harry potter dragon tf idea

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harry potter dragon tf idea

Postby mewmew666 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:39 pm

it's a harry potter idea

hermione pricks herself with a dragon fang by actident in potines

ends up slowly turing into a massive fat greedy gluttonus dragon like this but more slowly


and she flys as a dragon like this


as she slowly transfroms into a dragon she becomes fatter and fatter and more dragon like , like she starts burping and bluching fire also she becomes more greedy and gluttonus

when she becomes a full dragon she terrorizes the school , harry use a broomstick to drop a antidote into her mouth that causes her to slowly return to normal sorta like when she got turned into a cat

they know she's fully back to normal when she stops burping and bluching fire also she's alot fatter

as she transfroms Gets the appetite of a dragon

Maybe she begins hoarding more, both food and gold, courtesy of her hunger, but she begins secretly stealing gold and other valuable objects for herself, storing them under her bed

Maybe the temper comes from her body heating up, getting used to the heat, and while she's unaware of the heat, she gets understandably frustrated by being hot all the time.

she could start acting like smaug or thor and thorin when they had the dragon sickness maybe (from the hobbit )

this is what i think she's look like as a dragon





as part of her transformation, her stomach lights up whenever she breathes and it swells too

As her skin turns into scales, and become more red, it becomes more and more noticable. But in the beginning it's very subtle.

also she could slowly grow a tail and wings

i have an idea that her hair could turn red and become longer and wilder maybe

also an idea i had for when she breaths fire is that her belly glows and swells outwards

i think her size as a dragon would be 25 meters (82 feet)

as hermonie becomes more dragon like would she start doing whatever she feels like doing like she starts to lose self control maybe

She begins to see heat signatures,that would mean she would know when someone lies to her because your heat signatures changes when you lie

as hermione becomes a dragon she becomes stronger

i had idea for the hermione dragon tf where

hermione is sat in class and she begins to feel bloated and gassy and her belly starts expanding with gas like big gas balloon a teacher come over to and asks her if she's alright at which point she lets out huge belch of fire after which she let a meek "exscuse me " of crouse everyone thinks someone used a magical joke on her

also i had an idea for a scene where hermione wake up to find she has inflateded with gas and floated against the ceiling

i had idea she tries to force out the gas inside her and end up farting out fire

this take place in her dorm room after the other girls have left

this could be when she gets her wings

one idea i had was while in class, she asks if she can be excused, the teacher questions her, and she says she's feeling hot, so the teacher touches her forehead only to quickly pull it away, causing the class to laugh. The teacher, however, has been burnt from just simply touching her forehead.

also her hair could become flaming red and longer and wilder as she becomes dragon

what do you think ?
anything you would add or change ?
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