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Daphne Blake sat at her vanity table priming her luscious mane of brick red hair, much to Velma Dinkley’s annoyance.

“Hurry up already! I’ve been ready to go for a half hour!”

Daphne’s cute smirk brilliantly coincided with her silly giggle, “Oh Velma! Girls like you will never understand!”

Velma stood at the door holding up the car keys which she dangled, “Understand this, I’m leaving now! Your Romeo Fred will be supremely disappointed about you not pulling your weight!”

Velma’s comment did snag a cord with Daphne, she was becoming increasingly uninterested in the mystery solving franchise and had recently become absorbed with the idea of becoming a television spoke model for a celebrity gym. However, Daphne did want to keep her boyfriend happy and after a quick glance at her resplendent reflection tore herself away from the mirror, muttering aloud, “I guess this will have to do!”

“You guess this will have to do?” Velma snapped semi crankily, “We’re checking out a high school not having dinner at some five star restaurant.”

Daphne hurriedly sashayed by Velma, “That’s so like you, Velma, always bringing up food!”

Daphne walked far ahead of Velma on route to the car, “You drive, I need to check out my messages.”

“I always drive when we’re together, really Daph, I’m starting to feel like your personal chauffer!”

The females buckled up, Daphne surveying her phone, Velma pulled the car unto the street.

Fred and Shaggy were away at the yacht club checking on some shenanigans happening there, the team didn’t usually split up but Mr. Wimple the dean of students at Roosevelt High School was thus so quite alarmed by the weird incidents occurring at the high school, Fred felt sending the team off in separate directions was the sound thing to do.

“Since I’ve known you in high school, Daph, you’ve always been the archetype of feminine physical beauty but jeepers, lately you’ve become abnormally obsessed with your looks where it’s infringing on the team. Even Fred has groused a few times that you have been slacking off since that fitness center tendered you a proposal to work for them!”

Daphne veered her eyes away from the phone, “I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

“There’s nobody else in the car!”

“You don’t know what it’s like, Vel”, Daphne said as she returned her eyes to the text messages.

“Ohhhh please enlighten me, what’s it like being a fashion vixen!” Velma shrilled.

“Is that sarcasm?” Daphne inquired.

“Yes, and I’m laying it on thick in case you can’t tell! Twice you’ve referenced me being clueless about girls like you. I’m anxious hearing the details….” Velma ragingly uttered.

Daphne heaved an aloof sigh before addressing Velma.

“You’ve always been all brains, and rather naïve about feminine stuff, and I mean like dressing up as if you’re always in the spotlight or making sure your hair is perfect. You do have that dweeb look spot on and it works for you, I really believe you make causal look cute despite the lackluster garments and the hairdo. Although isn’t it about time you switch for more fashionable eyewear. Right?”

“Hey!” Velma peeped as she unconsciously pushed up her glasses, “There’s nothing amiss about my appearance, so what if fashion isn’t my top priority!”

“How long have you been wearing that big orange turtle neck sweater?’ Daphne giggled, “But I suppose it does suit you now since you’re carrying some extra chub.”

“You have no clue how much I weigh!” Velma replied a tad self-conscious.

“Who are you talking to?” Daphne buzzed, “I can discriminate even the slightest changes in a person’s weight like it’s an art form. Your skirt is starting to cradle your butt and your thighs are becoming wider. Even your face reveals the additional pounds as your second chin looks roomier.”

Velma uneasily wheezed, Daphne decisively shook her head, “I’m judging by the look of you, you’ve put on 14 or 15 pounds in the last month.”

“Its 10-pounds and mind your own business!” Velma said huffily.

Daphne questioned, “When was the last time you weighed yourself?”
“Two weeks ago Saturday…”
Daphne again giggled, this time much louder, “Add another ten pounds to that number!”

“Shut up!” Velma blurted.

“Well, Vel, I’ll tell you this, wearing a brown skirt is marvelous. Perfectly sets you up for what’s to become of you!”

“Huh?”, Velma’s reaction overblown with confusion, “What does wearing a brown skirt have to do with anything?”

“You see! This proves you’re soooooooo fashion dysfunctional!” Daphne chortled, absolutely proud to show off her fashion knowledge, “The color brown is a fat girls color, suits you just fine then doesn’t it!”

“I’m not fat!” Velma boisterously pledged, her voice then softened into an uncertain drone, “Not that fat anyway, I just got a tiny bit pudgy.”

Daphne cracked a very superficial grin, “I agree to some extent but at the rate you’re going in another few months you’ll be tubbier than I want to imagine.”

“But as long as you’re okay with it”, Daphne added rather patronizingly, “I’d lay off the donuts, milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches if it was me.”

“It’s not you, alright!” Velma tensely warbled, “You’ve always been slim, looked gorgeous, been admired by your peers. For some of us its hard work!”

Daphne mood switched to a critical venue, “You don’t even try working at it. Oh for sure, you’ll mind the calories for a little while now that we’ve had this talk but you’ll return eating unhealthy fattening foods and make excuses for your appetite. Really, your clothes say so much about you.”

Velma tugged at the sweater’s fabric, “My clothes say what exactly?”

“That you have no urgency about looking presentable and ignorant in terms of style.”

“If I had a body to flaunt maybe I would be more interested in stylish clothes_”. Velma mused aloud but then dished it back at Daphne, “_But I wouldn’t be illogically fixated on my appearance or as vain as you.”

Daphne harshly gaped at Velma, “I’m not vain, that’s a typical comment frumpy girls use to make themselves feel better around glamorous types.”

A broad smile grew up Velma’s lips; she took pleasure digging her astute wit into Daphne’s thin skin.
“You’re an artificial bombshell, all fluff and no substance. Your contribution to our gang has always been vague at best. You’re eye candy, window dressing, take away your looks you’d be our traveling secretary or go-fer, maybe a second hand sidekick. Even Fred wouldn’t be the least bit amorously captivated by you.”

Daphne folded her arms over her bust, and she grimaced, “Well, I’m the one whose been approached as a spokes model.”

“My point exactly!” Velma announced as the high school came into view, “Your superficiality is out of cosmic proportions!”


The friends bickered long enough for Velma to park the car; the girls then hopped out and made tracks to the high school.

The contemporary high school was stretched over a pair of building with a small on campus park where the cheerleaders were rehearsing their routines.
Clad in Red and black uniforms, only a handful of the girls could be described as being in respectable physical condition, the majority of the cheerleader ranged from moderately out of shape to pleasingly plump.

Daphne immediately noticed the cheerleaders wearily and somewhat clumsy actions, and she couldn’t refuse a catty remark.

“Seems they’ve lowered the standards since I was in high school, most of those little heifers wouldn’t make my squad!”

Velma’s expression curdled, “Daph! If you can’t be civil, keep your observations to yourself!”

“I was just saying”, Daphne uttered a little too arrogantly, “Half those girls won’t look as hot as me when they’re my age.”

Velma cringed inside but let the remark go, continuing the bickering would be pointless.


A few minutes later they were seated in office of the Dean of Students where he explained the strange events.

“I know I’ll sound like a lunatic but you can go around school and interview other witnesses.”

Mr. Wimple was an older man, bald and with a thick mustache, glasses perched over his hook of a nose.

“First thing that happened I guess was when Ms. Eberhart the English teacher began speaking in Yiddish slang and with a loud Brooklyn accent, and then Kimberly Orbit who was destined to represent the school in the state’s track competition somehow gained 45-pounds overnight, most of the weight distributed over her rump and thighs.”

Velma and Daphne listened as Mr. Wimple shared a few more of the strange transformation shenanigans.
Lea Stuart the president of the Young Republicans club now has taken up a Bohemian lifestyle and wants to be a folk singer, another student, Ginger Taft who used to volunteer all the time for school events has become an introvert, Calvin Hanson the quarterback now throws like a girl, and Ms. Sandra Pine, the bubbly and popular student counselor thinks she’s a freshman and a geeky one at that!

Mr. Wimple concluded, cracking an eye, he made sure the door was shut before adding his suspicions, “There was talk, I most certainly believed it was nonsense but a few members of the faculty and some of the students sort of had the notion that Ms. Wallis the cafeteria matron is a witch.”

“A witch? Do you think this woman is a witch?” Velma asked.

“I don’t think so”, Mr. Wimple replied, “I mean, she’s a little spooky in the unconventional sense but she never put a hex on me.”

“We should check her out”, Velma told Daphne who agreed with a nod.

“You’ll find Ms. Wallis in the cafeteria located in the north concourse, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a banjo lesson.”


Upon entering the cafeteria, Daphne and Velma were immediately welcomed by a gawky looking girl who was obviously in her early twenties but resembled a student.

“Hi! I’m Sandy! You’re new around here!”
Sandra Pine’s hair was in a messy pixie style, not a shred of makeover over face which had a minuscule amount of acne while her pencil thin body was decked out in mangy flannel shirt and faded blue jeans.

“Ms. Pine?” Velma shrewdly asked, “You’re the senior counselor, aren’t you?”

Sandy lowered her head but lifted her shoulders, “I get that a lot but nooooo, I’m just a student, this is my freshman year”, she gushed then giggled.

“Any possibility you could lead us to the cafeteria matron, Ms. Wallis?”

Sandy’s features froze in horror, “Oh no, no, no. I’m not going near that woman and neither should you, she’s a witch!”

“What makes you think she’s a witch?” Daphne redundantly asked.

“See that girl over there….” Sandy pointed over to a young woman clad in a drab housekeeping uniform, “That’s Vanessa Taylor, she was totally materialistic, now she works part time cleaning rooms at the Holiday Inn because she thinks housekeeping is her calling.”

A large booming voice interrupted the conversation.

“Sandy! Shouldn’t you be in Mrs. Pokono’s English 101 class?”

Sandy turned around and gazed over at the frosty haired woman, “Oh, right, sorry…”
“Got a go!” Sandy screeched as she hurriedly walked by Daphne and Velma.

Ms. Sabrina Wallis was a tall overweight woman, her white hair in an old fashion bun style, her eyes holding an ominous sparkle, mainly centering her vision on Daphne.
“May I help you girls?”
Daphne stepped behind Velma, who made the introductions in a crisp and clear tone,
“I’m Velma, this is Daphne, we’re from Mystery Incorporated, we’ve been hired to check on the strange events present at the school.”

“Ah, this is just a normal high school, nothing as you say ‘strange’ happening around here”, Ms. Wallis answered.

Velma momentarily swung her face toward Daphne who was standing behind her, then resumed her conversation with Ms. Wallis, “Just the same if you don’t mind we’d like to interview some of the students and staff, including you. Are you free to speak with us now?”

Ms. Wallis nodded, “No harm in a little chitchat, trust me, Velma, I’ll convince you there’s nothing out of the ordinary happening around here.”

“Do you have an office or somewhere we can talk in private?” Velma continued to speak while Daphne remained positioned behind her unusually scared.

“We can have our discussion here in the lunch room, take a seat at that table over there”, Ms. Wallis said pleasantly, “I’ll join you in a minute, first permit me to gather something for you girls to nosh. I’m a firm believer that the best way to converse is always over a meal or snack.”

“Fine”, Velma cheerfully replied just before Ms. Wallis walked away, the friends taking a seat at a table.

“What going on with you?, Velma chided Daphne but with a smiling face and sweet tone, “Standing behind me, being quiet. See, you’re not pulling your weight.”

Daphne whirled several strands of her radiant red hair around her fingers, “That…that woman is totally crazy spooky!”

Velma wagged her head, her brawny intellect distinguishing something foul by Daphne’s behavior and choice of words.

“Spooky? Ms. Wallis looks like any other conventional cafeteria matron; you’ve experienced plenty of spooks, phantoms and goblins. I think Ms. Wallis is indisputably harmless compared to them.”

“Golly, Velma”, Daphne warily discharged, her face seemingly wincing in doubt and fear, “Did you see how Ms. Wallis looked at me with those big creepy eyes, like she looked right through me but at the same time calculating something sinister about me.”

Velma tilted her head; there was something suspicious about Daphne’s vocabulary.

Daphne rocked sideways in her chair, her arms folded over her bust, her body language more than a little peculiar.

“Maybe we should just get the H-E double hockey sticks out of here, tell Freddy this was all an erroneous misunderstanding…”, Daphne nervously warbled.

Velma’s mouth dropped upon realizing, “Daphne, you’re sounding like a nerd and a frightened one at that!”

“No I’m not!” Daphne pouted, grumbling in attempt to scold Velma yet a bolt of immaturity causing her to fail, “You’re the nerd! Nah-nah! Not me!”

Velma leaned back in her chair, deducing without haste, “Maybe there is something about Ms. Wallis being a witch, I believe you’ve been hexed.”

“Hexed? How?” Daphne’s voice cracked, “I don’t notice anything different…” she squeakily droned.

Ms. Wallis stepped unto the scene holding a tray which contained two extra-large milkshakes and a few slices of pie.

“You girls must be faminished”, Ms. Wallis crookedly smiled.

“I’ll say!” Daphne chirped, Velma’s features curdling in shock as she watched Daphne seize the glass and pounced on the straw, slurping away a generous mouthful.

Velma began to caution her friend, “Wait, Daphne…”, but it was too late, Daphne had emptied half the glass, subsequently gnawing on a slice of pie.

“Oh let her eat”, Ms. Wallis slyly told Velma, “We have the most delicious milkshakes, try yours…”

Daphne wiped her lips, emitting a high-pitched giggle, “Nah, she better not, Velma’s dieting.”

Ms. Wallis turned to Daphne, her lips curving into a mischievous grin, a venomous twinkle occupying her eyes, “Then it shouldn’t go to waste, the other milkshake is all yours!”

Daphne elatedly bounced in her chair, “Goodie!”

Velma reached over and grasped Daphne’s forearm, “Settle down, this isn’t what it appears to be.”

“And what does it appear to be?” Ms. Wallis interrupted Velma.

Ms. Wallis stood in an authoritative stance, “Ah, high school is such a splendid place, cultivating minds and launching futures.”

The girls experienced a tingling sensation rippling through their bodies as Ms. Wallis continued, “You both remember your high school years, don’t you?”

“Oh heck, yeah…” Daphne managed to reply and with pride as she began nibbling on the other slice of pie, “…I was a cheerleader, totally popular and cute…”

“Be nice for a transitory review, wouldn’t it now, and I have an itch I can’t scratch that says you have the perfect attributes for cafeteria work, missy!” Ms. Wallis smiled at Daphne.

Daphne sunk lower in her chair, “Cafeteria”

“You’re scaring my friend!” Velma shouted at Ms. Wallis.

Ms. Wallis took a step back, “Your friend? Your friend is self-important and superficial; alas traits and behavior are essentially developed in high school.”

Ms. Wallis’s features became twisted, a weird shrill to her voice, “Travel back to high school, Velma, see if things can be improved…”

A grayish-blue whirling mist engulfed the pair, the females felt a bizarre coldness, blinking a couple times, Ms. Wallis was gone but once the cloud had subsided, things were different.


“We’re teenagers again!” Velma spoke while in awe and vastly flabbergasted as she gazed upon Daphne.

Daphne’s luxurious red mane lay over her shoulders, outlining her scrumptious beautiful features and while her figure was clad in her former white with navy blue trim cheerleader uniform, her body wasn’t exactly the same.

A little baby fat circled Daphne’s waist and she now sported a small plump pouch over her once smooth tummy.

In turn Daphne surveyed Velma’s appearance, now realtively skinny and sporting the very same orange turtle neck sweater and brown skirt.

“You’re right!” Daphne exploded in giggled, “You always wore that getup! At least you’re thin!”

“Yeah, this is cool being back in high school”, Daphne added as she steered her lips toward the straw, Velma quicky pulled the milkshake away from Daphne before she could consume another sample.

“No! This isn’t cool! Quite the opposite!” Velma urgently squawked, “We have to find that Walls woman and have her change things back.”

However, Daphne’s mind focused on the milkshake, “Hey!” she squeaked, “I was drinking that!”

“Are you sure you want to drink this?” Velma warned Daphne, “Look at your figure; you’re hauling about ten extra pounds!”

“Oh, I can work it off in the gym!” Daphne chuckled, “No big deal! But like, you know, this might be fun reliving high school. It was such a blast for me.”

Velma shifted her body, leaning in toward Daphne, conveying, “Ms. Wallis’s intentions aren’t about us enjoying our high school years, it’s a spell to thwart our destiny. Didn’t you hear her say you’d be perfect working in a cafeteria!”

Daphne giggled, “So? I’ll meet a lot of cute guys working in the cafeteria.”

Daphne grabbed the milkshake, slding her lips unto the straw, she began to nourish.
“Not if you’re fat!” Velma finally replied.

Daphne folded her arms over her cleavage and pouted, “You’re just being mean coz in high school you were a dork and didn’t have the cool advantages that I had!”

Velma pushed up her glasses, “As much as I’d like to see all this come back and bite you in the ass, I’m really imploring you to get in a right mind about this and help me find Ms. Wallis before its too late!”

Daphne crinkled her nose as she finished the milkshake, “You’re a wet blanket, totally.”

Daphne vacated her seat in such haste, the legs of the chair noisily skid across the tile floor.
“Go and find that woman on your own, I’m going to meet up with my friends!”

“Friends! What friends?” Velma questioned.

“Duh, I’m a cheerleader and super popular!” Daphne patronizingly rattled off, “I must have tons of friends. Good luck hunting for Ms. Wallis!”

Velma watched in utter annoyance as Daphne walked away, noticing the roomier aspect of her friend’s hindquarters that had grown by inches and apparently caked with flabby tissue.
The nimble roving of Daphne’s fuller duff coinciding with the faint quiver of her marginally plump thighs.

Velma slid off her chair and was about to trial Daphne, albeit her actions put on hold by some matronly looking teacher who sneered at her.

“Velma Dinkley! Get a move on it or else you’ll be late for PE!”

Velma was caught off guard, “PE?”

“You know very well I mean physical education as in gym class!”

Velma wagged her head, “I’m not a student here…”

The teacher pointed to the cafeteria’s exit, “Now! And I hope you have your uniform!”


Velma looked around, just as she was somehow transformed back into a high school senior she now stood in the girls locker room.
A crowd of cute and bubbly, and very physically fit senior girls circling around her.


“Where did this geek come from?” a dazzling red head questioned.
Velma was about to speak when another girl interrupted her, “Nice hairstyle, dork!”
However, from out of the pack a picturquese vixen with wavy chocolate brown hair and lean yet enthrallingly sculptured to the max figure advanced forward.

“I’m Priscilla Prescott! The queen bee!”

Finally Velma started her explanation, “This is going to sound very strange and it won’t make much sense….”

Priscilla’s bored expression weighed heavy on her charming features, “Stop talking, your voice is giving me a headache.”

“Maybe I should leave”, Velma said adjusting her eyewear, “I don’t belong here.”

Erica Rynehurst, the squad’s beta female, smirked in agreement, “You got the hint.”

Priscilla cracked an eyebrow, “Just a minute, don’t go anywhere.”

Velma stood while the cheerleader circled her, Priscilla signaled over to Erica, “Let’s be lenient, we’re all overdo for a charitable act of kindness.”

Erica wasn’t shy about her opinion, “Yeah but just look at the dork, her frumpiness makes my skin crawl.”

“Then we’ll have to change that won’t we!” Priscilla told Erica, and then announced to her court, “Let’s give this rag muffin a makeover! Prettier her up so she won’t be a visual burden to us and the school.”

“Visual burden?” Velma said softly, though inescapable to the collection of cheesecake.
“You can’t very well attend our school looking like that!” Erica boldly smiled, “That hair and glasses, and what disgusting department store did you buy those clothes at?”

There was an arcane quality to Priscilla’s smile as she gently grasped Velma’s forearm and led her to the mirror. “It’ll be okay, trust us.”

“First, you have to lose those ugly glasses!” Priscilla said casually. “How will I see?” Velma questioned.

Erica sighed, “I know you’re highly contaminated with the nerd gene but au courant babes wear contacts!”

Velma groaned, “Had I wanted contacts…”

As Velma groused concerning contacts, Priscilla swiftly tore the glasses off Velma’s face, Erica handing the Alpha cheerleader a pair of contacts in errie swiftness.

“Place them on your eyes, do it now!” Priscilla urged Velma.

Velma was seemingly influenced by the dazzling beauty, and did as she was told.

“Ohhhh…I see much better now”, Velma smiled upon putting on the contacts, “Not only has my vision improved but I perceive a certain milieu that was once foreign to me, mentally and physically.”

“Keep talking like you’re extra smart and you’ll be permanently removed from our clique!” Erica sneered.

Priscilla bubbly grinned, “You’ll have to excuse Erica, she’s very quick tempered about such things.”
Velma hesitated but nodded, Priscilla continued, “If you want to be on top of the social ladder intelligence isn’t a requirement, you just need enough brains for passing grades.”

Erica flipped back her mane, “That’s right, Suzy-Q, you can’t be a show off in smarts if you want to hang out with us popular babes! Only nerds and geeks have high IQ’s, and they’re pariahs.”

Velma giddily replied, “Right! Intelligence is so over-rated. I’d rather look hot and hang out with the beauty people!”

Priscilla congenially giggled, “Well, we have to get you there first if you want to look hot! Those repulsive clothes have to be tossed.”

Velma anxiously undressed, her undergarments causing a chorus of laughter from the crowd.
“She wears the same brand panties as my mom!” a cheerleader shouted out.

“I have never seen primative underwear like this, I mean totally granny style”, Erica perkily mused aloud.

Priscilla snapped her fingers, another cheerleader emerged from the crowd toting a duffle bag which she promptly opened and removed a set of fashionable looking bra and panties.

Priscilla handed Velma the garments, “Here, put these on in the shower stall.”
Velma held up the bra, the cups vastly larger than her natural self.
“Ohhh, I’m afraid this is too big for me.”

Priscilla grabbed Velma by the shoulders and spun her around toward the shower stall.
“Don’t question me, now march!”

Velma held the garments close to her body and traipsed to the shower.

(((((( MEANWHILE ))))))


Daphne as it appeared was walking in circles, and no sight of the cool kids, the clique she unvaryingly belonged. Daphne repeatedly found herself in the cafeteria, and due to exhaustion and perplexity, parked her spacious cabbose at a table to gather her thoughts.

“Hey baby!” a tall skinny dude trying to sound cool broke Daphne’s concentration.
Besides being lanky, his blond hair was a mess, a trace of acne over his face and his clothes hardly matched.

Daphne didn’t even bother favoring the dude with eye contact, and conforming to her upper class status, addressed him in an aloof manner, “Get lost….”

“Oh I get ya!” The guy smiled, “You’re feeling down in the dumps! I know what cheer you up!”

Before Daphne could reply, the guy was gone but was back just as quick with a large banana flavored milk shake.

“Here ya go, pretty girl, it’s on me”, the young man humorously stated, introducing himself as Iggy he then added, “There’s no limit for milkshakes if that’s what makes you hap-hap-happy!”

Daphne angrily gawked at Iggy until he rubbed the bottom of her chin.
In a flash Daphne’s anger was quelled and she smiled, “Thanks for the milkshake.”

Iggy took the seat next to Daphne who once again emptied the glass in one smooth slurp!
Daphne’s tummy pouch moderately progressed in size, becoming something of a junior level potbelly.

“Feel better my lovely dream of enchantment?” Iggy said ultra geeky.

Daphne brought her hands over her belly, oblivious to its swollen condition and heaved an elongated breath, “Oh hot dogs and spaghetti, I’m cosmically in left field, I can’t find my totally awesome friends!”

Iggy excitedly brought Daphne up to speed, “Don’t be miffed about that! I know where they are but first you got to tell me your name and I‘ll take you to them!”
Daphne rolled her eyes and crinkled her nose in a cute mode, “Daphne Blake…”
“Outrageous name for an outrageous babe!” Iggy screeched, “Seriously cool! I’ll call you Daffy, okay?”

Daphne reeled back her face, “Okay, I guess?”

Somehow Iggy managed favoring Daphne with another milkshake, “Take a sip, Daffy, I’ll take you to your friends.”

“I really shouldn’t, cheerleaders need to be in the most best fantastic shape ever…” Daphne admitted as she brought her lips to the straw, a hint of drool leaving her lips, “….but darn, I can’t resist…”

Daphne closed her eyes and slurped away a mouthful, her bone chilling snort filling the air.


Daphne opened her eyes, no longer in the cafeteria she was in a dimly lighted room with several other students represented by both genders. The boys on one side of the room, the girls on the other, sharing one obvious and distinct trait; social misfits - the nerds and geeks.

Daphne was sandwiched between a pair of portly girls; Gretel Brink who was clothed in garments several sizes too small for her humongous body, and Tina O’Shea, who looked like an obese farm girl in her faded blue overalls.

Gretel’s dark hair stucked to the sides of her face, Tina’s blond mane in pigtails, cosmetic free faces but acne littering their chubby cheeks.

“You gonna go Saturday?” Gretel enthusiastically asked Daphne, “Frannie’s grandma makes the best homemade pizza, and we’ll have potato soup with cheese too!”

Daphne felt obliged to answer but she didn’t expect the awkward sounding drone that left her lips, “I’ll see, maybe?”

The girls applauded in excitement, Daphne’s eyes falling onto Iggy who was seated at a table with a couple of abnormally nerdy looking guys.

It took Daphne a moment to edge herself upward but she moved swiftly to Iggy.
“What the heck is going on?” Daphne whined, “You were supposed to take me to my friends!”

Iggy and the other guys chuckled, and he finally started the fact, “Oh Daffy, these are your friends!”

Daphne brought her hands to her hips, “No! These aren’t my friends, I’m a cheerleader! I hang with the popular girls!”

A voice coming from behind corrected Daphne, “You, a cheerleader! Good one, Daffy!”
Daphne turned around, for some bizarre reason she knew the chubby high school senior addressing her was Frannie Swanson.

Frannie’s brown locks dangling downward over her shoulders, her bangs uneven, realistically compatible to her marginally pretty - blemished equipped face.
Approximately 200-pounds and pear shaped, Frannie was clad in a mutil-colored top with the caption ‘Purr-fect’, a cartoon kitten beneath, her doughy looking belly hung over her ratty parachute pants which broadcast her wide bubble butt and buttery thighs.

In swift action Frannie slapped Daphne’s protruding belly, casusing it to uncontrollably bounce and triggering a voluble shriek from Daphne, “OW! That hurts!”

Frannie cackled, “You big baby! I didn’t know cheerleaders were such whiners.”

Daphne pouted, she didn’t feel so impressive or confident being picked on by a chubby geek.

“Jokes over, Daffy!” Gretel yelled with a giggle.

Frannie shook her head, a cheesy but benevolent grin taking root in her pudgy face.
“I don’t know why you’re in that get-up, did you really think you’d get away with it posing as one of ‘them’.”

Daphne wiped her nose, “One of them?”

“The preppy kids! You’re one of us, Daffy!” Frannie announced.

Daphne nervously tugged on the skirt’s waistband, whimpering in a high pitched tone, “You saying I’m a social misfit, an oddball?”

“To the majority of students, yes!” Frannie chirped.

“Nerd, dork, dweeb, geek!” Tina called out, “Take your pick, all the popular kids think that about us!”

Daphne covered her mouth, muttering quietly, “No, this is out of range in cosmic proportions.”

Frannie grabbed her purse, a hefty pink bag decorated with pictures of ’The Powder Puff Girls’. And removed her comb, “We have to put you back in order; we’ll start with your hair…”

Daphne froze in her spot as Frannie ran the comb through her lustrous red locks.
The length Daphne’s of mane shorten into a trivial mushroom style, the hue losing its radiance becoming a jaded shade of orange. Daphne’s skin became oily, black heads on the side of her nostrils, pimples over her jaw line while she her nose developed a bulbous tip.

Daphne’s front teeth enlarged, her lower lip widened as her cheeks became puffy and round, a second chin flourishing in a squishy texture.

The mushroom hairdo challenged the bloated aspect of Daphne’s face which now could be best described as plain, registering the impression of a terribly timid and dumpy young lady.

Daphne’s eyes grew wide, although not privy to a mirror she knew exactly what she looked like, “Oh, no, no, no, no!”

“Daffy, nothing wrong with how you look, you blend in with us perfectly!” Frannie smiled warmly, “You’ll feel better once you’re out of that uniform and into suitable clothes.”

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The version of Velma that walked out of the shower stall looked nothing like the previous version.
Roving brown hair brushing her shoulders, her facial features within the highest plateau of feminine beauty, equivalent to her athletically sound - hourglass figure.

The seamless plunge bra cradled her beauteous tear drop shaped D cup melons, Victoria Secrets thong panties depicting the smoothness of her curvy derriere.
Velma impishly smiled as she skimmed her fingertips over her taut and trim tummy, subsequently glimpsing her luscious lean thighs.

Priscilla nodded in approval, “All you need is clothes and make up, and you’ll rock the house.”

Velma returned the nod, “Sounds peachy”, her voice resonating a bubbly yet eloquent sound.

Erica likewise congratulated Velma, “You’re the real deal.”

“I do believe so”, Velma conceitedly grinned at her reflection.

Erica strutted over to Velma, handing over a her new garments and expensive sneakers.
Velma didn’t need to be coaxed into putting on her new wardrobe - a cherry red spaghetti string top and fashionable slacks of a snazzy silver hue.

Velma spun around to the cheerleader’s applauds, makeup was next and Tiffany Sharpe volunteered to produce the accurate look to Velma’s gorgeous face.

Nothing too drastic, just a modest touch of cosmetics to heighten Velma’s enchanting features.

Velma now walked with purpose, an energetic bounce to her stride.

“You’ll get your uniform at next practice”, Priscilla buzzed, “But you’re smoking hot! You are one of us!”

Erica playfully embraced Velma, giving her a gentle squeeze, “Any chance you’d want to change back to a dork?”

“No way!” Velma giggled.



A visibly out of shape Daphne stood in shock as she found herself in foreign clothes.

A white polyester pullover blouse which had a grimy tint due to multiply washing, a small collection of stains contaminated the apparel which the washings couldn’t erase.
Along with the top, Daphne found herself in a psychedelic style sweater vest which was a little small on her, the vest was covered with arcane symbols in loud colors.
The lower portion of Daphne’s body was equipped with stretch slacks of a tepid shade of brown.
The material embraced her figure quite uncomplimentary, putting emphasis on the flabby condition of her belly and the negligible saddle bags blossoming on her thighs.

Daphne felt like a downtrodden wimp as her peers gazed over her with silly smiles.
Tina and Gretel left their chairs to join Frannie as she surveyed Daphne’s appearance.

“Daffy almost looks normal!” Gretel snickered, Daphne lowering her eyes, faintly uttered, “Almost normal?”

Frannie took a step back, announcing in a loud voice, “Okay, who has Daffy’s glasses?”

Daphne swerved at his hips, nervously blurting, “I don’t wear glasses!”

Tina and Gretel giggled, and although Daphne wanted to lash out at them in anger, she experienced the sensation of an emotional straightjacket tightening around her.
Daphne merely sighed passively.

Iggy left the table where he watched the scene with his pals.
“I have Daffy’s glasses, I took them in the cafeteria, it was a prank.”

Frannie bestowed Iggy a comical gape, “You boys, what you do when you’re smitten with a girl.”

The black frame glasses held oval lenses, seemingly old fashion, a small crack in one of the lens.

Gretel and Tina stepped on either side of Daphne, grasping her shoulders and arms as Frannie placed the eyewear over Daphne’s nose to her sniveling protest, “I don’t wear glasses! This is a….”

Daphne’s eyes grew wide as did her mouth as the glasses came into contact with her face, and she immediately squeaked, “Cool!”

Daphne’s brain became rewired, her aptitude in fashion as well as her desire to always look stylish had evaporated, switched for a ridiculous fondness for math and science, video games and comic books, her maturity level and self-esteem subsequently sinking hard.
The chaos of the transformation escalated, Daphne realized diets were for superficial skinny girls, greasy and other fattening food, especially milk shakes, she habitually and cheerfully enjoyed without any reservations pertaining to the excess weight she would pack on.

However, there was a continued component to the physical nature of the transformation that Daphne didn’t expect beginning with her nose which readily fattened into a broad proboscis and her puffy cheeks were connected to her pulpy double chin by way of a distinctly flabby jowl line.

There was a drop to the size of Daphne’s spectacular looking breasts, the pride of her figure deflated to a pathetic 34-A cup size while a roll of fat oozed over her waist.
Daphne’s belly spiraled into a portly blubbery gut, her ugly brown slacks snugly cradling the bugle.
Daphne’s butt became somewhat roomier, the tissue redundantly soft while her thighs took on an unattractive chunkiness, overwhelmed in gooey fat.

Daphne’s weight gain had finally ceased, now in the vicinity of 190-pounds, she experienced a moment of relief in the knowledge she wouldn’t have to diet or look a specific way.

Albeit the damage to her appearance quickly roused her emotions to the negative, and she whimpered, “Nobody will ever treat me the same again…”

“Not true, Daffy!” Frannie firmly disagreed, “I mean, stop being so insecure. Among us you’re cool, totally cute on the nonconformist radar. Isn’t that right, Iggy?”

Iggy blushed, Frannie signaling the collection of nerdy girls, “Let’s give them room to talk.”

Frannie and the other girls backed away, permitting Iggy to privately open up his feelings.

“Golly, Daffy, I thought you knew, I think you’re outrageous, and like, gravy on the mashed potatoes.”

“You like…like me?” Daphne blinked, “I’m a fat dorky troll…”

“Oh shoot!” Iggy mustering up some confidence replied, “You don’t have to be skinny to be nice looking and wow, what you call dorky I call all the rage in unconventional individuality.”

Daphne unconsciously began gnawing on her thumb, “You serious, you think I look nice?”

“Sure I do, Daffy”, Iggy smiled, “You’re positively cute. But, like, I know you got plans Saturday with your friends by Frannie’s grandma, but if possible would you go to the movies with me, like earlier in the day? My mom will drive us to the mall; I’ll even treat for snacks and stuff.”

“How can I refuse that”, the thought blipped through Daphne’s head and she reached out and shook Iggy’s hand, “That’s a deal!”

“Awesome-sauce!” Iggy giggled.

The geeks each took a step back, Daphne’s cheeks flushing a light shade of red, “So it’s Saturday, our date”, Iggy anxiously nodded.

Daphne swerved her chubby face toward her friends, “Better be getting back to the girls…

“Meet you in the cafeteria later for a milkshake?”

Daphne’s attraction to Iggy mushroomed, and she snorted a chuckle, “Love to!”

Daphne had no idea how sophomoric she sounded while giddily talking about Iggy and their date.
Naturally her new crew of friends behaved similarly.


Upon study hall time coming to a conclusion, Daphne politely if not awkwardly excused herself from her friends and searched for Velma, hoping to join forces in finding Ms. Wallis and to lift the hex.

As much as Daphne opposed the transformation, she was getting to feel particularly natural in her new skin. Anxious about her date with Iggy, excited about hanging out with the girls Saturday evening - and even somewhat tolerant about her appearance.
Daphne needed to find Velma, and quick.

Exhausted from the search, Daphne eased herself down and on a bench in front of the cafeteria.
Students walking by, not one acknowledging Daphne or even making eye contact.

“How can I be so big and so invisible at the same time?” Daphne squawked to herself.

Finally, a group of slender, energetic and fashionably attired females marched by Daphne.
Obviously social ladder top elites.
Daphne watched as they strutted by her, a certain mesmerizing dish captured her attention, her intuition somehow insisting the stunning student was Velma.

“Velma! Velma! Is that you?”

The trendy females paused in their steps, Velma, Priscilla and Erica closed in on Daphne.

“You know this loser?” Erica questioned Velma.

Velma nodded, her facial features revealing her embarrassment.
“We sort of know each other…”

“What do you want?” Velma questioned Daphne in a crisp annoyed tone.

Daphne ignored the frosty stares emitting from Priscilla’s and Erica’s eyes, nervously she stuttered, “Um…could ..could…we …talk….talk without them a…a…around?”

Velma’s expression soured, “Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of them!”

Daphne tugged on her vest, softly snorting before squeakily delivering her thoughts, “I guess okay, but y’know things have gone astronomical crazy since we met Ms. Wallis. Jeepers, I mean look at you and look at me, you’re stunningly beautiful now, I’m a fat spazz, she did this, Ms. Wallis. We got to find her and have her change us back before it’s too late coz I’m starting to get used to being like this and it sucks….”

Daphne restively adjusted her dorky glasses, “Sorry um, for using crude slang…”

“Totally a weirdo!” Erica smirked, Priscilla agreed, “Totally.”

Velma pensively gazed at Daphne, “You have porked up some, nice getup and hairdo”, she said cheekily. “You do whatever you must but like, you do it alone!”

“Oh…Velma, I need your help, every turn I make I end up back in the cafeteria…”

“No surprise…” Priscilla sarcastically quipped.

Daphne sighed, “…and I can’t stand being like this, I even have a date with a nerd!”

“And they say opposites attract”, Erica’s giggled.

“I’m having the best fun ever being popular and cool and beautiful!” Velma bragged. “I totally hope we stay like this, so if you never find Ms. Wallis I don’t care.”

Daphne gaped at Velma, “You don’t care? Look at me, look at this fat belly, my chubby face!”

Velma cracked a haughty grin, “Stop the tantrum, you’re making a scene.”

Daphne pouted, Velma continued, “You said you were starting to become used to being an overweight geek, so embrace it. The whole butterball gawky look works for you, anyway, you had your fun, it’s my turn to bask in the spotlight!”

Velma took a step back as did the other cheerleaders.
Waving her fingers, Velma lightly chuckled, “Bye-bye, fatty!”

Daphne lowered her face, cradling her billowing belly as the females walked away in unison.

Time seemed to stand still for an abnormal length of time until somebody slid an extra large milkshake over the table toward Daphne.

“Cheer up, chubs, here’s the remedy of what ails you”, uttered a feminine voice.
“So I can get fatter…” Daphne softly grunted.
“It’s inevitable”, the voice replied.
Daphne swerved her face upward, there stood Ms. Wallis.

“Oh, no, no, no….” Daphne’s whined, “I’m big enough already, you got to change me back….please!”

Ms. Wallis inched herself closer to Daphne, “Why should I? You were so extraordinarily superficial and critical, and shallow and snotty…”

“You made your point!” Daphne replied with whatever strength of character remained.

Ms. Wallis scarily grinned, “There’s the door, right. You’re free to leave.”

Daphne maneuvered her flabby body the best she could, moving at this size was indeed a challenge.
There at the far end of the cafeteria was a wide glass emergency exit.

“I think you’d manage walking through it, it’s extensive enough to accommodate your width!” Ms. Wallis deliberately ridiculed Daphne, and she knew it.

“I can’t go without Velma”, Daphne’s chipmunk cheeks inflating as she pouted.

“Never mind about Velma”, Ms. Wallis eerily warbled, “You’ll be reunited in the long haul, wouldn’t dream of separating you. But leave the high school now, and I mean this instant and you’ll find yourself back at your apartment and an adult. If you choose to remind then, Daffy, you’ll experience life as a tubby teenage misfit.”

Daphne slowly if not clumsily stood up, gazing at the exit and then the milkshake -twice.

“Yes, chug the shake, then you may leave”, Ms. Wallis stated a little too charmingly.

Daphne adjusted her waistband, her blubbery belly swishing around, “Sure!” she agreed somewhat submissively.

Daphne didn’t bother using the straw, instead she lifted the tall glass to her lips and chugged the frosty treat.

Daphne became rounder at the hips, her bulbous butt shooting outward and an additional coating of flab invested her thighs.

Finishing the milkshake, Daphne humorously smacked her whopper of a belly a couple times, “Sure happy I’ll be losing this!”

And as she waddled to the exited, chirped aloud, “Be utterly outrageous to be back to normal!”

Daphne reached the exit, opening the sliding glass door the colossal young lady needing to turn sideways to push herself out of the building, grunting as she managed to squeeze through.

Dizziness intervened on Daphne’s conscious…….


Daphne’s eyes settled on the TV screen, she was back in the apartment she shared with Velma, and she instantly became aware that she was no longer a teenager and back to an adult.

Daphne sighed in relief, a smile popping unto her face -
Until Velma entered the room!

“Vel…Velma?” Daphne choked the word as her eyes fell upon the captivating vixen who entered the room.

A luscious chestnut brown mane rolling over Velma’s shoulders broadcasting her attractive features, her fit and trim figure in a sparkling red tube top and orange yoga pants.
“Yes, it’s me”, Velma snapped, “You’re watching too much TV, it’s melting your brain!”

Daphne gulped a mouthful of air, “Jeepers! You look great!”

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious”, Velma haughtily smirked.
“You’re supposed to be getting the car.”

Daphne awkwardly nodded, “The car, right. Where are we going?”

“Daffy! Really”. Velma furiously chided Daphne, “The studio, remember. I have a commercial to film for that celebrity health spa!”

Daphne’s mouth widen, “Ohhhhh!”, and with that the realization that the witch brought them back to adulthood but aligned with their reinvented history.

Daphne turned around, the chair she was sitting in was humongous, candy wrappers and empty bags potato chips bags <jumbo size> scattered over the lamp stand and coffee table along with a half full 2 liter of cola. Crumbs scattered everywhere.

Daphne clasped her belly which distended in comical fashion away from her obese body with a bulging curve, her fingertips disappearing into the viscous fat.

Daphne was in a purple colored turtle neck T-shirt, emerald green trousers illustrating the squishy condition of her gigantic spherical shaped posterior and jumbo size thighs.

The orange hue of Daphne’s mane had softened to wishy-washy at best, uncombed and tangled, roving over her shoulders, outlining her fat features.

“I’m still fat!” Daphne shrieked, her belly jiggling as she released her finger from the blubbery dome.

“Thanks for the news flash!” Velma indifferently replied, “Are we going or what?”

Daphne blinked a couple times, remembering their excursion to the high school and Ms. Wallis.
Just maybe if they went back, things could be reversed?

Daphne blathered away, “What about the assignment, the haunted high school, Freddy wanted….Fred wansts ….wants us to check it out…out… remember?”

“You talk like Fred’s my boss. I have better things to do then to solve mysterious”, Velma addressed Daphne with an aloof grin.
“Fred and Shaggy can have all the mysteries for themselves. Why do you even care anyway, you’re just the office assistant!”

Daphne took a step toward Velma, her belly’s doughy consistency resonating a notable jiggle in sync with her quivering thunder thighs.

“Wait a minute…” Daphne screeched, wanting to correct her friend, after all she was an integral member of the team.

Velma gazed over at Daphne in complete snootiness, “Yes, what?”

The data concerning Daphne’s tenure on the team registered clearly, Velma was correct.
Daphne was the hired help, garnishing a paycheck for answering the phone and fan mail.

Daphne blankly stared at Velma upon the realization, Shaggy basically ignored her and Fred was her boss without any romantic interest.

“Golly…Freddy doesn’t….” Daphne finally blurted.

Velma sighed, “I don’t know why you have a crush on Fred, trust me, he’s not all that amorously competent. Fred’s probably the lameness guy I ever dated.”

Daphne shrugged her shoulders, the knowledge of a brief but disastrous fling between Velma and Fred harkened back to her.

Velma sashayed in a spurt of feminine gusto toward her Gucci handbag, “I’m dating guys who are much more knowledgably attune to the ways of a woman and financially better off.”

“But what about your boyfriend, what’s his name again?” Velma sounded off in a syrupy cute tone.

Daphne’s eyes grew wide, her reinvented history juggling her memory, “Iggy…”

Daphne felt a little insulted that her best friend couldn’t remember her boyfriend’s name; they had been dating since high school!

“Yes, the guy who works at Best-Buy. Nobody can ever accuse you of being involved with a guy based on material things like looks or money but as long as it works for you, I think it’s cool in a weird way.”

Daphne squished her the sides of belly while in thought, Iggy wasn’t especially grand looking and he made crap for a living but he could be sweet and affectionate, when he wasn’t playing video games.

“Jeepers!” a bouquet of smile added width to Daphne’s bloated cheeks, “Iggy does really like me! Funky, isn’t it, my size doesn’t impede our super romance!”

Velma spewed an absolute conceited grin, “Naturally, the guy is a peculiar milquetoast, you’re lucky I suppose. You’ll never understand what’s it like for girls like me!”

Daphne sizzled in excitement; her posh exuberant attractive friend actually admired her about something, “Really! You think I…”

Daphne paused with a perplexed look, “Huh?” she snorted.

“Well, girls like me are always expected to look our best, guys are always crowding around me, asking me out. It can be arduous. You can be as big as a house and you have one fella who thinks you’re his dream come true.”

And with that comment, Velma sighed and then loudly demanded, “Get the car, Daffy! Remember the commercial!”

Daphne grunted, “I’m not your personnel chauffer!”

Velma tossed back her vibrant mane, “Actually you are, at least until my career really takes off.”

Daphne reached down and picked up the final king size Snicker’s bar, ripping off the paper before taking a big bite.

“Ew, you’re always eating!” Velma chiding Daphne in disgust, Daphne subsequently replying as she waddled out the door, “Yes!”

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Postby Islewing » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:00 pm

What a fun read. For a moment, I thought she would end up a lunch lady. But still, nice work.
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Postby Junketh71 » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:27 pm

This was a very fun and amusing Scooby-Doo story. Thanks for sharing it!
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Postby Matt L. » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello Junketh71,

Glad you enjoyed the story, thank you for reading it.

Sometime next week I'll post a story called, "Who's Fat Now."
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Postby audipwr87 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:52 pm

A great Scooby doo themed story! Your stories never cease to amaze me my friend!
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Postby Matt L. » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:46 am

Hello Audipwr87,

I appreciate your kind thoughts. Thank you for reading the story.

Cheers, Matt
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Postby Hongo1000 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:10 am

Very enternaing, thak you for posting.
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Postby Kappa Evil Foot » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:29 am

So fun to read! I always felt like Velma deserved better. Shaggy too. Also, kinda thought Velma was cuter than Daphne in general.
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Postby Matt L. » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:57 pm

Hello Kappa Evil Foot,

I'm pleased you found the story entertaining. I enjoy your work as well.

Cheers, Matt
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