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very enjoyable , thaks for posting
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Hello Junketh71, Brightsun21 & Hongo1000,

Pleased you're enjoying the story, thank you for reading and your remarks.

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That was a great new addition! I look forward to what you have in store for Sheila!
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Hello Audupwr87,

Thank you for reading the story, we're pleased you're enjoying it.

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The specific female workout center that Sheila joined catered only to the upper class patrons who could afford its luxury.

Sheila was smart about dropping the pounds, setting an one pound per week goal and having a work out partner. Sheila’s workout partner was a celebrity once removed, Victoria Lansing, daughter of horror film director / producer Robert Lansing.

Victoria was a few years younger than Sheila but matched her in looks.
Slightly curly blond hair, beauteous features and ideal hourglass figure, albeit she had a little bit of a tummy bulge.

They pair usually met at around ten at night which worked out just fine for the unashamed night owl Victoria. The gym was less active at that hour, giving them the privacy to talk and gossip, and without much of an audience to review their figure flaws.

The females were clad supplementary low key compared to how they routinely looked.
Sheila’s black locks set in a lazily produced ponytail, no makeup whatsoever, her figure in a conventional black T-shirt and gray sweat shorts.

The females peddling away on their stationary bikes, Victoria gaily chattering away.

“Yeah, I was an extra in a couple of my dad’s movies; if you blink you’ll miss me.”

“Nothing personnel but aren’t your dad’s films made for teenagers and an audience who are easily entertained with clichéd films?”

Victoria nodded, slightly chuckling, “Yeah, totally. My dad knows his movies are crap but the fans like them!”

Victoria engaged in a sip of water, breezily conveying, “Speaking of which, my dad has me throwing this bash for some charity organization. Daddy does it so to keep the tax hounds from nipping at his heels. Anyhoo, stop by, you’ll have a smashing fun time; Robert Englund is suppose to make an appearance. You’d never know it but he is one charming dude.”

Sheila’s ponytail jiggled as she rocked her head back and forth, “I’ll check my schedule, see if I can squeeze it in. However, I’m expecting a phone call from a guy I haven’t seen it a couple weeks. He left in a tiff; I’m expecting him to call me, naturally apologize and then some make-up sex.”

“Bring him along!” Victoria smiled.

“I’m afraid he’s not the Beverly Hills type!” Sheila smiled back, “No, he’s crude and uncultured, but what a body and he’s fantastic in bed.”

Victoria nodded, switching the subject as she began peddling faster, “I’d be so fat if I wasn’t rich!”

“Well, given your late hours and extravagant lifestyle you probably would be husky”, Sheila peeped, “What do you do for a living anyway besides arranging parties?”

Victoria giggled, “Sometimes daddy has me read scripts, but yeah, I guess I’m a private party planner. I do however, help out the immigrant population, not much but I’m apart of this social warrior program. It’s through this program that I hire Mexicans for landscaping or working the parties and stuff like that. Genuine wet backs, most don’t understand English. I pick the best of the liter, toss the other back.”

“You feel comfortable aiding undesirables?” Sheila questioned.

“We need them”, Victoria grinned, “It’s all part of our social system, something like that.
I mean, who else is going to make my bed and clean the house!”
Sheila acknowledged Victoria with a firm nod.


Sheila had just hopped into her car when her cell phone buzzed, it was Marco.

“What a coincidence, I was just talking about you.”

“Its late, it couldn’t be anything to do with law enforcement”, Marco wisecracked.

“You know me better than that, Marco. Having you behind bars would be a hollow victory, you’d lose your credibility, you’d be just another thug in a prison cell.”

Sheila continued in a perky tone, “Actually I was talking with a close friend, we’re exercise partners.
I won’t say she’s your type but I believe you’d find her appealing, another spoiled rich girl with fabulous features and form.”

“You’re the only spoiled rich girl for me; I can only handle one consentida at a time!” Marco replied.
“So I’m a spoiled girl, ah, Marco? I was hoping you would apologize for what happened 2 weeks ago and then have some make-up sex. However, I have an early day tomorrow. You’re going to have to do with a rain check.”

Marco sighed then questioned the vixen, “You at the gym? How’z it going or should I expect you plumper next time we’re together.”

“I lost a pound which is exactly what I want. A woman loses weight too fast and her body will be tricked into thinking its starving. In the long run you’ll wind up heavier.”

Sheila paused briefly, “There’s really no change to my figure, maybe it’s my imagination but my tummy looks bigger, I did really drop a pound though. I should be more patience with the results.”

“Ah, well honey, no worry, that little bit of belly fat ain’t harming yo beauty, you could add another 15 or 20 pounds, you’d still look hot.”

Sheila did smile, “That is sort of flattering in an arcane mode, but I’m set on getting back in shape.”

“Always using the big words, honey, you don’t have to impress me with your smarts”, Marco uttered, “But what ya wearing? You in that body suit or what?”

Sheila snickered in a cute fashion, “Oh you’d love to see me now. I’m in a T-shirt and gym shorts, my fat tummy spilling unto my lap. I’d be embarrassed if seen by my friends or colleagues. I’ll tell you this too, I started this work out routine and diet just in the nick of time; my thighs are getting squishy looking!”

Marco laughed, “Whatever, chica, you worry too much about getting fat. Girls in my part of city don’t give a shit, they know its ineligible.”

“You mean inevitable”, Shelia smugly corrected Marco, “But you’re correct, from my experiences with servants and in general, Mexican girls have a natural potential in getting big. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.”

There was a moment of silence, Sheila questioned if she had insulted Marco.
However, Marco cheerfully inquired if he could possibly see Sheila tonight, he had some important news to share with her.

“I said I have an early day tomorrow, can’t you tell me over the phone?”

“I could but don’t want to, what if somebody is listening in, you do work for the government, this is a big secret thing, I’m being hush-hush about it, my lovely woman.”

“I sincerely doubt my phone is being tapped”, Sheila stated.

“I can’t take the chance, but honey, my successful ambitious woman, what I got to tell you rocks”, Marco droned persuasively, “But I like to see you dressed casual in public too, damn nice change instead of always looking elegant and powerful.”

“My attire is natty; I look positively the suburban soccer mom…” Sheila peeped a giggle.

“Then you gotta see me tonight, how often do we get to mingle in public like any normal couple, eh, pretty girl?”

Sheila sighed, “Well, conventionally speaking I wouldn’t risk being seen with you in pubic and looking particularly slipshod, I’m very self-conscious about my figure. However, everybody who’s anybody wouldn’t see me at this hour especially if we meet at a common eatery. I can’t stay very long though. Where you want to meet?”

Marco initially suggested a bar near his neighborhood, Sheila nixed the idea, “I’d rather not, my car would be stolen in 15-minutes.”

Sheila recommended a family style restaurant a few minutes away from her exclusive apartment, Marco wasn’t on board, it was too far to drive.

“Where the hell are you right now?” Marco asked.
“The fitness center is on Rush and Hale street. How far away are you from there?”

Marco was surprised there was a health club right there, smack dab in the heart of the Los Angeles business section. Sheila favored him with the facts, “It’s above a jewelry store, very private, only us in know and money are even aware its there.”

“Okay, okay, I know where you are. Drive east until you get to Bally, make a right and keep on driving until you reach Franklin, there’s a Taco Bell knock off called ’Buena Fiesta’ its not much compared to your elevated standards but it works for me.”

Sheila agreed.


Buena Fiesta was located in a middle class all Caucasian neighborhood, a second rate version of Taco Bell, the building looked tacky, the cuisine generally generic Mexican food.

Marco arrived first, waiting in his ugly brown van, scoping out the patrons walking in and out of the economically cheap establishment.

Sheila parked along Marco, both of them leaving their vehicles in unison.

“Damn”, Marco blurted quietly at the look of Sheila in her exercise outfit.
The manner in which her hair was set in a messy ponytail, sans makeup over her sweet face, the sloppy condition of her figure, all a major turn on to the stud.
“She looks so uncomplicated”, the thought zipped through Marco’s mind.

The sweat shorts displayed her belly fat to the hilt, a miniature potbelly that nimbly poked away from her body in accurate roundness, and likewise her thighs which may or may not have gotten bigger but appeared marginally swollen and were on route to all out flabbiness.

Sheila hesitated before embracing Marco in a quick hug, and he spoke to her in Spanish, “You look the beautiful, sexy woman, almost passing for Mexican.”

Sheila playfully ran her fingers through Marco’s coarse dark hair, playing his game, replied in Spanish as well.

“You approve of me looking like this, darling? I thought being so far beyond your taste is what attracted you to me?”

“No. no, this works, perfectly, you see, we finally get to play outdoors with the other kids without me masking my identity.”

The conversation continued in Spanish.

“We’re here, I’m willing to pretend I’m a modest girl without much potential in anything, you’ve been putting on that you’re something you’re not when you’re with me”, Sheila replied, manufacturing a lazy almost stupid drone to her voice.

Marco leaned in for a kiss, the smooch lasting a full minute, finally he smiled in some triumph, “We couldn’t do it while out in your polite society, your stuffy rich people would shit.”

“As long as you respect me, I’ll play along; consider me a girl from your neighborhood, an uneducated chica who cleans up after white people.”

“How I want to make love to you at this moment…” Marco grinned, gently squeezing her squishy belly pouch, “Bellies are sexy, chica, so very sexy.”

Sheila giggled, “Play with my fat all you want now, Marco, I still intend on losing it.”

Marco embraced her belly with his full hand, giving her another kiss, short but sweet, then delivering her the facts, “Ah, silly girl, diets are only for superficial white women, Latina’s know there’s no shame in being voluptuous.”

Sheila fleetingly glanced over her breasts, “I’m well-endowed as is, I needn’t be too voluptuous, in English that’s interpreted as fat.”

Marco looked around Sheila, glancing at her mildly inflated rump, “You’re getting there!” he teasingly remarked.

Sheila was aware that Marco’s shenanigans weren’t meant as callous and she quipped, “Even you admitted you’re not especially fond of fat girls, how you’d treat me if I got really fat?”

Marco took Sheila’s hand. “Depends how fat you get. I don’t mind a little weight, some extra padding is alright, just don’t become a cow, I’d disown you then.”

Sheila laughed out loud, “Granted I never expect to get any heavier than what I weigh now! But you’ll seriously renounce me if I got roly-poly?”

“Why talk about shit that’s ain’t going to happen, right?”, Marco’s tone sounding somewhat skeptical, causing Sheila to lean into him, wrapping her arm around his neck.

“Marco…” Sheila was about to ask if he really doubted she could get her shape back into mint condition but he brought his lips to hers.

While locked in a fiery moment, Sheila panicked in her thoughts, “What if I don’t slim down, could I possibly get fat?”

“Aye, chica, we keep speaking Spanish in the place, what I have for you, nobody must know, keep pretending you’re one of my hoochies, my favorite one.”

Sheila curiously inquired, “Is it that big?

“Very big, you’ll be crazy about it, okay?” Marco pinched the pulpy tissue which accumulated over Sheila’s waist, “And I order for the both of us, you eat good too, you behave like I’m the boss, Understand?”

Sheila grimaced, “What about my diet, you have any idea how much I weigh?”
The smart, powerful attorney a smidgen uneasy about Marco’s seemingly dubious notion about not shedding the pounds and even getting heavier interrupting her cool disposition.

Sheila rubbed the expanse of her belly, replying in English, “Shit, Marco, I’m closing in on 135-pounds, that’s a lot for me.”

Marco delicately cupped the sides of Sheila’s face, his tone soft but controlling, “Keep talking Spanish, stay in character. You my hoochie, I’m your man.”

Marco smiled, the puffy texture to Sheila’s face was enticing, he wondered what she would look like with apple cheeks, such a chubby appearance to her face would surely tame her wicked attitude.

Marco deliberately skimmed his fingers over the width of Sheila’s tummy, kissing her before addressing her like she held no authority and was just another Mexican chick off the streets.
“You be sure eat what I order, after what I tell, you want to have that fat belly pooch, be certain, chica, to your advantage to remain thick.”

Sheila bobbled her head, unable to reply as he pulled her toward the cheap restaurant.
Once inside, Marco momentarily grabbed her hold of Sheila’s waist, whispering, “If you’re set on getting skinny again, more power to you. Once this is done, you can try diets and working out if you have the energy and that frame of mind.”

Once again Sheila was tossed for a loss, was Marco hinting that she would fail in her attempt at shaping back up and perhaps become heavier?

“Um, Marco, you can’t believe I enjoy looking like this, I’m extremely determined in retrieving my taut tone figure…”

Marco blatantly interrupted her, pointing to a table toward the back, “Sit there, I’ll get the food!”

Sheila sulkily obeyed Marco, she detested his current treatment of her, there would be no sexual encounters with him in the near future.

As Sheila took to her hard plastic seat, she saw a few customers looking at her, especially a pair of young Caucasians guys.

Sheila was almost sure she overheard one of them say, “Why can’t they eat in their own neighborhood.”

Sheila glanced over at them, feeling a need to inform them that she wasn’t Mexican, but she then looked over at Marco, he wouldn’t approve and would chastise her for doing so.
Thus she remained at the horribly plastic table she was seated.

Marco soon returned with two ultra supreme platters of generic Mexican food and two large Pepsis.

“You’ll never know how appealing you look to me now, so common, very working class and nicely inappropriate compared to your usual crowd of rich punks and spoiled girls”, said Marco as he placed Sheila’s meal in front of her.
“Eat up, chica; you have no reason watching your weight!”

Sheila began to nibble, “What’s this big news you have for me?”

Marco leaned toward her, “Eat like you’re hungry, you rarely get to dine in such a nice place and such tasty food!”

“This isn’t fun anymore; I don’t approve how you’re addressing me.”

Marco chuckled, “Ah, you finish half of that and I tell you what you’ll be happy to know, but eat all of it chica, you don’t want to offend your man.”

Sheila began eating at a faster pace, softly she quibbled in honesty, “This is disgusting food, and really, I’m ashamed to tell you this but I have a fear of getting fat.”

Marco wagged his head, “Try pretending you enjoy it, people are watching, be happy, be cheerful. I’m insulted if these gringos think I’m bullying you.”

Sheila conceded but only out of pressure, a wide smile over Marco’s face, “So you fess up, huh, chica. Ain’t being afraid of getting big not practical for a strong minded and disciplined American woman?”

Sheila forced a smile to her beautiful face, this in turn brought out her budding second chin, “I know, I know. But all of us have weaknesses and fears, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t.”

Marco laughed, “Never believed you would ever call yourself normal! Nah, chica, add some growth to those hips, get your belly out there so I‘ll need both hands to hold it, then you be normal. You’re still a high priced white woman thinking she’s better than us.”

Sheila sipped her Pepsi, firing a cold look at Marco which he correctly presumed as arrogantly stating her superiority.

Marco simply smiled.

“It’s important nobody has any idea what I’m about to tell you, even though we’re talking Spanish, so speak excitedly about your day, make shit up of you have too.”

Sheila sighed, feeling this wouldn’t get done if she didn’t play along with Marco’s ridiculous ruse, hence she elatedly rambled about the food in which she really detested, “Honey, the food here is the best, how often do I get refrain beans like this! Please bring me back here, please, please!”
Next up she complimented Marco in exaggeration, “You’re so kind and sweet to me, my friends are so jealous, not one has a man like you!”

Finally and to Sheila’s relief, Marco shared his dirty laundry.
“There’s a shipment coming in from Panama, suppose to be some crazy shit too, the rumors I heard say that it was sprayed with chemicals before picking, the high from smoking is insanely potent. Like what ya call psychedelic or something.”

Sheila nibbled intensely on the cuisine while listening.

“It’s going happen next week or the week after, the drop. It’s on 26th Street, the Scavengers territory.”

Sheila wiped her fingers off a paper napkin, “That’s not your turf, what’s the big deal?”

“You know there’s still hostility between my gang and Hector Gutierrez’s gang. Even though Hector is in hiding in Mexico because a certain assistant D.A. fucked up royally, he’s still calling the shots.”

Sheila resumed nibbling, “I didn’t fuck up, somebody got to the Hector and warned him before the Feds could pinch him. Anyway, why should I be interested in this?”

Marco explained, “If the law seizes this shipment before the Scavengers can distribute it on the streets, it will allow Hector’s gang to run the neighborhood. Hector’s right hand man is Jose Morales; I had a sit down with him. He agreed to a truce between our gangs if the weed coming in is intercepted.”

Sheila nodded a couple times, “And this involves me how?”

“You make the bust, not the actual arrest but go in undercover, learn the details, the when, where and how, then notify the Feds. That simple.”

“You’re crazy”, Sheila smirked, “Why would I want to do this?”

“Don’t you get it? Think about the prestige, how it’ll boost your career, imagine what it’ll do to your reputation taking this scum down. Damn, you’ll have a clear shot at being elected District Attorney.”

“Going undercover sounds dangerous, and since when are you so interested in my career?” Sheila cracked an eye, “What’s in it for you?”

There was something peculiarly off about Marco’s smile, “I’ll have a truce with Hector’s gang, ain’t that enough?”

Sheila softly chuckled, “I know you Marco, you’re just as ambitious for power as me. Could it be if you were involved with the District Attorney, this would create leverage when some of your boys get arrested, keep local law enforcement off your back? I already do that!”

“But”, Marco replied sleazily, “You become elected D.A., you can rid the streets of Hector’s crew and all my other rivals.”

“Some truce”, Sheila uttered while finishing the last of the tacos, “I knew you weren’t on the up and up. Damn, that’s lowdown, even for you.”

“Hey, I got mouths to feed”, Marco gestured with his hands, “Maybe you don’t believe me but I put people to work too. I even help the seniors in my neighborhood. Maybe I’m something of a rat, yes, but I’m a dignified rat, I look after my people.”

Marco straightened his posture, a proud look in his eyes, “So, what it’ll be?”

“Probably not, although something like this would prove an advantage to my career, it’s too risky.”

Marco patted his belly, steering his eyes onto his tray, “I’m full, finish my burrito for me, baby. I hate wasting food.”

Sheila wagged her head to the negative, Marco reached for the burrito and picking up the half eaten portion placed it on her tray.

“Eat, it be doing me a favor”, Marco smiled but with a stern sparkle in his eyes.

Sheila rolled her eyes, proceeding to nibble on the burrito.

“What risk? I be looking out for you and so will Yolanda, Yolanda Monterey, she is my number one next to you, I trust her with my life, and yours.”

Sheila puffed up her cheeks, sighing loudly, “What is she to me, a stranger. But you have me curious, what do you mean undercover?”

“Naturally you’ll pretend to be Mexican, Yolanda will prepare your looks, give the impression you’re a poor wetback, unfamiliar with the neighborhood, maybe a little stupid.”

“You really think I can pull that off?” Sheila skeptically replied, “Do I really look all that Mexican to you?”

Marco nodded, “Yeah, without makeup, and how round your face is getting, your features betray your Mexican heritage.”

Sheila giggled, “And that’s the reason why you’re stuffing me! So my face will get fat!”

“Face, belly, you fit in, remove the high maintenance appearance, sort of a girl who would rather have a big meal than wear preppy clothes. Yolanda will help; she’ll have you looking more Mexican than she is.”

“This is ridiculous”, Sheila giggled again.

Marco continued, “I already found you a place to crash for the while you is undercover, and you’ll work at this bar and grill. It’s where some of the Scavenger club members hang out, I’m almost sure they’re meeting up with the Panama people there. Thing is, can you really convince other Spanish people you’re Mexican, a poor girl from some small village who hasn’t yet become accustomed in speaking English and barely smart enough to wash dishes and clean bathrooms?”

“Do I look stupid?” Sheila all but grumbled, “I haven’t had a challenge I couldn’t handle.”

Marco folded his hands over the table, his expression and voice rather rigid, “Alright, show me how it’s done. Pick up our trays, take them over to the trash heap, leave trays on top of the can, and then walk over to the counter and ask that boy working there, where’s the bathroom!”

Sheila placed her elbows over the table, perching her chin over her hands, “You’re kidding? Remember the last time you were over at the flat, I think my impersonation of a Mexican girl was spot on.”

Marco agreed, “You did okay, but even you would admit there’s room for improvement.”
“Remember you‘re nobody special”, Marco added with a grin.

Sheila shook head as she collected the trays, then dispensed them at the trash bin.
Adjusting her T-shirt, Sheila spun around and made tracks to the service counter.

The clean-cut high school lad working the counter smiled, “Yes miss, anything I can do for you?”

Sheila made use of hands, wildly gesturing as she dumb-downed her voice, “Si, um, you show me the ladies room pleeze?”

“I’m sorry miss, we don’t have a public washroom here” the young man politely answered.

Sheila charmingly smiled, “Oh, okay then, me just asking, thank you.”

Sheila turned around, Marco was already by the door, as she walked toward him, she over heard a young male customer say under his breath, “If they’re going to be here, why don’t they learn the language.”

“Fooled him”, Sheila smiled, her back to the young man.

Meeting Marco at the exit, she leaned into him, both her hands over his chest, giving her a quick smooch; she then whispered in Spanish, “What you think?”

Marco gently pushed Sheila to the side, “Wonderful, baby”, he walked outside, not having the courtesy to hold the door open for her.

Sheila trailed a few feet behind Marco, her belly quivers as she picked up her pace to finally walk beside him.

Their conversation reverting to English, Marco wasn’t shy about informing Sheila, “In my culture the woman always lets the man enter and leave a building before her, keep that in mind.”

“I’m not sure I want to go through with this if you’re going to continually treat me like shit”, Sheila voiced her protest.

Marco wrapped his arm around Sheila’s waist, she felt slightly flabby, causing him to grin like a maniac. “Ah, don’t worry, as long as you’re a strong domineering white woman, I’ll always respect you.
If I was a bit harsh, think of it as me conditioning you for your assignment, okay?”

Sheila nodded; they reached the area where they were parked.

“Another thing, I know this operation is supposed to be undercover but I think I should convey this to someone just in case…”

Marco interrupted Sheila, “Not a bad idea, we talk about it in my van.”

“That will have to wait until tomorrow”, Sheila replied, “Remember I have an early appointment.”

Marco brought one arm around Sheila’s shoulder, slithering his free hand underneath her T-shirt, strenuously kneading her belly bulge, “You look so sexy tonight, that act you put on, really turned me on.”

Sheila couldn’t resist slanting her body against Marco, delivering him a sensual kiss.
“We talk in my van, okay?” Marco inquired.

Sheila nodded, “Ten minutes.”

Marco escorted Sheila to the passenger door, helping her in, giving her luscious ass a firm squeeze as she entered the foul smelling van.

“It reeks in here”, Sheila complained once Marco hopped inside.
Marco brought his face toward Sheila, “Smells okay to me. What did you want to talk about?”

Sheila giggled, “You brought up talking…”

Their lips merged together, kissing excitedly, Marco bringing his fingers between Sheila’s thighs.
Sheila softly moaned…..


Sheila opened her eyes; there she was cuddling up to Marco on the mattress in back of his wretched van.
Still in her T-shirt, her gym shorts and panties lay near Marco’s head.
Seems their talking resulted in an impromptu sexual romp.

“How stupid can I be?” Sheila chided herself as she shook Marco.
“I can’t believe I just had sex in a van in the parking lot of a cheap fast food restaurant”, Sheila awkwardly droned.

“No big deal, I have sex in my van all the time, that‘s sort of the reason I put the mattress in here” Marco candidly grinned.

“Just hand me my clothes”, Sheila grumbled, “I have to get home, now!”

“It’s not my fault, you never said no, you going crazy”, Marco softly uttered as he handed Sheila her shorts and stylish panties.

“I don’t blame you, it was the heat of the moment, just I’ve never expected to have sex in a van”, Sheila half-smiled, “It’s unbecoming, you know, for a woman like me.”

Marco watched as Sheila slowly maneuvered her panties over her thighs, she softly giggled, “Between us though, having sex in a van is sort of naughty, right?”

Marco smiled, “Ah, so you’re not so straight laced after all, cool, ay mami tu tan caliente!”

Sheila arrogantly smiled back, “Of course, thanks just the same.”

“Then we do it again, here?” Marco anxiously questioned.
“I didn’t say I want to make a habit out of it!” Sheila sighed.

“Why be in such a hurry to go home, spend the rest of the night here with me, nobody bothers us:, Marco tried to persuade Sheila; “You have a change of clothes in your office, and a private bathroom to clean up.”

“First off this van smells like a toilet, if you’re unable to clean it then invest in some odor repellent”, Sheila said almost cruelly.

Sheila subsequently cupped her bulbous belly, “I can’t bloody well show up at the office with my fat tummy for everyone to gawk, it’d be embarrassing.”
Marco chuckled out loud, commenting in his thoughts, “Such vile vanity wasted on a beautiful woman…”

Sheila glimpsed at Marco with downcast eyes while her fingers skimmed over the buttery expanse, “Letting my figure go is unacceptable, I’d look weak, undisciplined, I’d lose my advantages….”

“Nobody takes fat women seriously”, Sheila added, her ego and confidence resurfacing, “I’m better than that, nothing will keep me from my aspirations.

Marco affectionately ran his fingers over the side of Sheila’s face, “Of course, your mind is set…”
Delivering Sheila a fervent kiss, “You’re so strong-willed and proud….”

The kissing resumed, Marco inching Sheila downward unto the mattress, his inner thoughts in direct opposition to her goals, “…but my aspirations will rid you of all that!”

Sheila automatically spread open her thighs but her astute reasoning prevailed, “No, we can’t, not now..”

“Very well, chica”, Marco half-smiled, gently pinching her belly fat, “Remember no diet or working out until you’ve made the bust, “You can’t look like being in shape is a priority, got me?”

Sheila nodded. “Yeah, sure do. I suppose I can tolerate the padding until this endeavor is finished. But the very next day it’s back to the gym and watching the calories.”

A confident smirk slipped upon Marco’s face, “Absolutely, I’m very aware being physical fit is extremely important, the advantages like you say, American women can’t look attractive enough.”

“Then we’re on the same page”, Sheila readily broadcast with an adamant expression.
“But you do realize such things don’t concern Mexican women; remember that when in my neighborhood.”
Sheila brushed back her bangs, “Yeah, I’ll remember that…”

As Sheila reached for her purse, Marco grabbed her arm, “Wait, don’t go yet. I want to take a picture of you on my phone; I need to make you a fake ID card.”

“I look a wreck!” Sheila loudly screeched.

“All the better you don’t look so perfect”, Marco replied, “You’ll have many flaws, mammacita, you’ll be a poor plump one, no advantages to speak, understand.”

“You’re laying this on kind of thick”, Sheila cheekily smiled, “But yes, I understand what you mean.”

Sheila removed the rubber band which kept her ponytail in place, her dark mane messily falling over her shoulders. Manufacturing a disenchanted expression, she conveyed to Marco in Spanish, her voice especially humble, “My only concern is eating a good meal and some kind of work, Marco.”

Sheila grabbed Marco by the shoulders, favoring him with a long kiss.

“Stop by the flat at around midnight, we’ll continue this”, Sheila smiled, their lips locking again for a brief moment.

“Take my photo then, okay…”

“You’re the boss”, Marco grinned, “We should decide too who you’ll share this with, okay?”

Sheila’s breasts swayed from side to side as she backed out of the van, “You’re right.”

They shared a final kiss, “I wish I didn’t have to leave but my career comes first”, she said in a sultry whisper, “But pop by tonight, I’ll make it well worth it.”

Sheila turning around, deliberately wiggling her ass on route her car, Marco cheering her on at first, “You got it all going on sexy girl!, but then smirked as he surmised in his thoughts, “Cherish that fine ass while you can, another month or so you’ll be hauling around a big ol booty!”

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Postby Junketh71 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:02 pm

This was one wonderful chapter. Thanks for the update.
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Postby Matt L. » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:05 am

Hello Junketh71,

Thanks for reading, I'm delighted you're enjoying the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Postby brightsun21 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:48 am

Very good as always
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Postby Matt L. » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:09 pm

Hello Brightsun21,

Thanks! We're very pleased you're enjoying the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Postby div » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:19 pm

One can finally see where this is heading. Nice idea.
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