Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap)

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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby laristopa » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:54 pm

*Round Ninety Nine*

Slut stood on all fours in her pen, again, feeling like her body had significantly changed. Her leathery, spotted arms and legs were even shorter than before and perfectly bovine in every way; ending in hard, circular hooves. Her two sets of breasts fused into one pink colored udder which shifted down her expanded belly. It nestled between her stomach and vagina which was no longer in the right place. Slut's tail whipped back and forth across her small, human cunt that pointed straight back - perfectly situated for a strong bull to mount her. Though it was unlikely a bull penis would fit in without ripping her apart. The ring in her dripping, elongated nose shook as her mouth slowly gnashed on a handful of straw. Her long ears twitched beside the horns that jutted from her hairy, leathery head. In fact, her entire body was leathery and hairy now, except for her pink udder and tiny pink pussy.

Slut's blonde pink pigtails looked completely out of place on her head. Her eyes were still blue and displayed a human intelligence. Her thoughts, however, were becoming cloudy. She experienced a strong urge to let her mind slip into nothingness while she felt a growing contentedness with her current situation . This was where she belonged, she was safe and well taken care of. Why would she need to be anything more than the perfect little cow?

The bell tightly fastened around her neck shook on its own. After the clanking sound finished, the door to Slut's pen opened and Abel stepped in.

Slut was facing away and couldn't see Abel, but felt his hand slap onto her wide ass.

"Not long now for the final changes, little Bessie. You've come a long way since I first met you."

Abel slowly pet Slut's ass. She stood silent, letting her mind slip and simply focusing on the food in her mouth.

"Finish it, little Bessie. If you want to become a full cow just release a nice cow pie onto the dirty floor of your pen. All your troubles will disappear. If you want to become human again, just display some human dignity and don't shit yourself."
Abel slapped her ass really hard and Slut immediately felt a tightness form in her lower region. She felt the biggest dump of her life coming on. Slut tightened her little brown asshole and focused all her energy on maintaining her continence.

Abel stood next to her silently, watching her swishing tail. He reached up a finger and plunged it into Slut's very human pussy.

"This doesn't look right at all, little Bessie. Let me help you."

As Abel spoke, Slut could feel her vagina changing. Slut's femininity warped and turned more animalistic with each stroke of his finger. It became taller, puffier and deeper. Her pussy had been unnaturally situated like a cow's vagina would already, but now it looked like it belonged there. Her bovine vagina was perfectly suited to take a long, virile bull cock if and when one mounted her.

Slut felt her mind slipping again, her focus on keeping herself cow pie free was deteriorating. The constant stimulation from the deranged farmer was not helping! His finger teased the inside of her giant bovine pussy. Slut longed for a thick rod filling her with seed. She released an inhuman moo as her mind faltered and the floodgates opened. Cow shit exploded out of her and dropped into a pile near her rear hooves. Her tail flicked wildly back and forth and the distinct stench of cow dung emenated from her. She not only looked and sounded like a cow, but she smelled like one too!

"Peeyew Bessie! That's a stinky cow-pie! You made a good choice, girl. Now, let's get rid of this silly hair..."

As he spoke, Slut's long blonde-pink pigtails detached and fell to the ground, leaving her horns and ears atop her furry, leathery head. Slut was for all intents and purposes a full cow now. The milking machine scanned her brand and whizzed to life. Suction cups sprang up from the ground and attached to Slut's udders. She released the occasional moo sound as the machine milked her.

Abel stepped in front of Slut's vision and stared into her eyes, "Now, for the final change."

Slut's vision blurred and her already fuzzy mind became even moreso. Thoughts were an impossible memory now. The content feeling she experienced before overtook her. Her vibrant blue eyes darkened, becoming black and souless. When it was complete, only Bessie the Cow remained.

Abel left the pen, whistling a cheerful tune, with a tank full of fresh cow milk. His newest animal, Bessie, mindlessly chewed and stood over a tall, stinking pile of her own making. Her animal cries mixed in with an untold number of other animals filling the barn.


Slut took a gasping breath as her thoughts and humanity slowly returned. She was inches from the point of no return. She was lying on a hard, cold surface; but her mind was squarely focused on processing the return to sanity. Her emotions were all over the place and she felt the urge to laugh, cry and scream into the floor. If she returned to Abel's barn, Slut knew she would spend the rest of her life as an animal.

With her faculties returning, Slut blinked a few times, took a few more deep breaths, and lifted her head up. She was in a light gray stone rectangle. Slut lay beside the back wall which was approximately ten feet high leading up to a stone ceiling. Twenty feet in front of her was a red button sitting atop a short marble pedestal. Directly in the middle of her and the pedestal was a shimmering wall made of pink glass. Bright, fluorescent light basked the room with a sanitized glow from rows of bulbs on high.

She pushed herself into a sitting position before rising to her feet. Her whole body seemed to shake, completely different now than it was just moments ago. Slut was naked, except for tall black heels, a loose black choker and a thin silver nipple chain. She rested her hands on the small of her back, supporting her newly protruding pregnancy. She sighed, and stared down between her heaving breasts to examine the doctor's newest change. Her belly button pushed outward and she had light stretch marks. She rubbed along it before tracing her delicate hand down her flared, motherly hips. Between her thick thighs was her - thankfully - human vagina. Her lower lips puffed out giving her a distinct pubic mound.
Slut twirled her long, silky pink-blonde pigtails around with one hand while the other was placed on her hip which she jutted outward, striking an unconscious feminine pose. A sugary pink lollipop clacked along her multi colored braces.

"H-hello - can you hear me Annabelle?"

Helena's cool alto pitch clearly sounded from the corner of the room, though Slut couldn't see anything there but smooth gray stone.

"Hewena?" Slut chirped in the direction of the phantom voice.

"Yes, It's- It's me! I can see you on a screen here. I'm in a...classroom, I think. There's a chalkboard and some desks." After a quick pause, Helena added, "I'm glad to see you're okay. It feels like its been months since I saw you last. But...I see you're still at roughly the same stage in your pregnancy. Grungot must be messing with my perception of time again."

Slut felt her cheeks flush, something about a woman watching her naked femininity from afar was oddly arousing. "Actually," Slut released in a breathy sigh, "This is my second pwegnancy..."

"Oh..." Helena paused, her voice faltering slightly, "If that's the case, you must be close to the end."

Slut felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach and a frog in her throat...Round One Hundred - It was finally ending, one way or the other. Slut had no idea what to expect but questions whirled around her mind. What did the Doctor have planned? Would he actually let her go? Would he reverse some of these changes so she could try and live some semblance of a normal life? What about the others? She contemplated it all, losing her thoughts in the swirling pink barrier in front of her.

Helena started again, her normally frigid voice was filled with warmness, strength and resolve, "Whatever happens, Annabelle, I'm behind you 100%. You'll free us all. I know it!"

Slut pleaded to Helena, her tone was fast and anxious, she screamed into the corner "What do I need to do!?" Slut dropped to her knees as tears welled in her eyes. Her breasts, nipple chain and earrings bounced wildly. She slammed her tiny fist weakly onto the stone floor. She sobbed for a few moments. What was being asked of her...a woman of her - diminished ability. She couldn't do ANYTHING. It wasn't fair! None of this was fair!

Helena allowed Slut a few minutes to cry, not really knowing what to say. When Slut spoke again, her voice was merely a breathy whisper, sputtered through tears, "How can I save you if I can't even save mysewf? I-I'm afwaid..."

Slut felt a chill crawl up her spine. She sensed a powerful presence behind her. Her heart rate spiked and her eyes opened wide.

"And you should be, girl."

Slut jumped upright and turned. Standing directly behind her was Mistress Jennifer! ... /pic_5.jpg

Mistress towered over Slut and stared down at her with intense disdain. She wore a black leather, chain mail bikini. The chain mail was loose and all her intimate parts, complete with a tuft of pubic hair were visible. She wore black leather thigh highs which made her already intimidating stature even moreso. Her makeup was bold and her long red hair hung loosely.

Mistress slowly reached down and grabbed Slut by the chin. The lollipop in Slut's mouth fell to the floor. Mistress lowered her head until she was speaking directly into Slut's face, her tone was harsh and demanding, "You should be afraid girl. Are you happy to see me again?"

Slut took fast shallow breaths and couldn't muster up the courage to speak. MIstress Jennifer drank in Slut's obvious fear and exhaled hot breath into Slut's face. When she had enough, Mistress shoved Slut backwards. She fell back hard onto her naked ass. Slut didn't move, too intimidated to even attempt it.

"Who - who are you?" Helena stammered.

Mistress glanced at the ceiling before speaking, "I am Mistress Jennifer. Helena, I presume? I'm excited to meet you in person. I've heard you're a strict lesbian, we'll see about that -once I get my hands on you. I'll have a nice meaty rod pumping your pussy and a baby in your belly. A lot like my pretty little princess here, how naughty she's been. Luckily for you, Helena, the Doctor asked me not to touch you today; but your time will come."
When Helena didn't respond, Mistress Jennifer smirked and continued, "Today will be a nice easy day for our little girl. All little Slut has to do is push that red button." Mistress pointed to the button beyond the shimmering pink wall. "But first, Helena and I will play a simple game of hangman. For each incorrect guess, I'll make the journey for Slut a little more challenging. Once Helena has guessed all eight blanks, the barrier will disappear and Slut will have ten minutes to press the button. Also, I reserve the right to allow slut to try early, even if Helena hasn't guessed the blanks."

Slut listened attentively while averting her gaze.

"Stand up girl." Mistress commanded. Slut hurriedly stepped to her feet. "Go on, stretch out, it's such a simple game. It's not even fair for me, honestly. Oh well, let's just get it over with, shall we?"

Slut sighed. If she knew anything about Mistress Jennifer...she would almost certainly not be touching that button.

"Helena, you should see eight blanks on the chalk board. Go ahead and begin guessing."

Helena thought for a few seconds, staring at eight empty blanks on the board, before guessing, "O-okay - I'll start with...'O'"


Mistress snapped her fingers and the room began to shake. The small rectangular space started pushing out farther. The pedastal shifted with it, extending further away from the pink barrier which remained where it was. When it was done, the pedastal was now over one hundred feet away. Slut could still see it clearly directly down the stone hallway which was illuminated by extended rows of bulbs. She would still have no problem getting there in time.

"I'll guess....'A'!"


"Alright...uhm....Slut. 'A' was filled in for the fifth letter. If you have any ideas, don't be afraid to shout it out. I'll try an 'S'."


Mistress snapped her fingers again and Slut felt a very familiar choking feeling. She pulled at the collar around her neck which was now thicker and much, much tighter. It restricted her breathing, but she was used to being like this now.
Helena gasped, "I-I'm sorry! I don't want to do this anymore!"

Mistresses voice was filled with malice as she responded, "If either of you fail to continue i've been authorized to do some very...unpleasant things to both of you...and my mind is rife with unpleasant things."

Slut gulped and managed to croak out, "Don't worwwy Helwena, I'm fine. No matterw what happens, I've been down this rwoad. It's okay."

"Alright, how 'R'?"


After another snap, the long hallway leading to the pedestal began moving! The floor began pulling towards Slut. It moved like a giant treadmill. It wasn't too fast, but it effectively extended the distance of the pedastal yet again. The floor was continuously moving but stopped at the barrier.



Even though Slut knew their efforts would be in vain, she tried resassuring Helena, "It's okay Helwena. Just twy yo-"

"Oh, shut up." Mistress growled as she snapped.

Slut's words were stopped short and she choked as a long penis gag filled her throat. She could feel the object lodged deeply and relaxed her throat reflexively. It certainly wasn't comfortable, but she was an expert now. As usual, the gag was secured around her head with no clasp that she could get at. Trying to spit the gag out or bite it would just cause her more discomfort. So much for a pep talk.

"I don't know, uh, maybe a 'C'?"

"Wrong again."

When Mistress snapped Slut could see a figure appear in the distance. There was a burly looking man standing next to the button, guarding it. Apparently the area near the button wasn't moving.

Mistress mused, clearly having fun, "Spike there is specially trained to restrain and punish naughty little girls like you. I haven't allowed him to cum in a few weeks too so he'll be very excited to punish you - if he gets his hands on you, that is. Watch out, he's a disgusting pervert too."



"Awesome! We'll have you hitting that button in no time. That guard looks pretty slow anyway. Just try sprinting past him before he can catch you...Alright it looks like this _ _ Z _ A _ _ _ " Helena took a few seconds to think, "Let's try 'P'"

After a snap, the treadmill in front of Slut became shiny and wet. It was covered in some sort of slippery substance.



Another wrong choice and another snap. Slut gasped as her leather collar became black metal. Two metal rods extended outwards and her arms were forced up. The rods connected with her hands and bands of metal cinched around her wrists. Her hair fell down and pooled on a metal yoke locked tightly on her. ... ked11i.jpg

Slut tried pulling her hands through the manacles but the device was rigid and strong and her attempts were weak.

"No! I don't care what you do to me, I won't participate in this anymore!" Helena yelled.

Mistress sighed, "I didn't want to have to do this..." She then looked up and snapped her fingers.

Silence save for the hum of the treadmill. Slut glanced over to Mistress Jennifer. What had she done?

Helena's voice broke the silence, her tone was brash, "Ah, my favorite little breeder. What I wouldn't give to taste that succulent little minge. I see you've ruined your tight, young body again by fucking a man. Tsk."

"Welcome back, Helena. Please continue guessing so we can properly punish this young lady."

"It would be my pleasure, literally. 'X, Y, B'"

"No, no and no."

Mistress contemplated for a few seconds before clapping her hands together.

A black leather sheath wrapped tightly around Slut's upper legs. It forced them together and compressed them. The fat of her borad thighs puffed out beneath the fabric that dug in deeply, restricting movement to mostly her lower legs. The corridor shook again. This time, a pillar of solid rock jutted from one side of the hallway. It connected to the other side and hung ominously over the slippery treadmill. An obstacle that would have to be negotiated. Finally, Slut moaned in pain as her elbows were forced in and back. Her jiggling breasts pushed outward and a tight leather band wrapped around her elbows behind her back. Combined with the yoke, her upper body was even more restricted. She couldn't move her arms at all. The only thing she could do was pivot the yoke by twisting her entire upper body. Her only chance at this point was to get a running start and hit the guard with the yoke. If she could get a good hit on him, maybe she could pull off the victory. Of course, with the slippery floor and obstacle in the hallway it would be a lot trickier than that. She needed Helena to get the word soon.



"Seriously? First letter? Damn..." Helena bemoaned.

Q _ Z _ A _ _ _

"How about an 'H'."

"No 'H'."

A second sheath of dark leather wrapped around Slut's lower legs. She nearly fell over. The top portion kept her upper thighs together while the lower portion kept her calves together. She could hardly move her legs but could hop fairly effectively. Though each time she did her breast shook like crazy. Slut eyed the hallway...hopping could work...

"'D', 'E', 'F'."

"All no."

Again, Mistress though for a second before clapping her hands. Slut's tall heels disappeared and she immediately fell to the ground. She made sure to fall backwards to avoid falling on her protruding belly. She inch-wormed back up to the wall and sat against it. Well that was pretty much it, she probably couldn't crawl fast enough to beat the treadmill, let alone get past the guard. Slut shifted her mouth on the encompassing cock stuffed down her throat, waiting for this to be over. Her shoulders had long since given out and her arms were numb from being forced into an unnatural position. Slut looked toward the button and saw a burly man standing next to the first.

"That's Andre, he's even more perverted than Spike."

As Slut sat and looked out through the glass and over her tits, she watched as they began to sag slightly. A sharp pain shot through her nipples and she moaned through the gag. Clamps cinched on over her piercings. Attached to the clamps were small weights. ... o1_500.jpg

Slut stared down at them, wishing more than anything that she could take them off. Her normally pink nipples were red and tingling. Each movement shifted the weights and shot another thread of anguish through her body. Slut fell onto her knees and leaned forward, the weights and her tits rested on the ground giving her some respite. She stared into the ground trying to catch her breath when a pair of black boots entered her sight.

"Hm. That's right, girl. Get nice and low, right where you should be."

Slut just kept her head lowered, on her knees at the feet of a smirking Mistress Jennifer.



Mistress snapped her fingers and Slut suddenly flew back and slammed into the wall. The weighs attached to her nipples flopped dangerously. Slut screamed around the gag as her long pigtails came undone and flowed upwards. A metal circle appeared above Slut's head. Her long pink-blond locks snaked around the ring and tied around it securely. She couldn't move her head at all without pulling her hair. The weights pulled her tits down onto her bulging pregnant belly. There was virtually no part of her body that could move and wasn't in pain. Hot tears flowed down her cheeks, running her amateurly made up face. She couldn't even wipe the tears from her bleary eyes.

Helena laughed, "That's what you get, you little whore. Let's make it worse shall we? 'J', 'K', 'L', 'M'!

"My, my, Helena, you aren't very good at guessing are you?"

Mistress approached Slut whose watery eyes grew wide and her numb, stinging body trembled in fear.

Mistress Jennifer knelt down and pressed her face directly into Sluts. She ran her tongue up and down Slut's hot, tear covered face; literally drinking in her pain.

Mistress clapped her hands again giving Slut another wave of fear as she screamed into the gag yet again. But the heat from Slut's face began to pale in comparison as a rising inferno burst from her pussy. Arousal mounted faster than anything Slut had ever felt, she bucked her hips, despite all the painful backlash it caused. Her skin began feeling hot and her cunt dripped like a waterfall. The stench of female arousal was so thick, she moaned and moaned; frustrated beyond all understanding. She was having trouble getting enough oxygen through her nose as her breathing rate had increased so much. Mistress Jennifer stayed close and thoroughly enjoyed the sight.

Before Slut knew what was happening, the guards she had viewed from far away appeared next to her! What she couldn't see from the distance was that these two men were absolute hunks! They wore nothing but fur loin cloths. They had hard, rippling muscles. Spike was stockier and white while Andre was tall and black. Slut writhed on the floor, pleaded with her eyes for them to rut her like an animal. Her pleading and arousal weren't lost on Spike and Andre, but they didn't dare take advantage while Mistress was still playing. Mistress reached down and ran her finger along Slut's gushing slit. She pulled her glistening hand to her mouth and pressed it inside.

Mistresses words dripped with arousal, "My, such a hungry little whore. Do you want your naughty hole to be filled with a nice fat cock? Or two, maybe?"

Slut screamed "Yes" through her gag but obviously couldn't articulate it properly. As she screamed, a metal leash attached to her collar. It was held by Spike. He gripped it tightly and Slut could see lust filling his eyes. A second metal leash attached to her nipple chain and was held by Andre. He tugged on the leash causing renewed waves of pain to shoot up Slut's spine. But she didn't care about that now, she NEEDED their cocks. Obviously, with her current predicament she was unlikely to win the contest now.

Mistress smiled and asked sweetly, "Blink twice if you want to end this game and have these nice young men use you as the cumrag you are."

Slut hurriedly blinked twice through her dripping tears.

"You heard the girl, she wants you to cum all over her. I know you boys have been saving up, so let her have it! Oh, by the way. The word was Q ! Z & A ; 7 ]. I never said it was a real word or contained letters!"

Andre and Spike stepped forward as Mistress retreated back while laughing derisively. Both men displaced their loin clothes and revealed their very erect cocks. They stood directly over Slut and rubbed themselves furiously with one hand while holding their respective leashes in the other. Slut grunted and shook, she wanted them INSIDE HER, this wouldn't held her get off!

It took only a few second before both men exploded. Slut had taken a lot of big loads in her time, but this was something else. Spike and Andre's cum shots were like a stream. A hot, sticky, salty stream. Spike focused mostly on Slut's face. Her mouth, cheeks, eyes, forehead, nearly every crevice of her youthful face was plastered. Her hair which was still tied was also filled with semen. Andre, on the other hand, unloaded his wad onto Slut's breasts and stomach. A sticky waterfall drenched her tingling tits and pooled atop her pregnant stomach. She could hardly move her upper body as she took each and every cumshot, however her hips still desperately bucked. She tried rubbing her thighs together but nothing sated her. When the men were finished, they each squeezed their final drops onto Slut who could barely breath.

As her slaves stepped away, Mistress Jennifer took one final look at Slut. Her semen soaked pink-blond hair was tied tightly to a metal ring on the wall. Her arms were locked tightly in a yoke that connected to a tight metal collar cinched around her neck. Her semen coated face was complete with a deep penis gag stuffed down her throat. She was barely able to breath through her nose. What was visible beneath the globs of white was the remains of amateur, whorish makeup that ran across her face, combining with tears that streaked down as well. Her giant, jiggling tits were connected by a chain and her red, stinging nipples were pinched tightly by clamps with weights on the end. The weights pulled her tits down and made each movement difficult. A waterfall of cum dripped down these fun bags to her soaked belly which showed the girl was heavily pregnant. Her assets were pushed out further due to her elbows forcibly pulled back and tied tightly behind her. Her deep pussy was barely visible above a tight sheath of leather keeping her thighs together. The leather dug into her thighs which were obviously filled with a high amount of feminine fat. A lower sheath kept the lower part of her legs together as well. A puddle of highly powerful feminine juices emanated beneath the girl. Her sweetly feminine arousal mixed with the semen giving her the distinct stench of sex. Despite all that, the girl was fidgeting with arousal, desperate to have cock meat shoved in her greedy little hole. Overall, the girl before Mistress Jennifer was helpless, chained and humiliated in every way imaginable.

"Thank you for your assistance today, Helena. Though my promise still stands." Mistress Jennifer's voice was cold and authoritative. "As for you, Little Whore, I'll be taking your last powerup. Wouldn't want that to ruin the Doctor's plans for you next round."

Slut remained on the floor, writhing in pain and arousal, struggling to breath and unable to see through the cum. As the scene disolved, Slut listened to the droning sound of the treadmill somewhere in the distance.

NAME: Slut
HEIGHT: 4"11
AGE: 18
IQ: 72. Basic arithmatic and reading are somewhat difficult.
SEX / PHYSIOLOGY: Biologically female with XX chromosomes and fully female genitalia. Body produces above average levels of female hormones. Unusually fertile. Strong pheromones attracting men and giving her a sweet scent. Hormone altered bartholin and saliva glands that increase oral and vaginal enjoyment for all sexual partners. Intact hymen that grows back after every sexual encounter.
PREGNANCY / CHILDREN: Thirty seven weeks pregnant. Huge pregnant belly that hinders almost all physical activity with light stretch marks. Outie belly button. One prior child, Luscious Slut.
HAIR: Long, silky and healthy. Naturally curled golden blond with pink highlights. Frayed and scraggly, filled with semen.
VOICE: Super high-pitched, seductive and breathy. Very simple vocabulary. Speaks in 'baby talk'. No gag reflex whatsoever.
FACIAL HAIR: None. Smooth and unable to grow hair of any kind.
EYES: Large doe eyed deep-ocean blue, nervous gaze, long, fake eyelashes and thick dark eyeliner. Smokey, dark blue eye shadow causing the eyes to look constantly half lidded. Nearly welded shut with Spike's cum. ... arge_8.jpg
FACIAL FEATURES: Rounded jaw with thin chin; high rounded cheekbones; small feminine ears; delicate, slightly upturned nose; weak, non-imposing brow; thin, highly angled eyebrows; thin smooth neck; incredibly thick, shiny, bee-stung lips that can hardly close; smooth, weak, flat forehead; layered pink blush covering cheeks and accenting their feminine shape; Mostly straight, white teeth with multi colered braces covering them; permanent makeup. Face coated in cum. ... e69cef.jpg
BUILD: Hairless and small feminine torso; thin, hairless arms and legs with virtually no muscle; huge breasts and cartoonishly weak shoulders ; Fat jiggling ass that sticks our provocatively; Wide, flared out, feminine birthing hips made slightly larger by birthing two children; Extremely tight, small stomach with six surgically removed ribs making it even smaller; thick milky thighs that rub together with each step. Skin is sexy sun-kissed bronze all the way around. ... 3ae38c.jpg
CHEST: Huge Fake looking H cup breasts. Unnaturally gravity defying and circular. Thick and veinous, pierced, dark pink feminine nipples. Over-active mammary glands. Visible surgical scars. ... 1_1280.jpg
EXTREMITIES: Thin, delicate, soft hands with long pink, silvery sparkle nails extending over an inch past the finger; Smooth, hairless, delicate, women's size 5 feet with slightly shiny, clear-pink painted, longer nails with shiny little gems on the big toe. Reformed feet, requiring a minimum of 6 inch high heels. ... rnak-5.jpg ... 9f8776.jpg
GENITALS: Wide, deep, hairless, puffy, used vagina which can accommodate even the most well endowed. Intact hymen that grows back after every sexual encounter. Gushing with feminine juices. ... 1_1280.jpg
TATTOOS: Black tribal tattoo in the shape of a womb just above her pubic area. Black tribal heart and star design on the lower back. A broken mirror with "13" beside it on her wrist. A barcode tattoo on her neck. ... -Women.jpg ... 60884b.jpg
PIERCINGS: Diamond studded gold ring and stud pierced clit. Large golden hoops hanging from ears with "BABY" in bold pink studded letters. Silver barbell studs in nipples, keeping them constantly erect. Thin chain connecting nipple piercings together. ... ussy-4.jpg ... r+girl.jpg ... ts-112.jpg
OUTFIT: Thick black slave collar tightly cinched around the neck. Metal yoke restraining the hands. ... ked11i.jpg
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Is attracted exclusively to men. Will only be submissive in sexual encounters. Specifically attracted to black men. Very high libido. Enjoys having cum on and in her body and clothing. Loves being humiliated sexually and verbally. Likes being locked in light bondage. Loves vaginal and anal sex. Prefers big penises and doesn't get much sexually out of anything less than six or seven inches. Enjoys exhibitionism and public sex. A bit of a masochist, likes being spanked.
PERSONALITY: Submissive, follower, un-willing to take chances, Weak-willed, Lazy especially when it comes to household chores, prefers living in squalor, Is annoyed easily. Often considered 'Bitchy'. Doesn't care much for the rule of law. Has an extensive criminal history including drug, theft and prostitution charges. Has difficulty trusting others and often displays obsessive jealousy in relationships. Not very smart, has trouble learning. Doesn't know how to drive and is afraid to get behind the wheel. Acts like a stereotypical girly-girl including standing, sitting, walking, speaking, writing and holding things. Loves having long nails, is very protective of them. Addicted to sex and is overtly promiscuous with almost every man encountered especially if she hasn't done it in awhile. Has no issue with cheating on somebody in a relationship as long as she doesn't get caught. Incapable of wearing underwear, feels compelled to let others know, generally by showing them. Refuses to wear any clothing not considered slutty or sexy.
ADDICTIONS: Nicotine and sex
FAVORITE COLOR: bright pink.
FINANCIAL / LIFE SITUATION: Has a negative bank balance and heavy debt. Terrible credit with no prospects or knowledge of the financial world. Difficulty with basic arithmatic. Owned completely and in every way by Anthony and Mona Johnson. Legally unable to make any of her own decisions and considered property by all legal and governmental systems. Cannot own or buy anything without pre approval by Anthony or Mona. Extremely unlucky.
EXPERTISE: Vaginal sex, Nascar driver's car numbers, taking care of small children, celebrity gossip, effective strategies to sell the body for sex, Sucking dick, seducing, dirty talk
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:09 pm

Thank you for the new update. It is very much appreciated.
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby laristopa » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:07 pm

Junketh71 wrote:Thank you for the new update. It is very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading Junketh :)
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

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*Round One Hundred*


Doctor Grungot's calm voice echoed around the contestants head. They opened their eyes and saw the Doctor standing center stage bathed in a spotlight. He stared down with a blank expression at the contestant who sat in the audience. The room was pitch dark. The contestant tried looking down at their appearance. Their body was obscured by darkness and nothing could be seen. Seen...or felt. Despite this, the contestant didn't panic. They remembered being Anderson...the powerful, genius scientist bristling with both muscle and wisdom... and Slut the branded, collared, semen soaked juvenile prostitute single mother with the IQ of an over-ripe orange. They were Anderson, Andy, Andie, Andi, Anda, Anya, Anna, Annabelle, Annabella and Slut all at once.

"You know," The Doctor started, "I've enjoyed our time together." His tone was genuine and soft, "I was able to attain my revenge and satisfaction while you paid for your crimes bit by bit with each drop of semen and ounce of humiliation."

Anderson, the wisest and deepest set of memories tore away from the others. Out of the contestant's void, Anderson's manly, booming voice projected, "Harold...Please...You've gotten what you wanted. These memories of...of...The things I did. They'll haunt me until the day I die. Surely, you must be satisfied by now? Let me and the people I came here for leave in peace."

Doctor Grungot shook his head, ran his fingers through his thinning, gray hair and sighed. He returned his hands into his signature, stark white coat before answering, "Unfortunately, Anderson, I can't do that."

Anda tore away, their androgynous, nervous voice sputtered from the void, "P-please...Doctor Grungot, Sir. I-I'm s-so scared. I just wan-want to g-go home..."

"Anda," The Doctor softly replied, "I'm afraid you aren't quite ready to do that just yet."

Another personality distanced itself, the voice was breathy, high pitched and juvenile, "Mr. Gwungot, pwease, just wet us go. I did evewyfing you wanted."

"You did, my dear little Slut! You did everything I wanted, and more. But, per our contract, you have one more decision to make."

"Yo, then drop it on me, Doc." Annabella squeaked.

"Very well."

Doctor Grungot outstretched his left arm and motioned to the edge of the stage. A second, bright spotlight sprang to life. The beam seemed to hum with cold, lifeless blue light. The spotlight illuminated three figures. Avery, Anthony and Stan. They stood silently, staring out, blank faced and motionless. The contestant was taken aback. They were used to seeing these three full of life. But, they were now as puppets, awaiting their master - ghosts without a shred of humanity.

Doctor Grungot's voice was serious but still soft, "Your first option. Enter this portal and stay with me forever. You'll become mine completely, severing all ties to reality. I will be your reality from now on. I can do with you as I please: change you as I please, humiliate you, elevate you, educate, degrade, transform, battle - anything I want. You'll become a main stay opponent for future contestants. Additionally, any previous contestant who chose option two will be freed. This is a selfless option, you'll be fulfilling your promise and saving your daughter, but sacrificing yourself forever."

Next to that portal, on the Doctor's left side, another beam of light appeared. This one - white bars flickering and strobing. It illuminated Liam, Cindy and Helena. In contrast to the lifeless denizens of the first portal, these three frantically beat and clawed at the light trapping them. Their reckless, desperate struggle was silent and they hopelessly crashed into the flickering bars. They had expressions of anguish burning in their pleading eyes.

"Pick option two and remain here temporarily. You will be as my play thing for the duration until a future contestant picks option one. There's no telling how many years will pass, how many contestants will come and go and how much suffering you will endure. But, eventually, a selfless individual will release you when they select the first portal. You'll return to the world exactly as you came. Your memories of this place will be lost and it will be as a dream."

The three people inside portal two continued their struggle as the Doctor outstretched his right arm. On the far end of the stage a golden beam of light illuminated Darius, Devonna, Mona and Danielle. They stood posing with large, unnatural smiles stretched across their faces. Their expressions were exaggerated, uncomfortable and unsettling.

"With the third portal, you'll stay here with me without releasing those held in portal two. You'll be treated much more respectfully and have many more rights and privileges that those from the first two portals do not have. You'll be allowed to create your own worlds and experiences with some of my powers to boot. You'll be hailed as a star and live the life you want. You will, of course, still be required to appear and follow my instruction whenever I call upon you. You will sever ties with the 'real' world and life fully in my realm and under my control."

Next to the golden portal a fourth spotlight shined. It illuminated nobody.

"Stepping into the fourth spotlight will return you to the real world. You'll go back to being Anderson Johannson, brilliant scientist in his late sixties. But - You'll remember everything. You'll return as a failure and have to live with the guilt of choosing yourself over your loved ones."

The contestant took in the sight of the four portals looming before them.

"Of course..." The Doctor started, his voice becoming somewhat sinister, "You could take the fifth and final option..."

Slowly, a red portal directly in front of the Doctor materialized. Inside was S.A.M. the tiny robot. He was motionless and wore nothing. The red light glinted off him with an unholy sheen.

"You face me directly in one final round. Winner take all. I don't promise the round will be fair in any way. If you win, everybody will be freed and the Extravaganza will end - forever. If you lose..." Doctor Grungot's gaze drifted to S.A.M. "Let's just say when I tell you 'winner take all' I mean I will take it all. "

The contestant stood up and knew which portal to enter. They climbed up onto the stage and cautiously stepped into the

PM me your vote or leave it in a reply. Blue portal for option 1, white portal for option 2, gold portal for option 3, empty portal for option 4 and red portal for option 5. I'll write the ending after two weeks of voting. I promise to honor the vote. Be advised, I'm planning a sequel - unless Doctor Grungot loses in the red portal, of course. What I mean by this is - your decision will heavily altar Anderson and other contestant's involvement in the sequel. Example: If you like Liam as a character, maybe don't release him if you want him in part 2... Anyway - you have two weeks.
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

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*The Red Gate*

The contestant stood up and knew which portal to enter. They climbed up onto the stage and ran into the red portal.

The dim light burst into a plume of black smoke, encircling the contestant. Of all the personalities within their swirling cloud, the wisest and oldest stepped forth: Anderson Johannson. He was an old, proud and naked man. His dark brown eyes down turned into an angry, determined scowl. He clenched his fists, sending pulsating veins down his rippling arms. His large cock swung low between his muscled, hairy legs. Anderson's hateful stare fell upon a smirking Doctor Grungot. The fog and haze long corrupting once rational, clear thought was fully dissolved. An aura and twinkle of genius once again pervaded Anderson's shadowy form.

Anderson growled, outlined ominously by the smoke, "I refuse to become your slave. I'll find a way to win."

The multicolored beams to the side of Doctor Grungot clicked off one at a time until only two remained: Andersons and Grungots. Grungot turned his head down, casting his face in shadow; though Anderson could still see his mocking grin. Once Grungot was, himself, cloaked in darkness, Anderson stood in the only remaining light. He could still feel the desperate presence of the other poor souls around him; but he couldn't see them.

All at once, pained screeches from every contestant enveloped the air surrounding him. Each one screamed bloody murder. Anderson started to cover his ears but stopped. He wasn't afraid. The lights above the stage began to strobe and flicker, wildly swinging back and forth with no rhyme or reason. The figures around him writhed and convulsed, their faces contorted into nighmarish, inhuman configurations. Their limbs cracked and folded unnaturally. All the while, the Doctor stood motionless in the center.

Then, as suddenly as the contestants started, they stopped. The lights continued to strobe and flail wildly but each contestant froze. Some were still contorted into impossible configurations with bone and muscle tearing and protruding.
"YOU WILL NOT HELP US. YOU WILL SUFFER." Their collective voices droned out.

Anderson's eyes found his daughter Melody. His reason for being here, the light of his life. She was trapped in a grotesque, warped version of his own body as a drooling idot named Liam. She lay on the ground, one leg broken and wrapped up and around her back. A horrifying dark liquid oozed from her mouth while blood gushed from a hole in the side of her head. The scant remnants of an ear dangled uselessly, smeared in the crimson flow.

He remembered caring for Melody as a single father when her mother passed away. He was so afraid - how could he care for a fourteen year old girl all by himself? He was a scientists, not a caretaker. He spent long, sleepless nights cursing the sun as it rose. The lifeless light of another day without his wife. The whole world was a dull shade of gray. Food and drink lost all taste. Comforts he used to indulge in gave no pleasure. He thought nobody in the world could understand his loss. He waited to die. If there was an afterlife he would join his beloved there. If there wasn't? At least he wouldn't continue his pointless existence without her.

But as Anderson stood in the swirling red smoke, with a scene straight from hell laid out before him; he knew Melody was the only thing that mattered. He remembered his little girl comforting him when her mother's loss hit him hardest. HE was supposed to be the strong one...but it was she that told him everything would be okay. She was so fearless...and she was there for him when he needed her most. The only other person in the world that understood how he felt...As he watched her grow and become an amazing, smart and confident young woman he realized he had found the light, color and purpose in his life...and that insane piece of shit Harold Grungot was trying to take it away from him.

Anderson forced his gaze away from his disfigured daughter and back to Grungot. His mind was focused. His body was strong. His resolve was unwavering. His spirit was filled with hate. He WOULD rescue Melody.

"I'm ready." Anderson stated plainly.

"I disagree," Doctor Grungot started, his voice filled with malice, "but I won't hold that against you. We'll be reliving an old experience we once shared. As it progresses, I'll slowly change you. Your only goal is obtaining the same verdict. Good luck, Dr. Johannson."

With his final word, the flickering lights ceased and Anderson was left in darkness.


Anderson rubbed his tightly shut eyes before replacing his glasses and slowly opening them. The stale light illuminated a giant room before him. Anderson sat in a tall, comfortable leather chair three tiers up; absolutely towering over the room. He was alone in an ornately carved wooden circle with a small desk set before him. The circle was pushed against the back wall of the room which was a rectangular shape and stretched hundreds of feet towards a large wooden door on the far end. Anderson's seat presided over the area making him feel powerful and in charge. On the small desk was a shiny black gavel and a stack of papers. Below the top tier, a few feet down, was a collection of three smaller wooden circles with slightly smaller chairs and less opulence, occupied by a trio of stuffy looking old scientists. Anderson peered over the side of his circle and saw the third tier a few feet below that. Rows of padded wooden chairs lined the third tier with forty or so just as stuffy, old scientists. Below them, on the ground floor, were rows upon rows of black folding chairs. In them were scientists of all ages, sexes and races. They faced each other, lining the room and leaving an empty corridor leading all the way to the far door. Anderson noticed that as each row went back, the occupant of the seats looked a bit younger and less experienced. Finally, standing behind the rows were young people who looked straight out of school. Every person sitting down was wearing a lab coat of some description while the young people standing did not. Anderson also noticed these young people were mostly female and some of them were dressed rather inappropriately. Though the room was vast, it was almost completely filled with people. Despite that, nobody seemed to be talking. It was eerily silent.

Anderson clenched his fists a few times and sighed. He knew exactly what Harold was doing. They would be reliving Harold's board review and eventual termination from the League. The reason Harold hated him so much. Anderson examined the room and its quiet inhabitants another time. He had to hand it to Harold, the detail put into this simulation was incredible. Even the mannerisms of his esteemed High Council was properly captured. High Councilor Dr. Calvin Bolivar shifted in his tiny wooden circle in the second tier, running his hands through his greasy toupee like he always did. He pulled at his long purple robe, clearly not as comfortable in the garment as he wanted to be. Even the carpet and wall fixtures were correct. Harold had spent a lot of time making this.

Anderson opened the top drawer in the small desk and procured a hand mirror. He checked his features. He appeared to be back in his mid fifties. That made sense, this incident occurred many years ago. He wore his thick, unkempt black beard and mustache which some called unprofessional (Though they did so under their breath and behind closed doors). He had rugged, manly features with a heavy brow, squared jaw and rough, coarse skin. His bald head shone in the light while his large hairy ears looked right at home holding his thick glasses. A prominent Adams apple surged out beneath the scraggles of his beard.

As Anderson examined himself, the far door to the room creaked open and Doctor Harold Grungot calmly stepped inside. Anderson gripped the mirror tighter and closed the drawer. What little talking or noise remained quieted immediately as Harold made his way across the carpeted floor. Anderson smoothed his long black robe and took a few deep breaths. His hand swept across his hard, muscular chest. As Harold neared, Anderson could see he was also quite a bit younger. His stark white lab coat was very rigid as he moved. Harold's hair had a bit of color and length in it and his face had fewer wrinkles. Harold's stride was powerful and confident. His gaze was fixed forward while every eye in the room was following him. He came to a stop in front of the tiers which rose up in front of him. Anderson looked down his prominent nose at Harold. He felt control over the situation, remembering a similar feeling during the real review.

The two men stared at each other for a few long moments. Anderson hesitated, all he had to do was get through the review. It shouldn't be a problem, what Harold did was clearly wrong. Anderson sighed, remembering his long years as the President of the High Council. If Harold wanted a real trial, he was prepared to give it to him.

Anderson was the first to speak, "Doctor Harold A Grungot. You stand accused of crimes against humanity via experimentation into genetic alteration on unwilling subjects. Further, you stand accused of torturing your subjects and acting in a mannor most unbecoming of your station. Do you understand the charges set against you?"

Harold smiled, "Yes, I understand."

As soon as he finished speaking, Anderson reached his rough, masculine hand up to his bushy beard which had begun to itch with intensity. He looked down at the mirror in his hand, it displayed the words 'Beard trim'. As he stroked his beard, he noticed it was cleanly cut in a short but still very manly configuration. Well, he looked more professional at least. Anderson was sure his higher ranking colleagues would approve.

Anderson continued, his booming voice echoed in the long room, "And how do you plead to these charges?"

Harold responded softly, "Esteemed President, I wholly and unequivocally deny the charges."

Again, as Harold's sentenced concluded, Anderson felt an itch. This time, it centered on his chest and he slipped his hand under his robe to discretely scratch himself. he found that his hard, prominent chest was void of its usual carpet of hair. When he replaced the robe, it rubbed against his smooth chest giving him goose bumps.

"Let the record show the accused has answered in the negative. Doctor Grungot, do you wish to resign at this time or continue with a full review?"

"I would like to continue with a full review."

A numbness in Anderson's lips caught him off guard for a second. He looked down at the mirror clutched in his hand and saw 'Lips plumper'. He checked himself quickly in the mirror seeing his lips were, indeed, a bit thicker than before, though they still clearly belonged to a male.

Speaking through his newly expanded lips provided a bit of trouble for Anderson, but it was nothing he couldn't get under control easily. He read off the paper in front of him through his spectacles, "As is your right, Doctor Grungot. Between the dates of 6 July and 16 July of this year, evidence has arisen indicating that you offered an entire class of students additional academic credit if they participated in an experiment. As the evidence shows, you failed to disclose the danger of ced experiment in which you genetically altered the students in ways that are, as of yet, irreversible. There were also multiple casualties as a result. This experiment was not given proper authorization or consideration by this, or any other council of note. The resulting fallout from this incident has not only brought into question the validity and safety of our program but of our profession as a whole. You have disgraced the scientific community willfully and without just cause. Do you deny any of these serious accusations?"

Anderson didn't want to give any control of the conversation to Harold but he had to allow him the ability to speak for this to be a proper review. So long as he limited the time Harold spoke, the changes might not become so significant.
"I cannot disagree with the content of your accusations, President Johannson, but I do disagree with your interpretation and opinions of its significance. You appear to be operating under the impression that I will stand before the congregation here and denounce my research and grovel for your forgiveness. In reality, I believe by the end of this review I will show everybody here that your opinion, President Johannson, should carry no weight whatsoever.

Once Harold finished, Anderson felt multiple changes affecting him. He checked the hand mirror and saw, 'Mustache trimmed, ears smaller, shoulders smaller'. It was true, he checked his long hairy ears and found they were still hairy but smaller. They looked a little silly on Anderson's large head. He was still a tall and imposing figure but as his shoulders shrunk a bit Anderson could see he looked less impressive than before. Finally, his mustache itched momentarily and it became trimmed and orderly.

Anderson's voice was still powerful and loud, though he could feel his confidence beginning to wane. "Please let the record show that Doctor Grungot has entered a plea of no contest on the content of the accusations."

"President Johannson, If I may," Harold began, "I would like the opportunity to have some sort of explanatory opening statement. I think our colleagues gathered here deserve a more informative platform to base their decision on. Don't you think?

Anderson's bulging biceps constricted and began shrinking. Meanwhile, his field of view dropped down a bit as he lost a few inches in height. Finally, his bulbous, flared nose thinned out and became smaller. He still had a generous amount of muscle in his upper body, but he would certainly be lifting lighter weights in the gym. He continued to make the small desk area look tiny, but with his slightly diminished height he had to crane his neck a bit more to see the tier just below him. Anderson checked his face in the mirror quickly to see his nose was average size and no longer dominated his face.

Anderson cleared his throat, "No, Harold, it would not be appropriate to-"

"If I may, President Johannson," Dr. Bolivar croaked in his tired rasp from the tier below, "I believe Doctor Grungot deserves to have all possible courtesy and respect afforded to him by the congregation in this process."

The sea of people murmured in response.

"Dr. Bolivar, I recognize your statement and add my voice to it." Dr. Alton Zadeen, second of three Doctor's on the high council chirped.

"Thirded." Dr. Cecil Gabbor coolly added from the third and final seat in the second tier.

Anderson gulped, he had been overruled by his own council! He lobbied to get these...ungrateful matter.

Anderson started, "President recognizes the High Council's ruling and-"

Harold interjected, "Not very presidential. Overruled by your own high council? Why don't you just step down: High Councilor Johannson? Step down "

Anderson became dizzy for a few seconds. He suddenly felt uncomfortable in the top tier. He felt out of place and it was just...all wrong. His head was spinning. He remembered now...the President was out on...other important business. He had appointed Anderson to lead Harold's review as a High Councilor. That's right, of course! Anderson was a high Councilor, he belonged in the second tier, not the top tier. Anderson pushed himself away from the small desk, grabbing his hand mirror and descending down the tiny staircase to his usual seat in the second tier. He smoothed out his purple robe which denoted him as a highly respected High Councilor. Anderson examined the small area, much less grand than the President's top tier. One day soon, he hoped to ascend to President, but High Councilor would do for now. He checked his hand mirror and examined his face. His chiseled, manly features were hairless now; no sign of his beard or mustache remained. He rubbed his rough but hairless skin and noticed that while his facial hair was gone, the hair atop his head had grown out. He could barely pinch the dark hair with his fingers as they were so short, but it gave him a completely different look. Finally his vision blurred for a second and he felt a change in his brain but couldn't quite figure out what.

Anderson realized he was staring at himself in the mirror for a long period of time. The other high councilors were waiting and looked over at him with confusion.

Harold cocked his head to the side and asked, "Are you with us, High Councilor?"

Anderson coughed as an annoying scratch tickled his throat. He croaked in his still masculine, but much higher tenor voice, "Yes, sorry for the interruption. My colleagues in the High Council have elected to allow you to speak. While I remind them, and all members gathered in this congregation, that the President has vested his trust and power in me while away, I recognize the 2 to 1 ruling and will adhere to their will. You may now issue an opening statement, Harold. Keep it brief, sir, I wish to call a vote on this matter in short order."

Harold smiled and nodded to Anderson before addressing the entire assembly, "Thank you, High Councilor Johannson. I'll begin by explaining exactly what happened, hopefully shedding some light for the congregation."

Anderson's coarse, calloused skin softened a bit all over his body. His skin was not silky smooth but it was no longer grating and rough. His purple robe rubbed against his smoother, hairless chest making a shiver crawl up his spine. Anderson cracked his knuckles while Harold spoke, his thick, prominent fingers thinning out and becoming a bit shorter. His hands were still somewhat masculine but with smoother skin and smaller proportions they were definitely moving towards feminine. His smaller hands continued to clutch the mirror.

Harold continued, "On the date listed by High Councilor Johannson, I did, in fact, perform an experiment using school aged test subjects. These subjects were offered an academic incentive to participate, but it was by no means mandatory. They were briefed on the expectations and possible dangers of participation and many elected to continue."

Anderson checked the mirror: Feet shrink, neck thinner, eyes bigger. His twitched his toes and noticed there was a lot more room in his shiny black dress shoes. Not a crazy amount, just enough for the shoes to be clearly not appropriate for his feet. He took a sharp breath as his thick, muscled neck thinned out between his smaller but still somewhat masculine shoulders. With the smaller neck, his Adams apple actually stuck out even more. Finally, Anderson blinked a few times as the size of his eyes increased. They were no longer tiny, beady and calculated but fairly average sized. He adjusted his thick glasses and continued listening to Harold.

"I provided no undue risk that was not spelled out specifically in the research contract they signed. A contract that I forced them all to read through and through to avoid any doubt in its legitimacy or clarity. It was never my intention for complications to include the death of test subjects, however, science is seldom without cost; as many of you are keenly aware."

As Harold paused, Anderson felt more changes. He looked in the mirror and saw the brow on his face shifting. His prominent and somewhat protruding brow receeded slightly. It gave his face a smoother, less threatening appearance. The hair of the brow itself was still wily and thick but the bone behind it was less forward. Anderson's leg muscles receeded slightly just as his arm muscles had. Overall, his legs were less muscular and looked thinner overall. Finally, Anderson's entire body tingled as a few years of age slipped away. Emerging wrinkles and signs of age on Anderson's face and body smoothed out and a spike of energy and youth flowed into him. He appeared to be in his mid to late forties now. A bit young to be a high councilor, but he had earned that position with hard work.

Harold continued, "I am filled with regret for the families of those who lost their lives or were forever changed. However, the procedure they performed was critically important and their sacrifice will be forever attributed to a higher cause. If this congregation cuts resources and support to my research and demands my resignation, as suggested by High Councilor Johannson, I'm afraid their lives will have been wasted."

The crowd began murmuring again when Harold stopped speaking.

Anderson allowed them to chatter a bit. He glanced around the room while his body went through a few more changes. He shifted in his chair, feeling like he was resting on a pillow. An injection of fat padded itself around his ass giving him a bit of junk in the trunk. It made his seat quite a bit more comfortable as he no longer had a bony butt. The amount of extra padding wouldn't look too out of place on the average man. Then his pecs began to jiggle. He casually scratched at his chest and felt two small mounds of fat where it didn't belong on a man. They weren't noticeable, especially in his flowy purple robe, but Anderson knew they were there on his somewhat smooth, hairless chest. That was no big deal though, lots of men his age had a bit of sag and girth to their man titties. A third change began, again centering on Anderson's chest. A slight burning sensation from his nipples and it was over. He looked into the mirror: Bigger nipples. He couldn't see them, but Anderson was sure it wasn't a big deal, so he had man titties and some bigger nipples, no one would know.

Anderson quieted the crowd by raising his hand before responding to Harold, "Those poor souls' lives were already wasted by your callousness, Harold. I fear you've misinterpreted the rules governing dangerous experiments. While, yes, you did have the children sign contracts: you were still their instructor. They trusted you - clearly with their lives. You betrayed that trust and used your station as instructor to pressure them. Additionally, I would point out that this incident is not a single event. It wasn't as if you performed the experiment once and realized afterwards it was too late. Thirty-eight times you administered your twisted technology on these hopeful youths. Tell me, did you become 'filled with regret' after the first or second student died?"

The crowd gasped and Harold momentarily looked flustered. Anderson grinned, he had Harold right where he wanted him!

Anderson continued, his tenor voice brimming with confidence, "The ends seldom justify the means, Harold. You went too far. I think the congregation can see that. I urge you to apologize to the scientific community and those you have wronged. I then urge you to resign. Perhaps one day you can return and contribute something, but that day is not now. I believe it's now time to call a council vote."

More murmurs from the crowd.

Harold's face seemed to tremble, anger was boiling up in him.

He growled, "No! I won't let you do this again!" Harold slowly turned and pleaded to the crowd, "I did what was necessary for the future of humanity!"

Anderson's penis lost a few inches in length. The hair on his arms, legs and most other places receded into his body. His hairless legs and arms slid across his robe, it was a strange feeling, but he didn't have time to dwell on it, he was so close!

"Enough! I'm ordering you to be silent, Harold. As a High Councilor I-"

"High Councilor?" Doctor Grungot laughed, "I think you are mistaken, Councilman Johannson."

Andy felt weird again. His vision blurred and he removed his glasses. He didn't need them anymore. His skin smoothed out even more becoming very silky with nearly no blemishes or callouses. He was out of place again. He stood and stepped down the stairs to the proper tier. He adjusted his heavy lab coat atop his long collared shirt and tie. His shoes were thankfully smaller and fit him much better. He sat in a chair with the thirty-nine other councilmen. His head tingled again and he lost a few iq points. He remembered now! The president was out on some business. The high council appointed him to run this review to see if he had what it takes to be a high councilor. What an amazing opportunity for him! He was doing so well too. He took a deep breath, checking his chest and being thankful his shirt obscured his embarrassing man boobs.

"Of course, Doctor Grungot. Though I am still a councilor and deserve respect."

"Of course, Councilman, I would not deny you respect. Now let's thing rationally for a few seconds. I still have plenty to argue on this matter."

Andy's hair poofed out and fell to ear level. He brushed it behind his ear. His penis tingled again and reduced another two inches. It was now laughably tiny and was, thankfully, obscured in his black dress pants. Also contained in his baggy dress pants were his thighs which thickened with layers of fat. His legs had gone from extremely muscular to normal and now...a little on the thicc side. He lost another few years of age. He was now an increasingly effeminate man in his late thirties.

He had to push through! "I t-think this review has already run its course. High Councilor Bolivar, do you agree, sir?"

Dr. Bolivar woke up from a power nap he had been taking. "Uhm...Well if Doctor Grungot has more to say on this matter it is important we hear him out. Please continue Harold."

Andy grumbled. He couldn't wait til he was a High Councilor one day. Then he wouldn't have to listen to that stuffy old...

Doctor Grungot nodded his head towards Dr. Bolivar and spoke, "Thank you High Councilor. As I was saying, the ends sometimes DO justify the means despite what Councilman Johannson says. The discovery's gained from these experiments were instrumental in harnessing transformative and mind altering technology. Imagine a world where a person can look and be however they want!"

Andy stretched his jaw. It slimmed down and rounded off. His face lost more edges and teetered further towards femininity and youth. Andy's forehead shrank a bit making his head marginally smaller overall and his facial structure more female. His wily, unkempt eyebrows thinned out and looked meticulously maintained.

Andy's throat was scratchy and his voice came out androgynous, if you closed your eyes you couldn't tell if a man or a woman was speaking, "We already discussed it. The ends NEVER justify the means. How can you kill multiple young people and claim scientific advancement as an excuse?"

Doctor Grungot responded fervently, "You're talking about scientific advancement that could help billions! You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs, Councilman!"

The sideburns on Andy's face disappeared making him look more feminine. His stomach cinched inwards but was thankfully still hidden by his thick coat.

Andy needed to end this quickly, "Listen, students of yours can't properly consent to participating in a dangerous experiment, they're kids! Again, I make a move for an immediate vote-"

Doctor Grungot interrupted, "They were all over the age of majority. Individuals who were perfectly healthy and consenting adults. They were fully briefed and understood all the risks."

Andy grunted with his androgynous voice as he heard a loud *CRACK* in his hips. They surged outward and pressed against his black dress pants. Coupled with his slightly thickened thighs and somewhat cinched in waist, he was taking on a suspiciously non-masculine figure. His cheekbones rose up giving him a cuter, rounded, youthful and more feminine look. Now not only was his figure looking suspiciously feminine but so was his face. Finally, Andy's vision shifted down as he lost more inches in height. He was below six foot now.

Doctor Grungot shook his head and started, "You know I've already-"

"That's quite enough, Doctor Grungot!" Andy interjected, desperate to stop Doctor Grungot from finishing more sentences.

Doctor Grungot scoffed, "I will not be interrupted by a common researcher. Why are you sitting with your superiors like you're on their level? I demand you return to your property seat."

Andi hung his head and nodded. He didn't belong with the councilmen. He stood up and out of the padded chair then descended the staircase to the ground floor. His clothes shifted and his lab coat became much thinner while his button up long sleeve became a fairly muted tan t-shirt. His pants tightened and his somewhat feminine figure was displayed more prominently. He locked eyes with Doctor Grungot who was around his height. Andi's slightly jiggly chest puffed out his shirt which furthered his femininity. Andi cleared his throat and nearly choked on a huge lump stuck there! The people around him watched with confusion as he choked the massive lump down. When it was finally past, he reached up and felt his smooth neck. No more Adams apple. Not only was his neck thinner but it was perfectly flat like a woman. Andi brushed his shoulder length brown hair behind his ear, being sure to avoid the small hoops in his ears. His long hair was fairly well maintained, but was far from silky smooth.

He was just a researcher, sitting in the crowd. What possessed him to stand up and argue with Doctor Grungot? That guy had a reputation for being brilliant! Andi's head tingled as his IQ dropped to average. The only person willing to stand up to Dcotor Grungot was the President - but he wasn't here today for some reason. Maybe Doctor Grungot did something to him?

Doctor Grungot raised his eyebrows and looked at Andi expectantly. "S-sorry Doctor Grungot. I was just trying to play devil's advocate."

"What is your name," Doctor Grungot asked angrily.

Andi yelped as their penis disappeared completely leaving them with nothing but smoothness between their legs. No genitals at all. Their pants clung tightly against their skin.


"Where's your name tag? Are lowly employees not required to wear identification badges anymore? What happened to this once fine organization?"

Andi blushed as they reached into their coat pocket and fished out their name tag. It read 'Andi Johannson - Research'. They quickly began pinning it to their coat. As they did, Andi's wrists became thinner and smaller. Following that was their hands which diminished even further leaving them decidedly feminine. Andi realized they didn't have their mirror! They frantically reached into their coat pocket and felt relief as they touched the hard plastic object. Andi pulled out the compact and opened it up, examining their reflection.

Doctor Grungot nodded, "That's much better. Please remember your place and don't interrupt me again."

Andi nervously nodded and kept their head down, looking at their feet. Feet which shrank even further. They were thinner and smaller than before. Andi's toes were swimming in their mens size 9 but couldn't see exactly how tiny they were now. Andi's shoulders receded yet again. It looked like he hadn't seen the inside of a gym in his life. They were pitifully small and weak. His coat fit loosely on his diminished body.

Doctor Grungot faced towards the tiers and spoke, his focus away from Andi who felt like another meaningless face in the crowd. Andi kept their head down to avoid further embarrassment. If they ever wanted to be a councilor they would have to keep the damage done today to a minimum.

"My research will be an incredibly valuable asset. Not only to this congregation but to the world as a whole. I don't know the anonymous party that brought forth these accusations against me, but certainly they must be unfounded so I can continue."

Andi did everything they could to keep from drawing attention to themselves as more years slipped away leaving them somewhere in the late twenties. Even for the position they had - researcher - late twenties was a bit too low. Andi looked around and saw they were one of the younger people seated. Andi's arms felt like lead balloons as they lost what muscle remained. They were basically flesh covered sticks at this point. Andi could feel how small and pathetic their muscles were through the lab coat. As Andi was examining their arms, the small breasts hanging from their chest began to expand. They puffed outward and became a bit of a handful. They were definitely noticeable pressing against Andi's t-shirt though they didn't dare cop a feel with everybody around.

Doctor Grungot continued, "And you know, another thing. Not only should my research be continued, but I would like a little more recognition in the form of resources and title from this organization. I feel as though I'm doing a lot of this on my own. I will certainly need more researchers and research assistants."

Andi's legs lost all muscle definition but retained the bit of fat added earlier. A tiny bit of their size and girth was lost which actually made Andi look a bit more masculine in their tight pants. Multiple parts of Andi's face tingled. First, their lips puffed up even more becoming 'full'. Their nose shrank yet again. It could really only be described as 'cute button nose' now. It was a far cry from the huge, flared nose they had just a few minutes prior. It had tiny little nostrils and was slightly upturned. Andi's eyes bulged out yet again and took up a larger part of their face. With their high, prominent cheekbones, rounded jaw, smaller forhead, lack of sideburns, full lips, button nose, diminished and shaped brow, small ears, thin, slender neck with lack of Adams Apple and large eyes, Andi's face had become strikingly feminine.

Doctor Grungot turned and pointed to Andi who instantly felt butterflies in their stomach.

"This girl, for example. I think her name was...Anna or something? I demand research assistants like her on my team; dumb and pliable. Stand up and join me, girl."

Anna instantly jumped up and did as she was instructed. Her lab coat disappeared leaving her wearing a stylish pink blouse and a tight pair of black pants. Her thin, weak arms were fully on display, nobody would mistake those for the arms of a man. She stood on black flats. Her shoulder length brown hair was curled behind her ear and it framed her feminine face. She had a bit of a figure to her as she made her way across the carpet with her head down. A name tag on her shirt read 'Anna Johannson - Research Assistant' As she made her way over, an audible crack changed her gait and he hips flared out wider. She had begun swaying her feminine hips while walking. What remained of the masculine angles on her face and the remaining power in her brow disappeared leaving her smooth and...well girly. Speaking of brow, the corners of them raised up slightly which actually made her eyes look bigger while her already nonexistent brow looked even less prominent. They also thinned out and were perfectly plucked. Finally, a slight sucking feeling between her legs finished what had already been started down there. Cradling her newly formed, cute little pussy was a comfortable pair of cotton panties while her slight breasts were tightly held in a matching bra. The tightness of the pants showed clearly that she didn't have anything dangling between her legs. Overall, she looked like a tall but mostly plain young woman.

Anna approached Doctor Grungot and stared at the ground. He motioned for her to stand behind him. She carefully stepped behind and waited. She could see the top of his head.

Doctor Grungot spoke directly to Anna but kept his voice loud enough for all to hear, "What do you think, Anna? Would you like to help me make the world a better place?"

Anna furrowed her brow. Something about this wasn't right. She was supposed to...stop this man. She noticed her thighs begin bulging outward as she thought, fat replacing the muscle that had been lost and then some. Her thick thighs pressed tightly against the pants. When she looked up to respond, Anna had to crane her neck upwards as she had lost five inches of height! Doctor Grungot stood almost directly over her, staring her down. She felt his power wearing her down to nothing.

Deep down, she wanted to say no. she wanted to tell him to go to hell. But what came out was an androgynous squeak, "Y-yes I want to make the world better..."

Doctor Grungot smiled and put his hands on her weak, drooping shoulders, "That's good, young lady, I want to make the world better too. Do you think letting people be whoever or whatever they want to be would be very beneficial to society? Can you see why that's a very good thing?"

Anna blinked hard a few times as he large eyes became a shimmering, innocent blue. Her B cup breasts felt very hot as they surged forward. Ounce after ounce of feminine fat gushed into Anna's chest. When they finished, her tits were around a D cup. They pressed hard against her blouse which clearly was not meant for a woman with her chest size based. Anna groaned in her feminine alto pitch. She reached up and around her back. She hurriedly unclasped her B cup bra and dropped it to the floor. The crowd gasped and began murmuring among themselves. Her big nipples were obvious through the top as she was no longer wearing a bra. Her face turned bright red, but she didn't have a choice, the bra was too tight!

"Silence," Grungot boomed, "Let her respond!"

Anna's ass filled with more fat. Coupled with her expanded hips, her pants wouldn't last much longer.

Her melodic, alto pitch sounded demure, "It does sound like a good thing, Doctor Grungot, Sir..."

Grungot picked up the bra Anna had dropped. He read the tag. Grungot held it up and spoke to the crowd, "Looks like Anna the secretary graduated from a 36B to a 36D! Quite the bold way to show everybody though!"

The crowd burst into laughter. Anna's cheeks burned red and she clenched her eyes shut, wishing she was anywhere else. Doctor Grungot laughed down at her as well. Due to the embarrassment, she didn't notice her jaw finishing its transformation as well as her chin. They thinned out and gave her a delicate appearance. A small number of years also slipped away from Anna and she appeared to be 24 or 25 now. She wore a tight black longsleeve shirt which hugged her breasts tightly. It had a deeply plunging neckline that gave her an abundance of cleavage. Her dark hair lengthened and fell to mid back. A green skirt wrapped itself around her hips and ass. She had on a black pair of panties but her breasts had no bra whatsoever so her nipples poked into the shirt. The shirt/skirt combo left her navel (and a lot of skin) exposed. She stood on 3 inch black heels. Her name tag now read 'Anna J - Secretary (Dr. H Grungot)' ... i-Sexy.jpg

When Anna looked up at Doctor Grungot, she realized why she didn't have her bra. He still held her it in his hand. It changed to a black push up in size 36D which matched her panties. He twirled it around his fingers, staring down at her expectantly.

Doctor Grungot scoffed, "Are you missing something, my dear? A bit cold in here, huh?"

Another roar of laughter rose from the crowd. Anna wrapped her arms around her protruding breasts while her cheeks burned crimson yet again. As she did, however, she let out a soft moan. Her already large nipples increased in size again becoming extremely feminine in appearance. They were also incredibly sensitive! She was forced to relent, allowing her rock hard nipples to poke through the shirt. Her waist cinched in thinner, like a belt had been tightened further. With this second contraction, she looked very thin. It gave her more of an hourglass figure. She rubbed her hands along her curves worryingly.

"P-please give it back, Sir." Anna whispered.

Doctor Grungot grinned and pulled the bra away, "Tell you what: you answer a few questions for this wonderful crowd and i'll consider giving this bra back to you? Sound fair enough?

Anna felt dizzy for a second, her whole center of gravity seemed to shift. Her legs stretched a few inches longer while her torso shortened. She didn't gain or lose any height, but her overall height was distributed more in her legs. Her delicate torso looked even more so on her longer legs. Another change wracked through Anna though she couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was as her entire body tingled.

Anna hesitated then responded, "S-sounds okay."

The crowd cheered, "Okay, first question: Are you a man or a woman?"

Anna furrowed her brow. She brushed her curly blonde, mid back length hair out of her face.

"A woman...I think a woman." She pondered.

Doctor Grungot mocked her, much to the enjoyment of the crowd, "A woman, you THINK?" He procured a small machine and, before Anna could stop him, placed it onto her arm where it pricked her skin.

Doctor Grungot stared at the machine, waiting for results. Anna's brain felt fuzzy as her IQ dropped well below average. She gained a dopey smile.

The machine beeped and Doctor Grungot smiled, "Well would you look at that."

He flipped the machine towards Anna. A small screen read 'XX - FEMALE'.

Doctor Grungot continued, "Guess that settles that! You're a woman."

Anna ran her fingers through her long, curly blonde hair. Her nails lengthened significantly and grew a blood red shine. She used her newly enhanced nails to brush her hair. A numbness filled her brain for a few seconds until finally clearing. When she regained focus, she glanced around and noticed her perception of the crowd changed. The scantily clad young women standing in the back row were just competition. She noted a few strategies they were using that might come in handy but breasts were just breasts...hips were just hips and vaginas? She wasn't interested in those. But the men...she eyed the crowd. They were mostly older guys, but some of them were fairly hunky. One in particular had a big barrel chest and tight muscles. His dark hair was swept back and he had a five o'clock shadow on his chiseled face and his eyes were mysterious and...her eyes found the impressive bulge between his legs. It tented his pants just enough. Her mouth watered and her little pussy started to dampen. A long red fingernail found its way into her mouth as she bit on the tip of her nail suggestively while staring at the man's crotch. Though she wasn't really paying attention, her normal sized ears contracted until they were fairly tiny. They matched with her already diminished facial features.

Doctor Grungot broke her trance, "Hello, Earth to Annabelle! Honestly, girl, you're lucky I keep you around. There are a lot of other interns that would love working for me."

Annabelle gulped. Her already thin neck became even more so until it was delicate and tiny. Her shimmering, innocent blue eyes grew even larger. They ended at huge and doe eyed. It looked like she had a contestant twinkle of fear in her gaze. A black short skirt encased her upper thighs while an extremely tight dark red blouse barely contained her upper body. She stood on four inch black heels with open toe. She could see her toenails were painted the same dark red as her fingers. Her curly blonde hair hung loosely down her back. She wore a pair of frilly red panties with no bra. The name tag attached to her left boob now read, 'Annabelle - Intern (Dr. H Grungot) Additionally, a few more years fell away. She looked to be in her late teens maybe very early twenties.

"Sorry...Doctor Grungot, Sir. I'll try to focus better." Annabelle whined.

"It's okay, little lady. You can't help it, you're just a naive little girl, aren't you? Say it, say you're a naive little girl and my research is important."

Annabelle shrank down another five inches. Without her heels she was barely over five feet now! She was a tiny woman. Annabelle rubbed at her face. A light dusting of makeup coated her features including some powder, eyeliner, mascara and a layer of bright red lipstick. Thankfully, the rubbing didn't displace the makeup which appeared to be durable. Annabelle's feet and hands shrank one last time. Her feet looked to be about a women's size 5 or 6 while her hands were silky and delicate. Her long nails made them look even smaller. Her toes fiddled around in her 4 inch heels which were far too big now.

"I-i'm a n-naive little girl and Doctor Grungot's research is important..." Her voice was so weak.

Doctor Grungot began pacing down the aisle while twirling a lacy red bra around his fingers. "Why would I ask this insignificant, vapid, little intern to say something like that? For those of you that don't know - probably everybody - this air headed little tramp is the one that launched this complaint." The crowd gasped, "I ask this congregation, who do you believe knows what's best in the name of science and discovery? I ask the coucil for an immediate vote to determine the validity of this complaint."

Annabelle's hairline rounded out and swept back, giving her a feminine hairline. She felt another tickle in her throat as her voice became higher still. The bones in her body began to shift. Her bones became less dense and moved to accommodate a future child. Her entire skeletal structure shifted to that of a woman's. The makeup on her face thickened. The light dusting of powder was now applied on a foundation. Her mascara and eyeliner was thicker and complete with a dark blue eye shadow which complimented her eyes. The lipstick on her lips thickened and became even bolder. The hoops in her ears expanded. They jingled and flopped around, pulling her little earlobes down.

Dr. Bolivar croaked out, but not before sweeping his toupee back into place, "I believe a vote is appropriate." He stood out of his chair and smoothed out his purple robe before continuing, "All those in favor of allowing Doctor Grungot to continue his research?"

Every single hand in the Council and High Council was raised. Dr. Bolivar glanced around the crowd of hands, looking for any dissension. When he found none he rasped, "The motion passes. This meeting is adjourned."

"Wait, Dr. Bolivar," Doctor Grungot interjected, "If I may, I would like to offer something else."

Annabelle's thin, weak arms shrank upwards, becoming shorter than before. As if any type of physical fighting wasn't already impossible for her, now her reach was even smaller.

"Hm, yes, go ahead Doctor Grungot."

"I would like to put the stripper that accused me of this heinous crime on trial. I hired the woman to come in and show my research team a good time after months of hard work and she fabricates false claims, trying to extort me for money? We cannot allow this to stand."

Annabelle gulped. Her full lips filled even more becoming bee-stung love pillows. Her already jiggly tushy gushed out even farther becoming borderline ridiculous. She absolutely had what could only be described as a 'ghetto booty'. Her clothing shifted again. Her black skirt disappeared leaving only her lacy black panties. Her fat ass gobbled up the panties. A garter belt attached to black fishnets which rose up her somewhat thick, hairless thighs. She stood on six inch open toe black heels and her D cup tits with large, sensitive nipples were completely bare. Her curled blonde hair fell loosely down her back. Annabelle reached up and cupped her bare breasts. Her cheeks were crimson and she stood before the tiers. A tingle in her head indicated yet another drop in IQ.

Doctor Bolivar's voice droned, "I agree Harold. Lying prostitutes cant be allowed to sully our good name. Go ahead and run the trial, Harold, it shouldn't take long for something so brazen."

Doctor Grungot's grin chilled Annabelle to the bone as he headed towards the tiers. He began ascending the stairs. It was clear her was heading to the top. When he reached the top tier, Doctor Grungot sat in the large comfortable chair. He was clad in a long black robe. He was on high, looking down at everybody who was giving him their undivided attention. He looked powerful. Extremely powerful. Annabelle wasn't sure what to do, but she could feel herself beginning to tremble.

When Doctor Grungot finally spoke, his voice was absolutely booming. It made Annabelle's trembling turn into outright frightened shivering, "Annabella Slut, stripper, prostitute and whore - you stand accused of fabricating alleged misdeeds supposedly perpetrated by this presiding authority. How do you plead?"

Annabella gasped, the breasts beneath her fingers began expanding. Her delicate little hands could do almost nothing to contain them as they surged outward. Despite her best efforts, her 36H breasts were nearly totally exposed to the crowd. Every red blooded man in the room watched her tits with a lustful gaze. When she released them, they flopped downwards and jiggled. She had given up trying to hold them. Another crack and her hips expanded yet again. Coupled with her ghetto booty and cinched in waist, Annabella had an exaggerated hourglass figure. These were birthing hips alright.

Annabella hesitated, she understood very little of what the scary man in the dark robe said to her.

Doctor Grungot laughed mockingly, "It seems the little airhead doesn't understand. I'll try to use small words so she gets it. Did you make up some stuff about me?"

Annabella felt the wind knocked out of her. Her stomach cinched in even farther. Farther than she thought was possible! She looked down past her bouncing tits and found she was missing a row from her ribs. It allowed her waistline to be impossibly small at the cost of making her weaker and more fragile. But that didn't matter, she was as weak as they come; what's a little more? Annabella's hair extended down from her mid back. It grew until it tickled the top of her protruding shelf ass. A few more years slipped away. Annabella looked to be around sixteen or maybe seventeen at most. Her face was the pinnacle of innocence.

Annabella's sing song soprano voice was shy and insecure, "I d-don't know, Sir. I don't remember."

Doctor Grungot guffawed and mocked, "'I d-don't remember' a likely story! Do you know how much time, effort and money was wasted making the entire congregation come here today? There are consequences when little girls lie, you know."
Annabella's thighs expanded, becoming plumper and thicker. They almost touched when Annabella was just standing up straight. She winced as her areola were pierced with a silver barbell. Her nipples were constantly erect. Her body shrank just a little bit more, bringing her total height to just below 5 feet without heels.

"I don't mean to lie, I'm sorry, Sir, please forgive me!"

He twirled the bra around, "Oh, so first you don't remember but now you're sorry when I call you out on it? I guess that all but confirms it, huh? I move to vote on this measure immediately."

Annabella's pussy thickened. Not only was her ass using the panties like floss, but now her vagina was too. Her thick pussy lips were seen by all. Her underwear covered almost nothing. Annabella's hair gained pink highlights and collected into two tall pigtails set on each side of her head. Her throat was scratchy one final time.

Her words were breathy and sounded like they were spoken by a child, "Pwease, I didn't mean to huwt you-"

Doctor Grungot ignored her words and overpowered her, "All those in favor of finding this whore guilty and making her my slave for eternity."

Every hand was raised. Annabella's teeth were filled with colored braces.

"Then the motion passes" Doctor Grungot appeared in front of a sobbing Annabella whose breasts had begun leaking milk.

He was so much bigger than her. He was clad in a flowy black robe with everybody in the room on his side. Meanwhile, A nearly naked, lactating Annabella was viewed as a lying whore by every eye in the room.

Doctor Grungot breathed in the moment as if he had been waiting for it for awhile. He commanded to Annabella, "Get on your knees, whore."

She immediately fell to her knees and stared up at Doctor Grungot. She clicked a red sucker around her braces, enjoying the rush of nicotine. He reached into his robe pocket and removed a familiar black leather collar with a short leash. Doctor Grungot wrapped it tightly around Annabella's neck. She provided no resistance whatsoever. When it was secured in place, he attached the leash and held it tightly. Annabella stared up with wide, innocent eyes, her dripping, H cup tits jiggled back and forth and her pussy was practically dripping onto the carpet in anticipation. Doctor Grungot stood directly in front of Annabella, her leash tightly held in his hand. He displaced his robe and revealed his pulsating cock. Annabella squealed with glee.

"Now," He started, his voice seeming to echo, "You can begin your apology."

A very pregnant Annabella leaned forward and opened her fat pillow lips wide. The second they touched his penis, she felt something significant change. Her brain was all jumbled and fuzzy. When it was over, Annabella shrugged and took his entire length down her throat, stuffing her face into his pubes. The slurping sound of a professional messy blowjob echoed in the rectangular room. Annabella excitedly bobbed her head up and down along his shaft, feeling every vein and fold of skin. One of her tiny hands snaked down between her legs where she pulled aside her useless panties and dug her fingers into her hungry pussy. The other hand swirled around her right tit and pierced nipple. She didn't care that hundreds of people were watching her shameful display. Doctor Grungot gripped her pigtails, using them as handlebars. He angled her face up so her eyes were looking up into his. He grinned and thrust his hips forward, impaling Annabella on his dick. She began sucking, making her mouth hot wet and tight. She pulled her head back and licked around his cock head before plunging back in. She developed a great rhythm and was really getting into it. Her dripping tits bounced in time atop her heavily pregnant belly. Doctor Grungot laughed, clearly enjoying himself. He grabbed her pigtails roughly and began face fucking her. Annabella recognized what was happening and braced herself by grabbing Doctor Grungot around his legs. He was absolutely destroying the tiny Annabella with his aggressive thrusting. He provided her almost no time to breath and she was feeling light headed. She didn't care and enjoyed every second of it; though she wished he was destroying her pussy instead. Her vagina was so lonely and empty...He started slowing his thrusting and his body was shaking, he was getting close. When his thrusting almost stopped completely, Annabella surged forward and doubled her efforts. She was frantically sucking and licking his manhood, begging for his seed. Doctor Grungot pulled Annabella away from his cock and starting jacking himself off, pointing directly into her face. His cock gleamed with Annabella's hot spit. She rubbed her clit and tried to time her orgasm to coincide with his.

"Welcome to your new life." Doctor Grungot grunted as his seed shot out at an excited Annabella.

It was definitely not the heaviest cum shot she had ever received, just a few simple ropes coated the center of her face. Nonetheless, the smell and feel of the semen was overwhelming and she soon screamed in extasy herself, bucking her matronly hips into her fingers; riding a delicious orgasm. A drop of cum dripped onto her new, 'PROPERTY OF DOCTOR GRUNGOT' tattoo gracing her left tit. She wiped the cum on her face, pushing some into her mouth while smearing most of it around. The taste and feeling was divine! When she was finishing up, Doctor Grungot grabbed her by the chin and turned her face upwards. She smiled up at him with a dopey, semen soaked little smile. He like his new toy, he would offer her the chance to apologize often. At least for the near future.

"Is there anybody here that thinks this pregnant whore should be President?" Doctor Grungot yelled to the crowd.

A strongly sweet scent wafted from Annabella's vagina. The crowd screamed, in unison, "NO!"

Doctor Grungot pulled her short leash. Annabella gagged as he lifted her off the ground by the collar, her dripping body hanging limply, controlled completely by his power.

"I will be your President; and together, we will usher in a new age of prosperity! Who's with me!?"

The crowd cheered and chanted, GRUN-GOT GRUN-GOT. Annabella's navel stung as a silver stud appeared there. Another sting in her sopping pussy indicated she was pierced there too. Both her hands grasped at her collar which was severely cutting off her air supply. She weakly clawed at it, but it was no use. Doctor Grungot raised his arm up and the crowd cheered.

"Start with this bimbo! Show her how we treat lying cunts!"

He threw her to the ground and began walking towards the door her came in. The tendons in Annabella's ankles shortened making her reliant on high heels. Her thong disappeared, she no longer desired to wear undergarments of any kind. Why would she need those? Its just an extra step for a cock to get in there. The crowd swarmed towards her. She was quickly overpowered and assaulted by dicks everywhere.

Doctor Grungot turned back to see the fruits of his labor. A deeply moaning Annabella was being double penetrated while sucking multiple guys off and working even more with her hands. Another man was sliding himself between her milky tits, another used her delicate feet while another jacked off using her curly pink-blonde pigtails. He listened to her breathy moans and high pitched grunts with a smile. He figured he would leave her here for awhile: break her in properly. He exited the tall wooden door and shut it behind him, being sure to lock it so nobody could leave unless he let them. He placed the key into his robe pocket and took a deep breath. Who else had wronged him?


Thanks to everybody who read my little story! All 254,000 words worth!
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby Jjjandj » Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:51 am

Amazing accomplishment! Loved it
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby canton » Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:05 pm

Almost didn't notice this story was completed! You kept at this for a REALLY impressive amount of time and have one heck of a conclusion.
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby laristopa » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:24 am

Jjjandj wrote:Amazing accomplishment! Loved it

canton wrote:Almost didn't notice this story was completed! You kept at this for a REALLY impressive amount of time and have one heck of a conclusion.

Thanks a lot! Feels good to finish something - Now I can focus on something else...sequel perhaps?
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby laristopa » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:32 am

Come one come all to see the amazing new season of the Extravaganza!

Marvel as our new contestant, $CONTESTANT, faces challenges and tribulations not yet seen on this, or any other world!

Can $CONTESTANT fight against all odds and finally best our beloved hero, Doctor Grungot?

Just two more short weeks to go, my good people, until the game begins anew! Space is limited, so order your tickets now!

This message brought to you by DHG International
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Re: Doctor Grungot's Exchange Extravaganza! (M2F, Slow, Swap

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:41 pm

This was a cool conclusion; good luck with your next project!
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