Author Forum Request Thread

If you have a particular favorite author who's written multiple stories here, check and see if they have their own subforum!

Author Forum Request Thread

Postby TheoW » Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:36 am

New that we are pretty well established, I thought it was time to codify how to get an author forum.

The main rules is that has to be at least 5 stories by the author already posted to the site.

If you want a forum for your own fiction or you think there's an author who deserves a forum and reply here with:

* The Authors name
* Their account (if they have one)
* Links to their existing stories on the forum

If all goes well we should be able quickly make the forum for them.

Also, if we miss some stories from a given author... just poke here with links to the stories and where they should go, that way we can keep everything tidy.
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