Gifted and Talented 19 (clothing swap)

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Gifted and Talented 19 (clothing swap)

Postby itsme » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:00 am

This one starts as the last three have. Except the swap is different after the crystal is exposed, this time an apparel swap between the family. :mrgreen:
Mrs. Colleen Cracknell waited in Miriam's outer office. She had been summoned to the school because of her two children who sat beside her. Despite not being twins Ericka and Matt were in the same grade. Matt was the older at fifteen and Erick the younger at fourteen. They were eleven months apart but because they were born on either side of September, they ended up in the same grade. Neither had been much trouble, until early this year when their father had died. No one knew whether he died of a tragic accident at work or was it suicide (or even worse foul play.)

But without a father and their mother was in no shape to parent properly. As a result the family was thrown into ruin. Ericka though just fourteen years old started to dress provocatively much to the delight of the horny boys in her grade. Ericka's clothing wasn't bought too short or tight, but after rolling up the belt-line of her skirts/bottoms and tying a huge knot on her tops exposing her mid-rift, her clothes were 'inappropriate' for school. Despite her dress (and her obvious come-ons to the boys), she had no intention of letting any boy even get a kiss from her. She was a tease; a very hot tease.

Matt started to pick fights with everyone. At first it was just the boys who made crude remarks about his sister (not that he ever admitted to even liking her.) Matt called Ericka a bitch or worse many times. But if another boy called her a skank or even if he innocently called her cute, a fight would entail. Eventually anything could set him off.

If Matt wasn't getting into trouble for fighting, he would be getting into trouble for the things he called the other girls. They were much cruder (or at least as crude) as what the boys were calling his sister. This also resulted in fights with the girl's brother if she had one at school.

The Cracknell family was shown into the office. Mrs. Werner had resisted desperate measures with the family due to the family tragedy. But this family had been a thorn in her side for long enough. She had to straighten things out.

The family took a seat in front of Miriam. Each was under their own best behavior. Ericka had removed the knot in her top and unrolled her skirt so each was a respectable length. She had also washed all the makeup off her face giving her a false look of innocence. Not that this was fooling Miriam.

Matt couldn't hide his black-eye. But the scowl and/or smirk which was usually on his face was replaced with a non-committal look. He also wore what most teen-boys wore men's jeans and an oversized t-shirt with a logo on it. His one concession to dressing well today was to have his t-shirt tucked into his jeans.

Colleen was wearing clothing not very suitable her age. As of late she was wearing more youthful clothing, clothing more appropriate for a woman in her thirties, maybe even early thirties,not a woman like herself who was pushing her mid forties. Today her makeup was more subdued and her shapewear was firmly in place holding in her stomach and thighs. But if she had her choice, she would prefer wearing shirts with lower necks and ditch the shapewear entirely. Her fingernails were a bit longer than she should have at her age. She took pride in maintaining their shape and length as she had a standing appointment at the manicurist weekly.

“Welcome,” Miriam said in a cheerful tone and a big smile. “I know you all have had a rough go of it. I was hoping I could help you get past these difficulties.”

No one knew what to think. Each had been told by friends (and other family) there were problems. But they all thought they had gotten over it. Which was far from the truth. They didn't expect Miriam's tone. They thought she would be like all the rest; very solemn and very stern.

Continuing Miriam said, “Hey I got something new. I have been showing everyone. This is amazing.” She then lifted a cloth napkin and revealed a red crystal that seemed to shimmer in the light.

The entire family locked eyes on the crystal. They couldn't look away. Their minds went blank as the entire world seemed to fade. All that was left was the crystal and Mrs. Werner's voice. Their minds were opened and waiting for instructions. These instructions would bury themselves permanently into the minds of each of the family members as soon as they heard them.

“Can you hear me?” Miriam started.

“Clothing makes the man,” she said. “Has everyone ever heard of that expression.”

They nodded.

“Well let's see if a change of wardrobe will help all of you.

Ericka, from now on I want you to wear your brother's clothing. But it won't be your brother's apparel, he never wore such clothing only you had. But it goes more than that, you won't wear any makeup or jewelry except maybe for a men's watch which you will wear only as a practical matter.”

An exact copy of what Matt was wearing appeared upon Ericka as all her makeup (including the polish on her mails) faded. The close was 'big' on her and ill-fitting. They hid her curves as they weren't cut for a woman. Her cleavage was hidden by the neck and loose fit of the shirt. Her boobs didn't sag despite not having a bra but that didn't matter. She looked more like a tomboy than a girl and wouldn't be distracting anyone in class. At home her drawers and clothes were filled with Matt's clothing.

Continuing Miriam said, “Mrs. Cracknell, I see you prefer a youthful style. Well you can have one, you will have Ericka's former style. Show off your belly and your legs all you want. Wear clothing that is very tight, the style of a 14 year old girl who wants to look like she is 17 is all yours. Enjoy it.”

Colleen's clothing tightened on her body as she received the former skirt and the graphic tee that Ericka had been wearing a short while ago. The shirt had a lower neck than even Colleen was used to, it said 'Chill' in big letters and under that in smaller letters 'When you have tried everything else' and a pineapple underneath. It still have the crinkles where it had been tied in the front to show off Ericka's belly. Under that she had an above the knees tight skirt that was usually rolled up to show off her legs. Strappy flat sandals exposed her feet. The clothing had to be 'resized' to fit, but it was still inappropriate for anyone anywhere near thirty, let alone those in their forties. As with Ericka, at home all of Colleen's drawers and closets were now filled with Ericka's clothing (in a 'slightly' larger size.)

Finally it was time for Matt, Miriam was going to put him in his mother's clothing. “Matt,” she said, “you have always dressed with a maturity and style that was beyond those of your peers. The apparel and style your mother once had, had never been hers it had always been yours. You have always loved fashion and take pride in your appearance. You know that fashion isn't just the clothes people can see, but it is much more than that, it's the lingerie you wear underneath to make that apparel look great on you as well as the accessories, like jewelry, purses, belts and everything else, plus of course your makeup and nail care. All these things must work together to make you look your best. It may be hard, but it is worth it and you enjoy every minute of it. From shopping for apparel, to putting on lotions and creams that keep your skin healthy, to your appointments at hair and nail stylists, to the restrictive undergarments you wear, to the magazines you read to keep you up to date on the newest trends, all are needed to keep you looking your best.”

Not only did Matt's apparel change to the skirt and blouse that his mother had been wearing (not to mention the sensible shoes with a one and a half inch heel that showed his toes, makeup on his face and lengthened painted nails) but he received a lifetime of knowledge about clothing and makeup. Back at home, his drawers and closets were overflowing with his mom's former clothes all resized to fit his body. (Except for the bras which would fit his torso but had the same cup size as before even though he didn't have any breasts at all.)

When Miriam saw Matt's changed face, she realized that his black eye was gone. It had been covered up with concealer and foundation. Also despite wearing a skirt, his legs were just as far apart as they were when he wore pants as none of his mannerisms had changed. Under his shirk he was wearing Spanx which did nothing as he didn't have any belly bulges like his mother nor hips that needed to be smoothed.

Miriam thought her work was done. Ericka wouldn't be turning any heads while wearing her brother's baggy clothes and no makeup.

Matt would avoid getting into fights as he would be worried about breaking his nails or ruining his pretty clothes which he now cared about a lot. Like his mother before him, much of his time would be concerned with what he wore and how he looked, a concern he never had before.

Miriam didn't know whether wearing such youthful clothes would help Colleen find a new man; probably not. But that wasn't her concern, Miriam was only concerned with a smooth running school.

Miriam address the entire family, “The clothing you are wearing has always been normal for you. None of you will think there is anything wrong with what the others are wearing. It is simply their personal apparel choices.”

Miriam put the crystal away and the family came out of their trance.

“I see you are all sorry. I'm sure this won't be a problem from now on,” Miriam said. The family agreed and left the office.

In the waiting room, Miriam's next appointment had arrived.
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Re: Gifted and Talented 19 (clothing swap)

Postby Hongo1000 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:05 pm

Enjoying these series a lot, thank you for posting
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