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magic IPHONE

Postby seaman » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:39 pm

Hi, I have not got such a talent for writing the story , but I thought one theme and so I want to ask if it would be someone nezhostil . Story would be about a guy who bought the iPhone and pulls you into the application you vere At first, as a joke . He later discovers that the application really works and his phone is magical. The application adds the victim, which marks the telephone any number of kilograms. And so the boy decides to go to the beach and get '' from '' go nuts with her skinny girlfriends and girls who does not know . The story should have given each character 's height and weight and should be described in the figure . Adding extra pounds should be gradual and girls over time, it should start to notice a panic what's going on with their developed bodies. Tz not immediately bow 30kg, but gradually by 2-5 kg. A previous state and the current weight , describing the changes their bodies and their shocked expressions :) led by someone write ?
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