Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

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Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby Achuloh » Wed Jan 01, 2020 10:57 pm

Babysitter-Wife Swap
By Achuloh

Part 1

It was Phil and Elizabeth's anniversary, and all signs were that it was going to be their last one. Every day seemed to contain more arguments and Phil couldn't remember the last time that he and Elizabeth had shared a heart to heart, and their once active sex life was a distant memory at this point. In spite of this shakey foundation, Phil and Elizabeth had made plans for one more date night, a trial to give things one more chance.

The two of them were getting ready upstairs, when the doorbell rang.

Elizabeth shouted from the bathroom, where she was still getting ready. "That's probably the babysitter, can you get it Phil?"

Phil gave his assent, and headed down to answer the front door. He could hear Tom and Mary playing loudly downstairs. He answered the door, and instead of seeing the babysitter that Elizabeth had hired, there was a man with a package.

"Are you Phil?" the man asked.

Phil nodded.

"Alright, please sign for this."

Phil looked at the package curiously. He hadn't ordered anything, and certainly wasn't expecting anything. He signed and took the package inside. Ripping it open, he found it contained...

A device that looked like a garage door opener?

There was also a note:

Dear Phil,

I was sorry to hear that things weren't going well for you and Elizabeth. I'm not really great with "soft skills", as you well know, but I did want to help you out in my own fashion. So I'm gifting you my latest invention. Point it at someone, and press the button. Whatever you say while you're pressing it, they'll believe. Not just that, the effects will linger for a few weeks and make everyone around them believe that whatever you said is the normal state of affairs.

Hopefully this will help you solve the issues you two are having.

Your Old Uncle Jeff

Phil stared at the note and then back at the device the package had contained. Usually, his uncle Jeff made useless inventions like toothbrushes with built in floss compartments, or self-cleaning pans. But this seemed to be one of his rare breakthroughs, and if it could do what Jeff said then Phil's marital issues were done. He could point that device at Elizabeth and make her into his ideal wife.

He ripped up the note and threw it and the package in the trash and put the device in his pocket. He was eager to test it out. He hurried back to the room, where he found Elizabeth putting the finishing touches on her makeup. His heartbeat speeding up in anticipation, he pointed the device at Elizabeth and pressed the button. She stopped what she was doing and got a blank look on her face.

"Eliabeth, you want to take your dress off."

It had been so long since she had let him see her in a state of undress.

He let up on the button, and she blinked a few times before looking at Phil, giving a small smile and taking her dress off.

In spite of being in her early 30's and having given birth to two kids, Elizabeth still had an amazing body. Although her stomach wasn't as flat as it had once been and her legs weren't as toned as she was before, she was still 100% the woman he had married.

What surprised Phil the most was the lacy bra and panties she had chosen to wear. Sure, they were going out for an anniversary dinner, but he had already accepted that they would have a chaste meal and if they were lucky they wouldn't get into an argument before coming home. The thought that the two of them might actually reconcile, that he might actually see the sexy clothes she had on under her dress had never even occured to Phil.

Phil was about to use the device again, and command her to take off her undergarments when the doorbell rang again.

"Shoot, I think that's the babysitter," Phil said.

Elizabeth looked confused, "Who was it before?"

"Just a package," Phil said hurriedly. "I'll get it again."

He left the bathroom a second time, and opened the front door.

The sight that greeted his eyes robbed him of his breath. Elizabeth had mentioned that she had hired their next door neighbor's daughter, Tiffany, to babysit for the kids. He vaguely recalled that she was about to graduate high school, but he hadn't recalled Elizabeth mentioning anything about her looks.

Tiffany was a knockout. She had the kind of looks people used Photoshop and Instagram filters to achieve. It was the middle of summer, and she was wearing short shorts and a midriff bearing top that were straining against her perfect breasts and butt.

Phil was dumbstruck for several seconds, before Tiffany broke the silence.

"Are you Mr. Smith?" she asked.

He nodded, before regaining his senses and giving a more sensible response. "Uh, yes. Please come inside. Make yourself at home. I'll get Elizabeth, why don't you go downstairs and say hi to the kids?"

Tiffany nodded, and walkded downstairs.

When Tiffany was out of sight, Phil couldn't help but mentally compare her to his wife. Sure, Elizabeth still had a lot of the tone that he loved so much, but Tiffany was still in her prime and could give her a run from her money any day. He wanted so badly to see what was going on under those clothes, but as a married man he could never do something like that to Elizabeth.

Unless... He remembered the device in his pocket. Maybe, just for one day he could allow himself a little liberty. A idea started to half take shape in his head.

He came back to the bathroom, where Elizabeth was still in just a bra and panties. He pointed the device at her and pressed the button.

"You are not my 32-old wife Elizabeth, you're actually the daughter our next door neighbors, Lizzy. You're a high school senior trying make a little extra cash and you're here to babysit Tom and Mary, while me and my wife go on a date."

She blinked a few times, before looking at him and shrieking.

"Mr. Smith, I'm getting dressed in here!" she shouted. "Go away."

Phil hadn't been expecting this, but her reaction did make sense given her state of undress and her new relationship to him.

He hurriedly said, "I'm sorry! I didn't know you were in here," and closed the bathroom door. He left their bedroom and went to find Tiffany for part two of this plan.

Back in the bathroom, Lizzy was very confused. She knew she was here to babysit Tom and Mary, but why was she here wearing nothing but her undergarments? She reasoned that she must have ruined her clothes (spilled something on them maybe?), and been offered replacements by Mrs. Smith. Strange that she didn't actually remember anything like that.

There was a fancy dress on the floor, but if she was borrowing clothes, she didn't feel comfortable taking something nice like that. She went into the closet that connected to the master bathroom, and saw all of Mrs. Smith's clothes and she was... disappointed. Mrs. Smith dressed like an old lady. Well, that wasn't really fair, but she didn't have anything that would look cool for a teenager like Lizzy.

Lizzy was resourceful though, she found a t-shirt that she tied off to show off her belly, and some yoga pants that looked pretty good on her (good thing Mrs. Smith was her size!) Ready for her debut, she went downstairs to meet the kids.

* * *

Phil went downstairs where Tiffany was introducing herself to Tom and Mary. She seemed to have a natural raport with the kids, but he didn't need her to be a babysitter right now.

"Tiffany, can I talk with you upstairs for a moment?"

"Sure, Mr. Smith," she smiled and waved goodbye to the kids, before following him up the stairs. "What's up?"

Phil pressed the button.

"Tiffany, you're not actually the babysitter. You're my 32-year old wife, and the mother of our kids, Mary and Tom."

Tiffany blinked a few times, before smiling at Phil.

"I thought the babysitter rang the doorbell recently? Where is she? It's almost time to go."

Then she looked down at her sexy clothes.

"Oh no! What am I wearing? I can't wear this to the restaurant, I have to go change."

Phil realized what must have happened. What Tiffany was wearing was iffy, but fine for a teenager babysitting two kids, but it would be scandalous on a 32-year old house wife going on a date to a nice restaurant.

He pointed the device at her one more time.

"You don't think there's anything wrong with what you're wearing. Your fashion sense is exactly what it was when you were a senior in high school. In fact, you entire personality is the same as it was in high school - though you're madly, deeply in love with me and want to please me however you can."

Tiffany seemed to process this new information for a few seconds, before she gave Phil a look like a lovesick schoolgirl.

"Phil, babe. Come on, we're going to be late for our reservation."

Phil was looking forward to what the night would bring.
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 5:07 am

Well, this is quite interesting already. Good luck with the story.
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby SciFiCrazy » Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:16 am

Excellent start. Big fan of MC stories and can’t wait to see this play out.
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:25 pm

Interesting but what happens when the former Mrs Smith has to "go home"? While she might be hypnotized, her "parents" aren't. So where is she going to go and, similarly, the former babysitter turned wife would have parents that would worry about her. Though I am guessing that to avoid those kinds of problems, he would just turn them both back to normal at the end of the day. If he wanted to make this permanent, he would need to meet with Tiffany's parents and brain wash them to believe that Lizzy is their daughter, instead of Tiffany. Wait another issue occured to me, the kids. They would need to be bribed, convinced, persuaded, or mind controlled as well to make this work long term. Wait what about friends, neighbors, people from Tiffany's school, and so on...

I wonder how Mr. Smith is going to solve all these problems, can he hypnotize them all lol :)

Edit: I just realized that the device not only affects the target but the people around them as well, so I might have spoke too soon lol
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby funfun74 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:45 pm

Interested in where this is going to go as well. Enjoying what is there so far.
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby Achuloh » Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:17 pm

Babysitter-Wife Swap
By Achuloh

Part 2

Lizzy was a natural with the kids. Even though she had never met them before, she seemed to know exactly what each of them needed to be content. She soon had Tom set up with his video games, and she helped Mary find something colorful to watch on Netflix. She still didn't ever want to have kids herself, but at least she could see the appeal if you could guarantee that they'd be as easy as these two.

Lizzy decided to browse Instagram now that the kids were settled in. She was surprised to discover that she didn't have Instagram on her phone. When she started looking, she realized that that wasn't the end of it. She didn't have Twitter, or SnapChat or Facebook either! Had someone gone through her phone and removed them? What the heck was going on?

Oh well, she decided to install Instagram, and soon realized she didn't remember her password or account. She decided to set up a new account for now, and she was soon sharing selfies with the world.

* * *

Phil and Tiffany got a lot of looks when they got to the restaurant. Even though the residual effects of the device caused people to instinctually recognize Tiffany as being roughly Phil's age, a part of them still couldn't help but feel that there was a big age difference between the two of them. It didn't help that Tiffany was dressed like a teenager, completing the "misapphrehension."

As soon as they sat down, Tiffany leaned in to kiss Phil, and he eagerly returned the gesture. Soon, they were making out and Phil was loving it. He hadn't made out like this since high school, just showing off for the world, not caring what people think. And Tiffany's lips were like nectar. He just couldn't get enough.

Finally, a waiter came by and they had to pull apart to put in their order. After the waiter departed, Phil wanted to pick up where they left off, but Tiffany recieved a text.

Her face screwed up in confusion. "Uh, some high school boy says that he's at the door?"

Phil asked to look, and saw a text from one Eric Rodinger, saying he had arrived to help alleviate her boredom. He scrolled up and realized that this must have been Tiffany's boyfriend. As he was reading, another text arrived. ("Are you there?") And Phil got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomache. He had just wanted a one day vacation from his hum drum life. He hadn't counted on Tiffany having a boyfriend, if that was true - and if he met Lizzy, what would happen?

* * *

There was an impatient knock on the door. Lizzy checked on the kids one more time, before answering it.

Outside was the hottest guy Lizzy had ever seen. Perfect hair and face, an athletic body that probably owed its tone to football or lacrosse. Just her type.

The guy looked at her strangely for a few seconds. As if his brain was trying to fill in the blanks implied by Phil's commands. Subconsciously, he knew that this girl was the next door neighbor's daughter. And he also knew that he was dating the next door neighbor's daughter...

Lizzy's throat went dry, but managed to squeeze out. "Can I help you?"

The boy leaned in an kissed her.

"Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend?"

Lizzy didn't immediately understand what was happening, but then she connected the dots. She was a high schooler, of course she had a boyfriend! How could she have forgotten for even a minute?

She returned the kiss passionately. Her stomach became butterflies, and her legs became jelly. It felt like it had been ages since she had been with a boy, but she was only 18 so her dry patch couldn't have lasted that long, and yet - his attention was like water to the Sahara. Lizzy started breathing deeply, and she lowered her voice to a whisper.

"The kids are playing right now. I bet we could sneak into the bedroom and have a little fun if you wanted."

Eric was pleased. His girlfriend had always set strict boundaries when she babysat, but if she was willing to make an exception tonight who was he to argue?

They secreted away to the bedroom, and started helping each other undress. Lizzy was pleased to see the tent in Eric's pants as he stripped down to his underwear, and for his part he was mesmerized as she removed her bra and showed him her breasts.

Sure, something about her seemed... different today, but he wasn't going to complain. She was still easily one of the hottest girls he had ever been with, even if she wasn't the absolute hottest. (Funny, if you had asked him this morning he probably would have said his girlfriend was *the* hottest girl he had ever been with.)

Then she smiled and started sucking his cock, and Eric had to reevaluate his assesment. She may have only been top 5 in terms of looks, but she was by far the best lay he had ever had. It was like she was cramming decades of experience into her 18 year old frame, she knew exactly what to do to him to make him squirm.

Soon, he felt the pressure and pleasure building, and when she looked up she seemed to know exactly what his expression meant. She gave a lusty smile, and eagerly swallowed his warm seed. Wiping a little off her lips, she looked at him with greedy eyes.

"Are you ready for round two?"

Eric thought he needed a little time to recover, but Lizzy started rubbing his cock and he was soon fully erect again. Then Lizzy's phone started ringing.

She rolled over the bed and picked it up.

Panting, Eric said, "Ignore it. It's probably nothing."

Lizzy rolled her eyes, "It might be the parents calling to check up on the kids."

Sure enough, the call seemed to be from Mr. Smith. She answered it.

"Hello, Mr. Smith. What's up?"

The voice on the other end sounded more worried than was probably warranted. "Hey, Eliz-, uh, Lizzy. How are you?"

Lizzy put on her best cheerful voice. "Oh things are great here, the kids are behaving perfectly. And don't worry, I'll warm up the leftovers you left for them soon."

"Great, uh, yeah - anyways, I was just curious. Was there a boy who knocked on the door recently?"

Did he know somehow? Lizzy looked over at her naked boyfriend. She was just doing this for a little money, but she still didn't want to get in trouble with Mr. Smith. She did her best to control her voice and make her words sound convincing.

"Nope nothing like that, Mr. Smith."

Eric looked like he was surpressing laughter, but Lizzy shot him a look and he stopped.

Mr. Smith replied, sounding uncertain, "Well, that's good. If any boys do come knocking on the door, just y'know send them away. Okay?"

"Yeah, of course. You have fun on your date night!" she said cheerily. Then she heard him hang up without replying. She looked over at Eric. "Now where were we?"

* * *

"You should stop worrying so much, babe," Tiffany insisted. "I'm sure everything is going great back at the house."

Phil decided to take her words to heart. He could still get the 'one night vacation' he had been hoping for. He decided to stop worrying and changed the subject.

"You're right, honey," he finally said. "Why don't you tell me what's been going on with you?"

She smiled, "Well, the last picture I posted got, like, 500 likes," then she frowned. "Though one of my reply guys tried to slide into my DMs. I had to block him."

It was like she was speaking a different language to Phil. He understood enough of what she was saying to realize that leaving her with most of her original personality intact might have been a mistake. He decided to use the device to fine tune her a bit, but when he reached into his pocket he couldn't find it!

* * *

"Watcha got there?" Tom asked Mary, having finished his last game.

"Dunno," she replied. "Looks like a garage door opener or something."
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:02 am

Well, the last bit was quite unexpected. Thanks for continuing the story.
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby SciFiCrazy » Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:23 pm

Great addition. Unintended consequences make a story interesting. Can’t wait to see what trouble the kids get into or how they may change their babysitter (mom) and boyfriend. Lol
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby stdphil » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:27 am

Can't wait to see what happens next!
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Re: Babysitter-Wife Swap (mc, role changes)

Postby Achuloh » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:07 pm

Babysitter-Wife Swap
By Achuloh

Part 3 (mental age regression, role changes)

Phil started to panic. Where was the device? Had he lost it?

But then he saw the starry-eyed look Tiffany was giving him, and his panic let up a little. Really, things weren't so bad. Why let a little thing like this ruin his night? Worst case scenario, he'd need to wait for his uncle to make and send a new device, and he could think of worse fates than being "married" to a gorgeous girl like Tiffany a little longer. And the next door neighbors were good people - Lizzy would be in good hands. (He was sure he could convince her "parents" to keep the boys away from their teenage daughter in the meantime.)

He took a few deep breaths, before deciding to make the best of things in the meantime. It didn't matter if Tiffany and he had nothing to talk about in their current state, they could do other things besides talking...

"Hey, Tiffany," he finally said. "The food's taking a while. I bet we have time, why don't you follow me?" He winked.

She gave a knowing smile, and followed him. She watched Phil arrive at the men's restroom. It wasn't the most romantic place, but the idea of fucking his brains out in the men's restroom was making her start to feel hot and bothered. She had been married to Phil for ten years, and she was still just as head over heels for him as the day they met. They both entered, and began undressing.

While Tiffany was taking off her top, she noticed that Phil had paused halfway through taking off his pants, and was watching her with bated breath. He could be so silly sometimes - he had probably seen like this hundreds of times, but he was acting like this was something new or out of the ordinary. She decided to make a show of it, sort of dancing and gyrating as she took of the top that was practically spray painted onto her body, and then slowly unfastening her bra and letting it slide off of her breasts.

"Fuck," was all Phil could say for several seconds.

Tiffany's body clothed was a masterpiece, but unclothed Tiffany was perfection. All remaining worries about Lizzy and her "boyfriend" or the remote left Phil's head. Pretty much all thought left Phil's head.

When Phil's underwear hit the floor, Tiffany gasped. She had never seen a cock that big. She briefly wondered if it would even fit, but then she reminded herself that she had had two daughters with this man. Even so, she couldn't help but wonder if that much man would somehow destroy her.

When Phil entered Tiffany, she couldn't help but moan. She had forgotten how good this felt. How good it felt to please her boyf-, her husband!

The two of them moved like animals in heat, lighting the bathroom on fire with their passion. Phil felt like Tiffany's youth was rubbing off on him - he was able to go longer and harder than he had in years, and then he realized why it was. Things with Elizabeth had gotten so routine, but Tiffany was still young and relatively inexperienced. She was still in the stage where she tried different things to see what worked, instead of trying out the same old reliable techniques that had worked for years. Tiffany was exploring Phil's body, examining his reactions and seeing what worked.

And it was making him so hot. He hadn't made love like this in years, and had never really made love like this to Elizabeth - they had both been in several relationships when they had first met each other. But Tiffany was young and passionate and what she lacked in years of experience she made up for with her worshipful desire to make Phil (and herself) happy.

Soon, Phil could feel the pressure building and blew his hot load into Tiffany's eager pussy just as her moans were reaching their own crescendo. The two of them lay painting on the floor for several seconds, sweaty and satisfied.

Phil was so happy his little plan had gone off without a hitch.

* * *

"Let me see it!" Tom insisted.

"Nuh uh," Mary said. "I found it and it's mine."

Tom shook his head, "You're so immature! Big kids know how to share!" He edged closer to her, clearly looking for an opening to steal the device from her.

Mary had just about had it with Tom. 12-year-old Tom was always rubbing his superior age and size in little 7-year-old Mary's face. Whether it was bragging about movies that mom and dad wouldn't let her see, or teasing her for her size or maturity, he always found some way to torment his little sister. She was ready for another one of their famous fights. She wasn't aware of pressing the button as she said her next words...

"Ugh, Tom stooooooop it!" she whined. "I'm not immature! You're immature. You're- you're-" she tried to remember one of the hurtful things he had said to her before, "You're the one who's a little baby!"

The mischievous grin on Tom's face went slack for a second, then he fell back onto his butt and let out an utterance of surprise.

"Hah!" Mary laughed. "You fell on your butt!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

However, instead of getting angry at her like she expected he laid down onto his back and started cooing.

"Uh, Tom? What're you doing?" she was sure that this was yet another attempt to mock her or tease her.

However, Tom had a total absence of understanding on his face - as if he didn't understand a word she was saying. She went up to him nervously and poked him.

Tom giggled, and clumsily shifted to look at her. He had an oblivious, happy look on his face.

Mary was starting to be weirded out, but she knew a way to figure out if he was faking for sure. She went up and pinched her brother.

He started loudly crying.

* * *

"Do you hear that?" Eric said, temporarily stopping his thrusts.

Lizzy strained to hear, and it sounded like one of the kids was crying.

"Shit," she said.

Eric smiled. "Hey, no need to sweat it. I'll go take care of it."

Lizzy shook her head vigorously. "No, babe! I'm the babysitter. If a random guy shows up, it might scare the kids."

Eric got off of Lizzy and was already getting on his underwear and pants.

"Don't worry about it, Lizzy. I'll just tell them I'm a friend of yours."

He was already out the door before she could protest. She grabbing a bath robe so she wouldn't look indecent, and chased her boyfriend out of the room trying to stop him. How could he be so irresponsible!

Eric turned the corner and saw Tom crying on the floor. Had Lizzy really just left the baby here? No wonder it was crying! It probably wanted a bottle or a change of diaper. He walked over to pick it up.

* * *

Mary looked down at the device in her hands and smiled. This thing! It was the only explanation, it was like a magic wand or something. She didn't want to get in trouble though, and Tom was crying really loud. The babysitter was sure to come any second.

She didn't know if it would work, but she took a few steps back and aimed the device at Tom and closed her eyes. That was usually what made magic work. Then she pressed the button and said the words.

"You're not a baby. You're my 12 year old brother." Then as an afterthought she added, "And you're going to treat me really nicely as long as the babysitter is here."

Then she opened one eye to see if it had worked. Leaning over Tom, was a dazed looking teenager who she had never seen before. He blinked a few times at her, then smiled.

"Hey, sis," the teenager said cheerfully. "I heard Tom talking, and wanted to come help."

Lizzy rushed into the room, and saw the chaos that had unfolded. The two older kids were standing over their baby brother, and he was still bawling. Lizzy shook her head.

"Can you two please get out of here?" she said. "I need to help your brother."

Eric gave Lizzy a strange look, but left without another word. Lizzy vaguely recognized it as a sort of bashful, puppy dog love. Oh well, she could worry about that issue after the baby was no longer crying.

Mary stayed and tried to protest. (She wanted to fix things!) But the babysitter started gently pushing her out of the room, and then snatched the device out of her hands.

"Mary, please don't mess around with your parent's garage door opener!" she said crossly. "I have enough things to worry about taking care of you three kids."

Lizzy pocketed the device, and tried to pick up the baby, but he was much heavier than she expected.

"What have your parents been feeding you?" she asked in surprise.

She decided to compromise, and sat down rolling the baby into her lap. She rocked him a little, but he wouldn't calm down. She decided to see if he had ruined his diaper. She pulled down his pants, and was surprised to find the little Tom wearing "big boy" underwear instead of a diaper. Thankfully, he hadn't wet himself or pooped his pants, but that was something she needed to remedy. But first, she needed to get him to calm down. She would need to see if he needed food. She went over to the kitchen to look for milk and a bottle.

* * *

Phil and Tiffany were back at the table, and it was obvious to anyone looking at them that they had just fucked. Their hair, their flushed skin - and the way they were looking at each other was all the proof one needed. The waiter brought over the food, and awkwardly left the amorous couple.

Phil and Tiffany kissed each other before digging in to their food.

Then Tiffany saw the drink menu and gave Phil a puckish grin.

"Hey, Phil. Why don't we make our anniversary extra fun? Let's get wasted."

Phil gave her a dubious look. He knew his tolerance for alcohol had gone down as he had gotten older. "Uh, one of us has to drive to get back to the kids."

"Let's just get an Uber if it comes to that," she said dismissively. "We can always get you car tomorrow. Besides," she said giving him a meaningful look, "back in the bathroom was just the appetizer. Don't you want to see the main course?"

Phil got the waiter's attention, "Uh, waiter, could we please get some drinks please!"
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