New Writer: ABDL, WG, MC, etc!

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New Writer: ABDL, WG, MC, etc!

Postby diamonddaisy » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:15 pm

Hello all!

Like it says above, I am a new writer around here, and I'm working on my very first story to post!

The story is going to have themes such as ABDL, WG, spoiling, mental shift, diapers, and eventually almost certainly **wetting/messing** (so if that isn't your thing, please step out now). The subject of the transformation is male, and the "antagonist" is female, same age range. I have a working plot in mind already, so to speak, but I am sort of wishy washy on how the transformation is going to go down, so the first chapter will likely just concern the setup.

Honestly, I would love someone to just chat with on the side as I write this story...preferably someone literate and able to give feedback on certain snippets I send them. Maybe even someone up to roleplaying scenes I am trying to envision from time to time (and of course given credit later for said scenes!).

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, you should definitely contact me!
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