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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby blurmy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:37 pm

Love how this is turning out, you're doing a great job.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:54 pm

blurmy wrote:Love how this is turning out, you're doing a great job.

Thank you Blurmy!!! :) Always very nice to get praise from you!
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:07 am

Exceedingly entertaining! Fantastic update.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:51 am

Matt L. wrote:Exceedingly entertaining! Fantastic update.

Cheers, Matt

Thank you Matt! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby syconerd » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:16 pm

Another Great chapter! I wonder what else will change, or will Charlie's life will be the next target in line for the twist of reality or anyone else at school?
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:56 pm

syconerd wrote:Another Great chapter! I wonder what else will change, or will Charlie's life will be the next target in line for the twist of reality or anyone else at school?

Thank you Syconerd! You're about to find out! ;)
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:01 pm

<-----------------------------------CHAPTER 10----------------------------------->

"Please Mr. Kringle. You don't have to do this..."

He shook his head from side to side. "Oh but I do young man... You need to be taught a lesson."

A few stray tears traveled down his robust cheeks as he turned away from Kringle and approached his girlfriend.

He was terrified of what was going to become of Roxanne.

Her yogurt was the first to vanish as it was likewise being replaced by a rather large ice cream sundae with all the extra trimmings. Two spoons dipped into the rich, sweet, creamy concoction. A side of pulled pork and poutine fries complimented the sundae and a large root beer float with a couple scoops of ice cream and two large red plastic straws appeared as a sidekick.

Charlie studied her looking for any changes but nothing had occurred yet.

Time was still crawling at an unbearably slow pace. Roxanne appeared to be frozen, almost like being encased in carbonite like Han Solo had been. She was currently smiling, her beautiful eyes looking up at him.

"Here... I want you to experience this this first hand...literally." Kringle chuckled as he snapped his fingers.

Almost as if Charlie himself were hypnotized, he slowly ran his hands over her delicate features as if trying to remember them as they were now.

Her smooth skin, her soft kissable lips, her slightly rounded cheeks... her plush but rather shapeless derriere, her somewhat soft but still relatively thin body...

As his hands ran over every surface of her body, what was left in their wake was something very different... something much softer... exceptionally altered.

As his hands traveled over her still slim cheeks, they swelled up underneath his palms and rounded out just a touch. His hands cupped her gently rounded chin and it began to round out and sprout the beginnings of another as they passed over it's surface. His hands were moving as if he was forming a piece of delicate pottery.

She was still undoubtably beautiful, but in a more ordinary, well fed fashion.

Kringle grinned. "So what do you think so far?"

Charlie hung his head low as his hands continued to move uninterrupted. "I think you're a fucking monster... that's what I think."

"Oh now now... no need to be rude Charlie. Besides, we're not even close to being done yet."

His hands slid down her delicate neck as it thickened a bit under his touch, strangely no longer seeming as cute and dainty as it once was.

He noticed with a bit of distaste that her upper arms were fleshing out and stretching the fabric of her sleeves as if greedily looking for more space. The openings slid up towards her armpits and strongly bit into her undefined biceps causing a small roll of fat to pucker out underneath them. Light stretch lines began zig zagging across the undersides of each arm indicating to a bit of a sudden gain.

His hands began massaging her own, feeling each digit swell under his touch.

His hands released hers and went straight to her small B cup breasts that were encased in the already tight Batman tee. They sprang forth and downwards underneath his damp clammy hands, stretching the shirt and distorting the Batman logo a touch. The bra underneath changed from a black laced bra to something a bit more practical with wider bands and more underwire for added support. Her breasts were indeed larger. Maybe by a cup or two, but rested lower once again.

"No need to thank me... I know you are a fan of large breasts and I know her little B cups weren't enough for you."

"But... at the cost of her becoming fatter??"

"Stop being so judgemental boy. She finds you attractive doesn't she?"

He wanted to stop. He desperately tried to keep his hands from moving further, but it was as if they had a mind of their own.

His hands traveled further south down to her soft but still mostly flat midsection. As they circled and massaged her tummy it gurgled and began expanding outwards pushing his hands out with it's growth. Light pink discrepancies stretched across the expanse of her stomach as it grew. The bottom of her now self proclaimed belly was left exposed beneath the hem of her stretched out shirt, proudly sitting atop her thighs.

It looked eerily familiar to what it had looked like before her crash diet. Almost as if it had been resurrected from a somewhat foggy past when he had only caught a glimpse of it a time or two. He remembered looking away in distaste back then. Something struck him. It looked different than he remembered it. Softer... more pliable... hung lower... Larger...

That word hit him like a ton of bricks. "Larger"... She was going to be larger than she had ever been before in her life... Well... in her original reality... The possible repercussions from an extreme change like this sent cold spike after cold spike down his neck, piercing his own spongy stomach making him feel queasy.

His hands weren't satisfied yet. His body moved without his consent. He got down onto his knees to get a better view of her lower half. They caressed the underside of her belly and moved down towards her already considerably wide hips.

His hands rested on each side, coaxing them to grow. Her hips responded almost immediately, blossoming into ultra wide child bearing hips. Small dream like pops could be heard as her hips widened and her jeans struggled to contain her. She became ridiculously pear shaped. Her hips were now wide enough that they easily dwarfed the once spacious vinyl wrapped round seat and hid it completely from view. Tears began forming at the seams of her jeans, turning to holes letting soft pale flesh pour out.

Just as soon as he thought her jeans could take no more, they seemed to grow right before his very eyes but remained exceptionally tight showing obvious signs of strain.

His hands seemed pleased with their magical handiwork and had moved towards her already fleshy thighs. Roxanne instinctively spread her thighs apart as if understanding what was about to happen. The red glittery vinyl between her legs reflected the light. He started on the outside, rubbing and grabbing, kneading the extra flesh creating more, working his way in feeling a great penetrating heat. His hands found less and less room as he moved inwards, even though her thighs didn't shift or move in any way. A building pressure enguled his hands as they made it to her inner thighs and moved towards her slit. A sensuous heat seemed to be emitting from her nether regions.

As his fingers began grazing her labia, it plumped up against his fingertips, the heat only seemed to build and he wasn't sure, but it felt as if the very crotch of her jeans was damp. Whether it was sweat or secretions, he couldn't tell.

"I know that you hate what I'm doing to her, so as a consolation, I gave her an increased libido. You can thank me later..."

"Fuck you..." was all he could groan out as his hands continued moving.

His hands had finished having fun between her legs and had slid back out from between her meaty thighs. He was currently kneeling in between her thighs and his arms began moving on their own again. They slowly worked their way to her once proud derriere. It was almost as if he was giving her lower half a hug. In order to reach the already wide expanse that was her ass, he had to wriggle in between her plumped up thighs. His sternum almost rested up against her crotch which if he was being completely honest, he didn't truly mind it, possibly even became a bit turned on by it. Even though the situation was sick and twisted.

His fingers slithered in between her heavy jean clad cheeks and the cheap vinyl surface of the chair. As his fingers moved he could feel extra fat pooling against them, between them, multiplying every second. He could feel it spreading out against the seat more and more, he could feel more weight resting on his forearms.

Once his work had been finished on her backside, he struggled to pull his arms out, tugging at his arms til he met less and less resistance and escaped the grasp of his girlfriend's ass.

He was now in the home stretch. All that was left was her calves, ankles and feet.

His hands traveled down feeling her lower legs flare out and soften at the heels of his grasp all the while her leg muscles were dwindling considerably. They were left nearly double their original size. Her ankles which were once cute and dainty became swollen and aggressively pressed against the openings of her jeans. Last but not least was her feet. It was hard to tell since her feet were encased in her old converse shoes, but he could imagine that they had plumped up as well. The fabric of her shoes seemed to fill out a bit while the laces loosed up just a bit.

Charlie instinctively rose back up to his feet and took a step back taking in his girlfriend's changes.

"So... what do you think?"

"What do I think? You made her into a complete fatass!"

"Well... I wouldn't call her that... She's just a little more "filled out" now is all..."

Mr. Kringle wasn't completely wrong in his description of the poor girl. Sure she was clearly in the overweight category now but still only in the low 200's. Maybe 230 pounds or so.

Kringle paused for a moment. "And I'm not quite done..."

Charlie had regained his movements and took the liberty to hang his head and cry. "Just get it over with you sadistic bastard..." He said holding her hand in his feeling her plumpened fingers in his palm.

"Okay... I'll make this quick."

He snapped his fingers and her skin had gained a bit of a oily sheen to it followed by a few stray blackheads and pimples. The lights from the arcade machines reflected just a bit off of her forehead and rounded cheeks.

He snapped his fingers again and Charlie noticed that her once thin eyebrows were becoming thicker. A few stray light hairs dotted the surface above the bridge of her nose. He could also see that her arm hair had darkened just a bit and dare he say it, increased in volume.

Charlie felt a light scratching sensation in his hand. He looked down and gasped. Her cuticles dried out and her nails shortened to just above her fingertips becoming slightly jagged due to a new chewing habit.

"And just one last change oughta do it for today... I call this the Lola Bunny look. Some people actually like it." Charlie studied Roxanne's more rounded face closely noticing that her upper lip was quivering just a touch above her already open mouth. Something behind it seemed to be shifting. Her two front upper teeth enlarged giving her a small hint of the bunny toothed look.

A look had appeared on Kringle's face. One that Charlie hadn't seen before. A look of pity maybe. "Look... I know I may be being a bit harsh on you but I'm just trying to teach you something. I know what's running through your head. Correction, both of your heads..."

Charlie knew exactly what he was talking about but he decided to play stupid. "What are you talking about?"

He shook his head. "You were never attracted to her before she lost the weight. Even now, you're not nearly as attracted to her as you were when she was popular. And let me tell you something that maybe you didn't already know, she was disgusted by you as well..."

A look of hurt was heaped upon Charlie's face as the realization hit him. The old Roxy WAS disgusted by him... But not Roxanne in her current state.

"See... you need to realize that love is based on more than just looks. That beauty fades over time. People grow old, get fat, men lose their hair, women get hair where they don't want it... The list goes on..."

Charlie sighed. He knew Kringle was right. "That's a valid point..."

Mr. Kringle smiled. "If you can prove to me that you'll love her nomatter her size or anything else maybe I will help you out"

Charlie sniffled and nodded slowly. "Yeah... I guess you're right..."

Kringle sighed deeply. "Okay... until next time Charlie."

Charlie stood there directly in front of his girlfriend as time sped back up.

"W-well hey there Charlie... why don't you come sit down next to me..." Roxanne said patting the seat next to herself.

"Umm... okay..."

He sat down next to her and instantly rested his hand in hers. She smiled a bit and let her hand rest in his. The rough edges of her nails becoming all the more apparent as she played with his hand.

Charlie couldn't help but space out for a moment. The flashing lights of the place seemed to draw him in. It was the only thing that was keeping him from going completely insane.

"Earth to Charlie, earth to Charlie. Is there any intelligent life up there?" Roxanne nervously smiled at him.

Charlie cleared his throat. "Oh umm... sorry... thought I saw a new game over there. So... what is the topic of discussion today?"

Roxanne looked at him intently with her still brilliant blue eyes studying him closely like she would a science project. She knew something was off but she couldn't quite figure it out.

Lindsey spoke up first. "Well we were arguing about which Joker is best. Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson or Joaquin Phoenix."

Lindsey sounded a bit more bubbly and upbeat than what Charlie was used to. But he chose not to dwell on it.

Charlie shook the dust from his mind and decided to air his opinion. "Personally... I'm a fan of Heath Ledger myself."

Roxanne seemed to relax a bit and smiled. "I couldn't agree more! I knew there was a reason you liked me." She blushed.

Lindsey scoffed. "Yeah... he is incredible. There's no doubt about that. But what about Joaquin Phoenix's Joker? He went really dark with it."

Roxanne giggled with a capitalizing snort. "That may be true, but my rule of thumb is which Joker would be the most terrifying to be stuck in a room with? I'd choose Heath Ledger every time."

Lindsey shook her head. "Okay, well... what do you think Mark??? Kaley??"

Mark shrugged. "Well... I'm sorry Lindsey, but I gotta agree with Roxanne and Charlie on this one."

Kaley snickered. "Well you can't forget Jared Leto's performance."

Everybody at the table busted out in laughter at the joke. Everybody but Charlie. His mind couldn't help but wander as the conversation progressed.

He was curious as to what else had changed...

As the rest of the table continued talking about numerous super heroes and villains, Roxanne slid the ice cream sundae his way and motioned to the poutine fries as well. "Aren't you going to help me eat some of this hun? I didn't buy all of this food just for myself Y'know?"

Her rounded face blushed as she looked at him. Charlie smiled as he turned to look at her. Her blue eyes sparkled wildly and her plump lips were pursed into a cute but unsure smile. She was still beautiful, there was no doubt in his mind and now that he focused on her body, he realized that maybe he could grow to love her more enhanced form.

He decided there wasn't much point in stressing over everything. It didn't do anyone any good, especially himself. He was just going to enjoy his time with her. Maybe Kringle was right... Maybe he could love her for who she was on the inside.

He grabbed a spoon and dug in. "Oh yeah of course!" The velvety smooth flavor hit his tastebuds. "Mmm I always forget how delicious their ice cream is."

He wasn't lying. They really did have some of the best ice cream around.

Roxanne had a mouth packed full of calorie laden ice cream yet she still managed to talk through it. "Mmm yeah it is pretty good isn't it!! I just adore this place!" Her last sentence was capitalized with a small dribble of melted ice cream escaping from one corner of her mouth, running down her chin and dripping onto the chest region of her batman tee.

Charlie didn't notice Lindsey stealing a glance at what was unfolding.

"Ummm you got a little bit of ice cream on your shirt baby." Charlie motioned to her.

Roxanne dropped the spoon into the ice cream dish and looked down at her shirt. A quarter sized drop rested and rested her pudgy hands over her eyes. "Ugh... I'm such a slob sometimes... I don't even know why you'd go out with someone like me..."

"Oh stop being so hard on yourself! I honestly can't believe I'm going out with someone as beautiful as you!" Charlie stuck out his pinky finger and dabbed the excess off of her face and stuck it in his own mouth smiling.

Her cheeks flushed with embarassment.

Charlie took a dallop of ice cream himself and "accidentally" let it tumble and splat onto his Yoshi t-shirt.

"Damnit!... ugh I'm going to have go wash this off." He sighed.

Roxanne smiled. "Okay hun. I'll be here when you get back."

Charlie chuckled. "No... I think you should come with me so we can clean your shirt too."

Roxanne shrugged and looked down at the ice cream. "Oh...Okay. We'll be right back you guys."

The two of them got up from their seats and made their way to the unisex restroom.

Charlie looked over as he girlfriend slowly rose up from her seat noticing that her jeans had seemingly slid down a bit, showing an inch of her black boyshorts and asscrack.

Charlie decided to follow just slightly behind her. Before she began her trip back to the restroom she took a moment to hike her jeans up tugging at the belt loops feeling a few stitches popping from the extra force. They slid up an inch or two before bunching up against her love handles and larger belly. She finished with pulling her shirt down over her expansive stomach which did little to disguise it. The shirt rode back up as she started walking.

"Ugh I don't know why I let Lindsey talk me into wearing something so tight and revealing... Sure... wear this outfit, Charlie will love it... Ugh but it's just so damn uncomfortable!!"

Charlie noted with some dissatisfaction that it could be classified more as a waddle now than an honest to god walk.

Lindsey's hazelnut colored eyes focused on the couple's soft hands clasped together with a scorching jealousy... She began griping to herself. "Damnit... I didn't know Charlie would actually be okay with her outfit." She ogled the way her friend was basically poured into the outfit. "I guess he's okay with larger women. Good thing I am too, I'll put his attraction of her to the test..."

Once they were inside the restroom with the door shut and locked, they both approached the sink. Charlie pulled some paper towels from the dispenser located on the wall next to them and ran it under the faucet. He quickly set about wiping the melted ice cream off of her shirt. The ice cream had just so happened to land on her right breast and melted, causing a small stream to run down across her areola to her belly. As his hand wiped up the mess, his hand grazed her already excited nipple. She bit her lip and rubbed her thighs together showing obvious signs of arousal. She couldn't explain it, she was just incredibly hot and bothered. Before she knew it, her most basic instincts seemed to kick in and Roxanne immediately kissed Charlie slowly at first which he happily and eagerly responded to by pulling in towards her and unleashing his tongue on her. She awkwardly ran her tongue from the point of his chin up to the tip of his nose.

It took him out of his reverie for a moment. She seemed much less educated in the ways of kissing. Her movements were more mechanical and forced.

But Charlie ignored it and continued on.

His hands quickly moved to her jean's button and zipper. As he went to undo it, she put her hands up to stop him. He could tell it was a struggle for her to stop. She was laboriously breathing and sweating a bit even from the short amount of foreplay they had done.

"I'm sorry Charlie... I don't know if I'm ready for that just yet. Especially in a public restroom... We've only been going out for a couple weeks and I want my first time to be with someone special. Someone I know will be around for a long time to come. I hope you understand. I've had guys try to use me before..."

Charlie nodded and smiled. "Okay hun I do understand and it's okay. We can wait."

"Okay... Well we should probably get back out there. Our friends will be waiting for us." She pecked him on the cheek and made her way to the door.

Charlie walked out behind Roxanne and watched her sit down to the left of Lindsey.

If one were to look at her from behind in this state, they'd notice that while Lindsey was noticably heavier than her friend, it was true that Roxanne's hips were still wider than that of her friends.

Mark, Kaley and Lindsey had been going on and on about how the book for "Ready Player One" was sooo much better than the movie. Roxanne took little time in agreeing with their assessment.

While they were busily chatting about it, Charlie decided to check in on his girlfriend's facebook.

The most recent photos did indeed show the duo paired up together, but the farther back he went, the more he noticed that Lindsey and her had been very close friends. Having sleepovers together, trips to the beach, going out for brunch, lunch, dinner, camping trips, comic cons, pie eating contests at the fair, nights in some random hot tub. All of the photos had one thing in common and Charlie wasn't sure if he liked it. Lindsey seemed to be excruciatingly close to his girlfriend in every single photo. Wrapping her own meaty arm around Roxanne's midsection, their breasts pressed up together, Lindsey and Roxanne making playful "kissy faces" towards each other.

Then his eyes landed upon one photo in particular. Lindsey and Roxanne at a Pride Parade with Lindsey all decked out in a tie dye rainbow top and short skirt while Roxanne wore clothes much like she had today.

It made Charlie's blood run cold.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:37 pm

Ooh does that mean that Lindsey is actually a lesbian and attracted to Roxanne? For a second, I thought she was attracted to Charlie and jealous of Roxanne but it may be the other way around...
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:56 pm

ssj3gohan007 wrote:Ooh does that mean that Lindsey is actually a lesbian and attracted to Roxanne? For a second, I thought she was attracted to Charlie and jealous of Roxanne but it may be tje other way around...

You may be onto something. ;)
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:13 am

<-----------------------------------CHAPTER 11---------------------------------->

After the group was finished with their meals, they headed for the arcade games.

Mark and Kaley went to play "Super Ghouls N' Ghosts" while Charlie and Roxanne went to go play various arcade games... With Lindsey tagging along close behind. She looked on longingly as Roxanne and Charlie's hands were clasped in one another's as they walked from machine to machine. First they played some Pac Man, then they moved onto Cruisin' USA playing a few rounds of that, and then played some Sonic.

Charlie couldn't help but notice how much Roxanne had improved her gameplay. She was nearly neck and neck with him in every match.

"This was a great idea hun. I've been having a blast today." Roxanne said in her cutest tone. She leaned towards him signaling that she wanted a kiss.

Charlie savored the kiss. She pulled him in once again wanting to feel as close to him as possible. Charlie could feel himself hardening as it began to poke Roxanne in her soft spongy stomach. They both shuddered from the excitement they were feeling.

The alien sensation caught her off guard, causing her to look down. She quickly looked back up into Charlie's eyes and giggled while biting her lip just a bit. Her cheeks becoming massively flushed.

Lindsey was starting to feel ill from the disgusting amount of PDA that was happening right in front of her. She tried to stop it in it's tracks.

How she wished it was her kissing those soft lips instead of that toad.

At that very moment she decided. Tonight, she was going to kiss Roxanne.

"Ahem... So Roxanne? Would you want to hang out tonight after this? Maybe go catch a movie or grab some dinner?? My treat!"

Roxanne sighed. Surprisingly she was still hungry even after all of the food they had just eaten only about an hour prior. "I'm sorry Linds, but Charlie and I should really finish the biology report tonight... Maybe this weekend we can do that??" Her hand automatically traveled to her mouth to chew on her index finger nail.

"But it's not due til Friday... Even you said that the two of you were very close to finishing it!" Lindsey immediately piped up.

Roxanne took this as an opportunity to poke fun at her friend. "See... maybe if your work ethic was more like mine, you wouldn't be struggling so much in school..."

Lindsey did her best faux pout. "Oh c'mon Rox. That's no fair! You don't even have to study to get an A! Me... I study for hours upon hours and I'm lucky if I get a B! Just go out with me tonight..."

Roxanne turned to her boyfriend giving him a curious look as if she were actually considering it.

Roxanne was clueless as to what she should do. She seemed alot more unsure of herself now. "I don't know... what do you think Charlie? Would it be okay?"

He really did want her all to himself. To be away from all of their friends so he could learn more about the new Roxanne but decided to leave it up to her. "I don't know... I mean we are close to having it finished... but maybe..."

"Awww c'mon rox..." Lindsey pleaded in her cutesy tone.

Roxanne surprised Charlie in her response. "I think we should finish the report tonight, then we won't have to worry about it anymore. You know how much I hate feeling rushed anyways."

Lindsey frowned dramatically and crossed her arms. "Awww no fun! We haven't hung out much at all since the two of you started dating!!"

Roxanne shrugged. "I know... and I'm sorry about that... I promise you, we'll hang out soon!"

Lindsey looked around spying the exact game that she had been looking for. "Street Fighter II". She came up with a brilliant idea. "Wait a minute!! How about we have some fun with this? How about I play your boyfriend for it? The winner gets to hang out with you for the night." She smirked.

She paused for a moment. "Well... I would say that's fair..." Roxanne said mulling it over still doubting her own choice.

Lindsey quickly turned to Charlie before Roxanne would change her mind. "So... Are you ready to experience the bitter, agonizing taste of defeat?" She smirked.

Charlie smiled. "In your dreams Lindsey! I never lose at this game!"

"Oh is that right? I guess you've forgotten about the previous times we've played then?"

"Previous times??" Charlie asked himself out loud.

"Yeah... how do you think Roxanne learned to play so well in the first place?"

The last sentence struck home. He was becoming nervous. Maybe he wasn't the Street Fighting champeen that he had been previously.

Charlie chose to play as Ryu while Lindsey went with Chun Li.

The match was about to start. Lindsey had the joystick gripped firmly in one hand while her soft digits rested on the neighboring buttons. Charlie was likewise ready for battle.

"ROUND 1"...

"FIGHT!" Appeared in vibrant pixelated font across the screen.

Lindsey wasted no time going in for the attack starting with a mid air flip kick achieving first blood. Charlie tried to counter with

Charlie was in utter shock and tried to counter but was next struck by a crouching heavy punch multiple times.

His fingers seemed clumsy. Like he didn't know what to do...

Charlie fought back with a few crouching light punches and then a crouching heavy kick.

She responded with an unruly exuberance barely giving him a chance to get up.

He was able to get up and land one more kick before she once again attacked with a ferocity that he was unaccustomed to.

Before he could realize what was happening, she had responded with a special move causing him to lose the first round.

"You ready to throw in the towel yet?" Lindsey's question dripping with confidence.

"Not a chance!" He barked reflexively.

"ROUND 2"...


Lindsey immediately went in for the kill landing a number of hits sending Charlie backwards.

He began gripping the controls harder and smacking the buttons partially out of desperation but also fury.

He was going to lose this game... to a girl who wanted his girlfriend...

"BOOM SHAKA LAKA!" Lindsey jeered raising her hands in victory.

Charlie didn't know what to think. Was he having an off day or was it something more?

Lindsey hugged her friend from the side making sure to "accidentally" run her hand along her friends gut.

"So... what movie are we watching tonight?"

"Well Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" is still in theaters."

"Oooh yay! I'd love to see it again! So now the only question left...where are we going to eat?..."

"Oh I was thinking my folk's place. NIbbana... I think my brother is working tonight so he might be able to hook us up with some free food."

"Oh! I love your parent's place!! They have the best Thai food and their Thai Tea is to die for!!"

A plan began to formulate in Lindsey's mind.

Lindsey made sure to call "shotgun" as they neared the car. Charlie was left to sit in the backseat by himself.

As Charlie opened the door to the car, a few stray empty energy drink cans and empty soda bottles tumbled to the concrete. He realized that it wasn't just Roxanne herself who had changed, but her car was significantly more messy. Empty fast food wrappers littered the floors, her windows were in dire need of a cleaning and her cloth seats were riddled with mysterious stains.

Yet Lindsey didn't utter a single negative word about the state of her car...

Roxanne began chatting on and on about Star Wars. Roxanne was obviously becoming excited about seeing the movie again for the umpteenth time, talking about The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars show and how they compare. Roxanne did most of the talking about it while Lindsey just dimly nodded along. It was clear that Lindsey didn't know as much as she let on. However Lindsey made sure to playfully touch his girlfriend any chance she could which seemed to keep Roxy slightly distracted.

"Geez Rox. You know so much more about Star Wars than I do..."

"Well... my mom did raise me on it so there's that."

"Hah you're such a nerd!" Lindsey said playfully pushing her friend poking her in her soft side.

"Well... We could go see something else if you want? I know you're not too big on Star Wars." Roxanne offered to her friend.

"Nah it's okay. I like looking at... ummm who's the girl in their now?"

Roxanne giggled. "You mean Rey?"

"Yeah I think so... the main girl in the movies right?"

"Yeah... that's her."

Charlie made a note that Lindsey herself seemed different mentally. Slower...

Charlie was feeling a bit like an outsider at the current moment.

Once Roxanne pulled into the driveway of his house he exited the car while Roxanne did the same.

The cold glimmering moon seemed to add a sense of chill to the night sky.

"Okay Charlie. Well that was alot of fun today! I'll see you here tomorrow morning before school okay?"

Charlie tried to hide his discomfort of the whole situation. "Okay, see you then. Have fun!"

He gave her a hug, Roxanne was making sure to press her soft body fully into his. Maybe it was just his imagination, but he swore that he could feel her nipples poking through her shirt. As they were separating, he was met with an intensely powerful kiss with a bit of unwieldy tongue mixed in. Even so, it still excited him.

"Maybe if you're still up by the time we leave the movie theater, I'll come back over..." She whispered in his ear.

He looked deeply into her crystal blue eyes. He noticed something different about them. A look of hunger and want that hadn't been there before.

"I'd like that..." He smiled.

She brought her face close to his ear again. "Don't think it means we're going all the way... but we can go a bit farther than we have. Maybe cuddling, or a bit of skin on skin action if you know what I mean."

Charlie smiled warmly. "I do... that sounds fantastic."

Roxanne's smile grew. "Okay, I'll give you a call when we get out of the movie."

Their sweet moment was rudely interrupted by a honking horn. "C'mon Rox, let's go! The movie starts in about an hour so we better get going if we want to get dinner first!"

She gave him one more quick peck on the cheek. "Okay... I'll see you later Charlie."

Charlie entered into his house and his mom was in the living room watching a movie. "Hey Charlie! How was your date with Roxanne?"

"Oh... ummm it was alot of fun!"

"Aww that's great! She's such a sweet girl Charlie. I think you found yourself a keeper."

Charlie smiled trying to keep his mind off of the problem at hand. "I think I have..."

Roxanne and Lindsey had reached the restaurant within a few minutes due to the fact that it was only about a mile away from Charlie's house.

It was a quaint looking place with only six tables. Bamboo lined the floors, and the walls were painted a deep, rich burgundy color with large Edison style bulbs hanging from the ceiling above each table. It actually had a bit of a romantic feel to it. Roxanne's mind wandered back to what had transpired earlier between her and her boyfriend in the arcade's bathroom. Roxanne felt a twinge downstairs and squirmed a bit, tightly squeezing her over inflated thighs together. "Darnit Rox, get a hold of yourself..."

And just as Lindsey had hoped, her brother Jacob was working there for the night with a female chef located in the kitchen.

Roxanne's slit was aching. She had to do something about it. "Hey Lindsey, I uh... I'm going to go to the restroom. I'll be right back."

"Well, just let me know what you're going to have before you go."

Roxanne scoured the menu. Her eyes lit up when they landed on something in particular. "I think I'll go for the Curry Pineapple Fried Rice with chicken."

"Okay hun. You'll love it!"

Roxanne quickly headed off towards the restroom gaining some attention from Lindsey who couldn't help but stare at the brunette's fat ass as it wobbled back and forth within the tight confines of the jeans. Her love handles were the absolute perfect cherry on top.

But that wasn't all that she liked about her. She loved her submissive demure personality. Someone she could push in any direction she pleased...

Lindsey was becoming quite hot and bothered herself... She would give anything to feel that ass on top of her... and she was willing to do just about anything. She couldn't rightly explain why, but she just loved ultra voluptuous women and wanted to see them become even more so. Roxanne was no exception. Long ago, Lindsey had made it a top priority to "help" her friend along in that aspect any chance she got. All the meals she had treated her to, the pie eating contest at the fair, talking her into playing video games instead of working out to get rid of her excess pudge. Yes, Roxanne was putty in her hands.

Lindsey's significantly older brother approached the table instantly bringing his sister out of her lust driven daydream and lifted up the pad of paper in his right palm. "Hey Linds. Where'd Roxanne go?"

"Oh she just went to the restroom, but she already told me what she wanted."

Jacob readied his pen. "Okay great! So what can I get for you guys?"

Lindsey answered without looking at the menu. I'm gonna go for the Swimming Rama with Chicken...And for her, she's going to go with the Pinapple Curry Fried Rice with chicken, fried spring rolls and fried Bananas with coconut ice cream for dessert."

Jacob quickly jotted down the items. "Okay, and what to drink?

"How about a few thai iced teas? One REAL thai iced tea for her and one non alcoholic one for me."

Jacob sighed. "Lynds... you know I can't serve alcohol to a minor. Even my sister's best friend... We could lose our liquor license..."

"C'mon Jake. Nobody will know..."

He paused for a moment possibly thinking about caving in but shook the idea from his head. "I'm sorry I can't Lynds..."

"Jacob... you remember how I covered for you and your girlfriend? Mom and dad wanted to know if you had anyone over while they were away on their vacation in Hawaii? Do you remember that? You said that you owed me! Well I'm cashing in on it!"

Jacob's resilience collapsed almost instantly. "Fine... fine. But just this once!!!"

Lindsey threw her hands up. "Give her another after she finishes her first... and we'll be even."

"Fine... whatever... But not a single word to anyone about this!"

She made the motion of zipping her lips.

Her plan was going just as she had hoped.

Roxanne quickly ducked into one of the stalls and closed the door behind her. She unbuttoned her tight jeans and shimmied them down her legs. She quickly moved her panties to one side and began rubbing her slit. She had to adjust her fingers a few times, feeling her nails jagged edges.

"I can't believe I'm doing this again..." She said disgusted with herself. This was what she had been reduced to. Pleasuring herself in a restaurant bathroom. Sure, she had done it at school a number of times, but this was a new all time low for her.

Small yips of pleasure and muffled moans escaped through her full lips.

Her plump fingers slid in deeper, pistoning in and out slowly massaging her interior walls.

The minutes quickly ticked by...

Just as she was about to reach climax, the door quickly opened. Roxanne's cheeks immediately turned red as her fingering came to an abrupt halt.

It was the female chef and she had gone into the stall next to hers.

Roxanne tried to start up again, but she was too shy to do it with someone in the stall next to her. "What if she could hear me? That would be so embarrassing!" She reasoned with herself.

"Well so much for that..." Roxanne thought absolutely irritated at the interruption. Now she was hornier than ever.

She slid her size 18 jeans back up her thick thighs hopping a few times to get them up the last couple of inches cringing at the feeling of her body jostle and jiggle. She flushed the toilet to keep up appearances, stepped out of the stall and approached the sink with a large mirror hanging above it.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The Batman shirt hugged her soft heaving D cup breasts tightly and thanks to a bra, they actually appeared to be perky. However it was at the cost of her comfort. Her bra straps were digging into her soft shoulders and plushy back creating little trenches to mar the otherwise smooth surface of her shirt.

A small frown formed on her flushed and rounded face. "Y'know... I don't understand what Charlie sees in me... I'm such a blimp... Just a fat, disgusting blimp!"

A single tear rolled down her round cheek. She sniffled, dried her eyes and tugged the bottom hem of her shirt down over her rounded belly again only for it to raise back up and rest just below the crater of her belly button.

She slowly walked back out to where Lindsey was seated noticing that the thai iced tea and fried spring rolls had already come. Her mouth began to water. A battle was currently waging war inside of her. The spring rolls looked so good, but she knew she should eat something more healthy.

"Hey ummm Lynds... do you thi k it'd be too late to change my order to a salad??..." She asked and then looked down.

Lindsey gave her a quizzical look. "Why? You're going to love the rice!"

"Yeah I know I would... but... I've just out on so much weight... I think I really need to do something about it... Maybe go on a diet... exercise..."

Lindsey shook her head. Roxanne always did this. So Lindsey did what she always did in these situations. Just gave her friend the proper shove in the right direction.

"Oh stop Rox! You look amazing! Being thin doesn't equal beauty."

"I know... but look at me... I'm practically bursting out of these clothes that you chose for me..." Roxanne motioned to her outfit.

Lindsey smiled. She had to distract Roxanne from the idea of being fat as a bad thing. "Yes I chose those clothes because I know what Charlie likes. Yes, he loves the fact that you game and that you two like alot of the same movies and what not. But deep down, just like any other man, he loves ass and titties, and yours are amazing if I do say so myself."

Roxanne shrugged. "Well yeah... I guess you're right."

"I know I'm right! And besides, I think you may have a chubby chaser on your hands." She winked.

Roxanne's eyes formed into a surprised glance. "Really?? You think Charlie likes the way I look? Likes my soft stomach and fat thighs?"

Lindsey shrugged. "I've seen the way he looks at you. ALL of you. Just because you're not skinny, doesn't mean you're not sexy. Did you feel sexy when we first met?"

"Well... no..."

"Well if my memory serves me right, you were quite a bit thinner back then."

Roxanne nodded taking in all of her friend's preachings as gospel. "Yeah you know what? I'm done worrying about how I look! If someone doesn't like the way I look then to heck with them!"

"That's the spirit!"

Lindsey decided to move on from the current discussion. "So... what took you so long in the bathroom? I thought you fell in or something."

Roxanne cleared her throat nervously as she grabbed a crispy fried spring roll. She had to pull something out of her ass. "Oh umm... nothing. Got caught up watching a video about Avengers Endgame. It's pretty incredible how much CGI is actually used in areas of the movie that you wouldn't expect."

She took a bite savoring it's full buttery but fresh flavor.

"Oh like what??..."

Roxanne continued to talk through a somewhat full mouth. "Well... like the Quantum Suits you see them wear before the time jump. Yup all computer generated due to time constraints."

"Oh wow! I had no idea!"

Thank god she chose a subject she knew quite well. It was a damn good movie after all.

Roxanne swallowed the spring roll, reached for her thai iced tea and took a large draw from the straw making an odd face when the ice cold beverage hit her tongue.

"Why does this taste so weird?"

"Well I may have had my brother make you one with a touch of alcohol..."

Roxanne immediately freaked out but managed to keep her voice at a low decibel, only a bit above a whisper. "Alcohol?!?! Are you nuts!!! Oh my god my mom is going to kill me! Am I going to get sick off of this?!?"

Roxanne's index finger instinctively made it's way into her mouth again, quickly catching a small sliver of nail in her teeth and spitting it out.

Lindsey motioned "Oh calm down Rox! You've had alcohol before right??"

Roxanne looked embarassed. "Well... I had a sip of champagne at my cousin's wedding about a year ago..."

"Oooh what a rebel!" Lindsey balked.

"I shouldn't drink this..." Roxanne said pushing it away.

But her willpower and uncertainty of herself helped her be much more impressionable.

"Oh c'mon, live a little! One drink isn't going to kill you! Give it a chance. You may actually enjoy it!"

Roxanne slowly pulled the drink back towards herself and took a larger gulp from the sugary substance. She licked her lips.

"Mmm y'know, this really is... pretty good!" She smiled.

"Well good! Drink up!" Lindsey gushed. Roxanne responded by quickly downing it letting a small burp escape her lips.

"Ooooh Jacob! We need another Thai Iced Tea over here!" The action caused him to roll his eyes, but needless to say, he fixed up another one. He placed it on the table in front of Roxanne who was already feeling a bit of a buzz. "Just remember, this is the last time I do this..."

"Whatever bro. This is all we needed. Thanks."

"I fffeel ffffunnyyy..." Roxanne slightly slurred out loud.

Lindsey giggled. "Oh my god... you are such a lightweight!"

"Perfect..." Lindsey thought to herself with a smirk.

The main courses soon came, and the alcohol only seemed to boost Roxanne's powerful appetite. Any apprehension she had of being fat seemed to vanish under the veil of drunkenness. As soon as she would say she was done, Lindsey would push her to eat more. "C'mon Rox, you're almost done. The movie theater won't let you bring in outside food anyways. Mine as well finish it."

"Well okay... if you sssay ssso..."

Almost as if on cue, just as soon as she finished her dinner, the deep fried Bananas and ice cream showed up.

Roxanne had drank the remainder of her second Thai Iced Tea and was feeling no pain. Well... aside from the building pressure in her abdomen.

Roxanne was rubbing her belly that was exceptionally distended and she was letting moans of pain escape through her full slightly oily lips.

"Ugh what arrrre thessshe??"

"They're deep fried bananas with coconut ice cream. So delicious!! You have to try some!"

"Ughhhh but I'mm ssshooo fulll..."

"Nonsense! I promise you, this is one of the best things you will ever eat!"

"Okayyy... I'llll give it a tryyy. But the ressst isss yours."

Roxanne poked a fried banana with her fork, scooped up a bit of the ice cream with it and slid it into her mouth.

An explosion of sweet, creamy decadence invaded her tastebuds. "Oooh my goshhh. Thisss is sssoo good!" She groaned out and quickly plucked another one from the plate.

"I told ya! When have I ever steered you wrong?"

But then Roxanne threw in the towel dropping her fork onto the plate in front of her. "I sssserioussslly can't eat anotherrr bite..."

Lindsey sighed and grabbed her friends fork. "Oh c'mon. There's only 3 pieces left! You can do it!"

Between the drunken stupor that Roxanne was in, and Lindsey's persistence, Roxanne gave in opening her mouth...

After a few minutes Roxanne had finished the rest of the dessert.

Lindsey looked at her phone. "Okay, we better get going. The movie is going to start in a few minutes."

They slowly made their way over to the movie theater. Roxanne had her pudgy hand resting on her taut distended belly. She looked as if she were 7 months pregnant.

Lindsey picked up the tickets and quickly headed for auditorium 5. The previews had just ended and the theater was completely empty. They found some seats smack dab in the middle of the large room.

As the movie went along, Lindsey kept getting closer to her friend. Leaning towards her, resting her hand on Roxanne's plump one, slowly rubbing it.

Lindsey's voice had taken on a sweeter more syrupy tone. "Doesn't that feel good hun?"

Roxanne looked over at her friend feeling warm and content. "Yeahhh it doesss..."

In the back of her mind, she knew something wasn't quite right. She was beginning to feel more like herself again. The foggy effects of the alcohol was starting to wear off.

Lindsey had to time this perfectly. Her right hand cupped Roxanne's cheek. Her thumb caressing the side of her friend's face.

"What are you doing Lynds?"

"Just go with it..." Lindsey whispered gently. As Kylo and Rey's lips met, so to did Roxanne and Lindsey's.

At first Roxanne reciprocated the kiss, even using a bit of tongue. But after a few seconds she pulled away. No... wait... what are you doing?!??"

"I... I love you Roxanne. I have ever since we first met. I was hoping that maybe you felt the same way?"

"No... I'm sorry... you should clearly know by now... I'm straight Lynds! Gosh!"

She paused for a moment. Tears welling up in her sapphire eyes.

"Is... Is that what all of this was about tonight? Getting me drunk so I'd kiss you?!? Ugh what is Charlie going to think?!?!?! He's never going to forgive me... I gotta go!!"

Roxanne got up and left as quickly as her thick legs would carry her.

Lindsey just sunk deeper into the seat and began crying into her hands. "What the fuck did I just do?!?... I just lost my best friend because of my stupidity... I'm such a fucking idiot!!!"

She felt a weight return to the seat beside her.


"Afraid not..." A warm but gravely voice replied. "Quite the show." He replied while taking a piece of popcorn from his bag and tossing it into his mouth.

"What the fuck is it to you old man and why should it be any business of yours!??!?"

A grin had spread across his face. "I think I may have a way of helping you get what you want."

Lindsey wasn't sure why, but she believed he could do just that.

"Okay... Go on..."
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