The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

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The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:32 pm

Gina Sanders smoothed out her dress as she checked her reflection in the mirror. She was ready. As she stepped her high heels into her top-of-the-line Mercedes, she thought about the night ahead of her. While she had skipped her 5-year high school reunion entirely, she was actually looking forward to the 10-year. Gina had been somewhat of an outcast in high school, and she was ready to rub her success in everybody’s faces.

Despite being called a “loser” by many of her classmates, Gina was actually a genius-level math prodigy, and graduated from MIT in three years. After graduating, she was immediately scooped up by DARPA, the US government’s top-secret research branch, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of their top researchers. She was now working on projects that would make a physics PhD’s head spin, and was earning enough to make a CEO blush.

And, while she knew she probably wouldn’t be the hottest girl there, she knew she looked a lot better than she did in high school. She had always been slightly pudgy, with terrible skin and absolutely no fashion sense. Since then, she’d slimmed down considerably, learned about skincare and makeup, and could now afford a high end wardrobe. Besides, she figured, all the popular kids would probably be fat losers by this point, she thought with a laugh.

As she stepped into the high school gym, she found she was half right. She recognized many familiar faces, some which had changed more than others. While she didn’t see any cheerleaders that had turned into fat housewives (maybe those were the ones that didn’t show up), she noticed a few of the kids who used to make fun of her definitely looked fatter and more disheveled than they used to. With a newfound confidence, she began approaching them one by one, and in her sweetest, most genuine voice, proceeded to ask them about their life. She relished their varying reactions when she talked about her success, which ranged from shock, to jealousy, to sheer speechlessness. She was having the time of her life… until she was the one caught off guard.

As she was finishing watching a pudgy former cheerleader slink back into the crowd, she felt a tap on her shoulder. As she turned around, her heart skipped a beat. Standing before her was Pete Nicholson, arguably the most popular kid in their high school. While he too had packed on some pounds, she had to admit he was still quite handsome and his clothing, while not high end fashion, suited him quite well.

“Hey Gina, look at you!” he said with his trademark winning smile.

While Pete had been one of her main tormenters in high school, for some reason she just couldn’t find it in herself to be mad at him. The two began chatting, and she was surprised to learn they actually had a lot in common. A football injury in college sidelined his athletic career, and he began devoting his time to academics. He graduated with a business degree, and had gone on to start a successful blog-turned-news site. She was shocked when she realized that almost 2 hours had gone by, and the reunion began shutting down; but she was even more shocked when the next words came out of her lips.

“So uh, is there as Mrs. Nicholson?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, holding up his left hand. “She’s at home with the kids.”

“Oh…” she said disappointed.

“It’s funny though,” he said, as the two joined the throngs of people leaving the gym. “I know I gave you a really hard time in high school, but I actually had a really big crush on you.”

Gina was speechless, managing only to get out a startled “Wha?”

“Yeah,” he said with a little laugh. “I always had a thing for nerdy girls. Maybe in another life…” he said as he hugged her goodbye.

She could still feel the warmth from his hug as she practically collapsed in her car. Her head was spinning. Here was this amazing guy, who she could be married to and have kids with… if only she wasn’t so shy in high school. If only…

Then it hit her. She put her keys in the ignition and raced out of the parking lot, heading towards her office. One of the projects she had been working on was a time machine… of sorts. More accurately, it let you occupy someone’s body in the past. They had found there were several restrictions on it, namely you had to actually be there, and you couldn’t occupy their own body, but they knew there were several other limitations that they wanted to know about before actually testing it. “Well, what better way to test it than through experiment,” as she pulled the sleek black car into the empty parking lot.

She rushed to the door, her heels clicking loudly on the asphalt. She fumbled for her key card, and stepped into the empty building. As the door closed, the room around her lit up, revealing a cavernous white room with a large platform in the middle surrounded by bays of computers. She began expertly pressing buttons and flicking switches, and a pad at the center of the platform flickered to life. She knew she’d have a limited time in the past, but any changes she made there would be reflected when she returned to the present. As she pressed the big red button, her last thoughts were of a life of married bliss with Pete Nicholson.

Static electricity from the pad shot up to her head, and suddenly she could see her past laid out before her like individual frames of a film, stretched out into the distance. After some mental gymnastics and deep breathing, she found she could navigate these instances as easily as walking down the street. She decided that the best place to make her move would be the end of high school, when the social pressures of popularity were at their lowest. She picked the Monday of the last week of school as a logical starting point, and began to look for someone she could use to convince her past self to ask him out on a date. She realized her options were somewhat limited, as she only had one real friend back then, Rachel Stein. She found an image of the two of them walking to school together, and began concentrating as hard as she could on the image of Rachel. Suddenly, she felt herself getting pulled forward, followed by a blinding flash of light. As the light subsided, she cautiously opened her eyes.

“Rachel? Rachel? You ok?” she heard in a surprisingly familiar voice.

She looked down. There, standing below her, was the massive body of Rachel Stein. She began to touch herself, just to make sure this was all real. While Gina had been slightly pudgy in high school, Rachel was obese. She had big, thick belly rolls, and fat floppy breasts that were hard to hide, as even XXL shirts were pulled tight over her corpulent frame. Her sleeves barely made it past her shoulders, leaving her hanging, waddly arms exposed, and she had thick, tree-trunk legs that touched almost all the way down to her knees. As her pudgy fingers played over this expanse of flesh, she couldn’t believe it, it had worked!

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, somewhat shocked at hearing Rachel’s voice.

“Ok, well if you’re done feeling yourself up, we’ve got class to get to,” young Gina said with a snort.

Old Gina spent the rest of the day in Rachel’s body, attempting to get back in the groove of high school. While she’d normally hate the idea of going through high school with a body like this, for now she was elated that her experiment had succeeded. At lunch, she began to do what she had actually come here to do.

“So, I heard a rumor…” Rachel (via Gina) began, stuffing a handful of potato chips in her mouth.


“That Pete Nicholson is into you.”

Gina practically spit out her soda. “Pete Nicholson? Gross,” she said, scrunching up her face.

“Gross? He’s like the hottest guy in school,” Rachel prodded.

“Yeah, but he’s a troglodyte. And besides, he’s a total jerk.”

“I dunno, Gina. I’ve had a couple classes with him and he actually seems pretty smart. And maybe he’s just being a jerk because he likes you.”

“Yeah, right…” Gina said, sarcastically.

Gina kept this up for the rest of the week, and while her former self put up resistance at first, by the end of the week she seemed more open to the idea. As graduation rolled around, Gina decided to give it her final push.

As the ceremony wrapped up, Rachel wrapped her big, plump arms around her friend. “We did it!”

“Yup,” said Gina, more eager to get out of there than her friend.

“So you gonna ask him?”

“Oh come on…”

“It’s your last chance! What’ve you got to lose?”

Gina’s resolve finally broke. “Ok, ok, I’ll ask him…”

Her future self was giddy. Pete had just finished talking with his parents and was turning around to find his friends when Gina walked up to him. She watched the two talk for a second, then Gina came running back with the biggest smile she’d ever seen. “He said yes!”

The two girls hugged, and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about what movie to see, what she should wear, whether they should hold hands… At this point, Gina was ready to return to the future, to see what their married life was like, but she didn’t know when her time here would run out. She ended up spending the next several days hanging out with her past self, until one morning she woke up, and things felt… different.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby Matt L. » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:37 am

Very entertaining, I would like to read more.
Matt L.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:53 am

She opened her eyes slowly. Immediately, she realized she was no longer in Rachel’s room, which meant she had been returned to the present. She tried to sit up quickly to explore this new reality, but after a brief struggle collapsed back into bed. She had had similar difficulties when she first took control of Rachel’s body, but over the course of the week she had grown accustomed to hefting the new weight around. Why should she be having problems now, unless… Oh no. She quickly ran her hands up and down her body, which itself required more effort than she expected. God, she was huge. Her breasts were massive, but heavy and hanging. From her laying position, she couldn’t even reach the bottom of her belly, but judging by the way it spread over her it was huge.

After a couple more failed attempts to sit up, she awkwardly rotated her massive body around so her feet hung off the bed. With a loud creak, she hefted herself off the bed and landed to the protestations of the floor boards. She felt jiggles ripple all up and down her body. She wandered the strange, dingy apartment, looking for a bathroom. “Did I somehow get trapped in Rachel’s body?” she wondered. However, at finding the bathroom, her hopes fell out from under her: it was her. Her face was now framed by a hanging second chin, and every exposed inch of flesh rippled with cellulite. Her breasts rested on her massive protruding belly, which itself hung down past her crotch. She did notice with some relief that her butt had somehow defied gravity, sticking out proudly, however her thick meaty calves now hung down over her knees.

As she explored the apartment for some clues of what had happened, memories slowly began returning to her. Her date with Pete had gone fantastically, and the two ended up dating all summer. He helped her out with her fashion sense, and she began watching what she ate, and by the end of summer they made a decently cute couple. At the last minute, she decided to turn down her admission to MIT so she could be with Pete at their state school. Unfortunately, things took a turn once they got there. There were many more girls vying for Pete’s attention, many of them nerds, but far prettier than Gina. Eventually, he left her for an astronomy major with nerd glasses and an amazing figure.

Gina was devastated. She had spent most of her time with Pete, and as a result didn’t have any friends of her own. Her roommate was a totally superficial sorority girl, who had no pity for Gina’s situation. Her life began to spiral downward. She spent most of her time in her room, eating the pain away. While she could’ve passed all her classes with even an iota of effort, it became difficult to muster even that, and she began failing some of her courses. By the end of her sophomore year, she had gained 100 pounds, and failed out of school entirely. She moved home to live with her parents, where her weight continued to soar. Over the next 8 years, she worked odd jobs and made sporadic attempts to get her degree at a community college. Only recently had she saved up enough money to move out — into a cheap, cramped apartment — and while she was only a semester away from getting her degree, she had no idea what she’d do with it.

Gina was devastated. She couldn’t believe THIS was her life now, all because she went on one date with Pete Nicholson… Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted some blinking lights under her bed. The time travel pad! Somehow it had ended up in this reality with her. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, knowing that this monstrous, globular body was only temporary. Unfortunately, she also knew it wouldn’t be ready to be used again for another 24 hours, but she figured it might be kind of interesting to see how the rest of her life had changed.

Thinking back on what she wanted to do today, she remembered that in this reality, she had a job at the local yarn store, and her shift started in an hour, so she decided to get ready. She lumbered off to the bathroom, her pudgy fingers absentmindedly scratching at her soft, wide rear. She had gotten used to washing a fat body during her time inhabiting Rachel’s body so the sensation wasn’t too strange; however she was also a good 100 pounds heavier than her plump friend, as well as 10 years older and less flexible, so the whole ordeal took longer than she expected. After she toweled off her massive body, she had to hurry to get ready. She threw on a tent-like blue blouse and billowy khaki pants, applied a light layer of makeup from containers that looked like they hadn’t been touched in years, and hurried down to find her car.

She checked her keychain: she had a key for a VW. She scanned the street looking for which car might be hers, when her eyes settled on a beat up old Golf. “Oh no,” she thought as she tried the key in the tiny car’s door. It clicked open. She slid one massive thigh through the door, then hefted her belly trying to get it past the steering wheel. After several awkward minutes, she got them both to fit, then quickly got her other leg through and slammed the door. While she technically fit, her ass was touching both the door and the center console, and the steering wheel rose only an inch above her massive gut. She knew the seat belt was a lost cause, so she simply put the old clunker in gear, and used her newfound memories to get to work.

The work itself was horribly boring to Gina. All her coworkers were either obese like her, over 65 years old, or both, and seemed to only talk about cheesy TV shows or their cats. To go from working on top secret quantum physics projects to having to gossip about trash TV with a bunch of losers was agonizing, and only the thought of being transformed back tomorrow kept her going. At lunch, however, she received a surprise phone call from her friend Rachel, and she was relieved to find out she had at least one good friend in this reality.

“Hey Rach!” she said with unusual enthusiasm.

“Well someone’s in a good mood,” Rachel said with a laugh.

“It’s just good to hear from you… Anyways, what’s up?”

“So, I know you hate when I do this, but Evan has this friend who I’d love to set you up with.”

“Evan?” Gina wondered. While she did indeed hate the idea of blind dates (even as a successful scientist she’d been on a few) she was really eager to see her friend; plus, who knows, dating as fat Gina could be fun. “Ok, I’m in.”

“Really?” Rachel said, with genuine shock. “I thought I’d at least have to convince you a little. Well, just a little background, he’s actually Evan’s brother’s friend, and he works at a video game store, so you guys can talk about that.”

Gina thought back, and remembered the only decently nice item in her apartment was a PlayStation hooked up to a big flat screen TV, along with a mountain of games. Memories started flooding in of coming home every day after work, taking off her constricting pants and shirt, and playing video games for hours in her underwear. “Hmm, sounds like a catch,” she said, attempting to hide the irony in her voice.

“Great! Meet us at Giuseppe’s at 8.”

The rest of her shift went by in a blur, as she eagerly waited for 8 o’clock to roll around. She found out her shift actually ended at 8, and she had to rush to the restaurant. She cursed her friend for not giving her enough time to freshen up in between, but then remembered this would all be gone tomorrow and relaxed a bit. She arrived to the restaurant slightly flushed and out of breath, and began scanning the restaurant for her friend. In her reality, Rachel’s weight had held steady since high school, however she figured in this reality she might’ve put on some extra pounds in keeping with her best friend. However, as her eyes darted over every plump and obese woman in the restaurant, she was shocked when she saw a gorgeous blonde woman calling her name. No, it couldn’t be…

As she got closer, she realized the gorgeous blonde was indeed Rachel. Her hair was luminous, tumbling in rings down her back. Her skin was flawless, with pale cheeks tinged with just the slightest hint of red. The biggest change, however, was her body. Gone were the saggy rolls of fat, and in their place was a toned, perfect runner’s body. She looked stunning in a green sundress that showed off her toned legs, and plump but firm cleavage. As she rushed up to embrace her stunned friend, the memories began flooding back to her.

Back in high school, when Rachel saw that Gina had gotten a date with Pete, it opened up a world of possibilities for her, too. Knowing that someone like Gina could date someone like Pete made her wonder what type of person she could date if she put in a little effort. And put in effort she did. She began running every day that summer, a habit that continued on into college. By the end of freshman year, she had lost almost 50 pounds, and gained a good deal of confidence. She made several attempts to get her constantly expanding friend to join her, but to no avail. By the time she graduated, she had run two marathons, and was going hiking every weekend with her boyfriend…

“Evan, good to see you,” Gina said, wrapping the trim young man in her meaty arms. She had to admit, Rachel had done well for herself. Evan looked sharp in a well-fitted blazer, his strong jaw dotted with stubble. Then there was his friend… He was a fat young man, with an emphasis on young, as he looked to be barely 21. He was sloppily dressed compared to their tablemates, wearing a t-shirt and baggy jeans, which did nothing to hide his bulging belly. Still, Rachel figured she’d come all the way out here, and decided to make the most of it. As she sat down, she failed to notice her posture slacken a bit, putting extra emphasis on her belly.

As dinner wore on, she began to grow tired of her friends’ stories. They were all about the important projects Rachel and Evan were working on, as well as their many outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, she began to find that she actually connected quite well with Anthony, sharing laughs over gaming jokes that just yesterday would’ve made no sense to her. Evan and Rachel smiled looking at the two, happy that they’d finally found companions for the two loners.

As the four of them left the restaurant, Gina gave off an involuntary shudder as the night air touched her skin.

“Here, you can borrow this,” Anthony said, handing her his oversized hoodie. While in the past, she would’ve politely declined the offer, for some reason it seemed truly romantic, and she wrapped the sweatshirt tightly around herself, enjoying the residual warmth from Anthony’s body.

“Ok, well our car’s that way,” Rachel said with a wry smile. “You two have a good night,” she added, giving Evan a conspiratorial wink.

“I-I’ll walk you to your car,” Anthony said, increasingly nervous. Gina thought his nervousness was cute, and unconsciously moved her hand closer to his. By the time they reached her car, their sweaty hands were deeply intertwined, and Gina’s heart started racing as they stopped.

“Well, this is my car,” she said, releasing his hand. Anthony looked around awkwardly, not sure what to do. Gina, however, being 7 years his senior, knew exactly what to do, and pressed her lips tightly into his. While he was shocked at first, eventually he gave into it, and the two made out for what seemed like hours.

As Gina pulled away, Anthony stuttered “I’ll give you a call some time?”

“I’d like that,” Gina said with a shy smile, as she more adeptly maneuvered her massive body into the tiny car. As she drove home, Gina was practically floating on air.

The next morning, however, Gina was less pleased. At the sight of the travel pad, her old life came flooding back, and she was disgusted with what she’d done the previous night. She realized that she was being sucked into this new life, and she knew she had to hurry to get out of it. She stepped on the travel pad and pressed the button, and the machine blinked to life. Once again, her past stretched out before her into the distance. Of course, it was a different path this time, but she figured if she could arrive before she did in her last attempt, she could simply stop herself from changing the timeline. Unfortunately, she saw that this new timeline didn’t start until after her previous attempt had ended, so she’d need to come up with a new plan.

She realized it would be almost impossible to convince herself to dump Pete, and if she got Pete to dump her, the results might be just as bad if not worse. She eventually came to the conclusion that her best bet would be to try to mitigate the damage after Pete dumped her in college. But who could help? The only people she ever really talked to were Pete… and her roommate. Of course! She’d travel back, and instead of her roommate being a total bitch to her, she’d have her be helpful and supportive. Maybe even get her to work out, instead of eating ice cream alone in her room…

Quickly, she scanned to the day of the breakup, and began concentrating on her slim, blonde, bimbo roommate the moment she walked in the door after classes. After a brief flash, she was standing in the doorway of her old dorm room, although from a slightly higher vantage point. She felt as if a giant weight had been lifted, as she now inhabited a body that weight over 200 pounds less than the one she’d been hauling around. She was tempted to feel her new, perfect C-cup breasts and toned, rock-hard abs, but she knew she had work to do.

“Aw, baby, what’s wrong?” she cooed to her past self.

“What do you care?” past Gina snapped at her between sniffles.

“Hey, sorry I give you a hard time sometimes, but if you’re really in trouble I want you to be able to talk about it.”

Gina dried her eyes slightly, and began regaling her roommate with the tale of the breakup. While Gina was partially listening, she was paying more attention to how good this new, young, flexible body felt, and decided she’d get past Gina to work out if it was the last thing she did. After hugging her friend and consoling her, she decided to put her plan into action.

“Screw Pete, OK?” she said with a smile. He may’ve been the hottest guy at your high school, but there are way hotter guys here. How about you join me for my morning workouts, and pretty soon there will be so many guys after you, you’ll say ‘Pete Who?’”

Gina smiled at this unfamiliar act of friendship. “Ok,” she said, a smile finally working its way onto her face.

So for the next several days, the girls trained. Gina was astounded at how easy it was in this slim, sorority girl body, and made sure to wear outfits that flaunted it. The other Gina, meanwhile, struggled at first; however she improved each day and after 4 days of working out together, she had noticeably more stamina. After their evening workout on the fourth day, the girls grabbed a light meal together, then went to bed early to get up for their morning run the next day. As they drifted off to sleep, Gina began planning the grueling workout she’d use to get her past self on the right track. The next morning, however, she realized she wouldn’t get a chance to use it, as the bedroom around her was strange and unfamiliar.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby Matt L. » Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:37 pm

Wow, very nicely constructed and entertaining!
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:11 pm

Gina realized she was back in the present, and quickly reached down to her stomach to see if she’d managed to keep the weight off. Sure enough, she had. In fact… Gina was quite impressed, her stomach was just as firm and toned as her roommate’s had been. She smiled. Then she realized: are these fake nails? At first, she hadn’t noticed, but sure enough the fingers exploring her washboard abs had the sharp pinch of professionally manicured nails. She quickly rushed to the bathroom, still enjoying the ease with which she could run now. As she breezed down the halls, she was quite pleased with the apartment. Expensive, modern, clean… she could get used to this. Then she got to the bathroom and was treated to a second surprise.

She looked trashier than she had expected, based on the stylish look of the apartment. Her hair was bleached to a frazzled blonde, and her skin was so tan it was practically orange. Still, she had to admit her body looked fantastic, with firm, 6-pack abs framed by her hip and rib bones, and plump, full breasts that were bigger and firmer than she could have hoped for. In fact, how did they get this big, unless… Oh no. As she gripped her orb-like breasts with her sharp, manicured fingers, it all came back to her. After regaining her body, her roommate had maintained a more positive attitude towards Gina. She continued to help her train, and slowly worked her into her social circle. Though Gina had at first hated the superficial frat boys and bimbos she hung out with, actually having friends (and some male attention) made her quickly forget her hatred.

Sophomore year, Gina pledged her roommate’s sorority, and by senior year she was one of its most active members. She took an easy academic path as a communications major, and while she could’ve easily passed all her classes with her eyes closed, she put in just enough work to get by with a C average, as good grades would’ve made her stick out again. After college, she travelled the world with some of her sorority sisters, living off their trust funds to eat, drink, and bang hot guys. One by one, however, their parents had cut them off, and she had recently been forced to get a real job. Fortunately, one of her sorority sisters had hooked her up with a secretary job at her father’s company, which she realized she needed to get to.

She showered quickly, appreciating how much easier it was to do without 200 extra pounds of fat to wash. She threw on a quick dusting of makeup, a simple white silk blouse, and a plain black skirt, admiring how good she looked in even the boring outfit. As she walked out the door, she again checked her keychain, and smiled when she saw the BMW convertible that she drove. She drove to work with the top down, enjoying the freedom of this new life. She could get used to this.

Unfortunately, her reception at work was a bit chillier, and she noticed she was getting a lot of confused stares from the men of the office. Still, she continued her menial work until she saw Katie, the sorority sister that had gotten her the job. Looking at her, she thought she and Katie could be twins. The same bleached blonde hair, the same tan, the same large, fake breasts. However there was a look of concern on Katie’s face that confused her.

“Gina, oh my god, are you feeling alright?”

“Uh, yeah Katie, what’s up?”

“You look terrible. Are you sick?”

“No, I…” said Gina, confused.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, let’s just get you fixed up before Mr. Turner sees you.”

Katie shepherded her off to the bathroom, Gina finding it surprisingly easy to run in the tall heels she was wearing. Once there, Katie produced an entire medicine cabinet of makeup and beauty supplies from her purse. She began by combing out Gina’s hair.

“So like, what happened here?” Katie asked.

At the question, Gina suddenly realized how terrible her hair looked. “Like, I guess I decided to drive to work with the top down. Whoops!” Gina cringed, why was she talking like that?

Katie laughed. “Gina, you can be such an airhead sometimes,” she said, putting the finishing touches on Gina’s hair. She then brought out the makeup brushes, and went to work on Gina’s face. “And what about all this?” she asked, gesturing to Gina’s lightly made-up face.

“I guess I forgot to put it on?” Gina said, her inflection rising.

“You know, you need to be more careful Geen,” she said, moving the brushes expertly over her face. “You know Mr. Turner didn’t exactly hire you for your brains…”

Gina giggled. As Katie wrapped up, she had to admit she did look better with all the additional makeup. “There,” Katie said, unbuttoning the top button on Gina’s silk blouse. “Much better.”

“Thanks Katie,” Gina smiled. “You’re the best.”

Gina spent the rest of the morning trying to fight off the haze that seemed to cloud her brain. Even the simple filing tasks she was assigned began to seem difficult, and she found herself spending most of her time on celebrity gossip sites. Around 4pm, a slick looking older man walked up to her desk. “Ms. Sanders, may I see you in my office for a moment?”

“Oh no,” Gina thought, as she followed the man to his office. “Am I gonna get fired for goofing off?”

Her fear subsided slightly as the office door closed, and his stern demeanor melted into a charming grin. The man looked to be in his 50’s, although he clearly gave great care to his appearance. While he was somewhat overweight, with a moderate sized beer gut, his greying hair was slicked back, and he wore an expensive blue oxford shirt, unbuttoned slightly to reveal a tuft of chest hair. While previously, Gina would have thought this man was slimy and gross, she suddenly felt herself get warm in the presence of such a distinguished older man.

“What can I do for you Mr. Turner?” she said with a smile.

“Well, I believe it’s time for our regular 4pm meeting,” he said, his creepy grin widening.

“Ok,” said Gina, tying her hair back into a bun and getting on her knees. She proceeded to suck off the older gentleman, enjoying it almost as much as he did. While she knew he was married, she loved having the attention of such a rich and powerful man. It also didn’t hurt that he paid for her apartment, her car… pretty much every nice thing she owned. As he finished in her mouth, however, the reality of the situation hit her. She quickly swallowed, then hurried out of his office. She left a note saying she was feeling sick, then drove as fast as she could back to her apartment. She locked herself in her bedroom, hoping to avoid getting trapped in this life. However, her thoughts constantly alternated between how she’d prevent this life from happening, to dreaming about having Mr. Turner’s big, thick cock in her mouth.

Morning arrived, however, and though she had to fight her instincts, she was able to get the pad up and running. This time, she knew exactly where she’d intervene. While the state school she attended didn’t have the best faculty in the country, during her freshman year there had been one teacher who she truly admired. Dr. Lena Stewart was one of the biggest names in quantum physics, and she had been guest teaching at Gina’s school while she was writing her next book. While Dr. Stewart didn’t seem to care too much about the students, Gina had idolized her, as she was young, pretty, and intelligent. She had made several attempts to impress her, but slowly stopped as her new life as a sorority girl took over. Still, she thought, maybe if she had had some encouragement from the famous physicist, maybe her life would’ve taken another direction…

She pressed the button once again, and her life exploded into individual frames. She once again traversed them and found the perfect spot to jump in. She had begun intentionally flunking tests and quizzes throughout the second semester of her freshman year, but she figured the best time to jump in was when she got a C- on her physics midterm. She quickly flipped to the end of the class period where tests were passed back, and focused all her energy on her professor. With a blinding flash of light, she was back in the classroom, looking out at a sea of students.

The bell rang. “Ok, class, I’ll see you tomorrow. Ms. Sanders, may I see you after class a moment?” She could see her former self gulp.

As the class filed out, she shuddered slightly as she caught a better look at young Gina. She was wearing her hair in an ironic side ponytail, and could almost pass as a sorority girl in a thin white tanktop and booty shorts which she shuddered to imagine what they had written on the butt. Even her walk was different, with a forced bounce in her step. “Like, ‘sup Dr. Stewart?” she asked in her best valley girl accent.

“You can can the act, Ms. Sanders.” Gina looked speechless. “Look, you think I haven’t noticed your grades have been slipping?”

“Like, I guess I just got lucky?” Gina shrugged.

“You got lucky on every single answer on the first midterm AND all the bonus questions?” Gina looked down. “I know there can be a lot of peer pressure in college,” she said, placing her hand on her former self’s shoulder. “But you’re an incredibly bright girl, and you shouldn’t throw that gift away just to make friends. I can guarantee you’ll be more popular if you stick to who you really are. Just look at me,” she said with a smile.

“I, uh, I—“ Gina stuttered.

“You don’t need to say anything, just do better on your next test,” she added, ushering the young woman out of the room. This time, she only spent a day in the past, and it appeared her time there was getting shorter and shorter. When she woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar room, she prayed that this would be the last time she’d need to go back.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:44 pm

The first thing she noticed was the taste of stale cigarettes filling her mouth. She yawned, thinking “I don’t smoke,” when a sudden craving hit her. Instinctively, she felt around on the nightstand for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter; and, lighting one, took a deep, satisfying puff. “Well, I guess I do,” she admitted. With calming cigarette in one hand, she took a moment to survey her surroundings. Everything looked nice and clean, but rather generic. Almost as if she were in… She quickly stubbed her cigarette out. “A hotel room, shit!” she thought, looking around. She then realized she was actually putting out her cigarette into a disassembled smoke detector and smiled, lighting up the cigarette again.

The morning had gotten off to a rough start, but it was starting to get better. As she got up to explore the room, she was pleased to note her body looked pretty good. Not as dramatic as the silicone-injected bimbo she had been, but she had firm, shapely legs, a trim stomach with only a thin layer of baby fat pooching out, and perky B-cup breasts that she felt looked better than the obviously-fake D-cups she had been sporting. Walking naked through the hotel room, she stumbled on the closet, which was filled with sexy but professional high-end blouses, skirts, and dresses. She went to the bathroom to shower, and noticed that her lips looked… fuller than usual. Hmm, maybe she had had some work done. Then again, she thought as she stepped into the steamy shower, the plump pouty lips definitely suited her.

She picked out a low cut blouse and a skirt that ended just above the knee, and expertly applied lipstick and eyeliner that really made her eyes and lips pop. She had to admit, she was liking this reality already. She headed down to the lobby when the concierge intercepted her.

“Hello, Dr. Sanders!” She smiled at being called doctor. “Your car should be here within the hour, and in the meantime please have some complimentary coffee or breakfast,” he said, pointing to a table with fruit, pastries, and two large carafes of coffee. She poured the steaming black coffee into a pale white cup, hoping something would jog her memory. Sure enough, as the acrid hotel coffee hit her lips, it all came back to her. Sure enough, her words of encouragement had been enough to get her back on the right path, and she aced her classes through the rest of the year. Once again, the mind control had left a positive impression on Dr. Stuart as well, who took Gina under her wing as her protege. As a result, she’d been able to get into any doctorate program she wanted. Now that Dr. Stuart was pushing 50, Gina had risen as the new face of quantum physics. She was now touring the country, giving talks at all the most prestigious conferences.

Gina smiled as she sipped her coffee and read an article about the conference in the local paper that made heavy mention of her name. She could get used to this. Soon after, a sleek black car arrived to usher her off to the conference. As she arrived, a plump young woman wearing a headset came to greet her and usher her to the green room.

“Hello Dr. Sanders,” she beamed. “It’s really a huge honor to have you here, I’m such a big fan of your writings. Is there anything I can get you?”

Despite being a chubby, the girl was clearly quite pretty, with shining blonde hair and pale blue eyes, as well as big, plump breasts that bulged out from behind her thick college sweatshirt. Gina felt a twinge of jealousy, as she did whenever she saw a promising young face. “Coffee, black,” she snapped, and after standing in shock for a second, the young girl darted off to get coffee for her idol. Gina, meanwhile, lit another cigarette.

Gina spent the next hour in the green room, being waited on hand and foot by the young girl. Eventually, it was her turn to talk, and despite not knowing what exactly she’d be talking about, she let instincts take over and she delivered an inspiring talk, which was met with thunderous applause. At the after party, Gina found that her flirting skills were on par with her physics expertise, and she effortlessly won over every man in the room. She charmed the older men with her sharp intellect, and the younger ones with her surprisingly crass sense of humor. She could’ve had any guy in the room, but one in particular caught her attention. He was far from the most gifted mind in attendance, but she was drawn to his strong jaw and muscular physique, and she could tell from years of experience that he was definitely gifted in other areas.

She had him eating out of the palm of her hand in no time flat, and soon they were back in her hotel room, passionately making out, bumping into furniture and knocking over lamps. As he slid down his pants and inserted his thick, meaty member inside her, she moaned with pleasure, knowing that once again her instincts hadn’t steered her wrong. The two collapsed after a passionate lovemaking session, then awoke at 4 in the morning to do it again. As she curled up on his muscular chest, she decided she was home.

She awoke the next morning, craving a cigarette. As she lit it up, she observed the well-built young man stirring. “You’re still here?” she asked, exhaling a puff of smoke.

The man looked confused. “Uh, yeah. And I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke in here?”

“Listen, I’ll call you when I need a roof installed, not when I’m looking for life advice,” she retorted.

“Ok,” said the man, slowly getting dressed. “So I’ll call you some time?”

“How about you leave that up to me, sweetheart,” she said dismissively. As he gathered up his possessions and quietly left, she could feel the high of the previous day suddenly desert her, and in its place was an uncomfortable emptiness. She realized that despite being rich and powerful and being able to get any man she wanted, she wasn’t happy. What she really wanted was… love? Was it really that simple?

She reflected back on her life, trying to remember the last time she was truly happy. Then it hit her: Ben Adler. He had been her boyfriend during most of her graduate work, and while it was the most stressful time of her life, he had somehow also made it the happiest. She recalled that even though the stress had caused her to put on 20 pounds, he still loved her unconditionally. Unfortunately, that’s right when she began gaining national notoriety, and soon the myriad gorgeous men throwing themselves at her was too much to resist. After breaking up with Ben, she had begun sleeping with different men every night, but still hadn’t found the same joy and satisfaction that came from being with him. But what if she could stop herself from cheating on him? She knew the pad wouldn’t work for long, but she had to try.

She quickly fired up the pad, and flipped back to the night she first cheated on Ben. It was at a dinner celebrating her first major published paper. Ben was out of town, and she had met an extremely handsome young man who worked at the journal she was being published in. Scanning through that day, she was thankful to see Rachel by her side on her way to the dinner, as she was pretty much the only person who could convince her not to cheat. In this reality, Rachel was almost as fat as Gina had been when she worked at the yarn store. Apparently, Gina’s success had led her to not care about her appearance as much, and she looked plain and frumpy next to Gina’s plump but well-dressed figure. Still, she was overjoyed to see her, and quickly concentrated on entering her body.

She blinked and suddenly she was there.

“Thank you so much for helping me get ready. I couldn’t have done it without you,” Gina said, hugging her fat friend and stepping into the car. Wait, shit! That was right, Rachel wasn’t going to this dinner, she had no reason to. That’s why she wasn’t dressed up… Gina silently scolded herself for her stupidity, but by the time she realized her mistake, Gina’s car had already left the driveway. Gina as Rachel tried to catch her, but in that fat body it was no use. She was tempted to call a cab, but realized it could be an hour before one showed up. She knew the dinner was at a restaurant a couple miles away, and while that wouldn’t be a huge deal for the previously-healthy Rachel, in this body it would be a struggle. Still, she’d have to try.

She started running in the direction of the car, but quickly found herself out of breath and panting. Each step caused her massive hanging belly to jiggle and sway, and her fat, untoned legs were completely unused to this kind of exertion. She tried to walk as fast as she could, but it was still another 45 minutes before she arrived at the restaurant. She was completely flushed and sweaty by the time she arrived, taking big gulps of air as she paused by the door. As she entered the fancy restaurant, all eyes were on her, the underdressed, sweaty, red-faced whale in a sea of refined, skirts and sports coats. But Gina didn’t have time to dwell on that.

She stumbled around, looking for the table her past self was sitting at. Around her, the room began growing faint and blurry, and not just because of the running. She could feel herself getting pulled back to the present, and she knew she had to hurry. Finally, she spotted Gina staring flirtatiously into the eyes of the man from the science journal, and she grabbed herself roughly from behind.

“What the h—Rachel?” she asked, obviously surprised.

“Gina,” Rachel panted. “Don’t throw everything you have away just because of this guy.”

“Wha— I wasn’t… I mean… How’d you know?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Rachel said, feeling herself grow fainter. “Just think about how good things are right now, and how much worse it could be…”

She felt herself black out.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:47 pm

So far this is a very good story. Please continue.
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:11 pm

Gina woke up the next morning in a haze. She looked around the unfamiliar bedroom, and realized she had no idea where she was, or how she had gotten there. And yet, despite that, Gina had never felt more relaxed in her life. Sunlight streamed in through large windows, and the white walls glowed with a gentle light. The bed she was in was soft and white, and as she rolled around to get more comfortable, she noticed the sheets next to her were disturbed, as if someone had been sleeping next to her. She decided to explore.

Walking down the hallway, she got much the same feeling as she had in bed: bright, warm, and comfortable. She felt slightly sluggish while walking, but brushed it off as an effect of not having had her morning coffee. And, speaking of, she could smell the enticing aroma coming from the kitchen, so she decided to follow it. Standing in the kitchen was a familiar looking man pouring coffee, but she couldn’t quite place his face…

“Mornin’ babe,” the man said, putting down the coffee pot and wrapping Gina in a warm embrace. Suddenly, the fog cleared, at least partially. This was Ben Adler, although he looked different than she remembered. In grad school, he had been fit and ruggedly handsome; since then, it was clear he had put on some weight, with his t-shirt betraying the beginnings of a small gut, and his facial hair grown out to disguise a second chin. His hair also had a touch of gray to it, but she had to admit he still looked quite handsome.

After Gina failed to respond, Ben chimed in again. “You ok, babe? You’re looking at me like you don’t recognize me.”

Gina snapped out of her daze with a laugh. “Sorry… babe, you just look more handsome than I remember.”

Ben smiled, and planted a deep kiss on Gina’s lips. As he did, memories of their relationship came flooding back. From the night of the dinner onward, she realized she shouldn’t have taken their relationship for granted as much as she had been. She began declining speaking opportunities so she could spend more time with Ben, and while her career advancement slowed, their relationship continued to blossom. As they grew more comfortable around each other, they gradually let their appearances slide, and by the time they decided to move in together, Ben had already packed on 30 pounds to his solidly built frame. Gina meanwhile…

“Oh god, I’ll be right back,” Gina sputtered, breaking off their embrace and running back down the hall.

“My morning breath wasn’t that bad, was it?” Ben called after her.

Gina ignored the remark, paying attention only to the jiggling sensation she felt with every step. This couldn’t be good. When she reached the bathroom, however, it wasn’t as bad as she had feared. While she easily weighted over 200 pounds, she felt she wore it quite well. Her face still looked relatively slim, although this was in stark contrast to her thick, jiggly arms. Her belly was quite large as well, sticking out several inches and beginning to droop over her panties, however her breasts were even larger, hanging plump and full and heavy. Most impressive, however, were her thighs, which flared out dramatically from her thick waist, and were covered by ripples of jiggly cellulite. Still, while she wouldn’t be wearing a bikini any time soon, she felt she looked good for someone that big, and she certainly looked better than she had in that first alternate reality.

“Hey, babe, you done checking yourself out in there?” Ben called. “Didn’t you say Dr. Stewart had an important meeting today?”

Hm, so she was still working for Dr. Stewart. In the previous reality, she had had her own lab, but it made sense that in this reality she hadn’t advanced as far, as she spent more time working on her personal life. That seemed fair, she thought as she stepped into the shower. After a quick shower, she found a closet full of flattering, yet tasteful outfits, and put on a cute blouse and skirt combo before heading off to the office.

When she got inside the building, the place was abuzz with activity. “What’s going on?” she inquired to one of the passing lab assistants.

“Haven’t you heard? Dr. Stewart is going to be choosing her replacement to run the lab today!”

At that, Gina got excited. She figured that if she didn’t have her own lab by now, she should at least be next in line here, and she paused to begin formulating her acceptance speech.

Her reverie was cut short by another lab assistant. “Hey Sanders, mind getting coffee for the conference room?” It was an odd request to be getting from a lab assistant, and odder still that he was addressing her so informally. Still, she didn’t want to jeopardize anything on her big day. She filled a carafe with coffee, and brought it in to the large conference room, which was already filled with a large cake and other snacks. Pretty soon, the whole team was gathered, and Dr. Stewart began her presentation.

“As many of you know, I’m going to be stepping down here at the end of the year. There’s been a lot of speculation over who’s going to take my place, and I’m extremely proud to announce that Dr. Marie Jung will be your next chief scientist.” At that, the room burst into applause, as a young, curvy blonde near the front of the room stood up and hugged Dr. Stewart. A scientist began slicing the cake, and the various researchers began chatting amiably.

Gina, meanwhile was crushed. She accepted a slice of cake in stunned silence, but as soon as the moist chocolate touched her lips, more memories began flooding back. While Dr. Stewart had originally had high hopes for her, as time wore on it became clear that Gina would not be the model disciple she’d envisioned. Not only did she lack the drive to work hard and succeed, her expanding waistline was clear evidence that she lacked the discipline to lead. While serving as a lab assistant was originally intended to be a temporary assignment, 5 years later she wasn’t even a full-fledged scientist, much less any type of authority figure.

She spent the rest of the morning in a daze, inhaling a constant stream of junk food to make herself feel better. Later in the afternoon, however, she and several other assistants were called into Dr. Jung’s office, and she realized that now would be the perfect time to prove herself. While she had been a lab assistant for 5 years, who was to say that she couldn’t start reaching higher?

Dr. Jung sat them down, and outlined a new project she wanted the lab to work on. As she began going through the data and equations involved, Gina immediately noticed an error, and proudly raised her hand to point it out.

“Yes, Gina?” said Dr. Jung, clearly annoyed at being interrupted.

“Um, in that equation shouldn’t you be using 2pi instead of pi?” Gina asked, her confidence wavering. Hushed whispers filled the room.

“Really? And why would you say that?”

“Um, well, because…” Gina paused. Suddenly, she had forgotten what made her think there was a mistake. In fact, the entire equation seemed foreign to her. “Um, I forgot.”

“Ok, Gina. Tell you what, why don’t you go out and make us some coffee, and if you can think of why it’s wrong, you tell us?” Several people in the room chuckled. Gina walked out with her head held low, although not before grabbing a handful of M & M’s on her way out.

6 months later…

Gina arrived at the crowded bar and grill, and spotted her friend almost instantly. Rachel sat alone at a table covered with chicken wings, artichoke dip, and a pitcher of margaritas. “Pull up a chair!” Rachel said as she stuffed another chicken wing in her mouth. For a moment, Gina thought Rachel looked slightly awkward, her thighs spread wide to make room for her hanging gut, and her massive rear end spilling over the bar stool. Then again, she realized, she was almost that big herself. As she got closer, she saw that Rachel’s mouth was stained with buffalo sauce, but rather than judging her, it simply made her more hungry.

After several minutes of face-stuffing silence, Rachel spoke. “So, how’s work going?”

“S’good,” Gina said, tearing into a wing. “Dr. Jung’s still being a total bitch to me. It’s like, I got a doctorate too, she’s not any smarter than me.”

“Tell me about it,” Rachel commiserated. “Mr. Kramer won’t even listen to you if you tell him he’s wrong.”

The two woman continued to complain about their various jobs, but greatly enjoyed the opportunity to air their grievances. As the margarita pitcher emptied and the food on the table dwindled, Rachel asked the question that was on both of their minds “Are you ready for round 2?”

Gina paused to think, rubbing her greasy fingers over her stuffed belly. All of a sudden, she hiccuped, which released a low, rumbling fart that had been building in her gut. The two girls giggled. “Well, I guess I have room now…”
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby Lyssa » Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:26 pm

Such a marvelous story!
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Re: The Butter Effect (WG, Personality)

Postby syconerd » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:47 am

Great story.
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