The Moray Eel

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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:57 am

- Shit I thought I was to die. What do white trashes when they have such ordeal? Get a drink and a smoke I guess.

She went to the kitchen poured a glass of whiskey and lighted a cigarette. She stayed there drinking and smoking and doing nothing when the glass was empty and the cigarette smoked. It was when she saw that it was lunch time that she stood and did her cooking. In fact she looked very tired and a bit shaken but what happened and the fact she was having her menstrual period did not help. Despite that she followed her usual routine. After diner she automatically sat in front of her computer. As often she soon ended on porn sites. It as automatically that she started to rub her crotch.

- Ahh shit! Damned period!

After a minute or two of hesitation.

- Fuck it! Who care?

She left the bedroom to go in the bathroom where she took several towels. Back in the bedroom she puts the towels on the bed, got nude and sat on them after taking her anal plug and dildo. After some lubrication the anal plug found its place in her ass.

- My god what I'm going to do. So obscene.

She plunged the dildo in her bloody pussy with a moan of relief and started to abuse it as hard she used to.

- Ohh yessss!!! Fuckk mmhhh!

She was fucking herself frenetically and blood was dripping out her pussy to stain her body and the towels. Not caring about how dirty it was she gave herself orgasms after orgasms until she fell asleep in the mess she had done. Of course she awakened in the same mess. There was dry blood on her on the towels but she did not seem to really care.

- Yesterday was wild. I didn't know that getting that dirty would excite me so much. I have to this again.

She laughed and moved to take a shower. When walking in front of the mirror she greeted herself.

- Hey ugly bitch.

From that day she would masturbate every evening menstrual period or not. For her second month in the house she decided to reinforce her diet. Now she was having a whiskey and a cigarette before and after her meal. During that month drinking and smoking where no longer a problem. Actually she even played with her cigarette while smoking, watching the cinder, trying to make smoke circles and sometimes posing. What kept being hard was the food part, her different attempts to make it bearable were a failure. But, in fact, the hardest part was being bored. Nothing was needed to be done in the house except the cleaning and managing her income no longer required a lot of work. Actually her investments were running good bringing her more money than she needed. She had even set an anonymous funding for a foundation that was taking care of the victims of the factory drama. Madeline used to be someone very active and being bored was something she could not bear. The solution was fast found, the house outside looked bad, the garden was abandoned. The time to buy what was needed and she was outside taking care of the house outside. Madi was a hard worker but she was not used to any physical work other than the one at the gym. After a whole afternoon of work her hands were scratched, full of blisters and some of nails broken and of course her muscles were painful. In few weeks the house outside became perfect, there were flowers everywhere and the garden was ready to receive plantations. The monthly check came. The gain was only of 5 kilos and as the first time the weight was in her ass and breasts. In fact if it wasn't the ugly hair cut and hair color she would look perfect. She said to herself while looking at the mirror.

- Don't worry I will find a way. I will turn your outside as shity as you are inside.

To perfect her diet Madi added snack at 10 am and 4 pm. They were made of cakes, cereal bar with some soda. Of course, as usual she took the cheapest ones with all those weird things in it. About alcohol she decided to vary her diet by buying not only whiskey, but pastis, rum and other alcohol. She decided too to sometimes replaced the soda she drank during her meal by cheap vine in plastic bottles. When she finished her first snack she was surprised to feel the need for a cigarette.

- Pavlovian reflex.

She smiled

- Work pays. This is a good opportunity to go from four cigarettes a day to six. It will dull my smell and taste and makes that awful food easier to eat.

She lighted a cigarette with satisfaction and smoked with pleasure. She was inhaling smoke like it was the finest thing she could have. The disgusting habit was no longer at all a problem it had become a pleasure.

- I suppose I am on the right way to be addicted to them.

Changing from whiskey was not really an issue, she struggled a bit to find the right amount of pastis in the water to make drinkable but that was all. The vine was more an problem, she was totally unable to drink it, the taste was beyond shity and it was irritating her mouth and throat. In fact she had to make search on the Internet to find a way to drink it. The solution was rather simple, there was just to add water and sugar in it. To fight the boredom she started to change the house decoration by herself doing painting and changing wall papers. Knowing nothing about it she had to learn from scratch and sometimes the results were not that good. The good side was that physical work was making her hungry so it was easier to eat the filthy food. Her body was no longer rebelling against the diet in fact she now only had burps and farts like she never had when having an healthy regimen. She went several times to shop to have what was needed for the house work. She was at first surprised to see that when she was asking any salesman that he was not as nice with her than men usually used to be. Obviously the Madi they had to do with was already no longer the hot and elegant blond she used to be. Instead of the Channel suit she was wearing ugly and dirty sport wears and her hair cut was really a turn off that was making her sweet face ugly. That month she had to change her underwear now uncomfortable to wear due to being too small. She had to say good bye to the bras and panties bought in the finest shops of Paris. Now she would wear what she nicknamed some months earlier “cheap shit for prolo'(proletartians)”. It was true that the quality and the feeling of comfort when wearing them were not the same at all. The monthly check gave her more information about her situation. The gain was of 5 kilos. It was below what she expected but she was having so much physical activities that she was not totally surprised. The whole gain was of 10 kilograms and it was showing on her body. Her was body was now weighting 73 kilos for 1,73 meters. She was no longer toned, she had some belly and her face was a little fuller. To add to this her pussy and and legs had never been so hairy. She did a middle finger to her image in the mirror.

- I told you and it's only the start bitch!
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:46 am

That night she masturbated more frenetically than she used to do like as if situation was exciting her a lot. The morning that followed when she cleaned the smelly bed she looked at her dildo.

- I need something bigger. Something to destroy that pussy.

She started to do search on the Internet. She found a lot of interesting toys but when ready to order one she stopped.

- Why not going to buy it in a sex shop? What do you fear? You look trashy enough to go in such place.

Her search switched from big dildos to real sex shops not far from where she lived. She was lucky and found one in one of the nearby cities. She drove there in her small car. She was not wearing sportswear but some cheap supermarket shirt and pants. It was far from being as good as what she used to wear. It was less comfortable too. Actually she felt like it was scratching and itching her everywhere. When she walked in the streets she realized again that no one was in admiration when looking at her. She was very anonymous. She was now aware that in only 3 months she had wasted a big part of what made her special. She hesitated to enter in the sex shop when she saw the big bearded man who was at the entrance. She whispered to herself.

- No need to have courage. Shity persons in shity places is just natural order.

She entered the place. She was surprised to discover a shop that was clean and well sorted. Of course the place was full of sex toys and there were porn images everywhere, but it was not as sordid as she expected. The man behind the cashier said “good morning” to her in the most polite way and he looked like someone very normal. She had a look during several minutes to the products. The shop was not big but there was a huge choice and she was not really familiar with such shops and products. Actually months ago she would have never thought she would buy any sex toys for a a daily use. Months ago she could have almost any men she wanted and surely women too if she had been in lesbian sex. The man came to her.

- May I help you?

It took her seconds to find her words.

- Well... I am looking for something bigger.

She was not at ease and the man tried to make her comfortable. It was unusual for her who was used to be in charge.

- Bigger for? I mean we have a large range of sex toys.

She answered fast like she feared to be heard.

- For my sex and ass.

- Ok dildo and anal plug so.

- Yes.

- Any idea of the size you want.

She blushed.

- No.

- Ok. Have a look at the box there. It's a set of several dildos. It should give you an idea about what you want.

She looked at it. The box was transparent and she could see it was indeed a set of dildos. There were four dildos in it, the smaller looked like the one she used to use and the biggest looked so big that she did not think it would enter her without damage.

- I take this set. Do have the same with anal plugs.

When she realized what she just have said she blushed like a shy one.

- Of course. There it is. Anything else?

- No, no thank you.

- I add lubricant, it's free.

- Thank you.

While the man was putting all in a plastic bag she looked around. There were stairs and panel were indicating “cabins with glory holes” “porn cinema”. The man saw she was looking.

- There we have several individual cabins where you can see a movie. There are glory holes. We have a small porn cinema too. People pay and they can stay as long they want. Of course all that happens there between consenting adults stays there.

- Of course.

On the road back home she felt the need for a cigarette and her stomach was making weird noises. She skipped the morning cigarette and snack due to her trip to the sex shop. When she sat at home with a lighted cigarette, it was with pleasure that she felt the smoke enters her mouth, throat and lungs. She felt the tobacco effect on her whole being. The taste and the smell were so sweet. After her fix of nicotine she ate her snack without thinking about it. She had a day as another one of working, smoking, drinking and eating junk food. After the diner it was with an happy smiles that she went to her bedroom for her daily sex routine. She got nude, put a movie on, sat on the towel put on the bed. She plugged her ass with the smallest anal plug, and then fucked her pussy with the smallest dildo. None of the toys had been cleaned before use. After about 10 minutes of intensive sex and an orgasm she lubricated her holes. Her ass was the first to receive a larger sex toy, she did it slow and gently so that it entered without pain. After it was her pussy turn to be stretched wider, the dildo entered easily.

- Oh yesss. Bigger mmmh plastic lover for the fat cow.

The show was indeed not that sexy. A woman in her thirties, not in a good shape, who had horrible hair cut and color and hairy legs and pussy, who was dildoing herself legs wide spread in front of a computer running a porn movie. If her body was not that ugly the way she behaved was for sure low and not attractive at all. In fact it was pathetic. At the end of the month she did the usual monthly check. It was with satisfaction she saw that the gain was this time of 7 kilograms for a whole gain since moving house of 17 kilograms. She looked at her in the mirror, it was obvious that she was overweight. Her face was really fuller, her breasts weren't defying gravity anymore, she had a bit of belly and her butt had never been so big. But it was true too that her body was far from being ugly. She had a close look at her face in the mirror. Without the hair cut she would have been pretty except perhaps her teeth that were a little bit yellow. It was for sure due to the cigarettes and to the fact that she had not brushed them three times a day as she used too. In fact she had brushed them a maximum of once a day when not forgetting about it. Her hair had grown and the color was disappearing so she redid her bowl hair cut and did a new color. This time, for the color, she bought something a bit more expensive to avoid what happened to her the last time. The color she chose was gray. When it was done, her hair were all gray like she was old and it made her looking older, perhaps even more than 10 years older.

- Uglier day after day. I told you bitch.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Mars » Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:48 am

Nice story Freaksss; allowing for being non-native to English it is still quite readable and you paint a colorful picture. Look forward to the next chapter.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:13 am

Thank you Mars. I will try to post a chapter every week.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Tommmy » Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:21 am

I’m really enjoying the story. I hope all her devices turn her into a really morbidly obese,chain smoking, alcoholic with all the things that comes with it. Please continue it soon. It’s great !
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:12 am

Thank you Tommy.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sun Sep 08, 2019 4:12 am

For her fourth month in the house, Madi continued her routine. It was not a problem for her at all, her body itself seemed to ask for cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. Again the enemy was the boredom, she continues to work in and outside her house doing everything herself. Her property became among the ones that were the cleaner of the neighborhood. During her work she felt the weight she gained was slowing her down a bit. The last week end of that month, on Saturday, she did something unusual after thinking the whole morning. That afternoon she went shopping, she bought a razor, shaving cream and a cheap dress. The dress size was a big size compared to what she used to wear month ago. At home she shaved her legs. She had not done it by herself for years and the result was far from looking professional. She wondered about doing the same about her hairy pussy but finally kept it as it was, very hairy. During the whole afternoon she looked both anxious and excited and when she sat in her car after diner her hands were trembling.

- Calm down. You will just have good time. The kind of good time fat cows like you deserve.

When she entered the sex shop, Madeline was doing her best to not tremble head to toes. The sex shop owner greeted her as the last time in the most polite way.

- Good evening.

- Good evening.

It was with a shaking hand that she showed money to him.

- I want to go to the cinema. To... To watch movies.

- It's free for women.

Madi had to control herself to take the stairs up. She looked worried as she was wandering in the bad part of the city. She walked in corridor, on a side of it there were several cabins, some were opened some others not. On the other side were some small rooms with sofas. At end of the corridor there was the porn cinema, she entered in it. There were about 3 rows of 5 armchairs and along the wall sofas. In the cinema there were 2 men, in their forties, who were watching a movie in which a blond with huge fake breasts was having sex with 3 men. One of the watchers was rubbing his crotch with a lusty grin, the other was staring at the screen. When they saw her, one smiled and the other whose eyes almost popped out of his head tried to do as if he barely saw her. She sat on the front range, there was one chair between her on the man who was rubbing his crotch. Both men started to peep at her. Madeline looked nervous and she indeed was. It was her fist time in such a place, and to her the men looked like ugly perverts. After some minutes that she felt as being an eternity, the man near her asked her.

- The movie is good, huh?

- Yes.

There was a minute of silence and the man said.

- I would love to be with them.

- Who wouldn't.

He looked a bit embarrassed.

- I was to. You know? Play with it. You don't mind?

She tried to hide her surprise and a grin of disgust.

- Not at all. Do what you have to do.

The man took is half flaccid sex out of if pants and started to masturbate. Now it was Madi who peeped at him while doing as she was only watching the movie. She was not used to see in real such an average Joe doing something sexual. All the men she had seen before were very handsome ones. The man sex was fast hard and after several minutes he saw that Madi was peeping at him.

- Like the show?

Madi blushed.

- Well... Yes.

- You can come closer if you wanna. It's all yours.

He was smiling. Madeline was not smiling at all she was nervous and under a stress caused by a powerful tension between disgust and excitation. And the excitation was something she was having hard time to admit. How could she be excited by such a man in such a place. It was so far below her standards. But she was not who she used to be with her ugly haircut and color, the cheap outfit, the weight she gained and her mouth smelling tobacco. She stood and sat next to the man, who had a lusty smile on his face. Madi stared at the stroked sex before approaching a shy hand of it and finally took it. The man moaned of pleasure when she started to stroke his sex slowly. After a good minute of stroking he moaned.

- Mhhh if you wanna do ohhh anything else with that ahhhh cock...

Madeline stood and took a condom in the box of free ones that was in the cinema. She was trembling so much that she had difficulties to open the package, when done she knelt and put the condom on the man hard sex. She saw that the other man was staring at them. She knelt and took the cock in her mouth tasting the rubber. In the past she rarely did fellatio and when she did it was with a tested and trusted partner so that she did not have to taste rubber. Madi started to suck the cock, at the same time she felt her pussy dripping with enough intimate juices to ruin her panties. She sucked with more and more hunger taking too more and more of the hard penis in her mouth.

- Oh yess baby. Ooohhh my fucking god !!!!!

He had spasms and filled the condom with sperm. Madeline was excited and disappointed and it could be read on her face.

- Sorry that was too good. You sucked me so good. I'm really sorry babe.

The other man raised his arm like a schoolboy in a class room.

- Madame, I can help if you want. I promise I'll do my best.

The way she answered surprised Madeline herself.

- So lose no time. Take a condom and come.

She did not need to say it twice, he immediately obeyed. Madi removed her panties and lift her dress up, she bend on the chair offering her hairy pussy in the most obscene way. The man penetrated her directly after putting the condom on and started to fuck her with delight. It was fucking not making love. Both were just here to satisfy their sexual needs like animals. Madeline, who had not had a man for more than a year, was moaning loud. She needed this so much. She was so horny that even being fucked by such a man was a pleasure. She was moving her hips to literally fuck her pussy on the man's cock. He was fucking her in a merciless way just sometimes slowing down to not cum too early. He wanted to give that bitch an orgasm to remember. Despite being not a first class lover after minutes of sex he smiled when he heard Madi moaned so loud that he was almost sure she was orgasming.

- Are you cumming? Are you cumming?

- Yes! Yes !

- My turn. Arghhh!

After filling the condom he took his already half flaccid sex out.

- Thank you baby, that was so good. I hope you liked.

- Yes. Now I have to go.

They put there outfit on in silence and Madi quited the place walking fast. When she walked past the owner, he asked on a worried tone.

- All is ok?

- Yes it is.

- Ok. Seeing you I thought there was a problem.

She faked a smile.

- Not at all. I'm just not yet used to such... encounters.

- Ok.

- Good bye.

- Good bye, have a good night.

Driving her car was not easy. What had just happened was repeating itself in her mind like an endless movie. When at home, the first thing she did was to light a cigarette.

- My god what I have done? Let such lowlifes fuck me. I must be crazy. I enjoyed it!

She went in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirrors while smoking. Seeing the lovely, healthy blond she was some months ago in that reflection was not easy.

- Don't be surprised idiot. That's what you deserve. Ugly as you are you can not pretend to have better. Your body knows it.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:00 am

The Sunday after was the day of the usual monthly check. The gain was again of 7 kilograms. The whole gain since moving house of 24 kilograms. She had now a weight of 87 kilograms for a height of 1,73 meters. It was now more than obvious that she was overweight.

- At that rhythm only two months to reach 100 kilos. Since my body asks for cigarettes and alcohol when it's time I supposed I am already addicted.

She laughed.

- Soon I will be an alcoholic fat cow addicted to cigarettes.

When she looked in the mirror. She saw that her teeth were a more yellow than the previous month. But again what made her really ugly was the hair cut and color.

The following days life resumed its course until Wednesday. That day, while working outside, Madi heard some noise coming from the other side of the street. She saw a woman in her seventies struggling with a fallen trash can which content was spread all over the sidewalk. The old women was having trouble to move, especially to bend her back. Madeline did something that was unusual for her, she walked toward the old woman and asked her.

- Do you need some help?

Despite the good education her parents gave her, it was probably the first time in her adult life that Madeline was offering her help without hoping to earn something from it.

- Yes, if you don't mind. With those damned rheumatism I can't even clean that mess.

- Ok, just a minute.

She went to her house and was back some few minutes later with a broom and a shovel. Madi put all the trash back in the can and cleaned the sideways the best she could. The old woman was very happy.

- Thank you. I was not able to do it. Come at home I have tea and cakes. My name is Simone.

Madeline accepted the offer. In fact she was surprised by her own reaction. Helping and accepting the invitation, she would have never done that before. Simon was walking like a robot, like her whole body was stiff. She was a short woman, slightly overweight, her hair were permed in way that was typical of grannies. She was wearing a blouse that looked like it was bought in the ninety forties. Like Madi's house, Simone house had been built in the seventies but it seemed to be stuck in the late nineties. The whole property was clean but all was old and for some parts needed to be repaired or changed. Madi spend more than an hour talking with Simone. Whereas she spoke only about generalities like the weather, the old woman talk a lot about her life. Her husband died fifteen years ago and her neighbours who used to help her moved five years ago. She barely knew the news ones since they did not try to socialize. When Madi decided to go back home Simone gave her plate full of cakes and made her promise to come again to have a tea with her. When leaving Simone, Madeline was smiling.

- What is happening to me? I must be missing human interactions like her. Well after all why not? It's not as if I was looking for friends.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:03 am

On Saturday Madi was nervous during the whole day. After diner she drove to the sex shop. Before leaving her car she lighted a cigarette.

- Better have one to relax.

After smoking she went to the sex shop, she was nervous but less than the previous week. When she entered the porn cinema the two men she met the previous week were there and there was a third one. Like the two others he was looking like a very average Joe in his forties. The two she already knew smiles when they saw her entering the cinema. Madi sat next to the one she sucked the previous week. He lost no time.

- Last time was great. If you want to do it again it would be... You know...

He was rubbing his crotch and had an obscene smile on his face. Madi replied with an almost harsh tone.

- Put a condom on that and do me.

She stood, lift her dress and bend putting her hands on the chair. The man took his sex out of his pants, put a condom on it and pushed his hard penis into the offered bushy pussy. Madeline moaned of relief like she needed it more than anything else. He started to fuck Madi hard and deep taking pauses only to not cum.

- Fuck you 're so good mmh!

The other man that was there the week before came in front of her, his hard sex was out and he was stroking it. Madi saw him and he saw she was staring at his cock despite being fucked hard.

- You wanna suck. You wanna suck?

- Ohh mmmh, put ahhhh a condom ooohhh on.

He obeyed and then put his hard sex close enough to Madeline's face to be sucked. She took in her mouth but had difficulties to suck properly due to the hard fucking she was having. Despite that the man was rather happy. The third man was losing nothing of the show. After minutes of hard fucking, the man doing Madi finally screamed of pleasure.

- Oh fuckkk yeaaaa, cummming!

After he took his sex out, Madi stopped to suck the other man.

- Come.

She lied on one of the couch and open her legs wide. The man entered directly in her and started immediately to fuck her. He was softer than the previous one but there was no tenderness, it was just fucking.

- I'm going to make you cum baby.

It was a matter of minutes before Madi was shook by an orgasm. Her who had the finest lovers was cumming being fucked in the most degrading way by a man so below her former standards that it was almost ridiculous. But obviously she was having pleasure and she was no longer the hot beauty she used to be. While the man was fucking Madi hard the third one was staring at the show stroking his sex. The other finished grunting like an animal as he was filling the condom with sperm. When he took his cock out of the used pussy, Madi kept her legs opens, the third man was staring at her womanhood like his eyes were to pop out of his head. She said to him.

- Don't stay here, put a condom and come.

He was so excited and eager to have sex with her that he was trembling and had difficulties to put the condom on. Despite that he was fast between Madi's legs pushing his cock in her gaping pussy with a moan of delight. Fourteen minutes later she was leaving the place for her car. In the car the first thing she did was to light a cigarettes, now she always had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in her handbag.

- Those dirty bastards they made me cum.

She told to her reflect in the car mirror.

- Get used to it lard ass. Now you will never have better. You have your Saturday plan now.

She laughed and drove home.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:54 am

The days that followed she did not masturbate as wildly she used too. It was like she was sexually satisfied. On Wednesday Madi helped Simone again like it was totally natural for her. Like the last time she ended at the old woman's home eating cakes and drinking tea. To her own surprise she offered Simone to help her to repair and renovate what needed to be. The only afterthought in her offer was that all the work that could be done in her house was done. She feared boredom more than anything else even if she was less dynamic than she used to be. When she was moving she could feel the extra weight slowing her, she got out of breath faster and all needed more efforts to be done. The cigarettes were not helping either, she felt like her lungs were less efficient. When she went home after more than an hour talking with Simone she was smiling.

- What I am doing? She is just a old loser. Well... At least the work will keep me busy.

The days that followed, Simone and her inspected the whole property to see what needed to be repaired and what they were able to do by themselves with Simone modest pension. On Friday the work started. Simone did her best to help, but with her lack of knowledge about DIY and her rheumatism she was not very efficient. Usually that would have got on Madi's nerves, but curiously she did not care and even had indulgent smiles when seeing how the old lady was clumsy. The only pauses that Madeline took were to have cigarettes and to eat following her regimen strictly except for the alcohol. The old woman insisted so much about alcohol drinking being dangerous while using tools such as saw that Madi obeyed her. She could feel the need for a drink teasing her when she could not drink according to her usual schedule.

When Saturday came Madi was disappointed, she was having her menstrual period so going at the sex shop was not an option. Actually her periods were less regular than they used to be and in fact less and less regular as she was gaining weight. During almost the whole day she was moody.

- Porn and dildos every evening. The fuck with that! How to make it hotter?

It her took hours of thinking before going to a shop where she bought a carnival mask masking only the upper part of her face. Back at home she modified her account on one of the porn site to be able to broadcast in the webcam section. She was so excited and anxious that she almost skipped the diner. While the computer was starting she prepared her bed by putting several layer of towels on it. After she put her sex toys on the bed at hand reach and then tested her webcam to be sure it was set right to film her on the bed. Her hands when trembling when she put the mask on and logged in the site. The presentation she wrote was short “fat bitch dildos her menstruating cunt”. She switched the webcam on, started the streaming and sat on the bed. She could watch what the cam was filming. What she saw was an overweight nude woman with grey hair who could be in her late forties. The sight made her wet and she started to tease her clitoris with a dildo. There was no one watching her stream when she finally pushed the dildo in her ass in the most obscene way. As she was dildoing herself hard the menstrual blood started to drip out from her pussy. Her show finally attracted some few curious ones. When she reached her first orgasm there were 6 people watching her and there was blood everywhere on her tights and on the towels. After the orgasm she pushed an anal plug in her pussy and typed on the keyboard asking if the spectators wanted to see more. The answer was positive, so she pushed the dildo back in her blood dripping pussy to fuck herself aggressively. Madi fucked her pussy during a whole hour, even using lubricant to be able to do it longer. When she stopped she was a total mess and she was so tired that she just switched the computer off and fell asleep on the bloody towels. When she awoke her lower belly and her tights were partially covered with dry blood and so were the towels. The whole room was smelling sex, sweat and blood. It was like a robot that she had a shower, put the towels into the washing machine and cleaned the room.

- What the hell did I do?

She stood immobile thinking during a whole minute.

- Just what you deserve bitch. And be honest, you loved it!

She laughed in an almost evil way. Now every times Madi masturbated she would do it masked and showing herself on the Internet.
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