Clothing store transformation

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Clothing store transformation

Postby PilsburyDoughZoe » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:06 pm

One of my earliest weight gain stories I found was one where a skinny girl runs into a clothing shop out of the rain, decides to try on clothes, and anything she puts on she grew to fit in. She winds up going from a size 2 to like a 18 or something. I love clothing being a part of the transformation, like outgrowing all my high fashion outfits and now struggling to find stuff thats cute in my size, turns me on. But why stop there, the story could expand. Maybe a young single girl tries on an outfit that's considered mom clothes and while she's checking out her doughy mom bod
in the mirror a little girl runs in calling her mom... Another woman accidentally grabs maternity jeans and finds herself pregnant... a chubby girl and her bean pole friend come in and wind up trading weights... a recently divorced woman who just turned 39 puts on an outfit most would say was for a teen and she becomes 18
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