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Careful who you trust (be, br, dg)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:31 am
by Tillykke
Very quickly wrote this one out. Haven’t even proof read but i found it a bit of fun.

Holly and Rachel looked at the new found orb. It had a strange blue light radiating from the centre. The woman who had sold it to them just said it had the power to change others.

“I’ll go first!” Holly said excitedly.

“What could she possibly want to change about herself? “Rachel thought. They had been best friends since they were young, Holly had always been the pretty one and blossomed in high school. She had amazing DD cup breasts, a great ass and looked way fitter than she deserved to. Rachel had always felt inferior next to Holly, she had an idea.

“You need to change me Rachel I can’t use it on myself”.

“What would you like me to change?”

“I wish I had more of a natural tan, I would love longer lashes and hair! I dunno, surprise me!”

Rachel held the orb and faced it towards Holly, she looked at her attention grabbing breasts. “I wish Hollys breasts were the same size as mine” she thought. She tried to send that thought into the stone. Then. FLASH! Blue light filled the room and when Rachel’s eyes adjusted Holly was standing in front of her with B-cup breasts. The fabric of her shirt had adjusted for her new, much smaller bust.

“I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!” Holly said feeling her hair and looking at her arms trying to figure it out. She turned to a full length mirror hanging on the wall and stood there for a second confused. “What did you change?” Holly asked confused. “Your breasts..” Rachel said her face reddening, feeling bad. “They look the same to me?” Holly said cupping her small breasts in her palms.

“She doesn’t notice the change!” Rachel realised. “You used to be flat as a board!” Rachel lied. “You were always saying how nice it would be to even have small breasts like mine”.

“That’s so funny!” Holly said, “I feel like I’ve had these since I was about 14!”

“You were much bigger than that when you were 14..” Rachel thought still staring at her friend. It was so strange seeing her without her massive assets.

“Well, thanks for my boobs then! They’re cute but now I feel like I’d want to go a bit bigger! “Ok your turn!” Holly said, “what would you like?”

“That’s a good idea actually.. I would love bigger boobs” Rachel said to her.

Holly grabbed the blue orb. “She tried picturing the most perfect, E-cup breasts on her friend she could imagine”. A FLASH of blue light lit up the room again.

Holly stared at Rachel in disbelief, enormous breasts sitting perfectly in a much more revealing top than she was wearing a second ago.

“What did you do?” Rachel asked.

“You really can’t tell! That’s so weird. I gave you bigger breasts like you asked for!” Holly said. “They look amazing” Holly said, voice dripping with envy.

“What?! If there’s one thing I don’t need it’s bigger breasts!” Rachel laughed. She’d developed early and then just kept growing. She remembered being just a little bigger than Holly before Rachel had shrank her chest. “That was a bit mean there was no reason to give holly those tiny tits, it was amusing seeing her like that though, she decided to keep having a bit of fun”.

“Can you give me tits like yours?” Holly said handing the orb to Rachel.

“I could, but I think it would be better make you a bit less fat first”

“Fat?” Holly said confused looking at her toned stomach.

“I’ll just add 20 pounds” Rachel thought excitedly. FLASH

Holly grabbed a fist full of her flab. “I know I’m not fit but I didn’t think I was fat? Do you think I’m fat?”

“I haven’t seen you without your clothes for a long time Holly I couldn’t say?”

Holly pulled her loose t-shirt over her head and took her jeans off. She was standing in her underwear assessing her body in the mirror.

Rachel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Holly the bombshell, with small b-cup breasts, a flabby stomach, big dimpled ass and thick thighs.

“You could definitely lose a few pounds if I’m being honest” Rachel said. “I don’t think using the orb is the best way on second thoughts, you should really learn healthy habits like diet and exercise”

“I do exercise!” Holly said.

“I love your big ass though!” Rachel said with a smile. I’d love a bit more booty. Here’s a deal, if you give me a big toned ass I’ll change one more thing of your choice”.

“Ok..” said Holly. She thought really hard of Rachel with a perfect ass. FLASH. Rachel was standing in front of her, yoga pants stretched tight over an incredible ass. Giant perfect tits pressing out from her tight tank top. Amazing cleavage on display. Rachel was a bombshell. Holly wished she had tits like Rachel, or an ass like that, or was as fit as her friend. One more change, what would she ask for...

Re: Careful who you trust (be, br, dg)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:21 am
by audipwr87
That was a great first part! I look forward to reading more of your work!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:23 am
by ssj3gohan007
Great job! I bet Rachel is going to manipulate Holly to give her an even better figure then Holly originally had while at the same time stripping Holly of her beauty and assets since she (Holly) won't remember having it in the first place, so she won't even know that her girlfriend is betraying her.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 6:34 am
by itsme
I wrote a silky prologue. Hope you don't mind.


Holly and Ronald looked at the new found orb. It had a strange blue light radiating from the centre. The woman who had sold it to them just said it had the power to change others.

Holly and Ronald had been dating for almost a year. Holly was short, kind of plain looking and knew she probably couldn't get another man as handsome as Ronald. Not that Ronald was perfect, he was kind of thin at only 150 lbs for his 5'11 height. But despite all this, Holly was considering breaking up with him.

" I want to go first," Ronald insisted. " I know what you need." Ronald pointed the orb at Holly and wished she had bigger breast. It didn't take more than a moment for Holly's boobs to grow from something appropriate for her small body to DD cup breasts. The top she had been wearing stretched out front, but didn't get any bigger.

Holly look down at her new assets and was both overjoyed and disgusted at the same time. It was great to have such big breasts, but the idea of Ronald thinking only about her tits was degrading. " He didn't even ask me," she thought.

" Don't you like them?" Ronald asked.

" They're great," Holly lied even though she had a smile on her mouth. " Now it's my turn."

" Such a big man. I wish I could take him down a few pegs," Holly thought. She wasn't planning on anything, but the orb did it's work just the same. The 5'11 Ronald shrunk to 5'4. He was still taller than Holly, but not a head taller anymore. His weight didn't change it just moved to his stomach.

"What did you do?"

" Nothing really. I just made you little taller than me." What Holly said wasn't really a lie.

" The perfect height." Ronald then took the orb. " But I think taller is better."

Holly shot up to 5'7. Her weight didn't change, but her 110 pounds looked great on a 5'7 inch frame then it had on her a little over 5 foot frame. Especially, with her DD cup boobs. Her jeans shrank to fit her new demensions.

" Now it's your turn, you know what to do."

Holly realized that Ronald wouldn't notice anything she did to him. Holly didn't like what Ronald was doing to her. He seemed to have only one thing on his mind. He wasn't such a bad guy, but she didn't want him as her boyfriend anymore. She changed him into her bestfriend instead.

Ronald changed dramatically. As Holly's bestfriend, he became a girl. His penis disappeared and modest boobs grew upon his chest. The weight in his stomach moved a little lower, settling in his hips, ass and thighs. His jeans had to adjust to fit.

Ronald came a bit envious of Holly. But they had been bestfriends since before kindergarten, so she tried to control her jealousy.

"I'll tell you what," Ronald said, "I'll get for you prettier hair, if you fix my name.". Ronald had told Holly the story long ago. Her parents expected a boy so they named her Ronald. Everyone called her Ronny though.

Two uses of the orb later, Holly had beautiful hair that framed her face and Ronald's name was now Rachel.

Rachel was holding the orb. "Didn't it look prettier at the shop?" she asked Holly. The orb's blue glow had faded. Holly and Rachel forgot what the orb could do. They felt cheated that the orbs pretty blue glow had disappeared before they even got home.

" Let's bring this back. Maybe we can get a refund."

The two bestfriends started to return to the shop where they purchased the orb.

Holly did most of the talking. Rachel had been a little envious of her friend. She was so hot and outgoung. It had been that way ever since they met years ago.

They entered the shop and returned the orb to the woman proprietor. The orb brightened up in the woman's hand.

" Are you sure you want to return this? Did I tell you about the orbs legend? "

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:13 am
by itsme
this happens even before the prequel


Holly and her 12 year old son Ronald looked at the new found orb. It had a strange It had a strange blue light radiating from the centre. The woman who had sold it to them just said it had the power to change others. light radiating from the centre. The woman who had sold it to them just said it had the power to change others.

" Now, listen to me Ronny," Holly explained to her son. " You have to use the orb to make me 15 years younger." Holly was in her early 40s. She was divorced but dating a much younger man. Juan, Holly's man, thought her a MILF, but she knew that wouldn't last. Eventually, Juan would leave her for a younger woman just like Ronny's father did.

" No, you go first. I want to see how it works," Ronald complained.

"Fine, what do you want?"

"Make me taller.". Ronald was short, just like his mother and father. He wad.only 5'2 at twelve years old. He didn't expect to grow taller than his father who was only 5'5.

" But you're still growing."

" Just a few inches then."

"Ok, all you have to do is look at the orb and say somethink like, Make Ronny 4 inchrs taller."

The reaction was immediate, the 5'2 inch boy shot up to 5'6. He also gained proportional weight making him about 150 pounds. He was a bit chunky before the change.

"Wow, that worked."

Holly handed the orb back to her son. "Now its your turn. Make me fifteen years younger."

Ronald looked at the orb and wished that Holly was fifteen. It was a mistake. He meant fifteen years younger which would make her about 28 or so.

Holly youthened right before Ronald's eyes. She past her 30s and 20s and settled at fifteen.

" It worked, it worked," Holly said excitedly. "I'm a teenager. I don't remember how old I was before."

"Yeah, that's right. You used to be ummm, my age. It's my turn now. Make me a soccer athlete. You know one of the best."

Holly didn't see anything wrong with what Ronald was asking for. If he wanted to play soccer, why shouldn't he. She used the orb to make Ronald the best soccer player in his grade at school. Ronald's muscles firmed up and tge years of soccar practice and lessons flooded his head.

Holly asked Ronald, "Finally, make Juan love me and never leave me." At 15, Holly wasn't as sure of herself as she had been. Ronald was already jealous of Juan who was monopolizing Holly's time.

Ronald who at 12 wasn't interested in girls yet, simply wished that "Holly would want to spend as much time with him as she did with Juan.". Suddenly, Ronakd wasn't her son. He was Holly's boyfriend.

Taking the orb, Holly said, " I know what you want and I'll give it to you.". then Holly use the orb to make Ronald older then she is. She was also careful that Ronald wouldn't game any more weight in the transformation. When it was all over, Ronald was a 17 year old athlete who was 5'11 and 150 lean pounds.

Ronald used the orb to make his girlfriend Holly much less bossy. He was now the man of the relationship.

After this last transformation took place, the orb dimmed.

Holly and Ronald forgot what the orb could do. They felt cheated that the orbs pretty blue glow had disappeared before they even got home.

Ronald believed he got the orb for his girlfriend Holly. " Let's bring this back. Maybe I can get a refund," he told her. It was a demand not a suggestion.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:29 pm
by Tillykke
Go for it

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:50 am
by abyssdemonxes
Absolutely love your story so far, Tillykke. The other two posts where quite a bit confusing until i realized they were written by someone else. While they are good on their own; they seemed to derailed the original story. The original premise was awesome and hopefully you continue it.