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Hello Junketh71, Brightsun21 & Hongo1000,

Thanks for reading the story, the next installment will be posted soon.

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The ride over to the area of the city known officially as Belmont, Addison and Sheridan but typically called the Spanish Ghetto due to it’s mostly poor Latin American citizens didn’t take as long as Sheila now known as Sasha thought it would. Albeit in Shelia’s opinion Yolanda drove like a maniac.

The females chatted in Spanish, listened to popular Mexican dance music, enjoying the ride and getting acquainted with each other.

Yolanda had a son who lived with her parents in a Los Angeles suburb, visiting him as much as possible. It was due to her son that Yolanda decided to better herself, growing up in the Mexican part of the city there was always the risk of him joining a gang.

The Mexican community was obviously very ethnic in culture, everything written in Spanish with exception to the street signs. All types of shops, people selling items including food from carts off the streets. All the buildings and homes, including the businesses looked rundown.
The people varied in complex modes but Sheila could tell who the housewives were, even the younger ones had wide hips and big bottoms. There were the hoochie girls, and mature menial labor types, older men with cowboy hats and mustaches and many of the younger men looked like thugs or at least punks.

Yolanda finally stopped her car in front of the establishment where Sheila had her rendezvous with Marco.

Joe’s Drinks & Eats it was called, a modest looking building of an unique hue of red, the paint chipping away, a big neon sign that read - BEER - in the window.

Yolanda stopped the car, swerving her body into Sheila, embraced her, “This is it, my friend, Marco’s waiting inside”, she said in Spanish, adding, “Marco be happy seeing you, no hiding your relationship like when you were a big shot.”

Sheila was so exhilarated about starting out on her big score; she failed to truly comprehend Yolanda’s remark.

“Thanks for getting me ready and driving me here, Yolanda”, Sheila smiled, “When this is over maybe we can remain friends….”

Sheila was hardly half-serious, there was really no way she socialized with anyone who didn’t measure up to her class and status.

“I see you soon, move your fat ass!” Yolanda giggled, giving Sheila a kiss on the forehead, “I don’t need a ticket!”

Sheila gently squeezed Yolanda’s shoulder, illustrating a modest unity in friendship, subsequently picking up the black duffle bag and leaving the car.

Yolanda drove off, Sheila stood for a moment on the cracked pavement, a few guys favorably checking her out.

Sheila walked into the dimly lit bar and grill like she was barren in intellect and humble in demeanor.

The place was moderately nice, cleaner than Sheila expected, a few patrons at the bar, a couple more at the surrounding tables.

Marco pretended not to notice Sheila, sipping his beer, clothed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

Sheila wiggled her hips as she approached Marco, widely smiling as she sung out in Spanish, “Hey mister! Remember me?”

Marco slipped off the bar stool and immediately hugged Sheila, giving her a stirring kiss, cupping her boob, “Finally, my woman and me together in public”, he whispered.

Sheila flung her arms over Marco’s shoulders, returning the kiss just as stirring.

Marco escorted Sheila by hand to the bar, she dropped the duffle bag unto the floor, climbing their bar stools in unison.

Sheila was tough and shrewd, she knew she could pull this off in spades, her ambitious nature wouldn’t think otherwise.

Sheila lifted her eyes; the elated smile remained forged to her face.
Marco slithered his fingertips down the length of Sheila’s arm, running his finger beneath her chin, likewise happily smiling.

“You’re hungry”, Marco said, much more a statement rather than a question, “I’ll get us some food and beers, we can talk then.”

Sheila replied in Spanish, sidestepping the usual strong timbre to her voice, drone rather timidly.
“Okay, order me whatever you’re having, beer would be nice, haven’t had a beer in a long time.”

Marco didn’t bother the waitress; instead he waved over the owner, Jose Lopez.
Jose was a nice looking man in his sixties, almost completely bald and with a big mustache, reasonably slender in built.

Marco held unto Sheila’s hand as he made introductions.
“This is the girl I told you about, Sasha Martinez, could you bring her a steak sandwich, plenty of beans and rice. A couple beers too, put it on my tab.”

Jose nodded, “I can do that, Marco.”
Sheila and Jose shared smiles as the elder man directed his attention to her.
“Marco says you need work, my wife does the hiring but I think we could use you in the kitchen, maybe sometimes waitress. Money isn’t the best; the waitress will share their tips, not many hours though but maybe four days a week.”

Jose reverted his eyes back to Marco, “As a favor to my friend, Marco.”

Marco presented his hand for Jose to shake, as they did, Marco lightheartedly grinned, “Better make sure it’s okay with the boss.”

Jose nodded with a chuckle, “Good idea, I’ll get her, she’d like to meet you, Sasha, then I’ll get the beers.”

Jose walked away, Sheila inching her body next to Marco, “I’m impressed, you have some real authority in this part of the city”, she uttered quietly.

Marco wrapped his arm around Sheila’s waist, his tone just as soft, “I have no office, no sign on a door but here, I have as much influence and power around these folks as the biggest roosters in the privileged section of town.”

Sheila playfully smirked, “Yes you have, and it’s very nice change of pace to experience this side of you.”

“You think so”, Marco replied with his bad boy smile.

“Of course”, Sheila sweetly expounded her thoughts, “I’m the one with the rank whenever we get together, now I get to become familiar with you in your natural habitat so to speak.”

“About that, Sasha, you’re sounding too smart, play along with me, okay?” Marco stated as he released his arm from Sheila’s waist.

“How’s you’re English?” Marco asked in a crisp louder voice, “You getting to learn it better?”

Sheila played along, shrugging her shoulders and peeping just as loud in broken English, “I trying, Marco, but English hard for me to talk. Me get better, being around you!”

Marco grinned, resuming the Spanish language and whispering, “Nice, okay. While we’re here, switch on and off. When you meet Jose’s wife, go along with what I say.”

Sheila replied with a charming smile.

Lena Lopez was a robust pigeon-chested woman, her black locks peppered with gray in an old fashioned bun style, adequately attired in a housedress.

Lena greeted Marco like he was a celebrity, and although she acknowledged Sheila affably, she strictly scrutinized her.

“Where you from?” Lena asked flatly.

Sheila’s intuition registered a critical if not suspicious vibe from this woman, and she sheepishly replied, “Texas….”

Marco nodded, wrapping his arm around Sheila’s waist, he ran through the details of Sheila’s bogus back story. “Originally from Mexico, Sasha had a work visa that expired years ago, when she felt the law was breathing down her neck, she came to see me.”

Lena was adamant, speaking soft but unsympathetic, and in English so the few patrons abound the establishment couldn’t accurately distinguish the nature of their conversation.

“I’ll pay you cash, four dollars an hour working in the kitchen in the evenings. You’re to be quiet and keep to yourself. I have honest business; I don’t need the Feds busting up my place.”

Sheila humbly nodded, “I be good, cause no trouble, Mrs. Lopez, work hard.”

Marco gently smiled, “Thanks, Lena, but maybe she could waitress ever so often, I mean look at her tetas, Sasha would drum up business, be popular with the male customers.”

Sheila felt a tinge uncomfortable at Marco’s insistence and championing her adequately stacked rack, lowering her eyes and gently bumping her elbow into his waist to stop.

“What do you think, Jose?” Marco added just to embarrass the poor man, Lena was quite possessive.

Jose’s face became red and he sniffled to the negative, “I don’t know…”

Lena all but snarled as she addressed Marco, “Let’s see how well she knows the kitchen first, maybe later. But right now she’ll wash dishes and clean up, Tuesdays through Friday, maybe some Saturdays, five to nine, okay?”

Jose placed a couple bottles of beer in front of Marco and Sheila, Lena adding as she ran her fingertips off Marco’s cheek, “This is a favor to you because you help lots of poor people, if she proves worth it, I’ll let her waitress.”

Lena slowly ambled away, “Jose! I need to see you in the kitchen.”
Jose nodded to his wife, telling Marco, “Food will be here shortly….”

“She’s a tough woman”, Marco said before sipping his cold one.
Sheila knocked back her brew, a modest sip before agreeing, “I’ll say, I’m glad I’m not going to be employed here any length of time.”

“Me too!” Marco replied in a slick façade which camouflaged the truth.
Gesturing with his expression, Marco swerved her face toward a waitress who was in middle of wiping off some tables.

A corpulent Mexican beauty in her early twenties, Marco had another sip, turning his face to Shelia and cracking a punk smile, “We had a thing going on until she got fat, her name is Jessie, shame to say she gained like 50-pounds working here, a real cock softener now but she was smoking hot.”

Marco signaled over to Jessie with his beer bottle, she acknowledged him with a smitten smile.

Sheila placed her arm around Marco’s shoulder and drew him close, “I don’t intend to stick around long enough to get like that.”

Marco brought his lips to Sheila’s lips, “I’m so glad for you to say that…”
Their lips merging, Marco couldn’t resist a moment caressing her breast, his fingers soon extended over her waist, the soft tissue encouraging his inner thoughts, “….knowing how seriously you’d hate to get fat really ups my motivation…”

A long sigh interrupting the romantic moment, Jose planting the food in front of Sheila.
Sheila thanked Jose who smiled, “You eat, you’ll like.”

Marco spent a few moments playfully teasing Jose about his hawkish / overbearing wife, Sheila enjoying the meal rather amused by the funny banter.

Finally and before resuming his work, Jose informed Sheila, “You start day after tomorrow, be here a little early, okay? Four-thirty.”

As Sheila continued enjoying her meal, she shared her opinion about their moment in public.
“I don’t mind some kissing in public, but try using some self-control; I’m not all that cool with my breasts being touched in front of an audience.”

Marco shook his head, “Just anxious I guess, I’m thrilled we can be a real couple in public instead of hiding it. You like that too?”

Sheila nibbled on some Spanish rice, pausing while chewing, “I concur, being a couple out in the open is refreshing, and I get to be somebody else, I’m not restricted by my status quo, I don’t have to obey social protocol.”

Marco’s brow wrinkled, “You’re talking too fucking smart, what I tell you about that.”

Sheila sighed, switching the fork for the sandwich, nodded before taking a bite, “Right, Marco, I’ll watch it.”
“But lay off my tetas as you call them while in public”, Sheila added with a whimsical smirk.

Marco guzzled his beer, explaining afterward, “Whatever you say, Sasha but nobody gives a shit if I massage your boobs, they all know me, know I do the fuck what I want. You’ll see, this is my part of the city, I’m the boss.”

Marco realized he came off a little too strong by the look of Sheila’s soured expression.
Playfully tapping Sheila’s thigh, he toned it down, “Sorry, baby. I can get full of myself at times but you’re unfamiliar with me around here. I’ll try to be more respectful but you gotta stop talking like you’re somebody important.”

Sheila swerved her face away from Marco, taking a big bite out of the sandwich, complied with his wishes, speaking as she chewed, “Marco knows what he talking about, me needs learn stuff about city, and Marco’s um, say-so around here. I be showing my thanks later…”

Sheila wasn’t prepared as Marco grumbled, “Stuff your face; I have to use the bathroom.”

Marco teasingly smiled, giving Sheila an indication his tough talk was all a ruse - or was it?


Once out of the men’s room, Marco was met by Lena who wasn’t shy about her opinion.
“That hoochie is dumber than what you usual bring in here, you be careful.”
“How so?” Marco curiously inquired.
“She’s illegal, right. Might wanna get pregnant, get status in America, she could be using you.”

Marco pointed to the kitchen, “Lets speak in private”, Lena agreed.
Through the kitchen and into the alley, Marco and Lena conversed.

“I’m just helping out a friend, Lena, but I appreciate your worrying. She is that stupid, isn’t she?”
Lena held her hands to her wide spongy looking waist, “I have a feeling she’s a stranger to hard work.”

“A little bit but I know you’ll make her earn every penny and good. Treat her like a servant.”

Lena smiled, “She’ll almost regret working for me but like I say, watch her, I tell you, Marco, she is up to something!”

Marco lit a cigarette, “Well, Lena, if she does happen to get into that situation you’ll defend me, right?
Say how Sasha was popular, she had many admirers. Hey, what are odds it was me who’s responsible.”

“You no worry, Marco, if she gets pregnant I’ll say she was sneaking around your back.”

Marco smiled, “Thanks, but one other favor between us.”

Lena listened as Marco candidly solicited her help, “Feed Sasha well, say the food is on the house, I’ll cover the bill, don’t worry.”

Lena’s apple cheeks dimpled with her syrupy smile, “You want fatten her up? Why? She has enough problems being stupid…”

They shared a laugh, Marco furthering the details, “Sasha has a snippy attitude, and is proud of her body. She thinks heavy women are deplorable, Sasha needs a lesson.”

“Oh I knew there was something I no like about her, deplorable, ay. You be sure I’ll get her nice and plump, Sasha will be very well-fed!” Lena giggled while her hands circled her large belly.

“Yes, show her affection through food, give her a pep talk every once in a while about it being scandalous so undernourished.”

Lena patted her gut, “She knows you prefer your hoochies not so big?”

Marco took a final drag of his smoke, dropping it the ground.
“Yes but you reassure Sasha when she starts looking chubby that as long as she is obedient and affectionate toward me I won’t mind too much.”

Lena embraced Marco, giving him a friendly hug, “You do me the favor, not the other way around. Sasha is like my brother’s younger daughter, she was proud too, now she over 200-pounds, not so stuck on herself no more.”

“I better get in and check on Sasha, but thanks for helping me out”, Marco grinned.


Marco resumed his attention on Sheila who had finished her meal and was enjoying a second beer.
“Jose says this ones on the house because I‘m hooked up with you, I marvel at your reputation”, Sheila said with a broad smile.

“I had some contractors work on their plumbing, got them a deal”, Marco rattled off before giving Sheila a long kiss.

Sheila grasped for air upon suspension of the kiss, Marco ordering her to thank the Lopez’s and that he was going to show her the apartment where she would be staying.

Sheila obeyed Marco, speaking in broken English at first, “Thank you both, nice meal, good dinner…”
Then switched to Spanish, “I really appreciate your help, I’ll give you 100 and 10 percent as an employee.”

It was Lena who spoke, Jose quietly stood behind his wife, “You learn English and do respectable work, maybe we sponsor you for citizenship one day.”

Sheila humbly nodded, “Yes, thank you. I like very much be citizen America.”

Sheila walked over to Marco who reminded her, “Don’t forget your duffle bag!”

Sheila lightly palmed smacked herself on the head, “Oh, me such a stupid head!”

Retrieving the duffle bag she finally made it over to Marco who opened the door for her.
“The place is down the block, walking distance.”

There walked hand in hand down the block like an authentic couple, talking trivially about things that really held no importance but Marco knew he was advertising his new hoochie to the neighborhood.

Sheila’s elated mood at the moment helped her ignore the environment, boarded up houses, stores with iron bars over the windows, cheap shops and food stands lining the pavement, various people acknowledging Marco as if he was a celebrity.

The reality of the Spanish slum hit Sheila like a brick wall upon Marco announcing, “We’re here, Sasha!”

Although painted a lurid shade of pink the building was barely attractive. The gutters needed mending, cracks in the pavement, the grass tall, and the porch was lopsided. Chicken’s running wild on the front lawn.

“Maybe there’s a motel?”, Sheila squeaked half-seriously at the neglected property.

“Always kidding”, Marco expressed himself with a giggle, whirling Sheila into his arm, kissing her fervently as his hand went from her breast to her belly and then her crotch which he briefly massaged until the kiss subsided.

“I know, the place is perfect for you, Sasha, you’ll like it!”

Sheila rolled her eyes as they took to the stairs, Marco pounding on the door until it was answered by the landlord, Gomez Robles, a stout short man who was middle aged.

Gomez glanced over at Shelia’s boobs then cordially invited them into his apartment.

“Marco says you want the apartment, I agreed to it, no problem. It’s 600 dollars a month.”

“I haven’t seen it yet”, Sheila nervously grinned.

Marco resolutely told Gomez that she’ll take it, and she’ll pay the rent on time. Gomez asked for an ID, Sheila handed it over to him.

“Pretty good, chica”, Gomez giggled, “Almost looks real. You’re not wanted for anything?”

Sheila’s draw dropped, “Of course not!” Marco playfully adding, “Not at the moment.”

“You know where it is”, Gomez uttered while taking to his chair, “Be sweet to my man, Marco, he paid me two months in advance.”

As they walked upstairs, Sheila whispered in confidence, “Two months? I thought this uncover thing will done in a week tops.”

“I had to play it up good, I don’t want to arouse any suspicion, understand?”

Sheila smiled, “Always thinking, you’ve an incredible mind.”


The apartment was small, the living room the size of her bedroom back home, the bedrooms just a little larger than her bathroom, the kitchen and bathroom rather small as well.

The furniture all second hand, no rugs or carpet, the TV small and at least a decade old.

“Check out the bedroom, chica!” Marco stated, “We be spending lots of hours in there!”

Sheila covered her mouth in shock as she studied the bedroom in all its thriftiness.
The bed was barely more than a cot, the drapes over the windows somewhat tattered but in a lavish Mexican design. Two dressers that looked ancient compared to what she had at home, and no vanity table.

Marco sensed that Sheila was about to complain and stepped into her space, “Shhhh, its okay, Sasha. Really, you think some girl living here illegally would have five star accommodations?”

Marco sighed, lightening his mood, took Sheila into his arms, “It won’t be such an eye sore once you get used to it”, grabbing her ass, he ambiguously but charmingly added, “This is a step up from where you come from, isn’t that right, Sasha.”

Marco gently squeezed her rump, signaling that he expected a reply from Sheila, “Indoor plumbing, that’s what every girl needs”, she humorously quipped.

“Oh please”, Marco teasingly smirked, “You really have to play the part or else you’re in danger of fucking up.”

Sheila heaved a sigh as Marco unbuttoned her jeans, her tummy pooch evading the fabric, “You make pretend Sheila…I mean, Sasha your hoochie girl for one night?”

“If to get your mind right, good idea!” Marco grinned.

However, Sheila hesitated, “But Marco, seriously, how long before we get down to business and I have those drug dealers in my sight. You can’t expect me to live in this apartment any longer than necessary.”

“To be honest, I really don’t know how long it’s going to take”, Marco fed Sheila a load of crap, “Maybe two days, maybe a week. All I can tell you is that the initial meeting will take place at the Lopez’s place. Trust me, you’ll recognize them, they’ll look out of place.”

“Don’t all Hispanic people look alike?”

Marco knew Sheila would say that, and he firmly placed his hands over her shoulders, “To a white person yeah. But these are Panamanians, they look nothing like Mexicans. Shit, baby, think like a Mexican.”

“I’ll try…” Sheila replied with a wretched look on her face.

“Oh fuck it! I’m taking you back home, you can’t pull this off”, Marco replied angrily, releasing Sheila from his grip, and circling the room, “You’ll be exposed in two minutes, you’ll get hurt!”

Sheila pounced on Marco, “No, we have to get this done. This will be my big break; I’ll be elected District Attorney because of this. I’ll be unstoppable.”

Marco faked a concerned look, cupping the sides of Sheila’s face, he seemed apparently cooperative, “I’m not sure, honey. I hate to have you…”

“I won’t be harmed, they’ll never know I’m an assistant district attorney, they’ll think I’m just a stupid wetback, I’ll be Sasha in such a realistic portrayal even you’ll believe I was born in Mexico.”

Marco removed himself from the embrace, “Okay, but you have to do exactly what I say, no questions.”

“Yeah, okay, whatever you say, baby”, Sheila replied.

Marco tugged on Sheila’s waistband, “I’ll be gone for a while, I’ll call Yolanda, have her bring you some clothes tomorrow, just amuse yourself with the TV until I get back.”

Sheila folded her arms around Marco’s neck, slithering her breasts against his chest, “We like, have some fun tonight too? We can put that bed to some use…”

“I think so, Sasha”, and with that Marco abandoned Sheila to her small apartment.


Sheila felt a little uncomfortable in this terribly maintain apartment, the kitchen did have the appropriate cook ware and plenty of dishes, the stove was an antique, the tiny bathroom had an old fashion looking tub and the shower worked but the water pressure was much to be desired.

Sheila curled up on the mangy sofa, watching Mexican soaps to try and get into character as the dim-witted Sasha. Slipping off her jeans, she was hoping this would put Marco in the mood for some sexual fun.

There was something about the manner in which her tummy pouch taunted her, the manner she was curled up exaggerating its size and doughy consistency. Sheila puffed up her cheeks, making a pledge that she would eventually get back into shape once she returned to her neighborhood and the drug bust successfully completed.

Sheila pinched her budding potbelly, the gooey tissue sending her shivers, “I won’t stay in this condition very long…” the thought zipped through her mind just as Marco emerged from her doorway.

Carrying a white paper bag, he placed it on the dusty coffee table.
“I’m later than I said, sorry”, Marco said earnestly, “I brought you a few Mexican pastries and chocolate just to satisfy your appetite in case you’re hungry.”

Sheila adjusted her position on the sofa, sitting upright, she favored Marco with a smile, “That’s very sweet but I’ll hold off for a little. I’m still stuff from dinner. No wonder that Jessie girl blew up like a balloon, I’m sure their food is very fattening.”

“Never can tell!” Marco said in his bad boy demeanor.
Sitting along side Sheila, Marco produced from his pocket a marijuana cigarette.
Sheila jerked back her head as he placed it in her hand, “No, I’ve never smoked pot and I’m not going to start. Really baby, you don’t have to get me high for sex, I’m a willing partner.”

Marco reacted excitedly, “No, you don’t get it! This will relax you, smoke a little and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’ll help you to rid all that pompous bullshit you radiate; you’ll be able to function without drawing attention. You’ll blend in so well, you‘ll even think you‘re Mexican.”

“All this from smoking one joint?” Sheila chortled, “Are you pulling my leg?”

Marco insisted in a cheery and persuasive mode, “Just think, after this goes down, what will become of you! But unless you totally blend in, you risk being caught.”

Sheila pondered for a moment, “And smoking this will help make me blend in, I’ll be unobtrusive.”

Marco lifted his eyebrows, his eyes sparkling, “I’ll coach you, tell you what to think!”

Sheila sighed, rubbing her nose, she then placed the joint between her lips, “You really think this will work?”

Marco nodded, “Best idea I had in a while, Sasha…”

Lighting the joint, Marco began coaching Sheila in a soft but convincing tone.

“Okay, take a long drag, hold it in….”

Sheila did as she was told for several minutes, one long drag after another.

“You know how I explained who you are, right Sasha. Tell me in your own words, who you are…”

Sheila fluttered her eyes, her lips elongated in width, smiling a silly grin, “I’m Sasha Martinez, girl from Mexico…”

“Are you a stupid girl or smart girl?”

Sheila replied stupid, Marco deliberately kept it up, “Tell me, say it with conviction, do you believe you’re a stupid girl who has difficulty with the English language?”

“Me no understand English no good, Marco…”

Marco was aware that the effects of the specially treated - psychedelic tainted marijuana was invading Sheila’s sub-conscious, she would retain her memories but otherwise rewiring her mind.

“That’s right, honey, you’re a stupid girl, and you finally realize this.”

Sheila softly giggled, replying in Spanish, “Yes, I’m a stupid girl.”

Marco took it to the next level, “Now that you realize and admit to being stupid, it’s easier for you now, Sheila has a demanding career, the pressure to succeed is very stressful, but as Sasha you can be content in living an easy life. Right.”

Sheila heaved a sigh, shaking her head.
“You’re poor but you’ll get along, you’ll get used to it after a while, main thing is, you no longer have to compete in the white peoples world and obey a strict code that tells you to behave or look a certain way.”

Sheila took another long drag, afterward replying, “Yes…Marco.”

Marco influenced Sheila to have yet another drag, reinforcing his plan to it’s most fanciful desire, “Now Sasha, you really don’t want to get fat, you know I’m not too attracted to heavy girls, but you can’t help yourself, you have a terrible appetite and are particular fond of sweets. Right?”

Sheila grinned, “I watch what I eat, Marco, I’ll be sexy for you, stay attractive.”

Marco slid his fingers through Sheila’s hair, “Of course, honey. Then again, despite your desire not to gain weight, you lack the willpower, you enjoy stuffing your belly to its fullest.”

Sheila droned a self-conscious sigh.

“Well honey, you relax, I’m going to leave until tomorrow”, Marco told Sheila in a warm tone, “While I’m gone, you’re free to nibble on this.”

Marco grabbed and opened the bag, “Pasties and chocolate, your favorites.”

“Eat them, the whole bag and then sleep, dream of the life we’ll have together.”

Sheila mischievously grinned, reached into the bag and removed a cream filled Mexican pastry. Marco removed himself off the sofa and backed away to the sight of Sheila taking an impressive bite, the crumbs escaping her lips falling on top of her cleavage.


Sheila had wolfed down the pastries in a matter of minutes, and she lay crookedly sprawled over the sofa teasing her lush black locks while nibbling on the quarter pound of chocolates.

Chewing loudly, morsel after morsel, literally vacuuming the candy into her mouth.

A disappointed expression formed over her face upon realizing she had eaten them all.

This was different for her, a new experience that she couldn’t understand completely but cheating on her diet made her feels a little naughty, and she welcomed the sensation.

Sheila remained on the sofa the duration of the night, finally slipping into a quiet slumber while watching an enticing Mexican melodrama on TV.

Sheila’s dreams were vivid, scantily clad in some of them, others she was garbed in traditional Mexican style housedresses, most included Marco showering her with affection or hanging out with Yolanda but others were strange and foreign.
Being hassled by the police, flirting with customers at the bar and grill, being interrogated in a dark room about being involved with a drug deal, and one specific dream, breast feeding an infant, naked with exception to a skirt, Sheila was huge, on the verge of obesity.


Sheila opened her eyes to Yolanda standing over her, a take out coffee cup in her hand, a few tough looking men bringing in boxes.

“I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in, Marco was insistent I bring over your stuff as soon as possible.”

Sheila fought to adjust herself into a seated position, her body felt numb, her mind dizzy, and she felt hungry.
Upon inhaling a mouthful of air, she vaguely recalled going overboard with sweets before nodding off.

“Shit, I ate too much …” Sheila mumbled.
Yolanda placed the coffee in her hand, “I brought you this, chica, you look like you could use it.”

Sheila thanked Yolanda, enjoying a sip, she then rubbed her head, “No feeling so good, Marco had me smoke some weed…”

“Okay”, Yolanda said indifferently.
“In case you’re curious”, Yolanda continued in an upbeat tone, “I got you some clothes from the Goodwill store, and kitchen stuff, pans and pots. We’ll have to go shopping to stock the pantry and fridge and you might want to buy some cosmetics and soap, that kind of stuff.”

Yolanda noticed the glassy stare in Sheila’s eyes and snapped her fingers, “Chica! You with me!”

Sheila returned to some semblence of consciousness and shook her head, “Yes, Yolanda, I heard you”, her voice minus the standard eloquence now sounding very prosaic.

One of the guys walked over to notify Yolanda they had finished lugging in the boxes. Yolanda told him it was okay for them to leave and thanked all of them, encouraging Sheila to do the same.

Sheila half-smiled, saying thank you, a trace of an authentic Mexican accent in her timbre.

The guys filed out, Yolanda advising Sheila to get dress so they could go shopping.

Sheila leaned downward unto the sofa, her elbow sinking into the cushions, “I don’t feel so good. My head is spinning, my body aches, and I’m hungry…”

“Fresh air and walking around will clear out your head, and if you didn’t notice there’s all kinds of small restaurants and food carts around your building. So shake a leg!” Yolanda cordially smiled.

“I have no money..”, Sheila droned, then realized, “…oh, I have my credit card.”

Yolanda giggled, “Yeah, right. You have Sheila Marcus’s credit card, you can’t use that. Somebody will call the cops. Remember You’re Sasha Martinez.”

Sheila coughed a couple times, “Shit, you’re right. I be giving away my cover, yeah. Good thinking but what I do for money?”

Yolanda reached over to aid Sheila to her feet, “Everything’s been arranged, Sasha. No worry. I’ll pop for the meal, okay.”

“The food at those places any good? I’m hungry but I be fussy eater…” Sheila whined.

Yolanda reached over and picked up Sheila’s jeans off the floor, “You’ll never know until you try it.”

“Wear your jeans, the stuff in the boxes need to be washed before wear”, Yolanda advised her new friend.

Albeit Sheila complained as she struggled into her jeans, “I don’t know how to do laundry! Mrs. Castanda does all of it at home!”

“Chica, I hate to break the news to you but while you’re here, you’re your own maid!” Yolanda chimed.

Sheila sucked in her tummy to snap her jeans, glaringly looking at Yolanda, “How you stay so slim, my tummy is getting so plump!”

Yolanda smirked in a cute mode, “Honey, if I knew the secret I’d share it with you, and my mom and sisters. I guess fat naturally avoids my figure.”

Sheila grumbled, Yolanda snickered, “One hurdle at a time honey. Right now though brush your hair; you don’t want to leave the apartment with your hair looking like a chicken’s ass on a windy day!”

Sheila screeched in laughter, “You soooo funny, Yolanda! Very funny!”

Sheila looked around the room, seemingly lost in direction, Yolanda tapping her shoulder and pointing over to the bathroom, “Over there, chica.”

Sheila rubbed her pouch, inspecting her miniature muffin-tops with her eyes, heaving a loud sigh; she grabbed the brush, though she couldn’t deny her hunger and once again asked, “Those cheap dinky places really got good food?”


“I never had taco’s this delicious! This is totally the best!” Sheila excitedly and loudly announced while she dined with Yolanda at a small Mexican diner.

Still chewing the first taco, Sheila began nibbling on the second, only pausing to sip her large cola.

Vigorously Sheila fed, practically hopping in her seat out of sheer delight!

“Oh, please, please, can I have two more, I’ll pay ya, honest”, Sheila happily stated.

Yolanda dug into her purse and slid a few dollars over the table toward Sheila, “You could always treat me sometime.”

“You know that!” Sheila uttered between bites.

Yolanda couldn’t contain her smile, “I’m pleased you like them.”

Sheila picked up the cash and raced to the counter, Yolanda chuckling, reviewing her friend in her private thoughts, “For a girl used to five star restaurants this is something! I hardly eat here the food is so cheap.”

A few minutes later and after Sheila had her fill of tacos and cola, Sheila ran through the details of their excursion.

“We’ll pick up some beauty supplies at the drug store and then we’ll go to the market, pick you up enough food and stuff until you earn cash at the bar and grill. By the way, if you’re short a few dollars, Marco will always help ya out.”

“Marco is so very sweet…” Sheila euphorically hummed.

“Marco has his good points, I guess”, Yolanda replied.

Sheila wrapped a few strands of hair around her fingers, nervously questioning Yolanda about her relationship with Marco.

“We’re friends, friends with benefits I think that’s what its called but there is no committed relationship between us if that’s what you’re asking”, Yolanda casually answered.

Sheila cracked an eyebrow; Yolanda’s reply didn’t accurately register in her head.
“Ohhhh, you not really dating Marco?” Sheila tensely giggled.

“Let’s just say we enjoy a cup of coffee together every once in a while and leave it at that!” Yolanda firmly related to Sheila, “We better get a move on, I have school this evening.”

Yolanda finished her cola before removing her shapely duff off the chair, glancing over at Sheila, her inner thoughts centering on her relationship with Marco.
“No, honey, Marco never took me on a real date, that was reserved for women like you….”

Observing Sheila’s faintly disheveled look and her figure partially leaking out of her clothes, Yolanda finished her private estimation, “….give it time, Marco won’t think you’re dating material either.”

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The plot continues to thicken. Yay!
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Looking forward the next chapter
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Great new chapter! I love seeing her slow decline into her new persona. Very enjoyable!!
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Thanks everyone!

The next episode will be up shortly.

Cheers, Matt
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Sheila was accustomed to guys checking her out; after all she was an unique beauty. However, the favorable glances that she and Yolanda received didn’t register in the same way, especially since these guys were the types she once considered the bottom of the barrel.
Sheila felt obligated to exaggerate the wiggle in her hips and likewise putting some effort in shaking her rear.

Yolanda was impressed, thinking Sheila was trying to get into character but essentially it was the results of the tainted marijuana that removed her uptight disposition.

The drug store just within reach, a couple young men dressed in low trousers and T-shirts making a few remarks that the former attorney would have previously thought filthy made her giggle.

Sheila altered her strut to produce a trifling bobbling of her breasts only to tease them.

“Watch it, chica”, Yolanda softly said, “You don’t know what you’re playing with.”

Sheila chuckled as she sung out, “I know what boys like, I know what guys want!”

Finally reaching the drug store, Yolanda took Sheila to task.
“Those punks are too young for you, and they’re bad news!”

Sheila tilted her head, “I only trying to put on a show for them.”

“I give you credit, you’ve gotten in the swing of things with your Mexican hoochie girl role but you mustn’t go overboard. You’ll get a bad reputation and Marco probably wouldn’t like the attention.”

“I’ll watch myself, Yolanda, I be cool…” Sheila proudly smiled, then questioned, “…Do I look like hoochie girl?”

“You can’t help flaunting your boobs they’re out there but you’re close. You’ll need a lot of makeup and wear revealing outfits. So unlike the real you, you don’t want the notoriety.”

Sheila blinked, she didn’t understand the word notoriety for some reason, simply giggling it off, “Ah, okay. But Marco says later when we go out, I get to pretend.”

Yolanda took a step toward the drug store, waving Sheila on, “If that’s what turns you on.”

Sheila sped up her pace, slanting her body against Yolanda, “Um, you hoochie girl?”

“I’d like to think not, not anymore but reputations are hard to kill in this neighborhood and some people might have that opinion about me”, Yolanda replied.


Sheila was anxious in stocking up hard on cosmetics, Yolanda using her better judgment advised Sheila otherwise, suggesting a modest amount.
At the checkout counter Sheila was impressed that she obtained a 10% discount after Yolanda told the manager she was Marco’s friend.

Same thing at the supermarket, there numerous people asked Yolanda about Marco, and Sheila was given another discount.


Back at Sheila’s flat, the friends cordially conversed while putting away the groceries.

“You might want to introduce yourself to your neighbors, they all hang out on their porches in the evening, they’re very nosy, if you don’t mingle they’ll only spread gossip about the mysterious new tenet.”

“I thought I was suppose to be undercover, Yolanda, me being here a secret.”

“Well, Marco thinks it’s a good idea to make yourself known to these people, I guess it will hinder suspicion. But most of your neighbors are quiet hardworking folks. One of them, Mrs. Grayson you’ll have to meet. She’s a gem; everybody loves her and show her respect. Even Marco and the other gangbangers.”

“Grayson? That no Spanish name, what an American doing in Mexican part of city?” Sheila inquired.
“Mrs. Grayson is about 90 but you’ll never know it. A widow woman who never moved out after her husband died back when the neighborhood started to change. But she’s a favorite, Marco even has some kids take care of her grass and stuff.”

Yolanda ran through several of the inhabitants living within walking distance, concluding with Rosa Gonzales.

“I knew Rosa in high school, you’d never know it by looking at her but she was my size too! Now after having back to back babies she’s as big as a house!”

“Rosa is like a walking billboard for birth control!” Yolanda giggled, resonating a laugh from Sheila.

“Why is it that a woman getting pregnant is like, an excuse to get fat!” Sheila humorously weighed in.

Thick in their revelry, Sheila spotted a roach in her cabinet and jumped back, “EW! A roach!”

Yolanda lifted her chin and smirked, “Why you afraid of a little tiny cockroach! You bigger than he is!”

Sheila wasn’t amused, “They dirty little pests! I need get this place cleen!”

Yolanda was a bit overwhelmed at Sheila’s punctuation, substituting cleen for clean. She was trying a little too hard to sound stereotypical Mexican, but she shrugged it off.

“Yes, Sasha, you tidy up your place, I have to get home and get ready for school”, Yolanda informed her.

“What about my laundry, I need help; it’s been a long time…” Sheila uttered in minor panic.

Yolanda sighed, “I’ll take a few things with me, maybe my sister will wash them, I room with her. But later this week I’m giving you a refresher course, okay.”

Sheila shook her head, “I appreciate that, thank you.”

The females dug through the boxes that contained Sheila’s new wardrobe, using an extra large trash bag for Yolanda to haul the clothes over to her sister’s home. Sheila escorted Yolanda to the door where their visit was wrapped up.

“Marco be over later on tonight, in the meantime visit your neighbors, they should be outside at around six. If they offer you food or drink, you better have something or you’ll hurt their feelings.”

Sheila thanked Yolanda for all her help, “You special friend, maybe after I go back to my part of town we stay in touch, yes?”
Yolanda didn’t take Sheila seriously, though she believed the remark sincere presumed she would be forgotten once Sheila was back hobnobbing with the elite.

“You never can tell, chica, but I’d like that!” Yolanda breezily smiled.

Sheila’s juncture in cleaning her apartment was short and not especially diligent, housework was an unfamiliar chore to her and she became bored quick. Thus she planted herself in front of the TV with a couple baloney sandwiches, chocolates and a can of Pepsi.

While viewing the standard Mexican soap operas, Sheila thought about her friends, her career and her maid. Mrs. Castaneda could really put this place in order; she was a very proficient housekeeper. Other thoughts included her friends, especially Victoria, Sheila would have loved to call them, if she had her cell phone, and brag about her secret operation in nabbing the Panamanian drug dealers.

Laying over the worn out old sofa as if minus a backbone, Sheila’s appetite for the creamy Mexican variety chocolates held no bounds. Somehow the idea of the candy being fattening eclipsed her better sense and she consumed the entire pound by evening.

There was a commotion outside her apartment, Sheila’s curiosity encouraging her to look out her dirty window, and as Yolanda mentioned the neighbors were outside and enjoying the evening together.

Taking up Yolanda’s suggestion, Sheila splashed a little water on her face, quickly combed her locks and then made it down the stairs.

Once outside on the rickety porch, Sheila could see young children running around, a couple old men playing dominoes and several small packs of females hurdled on a few different porches.

Sheila made tracks over to the first home and she convivially introduced herself as the new girl on the block, Sasha Martinez.

Sheila was greeted with the rare hospitality she had never received, the women circling around making small talk and welcoming her to the neighborhood. An older matronly type - Mrs. Guzman favored Sheila with a plate of chicken, beans and rice, another woman - Mrs. Rodriguez - furnished her with a beer.

Soon Sheila was chattering away with the women like she was a natural member of their community.
Rosa Gonzales finally made it on the scene, with children in tow, and likewise welcomed Sheila.

Rosa was as heavy as Yolanda described, a round butterball clothed in a raggedly summer dress. Sheila could faintly distinguish the beauteous features that once turned heads before it became distorted by fat in which supplied her with bulbous cheeks and swollen second chin.
This all became startling true when Rosa escorted Sheila to her home for a few minutes for some freshly made pastries and shared her family picture album. Contrast between the athletic and energetic high school girl and the post marriage version was shocking!

Rosa’s younger sister Elena joined the mix, a couple years Shelia’s junior and obviously pregnant.
Clothed in a maternity blouse and shorts, Elena was equipped with a nice size belly, her caked with fat thighs were jumbo size and her rear was enormous. Just like her sister, marriage, and pregnancy, had ballooned her once trim figure.

Naturally Sheila was polite and sociable to both of them; however the chubbiness of their figures made her ever so adamant about using protection.

Rosa accompanied Sheila over by Mrs. Grayson which was a couple houses down the row.
A thin lady, spry and intellectually sound despite her age, with short white hair and glasses.

“Mrs. Gray doesn’t know much Spanish, you need to talk English to her”, Rosa informed Sheila.

Sheila introduced herself; speaking broken English seemed easier.
Sheila needed to concentrate on her sentences, and her vocabulary appeared somewhat misplaced.

“Marco, my friend, helped me move here from Dallas Texas; Marco got me work and apartment…”

Mrs. Grayson sweetly complimented Marco, then asked where she worked.

Sheila twisted at her waist, whirling strands of her luscious locks around her fingers, “Over at the Lopez restaurant, me work in kitchen now, maybe waitress girl later.”

The conversation continued for a while, Mrs. Grayson asking the typical questions about life and family and romance.

Sheila manufactured a spurious history about being born in Mexico and several other items like growing up in complete poverty, but she gushed when speaking about romance, bringing up Marco, “Ah, Me no have real boyfriend, Marco very nice to me, maybe he take me as a sweetheart someday I hope.”

Mrs. Grayson looked over her old fashion lens and chirped, “I’m on your side, Sasha. If Marco knows what’s good for him, he’ll sweep you off your feet and in no time you’ll have a wedding ring and a baby growing in that belly.”

Sheila uncontrolled purred with a smitten grin, “Awww, maybe, Mrs. Grayson…”
Sheila’s emotional attachment toward Marco had become inexplicably distorted, she couldn’t comprehend the exact reason but the manner in which the elder woman spoke of Marco made her feel like a teenager over her first crush.

Near nine o’clock and the festivities coming to a close, Rosa handed Sheila a few take home pastries with the words, “If you need anything let me know, you’re an extended member of the family, all our families.”

Sheila thanked Rosa, and then the thought crept into her head, laundry.

“Um, you know, I’m so backward in some things, Rosa. Could you please help me with my laundry?”

Rosa scratched her cushy belly, smiling eccentrically, “Of course, no problem. We usually get together by Mrs. Grayson and do our laundry all together on Thursdays but you see me tomorrow, bring your wash, okay!”

Rosa added with a smirk, “We have nice lunch too, honey, you like my cooking very much I think!”

“If your cooking is anything like these pastries, I will!” Sheila giggled.


Once back inside her apartment, Sheila placed the pastries in the fridge, and then curled up on the sofa anxiously waiting for Marco who she expected at any time.

She had her fill of Mexican TV shows and opted to watch some regular TV programs but she couldn’t stay completely focused, even a little confused at times with what she was watching.

Sheila didn’t contemplate the reason for very long, simply summing it up as being so overwhelmed with the Mexican culture that it was natural, she even felt some pride about blending in so quickly.
Things would be back to normal once she returned to her world, but in her current situation she would be able to take down those drug dealers without being recognized as an outsider.

Soon enough Sheila changed the channel to a Florida based Mexican talk show.

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Thank you for the new chapter. Have a happy New Year!
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