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Well, this was one intense chapter - thank you very much for posting it.
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Excellent chapter!
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Thank you Junketh71 & Dxm9999, I appreciate the thoughts!

Cheers, Matt
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Natalie’s husband James helped out with the party before making tracks to his poker game. Setting up extra tables and chairs, lugging a pair of coolers, to be filled with soft drinks, outdoors and starting the grill.

Natalie had been holed up with Yolanda in her room for nearly an hour, and thus he promptly knocked on the door to let his sweetheart know he was about to head off to the card game.

Natalie, who looked ever so pleasant in a summery dress, withdrew herself from the room, approaching James rather excitingly.

“Honey, one minute before you go”, Natalie coolly addressed James.

James rubbed his eyebrow, “Did I forget something?”

Natalie wagged her head, “Nope but I need you to see something, it’s amazing I think!”

James patiently listened to Natalie buzzing giddily with a spunky smile, “I gave Yolie a makeover!”

James redundantly questioned, “Makeover? What kind of makeover are you talking about? I’m just getting used to her, you know, chunky.”

Natalie subtly giggled, “That’s the idea, baby. I invented a new image for Yolanda since she’s no longer the neighborhood vixen.”

“Oh-okay!” James playfully smirked, “Because she put on weight? You reinvented Yolie into what?”

Natalie gently patted James’s chest, then turned around and called out, “Yolanda! Say goodbye to Jimmy before he leaves to play cards!”

James directed his eyes toward Yolanda’s bedroom, a split second later, she wobbled into the hallway.

“Wow, Yolanda, you look…” James studiously gazed at his sister-in-law, “…very, very nice.”

Yolanda’s hair styled in a knotted ponytail, a trace of makeup over her chubby face.
Yolanda’s buttery - overly well-fed body equipped with a bubble gum pink T-shirt and stretch pants of a black hue decorated with Disney characters.

Somehow Yolanda resembled a milquetoast version of the all American girl next door.

Yolanda gestured demurely, tilting her head and rolling her eyes, her swollen cheeks flushing a pale shade of red.

“Aw, thanks, Jimmy, you really think so?”

James looked at Natalie, conveying with his eyes - I don’t know how you did it!

Feeling a sensible urge to embrace Yolanda with a hug. James did so and with a big smile, “Have a fun at your party…..”

The embrace coming to a conclusion, James jokingly added, “….don’t get too wild.”

Yolanda tugged at her T-shirt, “Oh wow, you never can tell!” she frivolously giggled back.

Yolanda’s wild years were indeed over; she was now as tame and modest as some inexperienced college freshman who spent more time at the library and watching TV than exerting her feminine charms.

Natalie escorted James outside, slowing walking to the car.
“Well, Jimmy, did I pull off a success or not?”

James was duly straightforward, his sparkling eyes equivalent to his wide smile, “I have to hand it too you, honey. I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d think Yolie has always been mild-mannered.”

Natalie nodded with a giggle, “I know! It’s like I single handedly erased her past….”



The Backyard was swarming with friends and family, mingling abound while engaging in hot dogs and soft drinks.

Many of the guests were dumbfounded by the amount of weight Yolanda had packed on, and likewise to the changes in her wardrobe and demeanor.

“Yolanda’s a lot easier to be around now!” Candace Crosby, Natalie’s friend chirped.
“I wouldn’t recognize her if we met on the street”, another party goer admitted to Natalie.

Yolanda was polite and sociable, and a little silly while circling the yard, and entertaining her appetite.

Photographs were taken, and as a bonus Yolanda apologized to several of the guests she had once been uppity or dismissive years gone by.

“I have no clue what happened to Yolanda but getting heavier definitely has a positive effect on her personality!” Nancy Ortega shared with another friend who replied, “Yeah, she’s turned into a very nice girl.”

As it went, the evening was a pleasant affair, Yolanda basking in attention but not as the showy popular siren but a humble, practically sweet neighborhood girl.


It was Natalie who noticed Elena and Rosa with Sheila entering the backyard, lugging along various kinds of sweets.

Natalie greeted them, Elena introducing Sheila as Natalie directed them to the banquet tables.

Natalie’s eyes radiated a friendly shine as she took Sheila by the hand, “Nice meeting you…..”

Sheila’s hair in braids, illustrating a round chubby face that was agreeably cute, her dress depicting the cultural pedigree which she had adopted. A vivid green hue with roving yellow and red stripes, short puffy sleeves and V-shape neckline.

“Nice meeting you too”, Sheila smiled back, her tone suggestive that English was a foreign language.

Yolanda noticed Natalie addressing the Gonzales sisters, the young woman with them unfamiliar at first glance, the stellar amount of poundage Sheila had packed on had bloated her face and figure to a fairly unrecognizable degree.

Yolanda wobbled forward, her eyes interlocking with Sheila.

Photographs were one thing, witnessing the overweight sluggish young woman who was once the fiery energetic vixen in person was another.

The blubbery form on route to Sheila held no true resemblance to Yolanda but rather initiated the impression that she had always been quite heavyset, her getup eradicating her bad-girl image, promoting a conspicuous gawkiness which seemed natural to her character.

Similarly, Yolanda sensed Sheila’s size and garb denoted an ordinary female who grew up in the Spanish slum. Thoroughly entrenched in the Mexican culture and without a qualm pertaining to her humble and disadvantaged status.

The friends embraced, Sheila speaking Spanish as she welcomed Yolanda home; Yolanda replying in English, “Happy be me, seeing you, chica, long time no?”

Sheila couldn’t comprehend how Yolanda managed to get so fat, she was indeed familiar with the Gonzales sisters but this was crazy, she had to be twenty pounds heavier than them.

Yolanda gently took Sheila by her hand and together they joined Natalie and the sisters.

Yolanda swapped hugs with Elena and Rosa, quickly gazing over the sugary treats they brought, the sisters couldn’t have been any more surprised as their former nemesis gushed and giggled, “Wow! Cool! You made everything I love!”

Yolanda couldn’t resist a sample of funnel cake, munching on it obsessively while apologizing for her rude behavior years prior.

“I was nasty, right? Many mean things I say to yous, and wasn’t me vain and arrogant?” Yolanda squeaked, pausing for a moment to take another bite of cake, “Ay crumba! Me changed, me show very much respect to yous.”

A spurt of whimsy influenced Yolanda to stand along side Elena; she didn’t have to push out her belly to illustrate how it dwarfed Elena’s, “Me now bigger than you! Funny, right!” Yolanda chuckled.

Elena felt awkward, the girl she had envied now outweighed her, but instead of enjoying the moment, she unconditionally empathized with Yolanda. Certainly being so heavy after being so slim would be something of a challenge for the girl.

“Beauty isn’t measured by size, Yolie; you’re still very pretty…”

Yolanda interrupted Elena with a giggle that concluded with snort, “Pretty fat!”

Yolanda once again seized Sheila by the hand, a silly smirk remaining over her buttery face as she humbly stated, “Yolanda have a few minutes with Sasha, be back, soon have nice snacks you got us, okay?”

Yolanda turned around, tugging Sheila with her, their trek indoors only interrupted for a moment as Yolanda grabbed a bag of potato chips.

“My stomach is like a bottomless pit since I got fat!” Yolanda cheerfully announced in Spanish, and she continued while they briskly walked to Yolanda’s bedroom, “You have noticed I put on some weight?”

Sheila concurred, cupping her own bulbous belly, “You and me both!”

Yolanda closed the door, quickly gobbling up a handful of chips, she chirped, “I know, but still I’m mucho bigger than you! Funny, huh? Marco wanted me to help fatten you up and look what it got me!”

Yolanda posed in a stance that illustrated her butterball figure, giddily smacking her belly, “Look at me! I’m a whopper!”

Sheila was a bit relieved that Yolanda didn’t appear downtrodden despite blowing up into a balloon, yet she was well aware of the pride she had concerning her beauty, “You don’t regret gaining weight?”

Yolanda stuffed another handful of chips into her mouth, spewing crumbs as she chewed, “I have to learn to be okay with it, this is how I have to be….”

Yolanda snorted, her fat cheeks turning crimson red in embarrassment, “I know, I know, I look like a freak now…” she slowed her feeding to a crawl, “…..I don’t like it, but Yolanda the fatty is what I become…”

Sheila nodded, “It’s difficult for me too but I’m getting used to it.”

Yolanda giggled, “You look pregnant…”

“Yes, I’m five months along”, Sheila replied.

“No way!” Yolanda screeched, “That rat Marco did this to you?”

Sheila wagged her head, “No, Marco has thankfully disowned me; Jose Morales is the poppa…”

Yolanda expression took on a scared caliber, “Oh, no. Stay away from the gangs, Sheila! You get hurt!”

It had been a long time since Sheila’s proper name had been used, and she chuckled, “I’m Sasha Martinez now, the woman known has Sheila Marcus I no longer recognize.”

Yolanda heaved a sigh, “It’s my fault, Sasha. I ruined your life, your looks, your career, why was I so stupid listening to Marco…”

Sheila delicately cupped the sides of Yolanda’s face, “What is, is what is, no going back, I will do whatever I can, no feel bad. If I was still the district attorney I wouldn’t be your friend.”

“I have no right to be your friend”, Yolanda uttered, “I did this to you, I’m a bad person, a terrible person. But I will make it up to you, I’ll be your servant, visit often, clean for you, whatever you need, I will be your servant girl.”

Sheila cracked a beautiful smile, “We are still friends, please visit as often as you can. Both of us, we will handle our lives together.”

Yolanda wheezed, “You better person than me but we…”

Yolanda paused for a moment, and over the next thirty minutes they brought each other up to speed on their lives, including the lies spun by Jessie and Marco’s foul treatment toward them.

Sheila was totally disgusted by Marco’s actions toward Yolanda, sending her to Mexico, having her fattened, and then work for months as a housekeeper at their clubhouse.

Yolanda was equally shocked at Marco’s treatment toward Sheila, and Jessie’s lies.

“Jessie lied to me too”, Yolanda conveyed, “Making fun of me, and just being mean.”

Sheila was candid and positive, “Well, neither of us have to deal with Jessie and Marco anymore.”

From there Sheila brought up Jose and how well he respected her and that as soon as he would quit the gang, they would start a new life together.

It was certainly a strange twist when Sheila invited Yolanda to join her whenever she would move out of the slums; Yolanda had originally stated the same option to Sheila.

“Of course!” Yolanda didn’t need to contemplate, “I’ll be your baby’s nanny, and I’ll work hard for you!”

Sheila chuckled, “I appreciate your help but really, you’re my friend, okay. Not my servant.”
“Then I’ll do it out of friendship!” Yolanda smiled.

“Um, let’s go back to the party and try the snacks you brought!” Yolanda loudly announced.

Sheila agreed, and the friends hurried out of the room and returned to the festivities.


Sheila was thoroughly amazed at how much Yolanda could eat, and quite messily. Sheila’s appetite was admittedly voracious but she was a rookie compared to her friend who experienced no shame in her practically non-stop feeding.

It likewise caught Sheila’s attention that Yolanda had developed a personality that could be passive and subservient at times but regularly bubbly in a milquetoast mode.

Sheila would later bring this up with Elena, “Yolie’s not the confident tough girl like when we first met! Why she behaving…like Americans would say, dorky?”

This generated a big belly laugh from Elena, “You complaining? I think I prefer Yolie like this. She’s easier to get along with now. Her arrogance used to rub me the wrong way!”

Sheila nodded and shrugged her shoulders, “I’m no sure, I mean, she’s now a target for mean chicks, she’ll be made fun of I think. Right?”

It was then that Rosa chimed in, “I think as long as she stays in her own neighborhood she’ll be okay. She did have some ego, and lots of streetwise girls would take advantage of her now that she’s being soft and weak.”

Sheila glumly sighed, “Ay, her weight gain, getting so heavy, her former posse would pounce on her, she’s a big…um…easy target.”

“And the food, her appetite, Yolanda’s going to weigh 400-pounds for sure if she doesn’t learn self-control”, Sheila added.

The Gonzalas sisters looked at each other before turning to Sheila, Rosa candidly expressing their point of view, “Be her friend and look after her. That’s the best thing.”

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Thank you for the new chapter. It was really good. Lol!
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Hey Junketh71, Thanks for reading the story, I'm pleased your enjoyed the latest episode.

Cheers, Matt
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Yolanda wasn’t yet convinced she was up to joining her family at the neighborhood festival.

Yolanda hadn’t quite gotten use to her size well enough to socialize with Natalie’s friends and neighbors, but also in the mix was her paltry knowledge of the English language.

“People will think me a stupid head”, Yolanda complained to Natalie.

“You’re too young to be a spinster or a recluse, you deserve to have fun and enjoy yourself”, Natalie answered back. “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a boy.”

Yolanda wagged her head, “I’m think not pretty companion for boys.”

Natalie cringed for a second, Yolanda was correct about English being a challenge.

However, Natalie’s level head prevailed, “Go out and don’t give a fudge about what people think. The old Yolanda would walk into the festival like she owned the place.”

Back and forth the sisters quibbled, for every point Yolanda made, Natalie had a counterpoint.

Finally after a solid ten minutes, Natalie made Yolanda a deal.

“Go with me, Jim and the kids and after a while if you’re not having a good time you can leave without any hassle from me.”

Yolanda shrugged her shoulders, “I guess.”

Natalie went on to explain that it was for Yolanda’s own good to get out of the house and that feeling self-conscious was natural but it shouldn’t prevent her from enjoying life.

“Spoken like a true big sister”, Yolanda said with her hands over her hips, a humorous smirk quickly advancing over her lips, “Whoops! Older sister sounds better…”

Yolanda stepped closer to Natalie, “…..I’m the real big sister!” she laughed.

“I’m glad you’re a good sport!” Natalie grinned, the sisters embracing.


The next day Natalie called out to Yolanda from the bathroom where she was managing her hair, “Twenty-minute Yolie! Hope you’re getting ready!”

Just like that the bathroom door opened, Yolanda comically stating, “What’s taking you so long, I’ve been ready since an hour ago!”

Natalie buzzed cheerfully, “You’re full of surprises!”

Natalie took a step back, nodding with a smile at Yolanda’s appearance.

Yolanda’s hair in an elevated ponytail, a modest degree of cosmetics over her pudgy face.
An oversize, flowing green T-shirt and plus size khaki shorts didn’t masquerade her ridiculously chunky girth but it provided Yolanda the look of a halfway fashionable young woman who didn’t appear to be ashamed of her plus size body.

“Don’t you look nice!” Natalie candidly exclaimed, “Go show Jimmy what you look like, he’ll be impressed!”

Yolanda was just as honest, “I didn’t want to embarrass you, Nat. All your friends be around, I couldn’t let them think you got a frumpy sister.”

“Well, thanks, I guess”, Natalie smiled, “How do you feel?”

“HUNGRY!” Yolanda teasingly shouted, “So can we go or what?”


For the most part Yolanda hung out with Natalie and the kids at the Festival, and naturally a bunch of her sister’s friends. James was knocking back beers and mingling with his pals, helping out with the barbecue. Yolanda’s other sister; Lydia was there with her family as well, but no Sheila or anyone else from the heart of the slums.


Yolanda abandoned a group of female neighbors momentarily to get another ice cream cone.
Just before reaching the line, a familiar voice she hadn’t heard in years called out, “Yolie! Yolie!”

Yolanda turned around; approaching her was Mrs. Soto’s son, Steve.

Yolanda lifted her eyebrows and congenial smiled at the moderately good looking young man, “Hey Steve!”

Steve came to a halt inches away from Yolanda, his eyes surveying her belly before looking at her in the face, “I saw your photos, now we see each other in person.”

Steve felt obligated to hug Yolanda which he did especially gently; he could feel the profound squishiness of her body even from the cheap embrace.
“Yolanda even smells fat”, the thought flew threw Steve’s mind.

Yolanda’s embrace was lukewarm as well; she wasn’t sure how he would deal with her becoming so big.

Steve did most of the talking, about himself, bragging about going to UCLA, although leaving out he was a part time student, and that he was dating some screenwriter’s daughter.

Yolanda solely mentioned how nice it was to be back home, and when Steve asked, “You still at the rinky-dink junior college?” Yolanda dropped her eyes.

“You’re working right?” Steve’s follow up question stung her just as hard.

“Yes, I’m like, housekeeper for this important hotel manager…” Yolanda artificially grinned.

“Nothing to be ashamed about, Yolie”, Steve’s smile likewise fake, he tactlessly blathered on, “We all can’t be professionals, somebody has to clean up.”

Yolanda nervously giggled, Steve adding, “As long as you do a good job, you won’t be thought as lower class.”

Yolanda was insulted but smiled through it, Steve kept yammering away, “We used to hang out at lot, remember? I think you were the first love of my life.”

Yolanda was caught off guard, finally he wasn’t saying anything derogatory, “Yes, we were close….” she humbly smiled.

“I really resented you when you got involved with the gangs, you forgot all about me”, Steve remarked, “I didn’t do you any wrong, you dumped me like a bad habit.”

Yolanda wheezed, nervously clutching her belly, “I’m sorry, I was rude to lots of people, I no mean hurt you…”

Steve unexpectedly chuckled, “I’m not hurt anymore, all water under the bridge!”
However, Steve frivolously added while gazing at Yolanda’s figure, “We’re different people now.”
Yolanda cracked a cynical eye, “I tink so…”

Steve chuckled; obviously amused with her struggle speaking English, “All things considered it worked out for the best.”

Yolanda skimmed over her fluffy big belly with her eyes, “Maybe?” she replied with a crestfallen snort.

“Nice seeing you though”, Steve continued, “We’re neighbors, we can still be friends…..”

Yolanda did feel insulted but the mechanics of her mind persuaded the conviction that she deserved the humiliation.

“You’re no kidding, we be friends, like in high school?” Yolanda bluntly inquired, “Hang out and stuff?”

Steve casually nodded, “Why not?”

Steve slanted toward Yolanda, giving her another quick hug, their bodies hardly connecting, “Stop by whenever, okay?”

Yolanda used her forearm to rub her nose, replying as Steve turned around, “I will…”

Steve had already disappeared into the crowd.


Yolanda was confused by the incident, questioning her former sweetheart’s sincerity but getting a double scoop ice cream cone rid her anxiety. She couldn’t feel downcast while enjoying ice cream.


The festival concluded at nine o’clock, but in the cozy confines of their backyard Natalie and James entertained their friends. A group of significant others, all except Yolanda, and Tomas.

Tomas had an off again - on again relationship with a factory worker, albeit currently she was back with her ex-husband, and his attempts at the festival for female companionship didn’t rate more than a little dancing and a mediocre degree socializing.

Tomas was a halfway decent guy in principle, solid manly features, black hair, never one to get dressed up for any event, and his personality could be described as hard-edged.

Tomas had always admired Yolanda from afar, back when she had a figure to show off, but his age and her attitude was akin to a ravine he couldn’t cross.

The couples sat within close quarters, drinking beer, humorous banter, Tomas sat at one end, occasionally joining in, Yolanda sat at the other end, rarely contributing to the shenanigans,

Tomas would discreetly look at Yolanda every so often, her blubbery body seemingly wedged into the lawn chair, her enormous belly spread over her lap, the insane size of her thighs.
“Why did she get so fat?” The thought running through Tomas’s mind a couple times.

Tomas felt somewhat lonely and was itching for some action. Yolanda being the only unattached female in close company, Tomas reviewed his potential in regard to making moves on her.

Tomas wasn’t all that crazy about heavy girls, even though his former girlfriend was very plump, but now the playing field was even. Would it really matter that he was five years older than Yolanda and worked as an auto repair technician at a second class garage. Yolanda couldn’t be so picky with men now that she had turned into the typical fatty.

Tomas walked by Yolanda on his way to the cooler for another beer, he noticed Yolanda’s eyes following him on route, and with a friendly smile.

“Ain’t like I have to marry her”, the thought bleeped through Tomas’s head.

Reaching down, Tomas snagged a can of Apache’s Finest, and swiftly spun around, “Wanna another beer, princess?”

Tomas wasn’t quite sure why he referred to Yolanda as princess but he did acknowledge being nice would aid in his conquest to lay down some pipe.

Yolanda favored Tomas with a gawky smile, and screeched a giggle while hoisting upward her 2 liter of Pepsi, “I’m set!”

Tomas lost his nerve for a senseless moment as he strutted by Yolanda; her face had surrendered to the fatty tissue making her look more the pedestrian housewife than the exciting siren.

“That’s cool!” Tomas grinned, peddling as fast as possible to return to his chair.

There was a thunderous burp that Yolanda didn’t bother to control, and with a dreary grunt pulled herself up from the chair, “I be calling it a night me think”, she announced.

Tomas stopped in his tracks, and marched back to Yolanda.

Tomas’s expression exaggeratedly comical, “You can’t leave me alone with all these old married couples!”

Yolanda blinked, rolling her shoulders, she gestured toward the large glass patio door, “I was going to watch some TV, you can join me.”

Tomas swerved his face toward his collection of friends, and then back to Yolanda.
“Okay”, Tomas’s smile completely cheesy.

Yolanda held unto the Pepsi, Tomas couldn’t believe she wasn’t using a glass but consuming the beverage straight out of the bottle, and interrupted the merriment between Natalie, James and company.

Natalie was fine with Yolanda retreating inside to watch TV with Tomas, James was borderline okay with it but his facial expression conveyed without words - are you kidding me?

James knew Tomas was no fan of thick chicks, and that he could be at times unscrupulous.
However, James deduced it was probably harmless, hopefully.

Tomas walked indoors behind Yolanda, her humongous ass, swaying from side to side, with balloon shaped butt-cheeks distending inches away from her meaty body, hovering over huge thighs encased in buttery flab.

Reaching the family room. Yolanda’s eyes sparkled, giggling aloud, “After knowing me for years, this is the first time we’re alone.”

Tomas awkwardly grinned, “You were all about yourself, and my friend’s sister in law, I guess that had something to do with it.”

Yolanda timidly wheezed, her stance becoming relaxed, “Golly, Nat used to get so upset with me when I’d prance around in barely nut’n, leading you guys on. I realize that was wrong. I’m sorry about that.”

“You don’t have to apologize…” Tomas stopped there, bringing up how much the guys enjoyed Yolanda showing off her figure would be pointless.

“What would you like to watch?” Tomas asked.

Yolanda tossed Tomas the remote, suggesting they channel surf until they found something they both would like to watch.

They hardly watched TV at all during the 45-minutes spent alone with each other. Instead they talked, conversing like old friends who hadn’t been around each other for decades.

Yolanda never had any real interest in Tomas, he was simply James’s pal, another economically challenged, shot and beer guy who surprisingly made it through high school.
Yolanda now saw Tomas differently, 5 years older - no big deal, mechanic - at least he wasn’t a criminal, looks - not bad, average but attractive; Yolanda soon found herself swooning over the lummox.

Tomas was witty and sweet. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but Tomas was wise enough to comprehend this wasn’t the same Yolanda Monterey he had the hots for years earlier.

Yolanda’s character had softened, just like her body; she didn’t have the arrogance or confidence, or smarts. Instead Tomas considered Yolanda a klutzy, tame chick who couldn’t dazzle the socks off a loser. Tomas could detect Yolanda’s self-conscious vibes and while she was indeed a hefty package, he found her amusing and a little cute in a fat girl way.

Tomas held back his giggle as Yolanda tossed back the 2 liters Pepsi bottle, slurping away a greedy gulp, she bellowed a sonic burp, then laughed.

The night played on, Yolanda consuming the attention shown by Tomas, captivated and giggly.

Tomas preferred Yolanda’s stunning physique, albeit if she hadn’t changed, he wouldn’t be alone in the same room with her. Yolanda wouldn’t have given him the time of day, this version of Yolanda was extra accommodating.

“Well this could be interesting”, Tomas commented in his thoughts while Yolanda rambled on about trying to resume a normal life after piling on the pounds.

Tomas nodded and grinned to be polite, his thoughts centered on Yolanda’s personality, “No ego, no attitude, that alone puts you in another league.”

Yolanda continued to drone, bubbly but yet annoyingly dramatic, “…..I guess lots of skinny…”

Tomas steered his eyes into Yolanda’s, interrupting her not so much in actual chivalry but to make himself appear genuinely nice, “I still think you’re beautiful.”

Yolanda brought her hand over her heart and sighed, “Aw, thanks but you’re just being nice.”

Although Yolanda was correct, Tomas played it up, “So what if you gained weight, only a superficial moron would think you’re not a charming young woman.”

“I want to marry you!” Yolanda jokingly squealed.

Tomas knew the right buttons to press, “I only wish I was closer to your age, you’re a rarity, Yolie, very sweet and really beautiful.”

Yolanda fidgeted with her shirt, “I can’t believe you’re saying this, Tomas. I mean, I believe you but knowing what I looked like and my bullshit attitude, why you so nice?”

Tomas expressed his thoughts, although fairly deceitful, “I’m no wealthy playboy, I’m a common guy, I appreciate a woman for more than what is on the surface.”

Directing his body upward from the chair, Tomas approached Yolanda, a syrupy smile over his face, “And make no mistake, so what if you’re not skinny, you’re very attractive.”

Yolanda sniffled, “You say such pretty words…”

Tomas leaned over Yolanda; she held the Pepsi bottle against her ample cleavage, “Lots of good that does me. I’m too old for you.”

Yolanda’s brow wrinkled, “I wouldn’t say that…”

Tomas heard the big sliding door open and he corrected his stance, making it back to the chair just as Natalie and James strolled into the family room.

The party over, Natalie and James chattering away, unaware they interrupted the romantic moment.

After a few minutes, Yolanda suggested tidying up the patio, and Tomas mentioned not wanting to over stay his welcome.

James said goodnight to Tomas then made tracks to the bathroom, Natalie’s intuition told her something was up and she directed her attention on Yolanda in mother hen mode.

“Not too late, Yolie. Straighten out the patio and that’s all!”

“It’s only a little after midnight, I’m not a teenager”, Yolanda squawked.

Natalie bestowed Yolanda a stern look, “It’s forty-five minutes after midnight.”

“When I was on the streets lots times I wasn’t in until dawn”, Yolanda huffily replied.

“My house, my rules”, Natalie said cracking a smile, “But if you’d rather go back to the slums…”

Yolanda knew Natalie was being factitious, there was no way this version of Yolanda could survive on the streets, but the thought was scary.

“Si, okay”, Yolanda wheezed.

Natalie gazed over at Tomas, she was aware that he wasn’t there because he admired Yolanda’s personality.

“I want to try to get Yolie back on a normal sleeping schedule. It’s unbecoming for a young woman to sleep so late in the day”, Natalie told Tomas, adding as she turned to Yolanda; “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Nat”, Yolanda grumbled.

“You have 15-minutes!” Natalie addressed both of them, “And don’t make me have to come outside.”

Natalie wasn’t all that cool about Yolanda being with Tomas, an older guy and barely suitable as a companion, however it would be a step in the right direction for Yolanda concerning her self-esteem.

Tomas politely bid Natalie goodnight, Natalie obliging Tomas the same.


“Tomas, were you about to ask me out on a date?” Yolanda inquired while they stood outside on the patio.

Tomas reached out, gently grabbing Yolanda’s forearm, “I was going to kiss you…”

Yolanda’s face took on a jovial expression, giddily in motion, her buttery belly quivering as it pressed against Tomas.

“Oh wow, for real?” Yolanda giggled.

Tomas turned, looking at his friend’s abode, he was struck with apprehension, whether it was guilt or what not, he couldn’t put the moves on his friend’s sister in law while standing in his backyard.

“Come with me, spend the night at my place”, Tomas persuasively smiled.

Yolanda cleared her throat, anxiety producing a solid snort which caused Tomas to reel back his head.

“I’d like to go home with you, Tomas”, Yolanda warbled tensely, “But Nat would give me a hard time…”

Tomas’s level head prevailed, realizing that James wouldn’t approve of him shaking up with Yolanda.

“You’re right, princess, that would be a bad idea”, Tomas smiled, “Jimmy and Nat would give me hell if they knew what we’re up too. It got to be a secret.”

Yolanda placed her hand over Tomas’s shoulder, “You understand, they’re protective of me.”
“Walk me to my car, won’t you?” Tomas asked.

Yolanda gripped Tomas’s hand, together they advanced toward the driveway where his sedan was parked.

“I was such a bad ass, now I’m a cream puff”, Yolanda sighed, “I’ve changed so much.”

Reaching Tomas’s car, Yolanda let loose his hand, leaning against him, she subtly smiled, “If you get a change of heart over night and no wanna see me, its okay. I know I ain’t the skinny little babe no more.”

Tomas briefly looked downward, although years earlier Yolanda had lead him on, he couldn’t do it to her.

“No, like I said, you’re still very attractive”, Tomas was less than truthful but he didn’t want to hurt her, “We’re hook up later, maybe its better this way, if we don’t do it now, I don’t want to take advantage of you…”

“Weren’t you gonna kiss me?” Yolanda smiled.

Tomas fastened his hands to Yolanda’s hips, thoroughly padded with fat, and brought his lips to hers. Yolanda pressing her body against Tomas, her breasts squishing against his chest, Tomas giving her blubbery butt-cheek a squeeze.

The embrace lasted less than a minute, Tomas pulling away.
“I better leave before this gets out of hand…”

Yolanda rolled her eyes, sighing noisily, “Huh-uh, no kidding.”

Tomas affectionately smiled then hopped into his car, Yolanda watching as he drove away.


Yolanda felt attractive for the first time in a long time, having the impression that Tomas accepted her size and weight.

Tomas was conflicted; he had always been fond of Yolanda, and despite his compliments not being on the level, an amorous event with her might just be fun. Tomas only wished that he could have mowed Yolanda’s lawn before she turned into such a fatty.

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Postby Junketh71 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:44 pm

Looks like Yolanda's fortunes are changing once again. Yay for her. Thank both of you for the new chapter.
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