastically, she then clapped her hands, “March! Get to work!”

Bianca then turned to Elsa, “You! Get us some beers. Anna, supervise them while they make us the snack.”

“Right!” Anna chirped.


Yolanda began browning the ground beef while Elsa served Bianca, Anna and Isobel their beers.
Anna kept a keen eye on them while they toiled in the kitchen.

A few minutes later Jessie arrived at the club house.

Bianca filled Jessie in on the situation which made Jessie smile.

“Let me see this new girl…” Jessie said, Bianca gestured to the kitchen, “Wait until you see Yolanda, she’s ballooned!”

“Yolie fatter?” Jessie questioned, breaking out in laughter as they walked into the kitchen.

Yolanda and Jessie made eye contact, though the queen bee ignored her at first, and instead focused on Elsa.

“Who’s this chick?”

Bianca coolly explained, “She’s Jumbo’s friend, a maid at some downtown hotel.”

Jessie looked Elsa up and down, “She does look the type.”

Yolanda’s eyes remained on Jessie whose appearance had improved, her blond hair curling over her shoulders, her moderately slender figure in a tank top and shorts.

Jessie strutted over to Yolanda, “Long time no see, Yolie. I notice you haven’t lost any weight, you actually get heavier or is it my imagination?”

Yolanda was utterly surprised at Jessie’s stunning beauty and figure, and at the same time overwhelmed with dread.
“Leave me alone, please stop teasing me…”, Yolanda whimpered.

“Speak English to me, we’re in America”, Jessie slickly grinned.

Taking a step back, Jessie arrogantly made it a point to show off her attention-grabbing figure, “Well, which one of us do you suppose has the better figure now?”

Yolanda feared Jessie and understood not answering would have negative results, “Of course you, you look like you used too back in high school…”

Jessie firmly nodded, “That’s right; I’m around the dress size when we joined the gang.
Now I’m running the posse, you’re only another bottom dweller stinking up our neighborhood.”

Jessie turned to Bianca, “Keep Jumbo here, let her cook. I want to talk with this other cow in the front room.”

“Stay here with Jumbo”, Bianca told Anna, subsequently mentioning to Yolanda, “Maybe we’ll feed you if you behave and make those tacos right.”


Bianca and Isobel joined Jessie and Elsa in the front room.

Jessie reveled in the delusion that she was an authentic queen, Bianca and Isobel her supreme lieutenants, and Elsa a humble peasant.

Jessie wagged her head, gazing at Elsa who was trembling.

“Relax! We ain’t going to hurt you”, Jessie said syrupy, “You speak English?”

Elsa stood defensively, “Yes, I was born in America.”

“Ah, and why are you a maid, are you stupid or what?” Jessie questioned.

Elsa kept to Yolanda’s ruse, offering a simple explanation, “I’m a high school drop out…how else can I make a living.”

Jessie’s expression took on a roguish gleam, Elsa’s nervousness off the charts.
“You need to calm down, girl”, Jessie smiled, drinking in Elsa’s fear.

Jessie giggled, “How long you been friends with fatso?”

“Maybe a year…something like that”, Elsa replied.

Jessie looked over to Bianca, “Y’know, now that Jumbo doesn’t work here no more, maybe we should have this chica work for us?”

Bianca and Isobel nodded, Jessie posing the question to Elsa, “What about it? You clean and pick up after us. You wouldn’t have to work for no gringos. Ay, chica?”

Elsa curdled at the thought, opposing the idea, “I couldn’t do that, I like where I work.”

Jessie stood up and walked over to Elsa and grabbed her ponytail, “You’re to call me Ms. Estrada, understand?”

Elsa shook her head, “Yes, Ms. Estrada.”

Jessie sternly scrutinized Elsa’s figure, harshly taunting her, “Chubby belly and big thighs, damn! How long do you think before you’re Yolie’s size?”

Elsa swerved her face away from Jessie, avoiding eye contact; Jessie grabbed the back of Elsa’s head, and pulled her face in her direction.

“You look at me when I’m talking to you!”

“Yes…okay…Ms. Estrada…please…I want no trouble…”, Elsa choked on her words, tears forming in her eyes.

Jessie giggled, giving Elsa’s potbelly a tap, “You look like a girl who likes to eat!”

Elsa blinked, “Yes…Ms. Estrada”, she tensely uttered, “I’ve put on some weight…”

Jessie took a step back, “You never answered my question, do you think you’ll get as fat as Yolanda?”

Elsa began to breathe heavier, clutching her belly with both hands, she awkwardly peeped, “I guess…maybe.”

Jessie cracked an eye and addressed her posse.
“I think this little heifer thinks we’re bullies. We can’t have that if she’s going to be our new maid!”
Jessie’s remark ripped through Elsa’s mettle and she grimaced in panic.

“Let’s show her some kindness, what ya say?” Jessie smirked.

Bianca and Isobel nodded, Jessie momentarily pondered in thought.

There was a shoe box under her bed, a stash of weed Marco put there, it was supposed to be some very potent stuff.

Jessie walked by Elsa on route to the stairs, “Keep an eye on her, I’ll be right back. I got just the thing to relax this chica.”


Jessie seized the shoe box, a fairly ample amount of weed in a zip lock baggy which she quickly rolled into a joint. Anxiously Jessie peddled downstairs, unaware that this sample of marijuana was the same chemically treated dope that Marco used to put both Sheila and Yolanda into a trance and fiddle with their minds.

Elsa shrunk in horror when Jessie handed her the joint, “I never smoked this in my life! I don’t even smoke cigarettes!”

Jessie wasn’t about to show Elsa any consideration, “You do as I say, a little weed will calm ya down, so you smoke it. Smoke it now!”

Bianca provided Elsa with a cigarette lighter, and once the joint was lit, took a couple modest drags.
Jessie grabbed Elsa by the hair, getting into her face, “Inhale it, honey! Take a couple big drags!”

Elsa shook in fear and did as she was told, Jessie ordered Isobel to get Elsa a beer to aid in this weird event to ease her mood.


Minutes later, Elsa had smoked a decent majority of the joint and had put away a can of beer, she felt terribly inebriated, her cognitive thought in a dense fog.

The fear and anxiety had subsided due to the bizarre vacuum which held Elsa’s mind hostage.

Bianca waved her hand in front of Elsa’s face; she blinked a couple times, forming a lopsided grin.

“You okay?” Bianca asked, Elsa furnishing no reply other than lazily nodding.

“This chick’s sloshed!” Bianca laughed,

Jessie snapped her fingers a couple times, obtaining Elsa’s attention.
“You okay?”

Elsa squinted, needing to concentrate in order to answer, “I don’t know….I guess….I feel woozy.”

Jessie had no idea how much influence she had over Elsa due to the contaminated weed, Elsa’s mind comprehensively prime for manipulation.

“Woozy, huh? Maybe coz you’re just hungry, ay fat ass!” Jessie’s brazen tone in correlation to her domineering stance.

Elsa rubbed her face, her vision fuzzy, “Nev-v-v-v-er smoked pot b’ fore, is w-w-wh-y-y”, she slurred her words.

Jessie crotched downward, peering into Elsa’s eyes, “You’d feel better if you smoked more often, and be better behaved while dazed and confused. Maybe we ought pay you with dope….”

Jessie’s eyes connected with Elsa’s belly bulge and she humorously poked the plump padding, “…and food, you look like you eat a lot!”

Elsa wildly giggled at her belly being plodded, sniffling afterward with a goofy grin upon her face.

Jessie stood towering over Elsa, “Okay, now that’s settled, are ya hungry now?”

Although Elsa was lost in the clouds, she remembered the meal at the restaurant and the various calorie loaded food she consumed at the party.

“No can eat no more…” Elsa nasally replied as she began drooling.

Jessie frivolously gawked at Elsa, “I find that hard to believe! A poor stupid chica can’t resist food, it wouldn’t be normal.”

Elsa rubbed the side of her head, “Stupid?”

Jessie exuberantly smiled, “Yeah, you’re very stupid! You gotta be hungry, right? You’ve cow DNA written all over you!”

Elsa reeled back her head, cupping her belly, she uncomfortably grimace, “I’m a cow?”

Jessie turned around and addressed her posse, “Doesn’t she look like she enjoys eating? Fat ol belly and those big thighs; is she a cow or what?”

Isobel spoke up, “Totally a cow!”
Bianca chuckled, “Big girls eat all the time!”

Elsa sat wide eyed, her mind absorbing the taunts in an arcane manner which revised her behavior.

Jessie resumed her attention on Elsa, “You see, they agree with me. You’re a stupid fat cow!”

Elsa had developed a dull headache, the foggy condition of mind building the confusion.

Jessie venomously grinned, “Since you love to eat, we’re going to feed you so good, you’ll be a happy heifer working for us!”

Elsa wiped her nose and smiled.

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Love where this is heading for Elsa. Thanks Matt!
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This has escalated quickly, I think. Thanks for the new update.
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Hello to everyone!

That whole abduction thing reeks of unintended consequences and repercussions depending to some degree on whether it is a Marco scheme or pure coincidence.

Wars have been lost and people have ended up in jail for reasons less significant. Scheme or not it could still be an event with a strong game changing moment.

Kind regards!
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Hello DMX9999, Junketh71, and Div.

I appreciate the feedback, and I'm pleased you're enjoying the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda and Anna were thick in banter, discussing Mexican cuisine, when Jessie and the other females walked into the kitchen.

Yolanda jerked back her head and squawked in a whiny tone, “The tacos ain’t done yet!”

Bianca brusquely yelled at Yolanda, “Shut up and back away!”

Yolanda immediately noticed Elsa’s lethargic condition, her gait unnaturally sluggish.

Bianca eased Elsa unto a chair at the table, Jessie calculating and divisive, her warm smile like her voice reeking of counterfeit congeniality, “ What’s Yer name again, honey?”

Elsa rolled her eyes and blushed, “Elsa….”

Jessie stood with her hands over her hips, her tone excessively syrupy, “You ready to stuff your belly, Elsa. We need our maid well-fed.”

Yolanda took a step forward, retrieving some of her courage and dignity, “No, Jessie! You don’t know what you’re doing!” she screamed.

Jessie snarled at Yolanda, “How dare you call me by my name! You fucking wet back bottom feeder! Lock this bovine in the basement for now! We’ll punish the stupid hippo later for her behavior!”

“Enough!”, Yolanda screeched, “Do what you want to me but please leave her alone before this get out of hand and you regret it!”

“Do I have to call some of the guys in on this! Remove her from out of my sight!” Jessie retorted, “And have her put on some clothes, she’s disgusting to look at!”

Elsa looked over to Yolanda, minus any hint of a sparkle in her eyes, a dim-witted grin over her face, “They gonna feed me.”

Bianca, Isobel and Anna quickly subdued Yolanda who did put up a struggle. Yolanda swinging her fists but her strength comparable to a milquetoast proved futile, and soon she was sequestered in the basement, Anna eventually tossing her gown at her.


Isobel was appointed to feed Elsa, beginning with cake and Mexican pastry. Elsa didn’t fight an inch, greedily gobbling up every bite.

Next up was the ground beef that was originally made for the tacos, covered with melted cheese, Jessie let Elsa feed herself this time around.

Elsa’s stupor had somewhat trailed off, fairly alert but unquestionably affected by the contaminated dope.

Jessie opened a can of beer, smiling as Elsa’s eyes anxiously glared at the beverage.

“Wanna beer, uh?, Elsa?”, Jessie sweetly hummed.

Elsa nodded with a dorky smile, “Please…”

“If you swear to be a nice maid, do as you’re told, I’ll give you a beer and a little more weed. How about that?” Jessie asked.

Elsa readily nodded. lapping up her food quickly and sloppily.

“Coz you know, stupid girls make the best maids! Right? And you’re stupid, and a little bit fat! But food is irresistible, you’re crazy about eating! Damn, Elsa, you‘re going to get fatter and fatter!” Jessie playfully teased Elsa.

Jessie glided her fingertips over the side of Elsa’s face, inquiring sweetly, “Are you going to be the best maid? Are you a stupid girl, Elsa? A stupid fat girl?”

Elsa bubbly sighed as she looked at the beer and joint, a funky grin to her lips as she warbled like a giggly air-head, “Yeah, Elsa stupid girl, be best maid!”

Jessie planted the joint between Elsa’s lips and lit it. Elsa inhaled a couple times, the second time stronger than the first.

Jessie removed what was left of the joint and handed Elsa a can of beer.
Slowly maneuvering the beer to her lips, Elsa noisily guzzled away.

Elsa released a short burp, covering her mouth as she giggled.

“Still hungry?” Jessie asked.

Elsa rubbed her bloated belly, “Ah, yeah”, and she began to giggle,“ but look at this belly fat!”

Jessie shook her head, giddy in her reply, “Yeah, but so what? Girl’s like you normally blow up like balloons, and you enjoy eating.”

Elsa tilted her head, squeezing the doughy tissue, she conceded to what appeared to be the fact, “Huh-uh, you right! I’m gonna get so-o-o-o-o-o chubby!”

Bianca set a box of donuts in front of Elsa.
Elsa’s dorky grin elongated, taking another swig of beer, subsequently nibbling on the donuts.

Jessie waved her companions over, “Tomorrow get her some kind of uniform…”
“What if she doesn’t wanna stay?” Isobel inquired.
“We feed her enough, soak her to the gills with beer and dope, she won’t want to leave!” Jessie smirked.

“What about fatty in the basement?” Bianca asked.

Jessie’s brow wrinkled in thought, “I got teach her a lesson for calling me by my name. That fat ass got to learn lowlifes never speak to us like we’re friends.”

Jessie scratched her head, “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Anna and Isobel take Elsa downstairs and put her to bed, have Jumbo come upstairs.”


Elsa’s eyes were getting heavy, up all night and between all the food, booze and dope, she was clunking out for the night. At first Elsa seemed surprised at Isobel and Anna hoisting her off the chair, trying without much success to pull her T-shirt down over the roundness of her belly which soared over her undergarment.

“Where going?” Elsa nasally inquired as she spewed crumbs from the final donut she was gnawing.

“Off to bed, silly!” Isobel chimed, “You get a nice sleep so tomorrow you can really work to the best of your ability.”

The females brought Elsa downstairs to Yolanda’s ire, “I thought we were going?”

Isobel sneered at Yolanda, “You have no authority to question us, sluggo! Jessie wants to see you, now!”

Yolanda waited downstairs, watching them lay Elsa into the bed which had once bed hers.

“What are you waiting for, stupid!” Anna yelled at Yolanda which caused Elsa to giggle, “I’m stupid!”, before she closed her eyes and was fast asleep.

Isobel and Anna marched over to Yolanda, “Move, Fatty! Upstairs!” Isobel demanded.

Yolanda did as she was told, ambling up the stairs to the gang members insensitive giggling.


Yolanda emerged into the front room, out of breath and remaining pique.

“You wanna see?” Yolanda grumbled.

Jessie angrily sneered at Yolanda, “What did I say about you calling me Jessie?”

Yolanda wagged her head in disgust, “Haven’t you belittled me enough?”

“You’re talking Spanish again, answer me in English!”, Jessie furiously replied.

Yolanda realized this was a no won situation for her, and thus remembering Raquel’s advice, treated Jessie like royalty if only to improve the dire circumstances.

“I so do apology, senorita Estrada, me worried about friend Elsa”, Yolanda rattled off in broken English, her eyes downward, her voice especially passive, “She no smart like me, hurt easy me tink. I mean no disrespect. Very sorry.”

Jessie half-smiled, “Then you know your place in our society you’re aware that you’re not our equal?”

Yolanda scratched her billowy belly, “Si, of course, senorita, Yolanda is peasant, and fat, me envy you so much but knows me never equal.”

“Now that we got that straighten out, you may leave…” Jessie told Yolanda.

Yolanda’s temperament remained docile but she had to speak up about Elsa, “Me leave now, me get Elsa…”

Jessie wagged her head to the negative, “Elsa is our new maidservant, she’s staying here.”

Yolanda’s features curdled, Jessie continuing, “You may visit Elsa in a couple of days but until then I don’t want you in our neighborhood! Understand!”

Yolanda blankly stared at Jessie, giving one last effort to help Elsa, she squeaked in nervousness, “Um, why Elsa? Yolanda be best maid! Me stay instead, k?”

Jessie took a step toward Yolanda, “I’m tired of your disagreeing with me, you know that, fatty? Tomorrow I’m going see about having Marco send your big buffalo size ass back to Mexico!”

Yolanda momentarily closed her eyes, softly grumbling, “Do wha yo want, least in Mexico me no be around you.”

Yolanda proceeded to grab her purse, then asked for the car keys.

Yolanda had tried to persuade Jessie to leave Elsa alone, now she would have to answer to Marco.
How would Marco react to Jessie kidnapping his woman and making her a servant?

Yolanda left the clubhouse; she would see Marco as soon as possible.

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Postby Junketh71 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:37 pm

Another wonderful chapter; thanks for sharing!
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Postby Matt L. » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:40 pm

Hey Junketh71,

Thank you for reading, the next episode will be up shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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