Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby hgrambly » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:40 pm

Hey thanks for that! There's just one final chapter I'm going to write, and that will be it. I'm taking a break today, but I should have it completed on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. All the best.
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby hgrambly » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:55 pm

Okay, I lied. Decided to finish the first part of the final chapter I was working on. It's the least edited, and probably the most clunky in its delivery, but I hope everyone likes it. So two parts left, and that should do it on a story that went unfinished for nearly 4 years....

Chapter 6: The Final Weigh-Ins Pt. 1

To say that Lisa was fully committed to the goal of packing on seventy more pounds onto her already swollen body would be a lie. Although it sure looked like Lisa was committed to reaching that goal, as she ate food every hour of the day except at small intervals at night when she would doze off only to be reawakened by her growling stomach, commanding her to fetch her a large snack from the fridge, or when she was so stuffed with food and liquor that she couldn't move from her stupor.
No, Lisa didn't care anymore. That was it. She ate and ate because that's what she was used to. She no longer tasted the food or cared about what Mari cooked that hour or even bothered with utensils. Lisa simply fed her stomach, which never let up in the first month.
Mari remarked to Clara one day that she didn't like seeing Lisa this way anymore. Before, she had a zest for food; she would take pleasure in shoving a whole cannoli into her mouth and tasting the creamy center when she bit down on it; she would moan in delight when Mari was ready to plate her beef stroganoff, or lick her lips when Mari topped her giant bowl of spaghetti and meatballs with a large serving of grated parmesan. Now, Lisa made hardly a word. She looked down at the meal in front of her and consumed it. Once the plate was licked clean, she moved on to the next one Mari had ready for her, not caring if it was a dessert or a side dish or simply more of the same. Lisa had only one desire in mind.
'I don't like seeing fat girl like this.' She said in simple English. 'Too sad.'
Clara looked over at Lisa and watched her empty expression and her hands working to and from her mouth with gobs of mashed potatoes spilling out of the gaps between her chubby fingers. For once, Clara felt sympathetic towards Lisa. She knew she broke her. But, Clara thought, she needed to hit that weight. Then, maybe she'll help her out. For now, Clara laid off on the insults and jabs. She put some distance between her and Lisa by spending most of her time at the gym or shopping for clothes. Having lost so much weight, Clara eased up on the work-out routine and even started eating real food for a change. She was content with herself and wanted to start her new life. She didn't know what she wanted to be, but she was still young. All her life, it was her weight that held her back. It made her feel inadequate and ugly. She didn't mind if people stared at her fat gut or thunder thighs, and she even wore tight clothing to show it all off, but still, when Clara was fat, she didn't think about her future all that much. It didn't hurt that her family was rich, but on the flip side, it didn't force her to cope with reality and forget about her weight either.
As Clara decided to spend a few hours in the shops instead of the gym, she came across a beauty counter with a TV propped up next to a case of specialized lotions. There were two girls standing around it, laughing at its absurd advertisement. In the ad, there was a displeased woman with a small ass and breasts. She was so worried about her lack of assets that she stuffed her bra with tissues, and padded her ass with towels. Of course this didn't help her, and immediately a doctor magically appeared holding a bottle of the lotion displayed in the cases. He told the viewer that there is a solution for her problems:
'A revolutionary breakthrough in fat cell technology has allowed scientists to develop our very first product aimed at attracting selective fat cells on a person's body, and through calorie consumption, cause those fat cells that have been targeted, to absorb the fat created by one's body, effectively sculpting a person's figure. In other words, no longer do you have to be envious of hour-glass women because all you have to do is rub this cream on the area you want to grow, and with a dietary adjustment, see it plump up in just a few weeks. This works for small breasts, small buttocks, hips, thighs, even bellies if you desire to be a belly dancer.'
The two girls interrupted the commercial by rattling off a few jokes. 'Just think if we slathered this stuff in Becky's pants everyday!'
'There wouldn't be a cheer squad in the state that could lift that ass!'
'Excuse me,' interrupted Clara, 'Does this stuff actually work?'
The two girls looked incredulously at her. One of them said, 'Yeah, it totally made my boobs a little bigger.'
'Yeah, only because you stuffed your face for two weeks!' Added the other girl.
Clara knew she promised to go easy on Lisa, but this was too much. This had to be kismet. She knew she had to give it a shot. Clara bought the entire case of lotion.

Back home, Lisa was sucking down a a few dozen hotdogs when Clara came in with a heavy bag in one hand and a pair of cleaning gloves in the other.
She went into her room without saying a word. Lisa looked in that direction, hearing Clara fuss with the sheets.
After Clara was finished, she came out and went over to Lisa who returned to eating her hotdogs. Clara slowly put her hands on Lisa's thick shoulders and begun to knead them slowly. Lisa felt uncomfortable.
'No,' Said Lisa through a stuffed mouth. 'Fat.'
'Lisa, when was the last time you had a massage?'
'A long time.' She said bluntly.
'Come on then. I'm giving you a massage.'
'Let me finish my food first.'
'Lisa! Come on!'
Clara pulled the stool out from under Lisa. Lisa fell on her ass, sending a shockwave of fat jiggling up her body. She still had her hands on two hotdogs and stuffed them into her mouth before rolling on all fours and slowly making her way to her feet.
Clara led Lisa into her room. It was the first time she ever saw it. It was modest with a few pictures hanging on her wall with some portraits showing when Clara was still fat. On her king-sized bed, the blankets and pillows were stripped and all that remained was a silk sheet.
'Now would you please strip down to well...just get naked, okay.'
Lisa looked at her strangely.
'Don't worry, I won't make fun of you. I want to help you relax.'
While Lisa slowly took off her clothes, Clara worked on squeezing a few bottles of lotion into a large bucket. She had read the instructions that came with the case, warning her that the lotion really worked, and that fat cells tend to be altered permanently after multiple uses. The instructions were simple enough: Rub lotion on target areas you want to grow. Let sit for fifteen minutes so that it can absorb. The bottle also said that once the lotion was absorbed, the fat cells will be effected by the serum for 4-8 days, so repeat uses should only take place once a week.
After Clara emptied five bottles of white silky liquid into a bucket and put on her yellow gloves, she turned around and saw Lisa completely bare-assed and bare-chested. It was not a new sight for Clara. It was only four days since she last saw her in her underwear, although seeing the unkempt bush hiding her vagina just under her drooping belly was a surprise to Clara, along with Lisa's miserably sagging tits.
She guessed it right. Her breasts were neither full or round. They looked like runny eggs against the upper portion of her stomach. Her nipples were pink and small, along with her areolas. Although they were at least a c-cup, you had to gather them up in your hands to amount to that boob fat. Without a bra, Lisa's tits simply slapped against her chest.
'Please...' Said Clara motioning towards the bed. 'Ass fir- I mean, please lie on your stomach.'
Lisa crawled onto the mattress and flopped down. Clara climbed onto the bed, and straddled Lisa's lower back with her body. She felt Lisa's rotund booty push up against Clara's smaller ass. For some reason, Clara enjoyed feeling how soft Lisa was, so she ditched the gloves and the bucket of lotion for now and started giving Lisa a semi-professional back rub.
Clara did this for twenty minutes, with Lisa either letting out a gloppy fart or a moan of approval. After she heard Lisa snoring, Clara thought it was time to bring out the lotion.
Clara jumped off Lisa and put on the gloves. She didn't know if the lotion actually worked, so to prevent her from absorbing some of it, she wore industrial gloves.
Clara scooped a healthy amount of lotion in her cupped hand and spilled it across Lisa's naked ass. The consistency of the lotion was odd. It wasn't quite the viscosity of normal lotion. It was firmer. Almost like cake batter just before you put it in a metal tin. But as Clara spread the cream across Lisa's bulbous behind, she found that the lotion broke down very quickly and faded into the glossy craters of her ass. In a matter of minutes, the heaping scoop of lotion that Clara used on one cheek had disappeared. Clara thought to herself that it must be working because Lisa's skin felt even softer than before.
'Don't worry, my little fatty,' Said Clara, going around the bed to reach her right butt-cheek. She took another handful of lotion and started rubbing it in to her ass.
'I'm only giving your ass a little advantage against your belly. Every weigh-in, this monstrous thing kept getting bigger and bigger. Wider and lumpier to the point that your waist looked pinched and your thighs looked like they could barely hold your bottom up. But in recent weigh-ins, your belly has gotten all the attention, hasn't it? So I'm doing you a favor here. I know how asses can get misshapen as a chick gets fatter. See if I apply the lotion here,' Said Clara, motioning towards her lower cheek where the curve of her ass deflated into the top portion of her thighs giving her rear end an overall blocky appearance- 'Then fat will grow here and maybe by the next weigh-in, you'll have a more round ass with less lumps and bumps, so to speak. Now, if I take care of each cheek, then they can finally separate and not hug each other like they do now. And if I put some lotion here, just above your saddle-bags, on the sides of your legs, then you'll regain a prominence in your rear. What I'm going for is a mondo-booty: A ferociously wide posterior with equal definition to the ass so that you look like a cartoon morph. Don't worry, I'll shape your thighs so that they have some curves to them and not look so trunk-like. That's achieved by allocating more fat below and above your saddle-bags. That way your legs grow so large that they fill in the pesky deposit of fat, making your curves start from the top of your knees to just above your tailbone where, unfortunately, you'll still have a shelf of fat, but it will be more feminine and smooth. Trust me, it will all make sense in a month.'
After Clara was done sculpting her ass, she let Lisa sleep for an hour before coming back into the room with a new bucket of lotion. Dazed from her nap, Clara told Lisa to roll over.
Lisa did so with great effort and on her back, Clara put on her gloves again.
'What's that? What are you about to do to me? And why is my ass tingling?'
'Don't worry,' Said Clara. 'I was going to explain all this to you before you dozed off. You don't care where your fat accumulates, do you?'
'No, not really.' Said Lisa, her multiple chins jiggling.
'So I was thinking why don't I get to choose?'
'I don't understand.'
'See, this stuff,' Said Clara as she poured some white liquid on one of Lisa's breasts. 'Sort-of tells your body where to store fat. So where I rub this lotion on is where your fat will go. Now, I already did your ass, so-'
'You put that stuff on my ass! It's already big enough!'
'Yes, but for the person who's seen it enough times, all that fat hasn't helped its shape as of late. So I used the lotion to give it some more 'shape.''
'You mean, make it fatter!'
'Don't worry about it. Now I saw your sorry breasts and so hold still and let me massage some of this lotion in.'
Lisa protested, but was too tired to try and get up.
Clara decided to straddle her to get a better view of her pancake breasts. She started with the outer portion of them. Those needed the most work. Then she decided to lotion on the underside of both tits. This way the fat would lift the breasts higher on Lisa's rib-cage and give them some shape. She stopped there because she knew that it had to be a slow process getting Lisa's tits to appear more fuller and plumper. Clara unconsciously was thinking of her own pair of breasts when she rubbed the lotion into Lisa's.
When she was finished, she told Lisa to remain there for fifteen minutes and added that each week, she'll be putting more and more lotion on her. Lisa mumbled a reply which Clara didn't hear. She was thinking about her own situation now. Maybe she could use it on her self, thought Clara. But then again, she would have to gain weight. Clara decided against it and went to order some more lotion.

After four weeks, it was time for their weigh-in. Lisa had to be pulled from her family-size dish of lasagna to get her attention. Clara was first up. She stepped on the scale. It read, 138.
This was the first time in a while that Clara only managed to lose four measly pounds, especially after a whole month of weight management, but Clara didn't beat herself up too much. She kind of half-expected it, seeing how she ran less and less and started eating regular food. She kept to smaller portions, but she knew that her body was now fighting back against her weight loss. If she was truly committed, Clara thought to herself, she will have to push herself twice as hard in the second month, returning to her salads and ten mile daily jogs.
Next came Lisa. Clara brought out a special scale for her, now that she was too fat for the one Clara just used. It had a larger platform, and the display that read out her current weight extended past the metal scale so that people her size could read it. Lisa wore a matching cotton bra and panty.
After four weeks of constant stuffing and lotion sessions, Clara was amazed by the results. When Clara came over to the scale and saw the number flash, 397 pounds, she was flabbergasted. But then again, they no longer weighed themselves every two weeks, so that forty-five pound gain was actually pretty modest for Lisa, given the weight she really packed on before.
Clara stood back and was amazed by how she sculpted Lisa's one-of-a-kind ass. Before, it was lumpy and plush and wide. It had no real definition. Now with the divots and cellulite smoothed over by the lotion, Lisa's ass took on the appearance of a colossal bubble butt that jutted out just as far as she was wide. It was too beautiful a sight for Clara. Lisa stepped off the scale, and Clara watched as her ass rippled and clapped together. Lisa hated it. She no longer could bring down her arms down. Her hips were so wide now, that they simply rested on the extreme curvature of her hips. When she looked at Clara in disgust, Clara could see her breasts sitting differently in her bra.
'Take it off.' Said Clara. Lisa was too large and too inflexible to wear bras with clasps at the back, so Clara bought her a number of bras that Lisa could undue at the front. Unbeknownst to Lisa, however, each sets of bras Clara gave to her on a weekly basis, along with new pants that fit her engorged ass, was a cup size larger than the one before. At the time of weigh-in, Lisa was wearing a d-cup, and as she released those puppies, Clara was nearly on the verge of tears by their transformation. No longer did Lisa have pancake breasts. They were now full and heavy. By Clara's expert sculpting, they even appeared firm with the nipples pointing straight forward. Clara knew she needed more lotion to get them big enough to match Lisa's body, but for now, Clara was happy with her progress.
'You look great,' Said Clara.
This threw Lisa off.
'No, I look fat and thanks to that stupid lotion, my ass feels more flabbier than before. At least when it was chunky it was like one unit. Now I have to deal with two bags of fat that clap against each other! It throws off my balance! To top it off, you made my hips so wide, I'm getting stuck in doorways!'
'No way!' Said Clara and looked at Lisa's hips and then to the doorway leading into the bathroom.
'Show me!'
Lisa knew she shouldn't have said anything.
'Now!' Clara pushed Lisa's weak, fat body to the entrance of the bathroom. As Lisa tried the shift her hips in order to avoid the frame, Clara gave her a push on one of her cheeks with all her might, causing Lisa to lurch forward and-
'Oh my God!' Clara yelped. It was true. Lisa's hips were so wide they caught the door-frame! And judging by how hard Clara pushed her, it looked like Lisa was stuck!
Lisa squirmed. Her ass clapped back and forth. Clara watched as Lisa's feet tried to find traction with the tile floor, but didn't seem to find enough footing to pull her through. Clara continued to howl with laughter at Lisa's situation.
'Okay, okay. I know what will get you through,' Said Clara. She placed both hands on Lisa's ass and pushed with all her might. Lisa screamed in pain, but slowly made her way through the door. After that bit of humiliation, Lisa went back to her eating.
Clara felt bad about humiliating Lisa. She had tried so hard to curb her abuse, but it was just so easy for Clara. She almost needed Lisa's humiliation to continue with her weight loss. Without that, what's the point? Clara wickedly smiled. Some things are too hard to break. Isn't that right, Lisa?
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby PilsburyDoughZoe » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:24 pm

I loved the original. My initial critique- you started off where another user took over and twisted Karl's story. the second author took it in a different direction and I lost interest after that, seems the other author did to since he never finished it. This last post you had was very graphic with sex, and i just can't read it. One thing Karl did well was had it non-sexual erotic. Maybe others like it, but it's just still too far from the original story, i prefer to just leave the original work unfinished.
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby tfrmer » Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:10 pm

You keep surprising us with these additions. I enjoyed it, but the forced sex might be a bit much for some people. You can't please everyone and I suggest you to just write what you enjoy as you've done a superb job on most aspects and appear to be a well, well above average writer.
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby hgrambly » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:48 am

Thanks for all the feedback! I actually agree with the comments. The sexual element to the last addition is too much and doesn't fit the theme, so I'll edit it out. I actually don't like forced sex scenarios, but I guess in the heat of the moment, I included one. All the best.
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby IkkeNiels » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:01 am

Great parts, can't wait for the rest ;)
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby hgrambly » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:14 pm

So last addition, everyone! Bear with the quality. By writing this amateur edition of Special Diet, I have reawakened my love of writing, but on the flip side, I have also lost some interest in finishing this series because I'm working hard on other, more personal projects. As a result, I've been burned-out most days, and being this is purely a hobby, I didn't exactly give a 100% to the final two parts. But with that said, I hope everyone (lurkers and people who have voiced their feedback) has enjoyed it. Like I've said before, this is just one person's interpretation of a classic weight-swap story. it is not meant to replace or eclipse the former story, it is only here for anyone who wanted an alternate conclusion to an unfinished work. So here it is. I will say that this is a first edit version. And that the conclusion can lead to another story, entitled 'Lisa and Fay,' but I'm really not feeling it though. (but that's not for certain though)

Pt. 2 & 3

Throughout the second month, Clara worked hard to get back to her days of extreme training, while Lisa continued to eat in solitude. Clara started every morning with a seven mile jog on a small country road around her Father's estate, and when she was finished, lightly sweating from the excursion, the sun would be just rising over the tree line. Mari didn't arrive at the house yet, so Clara learned to make a light breakfast of a scrambled egg white, a few slices of apple, and a bowl of oats and berries. When she was finished, she stretched and did some light yoga poses in front of Lisa's snoring body. She would spend an hour doing this, and it was around the time Clara did her 'downward dog' that she spied Lisa rousing from her slumber (or should Clara say Lisa's stomach) just between Clara's legs. When Lisa was conscious of Clara's youthfully thin body in front of her that's when Mari would come in with this morning's groceries.
Mari used to go to the grocery once every two days, but the way Lisa had been eating, Mari now had to divide her shopping into two daily trips.
As she heard Mari frying bacon behind her, Lisa would do her best to throw back the covers, revealing her colossal ass spread out from her waist and squeezing the small fabric that was her underwear into a small triangle just below her belly. Lisa's hips were now so wide that they were close to the span of her tiny portly arms. If Clara was in a good mood, she would help Lisa up from the couch, and watch as Lisa struggled to sway one leg out in front of the other while keeping her booty in check. She walked with a ponderous step now and when she reached the bathroom (making sure to turn sideways to not get stuck again), Clara could always hear Lisa's exhausted breath echoing against the walls.
Lisa was too large for the bathtub, so she did the bare minimum of hygiene. Lisa brushed her teeth, washed her face, and scrubbed her underarms with a wet towel before lumbering to the kitchen where Mari was ready for her first meal. Clara would note Lisa's blank stare and the fat paunch under her chin jiggle as she took tremendously slow steps towards the kitchen and her greasy hair and unkempt shirt (stained from night's of binge-ing). As Lisa would begin to scarf down her breakfast, Clara would go into her room and meditate for an hour before taking a dip in the pool, having to pass Lisa still sitting at the table, wolfing down food. After she did a few laps, it was lunch time, where Clara would ditch Lisa (who was still no doubt eating) and go into the city, hitting up a spa and beauty parlor before getting a small meal at a local cafe that specialized in vegan cuisine. Then she would return home in the afternoon, finding Lisa taking a nap on the couch, and Mari away to get some more groceries. Clara would prepare for her afternoon workout of intense cross-training, donning her skin tight leggings and sexy-but-fun gray shirt with the midriff cut out, and go to a gym in the city and stay there for three hours until she came home once more to see Lisa awake and waiting for Mari to finish making her a pizza or a roast pig or anything that Mari had any interest in making these days. Finally, if Clara felt the urge to go out, she would take a shower, put on her sexiest dress, show it off to Lisa and ask for her feedback, before ignoring it and hitting the club. On most nights, Clara would easily peak a man's interest with her body and bring him home for a one-night stand. After Lisa had seen a ninth stranger walk past her couch, Lisa remarked that Clara was acting a bit like a whore. But Clara wasn't offended and simply told Lisa that she's 'just catching up.'
'I didn't have much success with guys. Except for the ones who appreciated curves. The only problem was that they wanted me to have more curves. I dated a guy like that who got me past 400 pounds. He was real nice. Affectionate. But my Father ran him off-'
Lisa imagined any possible guy who could love her at this weight. She wasn't naive, and knew that there were people who liked big women, even real big women, but like Clara said, they usually liked them getting bigger too. And well, Lisa thought to herself, that wouldn't be hard for her to do.
Clara eased up on the lotion sessions with Lisa, only applying some of it to her breasts as she still thought Lisa had small breasts for her shape.
Soon, it was time to weigh-in. Lisa, who was already wearing what she had been wearing for two weeks straight, which was a pair of XXXL sized navy blue underwear and a shirt, waddled to the industrial sized scale and slowly shuffled her puffy feet onto it. Clara could tell Lisa put on a good amount of weight by how wider she had gotten. Since she stopped sculpting her ass, the cheeks lost a little of their smoothness, and new blocks of fat were threatening the overall globular shape of her rear-end. But Clara didn't mind seeing some of her previous work go to waste when she caught a glimpse of Lisa's large tits, struggling to break free from her G-cup bra. They were truly massive now, and perfectly proportionate to her expanding hips and belly that grew out a few more inches and rested lower on her pelvis, nearly covering the front of her underwear.
After a brief moment, Lisa read the number; her voice carrying a trace of amazement. '420. Four hundred and twenty pounds.'
'That's a what-? Twenty-three pound gain? Not bad. You used to gain that in two weeks. Seems like your slowing down, or maybe your body just is. Who knows, but you got it easy next month. Just five pounds.' Said Clara as she lingered near Lisa's plump body. She started kneading her neck with her fingers, then worked her way down to her gelatinous belly that made a large slap when Clara picked it up with both her hands and dropped it on her pelvis. 'And you'll be finished. For good.'
'Finally.' Said Lisa.
Clara went to her own personal scale. It was about twice as small as Lisa's. Lisa had the displeasure of looking at Clara's body each day, so it was no surprise when she heard Clara nearly scream when she read the numbers, '128! 128!'
She hopped off the scale and gave Lisa a big hug. After the stun of Clara's sudden act of kindness wore off, Lisa wrapped her arms around Clara and felt her bony back against her puffy hands. When she let go, she ran into her room and after a few minutes, she came back with a pair of jeans that she bought. She showed the tag to Lisa. They were a size two. Something Lisa wore all the time when she was around her size. Clara slipped them on, and when she could easily button them up, she said, 'Oh my God! I'm a size two! I can fit into a size two!'
Truth was, by Lisa's determining and how loose they looked on Clara's flat stomach and small hips, she could almost fit into a size smaller. Lisa sighed. What was she then? She placed her hands on her hips and then unconsciously grabbed at some of her ass. All its been for months was stretchy fabrics and generic sizes. Was she a size 20? she wished. She shook her ass, then patted it. Size 24? Maybe, but Lisa had no expertise in plus-size clothing, so she wondered if she needed to start understanding the market, so that she could get used to being this size. After all, once the next month was up, she would have to leave Clara's house and venture out into the real world again. Ugh, she thought to herself, reminding herself of all the things she didn't have to deal with while living at Clara's guest house like staircases and grocery store aisles; fitting rooms and people's ridicule. She realized that she wasn't going to have Mari anymore to feed her. She would have to do that herself...

The final month came and went. Lisa knew that she only needed to gain five pounds, so she tried to cut down on the huge meals and start to return to the habit of breaking up her meals matching the phases of the day. In other words, she tried eating what normal people called breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This came as a relief to Mari who still cooked Lisa very large portions, but only at exact hours in the day, leaving Lisa to experience the moments in between of not eating.
The first few days like this were hard for Lisa. She nibbled on candies, raided the fridge after an hour after her breakfast, and dealt with the general boredom of her routine. But eventually, Lisa returned to eating only three meals a day. This impressed Clara who thought she was a lost cause, and would eat herself to poverty within five years after leaving this house.
And with Clara, she knew that four pounds was all that stood between being a success and failure, so she trained even harder and ate even less. She knew at this point that she was losing muscle mass along with her fat. She felt her rock hard ass shrinking a little and her once powerful thighs narrowing. Her breasts got even smaller, and soon, it felt like Clara didn't even need a sports bra whenever she went jogging in the morning. After this was done, she thought to herself, and saw the numbers- 124- flash on the scale, she wouldn't mind eating a bit more and cutting back on her workouts. Maybe even put on some weight? It was a new thought for Clara. Throughout her weight loss journey, she thought of nothing more than melting down her fat to get to the skinny chick hiding inside. Clara didn't exactly think fat was unsightly or that being a certain weight dictated her hotness, but she knew that every pound she lost was another bad habit or excuse that went with the weight. Now, nearly proving to herself that she could get down to whatever weight she wanted, breaking any and every challenge she put herself up against, Clara had a funny thought: What if she gained weight for a change? She knew 124 pounds wasn't right for her. She was tall and lanky and most of her weight settled in the middle. Clara thought about what weight made her feel sexy, and she remembered that time when she forced Lisa to re-visit her old gym, and there it was- the image of a sultry 148 pound Amazonian with curves shaped by just the right amount of fat and muscle, both making Clara appear strong and feminine, stripping in front of a drooling Ethan. That was the weight, she thought. Clara felt a little happy knowing that she found the right size for her, and secretly, with a semblance of gluttonous desire, she thought of all the foods she could now eat to get her back up to that weight...

On the last night, before the weigh-in, Clara planned a little farewell dinner.
Clara bought some clothes for Lisa to wear. Since it was the last night of this little challenge, Lisa obeyed and put on a gaudy orange pair of sweatpants with the word, JUICY, written across the ass. Then she put on a black halter-top with a gold-sequined caption that read, BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. She hadn't worn a proper shirt in so long that didn't cover her body like a tent, so Lisa was surprised at seeing her pale chubby arms out in the open or how her meaty shoulders looked against the thin straps of the shirt, or how her boobs seemed to ooze out the tops and sides of the halter top. Clara had bought a size just a tad smaller for Lisa so that the lower part of her belly was exposed. Lisa, like any fat girl, tried pulling down her shirt to cover her belly, but this only made her breasts pop up. Clara laughed and tried to calm Lisa by saying that she looked good, and even remarked about how she envied all her tit flesh.
'Where are we going?' Asked Lisa after what seemed like an hour driving down the highway. Clara was demure about where she was taking her, but after awhile, she relented and said, 'I'm taking you to a place skinny Lisa would never go....Well, I shouldn't say never because you went once...A long time ago. It was just before our little arrangement. I wasn't losing any weight, so you wanted to have a little chat with me. I knew exactly what you were going to say to me- I've heard it all throughout my life- so I deliberately took you to a place where skinny bitches are not welcome.'
Lisa instantly knew what Clara was talking about. It was Big Tina's. When she was a 110 pound fitness freak, that place was Hell for anyone who wanted to stick to a diet. She hated it and made fun of anyone who went there. She remembered that day all too fondly. She remembered how that awful diner smelled like grease and bacon. When the two went there many months back, she noticed how every booth and every stool was weighed down by a large rotund ass, and how every table was held in place by the large, prominent guts of its patrons. Lisa recalled how she tried ordering a coffee and a bowl of mixed fruit (the only thing remotely healthy on the menu) only to be given a mocha latte and a bowl of fruit slathered in honey and hidden underneath a dome of whipped cream and chocolate frosting. When she complained to the rotund waitress, she was met with a tense stare and a sour reply.
'No, please, not there.' Said Lisa.
'Oh, so Thin Lisa is still in there, huh? I thought Fat Lisa would be delighted!'
'Please, Clara, I don't want to go back.'
'Why not?' Clara said. 'It's not like they're going to recognize you? Besides, it has all your favorite foods. It will be our last meal together, so I just thought for irony's sake-?'
Lisa bit her lip. Something about going in there now the size she was made her sick. Well, to be fair, being out in public in her new size made her want to vomit. But that place? If she went there, it would be like affirming her fatness and permanently swearing to be fat and always fat. Now that she had her meals under control, Lisa felt some hint of a 'way out'. But if she went to that diner and saw how easily she blended, she didn't know how that would affect her. Would she return to her never-ending binge? Would she get a taste for the food and become a regular patron, eventually turning into the fattest frequenter of the establishment? Lisa tried to assuage Clara's conviction by proposing alternatives like a pie-eating contest or a drive-through smorgasbord- anything that satisfied Clara's urge to humiliate Lisa and Lisa's urge to eat- but Clara wouldn't have any of it. She kept on driving...
After thirty minutes or so, they were there. It was a small diner at a pit stop just outside the city, surrounded by empty countryside. There were cars lining the parking lot when Clara pulled up, and great big rigs parked in the dirt lot beside the restaurant with pot-bellied truck drivers slowly making their way into the diner. Just above the entrance, Lisa saw the sign that read BIG TINA'S in red neon, and a picture of a portly waitress serving pie beside it.
Clara got out of her SUV and caught a few delinquent stares from two porkers walking past her. She knew they were jealous of her tight body.
She made her way to the passenger side door finding Lisa still buckled up.
'Come on.' Said Clara as she opened the door.
Lisa kept looking straight ahead.
'Come. On.'
It was no use, she thought as she watched a few people before they went inside. They were just as fat as her. No, she was fatter! Then a woman almost the size of Lisa, with an ass just as large and shelf-life slowly made her way past Clara's car, wheezing from the journey. Lisa stared at that wobbling, fleshy backside until it ducked behind a door and all she could do was cringe. Was that what she looked like?
Clara was about to force Lisa out when Lisa surprised Clara and got out of the car. Just tonight, she thought, just tonight...
The pair went inside, and before when it was Lisa who caught everyone's ill-tempered stares, this time, it was Clara who enjoyed being the envied one. No one seemed to notice Lisa. No one looked at her mammoth booty or the belly that poked out from under her shirt. It was like they didn't care. She felt...accepted. It almost made Lisa feel good about herself for a change! They took a booth near the window. When the waitress came by, Clara did the ordering for both of them. Taking a jab at Lisa, Clara ordered a cup of coffee and a fruit bowl, and when she started ordering for the silent, shy Lisa, the waitress cut her off and asked Lisa directly if she was that hungry. She was. She suddenly felt the urge to stuff herself. Really stuff herself. She had been missing that feeling of fullness for nearly a month-
'Yes.' Said Lisa, Clara smiled across the table.
'Well, then, there's a food challenge we got here at Big Tina's called the Mountain of Munchies! If you can finish it within two hours, it's free!'
Clara was enjoying this. When Lisa looked at Clara, Clara didn't say a word. She wanted Lisa to order it for herself, not have her force Lisa to eat it.
Lisa replied a with a solitary, 'Yes.'
The waitress, happy to see a fellow glutton, yelled to everyone, 'WE GOT A PIG! PIG, PIG!'
Everyone seemed to know what that meant, and turned and cheered Lisa on. After thirty minutes or so, two waitresses brought out a platter almost the size of the table loaded with indiscernible pieces of egg and hashbrown and pancakes and bacon, all chopped up and heaped onto a silver tray, followed by a smaller waitress bringing Clara's coffee and fruit bowl which was dwarfed by the mountain of food.

When the head waitress handed Lisa the fork and knife, she announced to everyone, 'NOW YOU'VE GOT TWO HOURS TO EAT ALL OF THIS! READY, SET....PIG OUT!' And with that, the patrons watched Lisa stuff her face. Forgoing the knife and fork, Lisa shoveled the food in with her hands. She worked so fast that within thirty minutes, half of the heap was gone. People started getting out of their seats to get a better view of Lisa. Syrup stuck in her hair. Bits of egg smacking her cheeks. Bacon grease flowing down her neck. Lost in her undying appetite, Lisa only wanted to satisfy her stomach. It was the same stomach that she punished for weeks by stretching it to the limits. Anything less would be unacceptable now. She NEEDED to feel stuffed. She NEEDED that stretch again. As she worked through the bacon and hash, she remembered the feeling at the hotel when she ignored her gut for three days, only to pig out on fifteen dishes of food. It hurt her still to expand her stomach, but it became a feeling of total fulfillment. The only time when she forgot about food and was happy. This was the reason for her sudden unashamed gluttony. She didn't care about the people staring at her. They accepted her size. They knew she loved food. So who cares if she wanted to pig out?
In the last mouthful, the waitresses stood speechless. Lisa leaned back and fell into a state of total serenity, scratching her distended stomach and picking her teeth.
All they could do was stare at her. Then, the head waitress came by with a camera and snapped a picture of Lisa's bloated face and said, 'A new record! Forty-two minutes, jeez-louise!'
Clara was nearly bursting, and all Lisa could do was let out a giant burp.

Back home, Clara let Lisa sleep for several hours before waking her for her weigh-in. It was one a.m, and for a second, Lisa didn't know where she was. She wiped a stray piece of pancake still stuck to her cheek. She looked up at Clara's face who appeared peaceful for a change.
'I was dreaming of food,' Said Lisa, almost saddened by its sudden end.
'Well, you can dream all you want after this last weigh-in,' She said as she helped Lisa to her feet. Lisa was still sleepy and didn't really understand what was going on, but being led by a careful Clara, she helped Lisa onto her scale and waited for the calibrations to read-
432. Clara read the number. That was more than she ever weighed. Lisa was now officially fatter than Clara ever was.
Lisa didn't seem to react, and when it was Clara's turn, Lisa was helped back to the couch. Lisa watched as Clara took off her shorts and shirt, wearing only a painfully small bra and panties on the scale. After a second, Clara nodded and stepped off. She went over Lisa, and still half-naked, sat down next to her. She slapped Lisa's knee lightly and said that it was over. She was officially 122 pounds.
'Now what?'
'Now you get your money. I'll write you a check tomorrow. But there's something I've been meaning to give you.'
'What's that?'
'A way out.'
Lisa didn't understand. Clara pulled out a manila folder from a bag next to the couch. She handed it to Lisa. Lisa opened up the folder and saw that it contained pictures and resumes of three personal trainers that Clara had gathered at the old gym that she used to work at.
'You want to help me get back into shape?'
'Almost. I want you to get back into shape, but I also want one of these skinny bitches to get out of it.'
'Like you did to me?' She looked at Clara to see if she was being sarcastic. She could tell that she was dead serious.
'It's the circle of life,' Clara explained. 'When one person gets skinny, another gets fat. I've done extensive research on all three girls. They're exactly like you...when you were their size. Competitive, poor, a bit gullible. They believe they're immune to the fat virus, and they also believe in the sappy cause of personal betterment. All these combined, you can get one of these trainers to really blow up.'
Lisa thought about what Clara was saying. Could she really do what Clara did to her to one of these trainers? Was that really who she was as a person? It was no surprise that Lisa felt some animosity just looking at pictures of these fit chicks, but could she systematically break one of them down like she was broken down? She wasn't a bad person, but something inside Lisa was intrigued and a little curious. What would it be like to be on the other side? To make a salad-eating, leggings wearing sports junkie turn into a butterball right before her eyes? Would it excite Lisa? Would it bring out something in her that would remind her of Clara? Or would it help her lose weight? In a year or two, would she be the skinny one and one of these skinny bitches be the fatty? Lisa wondered.
Clara seemed to pick up on her dilemma and added, 'You can have the house if you want. I'm planning on taking a year to travel the world. I'll keep Mari too and pay her in advance. I'll arrange for a monthly stipend of $50,000 and whatever additional costs that should come up. All that I ask is that you send me pictures of their progress. I don't care about yours, but you'll be surprised how the sight of a woman stuffing her face 24/7 turns you off from food.' She said, friendly prodding Lisa's hip. 'Now, this girl,' Said Clara, showing a snapshot of a girl Lisa knew as Fay, 'I've uncovered juicy things about her that you can use to your advantage. And this girl...' She brought up the photo of a trim Latina with a bubble butt that looked similar to thin Lisa's, 'I know for a fact that she packs all the pounds downstairs, so if you want a trainer like-for-like, this is your girl. And finally, there's Sue who-'
'Show me the one who can grow a massive gut.'
Clara wickedly smiled. She returned to Fay. Judging by her small breasts and modest hips and a small blemish of fat hugging her belly button, Lisa knew that this girl was cursed with an apple shaped figure.
With that, it was settled. Clara helped Lisa make the necessary arrangements. They decided on how to approach Fay. Clara coached Lisa on proper tactics, tricking Fay into thinking that Lisa was a lost cause, making any possible plea for weight loss a legitimate idea. Then Clara taught her how to trigger a personal trainer's sense of competition, and trick them into eating more and more food. When Clara was satisfied knowing that she taught Lisa everything she knew, she packed up her bags and left Lisa with the keys to the house. The next day, Lisa waddled into the gym and started a membership. Lisa asked Mandy if she knew of any good trainers.
'This is kind of my first time in the gym.' She lied.
'Oh,' Said Mandy, trying to sound sympathetic. She pointed to Fay. Lisa recalled her red hair and tan complexion from the photo and in person, Lisa knew that this was the one. She grinned.
'That's Fay. She's the best.'
I was the best too, thought Lisa, and maybe in due time, I will be again. But for now, Fay, let's knock you down a peg or two. Or should I say a pound or two?
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

Postby riptoryx » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:21 pm

Having a particular fondness for role-reversals, I appreciate the spirit of your work here. I'm curious to see what sort of "other, more personal projects" you might turn loose in the future.
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

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Continuing a story from someone else is not an easy task. But you did it and you did it very well. Congratulations !
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Re: Continuing "Special Diet," By Karl, Pt. 1 (Weight Swap)

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So far, this is really interesting. Good luck!
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