Race change, ap, possible weight gain request.

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Race change, ap, possible weight gain request.

Postby Bulletdodge » Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:25 pm

A white woman after giving birth to the child of her rich also white husband leaned has a tradition where after the woman gives birth to a son she is turned into a semi stereotypical black woman who claims to be the stepmother. The story takes place a month or two after birth and is either administrated by the guy or mom, if it's the mom she'd be a little condescending and skeptical she could currently treat her son right. With the wife going from innocent ingenue to mix of sassy black hoe and trashy rich southern mom who likes to flaunt both her sexy body and gratuitous wealth maybe even becoming a little older than her lover. Sorry if this is a weird request but I'd love to see this done.
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