Greetings from Succubunny!

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Greetings from Succubunny!

Postby Succubunny » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:13 pm

Hello out there! Just thought I'd make my presence known and give a quick introduction!

I'm a writer, and I mostly specialize in hypnosis and brain-drain(-IQ) stories. I'm new to this site but a few years back I was posting stuff for a while. I've gotten back into writing porn after a lengthy hiatus and thought it'd be a good idea to post here! I've got a wordpress (and Deviant Art, and Furaffinity) page(s) where I post most of my stuff. However, I'll try to post things here occasionally too if people are okay with that!

I hope it's okay to post a link to my wordpress if people are interested. ^_^;
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