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Jessie patiently waited for her underling to get dressed, the very same attire Yolanda wore upon her return to Los Angeles. Such clothing did indeed promote the class difference, and wearing the stereotypical peasant garb - short ruffle sleeve blouse and black skirt - wouldn’t go over so well in the affluent Caucasian suburb, their first stop during their long day shopping excursion.
Marco was aware that Mexicans who didn’t assimilate rubbed them the wrong way, the ideal method in providing Yolanda a harsh reminder that she belonged in her own culture.

For Yolanda this was the final day residing in the homeless shelter, and while she was glad for it, moving into the clubhouse and taking on the role of housekeeper wasn’t exactly anything to get excited about. Yolanda was aware it was more than putting on weight that would incite unfavorable comments, her egotistical attitude about improving her life and moving into a white community that made her a target for ridicule. There were a few former friends who felt belittled due to her haughty - I’m better than you - conduct. Rid of her celebrity status, even among the neighborhood wannabes and punks, Yolanda now registered among the working class poor.

Jessie looked Yolanda up and down the moment she entered the kitchen, happily sharing her opinion about the kitschy tattoo over Yolanda’s neck, stating that in their area of town it was tolerable but those economically superior would shun her for being low-class.

Yolanda unemotionally nodded, comprehending that this was the very reason Marco insisted on the tattoo.

Jessie waved Yolanda on, the only other comment until reaching Marco’s van was that don’t worry about the TV, “Somebody will be picking it up and bringing it over to the clubhouse later.”

Jessie energetically splinted down the stairs, Yolanda having to take one step at a time.
By the time Yolanda climbed into the van, Jessie was already in and buckled up.

Jessie lit a smoke, speaking to Yolanda in Spanish so there would be no misunderstanding, and analogous to an elegant woman to an ignorant subordinate.

“We’re going to this mall in Riverdale, that’s our first stop and it’s out of our neighborhood. In case you’re not familiar with Riverdale, it’s a ritzy Los Angeles suburb. I’m going to have a cup of coffee and maybe a small breakfast, will you be okay shopping on your on?” Jessie’s tone especially condescending.

Yolanda replied with a sniffle and curdled expression, she would be out of place in her getup.

Jessie started the van’s engine, “We’ll spend the rest of the day mostly in our neighborhood. The indoor flea market for you and then maybe after some lunch, we’ll go to Kennedy Corners that boutique you used to shop at. I need to buy a dress for a wedding, can you think of a better place for me to shop?”

Jessie waited for Yolanda’s to digest this news, quite aware that majority of the merchandise catered from small to medium ranged figures. Yolanda tried to pretend it didn’t bother her but Jessie could tell by the annoyed look on her face and uneasy body language that it contaminated mood.

On route to Riverdale, Jessie made some small talk only to make Yolanda feel uncomfortable.

“Remember those cute comments you made back when I was starting to gain weight? You know, I was involved with Marco then, before he dumped me and took up being with you. Now I’m more than Marco’s woman, I run the posse, everybody respects me. I get all the discounts, people move out of my way in line at the supermarket. Stuff like that. But um, about you’re wit back then; funny how those clever thoughts were really pointless. Maybe I let my figure go but look at me now, another few pounds and my figure will be as hot as ever. I’ll maybe even drop an extra ten pounds just for good measure. I’ll look better than you in your prime.”

Yolanda turned her face away from Jessie who smiled, “You have permission to speak, Yolie.”

Yolanda rolled her eyes, swerving her face toward Jessie.
“I guess it’s fair, I made cracks about you, some were wrong and in bad taste. But I know my place now, and what I look like. So can’t we just forget it, start fresh?”

“If I don’t remind you somebody else will, and anyway, it’s more than us simply trading places, you’re a common wetback; I’d be crazy not to get some pleasure out of it.”

Yolanda wagged her head in a disheartened mood, reaching for the radio, Jessie interrupting her with a giggle. “Oh no you don’t. Before you do anything you got to ask permission.”

Yolanda eased backward on the seat, folding her arms over her breasts, broadcasting a stale expression.

Jessie grinned, “Good girl! Know your place and we’ll get along just fine!”


Not 45-minutes later the females reached the mall, an elaborate shopping center, so far up the social ladder it made both of them uncomfortable about being there. However, orders were orders; Jessie obeyed Marco to the hilt.

“Okay, Jumbo, try to keep up with me and don’t get lost”, Jessie announced once leaving the van, “Of course finding you wouldn’t be so difficult. How many third world customers do they have shopping here!”

Yolanda grunted, holding onto her belly due to stress, she felt thoroughly uncivilized compared to the throng of patrons in the parking lot walking toward the mall.

“Almost forgot!” Jessie peeped, “Just a second!”

Jessie momentarily returned to the van and fetched Yolanda the ugliest looking handbag she had ever seen. Redundantly large and plastic, the pink canvas decorated with the Mexican flag on one side, the other side held the caption in bold green font - Viva Mexico!

Jessie giggled as she handed Yolanda the handbag, “You’re going to look extra obnoxious with this!”

Yolanda rolled eyes, rubbing her face and neck, the pulpy tissue holding a rubbery texture.

“In the bag is Two hundred dollars, buy some sweats or T-shirts or something”, Jessie told Yolanda; “Maybe at the flea market we’ll get you a nice maid’s uniform!”

The females made their trek toward the mall’s entrance, Jessie a few paces in front of Yolanda who wobbled along.

“While here, you’re to speak ENGLISH”, Jessie strongly emphasizing the word.
Yolanda sniffled, passively shaking her head.

“And you better call me Ms. Estrada while we’re out, people shouldn’t think we’re friends!” Jessie added with a catty flavor.

Once inside the lavishly beautiful building the girls separated, Jessie to the food court for some breakfast and Yolanda shopping.


A while later Yolanda found Jessie seated at a table delicately consuming a modest meal of bacon and eggs with coffee.

Yolanda had a frazzled look on her face, and she waited for Jessie’s permission to sit down.

“Buy anything cute?” Jessie sarcastically asked.

Yolanda eyed what food Jessie had on her place, then heaved a discontented snort, “They make me feel like stinking woman, no respect, look other way when me need help, bad attitudes.”

Jessie wasn’t surprised, this is exactly what Marco wanted Yolanda to experience.

“You see, wetbacks are frowned upon, these white peoples prejudice is shameless, you belong in your own culture”, Jessie smiled. “Now you get it, right, Jumbo? Pretty Mexican girls with nice jobs it isn’t so bad but peasants are unwanted unless it’s to clean up after them.”

Yolanda never had experience real prejudice other than a handful of times when she was involved with the gang but other than that Caucasians accepted her, obviously her then delectable beauty, outgoing personality and sharp wit was the major reason.

Yolanda steered her face downward, wheezing as she looked over Jessie’s half-eaten plate of food.

“Finish it if you like”, Jessie conveyed with dominance, “The coffee too.”

Yolanda grabbed the plate, using her fingers instead of a fork, pushing the food into her mouth, subsequently gulping down what was left of the coffee.

Jessie reached over and took the shopping bags which contained the clothes Yolanda had bought, inspecting them with a perky smile, “Sweat pants, T-shirts, some bras. Very nice. We’ll drop them off at the Goodwill shop when we get back to the neighborhood.”

“Wha…?” Yolanda blinked, “Why? Why so mean?”

Jessie sighed, letting loose the clothing which sank into the bag, “I’m not being mean, I’m doing you a favor, Yolie. Hand-me-downs are what chicks like you wear, these top of the line clothes are too special for girls like you.”

Yolanda used her forearm to wipe her nose, “Si, seniorita Estrada, you make sense I think.”

“Of course I do”, Jessie replied, “If you’re good and ready, we’ll go to the flea market now, buy you some clothes there.”

Jessie stood up first, which was customary in their pecking order; Yolanda pitched a hand over her swarming with fat belly and climbed to her feet with an elongated breath, “AAAAHHH!”

“You’re not used to being so tubby”, Jessie smirked.

“By now maybe I thought yes but no, it’s very, very hard”, Yolanda submissively admitted.

The females made tracks out of the mall, Jessie was scoped out a couple times by male shoppers, none rendered Yolanda even a trace, and she knew it. Yolanda’s heart sank, it was a bitter realization that she would no longer be considered eye candy.

Once inside the van Jessie permitted Yolanda to resume speaking in Spanish, and she happily agreed, English had become somewhat difficult.

“Ms. Estrada, while we go to the flea market, could I please get food? I’m hungry.”

“There’s plenty of food stands at the flea market, I wouldn’t deprive you of a meal” Jessie cheekily grinned.

As Yolanda pushed back the bangs sweeping over her forehead she caught Jessie gloating at her blubbery body. Jessie reached out and pinched the thickest roll that rode over Yolanda’s meaty hip, “Damn, you’re crazy insulated with flab!” Jessie teasingly stated.

Yolanda didn’t have the backbone to argue and she giggled, “I’m a big girl!” subsequently releasing a screeching snort.


The indoor flea market was located smack-dab in the Spanish slum and had something of a carnival atmosphere with several food stands, musicians, clowns and small stage shows.
Naturally all types of merchandise was on sale from clothes and stereo systems to furniture and even live chickens.

Jessie was amazed at how excited Yolanda became within the festivities.
Jessie shunned the various types of Mexican cuisine available but allowed Yolanda to snack as much as she wanted - her appetite likewise shocked Jessie.

For a brief moment Jessie disappeared into the crowd to phone Marco to give him a rough update on their day while Yolanda gorged on some kind of buttery/sugary/dairy Mexican dessert. After having several tacos and burritos among other food.

Jessie explained how thrilled and if anything how much Yolanda enjoyed the flea market, Marco credited it to Yolanda developing a third world mentality, “Its all a big deal to her because she’s poor and knows it”, Marco told Jessie, “Even the cheapest form of amusement is a big deal to bottom dwellers!”

Clothing was the next topic; many of the garments were top shelf, obviously stolen, and the apparel made from inexpensive material was too brand new for Yolanda. Yolanda was meant to wear the next thing to rags. “We’ll drive out to the used clothing store I guess”, Jessie surmised.

“Right, good idea”, Marco replied, and then added, “Don’t let her know but tomorrow Yolanda’s going to clean my apartment and do my laundry!”

Jessie chuckled, “Cool!”

“And you still got that number?” Marco asked, “Yolie’s college sweetheart?”

Jessie acknowledged Marco, “Yes sir.”

“Remember, call him tonight, set up something between him and Yolie, let see how she handles some real rejection!”


As it happened, Jessie all but tore Yolanda away from the merriment, vowing she would bring her back someday if she behaved herself. On their way out a couple of guys interrupted their trek to the parking lot, flirting with Jessie who intentionally lapped it up in a showy display of garishly flaunting her feminine assets simply to make Yolanda feel unappealing.
Yolanda watched from a short distance, neither male paying any notice to her.
Although a janitor did grumble that Yolanda was in his way, “Will ya move, I got things to do, you’re blocking the aisle!”

Yolanda was obviously to the fact; she had become so big, she was indeed blocking an aisle that two people could walk through with ease.


Now at the second hand store, and this was an armpit of a shop even the gang members avoided it, Jessie happily bought Yolanda a collection of used clothes from sweatshirts and undergarments, blouses and spandex slacks. No maid uniform but a few domestic looking dresses.

“All I spent was $147.00 and you have a closet full of clothes!” Jessie shouted in triumph.
Yolanda nodded, expressing her gratitude with a funky smile, “Thank you, Ms. Estrada, I’m all set”, despite knowing full well the clothes were second and third hand-me-downs.


“We’re going to Joe’s now, I need to check on my work schedule for the week and have a beer”, Jessie addressed Yolanda in a strict tone, “Then we’ll go to Kennedy’s corners, I need to buy a dress for a wedding, maybe I’ll pick you up something if they have anything in your size.”

Both of those places made Yolanda feel queasy. First off, Yolanda’s reputation at Joe’s was grandiose, not only because of her association with Marco but because of her beauty.
How could she stand returning to the establishment fat and dumpy looking!
Worse yet, Lena and her were on the outs ever since she broke up with Marco.
Lena would be ecstatic at the sight of Yolanda, the girl who broke up with Marco, and abandoned the gang, because she believed she was far too superior!

Likewise, the boutique at Kennedy corners was about as upscale as a female could get in terms of fashion. No way did she belong in such a clothing store, not only due to her size but it was an American shop, wetbacks, whenever they were brave enough to shop there, were treated with suspicion and distain. Yolanda had even shown such a haughty attitude there toward impoverished females within her own culture.


Jessie was greeted by the staff and a few customers immediately entering the bar and grill, Yolanda embarrassedly wobbled behind hoping not to be recognized.

“Take a seat over there”, Jessie pointed over to a table, “I’ll only be 15 - 20 minutes, just relax and recuperate.”

Yolanda held unto her gargantuan belly upon settling into the chair, her posterior a little too wide to adequately sit comfortably.

Jessie reached the bar, the waitress and the old men situated with beers acknowledged her like she was a superstar. Joe inquired how she was; it was Lena who asked if she needed anything.

“I just want to look at my schedule for next week and have a beer”, Jessie perkily chirped.

“What about your friend?” the waitress asked.

Jessie coasted her eyes toward Yolanda, “Oh, ice water be good enough for her.”

Lena brought Jessie her beer, and inquired, “Who is that? She’s looks familiar.”

Jessie flashed a smile, “Yolanda Monterey!”

Lena gazed at Yolanda, then laughed, “Funny! Who is she really?”

Jessie sipped her beer, placing both elbows over the bar, her head centered over her hands.
“Well, Lena, would you believe Marco imported her straight from Mexico. She’s too clean up the clubhouse, our very own servant. I think she cooks too.”

Lena gave Yolanda another look over, “She looks more like she likes to eat!”

The waitress was new, unfamiliar with Yolanda, politely bringing her over a glass of ice water, Yolanda smiled, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome”, the waitress smiled back.

Jessie had looked over her work schedule and finished her beer, mentioning to Lena, “Yolanda’s been away from the neighborhood for a long time, I guess Marco’s through with her for good.”

“I hope, she didn’t show Marco respect, and then going to college gave her an uppity attitude”, Lena harped.

Jessie eased herself off the bar stool, a wily grin over her dazzling face, “How would you feel if Yolanda blow up like a balloon and her attitude was wiped out?”

Lena melodiously buzzed, “Oh that would be a dream come true! Yolanda thought she was so hot!”

Jessie signaled with a profound nod, “As you can see, dreams do come true.”

Lena’s expression took on a startled guise, “No kidding? Well, well, well, isn’t that just wonderful.”

Jessie winked at Lena, “If you ever need your bathrooms scrubbed, I’ll send her over.”

Jessie spun around and strutted toward the door, “Yolanda! Move it!”

Yolanda hurriedly guzzled her water and clumsily climbed to her feet, following Jessie out the door as quick as possible.


It had been over a year since Yolanda made a stop at this dress shop located outside the very fringe of the Spanish slum. This neighborhood called Kennedy Corners was basically a melting pot of the working class poor of all races and cultures but urban development had attracted middle and upper class citizens, majority of them Caucasian.
The shop was noticeably more upscale in terms of fashion than the familiar discount stores within the neighborhood.
Yolanda preferred this clothing store not because it had a better variety of clothes but rather it erased her reputation as a streetwise young woman. There she was a captivating female who regularly enjoyed trying on clothes above her status, and absorb the reality of her beauty and figure as the salesgirls made a big deal over her and treated her like an upper class woman.

She was casually familiar with the staff, back then she was the exemplar of feminine beauty, would they even recognize her now?

Jessie was immediately approached by a salesgirl, Nancy Avers, who quickly asked with a wide smile, “Hello, what can I help you with?”

Jessie smiled back, “I need a gown for a wedding, something classy but a little sexy”, she then waved her hand toward Yolanda, adding as if it was a taxing appeal, “See if you can find something for my friend too.”

Nancy quickly glimpsed over Yolanda, none too shy about admitting, “I think we might have a few things in her size but there’s not much.”

“Well, Yolanda isn’t going to the wedding but as you can plainly see, her idea of fashion is hardly flattering”, Jessie chirped.

Nancy nodded a couple times, subsequently waving the females to join her on route to the clothes racks.

“Stay close behind, Yolanda, and pay attention”, Jessie almost cruelly told her subordinate.
Yolanda wiped her nose, waddling behind Jessie at an uneven pace.

“I’ll help you find the perfect gown, miss”, Nancy sincerely warbled, “I’ll get somebody to help your friend.”

Jessie planted her hand over her hip, “Yolanda’s out of her element, a shop like this is foreign to her.”

Nancy inched closer to Jessie and whispered, “We get some of them in here from time to time. They try on clothes and then can’t afford to buy them.”

Jessie spoke just as softly, “Well, I’m treating her for an item or two, maybe stretch slacks or a blouse if you haven’t a dress in her size.”

Nancy nodded, “Okay, wait here. I’ll get Tina to help her.”

Jessie approached Yolanda who was dragging behind, evidently feeling awkward returning to an establishment where once her appearance stole the attention away from all the other customers.

“You bragged about shopping here, remember?” Jessie reminded Yolanda, “I was happy with the stores in our neighborhood but they weren’t good enough for you.”

Yolanda arduously disagreed, “Not true, I only occasionally shopped here for school and work clothes…”

Jessie was quick to interrupt, “Whatever, thanks for telling me about this place, I’ll shop here more often even though I hardly think you will. The garments are expensive, and it’s not like they have much in your size.”

“Why you doing this to me?” Yolanda blurted.

Jessie rifled back, “Because I can. Be grateful I’m buying you something, penniless scrub women don’t usually have it this good.”

Jessie added with a giggle, “Its like the olden days, I’m royalty, you’re a peasant.”

Nancy returned with a pretty woman, despite some trivial figure flaws, who she introduced as Tina.

Tina waved Yolanda on toward the plus size aisle, both Jessie and Nancy stepping off to the side to make a clear unobstructed path for Yolanda.

Once Yolanda had disappeared with Tina to the farthest part of the store, Jessie asked Nancy for a moment before checking out the gowns.

Jessie grabbed her cell and stood at the entrance, soon speaking to a friend.

“Hey, what’s yo doing? Guess what? Remember Miss smarty-pants, I’m here with her at this dress shop. You got to see her to believe what she looks like now. I’ll give you the address, see if Bianca isn’t busy, have her come too…”

Jessie’s friend was Raquel Alverez, more than just a member of Marco’s posse but Yolanda’s cousin. They had been somewhat cordial to each other but Yolanda’s idea of bettering herself through school pushed them further apart.

“Rumor was Yolanda got a scholarship for UCLA…” Rachel said in a dubious tone.
“That’s what was said!” Jessie giggled, “No way, no way! Shit, UCLA! Damn, that‘s funny!”


At the back of the shop Tina pointed to a couple racks which contained jumbo size garments.
“My Spanish isn’t the best, miss, do you speak any English?”

Yolanda stood silent for a moment; English had been her natural language, literally learning Spanish in high school. However, Hector’s methods had expunged much of her knowledge of English, albeit still able to normally understand what she was told.
“A little, yes, muh English no so good”, Yolanda uttered in her characteristically submissive tone.

“If you’re going to live here, learn the language”, Tina thought to herself, circling around Yolanda to get a better look at the expanse of her body.

“You know what dress size?” Tina asked, once again criticizing Yolanda in her thoughts, “How much does this girl eat?”

“No, me no know”, Yolanda said with heavy eyes and tense grin.

“Oh why ain’t I surprised, fantastic!” Tina quibbled in her mind.

Tina sighed as she walked over to the racks, Yolanda trailing behind.

The plus size gowns were vaguely fashionable but were of better material than what Yolanda typically squeezed unto her obese body. Tina held several dresses against Yolanda’s body checking for size.

“We have spandex and baggy stuff too if you’re interested”, Tina informed Yolanda who shrugged her shoulders.

Tina grabbed a couple dresses, “I’m taking you to fitting room to try these on, okay? Follow me, won’t you.”

Yolanda reached over and snagged a dress, a rather matronly looking garment.
Yolanda was less than thrilled and groaned inside, Tina telling her almost politely, “Let’s go, it‘s a busy day.”

“Now miss, the dressing room is under construction so other people will be trying on clothes too, so don’t feel uncomfortable, si?”

Yolanda nervously agreed, “Si, me do like you say.”


Nancy was showing Jessie a few dresses, speaking casually about clothing when Yolanda was brought up.

“I hope Tina can help that girl, we seldom have plus size dresses, at least her size”, Tina mentioned, “And more often than not, granny style.”

Jessie halted her survey of the gowns, cheekily conveying, “Yolanda’s a big one isn’t she? I can’t imagine how she handles being so big.”

Nancy breezily replied, “We used to have a Yolanda stop by here, nothing like that girl, a very attractive young woman.”

“This Yolanda looked nothing like her? She was attractive you say?” Jessie asked, holding back her grin.

“Yeah she was slim, naturally pretty, I wonder whatever happened to her? She hasn’t been here in a long time”, Tina replied.

Jessie half-smiled, baiting Tina for her opinion, “Sounds like this Yolanda was a real high class babe, however I doubt this girl with me was ever slim, I mean doesn’t she look the type that has always been fat?”

Tina only nodded which wasn’t good enough for Jessie. Jessie was hopped on retrieving some evidence that Yolanda’s former status as beauty had been completely removed, establishing her as naturally fat and dumpy.

Jessie couldn’t control her catty smile, “Just between us….”

Tina swerved her body to make sure Yolanda or any of the other customers weren’t around to hear her remarks.

“I don’t want to be cruel but since its between us, I can’t imagine a girl that big ever being slender, she has that fat girl look, like she’s always been a blimp”, Tina admitted.

Jessie smiled, she got exactly what she wanted to hear but she couldn’t resist a final remark, “I guess she has no urge to better herself, weight wise or anything else. But if she doesn’t care about her weight and size why should we?”

Tina rolled her eyes in disgust, “We get losers in here every so often. I might have guessed she’s one of them.”


Yolanda was relieved that the only other patrons in the fitting room were a mother with her two teenager daughters. Albeit the mom was genuinely heavyset the daughters were lean, Yolanda could detect unfavorable vibes from the girls as she undressed.

Thankfully the mom spoke up; telling them it was rude to stare.

Tina’s lack of patient hung over her face while Yolanda seemed to take forever climbing out of the bland garment which contained her flabby - portly shell.

“No more cheating on my diet”, the thought skipped into Tina’s mind.

Tina couldn’t handle the sight of Yolanda’s beefy form, the fat seeping over her cheap underwear, her butterball belly shooting outward in spherical enormity, her thighs were tree trunk in size, cushioned heavily in blubber.

Yolanda didn’t question or utter a word when Tina suggested, “Maybe I’ll wait outside while you change.”

Tina made her exit while Yolanda tried on the dowdy looking dress, needing to tug the fabric upward, sighing out loud in defeat when the garment failed to advance further than her hips.

By this time the mother had finished trying on her dress, walking by Yolanda with her daughters out of the dressing room.

The mom simply smiled at Yolanda on route to the door, one of the daughters whispered something to the other.
“M00OOO”, the other teenage girl teased Yolanda in a tone so soft her mother failed to hear.

Yolanda peered down at her belly, cupping it with both hands, she sniffled, “Yeah…I really turned into a fat cow…”

Tina returned to the room, still aggravated about waiting on such an overweight young woman.

“Well”, Tina said huffily, “Did it fit?”

“Why mad at me?” Yolanda whimpered, “Not idea but stupid Jessie wants buy me dress…”

Tina sighed; maybe she was behaving a little rudely.

“Okay, miss, instead of trying on all the other dresses, lets just try on the largest one”, Tina suggested with a fabricated smile.

“Um, huh…” Yolanda nervously squeaked, “…ah….you making sense…yes?”

Tina nodded, “Yes. I’ll be right back.”

Tina left the room, Yolanda stood miserably, keeping her eyes away from the full length mirrors.

Tina returned with the dress that could possibly fit Yolanda. Yolanda looked at the gown in horror; it was the most mundane thing she had ever seen. Sleeveless and light brown in color with a dark brown ruffle collar and polka dots.

“Women wear..?” Yolanda blurted.

Tina wanted to make a sale and thus sweetly replied, “I’ll admit the style isn’t all that but you’ll look nice in it. Honest.”

The garment had a zipper in back and Tina did the best she could helping her into it, trying to stay clear of Yolanda’s huge balloon shaped butt.

Once again Yolanda’s extra wide hips and blubbery waist made it a no sale.

Somehow Yolanda managed to make a joke about it, perhaps to ease the tension, “Too mush Yolanda me think!”, she remarked in a shrill of a giggle as she gave her belly a firm tap.

Tina wagged her head, finally discovering some empathy for the very portly Yolanda, “I honestly thought the dress would fit, honest.”

Yolanda let the dress drop to the floor then sluggishly bent over to pick it up, Tina moving backward to avoid contact with her enormous derriere.

Yolanda handed Tina the dress, the embarrassed expression upon her corpulent face spoke volumes concerning her lowly self-esteem.

Tina droned a complicated sigh, “I’m sorry, what if we see about some slacks and a top, would you be okay with that?”

Yolanda softly wheezed while shaking her head in agreement.

Tina turned around but just as quick resumed her position facing Yolanda.
“It’s against store policy to suggest another shop but two blocks down the street there is a store that makes dresses, they’re not cheap but they’ll set you up.”

“Gracias, I mean thank you”, Yolanda’s buttery cheeks inflating with her smile as did her double chin, “You very nice…”

Tina tilted her head and grinned, stating as she backed out of the room, “You get dressed and when you’re ready I’ll show you the slacks and tops.”


Bianca and Raquel immediately recognized Jessie upon walking into the dress shop.
The females were both moderately plump, pretty and casually dressed.
Neither one nearly as heavy as Yolanda.

Jessie grabbed the gown she liked best, dark blue with sequins, coincidentally the type of dress Yolanda would wear for special occasions.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll have my friends join me in the fitting room to get their opinions”, Jessie told Nancy after greeting Raquel and Bianca.

“Sure, the fitting room is at the back, you can’t miss it”, Nancy warmly smiled, “Let me know if you need anything.”

Nancy stepped aside, the girls giggling as they hurried to the fitting room.

Tina had just walked out of the fitting room and held the door open for the females, subsequently closing the door and making a trek to the plus size slacks and blouse section of the shop.


Yolanda was equally as shocked to see Raquel and Bianca as they were seeing her.

Yolanda was about to get dressed, her vast bloated body practically naked. Clad only in her bra and granny panties. Although Yolanda was the only person in the room, Rachel and Bianca needed to glimpse the entire area, it was impossible for them to believe she could have become that heavy.

“Say hello Yolanda, don’t be rude to your cousins”, Jessie smirked.

Bianca wasn’t related to Yolanda by blood as Raquel but they had been close friends since childhood which enforced the theory they were kin.

Yolanda stood speechless, frozen in her spot, Bianca and Raquel swiftly looked to each other before surveying what had become to their once physically fit relative.

Raquel’s mouth dropped, Bianca blinked several times. Yolanda obviously felt suckered punched by this impromptu reunion.

Finally Raquel warbled in a saccharine sweet tone, “This is some crazy shit, you’re bigger than your mom and sisters. I knew you had it in you, same genes and everything but it’s like you got fat with a vengeance.”

Jessie giggled, “Oh yeah! The fat revolted coz you were so slim, it made you two times as big so you’ll never get your figure back!”

Yolanda looked downward as the females laughed, unable to fight back, wheezed an emotional sigh.

Bianca wiggled her hips in a showy act of audacity, “You’ll never again steal my boyfriends like in high school! You ain’t no competition anymore for me or anyone else!”

Raquel gaped at Yolanda’s belly, “You’re only twenty-five, just think how big you’ll be at thirty!”

Jessie chimed in, “Wow! Can you imagine what she’ll look like then!”

“I’d rather not”, Bianca giggled.

Raquel negatively wagged her head, “You were so pretty too, the prettiest girl in the family but now, even your face got fat.”

Jessie gestured toward Yolanda, “She thought she was better than us, wanted to move in with the white people, ashamed of our culture.”

Jessie smirked at Yolanda, “You lost those lovely Spanish features, the chub has brought out the Indian in you.”

Yolanda continued avoiding eye contact as she reached for her clothes and slowly began to dress.

“Tell them how you were going to better your life with college, how you used to be a big shot bookkeeper, tell them how you make a living now”, Jessie rattled off, “And tell them in English.”

Yolanda tugged the skirt over her hips, “No, Jessie, please”, she whimpered in Spanish, “You know I have a difficult time with the language.”

Bianca and Raquel swapped startled expressions; English was Yolanda’s natural language.

“I’ll tell Marco you were disobedient and rude!” Jessie snapped.

Yolanda fiddled with her worn-out blouse upon putting it on, choking on her words while conveying in English, “Me spend time at school, was gonna get work housekeeping boss, no school no more, me clean up for people.“

Bianca and Raquel looked at Yolanda and then Jessie in unadulterated bewilderment, Bianca ultimately screeching, “What happened to her? She’s talking like a wetback and her voice, her voice got strange!”

Jessie readily announced, “Yolanda’s year in Mexico ruined her English, she can understand it but can’t talk it.”

“That’s totally scary crazy, what up with her voice then?” Raquel frantically uttered, “Yolie sounds whiney, like a pathetic weak girl.”

Jessie had no clue Yolanda went under some kind of weird mind control technique while south of the border, thus she summed it up with the best possible solution, “This what happens I guess when you go from beauty queen girl to blimp!”

Yolanda peeped a wimpy sounding ouch as Jessie squeezed her big puffy upper arm, her belly jiggling upon Jessie giving it a couple quick taps.

“Getting fat ruined your self-esteem”, Jessie cattily continued, “You got humble and tame! Isn’t that correct, Yolanda?”

Yolanda automatically pouted, whimpering in Spanish, “Yes Jessie. I know what I look like, how big I got. I‘m nothing like I was….”

Jessie grinned, “Now girl, you oughtn’t sound so glum. Your life isn’t so complicated anymore. You’ll work, eat and sleep. Guys won’t hassle you for dates and think of what money you’ll save in clothes.”

Yolanda hated Jessie’s sincerity, almost as much as being taunted.

Jessie showed Yolanda the dress she picked out, “You used to wear this sort of style, remember? All you have to do is lose some of those pounds you put on while in Mexico and we can share it. Think you’ll ever lose enough weight to fit into this dress?”

Yolanda gazed over the dress; she owned a few in that style before being shanghaied to Mexico.
She loved that style and in equal proportion loved flaunting her slim shapely figure in such a garment. However, Yolanda knew she would never regain her beauteous form, losing any amount of weight was now impossible having her mind and behavior conditioned into an overeater.
Jessie candidly addressed the friends as she peeled off her clothes to try on the gown.
“I’ve still a few pounds to lose but this dress will look beautiful on me, and in another month or so, my figure will be flawless.”

“You’re really losing weight, you’ll be skinny again if you stay on your diet”, Bianca cheered her friend on.

Raquel and Bianca were all giggles, tremendous excited and elated that Yolanda was no longer eye candy or a rival toward the affection of the most popular or any guy in the neighborhood.

“Have you been home yet?” Raquel inquired, “Does your mom and sisters know what you look like?”

Jessie spoke out, “Marco forbids it for now, not until she learns her place can she visit her family or her friend Sasha.”

“What does Marco have to do with this?” Bianca asked.

“I don’t know every detail but Yolanda betrayed Marco, he sent her to Mexico to be taught a lesson, made into a domestic laborer”, Jessie explained the best she could; “Now she means nothing to him, Yolanda’s just another neighborhood parasite.”

Yolanda had heard enough and pointed to the door, “I’m supposed to see that salesgirl about some clothes.”

Jessie condescendingly grinned, “Go on, don’t get lost. Pick up a couple items, stretch slacks, whatever. Wait for us at the checkout counter.”

Yolanda obliged Jessie with a nod and waddle out of the room.

Despite not being present the taunts continued.

“I can‘t believe she used to be a skinny little thing!” Bianca laughed, “Yolie turned into a hippo! How much you think she weighs?”

“I have no idea”, Jessie replied as she scoped out her appearance in the dress, “Yolanda is humongous compared to us.”

“No, she’s not eye candy anymore”, Bianca roguishly smiled, “It’s nice to know she won’t be the center of attention with the guys, no more owning the spotlight while we pick through her rejects.”

“She’s the reject now!” Bianca added with an enthusiastic giggle.

Raquel tilted her head, a broad smile curving over her cute face, “I’m curious how Yolanda will function without her looks and slinky body when out in public. Say a bar or somewhere filled with hot guys. You girls get where I’m going?”

Bianca nodded and gazed over at Jessie who agreed.

“Yes, but we don‘t have to take her anywhere, she‘s the clubhouse handmaiden, so she’ll be around lots of guys.”

The females exchanged high-fives and giggled, Jessie adding, “I don’t think they will making any moves on her!”


A short time later after Bianca and Raquel had broken company, Yolanda and Jessie conversed while on route to the van.

“The girls are wondering how much you weigh so maybe tomorrow night we’ll weigh you”, Jessie sweetly warbled.

Yolanda cringed through a jaded snort, “No, Jess…Ms. Estrada, please.”

“Hey, I just bought you a pair of sweatpants and stretch slacks here”, Jessie harshly replied, “You ought to be showing some appreciation!”

“But…ain‘t seeing how fat I got good enough?” Yolanda whined, “So what’s the big deal how much I weigh?”

Yolanda then sighed, “We used to be friends.”

Jessie expressed her opinion with a sugary smile, “Oh Yolanda, if people thought we were friends it would damage my reputation. You’re grossly overweight; your hygiene isn’t the best. You’re an embarrassment.”

Yolanda sniffled and snorted as she tossed her bags into the back of the van, “I never made fun of you when you got fat or was mean.”

Jessie disagreed, “You put it out there, you acted like you were better than me. Maybe you kept the insults to yourself but I know me getting fat was a big joke to you.”

Yolanda whined, “I was never nasty, I even tried giving you advice. Remember?”

“I remember you strutting around in your skimpy clothes and bragging about college”, Jessie reminded Yolanda.

Yolanda swung her head from side to side, softly whimpering, “You’re happy this happened.”

“I won’t lie, I’m very happy I’m losing weight while you’ve become fat and dumpy”, Jessie announced in triumph, “Oh yes, you had some criticism toward large babes in the past, now you’ve joined them so don’t squawk when the same things you said about them are said about you.”

Yolanda lowered her eyes, Jessie calmly stating, “Get in the van, I need to get you settle at the clubhouse.”

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Postby Junketh71 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:52 pm

This was good; guess Yolanda is getting her karmic comeuppance or something.
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Postby TheGreatestView » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:53 am

Can't wait to read the next chapter on Yolanda, Matt. Definitely the most amazing weight gain I've ever read in a character on here. Almost unbelievable! Great work.
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Postby TheGreatestView » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:06 am

I've also got one question Matt. How long did Yolanda spend at Marta and Rosaria's overall? Just trying to work out the timeline of this story
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Postby Matt L. » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:40 am

Hello GreatestView,

Thank you for the question. Yolanda spent a year and 4 months in Mexico. Rosita and Marta were very enjoyable characters to write and were somewhat based on the Brewster Sisters from Arsenic and Old Lace.

Thank you for reading the story as well and there's plenty more weight gain in future episodes.

Cheers, Matt
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