The Moray Eel

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The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:56 am

The story that follows is my first attempt to write a non interactive story in english. English is not my maternal language. Constructive comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: this story is a fiction and show things that can be dangerous. In real life please take care of yourself and of the people around you.

Paris, the French capital has always been a very busy place. The crowd in the street is most of the time so huge than most people barely even notice the ones they cross. Very few people are noticed and attract to themselves gazes of admiration or envy. Among those few was that lovely blond woman, who looked in her late twenties, wearing a Channel suit. To say lovely was an understatement, she was gorgeous. Even if her outfit was not that revealing you could easily see that her hourglass body was perfect. She was of average size, with a weight that was on the perfect balance to be in a great shape with keeping a very sexy body. Her slightly curly blond hairs falling in the middle of her back were a beautiful addition to her angelic face where her blue eyes were like jewels. The way she walked and the expression on her face were clearly showing that she was someone very confident. And for sure she was. Madeline was known in her job circle for her confidence, her sharp intelligence, her leadership and her capacity to do anything to succeed with any qualm. Madi was at a high position in a powerful bank, she was a bankster, a shark among sharks. She was conscious of it and that did not bother her. In fact she was not totally a shark, she was a moray eel. It was the nickname that her colleagues gave her early in career because of her hunger for success, the methods she was ready to use to achieve it and her skill to slide out any bad case with ease. No one had ever dared to use the nickname in front of her but she knew about it and it suited her well. Muraenidae have the reputation of dangerous predators after all, they are feared, so it was perfect for her.

When she arrived in the bank luxurious headquarter, she noticed that the atmosphere was not the same than usual. People looked like something really bad happened. One of the secretaries came to her and told her.

- Miss Dumay, mister Renaud wants do see you as soon as possible.

She went directly to her boss office and entered it without knocking. He was watching the news on his computer screen with a worried face

- You want to see me Philippe?

Pointing at the computer screen he answered.

- Yes. Come Madeline. That’s … The North Chemical factory.

Madeline joined her boss to watch the news. According to the journalist the employees of the factory were occupying it for days to protest against the sale of the factory to a Chinese firm. When the police assaulted the place to evacuate the protester things went wrong and there was a huge explosion followed by a fire that spread to the whole factory plant. The number of dead and wounded people was not yet known but there were at least three hundred protesters and about a hundred cops when the explosion happened. Madeline knew very well that factory. Years ago she was one of the main members of a team that tricked the former CEO into subscribing a toxic loan. When the firm was no longer able to pay back, the factory ended being the property of the bank and recently the bank decided to sell it to the Chinese. It was a very good operation for the bank and Madeline was proud of her work. She did not care about the fact it was dishonest. Philippe asked with a bit of fear in his voice.

- Are you sure we are legally safe?

- I’m totally sure. All was totally legal. No one can sue us to court and win. Perhaps there will be some moralists to criticize us, but we are clean. We never forced anything on to anybody in that deal, and we did not hide anything. You have nothing to fear.

- I had not fear, I just wanted to be sure.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:40 am

Madeline left her boss to go to her own office where she immediately started to work. She was a hard worker and very efficient worker and that day was no exception. At the end of the day she left the building almost at the same time than everybody. Except when really needed she did not believe in spending more time at work than needed. To her if you always had to do a lot of extra hours to achieve what you have to do, it meant that you were inefficient. Her flat was in very expensive district of the French capital. Just seeing the building you could tell it was not a place for blue collars and the inside was indeed pretty luxurious. Madi’s flat was luxurious too, but in a way it was cold. It was very functional, furbished with costly things but there was not warmth there. It was like one of those show flats you could see in magazines about rich people. She took off her Channel suit to replace it by a lovely white summer dress that showed more of her magnificent body. If physical perfection existed she was indeed close to it. And she knew it. More than once in the past she had used seduction to achieve her goals and finding a lover had never been an issue. She took a bottle of high quality orange juice in her fridge to have a glass of it. Her fridge was full with food of the best quality. No junk food there and most of the products were organic products from the best producers. She switched on the TV set and had a look at one of the news channel while drinking the orange juice. Of course the main news was what happened at the factory and now there were far more images and details about. Horrible details, more than on hundred people dead, another hundred with serious if not almost deadly wounds, and the last hundred with lesser damages. The horrible details were illustrated by horrifying pictures and videos showing people with awful burns. Men and women of all ages with atrocious wounds were showed again and again. The videos about the carnage where running endlessly and Madeline could not take her eyes out of them. Suddenly the ringing of the phone took her form the almost hypnotic trance she was in. She took the communication without verifying who it was.

- Yes?
- Hey honey, that’s me Richard. I thought we could see each other tonight. Your flat or mine?

Richard was her lover or to be more exact her sexual partner. Madeline did not want a love story but she liked sex, so she used to take lovers for relationships that never last more than a year. She chose them handsome, skilled in bed, but not too intelligent or too ambitious and she made sure they know who was leading in that relationship.

- Not tonight Richard, I had a busy day.
- Come on Madi, I’m sure you need to relax and you know I’m the best for that.

Madi answered with a harsh tone.

- Do yourself a favor Richard and remember what your place is.
- Ok, ok. I was just, you know... I will wait for your phone call. Good night.

Madeline spent a part of the night switching from a channel to another to get more information about the disaster. She finally fell asleep on her sofa. It was like a well programmed machine that she awoke at 07:00 in the morning. She took a shower, ate her breakfast and put on her work outfit like a robot. The day at work started with an informal crisis meeting to ensure that the firm was not at risk in the factory disaster that was becoming a national, if not an international, drama. It was her who gave the most convincing demonstration that the company was safe. Her boss was strangely quiet during the whole meeting. After the meeting she went back to her office to do her usual work. At the beginning of the afternoon Madeline and her colleagues heard a scream coming from Philippe’s office. A long scream that sounded like it was moving down. Madeline ran to her boss office where a window was opened. She looked at the street below from the window and saw Philippe’s body in a pool of blood. On the desk there was a note, a suicide note: “I must pay for what I have done to all these poor people. Death is the only way”. The police would never see the note since Madeline and her colleagues decided to destroy it to avoid that confession to put them in jeopardy in the factory drama. In the week that followeds the firm paid a psychologist to help the employees. Madi went only to one collective session. The message of the shrink was clear “suicide if for cowards and as warriors of the financial world you are not cowards”.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:29 am

Life resumed its course and Madeline continued a work as nothing happened. But she was not really at what she was doing, something was bothering her. No one noticed it since the Moray Eel was good at hiding any sign of weakness. In fact the awful pictures and other details about the disaster and her boss suicide were running in her mind like an endless movie she was forced to watch. If at work nothing looked to have changed it was not the same at home where she was like a zombie just eating and watching TV but nothing else. She stopped to go to the gym twice a week or to read anything about the financial world like she used. She answered to the phone calls of Richard in a very cold and harsh way. The Sunday morning of the second week after Philippe’s suicide she spent some long minutes watching herself in the big mirror of the bathroom. She had the habit to write something with her lipstick on the mirror to fuel her competitive mood. The sentence that had been there for three weeks was “who dares wins”. Suddenly she took a towel and erased it with anger, she then ran to the small office she had in her flat. There she took a ring binder from a drawer. In the ring binder was collected some files extracts, letters and even newspaper articles. All was about her greatest success and about what she saw as milestones in her career. One of the first documents was a handwritten letter from someone who was angry at her. She remembered that old woman, she was the first person she found a way to cheat in a very legal way. To her it was the case that showed her how to make her way to the top of her job. In the letter the old woman wrote that Madeline was beautiful but that her soul was the ugliest she had ever known and wished her to lose everything and end as ugly outside than she was inside. After reading several times the letter, Madeline put the ring binder back in the drawer. During the following two weeks it was obvious that Madi was thinking about something. At work everybody thought that the Moray Eel was planning a new action that would, as usual, bring a lot of money. The rumor was reinforced when she refused to take Philippe place saying that there was too much management and that she wanted to keep spending most of her work time doing business. During the third week on Friday evening she heard at the radio about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol that were, now, plaguing more women than ever. The whole talk was frightening, it was about cancer, breathing issues, fertility problems and of course about the bad effect on the look. She listened to it all and when it was finished she left her flat to go to tobacconist shop. There she bought a whole box of cigarettes packs and a lighter. After buying the cigarettes she went to another shop to buy a whiskey bottle. Back at home Madi sat on the sofa, she had put the cigarettes and the bottle on the low table. She spend some minutes thinking before taking the bottle and drinking at it directly. Madeline used to be a very light social drinker. Since alcohol was not good for keeping cognitive skills at their best and not good for health she would have never thought drinking cheap whiskey at the bottle directly. And it was indeed a cheap one, the taste was anything but good. In fact she just felt like a burn going down her throat directly in her stomach. Almost immediately she felt her body warming and her face went red. She put the bottle back on the table and took and cigarette from on of the pack. She looked at it. To her smoking was a stupid and unhealthy habit that was only for dumb and weak people. She put it between her lips and lighted it. She inhaled the smoke and immediately coughed and grin with disgust.

- So digusting ! How do they do?

Madeline took another sip of whiskey directly at the bottle. She then forces herself to smoke again. She had to go beyond her repulsion to do it. To help she decides to alternate drinking and smoking. She was not used to drink so much alcohol and not used at all to drink something as strong as whiskey. Before finishing her cigarette she was seriously drunk, her movement were clumsy and she was having hard time to think. It was a very unusual experience for her to not be in total control of herself. She soon blacked out. The next morning she awakened on the floor in a pool of her own vomit that was smelling alcohol. This is with difficulties that the stood and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. What a mess she was! She had the face of someone very tired, there were dark circles around her eyes. Her lovely face was half covered with vomit and her beautiful blond hair were full of it. She took a lipstick and wrote on the mirror “you look like shit”. It was with difficulties that Madi took a shower and went to bed. She was so ill that she spend the whole Saturday in bed. On Sunday, she decided to clean the mess the smell was totally disgusting. It was not an easy task, several time she was about to vomit.

- Disgusting, but you deserve it, you idiot. A good lesson!

It took her time but she cleaned it so well that no one could thing she vomited alcohol there. After she had a shower and then headed to the computer to write an Email to the cleaning firm she was employing.

- I no longer need your services.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:01 am

She spend the whole day wandering on Internet reading about alcohol and tobacco addiction and did nothing else. The week was not different than the previous one except that every evening Madeline smoked a cigarette and had a glace of whiskey and that she did not go at the gym at all. She really had to force herself especially for smoking but at the end of the week she could do it without coughing. In the second week it was a routine, every evening before the meal she had the glace of whiskey and after it a cigarette. At the end of the third week she was surprised to enjoy that routine and to not miss the gym at all. After a month of that regimen, Madeline looked at herself nude in the mirror of the bathroom. She looked the same as usual, stunning, beautiful. The lack of sport, smoking and drinking seemed to have no effect on her. The only little flaw was her legs and pussy that were hairier than usual since she neglected to go to the beauty salon. Since it was blond hair it was not that visible. She looked unsatisfied.

- Madi, either you were born to be hot for ever or you lack method.

She looked at the sentence on the mirror and then modified it, “you look like shit” became “you will look like shit”. She went to her fridge and looked at the food in it for a minute and then slammed the door close before leaving her flat. Madi went into a hard discount shop, there she bought a large amount of junk food. For diner she put on the table a cheese burger with fries, that she only had to warm in the oven, and a bottle of a cheap cola. The smell of her whole meal was really disgusting and to her it did not looked good at all. To help herself she drank two glaces of whiskey before trying to eat anything. When she took a first mouthful of the cheese burger she really had to control herself to not puke it. The think was greasy, the bread was bad, the meat did not taste like real meat and the cheese was so awful that it was impossible to describe. The fries were beyond greasy and salty and the cola was so full of sugar that it was disgusting. It took a whole hour to Madeline to eat her diner. After that awful meal she was happy to have a cigarette, very happy. In fact she had never been so happy to smoke one. When she realized it she told to herself.

- A matter of method and work.

It was Friday evening so Madi did not go to sleep early. She wandered on the Internet reading about junk food effect and a bit about alcohol and tobacco too. Progressively her search lead her to porn sites. She had not had sex for more than a month, whereas usually she used to have it at least twice a week. Tired of receiving harsh answers Richard no longer tried to contact her. She ended with a hand in her panties touching herself. While she was touching herself she watched video after video. It was almost midnight when she went to bed without showering herself, she was smelling sex since she had made herself orgasm several times. When she waked up the morning she ate something healthy since eating junk food for breakfast was beyond her capacities. After her meal she sat in front of her computer. The chair was smelly, it smelt intimate juices. In fact she was smelly too since she had not yet had a shower.

- Madi you are fucking pathetic. You can have any guy and you do that.

She shivered and then touched her pussy, she was wet.

- Can't believe it excites me. Well...

She sat on the smelly chair and resumed surfing on sex sites to watch video of hard porn. Soon she was masturbating herself in the most obscene way. She was wearing only her bathrobe, that was wide opened, and her legs were spread wide with her feet on the computer table. After pleasuring herself for almost an hour she surfed on sex shop sites and ordered dildos. The ones she ordered were very basic and very cheap. The dildos were delivered fast. The week that followed the evening routine of Madeline was always the same: she changed from her work outfit to her bath robe, had a glace of whiskey, ate junk food, smoked a cigarette and masturbated herself with a dildo while looking at porn. It took about two weeks to no longer be disgusted by the greasy, salty food. Before that she forced herself and she did like a good pupil doing her home work in the most serious way. During these evening there was nothing classy about her, she was just vulgar and dirty. At work things did not really changed, no one saw anything except that Madi was now wearing pants instead of dress. In fact her legs had become so hairy that stockings would not have been enough to hide it.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby quantativeeasing » Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:34 pm

Just found this, even though it's obvious English isn't your first language it's very good, keep going!
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:26 am

Thank you. It's also a way to try to improve my english.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:54 am

Two months after starting her new way of life, during a week end, Madeline decided to check herself closely. First she weighted herself, she looked surprised when she saw the result.

- Only five kilos?!

She looked at herself in the mirror, she was in fact hotter than even since the added weight was mostly in her breasts and ass with a distribution on her whole body that was rather harmonious. She checked her face, mouth and teeth. There were no evidence that she had been smoking a cigarette every evening for almost three months. She looked at her reflect eyes in the mirror with an angry look. She read the sentence written on it loud.

- You will look like shit. Not if you don't work hard and methodically. Are you afraid. You prefer to do like Philippe? Or you think you can escape from what you have done?!

She angrily left the bathroom to go at the desk where was the computer. She took some paper, a pen and started to work, sometimes searching for something on Internet. After almost two hours of hard work she had a complete list of the calories she was eating and the ones she was spending daily. She had calculated several scenarios about how to have a biggest calories intake and how to drink and smoke more. In fact in every hypothesis her job was the problem. She could not and did not want to show any sign that could be seen as weakness there. She even did her best to not smell tobacco, by cleaning herself well and eating mint flavor candies. She spend the whole week end thinking, scheming, planning. When she entered the company office on Monday her colleagues recognized that look on her face and her attitude. Some few hours after they had the confirmation by the way she was working. The Moray Eel was on hunt! Madi worked hard on the files of an old case that was one of her very few failures, taking as many information she could to update it. She worked hard for a month. During that month she stopped her junk food regimen, stopped smoking and drinking. She experienced that it was not so easy but she was the Moray Eel! A new sentence was written on the mirror “back to take a better jump forward”. She even started to do body weight exercises and footing. After a month of very hard work she enters the office of her new boss.

- I am ready Christian. This time I will succeed, it will be my biggest hit.

- You will have to convince old Cagnon.

- I will. A month of negotiation is all I need.

During that month Madi and the team that was assisting her worked a lot, mostly negotiating. At home Madeline was working hard too to get as hot, if not hotter than she used to be. By the strength of her will she kept herself away from tobacco, alcohol and junk food. The only habit she kept was watching porn and masturbating, and it was clear she enjoyed that a lot. At the end of the month she entered in a big and magnificent house which was in a big property. There was not doubt that it was the home of someone very rich. Madelyne was lead by a servant to an office where was sitting a man in his late sixties. He looked someone very severe and used to be obeyed.

- Good morning miss Dumay.

- Good morning Cagnon.

- Have chair please.

- Thank you.

- So. Here we are. Are you sure to be ready to pay the price miss Dumay?

- I am ready, but are you?

He smiled.

- I do.

Madeline handed him a lot of papers.

- You just have to sign these contracts.

There were so many pages to sign, that it took several minutes for Cagnon to sign all those he had too. After he gave the contracts back to Madi with a satisfied smile.

- Please check miss Dumay.

Madeline checked all the papers while Cagnon was watching her smiling.

- It's ok.

- So now it's time for you to honor your part of the contract.

- I will. Where and when?

- Now and here.

Madeline looked a bit destabilized.

- Here?

- Oh yes. Unless you have regrets and prefer to burn those contracts.

- No of course not.

The smiles on the old man face had become lusty and pervert.

- Good. Come to me so.

Madelyne walked in the sexiest way to the old man who was enjoying the show. When she was close to him, he caresses her legs, his right hand going between the magnificent blond's legs. He caressed her during and she blushed. She didn't look to love that.

- Take that panties off for me, will you?

Madelyne obeyed and removed her panties that she put on the desk.

- Good. Now show me if you are real blond.

She lift her skirt showing her pussy that was shaved except a triangle of blond hair.

- Lovely.

Cagnon resumed caressing her womanhood and slide a finger in.

- I have always thought that despite your stuck up bitch attitude you were a whore like the others miss Dumay. I knew it was just a matter of time and price. You are to be officially a whore who sold her pristine body to an old pervert. But I must admit you are one the sexier whore I have ever had.

The old pervert was pretty skilled with his fingers and soon the young woman's pussy got wet. But it was obvious she was trying to resist.

- Let yourself go miss Dumay. There is not need to live this as a punishment.

With his free hand the old man opened Madeline's vest.

- Help me with this. I want to enjoy your beautiful breasts.

She took her vest, her shirt and then her bra off. Despite her will to resist her nipples were hard and her pussy wetter. Cagnon had a victorious smile.

- I see you are enjoying it. Good let yourself go. Even a whore should enjoy her work.

Before even realizing it she was moaning. Cagnon abandoned her pussy and put his smelly fingers on the young woman's mouth.

- Have a taste.

She obeyed and licked the fingers tasting her own womanhood on it.

- Now time to make me feel what you can do with that lovely mouth for my cock.

After few seconds of hesitation, Madeline knelt. She unzips the old man's pants, slide a hand in and took his hard sex out. She couldn't repressed a grin of disgust.

- Don't pulls such a face and do what you have to do.

She closed her eyes and took the hard penis between her lovely lips and started to suck. The old man petted her head.

- Good girl. Do it well.

Madeline sucked slow on the cock making it slide between her lips and on her tongue. She could hear that the old man was enjoying it since he was moaning. He could feel that the hot banker was sucking with more and more conviction. She was good, too good in fact. After minutes of the delicious blowjob the old man took his cock out of the sweet sucking mouth.

- Mmmmhhh. You don't want me to cum to early, don't you?

- No, no mister Cagnon. I will do my part of the deal.

He made her sit on the desk, spread her legs and then pushed his cock in her wet and warm pussy.

- Oh yesss.

He proceeded to fuck her. While fucking her pussy he was playing with her breasts, fondling, kissing them. Very soon he was rewarded by moans on the blond beauty. The bitch was enjoying it. Madeline was even more surprised than he was. She was surprised to enjoy sex with such an old pervert. It was surely because she had not had a man for months. But she had to admit that the old one was better than expected. He lead her to a first orgasm that made her moan loud to his great satisfaction. He laughed.

- That's it enjoy it my classy whore!

After she orgasmed he made her stand, turn and bend on the desk. He took some seconds to admire the show before slamming his hard manhood back in the beauty well opened pussy. He took roughly than before, slamming his sex in and out as strong he could. While doing so I caressed her perfect ass. To his satisfaction Madeline did not wait to move her lower body on his cock. While fucking her he was caressing her butthole with his fingers.

- A virgin ass. Mmhhh. And mine by contract.

- Please lubricate it.

Cagnon grinned and took a lubricant tube on a drawer. He spread the gel generously on the hottie asshole before pushing a finger in. Madi, that was a bit anxious about it, was surprised to not feel any pain. She moaned louder when he pushed a second finger. Under the fucking and fingering she reached a second orgasm. Cagnon smiled.

- Time to fuck that virgin ass.

He pushed gently is hard manhood in Madi's ass.

- Ahhh yesss, all in. How does it feel to have your ass cherry taken by an old man like me? That cherry you gave me for money.

Madeline was moaning and had hard time answering.

- Mmmhh it's oh it's ahh good mister Cagnon.

- I knew you were a whore at heart.

Cagnon fucked the blond ass harder and harder and to the surprised of both she had an new orgasm. When he understood she was cumming, the old man let himself go and ejaculated in her ass. After emptying himself the old man took his sex out the used butthole, he slapped the blond ass.

- You can go now whore. You did your part and you were as good as I expected. I keep the bra and panties.

When Madeline left the house her hair were a mess, she was walking weird and sperm was dripping down her beautiful legs. On the road she was barely at what she was doing, driving like in auto pilot.

- How could I enjoyed being fucked that way? He was so disgusting. I probably deserved it.

Back at home she headed directly to the closet where was her whiskey bottle but.

- No, no yet. Be patient, have method. Don't spoil it all now.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:02 am

Back at work Madeline was congratulated and celebrated by everybody. The Cagnon contract was one of the biggest deal ever. Thank to it the bank was entering in Cagnon industry and could expect huge benefits. The day after her new boss was less happy when he entered in her office with papers in hand.

- What is that Madeline?

- My retirement file.

- Bloody hell! You are to be 33 years old in a few months. Are you crazy?

- No. I am just doing what I have planned years ago. I call it plan 33. Did you think I was working that hard for the pleasure of working hard. My plan has always been to do as much money I could to retire young enough to enjoy life.

In fact the plan was plan 40. Madeline first idea was to retire at 40 with enough well invested money to travel around the world in the most luxurious places. Doing it 7 years earlier would mean less money but more than most of the french families had.

- This is a non sens! With your potential you can go higher and have a career few can hope to have. I mean you are intelligent, hard working and beautiful. You even look younger than you really are. And this era is ours. We have not longer any limit, there is so much money to do. Who know, you could even have a political career and end president of the republic. You know that I am right.

- My decision was taken a long time ago Patrick. I know what I want. In two months I will be free to do whatever I want.

- Ok. But think to what I told you.

- You can tell the others to be ready for what will follow. Everybody will remember my departure. Starting this week, you and my colleagues are my guests every Friday until I leave. Believe me, you will remember those parties.

Patrick was surprised.

- Since I am leaving I have no longer any need to behave like a bitch to defend my position. The Moray Eel likes to party like everybody you know.

The parties were indeed memorable ones. Madi paid the entrances to the best night clubs of Paris and do that her guests had all they need: alcohol, whores, drugs and so. It cost her a lot of money but it was not so much compared to what the Cagnon contract made her earn. Her colleagues were surprised by how friendly she had become and loved those nights of wild partying. The only reminder that she was the Moray Eel was that she did not drink alcohol or took drug and none of the males prostitutes succeed to have a way with her. At every offer she answered things like : “I have to take care of my guests”, “I need to have all my head”, “I have what I need at home”. To her great satisfaction at the end of the two months of partying every Fridays, most of her colleagues were not far from multiples addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex.

At home Madi was staying off alcohol, tobacco and junk food with no apparent effort. But her masturbation sessions were harder than ever, sometimes it looks like she wanted to destroy her pussy with the dildo. Some few days after being fucked by Cagnon her interest in porn switched toward porn where old men were fucking beautiful young women. She watched a lot sodomy videos too. One day, when back at home, she found in her letter box a package. When she read from where it was coming she got red and almost feverish with excitation. She opened it and as she was expecting it was the cheap anal plug she ordered.

- A new lover for me. After that old bastard my disgusting ass does not deserve better.

She ate her diner fast and went to the computer. She logged in a porn site where she had an account under the name Dirty Bitch and started to watch videos about double penetration. Soon a dildo found its way in her pussy.

- Ah yesss that cheap cock for pathetic ugly sluts is sooo good.

Her legs widely spread, she rammed the penis substitute in her womanhood violently without any care. It seemed to please her since it didn't take a lot of time before she started moaning like a bitch in heat. After leading herself to orgasm she stopped some few seconds. She lubricates her ass and took the anal plug that she pushed in her without any care. Compare to how she did the old man way to pop her ass cherry had been very soft and cautious.

- Ouch! Fuck that hurt.

The pain gone, she grinned.

- Just what you deserve bitch.

She put the dildo back in her opened pussy in the most obscene manner. The way she was fucking herself made her looked more like a porn star than like the classy and competitive banker she was. After more than an hour of wild sex she went to the water closet and then to the bath room to refresh herself. The mirror was now almost covered with vulgarities and negative things of all sort “you stink bitch”, “your cunt is disgusting”, “men vomit when they see you”, “soon ugly as you deserve”, “that ass will get fatter”, “say farewell to your look ass face”, “born shity inside, soon shity outside” and others.
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Re: The Moray Eel

Postby Freaksss » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:41 am

Like she had planned Madeline left the firm with the satisfaction to see all her colleagues in various state of decline due to the two months of weekly wild partying. She knew that nobody would miss her, in fact she had no friend at work or outside. She was someone lonely. She severed ties with her family years ago. Despite all the sacrifices her parents made to pay her the best school, Madi considered them as losers lacking any ambition. In fact she knew that if she disappeared no one would miss her. Madeline sold her flat and bought a small house in a provincial city. It was in a residential areas where the house, build in the seventies, were all the same. The house was in small property with a small garden. On the first floor there was a garage, big enough for only one car, the heating system and a storage room. On the second floor, a living room, a small kitchen, two bedrooms and the bathroom and WC. It was nothing compared to the luxurious flat Madeline had before. She bought a car that was a small second hand one. It looked like crap compared to the ones she used to rent when needed. After the move was easy since Madeline sold the furniture of her previous flat and bought new one for the house. All she bought was rather cheap but functional and robust. It took her some days to sort the house as she wanted. It was a work she was not used to do but she did it well without complaining. She had a wicked smile when she saw that the fridge was empty so that it was time to buy food.

- Time for that jump forward bitch.

She went to a hard discount shop and bought junk food and other non healthy food. Even some products that even the people with low incomes who had not other choice than coming here tried to avoid and she of course bought some cheap whiskey. The woman at the supermarket checkout look at her in a weird way like she was surprise to see such a beautiful woman buying such bad food. Indeed Madeline was very hot even if she was wearing cheap sport wear. On her way back to her new home she stopped at a tobacconist shop to buy a whole card box of cigarettes packs. The meal that she prepared was exactly the same that she had when she started her junk food regimen months ago. In fact preparing was an exaggerated word since there was just to put it in micro waves oven. The smell was as awful as she remembered. Before eating she poured a whiskey in a glace. She watched and smelled the liquid. She then rose her glass.

- To your degradation bitch!

She took the first sip of it so fast that it made her cough and almost spite it.

- Too fast. I have to take the habit back. Method and patience you idiot.

She drank it slowly, feeling the warmth going down her throat to her stomach and then spreading in her whole body. A slight intoxication slowly came as she was methodically emptying the glass.

- Now eat fat ass.

She had to force herself to bite in the awful imitation of a cheese burger. As she remembered it was really some shity food, nothing in it was good and healthy, nothing. The fries were not better, they only tasted salt and grease. Was there really potatoes in that? The soda was just concentrated sugar. It was so disgusting that she had to finish her meal with water to not vomit it. Eating it all took her a whole half an hour of effort but she methodically did it. After the meal she let go a burp that made her laughs nervously. She had other burps while cleaning the table and washing the tableware.

- Now time for a cigarette. Let's hope it will be easier than that shity junk food.

She sat took a cigarette out of the pack and the lighter. She puts the cigarette between her lips.

- I keep don't understand why they smoke. So stupid. So expensive to destroy your health.

She sighed.

- Time to get what I deserve.

She lighted the cigarette, waited a bit and carefully dragged on it. She could prevent herself from coughing.

- Oh my god, how could I have done that every evening for months.

She forced herself to take another drag and succeeded to not cough this time. Methodically with discipline Madeline succeeded to smoke the whole thing but when it was done she felt the need for fresh air.

- Who would have believed it would be so hard. The next step of today program will be easier.

She had a lusty grin and went to her bedroom. It was smaller than in her former flat. There was only the space needed to put the bed, a closet, a small desk and a chair. On the desk there was Madi's computer. She logged on one of her favorite porn sites, took her outfit off and took her dildo and anal plug in the closet before sitting on the bed. It was obvious that all this was a routine for her: she lubricated her ass and pushed the anal plug in it before doing the same for her pussy with the dildo. Some few minutes after the small bedroom was full of the noise coming from the movies and from Madi frenetic use of the dildo.
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Re: The Moray Eel

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When she awoke she was nude on her bed, the dildo and anal plug were near her. On the bed there was a pool of womanhood juice and the whole room was smelly. She had a breakfast made of organic cereals and good orange juice. She knew that her body would not take any junk food early in the morning. She spend the evening dealing with the various investments she made to have the best income possible. When it was lunch time she went to the kitchen and poured for herself a glass of whiskey.

- Time to bring things to another level. Shity food at lunch too now.

She took a cooked meal out of the freezer. She looked at the package it was chicken with pineapples. She looked at the composition and nutritive value of the meal. She was not not an expert but she had few doubts that a nutritionist would freak out just reading it. It was full of salt, sugar and fat and there a lot things with weird code names which were probably not very healthy. She prepared some rice to go with it while it was in the micro waves oven. While doing so she drank a glass of whiskey. When she took the meal out the oven the smell was not that unpleasant. She sat, mixed the rice and the chicken with pineapples and started to eat it.

- Oh !! What a shity taste! Did they put shampoo in that to give it some taste?

She looked at the meal with disgust.

- Stop complaining bitch! Do your home work.

She ate it all taking her time, but it was very obvious that it was unpleasant for her. When she had finished she picked up the cigarette pack and started to smoke one succeeded to not coughing to much.

- At least it will get ride of that awful taste. I don't know what is the most disgusting.

The routine was the same during a month. Madi was an hard working person and as so she applied strictly her diet of alcohol, unhealthy food, tobacco and masturbation to porn. The diet was surely the hardest part for her. Her body was rebelling, she was burping and often, had belly aches and sometimes diahreas almost doing in her panties once or twice. At the end the month she went in small bathroom smiling in a wicked way and saying out loud.

- It's monthly check you shity whale.

The bathroom was nothing compare to what she had. It was small. Just enough to put a the bath tube, a lavatory, the washing machine and a closet. There was a small mirror up the lavatory and a longer one on the closet that allowed her to see almost her whole body. On those no space to write something if she wanted to see herself in. First she weighted herself. Her weight had not moved at all since the last time she did it. After she looked at herself in the mirror, like months ago except being hairier she was still perfect. She talked at her reflection.

- Don't think you will keep that hot body bitch. I will find a way to trash it. Slowly but surely you will see yourself getting what you deserve.

After thinking some minutes she dressed and went out of the house to the nearby supermarket. Less than half an hour later she was back in the bathroom. She took scissors and started to cut her lovely blond hair looking at herself in the mirror with a grin of cynicism.

- Say good bye to your priced golden locks blondie.

She was not an hairdresser and the bowl haircut she did was really ugly. The front hair were cut just up her eye masking her eyebrows and it was not at the same length on the sides. She took was she bought outside the bag, it was hair dye. That one was supposed to be brunette with mahogany reflects. The brand was unknown to her and it was very cheap. When she started use the dying solution the stench was horrible, a strong stench of ammonia. She had to open the bathroom window to not feint. Following the instruction she put a hat of a sort covering her hair. She was suppose to wait about fifteen minutes but after less than five she felt like her scalp was burning. She removed the hat in hurry ran to the bathroom and use the shower head to ran water on her head. It took almost twenty minutes before the burn feeling vanished. When she looked at herself in the mirror she saw the mess. The hair cut was even uglier now. The color was brunette on most of the hair but looked very unnatural and their was some red and blond hair here and there and her skin near her hair was reddish. The whole thing made her look trashy and she no longer looked younger than her age.
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