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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:56 am

Thank you Matt! I hope that you continue to enjoy the story as more chapters come out! And yes, there are more changes in store for poor sweet Roxanne. :)
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:58 am

Thank you for the compliment Syconerd! I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

Her old friends are only going to change in the way of how they see her and treat her.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:01 am

Thank you ssj3gohan007!

Charlie is certainly doing his best to remain attracted to her and so far it's working. But he will be tested! I can assure you of that!
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:03 am

CHAPTER 8----------------------------------->


Roxanne had just gotten home from a fun filled night at Charlie's. They had finished a good chunk of their report, had amazing sex, better than her first time by a million miles, and a delicious dinner. She was practically glowing.

As Roxanne walked in through the entryway, she was treated to a familiar but welcome sight.

Her mom was in her usual spot planted on the couch in front of the tv, eating some Ben & Jerry's. Her shirt was pulled tight and had risen up just a bit to give a peek at her alabaster skinned belly with some light stretch marks dotting the surface.

It was no surprise to Roxanne that she herself was bottom heavy, since her mom was even more so, nearly taking up a full couch cushion.

"Hey mom!"

Her mom paused a few moments to finish swallowing her mouthful of ice cream. "Oh hey sweety!"

Roxanne planted herself next to her mom and kissed her on the cheek. "Whatcha watchin?"

"Oh I'm just getting caught up on Criminal Minds before the new season begins."

"Oh I love this show!! How far in are you?"

"I'm on season 8, episode 24 called "The Replicator."

"Oh is that the one with Mark Hamill?? He was sooo dreamy when he was younger. Luke... I am your lov-er!" She said in a deep cheesy voice.

"I beg to differ. I STILL think he's a dreamboat!"

"Eww mom that's disgusting! He's like 70..."

Sarah laughed out loud. "What?? I can't help that I'm still attracted to him! He's 68 by the way!... So do you wanna watch it with me?"

"Ummm can the Millennium Falcon jump to hyperspace?"

Sarah laughed at her daughter's joke. "Oh that's great!!!"

Roxanne felt a slight restriction around her waist as she shuffled around in her tight red top and less than roomy black sweats that stretched across her lower section.

"Damnit... these were my favorite sweats... guess I'll just have to get a larger pair... again..." she thought sadly to herself.

"Just let me change into something that is a bit more comfortable. I'll be back down in a few."

"Okay sweety."

Roxanne slowly climbed up the stairs to where her bedroom was located and opened her door.

Her room was a bit of a mess, but that was nothing new. Small piles of clothes were carelessly strew about and there was a few empty cartons on ice cream on her night stand.

"I really need to clean my room..." She looked around a bit more. Buuut it can wait til this weekend..."

It was her trademark saying. She was someone who would typically straighten up her room once or twice a month. She was getting close to having to do it again.

She did a bit of digging in the third pile she had seached in and spotted. It was a composition of alot of pyjama pants, sweats and t- shirts. Comfy clothes which is what she loved. She was never one for fancy expensive clothes.

After a moment she had found exactly what she was looking to change into.

She struggled to slip out of her black sweats, tight star wars boyshorts and just left them and her red top in a pile on her floor.

She donned her new clothes and padded down the stairs. Her heavy footsteps gave her mom a heads up that she was coming back down.

She was dressed in some baggy pyjama shorts with baby groots all over them that went down to her knees and a white tee shirt that fit her like a large tent. On it's front it said "I sleep and I know things." With a cartoon representation of Tyrion Lannister.

Her mom turned her head in Roxanne's direction.

"I have a little surprise for you in the freezer..."

Roxanne's eyes grew wide. "Ooooh is it strawberry cheesecake Ben & Jerry's?!?!?"

It was a normal ritual her and her mom shared. There was nothing better than some ice cream during late night movies and tv.

Her mom had a large grin form on her face as she nodded. "Uh huh!"

Roxanne quickly headed for the kitchen. She was back in a few moments already opening the ice cream carton.

As she dug into her freshly opened container, she remembered something. "Oh yeah. By the way, Miss Brewster wants you to come over Friday night. She would like to cook us dinner, even show you one of her best recipes. She's quite the cook."

Sarah shrugged. "Eh I dunno..."

"Well why not??"

Her mom gave her a knowing look. "Please... sure, she is very nice. Maybe even overly so... but she's..."

"She's what?" Roxanne snapped.

Sarah shrugged and paused for a moment. "She's dowdy... boring... she's a loser... she's... she's... incredibly fat!!"

"And that's not even talking about her ball of blubber for a son..."

Roxanne's eyes formed in an icy glare. "You have no business to say anything negative about miss Brewster or Charlie for that matter. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met!"

"Aaaand... I'm kind of dating Charlie now... He just gets me and sees me for who I truly am!"

Sarah stood there in shock. She didn't know what to say.

Roxanne plunged her spoon angrily into her ice cream. "And AS IF you or I have any right to talk about their weights. Look at yourself!..."

"Heck... look at me!" Roxanne said grabbing her small spare tire with both hands that hung over the waistband of her shorts.

Sarah looked down at her own bloated body. A double chin forming as she turned her head downwards.

She was indeed quite overweight... She had really let herself go since her and her husband had split up. A little over two hundred pounds the last time she checked which was nearly a week ago...

Roxanne continued on her tirade. "How much have you gained since dad left us anyways?!?"

"Ummm I'm not sure... not that much..." she quietly responded under her breath.

Roxanne gave her a doubtful look. "Mom... just please do me a favor and come over Friday night. Jenny has always wanted to be your friend. She has always been nothing but nice to me and has always wanted to meet you. You never know, maybe you two could form a great friendship!"

Sarah was still unconvinced. "I dunno..."

"She's making your favorite italian dish..."

"Chicken Parm?"

"And Fettuccine Alfredo!"

Sarah's belly gurgled in reaponse to hearing one of her favorite dishes.

"Well... okay... but I'm only doing this because you're sweet on the boy and I promise I'll keep things civil between Miss Brewster and I, but I can't promise that we'll become friends..."

Roxanne excitedly clapped her hands together again and gave her a hug. "Aww this is great mom. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"Anything for you. Now, can we get back to Criminal Minds?"

"Of course."

Charlie had gone to bed around 9 and was tossing and turning in his sleep. It was another restless night... The sweat was pouring from his clogged pores soaking his bedsheets once again.

He was dreaming...

Charlie found himself alone in the warm confines of his room planted in front of his tv while Call Of Duty Modern Warfare played out on the screen.

His big butt was parked in a wide spacious leather gaming chair complete with speakers in the headrests.

He absent mindedly checked the score. It was a round of Domination at Hackney Yard.

He was on "Team Coalition". His gamertag "PinballWizard00" showed 1 kill, 1 capture and 1 Defend even though the match had just started only moments prior. He thought he was decent at the game, typically finishing matches towards the top of the scoreboard. His average K/D ratio was now hovering around 0.85.

Then a notification flashed across the top of his screen, saying his friend "RagnaRox00" had joined the game.

His brow furrowed. "Huh, since when does Roxanne play Call Of Duty?? Eh oh well, maybe she's just giving it a try."

He returned to his gameplay.

Charlie had just killed 3 guys who were camping at "Objective B" in the main warehouse and snagged it for himself.

He caught a sudden whiff of vanilla and sandalwood. "Roxanne's perfume..." He surmised.

"Wow you're really good at this game babe! I don't know how you do it... I just keep dying..." He heard from the right of him. He wanted to keep his eyes glued to the tv but he felt as though he was on auto pilot. The angelic voice drew him away from the task at hand. He turned his head and was immediately met by her plump but delicate hands touching each side of his face to pull him in towards her signature soft, plush lips.

There she was in all of her plumpened glory. She had lowered herself down into a basic wooden dining table chair with armrests and was now focused intently on the tv. She had a basic black xbox controller wrapped in her pudgy hands as she struggled to play.

Even at her larger size and dressed in plain attire, she was still quite attractive. She was the epitome of what a girl next door would look like with just some extra added heft. She was currently hiding her body under an unappealing outfit that consisted of black sweats and the dreaded hoodie with the pickle on the front that he could now remember. Even then, it couldn't disguise how soft she had become.

Her character on the tv was currently stuck in a corner of the map. Then she got struck by an airstrike.

She set the controller down on her blubbery thigh and threw her hands up with a bit of frustration. "Ummm so what is the object of this game?? It's soooo haaaaard and it doesn't make any sense to me!" She whined.

Charlie smiled. "Well... so what you're supposed to do is capture the objectives A, B and C, and protect them from the other team."

"How do I shoot?"

"With the right trigger..."

She attempted to follow his basic instructions with a failed vigor. "Oh dangit! I blew myself up with a grenade..."

Charlie chuckled softly. "It's okay, you'll get the hang of it before you know it."

"Okay... well I'll give it another try..."

Roxanne wandered about for another minute or two. She was quickly figuring out the movements now. She snuck into the warehouse that held "Objective C" and laid down prone. The bar began to fill up. "Oooh oooh I'm about to get it!..." She cheered. But, not unlike a shark smelling blood in the water, an enemy quickly jumped into the room and killed her with an abrupt headshot.

"Dang! I almost had it!" She said gripping the controller even tighter.

"Sometimes, that's just how the game goes hun..."

Time seemed to suddenly speed up in an intense blur. An indescribable amount of time had passed.

"Yes!! Got another one!!" Roxanne triumphantly cheered.

Charlie shook his head and pulled up the scoreboard.

"PinballWizard00" showed 8 kills, 7 captures and 4 Defends

He looked only a few spaces down...

"RagnaRox00" showed 4 kills, 4 captures and 2 defends.

"I'm getting the hang of this!"

"Yeah you ar..."

Charlie looked over and nearly fell out of his chair. She was significantly heavier, having surpassed her original weight from before she had started dieting and exercising. A smidge over two hundred pounds if he could guess. She was dressed in Star Wars pyjamas that stretched tightly across her swollen body. Her belly had taken up real estate on her lap as she partially leaned forward to focus on the task at hand. A decent sliver of her pale rolling belly had peaked out from the hem of her stark white tank top. Her wide hips pressed hard against the wooden armrests causing Roxanne to continuously have to slide her posterior back and forth due to a slow building discomfort. Her breasts were forming a smaller second tier above her healthy belly roll.

"Ugh I hate this chair!!! Think I may buy one like yours or steal it from you!" She said playfully pushing him in his plush arm. "It looks so comfortable!"

"Not on your life!" He joked with a laugh.

She quickly pressed her heavy framed glasses back up her nose. Her chewed nails swiftly and violently pressed at the buttons on the rose colored controller.

She wiped a couple beads of sweat from her oily forehead. "This is one intense round!" She said popping some chips into her mouth and burping loudly. All without peeling her eyes from the match before her.

"Yeah it is!!" He said absent mindedly shoving some chips into his own.

"I hope we win this one!" She jeered as she threw a few frag grenades. "Yes!!! Got a double kill!"

"If we get a few more kills we will!"

They were going back and forth, dominating both the opposing team and the scoreboard.

A few stray dirty bowls and plates littered the area around where they were seated.

He noticed a medium sized dufflebag out of the corner of his eye that was partially open sitting next to the heavily inflated Roxanne. Underwear, bras and various other articles of clothing hung haphazardly out of the bags zippered opening.

"Thanks so much for letting me stay here for a few days my big gummy bear! You are so good to me." She said with a cute sideways glance.

"Anytime babe! You spend as much time here as you'd like!"...

Time sped up again. This time the sun would rise and set in a matter of a few seconds speeding up as it went along, creating an almost strobe light effect.

Charlie looked over and watched the scene unfold in front of him.

The longer he looked, the more his room transformed before him.

A second dresser appeared next to his own, all of it's drawers seemingly vomiting 3X and 4X sized articles of clothing out onto the floor in front of it.

His bed enlarged from it's queen size to a king size bed with two identical night stands on each side. His nightstand was messy enough, but paled in comparison to Roxanne's. Hers had towers of empty soda cans, ice cream cartons and snack wrappers.

The floor began to disappear under piles of empty food wrappers, styrofoam containers and dirty clothes.

He was so focused on his surroundings that he hadn't noticed the biggest change of all.

Roxanne herself...

She had transformed from the girl he knew and lusted over, into someone he couldn't rightly recognize at first.

The girl seated next to him was truly massive. She had seemed to blossom with each extra pound of glutinous flab. The extra large heavily reinforced leather gaming chair groaned out in pain whenever she would shift her spacious lower half.

She had to be nearly four hundred pounds now. Her hair was long, unkempt and oily, resting lazily against her pale, freckled and pimpled moon shaped face.

The custom pink controller looked as if it was constantly trying to escape her greasy, bloated clutches every moment she loosened her grip. Large rolls of fat were beginning to form at her wrists.

She was currently wearing XXXL sweatpants and a familiar green hoodie that was stretched and threadbare to bursting limits. Holes had formed all throughout her overtaxed outfit.

The current round of Domination had come to a close. Roxanne was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of her team including Charlie himself.

"RagnaRox00" showed 28 kills, 19 captures and 19 defends.

"PinballWizard00" had 22 kills, 14 captures and 15 defends.

"No fair!! You got lucky!!" He yelled tossing his controller down on the ground.

"Sshe... I told you I wassh the bessht at thisshhh game!" She slurred aloud. Her mouth was full of metal brackets and wire which were covered in leftover food that clung to the hardware.

He blacked out for a moment.

Roxanne was gone from her chair...

"But... where did she go??"

As if on command, his question was answered. A pleasant sensation was taking over his crotch. But then a sudden sting of pain erupted from his shaft... Almost like something had scratched it.

He was overcome with so many questions. "Wait... Ow!!!!"

"What the hell??! Since when did I become so fucking fat?!?!?" He internally asked himself.

Roxanne pushed his belly out of the way to reveal her bloated face. "I'm shorry if I accidentally bit you, but I told you... you'd have to hold your belly up if you wanted me to try to do thishhh!"

She was on her knees attempting to give him head.

"But my arms are so tired!" His dream self groaned aloud.

She looked up at him short of breathe. "Well my back hurtsh too... But anywaysh, how did I do??... Thish ish my firsht time after all!!"

He looked at his blubbery thighs that were spread wide, chunky forearms, his large heaving belly and his man boobs that were actually larger than Roxanne's own.

It hit him. He was as large as Roxanne!!

A cold shiver ran down his spine.


Charlie awoke with a loud momentary scream.

He heard a voice come from beneath his comforter. "Oh... I'm sorry if I hurt you... I've only done this a few times..."

Charlie lifted up his blanket to reveal Roxanne.

"Roxanne what are you doing here?!?"

She smiled while her mouth was still hovering over his tip. "I'm trying out a new wake up routine of course." A worried expression formed on her face. "So... I didn't hurt you did I? Be honest."

"No... no... no... it's not you. I was just having a terrible nightmare."

"Aww I'm sorry honey bun.

Charlie smiled. "It's okay. You're here now. But... What if my mom were to walk in or something?!?" He whispered while looking at the door.

"Oh please... She loves me! She thinks I'm a goody two shoes that has never had sex in my life, which I mean... I've only done it twice, so I highly doubt she would think I was up to anything bad in here. She just thinks I'm waking you up and in all honesty, that's exactly what I'm doing." She smirked.

Charlie rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "What time is it?"

"Time for you to get a watch silly!! Well... it's 6:50 so we still have some time." She added with a touch of promiscuity.

"So let's see if we can make you forget all about that bad dream of yours." She smirked as she continued her "new wake up routine."

His terror from the nightmare was suddenly replaced by an incredible sensation at his crotch.

She was eagerly slurping away at his member again. She was clearly an amateur, but it still felt incredible.

A few minutes later after Roxanne had finished him off, Charlie set about getting dressed. He just grabbed a basic black t-shirt with a neon green Yoshi decorating the front and some baggy blue jeans.

Once he was fully dressed, he focused on Roxanne and her choice of attire.

He couldn't rightly say why, but he wasn't shocked at how Roxanne looked.

She wore no makeup to speak of while her hair was left unstyled and put up in a simple pony tail. She had picked out some tight blue jeans that did her flat flabby ass and wide hips no favors. They showcased how truly bottom heavy she was and caused her love handles to become more apparent. Up top she was wearing a tight black top with a large batman logo adorning the front that stretched across her chest. It highlighted how small her B cups were by slightly plunging downwards while also hugging her pulpy stomach and slightly more rounded upper arms. Today she had chosen some used red converse high tops to finish out her look.

Even so, the simple kind of tom boy look seemed to really work for her. Especially with the loving way she was looking at him.

For the first time in Charlie's life, he felt that high school was going to actually be enjoyable. Especially with Roxanne at his side.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:39 am

Another brilliant installment! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :)

You are most welcome, audipwr87! I am looking forward to it! :)

I was curious what her new breast size was, since it was stated to increase a bit from the fat though not quite as big as they were before, and saggier too. This chapter helped answer that, however I think it's possible her band size increased because of her bigger overall proportions. So instead of being 32B, it might have increased to 36B or 38B for example. I could be wrong, of course, but I was curious if it was now 32B or a higher band number. Also I get the feeling that Charlie likes bigger breasts and was quite disappointed to see her so flat-chested. With the recent slight increase, I am guessing that is one of the things that he is focusing on that to try retain his attraction to Roxanne, as well as the hope that it can still be reversed and that Roxanne could regain her earlier beauty. She appears to be well on her way to surpassing her old, original form from my understanding, so Charlie will be tested indeed ;)

Happy New Year! :D
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby Matt L. » Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:13 pm

Well written and very enjoyable.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby div » Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:23 am

Hello to whom it concerns und a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2020! Wow! The species is drifting toward disaster but we are still here. Not all is lost.

I always had a thing for magic going wrong coupled with the fear to eventually drown in the flood of turns I missed to even consider.

You seem to have found some sort of balance here. It is hard not to like it.

Kind Regards!
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby syconerd » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:53 pm

So no fat Tiffany?
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:12 pm

syconerd wrote:So no fat Tiffany?

Probably not but who knows? I'm only going one chapter at a time and have just a general idea of where it's going to go.
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Re: Mistletoe Mishap WG, WL, BR, BE, Slob, Nerd

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:27 pm

CHAPTER 9----------------------------------->

Charlie was walking towards his car to get in for school but Roxanne stopped him.

"Why take both cars when we're both going to the same place silly?"

Charlie swore under his breath. He just had to find Kringle! His original plan was to fake being sick so he could hopefully find him where he had originally met him. The Arcade... and hopefully put an end to this madness and bring any further changes to a screeching halt. But thanks to Roxanne's surprise wake up, he was completely taken off guard. To keep Roxanne from becoming any the wiser, he decided he would have to wait til after school and bring her along.

Charlie only nodded. "That's a good point hun but... do you think we could stop off somewhere afterwards?"

He had piqued her curiosity. "Sure hun... but where?"

Charlie lifted his meaty shoulders up in a healthy shrug. "I was going to surprise you, but now that you're the one driving..." He sighed. "Well I guess I gotta tell you. I was going to take you to Full Tilt Ice Cream..."

Roxanne's eyes dazzled even more than they typically did and her plump lips formed into a full fledged smile. "Yes! Yes! I haven't been there in forever! That sounds like alot of fun honey!..." But then her smile started to wane.

"What's wrong love?" He asked.

It was her turn to shrug. "Well... what about our report? We need to finish it sweetie."

"Well it can wait til tomorrow..."

"But tomorrow is Thursday Charlie. That'll only give us one day to finish it... and I hate feeling rushed..."

"I promise you. We WILL get it done tomorrow okay? Come on, have some faith, we're two of the smartest kids in the class! It'll be cake!"

Her smile partially returned as she looked at him with a sideways glance. "Okay... You talked me into it."

"Awesome... we will play some arcade games, maybe some pinball, The Simpsons, Cruisin USA... and then maybe grab a banana split like old times." Charlie said trying to hide his trepidation.

Roxanne smiled and clapped numerous times again. "Fantastic!!"

As Charlie entered his girlfriends car with a loud creaky squeal and closed the door with a large rattling sound, he was treated to what the new Roxanne was into.

Her seat covers were black with Chewbaccas decorating the surface and a small Millennium Falcon hanging from the rear view mirror. The final piece de resistance was a R2-D2 bobble head shaking away on the center of the cracked dashboard.

A cold unopened Bang energy drink rested in the cup holder right behind the shifter. Roxanne quickly reached for it and opened it up with a loud crack. She brought it up to her mouth and took a couple long pulls from it and finished up with a gentle burbling burp. "Excuse me."

"Since when did you start drinking energy drinks?"

She rolled her eyes as she looked at him. "Oh quit. You sound just like my mom... I only have one a day and these are alot better for you as they are mostly all natural. You should try one, they definitely help!"

"I was just curious."

Music came in static waves of pops and crackles from two working speakers in the front doors and two that spat out nothing but distortion in the rear.

But what he could hear was music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers struggling to come out of the old warn out speakers.

Her car appeared to had not been cleaned or vacuumed in this last decade. A few stray empty energy drink cans rolled around the floor making their own type of music as they clinked together.

Charlie kept stealing glances as his girlfriend drove. Her shirt had risen up her tummy showing a small roll of pale flesh that rubbed against the dingy grey seat belt and her thicker right arm would jiggle with every gear shift.

"So... what made you decide to wear this outfit today? You look nice..."

Roxanne laughed and blushed just a bit. "Oh! Well thank you hun. I thought you'd like it."

"No, I LOVE it!"

"Lindsey suggested I try it out. I haven't worn this shirt in forever because it was getting kind of tight... but she talked me into it. She's so great with fashion!"

"Who the hell is Lindsey?" Charlie asked himself. But he only nodded.

Charlie hated to admit that he was just a bit relieved that sweats weren't her every day attire.

Her warm smile returned. "Okay good! I'm a bit self conscious of my body, but I can tell that you like it so I figured I'd try something new."

"Well keep dressing like this. You'll never hear a compaint from me!"

She giggled. "Okay! Sounds good!"

The rest of the ride to school was uneventful. They were to school within a couple of minutes and parked out near the back of the parking lot.

They had exited the old worn out Civic and Roxanne opened her rear door to grab her overfilled black Jansport backpack. It had seen better days but had collected an assortment of colorful patches. Some were of course superhero and Star Wars themed, but it also had a few others covering it's surface.

One was an oval shaped patch. On it was a baby chick with the words "Cluck It!" resting below.

Another was a rectangle patch that read "4 out of 3 people struggle with math."

With a grunt, she swung it around and slid it on her shoulders causing herself to lean a bit more forward.

They were walking towards the entrance to their school hand in hand for the first time ever and he couldn't help but smile.

He stopped her once they had stepped up onto the sidewalk and turned her in his direction. Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled at him as her unkempt eyebrows raised in uncertainty. "What is it Charlie bear?"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, how lucky I am and how beautiful you are."

Roxanne's face became heavily flushed. She pulled him in for a deep kiss. "I love you too!"

Charlie opened the door for his girlfriend and let her enter first. He couldn't help but sneak a glance at her once prestigious rear end that rested below her back pack.

Sure it wasn't as ripe and plump as it previously was, but inside of the jeans it at least had a somewhat plush appeal. It had a gentle curve leading up from her thick juicy thighs to her padded lower back. It was in part due to her most recent influx of blubber. Above her jeans a small bulge had blossomed around her back, sides and front creating a small but noticeable muffin top.

He couldn't say why, but he gave her butt a gentle pinch causing her to gasp and turn red. "Behave you naughty boy." She smirked.

As they stepped into the commons, Charlie couldn't help but notice that Roxanne was still catching a glance here and there from random guys and even a few girls that would pass by. They weren't the same painfully attractive or popular people that she used to gain the attention of, but decent looking all the same.

They both headed to biology and kissed once more before entering the classroom. Roxanne and Charlie both sat in their respective desks.

"Good morning class! I hope your reports are going well as they are due Friday. Just a friendly reminder!"

"But today... today we are going to do a pop quiz on what you've learned from dissecting the frogs."

The class groaned in unison. Everyone except Charlie and Roxanne.

The teacher grabbed the sheets from her desk. "Now now... I know not many of you are fans of them, but sometimes we do things we don't want to do."

Misses Nye began handing out the tests. "You will have fifteen minutes to complete it. Turn it over when you're done and no talking. Good luck!"

Charlie took one look at the back of his girlfriend's head as she looked down and quickly began answering her quiz.

Charlie did the same breezing through it finishing the test in short order only stumbling over a few of the questions. He heard the sound of a paper rustling in front of him but he didn't think anything of it. A minute later he was finished with his own. He checked the clock on the wall. It had only taken him 8 minutes to complete it.

He looked forward and noticed that the end of Roxanne's pencil was still moving swiftly.

"Hmmm looks like I'm still the sharper one of the two of us." He couldn't help but gloat a bit.

The next number of minutes passed quickly.

"Okay! Time's up class! Now I want you to trade quizzes with the same person who you are grouped up with for the report to grade your tests as I go over each answer up here on the overhead.

Roxanne turned around. A smile formed on her face as she handed her quiz to Charlie and vice-versa. "Good luck."

Charlie happened to glance at the back of Roxanne's quiz and noticed an intricate drawing of Mario jumping over a shocked Bowser to get to Princess Peach who was locked in a castle tower.

"Hmmm... she must've finished alot earlier than I suspected."

As the teacher went through the answers, Charlie couldn't help but be surprised. Roxanne had gotten a 96 percent on her test.
They traded tests back simultaneously.

"Good job hun!" She smiled at him.

He looked at his test and saw that he had gotten a 94 percent.

He tried to rationalize it himself. "Well just because she got a higher score than me, doesn't mean she's smarter than I am now..."

But he wasn't really sure if he believed that...

The rest of their Biology class went as it usually would, but Charlie noticed small differences from Roxanne. Answering more of the teacher's questions than she typically ever would and nervously chewing on the end of her pencil.

Charlie was so focused on Roxanne, that he hadn't noticed class was coming to an end. The bell sounded with a systematic ring. They exited the classroom and entered the main hall.

"Well... off to English. See you for lunch?" Charlie asked nervously awaiting her answer.

She smiled but looked at him with curiosity. "Of course babe! Who else would I spend it with?"

A large sigh of relief came from Charlie's blubbery body.

Roxanne sighed. "Now I just have to survive gym class... But at least Lindsey will be there with me!"

"Lindsey, who the fuck is Lindsey?" Charlie asked himself again but decided to play along. "Oh yeah of course!" It was driving him nuts.

"So... what do they have you doing today?"

"Oh the usual... jogging around the track for a half hour and then mister Munson let's us choose between volleyball, basketball or flag football..."

"Oh that's not so bad hun." He said resting his hand on her back.

"But Tiffany Thomas and Brittney Rogers are in the class and I just can't stand them... They act as if they own the ground they're standing on... and belittle anyone less than them..."

Charlie couldn't help but give his girlfriend a heartfelt hug and bookended it with a kiss. "Well just remember, in less than an hour and a half, we'll be at lunch!"

"You're right..." She looked at the clock in the hall. "Okay I really need to go babe so I have time to change."

"Okay see you at lunch!"

He couldn't help but watch her as she walked away from him. He was really hoping he could talk Kringle into stopping any future changes to his girlfriend. Things were perfect between the two of them now. Well... almost perfect. Sure, she wasn't as hot as she once was, but she loved him and even enjoyed alot of the same things that he did.

He needed to find Kringle!

Luckily for Charlie, today was a movie documentary day so he could kind of relax.

But his mind kept falling back to whoever this Lindsey was.

He sneakily pulled out his phone and checked out his girlfriend's facebook photos.

There she was...

Lindsey Payne. Instagram model and body positive figure pushing the logic that you didn't have to be a twig to be beautiful. "EveryBODY is beautiful" was one of her many words of wisdom.

He checked one of her most recent posts. It was one of those comparison shots. A caption sat above the two photos. "I want to thank all of the bullies/haters that made me who I am today. Especially you Tessa Peterson."

"Damn, she is bold!" Charlie thought.

The side by side photos sat in stark contrast from one another. A recent "cupcake" shot where she was showing alot of skin and dripping with confidence. Then the other was from middle school. She was a completely different person... She wore baggy clothes, seemed to be obscenely overweight with an unflattering hair style and braces and stood awkwardly.

Charlie vaguely remembered Lindsey from even before she had become friends with his girlfriend. For lack of a better term Lindsey was a plump, suicide girl-esque goddess. She wore clothes that accentuated her ultra curvaceous form and did it in style. She appeared to be mostly caucasian, but with a dash of oriental flavor as seen in her almond shaped hazelnut eyes and slight amber tint to her pristine skin. Looking at her standing next to Roxanne, it appeared that she was an inch or two shorter, but at least thirty pounds heavier.

She could've easily been one of the popular clique, but due to her majorly exaggerated curves, (which many of the popular girls called her fat), alternative looks, and nerdy tastes, she was deemed as an outcast.

Her straight hair tumbled down her shoulders in a rainbow of bold unnatural colors. She had a septum piercing in her nose and multiple piercings in each ear. Her vibrantly colored plump lips seemed to always be forming a smile which also showed off her perfectly straight pearly whites.

Then came her body. She was an hourglass masterpiece of healthy bulging curves. She had enormous breasts that were unnaturally perky, maybe E's or even F cups. He wasn't completely sure. She also had one amazing ass to match that had zero cellulite and a slightly soft, outwardly sloping midriff with a pierced, somewhat deep belly button. She did have a bit of a tummy, but it was tiny in comparison to the rest of her body.

He kept looking farther back into his girlfriend's profile. It appeared as if they had been friends for a couple of years. Since the beginning of high school.

Lindsey herself had a facebook and he couldn't help but notice that he was friends with her.

By looking at her pictures, it was apparent that she had gone to multiple comic cons with them, dressed up as an extra sultry, extra curvy Harlequin for last Halloween and also played video games with them on occasion. Something else had stood out to him though. It appeared as if she was fitness and somewhat health oriented, playing multiple sports, weight lifting and even doing a run called the "Tough Mudder". There was a picture of both Lindsey and Roxanne held close together as they posed for a photo completely covered in mud. Roxanne's face was beet red, glistening with sweat with a forced smile upon her chuberic face with just a hint of a double chin.

"Wait... double chin??"

Roxanne looked positively pudgy in the photo. Much heavier than she did now.

He exited Lindsey's Facebook and decided to go further into the depths of Roxanne's history by looking at her older pictures.

He went farther back to a picture of Roxanne and Charlie at their favorite spot. It had been taken a few years ago at Full Tilt Ice Cream. They were sharing a large banana split smiling at the camera. Roxanne was sporting a spoon that was overloaded with ice cream and chocolate sauce. She looked even heavier easily surpassing her old highest weight. Lindsey was nowhere to be found in the picture.

He scanned numerous pictures seeing rapid fluctuations in each one. Roxanne had become a yo-yo dieter in the past, but once she had met Lindsey, she seemed to keep most of the excess weight off.

Most of it...

Charlie's brow furrowed. "Hmmm a new friend who may be keeping Roxanne's health in check?? I like her already."

He closed out of her profile automatically feeling a sense of relief.

Roxanne approached the blue double doors and sighed. "Well... here goes nothing..."

Roxanne reluctantly entered in through the girl's locker room doors and approached her locker. She looked around seeing all of her fellow classmates changing in front of one another without so much as a second thought.

It wasn't that she hated gym class, she was in okay shape. Probably more capable than half of the class, but she hated dealing with certain people in it...

"Well, well, well. Like, hey there Rollsanne. I mean, Roxanne." A bit of a sharp but bubbly voice welcomed her.

Roxanne looked to her right. It was Brittney Rogers. One of the queen bitches herself.

"Oh uhhh... hey Brittney..."

Tiffany Thomas came in from the other side. "Y'know... Brittney and I have been thinking that maybe you hide your body too much."

Brittney nodded dimly. "Yeah... we were toootally thinking that maybe we should like, do you a favor."

Roxanne wasn't liking the sound of this...

"So we decided to toss out your old nasty gym sweats and sweat shirt and give you something that shows that beautiful body of yours."

"You can like, thank us later!"

Both girls left the shocked brunette where she stood laughing together as they exited the locker room. Roxanne reluctantly opened up her locker and was left holding up a very short, very pink pair of running shorts and a skimpy pink top to go with it.

She had two options. Either put the clothes on or skip class altogether.

She chose to wear the clothes...

The pink tank top sunk low giving a peek at her small and somewhat low settling b cup cleavage while giving anyone a nice view of her soft padded tummy and slight love handles. Below her waist, the shorts barely went below her ass cheeks and hugged her hips and thick thighs tight. Luckily the waistband was elastic, otherwise it would've been a serious struggle to make them fit.

Roxanne felt ridiculous...

As she hesitantly walked out onto the gymnasium floor, her old red and white Converses squeaked as she shuffled over towards the bleachers. She was greeted by her friend who gave her a hug.

Lindsey was wearing a tie dye tank top that left her husky upper arms out in the open and gave a nice view of her large cleavage. Down low she wore some matching yoga pants that hugged her thick but shapely legs tightly. A sliver of her somewhat soft, rounded tummy was left exposed, but she held herself with an overabundance of confidence.

"Well hey you!..." She paused the moment after her warm welcome. She noticed that Roxanne was uncomfortably trying to cover her tummy region and her soft thighs. "You ummm... I told you to change up your normal outfit, not your gym clothes hun..." Roxanne looked as if she was about to start crying. Lindsey had to act fast. "But hey, you do have a great body, so show it off!"

Roxanne immediately felt a bit better after her friend's words of encouragement. Even if she didn't fully believe her. "Thanks Lyns... but this wasn't my doing actually... Brittney and Tiffany switched my sweats for this stuff..."

"Those bitches... I can't believe they would stoop that low... Just you wait Roxanne. I have a feeling karma will be catching up to them in due time."

The teacher blew his whistle. "Okay students! Let's head down to the track and get our run in!"

Roxanne took a deep breath as her feet stepped onto the red oval track and began jogging with her friend. She cringed as she felt her thighs slightly rub and jiggle against one another while her plush ass was bouncing and jiggling within the polyester confines of the shorts. Her breasts (even though they were wrapped in a bra) were bouncing with each laborious step she made.

They kept up a decent pace but Tiffany and Brittany were keeping well ahead with no surprise and would no doubt lap the two before their half hour run was over.

Even though Lindsey was significantly heavier than her friend, she kept up without much of a problem. Roxanne on the other hand was beginning to struggle a lap and a half into their run.

Lindsey looked over towards her friend who was beginning to sweat profusely. The breeze was causing goosebumps to form on the surface of Roxanne's thighs, exposed arms and chest. Her brunette locks were beginning to stick to her forehead.

"Whew! I'm getting tired Lyns! You think maybe we could walk the corners and run the straights now?"

Lindsey giggled. "You can do this Roxanne. Just breathe deeply in and out. Control your breathing. Focus on it."

"I... I... don't know if I can..."

Lindsey shook her head. "You should really join me on more of my workouts. I promise you'll see a significant increase in your endurance before you know it!"

Roxanne loved spending time with her friend, but hated working out. "Yeah... I know..." Was all she could breath out.

"Wasn't the tough mudder fun this last summer?"

Roxanne thought back to that day. Hot... sweaty... dirty... tiring... "Yeah... yeah... it was fun..." She lied.

"Well there is another one coming up if you'd like to join me? It's in a month."

She didn't really want to do it after how rough the last one was but she figured it'd be best to do it. She had been putting on a bit of weight recently.

"Uhhhh... okay..."

"It's a plan then! Hope you're ready to run your butt off!"

Suddenly the duo heard footsteps coming from behind them as they had just finished their second lap.

"Holy shit Brittney, I think we've come across a herd of stampeding cows!"

Brittney being the brainless bimbo that she was couldn't come up with anything to reply with. She only giggled.

"Yeah, you wouldn't want us to squash you like the bugs that you are." Lindsey fired back without breaking a sweat.

Tiffany clicked her tongue. "Whatever heifers. Move your fat asses to the side to let me and my THIN friend pass!!!" Tiffany said while forcing herself through the narrow gap between them with Brittney close behind.

"Maybe if you were running for a buffet line, you'd move a bit faster!!" Tiffany said while turning her head back to her targets.

"Oh... and Rollanne... I mean Roxanne, you look really fat in that outfit."

Roxanne stopped dead in her tracks and began balling her eyes out. Roxanne could taste salty drops of sweat mixed with streams of tears that poured from her eyes.

"She's right... I'm... **huff** a fat **pant** loser..." Roxanne sobbed.

Lindsey hugged her friend tight. "Don't listen to them Rox! They're just miserable and want to bring anyone down with them that they can."

They began jogging again at albeit a slower pace, but Roxanne quickly found herself tiring again.

"But... it's true!! I've already gained some of the weight back that I've lost... I'm just destined to be a fat ass..."

"Well... have you been eating healthy?" Lindsey questioned her.

"Ummm kind of..." she lied and looked away.

Lindsey scowled at her friend. "Roxanne???? Tell me the truth!"

"Fine... fine..." She decided to tell a bit of a white lie. "I may... **huff** have had some... **puff** lasagna and ice cream last night..."

She opened her mouth in surprise. "See... those kind of foods won't do your body any favors!"

She sighed out loud. "I know... I know..."

"Well c'mon Rox! We can work on that! Let's prove them wrong and finish up this run! We only have a few more minutes left!"

Roxanne sighed but struggled to keep running.

Lindsey thought her friend could use some more words of encouragement. "Do you remember what I was like in eighth grade? Well after another excruciating day of being bullied, I decided that I had had enough. That I didn't want to be pushed around anymore.

"So... what... did... you... do??"

"Well I threw out all of the junk food that I used to rely on to make me happy and whenever I'd get a craving for it, I'd work out instead."

Roxanne's face gained a thoughtful look.

Mister Munson quickly walked down the stairs, blew his whistle and made an announcement.

"Okay class! Time to come back in to play some sports!"

Roxanne was beyond relieved. She took some deep breaths in and happily stepped off of the track. Now she just had to get through the last half of class.

"Let's go play some volleyball!" Lindsey said excitedly.


It honestly was the best choice of the three.

Charlie looked at the clock. He was eagerly awaiting the time when he could be back at his girlfriend's side. He was even more excited to find Mr. Kringle.

Charlie quickly rose up from his seat just as soon as the bell rang and made a bee-line for the lunch room.

Once he was inside the cafeteria, he almost instantly spotted Lindsey first due to her size, rainbow colored hair and attire. She was wearing a white shirt style dress that had small cherries dotting it's surface which aggressively hugged her body tight. Her curvy legs were wrapped in bright red leggings. The bottom hem rested right above her knees.

And standing right next to her was his girlfriend. They were waiting in the lunch line about to be served.

"I tell you hun if you're serious about losing weight, just follow my lead."

Roxanne shrugged her shoulders. "I don't really think I need to lose weight... I just want to be in better shape. Y'know... kind of tone up a bit."

"Well having a good diet is the first step to that."

Lindsey had gotten a chicken caesar salad sans croutons and only a very light amount of dressing with a bottled water and waited for Roxanne to make a choice.

She eyed the fresh pizza, cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches trying to make her decision.

She folded under the pressure that her friend was heaping upon her.

"I guess I'll have a caesar salad and a bottled water too..." she said uninterested in what she was about to eat.


Roxanne forced a smile upon her face. She should've been proud of herself, but all she felt was disinterest. As they left the lunch counter, they headed to the covered salad bar where all of the dressings, toppings and croutons sat in their own little plastic cubbyholes.

Lindsey grabbed one of the dressing dispensers and only let a small dallop of caesar dressing land on her salad. She finished it off with some black sliced olives and a few diced hard boiled eggs. Roxanne watched her do it. She quickly grabbed a second bottle and opened up the dispenser all of the way dumping a large amount of Caesar dressing over her leafy green salad in just a few seconds and finishing it off with a heaping pile of croutons.

"Woah what are you doing?!?!" Lindsey responded.

"Whoops... didn't think it'd come out that fast... Sorry" Roxanne quickly responded.

"Well... at least it'll taste halfway decent now..." she thought to herself.

Charlie was waiting for the two of them at one of the tables all the way in the back.

"Hey sweetheart." Charlie welcomed her.

"Hey baby." Roxanne blushed as he kissed her on the cheek. "I'm really excited for this afternoon!" She gushed.

"Yeah... I am too..." He said trying to hide his nervousness. He had no idea what he was going to do if he couldn't find Kringle...

"Hi Charlie..." Lindsey replied flatly.

He was a bit taken aback at Lindsey's curt greeting. He decided to ignore it.

"Ummm... hey Lindsey. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine... you??"

"Uh. I'm doing pretty well..."

"So... what are you two doing this afternoon that you're so excited about?"

Charlie didn't want to lie. It seemed as if he was already behind the proverbial eight ball when it came to Lindsey. He wasn't sure why...

"Oh well... ummm Roxanne and I were going to go to Full Tilt Ice Cream to play some arcade games and maybe grab some ice cream..."

A great idea quickly popped into his head. Maybe he could score some points with Lindsey while she kept his girlfriend busy. It would certainly make things easier.

"You could... come if you want??" Charlie managed to sputter out.

Lindsey quickly jumped on it. "Yeah... sure!! Sounds like fun!" Even through Lindsey's smile, he could sense a feeling of spite coming from her direction.

The atmosphere was stifling. He had to get out of there. "Hey Roxanne, I'm going to go grab a Coke. You want one?"

She paused for a few moments possibly weighing her options when she felt Lindsey's eyes burning into the side of her head.

"Umm no, I have a bottled water. But thanks anyways babe."

Charlie nodded. "Okay, well I'll be right back hun."

"Okay sweetie." She said flashing her eyes at him.

As Charlie walked away, Lindsey and Roxanne lowered themselves onto the round seats surrounding the blue rectangle table. Roxanne's somewhat rounded backside slightly flowed over the edges of the seat making her saddle bags and wide hips even more pronounced, while Lindsey's large, firm derriere all but devoured the seat but kept it's perfectly rounded shape.

Lindsey saw this as a perfect opportunity and immediately started trying to talk some sense into her friend. "I honestly don't know what you see in him..."

"Who Charlie? Ohhh he's super duper sweet though Linds!"

"But he's such a terrible influence on you!"

Roxanne found some fight deep down within herself. "No he's not! He's the best guy I've ever been with..."

"Well okay... but tell me this. When the two of you are together, what types of foods do you guys eat?"

Roxanne knew what was coming... "Well... Pizza, burgers, ice cream, candy..."

Lindsey interrupted her friend. "See! All you eat is crap when you're around him! If you're not careful, you'll end up just like him!"

Roxanne was crumbling in on herself. "Yeah... I guess..."

Lindsey could detect that she was possibly being a bit too harsh on her friend. "Well... I guess if he makes you happy... but you need to watch what you eat when you're around him!"


"So... are you going to eat ice cream when we're there?"

"Ummm I don't know... probably?? I mean it's almost a sin if you go there and don't have ice cream. It's some of the best in the city!"

Lindsey stared at her blankly. "Uh huh... see what I mean?!? We just talked about you eating healthier and you're already talking about eating ice cream!!"

Roxanne looked at her friend questioning her. "Ummm well... I guess I can just have a water or something..."

Lindsey tried to go a bit easier on her. "I'm sorry hun, but you shouldn't be eating that stuff..."

"I know..." She said apprehensively.

Lindsey rested her hand on her friend's back and rubbed it. "I'll tell you what, I know of an organic grocery store right near there that has really good greek yogurt! We can put some fruit and a bit of honey in it. It's much better for you and it actually tastes really good!"

Roxanne folded once again. "Okay... I'll try it..."

"Awesome! You're going to love it!"

Just as soon as they finished their conversation, both Mark and Kaley joined the duo at the table right around the same time Charlie had returned with his soda.

"So... what is the topic of discussion for today?" Mark asked the group.

Lindsey smiled. "Well, we were just talking about all the fun we're going to have at Full Tilt Ice Cream!"

Mark and Kaley's eyes grew simultaneously. "Aww what?!? We love that place!! Can we tag along??"

Charlie shrugged. "I don't see why not! The more, the merrier!"

"It'll keep Roxanne even more preoccupied as I try to find that bastard..." He thought to himself.

He was standing on the opposite side of the lunch table lovingly looking at his girlfriend and his eyes suddenly locked onto what Roxanne was eating. A heavily dressed chicken caesar salad. A shudder twisted up his back. He couldn't rightly say why... but it made him grossly uneasy.

He decided to proceed with caution. "So... what made you decide to have a salad today hun?"

She shrugged, her face devoid of even a hint of a smile. "Well I guess..."

Lindsey interrupted her. "Roxanne is trying to eat healthier."

The sharp, quick response from Lindsey took him by surprise. But nevertheless he was excited. As much as he loved her slightly larger breasts, it came at the cost of the rest of her body softening as well and he clearly preferred her pre fattened form. "Oh... that's great hun!"

"Yeah... isn't it??"

She sounded less than happy about it.

They spent the rest of lunch talking about what games they were going to play later in the afternoon.

But not Charlie... He was just focusing on his girlfriend and all of her beauty and cute little quirks.

Like how her eyes always focus intently on the person who's talking to her. Even when she's eating. Or how she takes cute, delicate bites and nibbles on her utensil in between. The way she squints her eyes and sticks the tip of her tongue out when she's being silly. How she always seems to be legitimately happy almost always having a smile on her face, or her flirtatious behavior.

He was focusing on her for so long that the minutes evaporated like drops of water on hot concrete and lunch was soon over. Charlie awoke from his deep intimate study of his girlfriend, walked over to her and kissed her deeply.

Just as soon as their lips parted, Roxanne let out an almost orgasmic sounding sigh. "Woah... cut that out lover boy or I might just have to take advantage of you." She said winking at him.

"Maybe you should." He winked.

The bell rang signaling that lunch was officially over as if to hurry them along.

"So I'll see you after school?" Charlie asked his girlfriend whose cheeks were still a deep crimson.

"You can count on it... and you better be ready for me tonight mister. Especially after a kiss like that." She winked.

"Yes ma'am." He replied with a smirk.

The rest of the school day crawled by at a snails pace but Charlie had made it.

He stepped out of his classroom and headed out towards the front of the school. He instantly spotted his girlfriend who was leaning up against one of the hand rails.

"Hey beautiful." He commented causing her to smile. "Hey yourself."

"You ready to go?" He asked excitedly.

"Not just yet, Lindsey is riding with us to the arcade."

"Oh okay."

As if on cue, Lindsey stepped out through the main doors of the school like she owned the place and the trio made their way out to Roxanne's car.

It took 15 minutes to reach the arcade but it felt alot longer than that due to Lindsey complaining about the "messy" state that her friend's car was in.

Lindsey's feet crunched on old pine needles and leaves. "Do you ever vacuum this thing out??..."

Roxanne just rolled her eyes. "Look... it's just a car to get me from point A to point B, nothing more."

"But you have empty energy drink cans back here too. Don't tell me you're drinking these!" She was holding one up in line with the rear view mirror. "They're so unhealthy!"

Roxanne just looked in her boyfriend's direction and gave him a knowing look.

Lindsey's complaining only seemed to make Roxanne drive just that much quicker, and before long they were pulling into the parking lot.

The Full Tilt Ice Cream sign that rested above the main doors was lit in vibrant colors of neon and surrounded in incandescent flashing bulbs.

It was surprisingly busy for being early in the afternoon on a Wednesday. It was going to be difficult to find Kringle here.

He wasn't even sure if he would actually be here, but it was the only thing he had to go on.

Charlie was trying to play it cool, having forgotten the fact that Roxanne was trying to be healthier. "Okay... how about you go change this twenty into quarters and I'll go get us a banana split?"

Lindsey wasted no time in interfering. "Actually... I'm going to take your girlfriend to HealthHut to get her some greek yogurt instead. It's alot healthier than ice cream..."

Roxanne warmly smiled at him as she pulled him in for a kiss. "We'll be back in a few minutes. Love you."

He was disappointed but tried to hide it with a smile. "Oh... okay..." But a thought entered his mind. "Well at least without her here I can focus on the task at hand."

Mark and Kaley approached him. "Okay, well we're going to go grab something to drink from the snack bar. We'll be back in a few."

As soon as they exited the shop, he began quickly walking down each row of pinball and arcade machines. The place was massive, spanning seemingly as far as the eye could see. It had been made up from an old drug store.

Kevin Flynn of Tron would've been jealous.

Everwhere he looked he saw increasing amount of kids and their parents smashing buttons and laughing wildly.

But Kringle was nowhere to be found...

He heard the dings of bells as heavy metallic balls bounced wildly off of bumpers from numerous pinball machines, electronic vehicle sounds emanating from racing games and the familiar chiptune music coming from multiple sources.

But no familiar deeply warm and unnerving voice to be heard.

He checked the snack bar and seating area where people were hungrily scarfing tons of delicious ice cream, slurping on thick rich milk shakes and greedily shoving slice after slice of greasy pizza down their gullets.

He had checked the whole place, and not a hide nor hair of the old man could be found.

He gave up his search feeling completely defeated. Loaded, terrifying questions kept running through his mind. What was he going to do? How much worse was it going to get for his girlfriend? What kind of repercussions would it cause?

He retreated back to the snack bar where his friends were enjoying some root beer floats and chili cheese fries at an elevated rectangle shaped table that nearly sat in the center of the section.

Mark grabbed a chili cheese fry and popped it into his mouth. "The place is pretty packed today huh Charlie?"

Charlie swallowed his disappointment. "Yeah it is... I'm gonna go grab a rootbeer float and maybe a chili cheese fry for myself. I'll be right back."

"Well... we have plenty here. You can eat from ours!" Kaley offered.

"Okay. Thanks Kaley."

He walked to the counter and grabbed a root beer float for himself.

By the time he had gotten his root beer float and started his short trip back to their table, Lindsey and Roxanne had returned with a medium sized container each of greek yogurt and were seated at the table.

Roxanne was about to take a small bite of her yogurt, not showing any sense of enjoyment or displeasure.

The spoon only rested a few inches from her beautiful mouth as it opened just a bit.

Her eyes lit up when she spotted Charlie. He immediately began walking her way, but just as soon as he was about to reach her, time slowed to a near stop.

The surrounding area became bathed in a pink glow, snowflakes were slowly falling and a faint sound of sleigh bells could be heard.

"So... I understand you're looking for me?"

It shook him to his very core. He turned around and looked for the source of the familiar voice.

It was Kringle alright.

"Mr. Kringle! The mistletoe that you gave me is malfunctioning!!"

Mr. Kringle only smiled. "What makes you think it's malfunctioning?"

"It's causing Roxanne to change! I want to put an end to the craziness before something even more terrible happens to her!"

"I'm sorry Charlie, but the changes were set in motion from the moment you kissed her under the mistletoe. Maybe you should've been nicer to me."

His stomach lurched. A sour metallic taste invaded his tastebuds. At first Charlie was unsure if he could speak. His vocal chords seemed to be frozen for a moment. But he found a resilience rise to the surface as he approached the older man. "I want you to stop all of these horrible changes that are happening to Roxanne... You're ruining her life!"

Mr. Kringle paid Charlie no mind and slowly strolled towards Roxanne and inspected her closely like someone would if they were looking at a fine piece of art or a new car.

"It doesn't appear to me that her life is ruined. Not even remotely so. She looks happy, healthy, she's much more intelligent than ever before, she has a bright future ahead of her, and she's in a great relationship with you."

"B-b-but she's gained a considerable amount of weight, she's become messy and she's no longer popular."

"Well... you wanted her to fall in love with you... so the mistletoe is making it possible by changing her to fit this reality."

Charlie raised his voice. "Yeah... I wanted that... but not at the cost of her beauty!!"

Stan Kringle's eyes seemed to smolder with anger. "Ungrateful... and here I was thinking that maybe you wanted to either thank me or apologize for your less than tolerable behaviour the last time we met... Have you ever thought that maybe I'm trying to teach you a lesson? That you should respect your elders and that maybe, just maybe beauty is more than just skin deep?"

Charlie's anger seemed to only grow. He grabbed the collar of Kringle's shirt. "APOLOGIZE?!?! APOLOGIZE?!?!? WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT YOU SICK BASTARD AFTER WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO HER!!?!"

Kringle smirked. He was barely phased by the outburst from the heavyset boy.

"Well I was hoping you would've learned and I could stop everything here. But you've shown me that maybe further changes are needed."

Charlie didn't like the sound of this... "No please... you can't!!! I'm sorry!!!" He squealed.

"It's too late for apologies Charlie... Originally, I was going to let things naturally take their course but now... Now I believe a bit of a "push" in the right direction is in order!"

His demeanor settled a bit and a crooked smile formed upon his wrinkled face. "So... I know you have looked into Lindsey's history. How she used to be an overweight, frumpy nobody in middle school. And how she was mercilessly bullied which helped push her to become the instagram beauty queen that she is now... Remember this post?"

Mr. Kringle projected the picture out in front of Charlie from the "Tough Mudder" run where the both of them were posed together afterwards covered in mud and sweat.

"So what if Roxanne influenced Lindsey instead? To maybe not care about being so healthy or worry about what people thought of her? It's funny how easily fate can sway one way or the other. Almost like flipping a coin."

Mr. Kringle pulled out another mistletoe identical to Charlie's.

"No... DON'T!"

"Watch the magic happen Charlie..."

The photo began to slowly morph from a Tough Mudder run to "The First Annual Fudge Pie Feast" at the State Fair. The duo were still grouped together, but instead of their faces being covered in mud, they were covered in rich dark chocolate and pieces of pie crust. They were both smiling ear to ear.

Charlie looked over towards Lindsey with a feverish gaze.

The first thing he noticed was Lindsey's plethora of bold multicolored hair begin to travel down towards the tips til a few inches of black could be seen up near her scalp. Her natural hair color Charlie had assumed. It restyled itself til it was done up into a basic pony tail similar to that of Roxanne.

Her perfectly done up face lost it's light dusting of makeup and became coated in grease. The makeup reapplied itself in a heavier, more amateur style. Small pimples and black heads dotted the surface of her once pristine face breaking through the thick layer of makeup. Her perfectly white teeth became less so as they yellowed ever so slightly. The final change came in the form of a metal curved wire as it slithered over the surface of them, revealing that she now had top and bottom retainers seated inside her mouth.

Her white shirt style dress darkened to black while blots of color exploded across it's surface in the explosive words of comic style "BAM! POW! BAP!" as a comic style Batman fought across her midsection and breasts. Her red leggings became black as well. Joker's face spread across her thighs and different sized "HA-HA's" traveled across the rest of their surface with an overly large one stretching over her curvy ass. Old style converse shoes in a faded purple color wrapped themselves around her feet.

The next change overtook her as it came in the form of her greek yogurt becoming a massive ice cream sundae with a huge root beer float on the side to wash it down.

A large ripple erupted from her center and worked it's way outwards. Her once small but soft midsection swelled outwards stretching out around her newly formed belly as it pressed into the table's edge. Her thighs that were already overly thick, ballooned outwards engulfing the empty space in between covering the red vinyl of the seat. Her ass plumped up lifting her up a couple of inches and began to roll out over the edge of her chair. Up top her breasts surged forth with a vengeance, each one becoming roughly the size of her head and then drooping lazily onto her bloated midsection. Her beautiful entrancing face swelled as a noticable double chin took hold.

"Go ahead... check her Instagram now... I'll wait." Kringle said with a smirk.

Charlie pulled out his phone with a shaky hand and quickly opened up her page. Everything had changed. Her followers had dropped substantially although she still had close to five thousand followers, it was only half of what she originally had. Even her words of encouragement had changed.

"Bones are for dogs, REAL men want meat!"

"Mista J is my main squeeze."

"It takes a real man to appreciate a full figured woman."

Her photos showed some similarities to what her page previously looked like. She still wore skin tight outfits, albeit somewhat more revealing. But posts of exquisite cuisine, new plus size outfits and artwork of her favorite super heroes were mixed in as well.

Charlie began seeing a brunette in various shots with her. Someone who dressed much more casual and posed awkwardly. Someone who wasn't as large as her but very full figured all the same.

It was Roxanne... and she was substantially larger than she was now.

"Ohhhh nooo...." Charlie sighed out loud.
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